The Ruckman Knight

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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The Ruckman Knight

By Robert Breaker III

Written about those followers of Peter S. Ruckman which believe the King James Bible is the pure word of God


The lowly Ruckmanite,

That blest defender of the faith!

He stands for that English Bible a'right,

That scholars say is out of date.


His faith so pure in God he rests,

Knowing that his Bible's pure.

While scholars "recommend" what they think best,

But that one book they cannot endure.


Hate and rage, burn in the breast,

Of the scholar who sees his stand,

They despise that King James Crest,

And ridicule it within their clan.


How doth the lowly Ruckman Knight look,

Despised by Scholars alike,

He's only sin is to believe a book,

That scholars say isn't right.


Yet he knows the shining truth,

That scholars are so quick to reject.

They say he's "rude, crude, and uncouth,"

For standing for the "Received Text."


That blessed text of old,

For him seven times purified,

It is worth more than gold,

FOREVER it doth abide.


But scholars say that it must go,

It's contents are "out of date,"

They say he doesn't know,

That "older texts" were found of late.


Yet that blessed Ruckman Knight,

The truth his only friend,

Knows the "older texts" aren't right,

For they came from the Vatican.


Westcott, Hort, Tischendorf,

Erwin Nestle, and Aland,

Scholars all flock to that sort,

Who's texts came from Origen.


Alexandrian texts, perverted throughout,

They claim they're best for they are "old."

But there can be no doubt,

That those texts were from the Catholic fold.



And don't forget about ole Jerome,

And his most corrupt Latin Vulgate,

Taken it was from Alexandria to Rome,

As an official Catholic Mandate.


But that KJV, his solid rock,

The Ruckman Knight knows it's pure

For it's texts came from Antioch,

Where the early Christians were.


Down through the years the true texts survived,

Kept by the blessed saints with loving care,

"Burn them all!" the Catholics cried,

But they could not destroy them everywhere.


They were preserved, by men like Tyndale,

Who gave them to the common man.

And what of the Waldenses, who didn't fail,

To copy and disperse them throughout the land?


Inspired were God's wonderful words,

But what good is that to us today?

If God did not PRESERVE them for the herds,

So that we could read them everyday.


The Ruckman Knight knows and proves

The history of his book down through the ages,

And understands that God did not use,

A Catholic text to reach the masses.


So he confides in his blessed book,

All authority on earth and heaven in it abides,

"Scholars can go plumb to hell and cook!"

He shouts, for "scholarship" he denies.


For truth he knows is not in a man,

But God is who gives us all to know,

For God's truth is in his blessed word,

Which to him He gave so that he might grow.


The "Ruckmanite," his arm stretched out,

A King James Bible in his hand,

Proclaiming boldly without doubt,

God's truth across the land.


The "Scholar," his eyes fixed within a book,

A penknife in his hand with gall,

For "errors" he never ceases to look,

To proclaim doubt of God's word's to all.


But he's no threat to the Ruckman Knight,

With valor he'll continue to expose their lies,

Against the vile Alexandrian cult, he'll fight,

And lift up God's Blessed words (the KJV) until he dies.