How Precious is This Love I Have for Thee

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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How Precious is This Love I Have for Thee

By Robert Breaker III


More precious than the morning dew upon the petal of a rose,

More beautiful than the pastel sunset as the sun begins to doze.

Is this love I feel for thee deep down inside my heart,

And oh how bitter sweet the agony for us to be apart.


More brightly doth it shine today, than the sun in all it's glory,

More colorful than the autumn leaves up in the Northern territory.

Is how this love shines in my soul, more and more each day,

And the more that I think of thee, the more it hurts to be away.


More valuable than gold or silver, yeah even paper money.

More sweetly it pleases my heart than to touch my tongue with clover honey.

Is this emotion that I have that with me doth constantly abide,

And how I long, dear one, to be there by your side.


More powerful than the mighty ocean's waves that crash upon the sand,

More numberless than the stars in the sky created by God's own hand.

Is this feeling of undying love that grows within,

The more I think of you, I count myself the happiest of all men.


Yes, how precious in deed is this love within my brest,

As I feel I must come to thee, for away I have no rest.

Oh now that I might call to thee with voice soft like a summer shower,

And tell you that I think of you each and every hour.