The Apostate

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2004


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The Apostate

By Robert Breaker III


The apostate loves the applaud of men, he loves to hear their praise.

He stands for nothing at all, but claims he stands firmly by God's grace.


He claims that God inspired for all his precious, holy word,

But then he says to believe it can be translated correctly is absurd.


He calls a "version" the word of God, though error he knows it holds,

But he recommends a translation or two, if it helps him meet his goals.


He claims the preserved word of God only in Hebrew and Greek are found,

Yet then he claims the word of God in another language is not bound.


Claiming preservation only in the original languages and texts,

He then confesses that he can't even read the languages in which they exist.


If it weren't bad enough, he lies about the bible in which he does prefer,

Saying it came from the "better texts" when the proof does not concur.


Further he will boldly fight, and defend his blessed version,

Even though the truth will show, it's nothing but a perversion.


He claims "fruit shows my version best, it's used by the majority!"

But he forgets to check that the texts it comes from are the minority.


Thus, the apostate states his facts:  "The translation I have is not pure,"

He continues by telling us, "Of the truth no one can be sure."


The preserved word of God he cannot read, but he recommends it as best. 

Thus, his thesis is: "I can never know just exactly what God said!"


I'd rather follow an honest man, for an apostate cannot help but lie,

And his ignorance marks him well, for the truth he cannot find.