2 Sam. 21:19             Says that "Elhanan" killed Goliath, but we know it was David in 1 Sam. 21:8,9.

        2 Kings 10:25            According to the added word "santo," the pagan God Baal is holy.

        Job 11:12                  Says that donkeys can give birth to a human beings.  (Bestiality?) 

        Jeremiah 5:17            A verse telling Israel to eat their children.  (Cannibalism)

        Matthew 5:22            Removes the word "locamente" or "sin razon," thus making Jesus in danger of judgment for getting angry in Mark 3:5.

                    Luke 2:22                  By changing "ella" to "ellos," it makes Jesus a sinner that needed a sacrifice for his sins.

                    John 18:36                 By removing the word "ahora" (now), the 1960 teaches that Jesus will never reign on the earth.

        Acts 16:31                 By removing a comma, a this verse teaches that when the head of a household gets saved, a the whole rest of the family is automatically saved as well.

        Romans 10:9             Change in wording from 1909, makes verse teach person is saved just by just confessing Jesus is Lord.  But one day Satan will say this (Filp. 2:9-1, Rom. 14:11).

                    1 Cor. 9:27                By changing "reprobado" to "eliminado" this verse can be used to teach on can lose their salvation  (Teaches salvation by faith and works).

                    2 Cor. 2:10                By changing "en la persona de Cristo" to "en la presencia de Cristo" this verse teaches that a person doesn't have to forgive here on earth, but rather in heaven.

        Gal. 5:4                      By using the words "os desligasteis" this verse teaches that someone can lose their salvation.

        Gal. 5:12                    This verse teaches it's okay to want someone to be "mutilated." 

        1 Tes. 4:4                   Changing "vaso" to "esposa" gives a man the right to discipline his wife. 

        1 Peter 2:2                  Says a person must grow up in salvation (Teaches works for salvation)

        1 Peter 3:21                By removing the words "A la figura de la cual," this verse can be used to teach baptismal regeneration.

        Rev. 19:8                    By changing "las justificaciones de los santos" to "las acciones Justas de los santos" the '60 teaches salvation by works.





                                Numbers 23:22           "Unicorn" translated as "buffalo" (See also Deut. 33:17; Job 39:9,10; Ps. 92:10, etc).

        1 Sam. 5:6                  "Hemorroids" changed "tumors." 

                                Ezra 2:58                    "Nethinims" is changed to "servants of the temple."

        Luke 2:26                   "Christ" is changed to only "the anointed of the Lord."

                                Titus 3:10                    "Heretic" changed to "a man who causes division."

                                2  Peter 1:13,14          "Tabernacle" is changed to only "body" (cuerpo).