The Psalms translated by Juan de Valdes into the Spanish Tongue


Juan de Valdes


Juan de Valdes was born in the late 1400s in the city of Cuenca, Spain.  He studied in the University of Alcala, and after corresponding with Erasmus, realized the great need for a profound reformation within the Catholic Church. 

Juan later wrote against the Pope and the wide-spread corruption within the priesthood under the alias of Valdesseo.  Eventually, the Spanish Catholic Inquisitors of the "Spanish Inquisition" labelled him a "heretic" who was deemed "dangerous and infected with heresy."

Fearing retaliation, he moved to Germany and then Italy, where he died in May of 1541. 

He left behind for the Spanish-speaking people a portion of the Psalms translated into their own language (specifically chapters 1-41), as well as Matthew, Luke, and the epistles of Paul (except for Hebrews).

His translation of the Psalms, known as "El Salterio" was believed to have been done sometime between 1534-1537.

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Notice as you read through his work that Juan de Valdes was faithful in using SEŅOR instead of Jehová time and again. (And notice how he capitalizes the word, just like the KJV does with LORD, and the Valera 1602 Purified does with SEŅOR.)


The title page of a reprint of Juan de Valdes' translation of the Psalms.