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     I have always wanted to know where I came from.  While traveling around America and preaching, I'd stop at library's and look for any information I could find about the Breaker family name.  I was greatly excited to find I came from a long line of Baptist Preachers! 

     This site is mostly for me and my family, so all the information I've found over the years could be preserved for posterity.  (Note some of the information is in adobe format and may take a while to load.)

     The Breaker family name is rich in American and Baptist history.  But very few know much about it.  For instance, did you know my third great grandfather, J.M.C. Breaker, said the opening prayer to the first meeting in South Carolina to discuss secession from the Union?  Did you know his wife had a poem written about her by the well-known poet and author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?  Did you know most of the early Breaker's were either preachers or ship captains?  And did you know my fourth-great-grandfather started the First Baptist Church in Key West, Florida?   

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The Breaker name is German in origin.  It used to be spelled Bröecker.  The first Breaker's came to the new world in the 1700's.  They were two brothers named Conrad and George.  (I come from the line of George).   Some say Conrad changed his last name to Pritchard.  The reason is unknown.

George, my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, fought for the British during the American Revolution, and was stationed either on the island of Barbados or in the Bahamas.  After the war, he bought property in South Carolina, and built the Eighteen-Mile-House, exactly eighteen miles inland from Charleston.  Since that was about a days journey, George built a tavern and an inn, and there are stories that the famous George Washington possibly once stayed there.

George had several sons.  They are:  John, Jacob, and Lewis Frederick.  I come from the line of Lewis. (Lewis married Ms. Martha Cantey).

Lewis Frederick Breaker was a farmer, a shoemaker, and a deacon at the Baptist Church in Camden, South Carolina.  For some unknown reason, he felt he needed to move to Key West, Florida in the early 1800s.  There he bought property and eventually became the sheriff and justice of the peace of the town.  He also started the First Baptist Church of Key West.

Lewis had several daughters and sons.  I come from his youngest son, Jacob Manley Cantey Breaker.  The story goes Lewis did not want his son to be a sailor, rather a preacher, so he sent him to South Carolina to attend Furman University.  (The Breakers during that time were either sea captains or Baptist Ministers).

Jacob Manley Cantey Breaker, or just J.M.C. Breaker, as he was often known, became a famous Baptist minister, preaching and pastoring churches all over South Carolina.  In Beaufort, he baptized several hundred people in one morning, proving the 12 apostles could have easily baptized 3000 in one day.

J.M.C. is also famous for his role in South Carolina's secession from the Union in 1861.  During that time, the capital building in Columbia was being renovated.  The secession committee looked for a place to meet, and J.M.C. gladly opened the doors of his Baptist church for their cause.  He even said the opening prayer!

During the Civil War, J.M.C. edited and published a Baptist magazine entitled, "The Confederate Baptist." 

After the war, J.M.C. moved to Texas and pastored the Baptist church in Houston, Texas, as well as several others.

J.M.C. had many kids.  My line is from his son George Howe Breaker, a prominent businessman in Houston, Texas.  He opened the American Title and Guaranty company, and worked in the Esperson building in downtown Houston.

George had a son named Roland Trapp Breaker.  And his son was my grandfather Robert R. Breaker, Sr.

That's just a brief history.  There is much. much more.  If you are interested, scroll up and click on the various names and topics.  I hope you'll enjoy learning about my family just as much as I did!

Robert Breaker III

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The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.  (Ps. 16:6)




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