There is much confusion about the Spanish Bible issue today.  Many who have studied it out, are turning away for the 1960 and 1909 towards a purer Spanish Bible (either the 1865 or the Gomez).  Yet very few are talking about the 1602 Purified.  I believe this is because they either don't know about it, or if they do, they don't desire to speak about it, in order to defend their own version that their group uses instead.

There is a great push now by English Speakers on the Gomez Bible.  Many claim it's the right Spanish Bible because of the big name Fundamentalists who back it.  Some names include, Donald Waite, Phil Stringer, Mickey Carter, etc.  However, these men are native English Speakers, not Spanish! 

As a Missionary Evangelist to Spanish-Speakers, I see something very different in Spanish.  I've continually been getting many emails of Hispanics asking for a whole 1602 Purified Bible, claiming God's showed them it is the right Bible in Spanish!

Clearly, the 1602 Purified speaks for itself.  And, if an English speaker would just go through it with the King James, the original 1602, and the Textus Receptus (like I've done), they would see it's definitely the purest Spanish Bible in existence today. 

Sadly, Christian politics gets in the way of people seeing truth.  They often prefer to listen to what Bro. So and So says, instead of studying the issue for themselves.  And what happens, is people who speak English, and not Spanish, are those who try to convince others of which version is right and which is not.  In other words, they defend a version based upon who's backing it, not upon what the text actually says.  

So, if you are one of those "political" Chrisitans who desires to follow "men" instead of following truth, I thought I'd give you some proof of a big name Fundamental Independent Baptist that supported the translation work of the 1602 Purified.  His name is Dr. Peter S. Ruckman (a very big name indeed in the Bible Issue, especially the KJV in English).  Although he now claims he doesn't know about the Spanish Bible Issue, at one time he cared enough to help support financially the work of others who were busy purifying the Spanish Bible.  Care to guess which Bible he supported financially?

The following are letters proving Dr. Ruckman sent money to help the work of the church in Monterrey, Mexico.  The letters and money orders are made out to William Park, a member of the church at the time, and fellow translator on the 1602 Purified. 




These clearly show Dr. Peter S. Ruckman supported the work of the 1602 Purified.  So, why doesn't he defend it today?  Why doesn't he even sell it in his bookstore?

I can only hope he'll do so soon.  Because of his strong stand on the King James Bible, I hope he'd be willing to let people at least see the truth about the right Bible in Spanish!