by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2006


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by Robert Breaker III


First you believe what's right,

Then you claim you don't

And then you preach the opposite,

But make it look real close.


You never deny the obvious,

Nor ever take a rugged stand,

Instead of pleasing God above

You covet the praise of man.


You claim to love the truth,

But it's relative to you,

Claiming, "There is no right or wrong..."

Only, "...What you would or wouldn't do."


"Sin no longer exists!" you say,

There are only preferences here.

And sadly, you no longer allow

God's truth to enter your ear.


When asked what the Bible says,

You cannot answer well,

For you use different versions,

And which one is true you cannot tell.


Thus, you watch the winds of change,

And by them your faith accommodate,

While claiming to truly love

All those you truly hate.


It's not about the truth at all,

Rather what you decide is right.

And this is why in Laodicea

We're in the time of night.


To get along with everyone

You're quick to make a pact

Leaving all your doctrinal differences,

Claiming this is "tact."


But this leads to more apostasy,

As from sound doctrine you depart.

And this is what brings about,

The coldness in your heart.


Repent now, and return

To the blessed KJV

For by only using God's pure word

Can we fight apostasy!