Cipriano de Valera


            Born in Valera the Old (Herrobriga), then appertaining to the reign of Seville, in 1531 or 1532, and died after 1602 it seems in Londres.  Above all, it is knownas the revisor and editor of the first Castellan translation of the Bible since the originals.

            He was a fellow student of Arias Montano, while he studied in Seville.  After studying six years of Philosophy, and with the degree of Bachelor, he joined the Jeronimo of San Isidoro del Campo Monastery next to Seville, since he fled, with others, in 1557, to Ginebra to preserve himself from the Court of the Inquisition, that arrived to burn in effigy (as Luther) in 1562 and he was placed in the Indice of Prohibited Books as an author of the first clase.

            From Ginebra he passed to London, to go up to the throne of Isabel I, and there he resided the rest of his days, except for the time that he took the printing of the second edition in Amsterdam, notably revised by himself, of the translation of the Castellan Bible, that was being published by his compatriot and companion of the Monastery - Casiodoro de Reina, in Basilea (1569).  In England he he presented his opinions, teaching in the universities of Cambridge and Oxford and he published several books.

            Of his original work, the first that came to light was Two Tracts.  The first was about the Pope and his authority, collections of his life and doctrine, and of that which the Doctors, Ancient Counsels, and the Scripture itself teaches.  The second tract about the Mass, abridged the Doctors, Counsels, and the Sacred Scripture (1588, and the second edition in 1599).  What followed was Tract for confirming to the pore captives of Berveria…(1594), that included in an appendix: "Telling of the false miracles and illusions of the demion with that of Mary of the Visitation…that was taught to many".  Of his translations, most of them are detached from what was made in the Institution of the Christian Religion, of John Calvin (1597).