Make use of me, my God!

Let me be not forgot;

A broken vessel cast aside -

One whom thou needest not.


I am Thy creature, Lord,

And made by hands divine;

And I am part, however mean,

Of this great world of Thine.


Thou usest all Thy works -

The weakest things that be;

Each has a service of its own,

For all things wait on thee.


Thou usest the high stars

The tiny drops of dew,

The giant peats and little hill

My God, O use me too!


Thou usest tree and flower,

The rivers vast and small

The eagle great, the little bird

That sings upon the wall


Thou usest the side sea,

The hidden little lake

The pine upon the Alpine cliff

The lily in the brake.


Thy [cattle] in the vale

The sand grain by the sea,

The thunder of the rolling cloud,

The murmur of the bee.


All things do serve Thee here -

All creatures great and small,

Make use of me, of me, my God,

The weakest of them all.


- Unknown