What More Can I Do?

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2003


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What More Can I Do?

By Robert Breaker III

Written to his lovely wife Laura while they were courting in July of 2003


What more can I do but think upon thee?

My heart thou hast stolen with thy merit.


Tis pleasant indeed to think upon thee

So I guess I'll just grin and bare it!


It does my heart good to think upon thee

It gives me reason to go on, I swear it!


The only thing better than thinking on thee

Is your sweet voice in mine ear, Oh to hear it!


Would to God closer I might be to thee

In a plane, train, or car and to steer it!


I'd walk, I'd run, I'd jog or I'd fly to thee

If there was a wall fifty high, I'd clear it!


What more can I do when it comes to thee?

All I know is to miss you and endure it!


How awful it is without being with thee

My heart's sick with love, Oh to cure it!


So all I can do is write unto thee

Your favor is my goal, all I seek is to secure it!