Oh, That Death Would Find Me

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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Oh, That Death Would Find Me

By Robert Breaker III


Oh, that death should find me!

For there's nothing for me here.

How much better to me 'twould be,

To leave this vail of tears!


I've heard about that place above

It's much better there by far!

That place where I'll ascend like a dove

Where this wicked world will never mar.


Heartache, Sorrows, Trials, and Disease,

At times are more than I can bear.

O please Mr. Sickle man, please

Come and take me out of here!


With every passing day that comes,

It seems things grow only worse!

Satan has won most hearts and homes

And sin is still the curse.


The vileness of this ungodly world,

Is such a vexation to my soul!

Would that Death would raise its sword,

And to a better place permit me to go.


I have no fear of death, nor dying,

My home in heaven is secure.

But every waking hour here, I'm sighing,

Wishing I didn't have to endure.


The longer that I view it all,

The more it makes me sad,

I'd rather walk that darkened hall

To the Light that's at the end.


Death for a Christian is a gain,

For I know I've a mansion there!

But here I find that all is vain,

And sin abounds everywhere.


So please Mr. Angel of Death,

Can't you come for me today?

For in heaven all is blest,

And former things are passed away!


How great t'would be to finally go

To a place where no sin can abide,

No more pain, sorrow, or woe,

And with my Saviour I'll eternally reside!


Oh Yes, that Death would fine me,

That with wings it'd wisk me away.

For then by my Saviour's side, I'd be

And then everything would be okay!