by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2005


* The following  has been designed to be "printer friendly."  So please feel free to print the entire thing and read it through!  Otherwise, just read it here online.




Hell is hot, purgatory too,

If you don't go to Confession,

Satan will grab a hold of you.

On Friday's don't eat meat,

Fish at every meal,

When you see a pretty lady,

Don't try to cop a feel.

Love the blessed lady,

Take the Catholic mass,

Put your faith on them,

And only Jesus last.


The Pope is your master,

Of whom you have a few,

You pray (in vain) to your rosary,

And drink a lot of brew.

Oh, some of you are devout,

And true to your faith,

But your religion,

Is nothing but a fake.