Lines Written During a Period of Insanity

By WILLIAM COWPER (1731-1800)



Hatred and vengeance, my eternal portion,

Scarce can endure delay of execution,

Wait, with impatient readiness, to seize my

Soul in a moment.


Damned below Judas: more abhorred than he was,

Who for a few pence sold his holy Master.

Twice betrayed Jesus me, the last delinquent,

Deems the profanest.


Man disavows, and Deity disowns me:

Hell might afford my miseries a shelter;

Therefore hell keeps her ever hungry mouths all

Bolted against me.


Hard lot! encompassed with a thousand dangers;

Weary, faint, trembling with a thousand terrors;

I'm called, if vanquished, to receive a sentence

Worse than Abiram's.


Him the vindictive rod of angry justice

Sent quick and howling to the center headlong;

I fed with judgment, in a fleshly tomb,

am Buried above ground.