Deut. 17:18               Adds the words "del original."

                                Matthew 7:24,25       Reads "peña" instead of the better "roca."  (Also does the same in Luke 6:48)

                                Mark 9:43-47           Changes "infierno" to "gehenna."

                                Matthew 16:18          Calls Jesus a "piedra" (stone) instead of a "roca" (rock).

        John 11:49-51           Says the Catholic words "sumo pontífice."  (Also does this in Mark 2:26 and 14:47)

                                Romans 16:1             Changes "hermana" (sister) to "diaconisa" (woman deacon). 

                                        Mark 1:2                   They say In Isaiah the Prophet.  But the context is a quote of two prophets.

        Mark 2:17                 It removes repentance (arrepentimiento).

        Mark 10:51               It exludes the word Señor (Lord).

        Acts 15:11                 It omits the word Christ.

        Acts 20:28                 It changes "God" to "The Lord," which some claim attacks the deity of Christ.

                                Acts 21:20                 It removes "The Lord."

        1 Cor. 7:5                  It takes out ayuno (fasting).

        2 Cor. 5:18                It subtracts the word Jesus.

        Eph. 3:9                     The words by Jesus Christ are missing (they were in brackets in the 1602 and 1569).

        Eph. 5:29                   El Señor is changed to Cristo.

                                1 Peter 1:18               It subtracts the words por tradicción (by tradition).

                                Acts 7:45                   It changes Jesus to Joshua. However, all Greek text say Jesus. Why?  Cause it refers to Jesus!

                                2 Cor. 4:14                It says that Christians will rise with (con) Jesus instead of por (by) Jesus.  Leaves Christ in the grave!

                                2 Tes. 2:2                  It changes "dia del Cristo" to "dia del Señor."  These are not the same thing biblically.

                Isa. 14:12 vs 2 Peter 1:19          It calls Christ Lucifer (Lucero).