Thou Art!

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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Thou Art!

By Robert Breaker III

Written to his lovely wife Laura while they were courting



Thou art fairer than the loveliest day,

Fairer thou art by far.

Still fairer than the bluest jay,

And the brightest star.


Thou art lovelier than the youngest babe,

Lovelier than the sky.

Yes, how much more than a handsome *knave,

And the mountain top on high.


Thou art purer than the freshest snow,

Purer than the deepest spring.

By far much more than man can bestow,

Your cleanliness and virtue ring.


Thou are softer than the babies skin,

Yeah much more than polished brass,

Even more sleeker than the dolphin's fin,

Thy *burnish shows thee a wondrous *lass.




*Knave means man child or boy

*Burnish means luster

*Lass means a young woman