Let Come What May

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2007


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Let Come What May

By Robert Breaker III 

Written December 31st 2006


Let foes all stand against me,

Let hell bellow forth it's rage,

Let all man preach against me,

But I will not be dismayed!


I'll preach with all my fury

The blessed Gospel of old,

And fight man's apostasy

For Christ I will be bold!


I'll preach the precious blood,

Shed on the rugged cross,

That so many oft' omit,

And if I must, I'll suffer Loss!


For I not my own,

With a price I'm surely bought

That price: the blood of Christ,

And my own will matters not!


Press on I shall through bitter cold,

Reaching all I can,

Pointing them to Christ the Lord,

Preaching, "Ye must be born again."


But please, oh please, remember me,

As I oft'times feel the lone,

The only one still faithful,

Preaching faith in Christ alone.