by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2005


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By Robert Breaker III

Written in September of 2005



If knowledge is what one must gain,

Then first he must have a brain.


His thoughts must flow and then connect,

And he must breed his Intellect.


As he grows he must then learn,

Then he must to study turn.


As he seeks, he'll soon understand,

It's hard to find much truth from man.


Men lie, deceive, and confound,

Their opposing opinions and beliefs abound.


Each one spews a different view,

So, where oh where can one find the truth?


To God is where he then must look,

And seek him out in his great Book!


For Scripture holds all truth and knowledge,

More than he could ever find in college!


As he reads, he'll see all he requires,

And he'll find the truth that he so desires.


God is then the great giver of knowledge,

If one will just trust him and his truth acknowledge.