Who's Son is it?

     In Daniel chapter 3, we read about a Gentile King, Nebuchadnezzar, who throws three Hebrews into a fiery furnace.  But, they do not burn up, neither are they destroyed.  And, when the King looks in the fire, he sees a fourth person.  Who was this fourth person?

Well, if you have a King James 1611 Authorized Version (Authorized by God), you will see without a doubt, that it is the Son of God.

             We read in Daniel 3:25 in the King James Bible:

 He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.

                 But, what do the Spanish Bibles do in this verse?  Let's look at the two most used Spanish Bibles (the 1960 and the 1909) and see what they do with this verse. 

                The 1960 is the latest translation, and is supposed to be the best, as they supposedly updated and made  it better than the "old archaic" 1909.  Well, let's see what the 1960 says in Daniel 3:25.  We read: 

        Y él dijo: He aquí yo veo cuatro varones sueltos, que se pasean en medio del fuego sin sufrir ningún daño; y el aspecto del cuarto es semejante a hijo de los dioses.

             What?  It says in English, "the son of the gods."  Who could this be?  Pluto?  Jupiter?  Hercules?  Who is the son of the gods?

             Well, let's look at the 1909 and see if they got it right.  In the same verse it states: 

        Respondió él dijo: He aquí yo veo cuatro varones sueltos, que se pasean en medio del fuego y ningún daño hay en ellos; y el parecer del cuarto es semejante á hijo de los dioses. 

            Well what do you know.  It reads, "the son of the gods."  But, wasn't the 1960 supposed to update, and make better the 1909?  Why didn't they update this verse?

            Well, the question still remains "whose son was it?"  Was it the Son of God, or the son of the gods? I'll let you decide, but be careful how you answer!  You just might be calling Jesus Christ the Son of the gods.

             Well, what does the 1865 Spanish Bible say in this verse.  Why what do you know!  It says "the Son of God."  What about that?  So does the 1602 Valera Purified!