Ode to Love

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 1993


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Ode To Love

By Robert Breaker III

Written January 17, 2003


 Love is such a tender and

Joyful feeling in one's heart

At times it makes one happy, and

At others, insanity it doth impart.


At times I give it due it's place

And find it makes me glad

But while I think of its object afar

My heart grows weary, sad.


So much it comforts and gives

Anticipation to my life,

But then I remember just who I am,

And a struggle within ensues with strife.


Sometimes I think that love should stay,

And never go away,

At other times it flees so fast,

I don't know what to say.


More than a feeling, yea

More than a desire in one's heart,

Love is all that matters still,

To give one's all, one's very soul to impart.


But when love given becomes rejected,

How hard it is to keep,

For rejection breeds contempt

Then one's love is rocked to sleep.


True love knows no bounds, nor fences

Like a fire it burns alive

Whether received or thwarted

It cannot be killed, it will always abide.


"But what is love?" Some may say,

For it's purity has been attacked

To some it's nothing more than flesh

And they think it's only given in the sack.


But lust and love are enemies,

Never to be mistaken,

Even if a sinful world,

Says "love" is only flesh partaken.