This Vile Body of Sin

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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This Vile Body of Sin

By Robert Breaker III 



This vale of flesh and tears I did receive,

From my Father and Mother, I believe.


They as well from their parents did inherit,

That sinful, wicked disposition, it is apparent.


From their parents as well they did get,

The reprobate nature, that we all have yet.


On Adam most are careful to place blame,

Albeit the first to sin, was of course, the dame.


And on to all their seed they did pass,

Sickness, disease, and sin, so crass.


But all of that to us is neither here nor there,

Let me show you of what you should beware:


From the first breath that's taken by this flesh so vile,

The body starts to whine, moan, cry and beguile.


With whimpers, tantrums, cries, and pouts,

It learns to get its way and grows in bounds.


Slowly it learns to finagle and deceive,

Searching for want it wants and it needs.


The more it is fed, the larger it grows,

And before you know it, purity it loathes.


Lust, covetousness, pride, passion and desire,

Stronger the ettin beast grows like a fire!


The more that it sins, the less it does feel,

On the altar of depravity its known to kneel.


On it continues to lie, steal, cheat, and delude,

Thinking only on its self and its passions to brood.


With pride and ambition, its self it doth raise,

Living only for pleasure, delight, and praise.


Restraint it knows not, nor is want to submit,

And it will fight to the death for all it can get.


With hatred, anger, malice, and wrath,

It scorns all those who get in its path.


Onward it plunges towards darkness of sin,

Its very nature pressing it onward time and again.


Its master and maker it shuns to behold,

It thinks only of prestige, power, and gold.


Thus, the more that it gets, the more that it wants,

And the more that it has, the more that it flaunts.


Thinking itself great, resplendent, and gay,

It knoweth not that someday it will pay.


For, truly this mortal flesh not only is cursed,

But surely it was thus from the moment of birth.