Interracial Marriage

by Robert Breaker III

copyright 2000


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                As an unmarried "Gringo" missionary to Honduras, I've been told many times by many different members of the churches that I have visited  that maybe I would get married in Honduras to a beautiful Honduran girl.  Every time I was told this, I nicely and respectfully replied that I had no plans to do so, as I personally don't believe in Interracial Marriage.  Then I would quickly explain that it was a personal conviction of mine that I plan to keep steadfastly.  I certainly didn't want them to get the impression that I was a "bigot" or "racist" against the Honduran people.  I love them with all my heart.  But, I did want them to know that I have convictions against such a thing.   Usually they would understand.  But, one time, I was asked the following question, "Well, can you show me anywhere in the Bible that says you can't do it?"  Several thoughts raced through my mind, but when I went to answer the brother, he would not listen.  I soon found out that he had married a woman of another race.  And, from that day forward I decided I would search the scriptures (John. 5:39), and find out more about this subject.  I did not want my conviction to be just an opinion or a preference, but I wanted to know more about what the Bible said about this topic. 

I am a Southerner from Florida, and the typical excuse is that we are all "bigots" down South anyway.  But, as a Christian, I want to know more about what God says concerning this subject and make sure my convictions line up with the word of God.  I want to know that I believe what I believe because I got it from God's word, and not because the culture I came from was against it.  So, after much study, prayer, and even talking to many different couples that were interracially married, I learned for myself why I personally have no intentions of marrying outside of my race.  I am what God made me, and I want to marry someone that is like myself.  And, together I want for us to have children of our own race that will do the same.

Now, before I start this article, I feel that I must say the following, as Interracial Marriage is a hot topic in this day and age.  It is one of several taboo subjects in this effeminate modern society of "non-offensiveness." And to believe as I do is frowned upon by college educated people who are supposed to have an "open mind."  While they claim to be open to all ideas, they are definitely closed to the Bible, and the old time way.  They claim to tolerate all views, but they certainly do not like to entertain thoughts of the old ideals once revered and loved by our forefathers.  So, they will probably accuse me of believing in out-dated "Victorian" morals or dogmas.  This is fine with me as long as my dogmas, morals, and beliefs are from the Bible.

The world's affections are not on the old paths, but on new ideas (Acts 17:21), and oh how they embrace them (evolution, communism, humanism, ect).  Their push is for a one world system where "all can come together under the umbrella of love."  They want to get together by what they have in common, and not "discriminate" their differences.  And, because of this push on "unity," those that do point out differences and do not go along with society's goals, are branded as "Fundamentalists,"  "Fuddy-duddies," and  "Right-wing Extremists."  And, because of this Satanic push for all mankind to come together (The tower of Babel all over again), one who approaches such a subject as this will usually be branded an "extremist" or "separatist" and made out to be a devil by the secular news media.  But, I never have been one to give up my beliefs to get along with others.  If you have your beliefs, that's fine.  But, don't you try to tell me what I can and can't believe! 

Supposedly, were are granted freedom of speech to express our views under the constitution of the United States of America, but it seems those days are long gone.  Nowadays, if you express a view contrary to popular opinion, you are accused of "Hate Speech" and "a lack of love for others."  So, I want to the reader to know that my motive is not to preach hatred toward those of another race, but simply to show from the Bible why I believe what I believe on this issue.

                Also, let me say I am approaching this subject with the utmost care.  But, I am not afraid of what others think.  I only care about what God thinks.  And, my job as a Christian (and even more as a missionary) is to please God.  So, with all that said, let's look at four reasons why I personally am not for interracial marriage.

                The first reason that I have for not wanting to be married interracially is for Historical Reasons.  Let me explain.  God is the author of History.  It is "His story."  And, in history, God is a God of division.  Sixty-nine times in 66 verses in the King James Bible, the Holy Spirit uses the word "divided."  And, 49 times in 46 verses we find the word "divide." And, as we read these references, we find that God divided some things.  In the creation, Gen. 1:4 says that God divided the light from the darkness.  In Gen. 1:7, He divided the water from the firmament.  In, Gen. 1:14, God made light to divide the night from the day.  In Gen. 10:5, we find that the isles of Gentiles were divided.  In Gen. 10:25, we see the nations are divided.  And, on and on and on.  God is a God of division.

But, specifically, let's look at Acts 17:26,27 concerning the races, as this is our topic.  It states:


vs 26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

vs 27 That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:

Clearly, we see that God set up the boundaries (divisions of land) for all men (the races) to dwell in.  And, according to the last verse, he did this for one reason:  for them to seek after him.  Now, from history you'll remember that man didn't like God's way (division) so they got together in Genesis chapter 11, and tried to build a tower up into heaven to tell God about it.  And, what did God do?  In verse 8 of the same chapter, God divided them again (he scattered them), thus showing man that he wanted them separated (divided) one race from another.  He doesn't want them to come together, because when they do, they become prideful and want a name for themselves (vs 4), and try to overthrow God.  God is a God of division. 

                Now, as we continue on in Genesis studying history, we begin to see that men did indeed go back to their habitations, and were separated in their races for a time.  But, as we come to chapters 14, 15, 16 and on we learn that they again began to intermingle, and we find some interracial marriage occurring.  And, just about every time it occurs in the Old Testament, something bad happens or goes along with it. 

First, we find Abraham marrying an Egyptian woman and having a child by her.  And, this child (Ishmael) ended up mocking God (Gen. 21:9).  We read about Lot marrying an Egyptian, and becoming the first type of a backslidden Christian in the Bible.  Not only that, he has two bastard children from his worldly Egyptian daughters (Egypt is a type of the world in the Bible), and the descendants of these two children (Ammon and Moab) impoverished, attacked, and murdered many Israelites throughout the Bible (Judges 3:13, 10:9, 11:4,5, etc.).  We see that Isaac had a son name Esau, who through interracial marriage produced the Edomites (Gen. 36:1) and they  became enemies of Israel (1 Sam.14:47), not to mention hated of God (Mal. 1:4).  We learn about Jacob having two wives that were his wives' handmaids.  And, he produced children by them that sold into captivity his beloved son Joseph.  And, the list goes on and on. 

                In Kings and Chronicles we read all about Solomon, and how "outlandish" women of other races caused him to sin (Neh. 13:26).  In Ezra 10:2, we find the Israelites confessing their sin of marrying wives of another race, and getting right.  In Nehemiah 13:23:25, Nehemiah smote, contended with, and cursed out those that had married outside of their race because it led them into the worship of the false gods.  And, on and on and on.  The point I want to make is that usually in the Bible (and there are some cases where good does come out of it) something bad happens when interracial marriage occurs.   For these historical reasons, I am not for interracial marriage.  I would rather learn from the mistakes of others, then make some of my own.  And from the lessons of history, I'd rather not do this thing.

                The second reason I don't care too much for the idea of marrying outside of my race, is that Heritage is broken.  You'll remember that when Israel began to go into captivity, it was because they had left God.  And, the reason that they left God, was because they joined themselves with the people of other lands and gave their daughters to them in marriage, and took their daughters unto themselves to wed.  When this occurred, they forsook the true God of Israel, and took the false gods of the heathen.  Thus, Israel went into apostasy by doing exactly what God told them not to do in Exodus 34:16 (See also Judges 3:6-9, Ezra 9:2,3, etc.). 

This disobedience caused not only God's judgment to fall on Israel, but it made many to loose their heritage.  In Ezra 2:62 it is stated that those Jews who had over the years married with the heathen, and could not find their genealogy to prove that they were of Jewish descendant, where put forth as polluted.  And, never again were they allowed into the congregation of Israel as God's chosen people.  They lost their heritage.  How sad a thing it is when a heritage is broken. 

                Another reason that I'm not fond of the idea of interracial marriage is that it breeds hatred in the hearts of many.  When there is interracial marriage, Hatred is spawned.  It's sad that this is so, but it is true.  Many people of all different backgrounds and races deep down resent others coming and taking their daughters or sons.  They look at it as something that is wrong.  In the South, a black man marrying a white woman is frowned upon and almost looked upon as a sin.  In some Asian countries, many women have been cut off from their families for marrying a white man, because they have forsaken their race and their heritage.  In many families in America, a man that marries a wife of full-blooded foreign descent is looked upon as the "black sheep" of the family.  This is a very real thing indeed, and many do not accept, and yeah even hate, marriage between two people of different races.

                Let's look at few Bible examples for this.  In Genesis chapter 21, we find Sarah angry with the son of Hagar (an Egyptian) and Abraham.  In her hatred, she tells Abraham to cast them both out and away from her sight.  And, the bible tells us this was a grievous thing to Abraham (vs 11). 

In Gen. 43:32, we find some more "racial tension."  The Bible says that the Egyptians hated the Jews so much, that it was an abomination to eat with them.  Looking at Nehemiah again, we find he is angry with, and hates those that married the daughter of the heathen.  In Exodus 34:14-16 God commands Israel not to marry outside of their Jewish heritage, because God is a jealous God.  And, in Mal. 2:11, 12, we see God's anger and wrath on Israel for her disobedience in marrying the daughter of a strange God. And, on and on the list goes.  It's an unfortunate thing, but it is a fact that when interracial marriage happens, hatred is spawned. 

                Finally, I want to say that when there is interracial marriage, and children are produced, it is Harder for them to get saved.  I've seen many families that consisted of a man and a women from different races.  And, I've watched them, and asked them about it.  Several of the men told me that if they had it to do over again, they would have married someone of their own race, as something deep within them longed for and desired someone like themselves.  Others said they were as happy as they could be and loved their wife, and never had any problems.  But, with all of them, I looked at the children.  These kids had no heritage.  They were part one thing, and part something else.  And, the question they had more often than not was, "Who am I supposed to marry?" 

Some of them turned out to be bitter and angry at their parents for making them a "half breed."  Others were concerned about finding "the perfect mate" in Fundamental Circles as many a pastor preaches against interracial marriage.  Then some of them were just as worldly as sin, and didn't go to church because one parent was unsaved, or was envolved with "another faith."  

                And while studying these children, the more I looked, the less I found that were saved.  Of the few that were saved, even fewer were living for the Lord.  The ones I did find usually seemed to be bitter and unhappy with their predicament, and with who they were.  I have a Christian friend who is half German and half Korean.  One day he asked me, "Brother Breaker, who am I supposed to marry?  There aren't that many German Koreans running around!"  How saddened I am to see these things. 

I think that the best a person could do before they get married is to pray and ask God to send them someone like themselves.  And, they ought to do this for the sake of their children.  Many a child has become bitter and mad at God for who and what they are, and never have come to the saving knowledge of the truth.   But, on the other side of the coin, thank God for those few who have been saved! 

Also, let me say, I hope that we as Christians will not look down upon others who are of a different race than us, or even if they are of mixed descent.  My prayer is that when it comes to salvation, will always look at them as God does (on the inside), as a soul that needs to be saved.  But, when it comes to Marriage, we must realize that each races is different, not better or worse than the others, but different.  And, if God made the races different, divided them, and told them not to intermingle, he must have had a reason for it.

                So, this is the end of this article about Interracial Marriage.  I believe I have been as thorough as I can be in the short space allowed me.  And, I trust you've seen that I have written with a clean heart and pure motive to give you the reasons why I personally am not for Interracial Marriage.  I hope that you have learned something that will help you and edify you in your Christian life.  And, I ask you to pray for me, that God would send me a good, Godly, dedicated, Christian wife of my same race that wants to serve God, and live for him.  Thank you for your patience in reading this article, and Good Day!