How Can I?

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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How Can I?

By Robert Breaker III


How can I hate Him,

When he loved me so?


How can I forsake Him,

When he tells me, "Go!"?


How can I shun Him,

When he gave his all on Calvary?


How can I not love Him,

When he shed his blood for even me?



How can I forget Him,

When I'm always on His mind?


How can I renounce Him,

When He's always been so kind?


How can I abuse Him,

When he's suffered all my pain?


How can I desert Him,

When to die for Him is gain?



And, how can I displease Him,

When his grace abideth strong?


How can I but love Him,

When he put up with me for so long?


Yes, how can I be in Him,

When at times I seem so far away?


And, how, O how, can I persuade Him,

To come for me today?