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This website gives information about the various Spanish Bibles used today by Spanish-Speakers and Missionaries.  It is put out by Robert Breaker, a King James Bible-Believing Independent Baptist Missionary Evangelist to the Spanish-Speaking People.  The intent of this website is only to present the HISTORY and the FACTS about the Spanish Bible Issue in a decent and orderly manner and show why there is such a great controversy about this topic.  For, countless Independent Baptist Missionaries (my denomination) today promote many different Spanish Bible versions, each one claiming his version is better than anyone else's.  This has led to much argument and debate among Independent Baptists about which Spanish Bible truly is the best one.  Evidence will clearly be presented here showing how both catholic and critical text readings have been inserted in many of these versions of the Bible in Spanish.  It will also inform the reader of the "Hybrid-Spanish Bibles" (which are part Catholic and part Protestant), put out by Bible Societies in the 1800 and 1900s, which are still being used today by many Spanish-speakers.  And, it will endeavor to point the reader to the Valera 1602 Purified Spanish Bible, the only Spanish version available today that is true old Castilian Spanish, which reads closely with the old Reina-Valera version of the Protestant Reformation, and which takes out all critical text readings. I hope you enjoy this site, and may you find the information you are looking for.   Clicking on the brief crash course below should get you up to speed about the Spanish Bible Issue and how it applies to Independent Baptists, Fundamentalists, and modern Evangelicals.  Once you are up to speed, please read through the rest of this page and the many articles therein, and learn more about the Spanish Bible, the men behind it, and which Bible is the best one and why.

A Crash Course on the Spanish Bible Issue

A Brief Introduction to the Spanish Bible Issue

Which Bible in Spanish?

Who's Who in the Modern Spanish Bible Debate

Why the Name Reina-Valera?

The Facts About Verbo

Verbo vs Palabra

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The Spanish Bible Issue has been one of much bitter infighting among Fundamentalists, Evangelicals and Independent Baptists who claim to be KJV only in English, but use various corrupt Bibles in Spanish.  Many adamantly defend their own versions of the Spanish Bible even though they contain many critical texts, and/or catholic readings.  The five main Spanish Bibles used by Independent Baptist Fundamentalists and Evangelicals today are: the 1865, the 1909, the 1960, the modern Gomez, and the Valera 1602 Purified.  All of these, except  for the last one, are major revisions of the original 1602 Valera Bible, and are Spanish "Hybrid Bible perversions" put out by Bible Societies which have inserted many catholic and/or critical text readings. On this site you will find out more information about the Spanish Bible, the men behind it, and their various translations.  You will also find lists of errors in these new versions, showing where they read with the critical texts time and again, as well as the many doctrinal blunders in these revisions.  If you will carefully study the information given here, you will come to the conclusion that the only Spanish Bible that reads closer to the original 1602 Valera Bible, and that is true Castilian Spanish, is the VALERA 1602 PURIFIED, the work of Independent Baptist Spanish-Speakers, learned in Hebrew and Greek, which took all the old Spanish Protestant Bibles of the Reformation and compared them in their work to purify the original 1602 Spanish Bible using the Greek Textus Receptus, the Hebrew Masoretic text, and the King James Bible, for even Valera said in right in 1602, "...because it is not right to conform the certain with the uncertain, the word of God with the word of men."

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Brief History of the Spanish Bible

History and Truth about the Spanish Bible Controversy

History and Truth about the Modern Gomez

The Spanish Bible: Its Inception and those Courageous Men Behind its Translation

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Various Old Spanish Bible Versions:

Alfonso X and his version of the O.T. of 1240 A.D.

Juan de Valdes translation of the Psalms

Enzinas 1543 N.T.

Juan Perez de Pineda 1556 N.T.

1569 Complete version of Cassidoro de Reina

1602 Revision of Reina's Bible by Cipriano de Valera

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Excerpt from Preface of 1543 Francisco de Enzinas New Testament

Preface of N.T. of Juan Perez de Pineda Bible of 1556

Preface of 1569 Spanish Bible

Preface of 1602 Valera Edition


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The Spanish Bible today is known as the Reina-Valera Spanish Bible, for two men who worked hard at giving the Spanish-Speaking world the complete Bible in their own language.  Cassidoro de Reina was the first who translated the entire Bible in Castilian, and his work was printed in 1569.  Cipriano de Valera worked twenty years on revising this Bible, and his edition came out in 1602

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Because it is not right to conform the certain with the uncertain, the word of God with the word of men...I again plead to our good merciful God and Father that He give you grace to hear Him and to know His will and that knowing it you will conform to it. And so be saved through the blood of the Lamb without blemish that sacrificed himself on the altar of the cross to forgive our sins before God. Amen. So be it. - Cipriano de Valera in 1602


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Gomez '04/2010

Valera 1602 Purificada


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Brief intro to the Spanish Bible Issue

Which Bible in Spanish?

"Modern Fingerprints in the 1960" by Allen Johnson

"Testing the 1960" by Allen Johnson

"Which Bible? by Allen Johnson"

10 Reasons to turn from 1909

10 Reason to turn from 1865

Minutes of the ABS speaking of 1865

In Response to Luis Vega's Article

What are Hybrid Spanish Bibles?

Catholics Changing God's name by Riplinger

Verbo vs Palabra

The facts about Verbo and Verbum

Sermo vs Verbum a treatise

A good quote proving the word "Verbo" is indeed a CATHOLIC word

The lies associated with the Modern Gomez Spanish Bible

Who endorsed the Valera 1602P

Who's Who in the Modern Spanish Bible Debate?


"Facing the Issue" by Allen Johnson

"Testing the 1960" by Allen Johnson

"The Old Bible of Valera Restored"


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