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I was born on July 13th, 1974. I was born again on July 29th, 1992. I am one of few people that have two birthdays in the same month--both my physical and my spiritual one!

When I was a young boy of five years, I remember sitting at the kitchen counter on a bar stool eating my morning cereal before going to school. While I was eating, the thought suddenly struck me that I was going to die one day. I didn't understand death, nor did I know what was thereafter, and the most horrid thought that haunted me was "I'm going to cease to exist in this world!" Pondering this thought, I began to cry.

My mother came over and asked what was wrong. I replied, "I'm going to die someday! I'm going to cease to exist!" She then told me that I needed to repeat a prayer, asking Jesus to come into my heart. This I did, and I don't remember much else.

As I grew older, I began to ask questions about salvation, but my mother continually told me that I was already saved, cause I had asked Jesus into my heart. I always had my doubts though, and wondered if it was so. I confessed to others that I was a Christian, but I always wondered.  But on my profession of faith, I remember my father baptized me in the bay out in front of our house. I thought surely God will accept me now because I was baptized!

Around the age of fourteen, I discovered Chick Tracts, and I followed the formula at the end, "Praying the prayer as I was told, asking Jesus to save me."  But, I never had assurance, and I must have prayed that prayer a hundred times, each time hoping that I'd be saved because I did so.

At age eighteen, my Mom divorced my Dad in 1988 and moved me from my home in Milton, Florida to the little podunk town of Cushing, Oklahoma.  There I began attending an Assembly of God church.  I never heard the Gospel one time while I was there. All they told me was, "You have to speak in tongues in order to have the gift of the Holy Ghost!"  I thought to myself, "Is it possible that I can be a Christian, but still not have the Holy Spirit within me?"  So, I tried to speak in tongues.  And I did so at a Youth Meeting in Turner Falls, Oklahoma one summer.

A group of us teenagers stood in a big circle holding hands and began to pray. I remember our Youth Pastor asking, "Who wants to gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues?" I quickly responded, "I do, I do!"  They all then moved in around me and put their hands on me.  I prayed and prayed but nothing happened.  They finally had to coach me by saying, "Say Hasta la Shund Eye!" I repeated it over and over, and eventually began to say a whole lot of gibberish. They thought I got it, so I said a whole lot more nonsense, and they claimed I had the gift.

For two years after that, I would stand up in church and "speak in tongues," thinking that this is what gave me the Holy Spirit. I also thought that I had to be careful not to lose it by my good works.

As I continued in this false religion, I saw things that were troubling to me. The preacher claimed to have the gift of healing, but the same woman came down the aisle every Sunday with Cancer wanting to be healed. They prayed for her, and anointed her with oil, proclaiming in Jesus' name that she was healed. She'd then go to the doctor the next day, and come back the next Sunday asking for them to do it all over again, cause it didn't work.

After so many times, the Pastor finally told her it was her fault for not having enough faith. How sad!

I also noticed that the Youth Group guys and girls I hung out with weren't very righteous people. They'd come to church on Sunday and cry and speak in tongues and get "slain in the spirit," but Friday and Saturday night they were out drinking and fornicating. How could they do these things and still have "the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues?"

As time went by, I missed my father. My mother got a restraining order against him and a court order that said I couldn't see my father until I was eighteen years old. She had told the judge that he belonged to a "cult" because he went to an Independent Bible Believing Church (Dr. Peter Ruckman's).

I missed my father so much, I began calling him and writing to him. We would right back, but usually with a long list of Bible verses. I would read them, but then I'd forget about them.

Five months before High School graduation, I had a nervous breakdown. I'd became very fed up with life and the red dirt of Oklahoma. I was a surfer and I couldn't take not being around the ocean any more. I decided I'd drop out of High School and just drive back to Florida and go surfing. I'd already grown out my hair out long like a girl, and I decided that surfing was the life for me.

I also couldn't stand being away from my father. I wanted so badly to see him again. So one day I left school crying, telling the Principal that I "...just can't take it anymore!" I went home and packed up all my stuff and was ready to go when the phone rang. It was the Principal. He said, "Don't do this. You only have five more months, and then you can do whatever you want with your life. But don't throw away your future by dropping out! Just endure five more months!" He talked some sense into me, and I drove back to school.

The next five months were a literal hell on earth. I had grown cold and callous towards my friends and family. I despised Oklahoma and everything about it and all I could think about was going back home. I even kept a daily calendar on my desk with the title, "Countdown to Florida." Every day I'd write down how many more days until I could go back to Paradise. I still remember the day I left. It was July 22nd, 1992, only two weeks after graduation.

After a quick garage sale, selling most of what I owned, quitting my job at the local Jewelry Store and breaking up with my girlfriend, I was on my way back to Florida, free as the wind, and happy to be going back to the greatest state on earth--the Sunshine State. (Little did I know that only a week later, the Son would shine on me).

Back home in Florida, I moved in with my Dad, who was very glad to see me. I missed him so much, and I elated with joy to see him.  It had been over four years since we'd last laid eyes on each other.

As soon as possible, I bought a surf board and paddled out to the surf. There in Navarre Beach, Florida I met Steve Lewis, and Mike Lawrence, two of my old friends from before I'd moved. They too were surfing and we became great friends.

On July 29th, my Dad asked to speak with me one Wednesday morning. I sat down on the kitchen counter and he went and got his Bible. My first instinct was to run, for my mother had taught me that he was a "heretic.' But out of respect I listened to what he had to say. His first words were, "Son, are you saved?"

I replied, "Of course Dad, cause I asked Jesus into my heart when I was five years old!" My Dad then asked me if I could find this in the Bible. I couldn't. He then showed me many verses that prove that a person is not saved by asking, but rather by believing (by FAITH!). When he finished, he asked me again, "Now son, are you saved?" I said, "You bet I am, cause I spoke in tongues!" He then turned 1 Corinthians chapter fourteen, Acts chapter two, and several other places, showing me that salvation in the church age isn't by receiving the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues, but rather by receiving the Holy Spirit by faith.

After this, he then asked, "Now son, are you saved?" I replied, "Of course I'm saved, cause I was baptized!" He then took me to first Corinthians chapter one and several other places proving to me that water baptism is not what saves a person. Afterwards, he asked again, "Now son, are you saved?"

By this time, I was starting to get angry. He'd taken away from me what I was trusting in save me. So I thought about it, and said, "Yes, I must be, cause I'm a good person and I do good works!" This was too easy. My Dad turned immediately to Romans chapter three and then to Ephesians chapter two verses eight and nine. I then saw that I wasn't as good a person as I thought, and that my works couldn't save me!

From there he took me to the Gospel and showed me the suffering, Bleeding Saviour who died in my place for my sins on the cross of Calvary. He ended with Romans chapter three and verse twenty five.

He didn't read the whole verse, but stopped at the word "propitiation," asking if I new what it meant. I didn't, but said, "I'll go get the Dictionary!"

He told me, "Don't. I'll explain it to you." And he did. He said, "Son, a propitiation is like a substitute. Let's say that you go to McDonald's and you kill five people with a rifle. You'd be a murderer, right?" I responded, "Yes." He continued, "Well, if you did that you'd deserve to go to jail, and after being found guilty you'd deserve to go to the electric chair, wouldn't you?" I replied again, "Yes." Then he asked the following question: "But what if when they were just about to flip the switch, I came in and said, 'No! Let him go! I'll take his place!' And then they let you go and the last thing you hear as they close the doors behind you is me screaming in your place?"  My eyes fixed upon him, and I answered, "Wow! I guess I'd be the most thankful person in the world!" His next sentence blew my mind, "Son, that's exactly what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross. He paid your penalty. He took your place in the electric chair. He's your substitute for your sins!"

For the first time in my life, I realized what Jesus Christ had done for me. Up until that time, I thought salvation came only only by my good works and what I could do to get me to heaven.  But it was right then and there that I finally understood what Jesus had done for me, and how I had to trust his finished WORK on Calvary.

My Dad then read the following part of the Romans 3:25, "Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood..."  When he read this, it was like a light bulb went off inside me. I remember thinking, "That's it! That's it! That's what I've been looking for all my life!" And right then and there I trusted the blood of Jesus Christ to save my never dying soul. My Dad then asked me again, "Son, when did you get saved?" I then responded with a smile on my face, "Right now! Cause if that's true, and I believe it is, I'm trusting fully right now only in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ to save my soul!" I didn't even say a prayer! I just believed, took by faith, rested upon and relied in what God said in his Holy word. He said he'd be my substitute (propitiation) by faith in His blood. And that's exactly what he became on that day of July 29th, 1992, at a little after ten o'clock thirty in the morning while I was sitting on the kitchen counter at my Father's house.

Since then I've told my testimony far and wide to many people and in many churches. I can't tell you how many times people have told me, "Wow! That's got to be the best I've ever heard the Gospel presented." I'm not bragging on my self, or my orating abilities.  I'm just thankful that I have a father here on earth who cared enough about me to tell me the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and show me that salvation is only by faith in God's shed blood! And I'm happy to have a Father in heaven who saved me and washed me from all my sins!

After having accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, I've used the "electric chair" illustration time and again, and I've always ended up my Gospel presentation with Romans 3:25. What a blessing it's been to see soul after soul come to Jesus Christ to be saved by faith in the blood of Jesus because of it.

Now, how about you dear reader? Are you saved? Have you taken Christ as your substitute by faith as well? Are you trusting only in the shed Blood of Jesus Christ to save your soul? Or, are you omitting what Jesus did and sitting right now in the electric chair of damnation, hoping because of your prayer or your asking or your begging that God will pardon you before they flip the switch? You'll never make it! He'll never allow himself to be a perjurer of the law. Don't trust in a prayer you said, trust in the blood He shed! For the only way to be let off is by taking the Sinless Substitute, who already took your hot seat and paid your sin debt. Won't you trust him today?


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