Imputation in the 1960 Spanish Bible?


The word Imputation is found three times in the King James Bible. According to the Websters 1828 dictionary, it is defined as:

 Imputation, the act of imputing or charging; attribution; generally in an ill sense; as the imputation of cries or faults to the true authors of them.  We are liable to the imputation or numerous sins and errors, to the imputation of pride, vanity and self-confidence; to the imputation of weakness and irresolution, or of rashness.

 And, we also read this under the entry of Impute:

 Impute, to charge; to attribute; to set to the account of; generally ill, sometimes good.  We impute crimes, sins, trespasses, faults, blame, etc., to the guilty persons.  We impute wrong actions to bad motives, or to ignorance, or to folly and rashness.  We impute misfortunes and miscarriages to imprudence. 


When we think of the term "imputation" in a Biblical sense, immediately our minds take us to that wonderful verse of scripture in Romans chapter four, verse 8, that says:

 "Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin."

 What a blessed promise!  And in the Biblical sense, when we as Christians use the term imputation, we mean that God has not charged to us our sins, or what we deserve for them (Hell).  Instead, a born again believer has had his sins laid upon Jesus Christ at the cross, nearly two thousand years ago, where they were paid for!  And, if a man is born again, his sins are not charged to him.  He is forgiven in the eyes of God. 

Imputation is connected with salvation in the New Testament.  When God saves a man, He imputes Jesus' righteousness to that man. What a Blessing!

So let's look at some verses and compare the faithful old King James with the 1909 Spanish Bible, the 1960 Spanish translation, and the 1865 Spanish New Testament to see if we can find imputation in these bibles.

Ref. in the KJV  The 1909   The 1960
Leviticus 7:18 "imputado" "contado"
Leviticus 17:4 "imputada" "culpado"
1 Sam. 22:15 "impute" "no culpa"
2 Sam. 19:19 "impute" "no me cuple..."
Romans 4:8 "imputo" "no inculpa de pecado"
Romans 4:22 "atrubuĂ­do" "contada"
Romans 4:23 "imputado" "contada"
Romans 5:13 "imputa" "se inculpa"
James 2:23 "imputado" "contado"


* Note, the 1960 version does not contain any "imputation" at all. 

The doctrine of "imputation" has been completely removed!