But Hark, What Ho?

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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But Hark, What Ho?

By Robert Breaker III

Written February 18, 2003


 But hark, what ho!

And I shall go,

I prithee give me ear;

To tell of a defeated foe,

Who lives to make all fear.


The father of woe!

Down he did go,

For his unmitigated pride;

Never to come up again,

Walking to and fro below, is his abide.


How vile is he!

The wretched one,

With him not a few,

Left they did and they did run,

From their first estate askew.


Down they did fall!

And took up abode

Upon their new home below

In wickedness they daily strove,

Goodness they did not trow.


It came one Day!

And there he wast,

A man within their midst.

He came from nothing more than dust

But he was told he was a Prince.


Along came she!

And there were two,

Joined one by He who made.

Together on their honeymoon,

The serpent king was stayed.


But then he came!

With subtle heart,

Much evil was his intent.

He forced her to take a part,

And then she did repent.


It was to late!

They both partook,

Of the forbidden thing they did eat.

Displeased, their God did look,

And the man blamed his meet.


Evil then had won!

Or so he thought,

The adversary did prevail;

They had to pay or be bought,

But their King was still able.


But hark, what Ho!

And I will show,

One much greater than even he,

Who in his little toe, 

Hath more power than that wretched Valkyrie!


He did look down!

And saw mankind,

Such a disgrace it seemed to be.

Yet mercy He did find,

And made a plan for you and me.


Then came His son!

His life to give,

A ransom for us all,

Thirty years plus three, here to live;

And then to death, they did maul.


Up from the grave!

He rose again,

The sacrifice had been made.

Through Him one could be born again,

The price for mankind had been paid.


He saved my soul!

One blessed day,

When on Him I did rely,

Trust and faith were the way,

And I received a mansion in the sky.


In anger he abode!

That evil one,

In hatred he did rage;

Defeated no not once,

But twice he was out played.


He lost it all!

His power is gone;

Before, of death he had the keys.

That wicked, wretched, vile one,

The founder of sin's disease.


To Hell he goes!

And off for good,

In his ears his sentence rings,

For he had the audacity to think he could

Defeat the King of Kings.


So trust the Son!

And do thee well,

For thee he surely died.

Or trust the dragon, and go to Hell,

Where with him you'll eternally abide.