by Robert Breaker III

copyright 1998


* The following  has been designed to be "printer friendly."  So please feel free to print the entire thing and read it through!  Otherwise, just read it here online.



Just stand up and rejoice

As we put oil on your head,

Give us half a chance

And we'll raise you from the dead.

Just watch the elder sisters,

As they teach you how to sing,

The ushers will pick your pockets,

Of almost everything.

The band will play the drums,

As we sing a hundred lines.

We'll speak and pray in tongues

It will be so sublime!

Bring your NIV's,

And NKJV's too

Better stop your crying

Or we'll lay hands on you.

Be baptized in the spirit

And of fire too,

But don't be too surprised,

When God lays hands on you!