Let's Go Soulwinning!

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2005


* The following  has been designed to be "printer friendly."  So please feel free to print the entire thing and read it through!  Otherwise, just read it here online.



Let's Go Soulwinning!

By Robert Breaker III 


Just grab your Bible and follow me,

We're going to win a soul.

First we must find some people,

And then we must be bold.


There's someone over there!

Let's stop him and let's talk.

"Hello dear sir, how are you?

Can we speak to you while you walk?"


"Are you a sinner, my friend?

Have you committed sin?

You know you have, for so have I

You must be born again!"


"Look here, look there, and look again,

These are verses you must see.

Now will you just bow your head,

And repeat this prayer with me?"


"If it'll make you go away,

I'd sure be happy to!

So hurry up and let's say this prayer,

For I've got things to do!"


"Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner!

To hell I wish not to go!

So won't you save me now?

I give to you my soul!"


Now we've won another one!

That's one more I can brag about.

I got another person to say a prayer!

By the Roman's route!


But what is this?

What do I see right here?

The man is going into a bar,

And he's ordering a beer!


But I thought that he was saved?

Didn't he "call upon the Lord?"

Why then is he not changed?

Did he not just obey God's word?


But repentance he had none,

Nor did he understand.

It's because I forgot to tell him,

The true salvation plan.


I did not speak of the blood,

That I forgot to mention.

I forgot to even bring up,

God's blessed ascension!


The Gospel I forgot to give,

Of the atonement I did not speak

I didn't show Christ dying in his place,

Oh, my presentation was so weak!


From the bar he then walks out,

As drunk as he can be,

He then turns to me and says,

"I doubt I have salvation like you told me!"


He then begins to weep and says,
"I hate my wicked life and way!

I'm so sick of my sin,

How can I truly be saved today?"


I take him to the scriptures again,

I show him Christ dying in his place,

I give him sound Bible verses,

And I illustrate Christ's grace.


"For you," I tell him,

"This was done, to save you from your fall,

But salvation, it takes blood,

Of which Jesus shed it all."


"Now come to him and trust His blood,

For this is what will save,

You must trust in what Jesus did,

For his life for you he gave!"


"He paid it all on the cross,

He did it all for even you!

Now won't you from your heart,

By faith, trust him as I do?"


He understands, and begins to cry,

"Now I see it clearly,

Jesus is my substitute,

Oh how I love him dearly!" 


Dear reader, can you not see,

The problem that exists thus said?

Many trust the prayer they did,

Rather than the blood God shed.


So as you go and try to win

Souls bound for death and Hell,

Will you remember to give them the Gospel

Of Christ's shed blood that works so well?