The Campfire

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2002


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The Campfire

By Robert Breaker III


Once I tried to start a fire that I hoped would burn for all eternity,

However I found that my fire starting abilities were not what they should be.


Starting a fire was an easy task, or so I had been told,

But it had been quite some time for me, if the truth be known.


As I was alone in the forest in a place so dark and damp,

I searched for something I could use to start a fire in my camp.


Newspaper I found not, nor gasoline, nor oil

With just two sticks, a couple of logs, and a little effort I did toil


Upon these tables I wrote my heart, and did the best I could,

Eventually I found that my poetry lit the wood.


The fired burned small at first and I fanned it once or twice,

Before I knew it, it began to catch and I thought, "Boy, this is nice!"


As the fire grew, so did my confidence, and I began to be proud,

"Look at how great this fire is!" I yelled out loud!


"For ever it will burn and glow, forever it shall be,

Why it is lit so well, nothing can make it cease!"


Yet the more it burned, the less I did to help it grow and burn,

In fact, I threw some sand on it, and a little water in turn.


Then I began to doze, in front of this small flame I fell asleep,

Thinking all the time that when I awoke this "little" fire would still keep.


When I awoke I saw my folly, and misery set in,

For my fire had gone out and all was so very dim.


As I walked away I began to weep, wail, and pout,

For I saw the truth of the matter was that I put the fire out!


Many days since that time, I've thought about this fire,

I've longed to return and see if there was a spark amidst the mire.


                            But the truth be known, it cannot be for the fire has long since passed away,

And I'm reminded of my carelessness each and every day.


Yet a lesson I have learned that will help me much if ever again I should try,

I've found that fire is something that must be continually stoked, or else it will die!