Daily Journal of Life in Honduras in 2003


January 1st 2003 Wednesday            My First Day of the New Year


                I awoke this morning feeling very tired.  I did not sleep well last night as the neighbors were up until two in the morning shooting off fireworks.  Yet I had to get out of bed and prepare for my Bible Study with Nelson in Tegucigalpa.

                By eleven o'clock, I had finished studying and had everything packed and ready to go, when I remembered that the radio in my car had a tape stuck in it.   I decided to fix that first.  What I had thought to be an easy job turned out to be very complicated one.  I had to take the dashboard apart, and afterwards remove the entire radio.  Then, I completely disassembled the tape player piece by piece.  But I still could not figure out what was keeping the tape from ejecting.  After about an hour of probing, I finally found a small piece of plastic lodged under the ejector rod mechanism, which must have broken off from another tape.  With tweezers, I attempted to remove it.  It took some time, but my mission was successful and after I had put everything back together, the tape player worked like new.  Then I took off for Tegus and enjoyed listening to my Pastor's teaching tape series on 1 Thessalonians the whole way.

                When I arrived at Nelson's, I found that neither he nor Zenia were there.  His neighbor told me that he was working.  This was a bit perturbing, as I thought he did not have to work until six in the evening.  So I went to his jobsite to seek him.  There he told me that he had to work a 24-hour shift to make up for our trip to Olancho.  Thus, we agreed to study the Bible tomorrow at his home, and I went to the Cancer Center to spend the night.


January 2nd 2003 Thursday              With Nelson and Zenia


                I ran some errands today in Tegucigalpa.  In the afternoon, I had Bible Study with Nelson and Zenia.  We studied from 1 Thessalonians 1:8-2:6.  They both listened intently and enjoyed studying the Bible.

                Each day I'm learning more about the Honduran people.  Sometimes I come to the conclusion that they are "cursed" in many ways.  Perhaps it's the years of false doctrinal teaching by the Catholic Church. Maybe it's the years of Spanish suppression, or the lack of moral values that hinders their development, but whatever it is, they lack much in so many areas. 

I'm learning that I not only have to teach them the spiritual things of the Bible, but physical things as well.  As an ensample, Zenia told me about how she bought a new "falda" (skirt) because she wants to dress right and be a good testimony for the Lord.  But Marjorie (her daughter) found it, and burned a big hole in it with the iron.  Now Zenia's only good skirt is destroyed, and she has no money to buy a new one.

                So not only must I teach them the oh so important Biblical precepts on how to live a holy life, but I'm finding I must instruct them about those important, little things that most Americans take for granted such as: good hygiene, how to clean house, how to take care of your belongings, etc. 


January 3rd 2003  Friday                   A Visit From Homero


                Most of the day I rested from my trip to Tegucigalpa.  In the afternoon, Missionary Homero Romero pulled up in the yard in their beige and brown van.  They said they had come to spent the night and visit with me.  I was glad to see him.  Together we unloaded his car and then began playing with some of the presents his children received for Christmas.  One of them was a plastic toy Helicopter that was launched up into the air by a spring-activated mechanism.  Once you pulled the string, it would soar high up into the air and come fluttering down slowly like a feather.  We had a lot of fun with that. 

                As we were playing, my 13-year-old neighbor Jose Mareen Diaz Vasquez came by and played with us as well.  He is a good kid, and comes from the most moral family I've ever seen here in Honduras.  But they don't come to church.  I invited Jose to services tomorrow, and he said he would come.  We shall see.

                In the evening, I had very little food in the house, so I invited Homero to go to "Pollo Indio" to eat.  To me, it's the best restaurant in all of La Esperanza, and they serve some very good chicken strips. 

While we were eating, Bro. Daniel Pineda came in and told me he was looking for me.  He had been to my house, but I was not there.  On his way home, he happened upon my car parked in front of the restaurant and came in to find me.  When I saw him, I excused myself and went to speak with him.  He informed me that he had my puppy, and was ready to give it to me.  I followed him out to the car, and there met my little German Shepherd.

                I didn't know what else to do with it, so I locked it in the car and went back inside to finish eating.  When I returned, it had made a "deposit" in my car.  This did not make me too terribly happy, but I didn't know what else to do but clean it up and go home.

                In the evening, Bro. Homero's family and I sat in front of my fire and made coffee and talked, while my little German Shepherd ran around our feet.   I found it to be an "hembra" (a female) so I decided to change its name, because Hans Von Luck is a man's name.  So I christened it "Lillie Marleen," after the famous WW II song.  I figured since it was a German Shepherd, I needed to give it a German name.

                When we turned in for bed, I locked the thing outside, but it whined and cried all night long.  I finally had to let it into my bedroom to shut it up.  I didn't sleep too well though, as I was always waking  to look for it and make sure it had not made another "surprise," especially on my nice Persian rugs. 


January 4th 2003  Saturday               The Rainbow and The Circus


                I told the children I'd take them to the Circus today, and 19 showed up all total.  They were very excited, and couldn't wait to go there.  My neighbor Jose showed up too, but the other children did not seem to like him too much.  Some of them said, "If he goes to the Circus, then we are not going!"  I told them, "Everyone here is going to the Circus whether you like it or not!"  They changed their tune quickly.

                At the two o'clock hour we began our services.  I asked Bro. Homero to speak, and he did a wonderful job of preaching about the "Arco Iris" (Rainbow) and telling the children about the judgment of God upon sin and His promise to never destroy the earth again WITH WATER.  Then he told them about their need to be saved, and how Noah overcame the world in the Ark of safety or salvation.  He continued by explaining that they too had to "get on board" (so to speak) to escape the wrath of God, and for them the ark was the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was a great sermon.

                At four o'clock, we all went to the "Circo Zuari" (Zuari Circus).  They did not start until six thirty, and Bro. Homero didn't have time to wait, so he went home.  I waited with the children, and when the Circus finally did start, it was awful!  I was appalled as it opened with three half naked belly dancers coming out and dancing for the people.  I could not believe that they would have such a thing at a "Circus," but they did.  After this, the rest of the show was fine and the clowns were simply hilarious.  But I felt so bad, that I apologized to the children on the way home for bringing them.  I know they have probably seen worse than that on television, but I didn't want to expose them to it.  If I had only known, I would never have gone.  One thing is for sure, I'll never go to another Honduras Circus!

                By the time I got the children home, it was eight in the evening.  I thought for sure that the parents would be mad, but they were not, and most of them thanked me for taking care of their children and watching after them.


January 5th 2003 Sunday                   Cold, Church, and Chess


                I awoke sick today with chills and a slight fever.  Yesterday was one of the coldest days of the year thus far in La Esperanza.  Last night, we could see our breath as we exhaled even though we were under the Circus tent.  It was that cold!

                This morning I went to Bro. Ramon Galeano's church in spite of my illness, and heard him teach a wonderful Sunday School message about "Understanding Fellowship With God, and Making it Worth Something to You."  They had no preaching service afterwards, but instead a Prayer Service.  They do this every 1st Sunday of the month. 

                In the afternoon, I traveled back to the church to use Bro. Ramon's telephone to call the states.  Then I played two games of Chess with Yovanni (Ramon's son).  He won the first, and I defeated him soundly in the second.

                Afterwards I went home to rest, as I still had cold chills and my body felt either really hot, or very cold.


January 6th 2003 Monday  To San Pedro for Repairs


                I slept in some this morning still not feeling very well.  But, I had an appointment to meet Bro. Homero at his house to work on my car today, so I left around nine o'clock to see him.

                Upon my arrival, we ate lunch and then went to look for new tires.  We must have visited over 5 tire shops and found that most Honduran tire dealers are crooks!  I had a set of Cooper tires on the truck, and was planning on buying the same brand again.  But most of the dealerships tried to tell us that their tires were 8 ply when they only said six on the side.  Homero argued with them several times, but they insisted their tires were eight ply.  We finally realized they put on a false sticker on the tires themselves in order to sell six ply tires at the eight-ply price.  So we continued looking.

                Eventually we found a good deal at the Kelly Tire dealership on some new Perelli Scorpion LT265/R16's.  I bought four of them and had them balanced and installed.  Then afterwards I had the car aligned.

                Back at Homero's house, we took off the tires and checked the brakes, shocks, and rotors.  We found the front shocks be completely worthless.  I will have to buy new ones tomorrow.   The rotors were crystallized, and we will have to have them reground. 

                After we bled the brakes, we called it a day and decided to do the rest tomorrow.


January 7th 2003  Tuesday                Almost Home!!!


                The old saying is: "The true test of a man's character is how he reacts to adversity."  And today I learned more about my character.

                At one in the afternoon, two armed gunmen walked right into Bro. Homero's garage where we had just finished changing the shocks on my car.  They pointed their guns at us and told us to enter the house, which we did.  They then proceeded to go through the entire house and take anything of value. 

                From me, they stole my laptop computer, my watch, my CD player, Digital Camera, some cash, and more.  From  Bro. Homero, they stole his checkbook, wedding bands, cash savings, a video camera, the church offerings, and much more.

                As we sat and waited, I knew nothing else to do but to sing.  So I began singing "What Can Wash Away My Sin?  Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!" in Spanish.  Homero and his family joined in too.  We sang a couple more Christian psalms, and then I began to preach.  I told them they were sinners going to Hell and needed to Repent and come to Jesus Christ. 

                I also took them back to Cain and Abel, and told them about "the lamb."  Then I gave them John the Baptist's words when he said, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world!"  I continued preaching to them about sin, righteousness, and judgment, and where they would end up if they didn't get saved.  I found that the harder I preached, the more boldness I received from the Lord.

                I closed by telling them that their life was a life of crime and the wages of it would be death.  I said, "They that live by the pistol shall die by the pistol!"  Then I told them they needed to come to Jesus and have eternal life, rather than a temporal life of wickedness.  In all, I preached for a little more than 20 minutes.

                When I finished, I asked Bro. Homero to have a word of prayer, which he did.  Afterwards, they used Bro. Homero's cell phone to call their boss and ask them to send a "get away car."  Bro. Homero's wife heard them ask the man on other end of the phone if he should kill us.  He told the robber that he should.  Then they led us into the bedroom and told us to get down on the floor.  I did not.  I kneeled by the bed and began praying out loud.  I was telling the Lord how great it was to know without a doubt that I'm saved and on my way to heaven, and how wonderful it would be to see him in just a few short seconds!  But they left and walked out and let us be. 

                After they left, I began to feel disappointed.  I was thinking this was the day I'd get to see my Jesus!  And when they didn't shoot us, it was more of a let down than anything else.  I was just so happy thinking that I was that close to my celestial home and my mansion of gold.

                I also remember them asking for my car keys.  I told them there was nothing of value in the car, but the gunman said, "Then I'll break the window to find out!"  Bro. Homero said, "Hombre! (Man) Don't do that!"  Then I gave them my keys.  They wanted to steal the car as well, but because it didn't have any brakes or tires on it, they were unable to do so.  However, they were nice enough to leave the keys in the door for me when they were finished taking what they wanted inside.

                About two minutes after they were gone, sister Felicita came by from Bro. Homero's church in her car to visit us.  We told her what happened, and she could hardly believe it.

                In the evening, I invited Bro. Homero out to eat at Pizza Hut in the hopes that it would help us to calm down a bit When we were seated, we sat there at the table for over 20 minutes without saying a word with each of us staring off into the distance immersed in our own thoughts.  Then Bro. Homero asked me what I was thinking about.  I told him he wouldn't understand.  But he asked me again.  Then I had to tell him what was on my mind.  I said, "I was just thinking how most people would be lamenting over their lost possessions and crying that they'd never see them again.  All the while they'd be thanking God they were still alive.  But I don't feel that way."  I said, "I almost feel like crying because I'm still here in this wicked old world, and I wish they would have sent me home to glory!  The stuff they stole was nothing that could not be replaced, but I was crushed that they got my hopes up of going home to heaven and then they let me down!" 

                When I laid my head upon my pillow in the evening, the verse came to my mind, "Precious in the sight of the Lord are the death of his saints!" (Ps. 116:15).  And I remember thinking, "How precious it would have been to me as well to finally see Him face to face!"  But I guess God has something else for me to do down here.


January 8th 2003  Wednesday          Trying to Forget


                Mixed emotions filled my thoughts and heart today.  Part of me wanted to kill the men who robbed me, but when I would think of it, I would feel sorry for them and find that I didn't want them to go to Hell, but rather be saved.  Then I would pray for them.  Another part of me was sad that I had finally had my chance to go home to heaven, and that I was even "robbed" of that too!  But probably the worst part of the day was the physical aspect of overcoming such trauma.  I was tense all last night and could not sleep well.  And all day my body felt weak and sickly.

                The only comfort I could get from all of this was thanking God for what happened, for I remembered what transpired with Job and how everything he went through was just a test for God and Satan to see if he really loved the Lord.  I know Satan wants to discourage me, so I spent the rest of the day smiling and praising God as that was the only way I knew to get back at the devil.  Then the most blessed thought filled my heart as I thought about how wonderful it is to know that they can steal all my worldly possessions, but they can never steal my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from me, for I am in Him, and He is in me!

                As Homero and I drove along today trying to take care of some loose ends after this tragedy, I remember how quickly my mind would jump from one thought to another.  I told Bro. Homero, "Just think, if circumstances had been just a little bit different, we would be up in heaven right now shouting and running around the throne praising God!"  He smiled really big.

                But then less than 15 minutes later I was thinking about how now I'd probably never get married, for what woman in her right mind would want to come to a place like this where she too might get robbed,  or worse?

                In some ways I'm thankful that I'm single, for Bro. Homero's wife told me it was difficult for him, as all he could think about was protecting his family.  Come to think of it, it would be hard to see your loved ones in jeopardy and be helpless to defend yourself or them. 

                But I find I still desire a good, godly Christian wife.  How much harder it will be to find one now though, as it'll take a very spiritual woman to willingly decide to expose herself to a life of living by faith like mine. 

Yet through all my much thinking and my many thoughts, I can find no reason to quit.  All I can do is continue on for the Lord's service.  Maybe next time, I'll be lucky enough to leave this old world and enter into the next where there will be no pain, sorrow, suffering, or tears, and where no thief can break through and steal!


January 9th  2003  Thursday             Back Home to La Esperanza


                Today I left San Pedro headed home.  I tried to help Bro. Homero as much as I could, and I gave him 5000 lempiras to help him get back on his feet.  I also plan on coming back on Monday to see him again. 

                At home I went straight to bed and rested a little, but I still have yet to sleep well since January 7th.  After I awoke, I decided to tally up how much I lost when the thieves took what I had.  The following is what I found:


                Item                                                                                        Value


                Laptop Computer                                                            over $1800

                700 lempiras                                                                            $    42

                Watch                                                                                      $    35

                Micro Cassette Recorder                                                          $  100

Portable CD Player                                                                  $  100

Digital Camera                                                                over                  $  150

Cassette Tape Player                                                                               $    20

My hat                                                                                     $    20


In total I lost over $2267 dollars worth of stuff.  But, all I can figure is that God knows, and he'll repay me again someday whether in this life or the next.


January 10th  2003  Friday                Death Lurks at Every Corner


                I was supposed to meet Nelson in Tegucigalpa on Wednesday, but with what happened, I stayed with Homero an extra day or two to make sure he was okay.  I decided today that I would visit with Nelson to see if he had decided to move to Olancho or not. 

                When I arrived at the Hospital, I found Nelson and we spoke for a while.  I told him what had befallen me in San Pedro and he got mad.  He said, "If I was there I would have wasted those devils!"  Then he grabbed his pistol and waved it in the air.

When I asked him about Olancho, he informed me that Zenia is two months along in her pregnancy, and has to visit a doctor every two weeks here in Tegucigalpa.  So Nelson said he was not going to move to Olancho any time soon, however after the baby is born he wants to go there to stay.

                As we talked, an undercover Policeman came and sat down next to us at the guard post.  He told me he was "on a mission."  I asked him what it was, and he told me that he was looking for a gang member who was supposed to be coming to the hospital to kill a young pregnant lady.  I saw the pregnant lady walking around, and was told that the Police wanted to use her for bait to catch the criminal who killed her husband.  She was supposedly a witness of the crime, and the guilty party did not want her to talk.  I thought to myself, "Oh boy!  I might make it home yet!  Maybe there'll be a shoot out, and a stray bullet will come my way!"  But I had no such luck.

                Much later, I decided to leave Nelson to do his work and then head to the Cancer Center to sleep.  As we walked to my car, Nelson introduced me to a Reporter from Channel 63 News.  Nelson told him what happened to me in San Pedro Sula, and the reporter asked to interview me.  I told him he could.  Then I related what happened on camera, and told them what I preached to the robbers (I just had to get the gospel in there).  The reporter thanked me afterwards, and then told me that they would show the footage tomorrow night on Channel 63 at six in the evening.  I don't have a TV, so I don't know if they will, nor will I be able to see it if they do.  But it's neat to think that maybe all those viewers of Channel 63 might hear the gospel from my lips through their Television sets.


January 11th  2003  Saturday           The Two Thieves


                I drove home early this morning.  I wanted to study and prepare for my teaching session with the kids.  When they came, I preached on "The Two Thieves" on Jesus' side when he died on the cross.  Then I told the children about the two thieves that robbed me in San Pedro Sula.  The kids listened intently.

                I then explained to the children that I didn't hate the men who robbed me, and I wanted to see them get saved.  Then I showed them what happened to the two malefactors crucified with Christ, and how one of them rejected the Lord Jesus Christ, while the other had a change of heart and said, "Lord, remember me..."  Then I told them that every one of them was either the saved thief or the lost one.

                I think it went well, but I was very tired.  I have yet to sleep well at all since "the incident."  Afterwards I went to bed, but still had some nightmares.  All I know to do is stay awake as long as I can praying, and then wait until my body falls asleep from exhaustion.


January 12th 2003 Sunday                Doing Laundry                                    


                I feel naked without my laptop computer.  I never knew just how much I depended on the thing until it was gone.  It was probably the greatest help I had in the ministry. Yet I am making due with my old PC computer.  It's very slow, and doesn't do all that the laptop did, but at least I can type my journal on it every night.

                Last night, I finally slept fairly well.  However, I awoke this morning feeling bad physically.  My body is so weak and with the cold weather, what happened the other day, and still being a little sick, I stayed in bed until ten o'clock, not wanting to leave my warm, comfortable bed.

                The rest of the day, I spent cleaning house and washing the mountain of dirty clothes in my room.  I washed five loads in total and then I swept and mopped the house.  I also packed for tomorrow as I have to go back to San Pedro Sula again.


January 13th 2003 Monday                To Protect and Serve?


                I left for San Pedro at five this morning.  I arrived a few minutes before eight and parked my car in the service lane of the GM dealership.  After waiting about 15 minutes for the employees to show up, I entrusted them with my car to change the transmission fluid and filter. 

                Bro. Homero was supposed to come and pick me up, but I waited over an hour and he never came.  During this time, I read my Bible and finished the book of Ezra.  How interesting I found this book to be.

                After my Bible reading, I had concluded that Bro. Homero had forgotten me, and I took a taxi to his house.  When I showed up, I found that he was not there, and his wife informed me that he went to the dealership to get me.  So I waited a short while until he returned.

                Upon his arrival, we ate breakfast together and then we went to run some errands.  We also decided to go to the Police Station and ask some questions about the robbery.  Bro. Homero called the Police several times the day of the robbery, but they never showed up.  The neighbors called once, and Bro. German called from his house.  But the Police never came.  I thought they were supposed to "Protect and Serve."

                At the Police station, they told us the stupidest thing I think I've ever heard in my entire life.  The man behind the counter said, "If you'll give me the names of the robbers, then I will help you.  If you do not, then I cannot!"  I thought to myself, "What a mess!  How am I supposed to know the names of the men who stole from me?  Should I have asked them before they left?"

                We got absolutely nowhere with the Police even though we went to three different offices.  They were no help at all, nor did they seem to know what they were doing.  It was a sad thing to see.  However we did have the privilege of passing out tracts to the officers, and those in jail.

                Afterwards, we went to the bank so that I could withdraw some money.  This turned to be an even bigger disaster.  It took me over an hour to withdraw 500 American dollars from my bank account.  The woman behind the counter would just walk off and go somewhere and then come back and then walk away again completely oblivious to me and in no hurry whatsoever.  She then took my debit card, and ran it through the machine.  It was authorized quickly, but she was anything but.  I would say she was slow as molasses and ran about as fast as cold honey. 

                I also had to get a "Constancia" with my withdrawal to give to the Office of Tourism.  She made someone else do it, and they took their sweet time with it.  When it was finished, I had to demand they do it over, for it was not done correctly.  I then found a man that worked there, and he took care of me in less than five minutes.  There is just something about women who work at banks.  I have never had a good experience with any of them.  They don't seem to know what they are doing.  Maybe they should work for the Police!

                In the afternoon, I took my leave of Bro. Homero and went to Bro. German Amaya's house to eat Pupusas.  They invited me last week but there just wasn't time.  They were good, but the one's I had in El Salvador were much better.

                In the evening, I journeyed to Puerto Cortes to visit with some of the brethren there.  I spent the night in the Hotel Costa Mar.


January 14th 2003  Tuesday              The Fort of Omoa


                This morning I awoke with Mosquito bits all over my body.  I forgot how many Mosquitoes there are along the coast.  After breakfast, I went to visit Bro. Arturo Palau.  He was not home, so I spoke with his wife for a time and she told me what they are doing there, and I related to her what was happening with me.  Afterwards I went to visit my good friend Oscar Omar.  He was not home either.

                Since I could not find the brethren, I decided to go and visit "El Castillo de San Fernando" (The Fort of San Fernando) which was not far away.  Most people call it the Castle of Omoa.  It was built in the 1700's by the Spanish and is the biggest colonial defense in all of Honduras.  The fort itself was huge!  And the surroundings were beautiful with green, nicely cut grass, tropical trees, brightly colored flowers, and beautiful wildlife.  They also had a museum, and I enjoyed learning about the Colonial Spaniards who settled there and the English who fought against them.  They even had several interesting exhibits about the Pirates who lived on Utila and other islands who would attack Spanish ships in search of treasure.

                As I was touring the Fort, I met two young boys.  I forget the name of the taller one, but the other one was Carlos.   I spoke with them and gave them tracts.  Then I witnessed to them.  They said they went to a Baptist Church there in Omoa with their mother.

                I wanted to see the old Fort and the gate into which everyone had to enter in the early years of the Spanish Colonization.  There was an "escudo" (seal or crest) on the top of that gate that I saw in a picture, and I wanted to see it in person.  I invited the young boys to take me there, and they readily agreed.  Together we treaded through the muddy, swampy terrain toward the old Fort and we found the gate.  When we looked up at the seal, we found it to be badly worn from the weather, but we could still make out three of the four designs on the crest.  One was a lion, and two were towers.  God only knows what the other was.

                As we walked back, the boys told me how poor they were, and how they didn't have anything and how they came to the fort to wash the cars of the visitors who came to take a tour there.  I was taken back by their story as they seemed very sincere.  I was surprised that they didn't ask me for anything, so I gave them 10 lempiras before I left.  They were very grateful and thanked me over and over. 


January 15th 2002  Wednesday        Gangs


                I left Omoa yesterday afternoon, and went back to San Pedro Sula to spend the night.  As I stood up in the balcony of my hotel and looked down upon the city, I thought about the "gang" problem.  Here in Honduras there are many "Gangs."  The most popular is MS-18.  These organizations are nothing but young people who come together to do drugs, steal, and kill.  These gangs are a constant problem here, and are growing everyday.  In fact President Maduro even declared war on them and sent troops out in the streets to protect the citizens from them. 

                The worst part to me is that these gangs came from the United States.  Years ago many Mexicans and blacks founded them.  The most popular were the "Crips" and the "Bloods."  And now the techniques and teachings of these gangs have come to this country through many young people who entered the U.S. illegally and joined a gang there and then were deported back to Honduras. 

                What they learned in the states they started here and initiated others to follow them.  Probably the saddest thing to me, is the fact that these gangs are growing faster than Christianity.  Many people are afraid of them, and they are using this fear to their advantage.  Even sadder is that many Missionaries are afraid of them, and go out of their way to avoid their "territories."   How awful a thought to think that these organizations are recruiting young people faster than we can get the gospel to them.  It seems these gangs are evangelizing more than the Christians are.  This must make the Devil well pleased.

                Even worse are the "Charismatics" which are growing continually here in Honduras.  They have invaded this country with their lovey, dovey, effeminate, religion.  And what they produce are not Bible Believing, holy, sanctified, militant Christians, but a bunch of hypocrites who have one foot in the world and one in church.  These gangs see this and have no respect for "religion" whatsoever.  The children of this world are indeed wiser than the children of life.  I'm convinced that the Charismatics are destroying this country preaching "love, love, love!"  What this country needs is good hard preaching against sin!!!  And Christians who will stand up and preach what's right no matter what the cost.   And then practice what they preach and live it!




January 16th 2002 Thursday            The Ocean


                It's good to be back home in La Esperanza.  This is one of the safest cities in all of Honduras.  Here at home I can rest and feel safe.  I'm finding that the robbery changed my way of thinking a bit.  Before I looked at people as souls in need of salvation.  I still look at them this way, but I also am looking at them through the eyes of a criminal as I try to put myself in their shoes.  For them, I believe they feel the world is an ocean full of fish.  These fish are people.  And they are the sharks who feel they have a right to prey on whomsoever they will. 

                As a Christian, I'm supposed to be on the outside.  I'm up above in the boat, and I'm fishing for souls.  Yes there are many sharks, but my desire is to get as many fish into the boat as I can before the sharks come.   I'm truly thankful for those that have been saved already.  And I pray the Lord will give me some more fish before this whole thing is over.  For it appears to me that the sharks are growing in numbers and those who are supposed to be fishing have diminished.

                Today I went to the Post Office to get my mail here in La Esperanza.  I've not had much trouble with the lady working there before, but today she became rather irate.  When I paid for my Post Office Box, she asked for my receipt from last year to see that I had paid for the year before last.  I told her I had, but she got mean and told me I had to prove it by bringing my receipt from last year.  I told her, "But what if I can't find it?"  She said, "Then we'll see."  I replied, "I'm not going to pay twice!  I paid for all last year, and I'm paying for this year.  There is no way I'm paying twice!"  She got mad and told me to bring the receipt or else.  So I walked away.

                As I was leaving, a man named Marbin Rodriguez cornered me and asked to speak with me.  He asked if I was a Missionary, and I told him I was.  Then he replied, "I am too.  I am a Conservative Baptist, and I want to ask you what's wrong with all these racist American Missionaries who come to my country?"  Then he began to tell me that he didn't like the Independent Baptists and how that they were "separatists" who didn't want to have anything to do with anybody.  He was a real hot head and was spewing "Anti-American sentiment" continually.  Then he went on and on about how Christians should all just "get along" and work together for the glory of God.  He also said we ought to forget about doctrinal things and try to win souls.

                I spoke with him for about an hour and explained why I was an Independent Baptist and why I can't work with Charismatics, Catholics, Liberals, etc., as doctrine is the most important thing and they want nothing of it.  He said, "Sure, every head is a world of it's own.  But we should all love each other and get along!"  I agreed to a point.  I said, "We should indeed be friendly toward others.  But the line is drawn when it comes to working with them, especially those with false doctrinal teachings."

                He said he liked me, and that I was different from the other Independent Missionaries here and that he wanted me to come to his house on Saturday and visit him and speak with him some more.   I told him I would, and he gave me directions. 

                Before he left, he asked a man waiting in the Post Office is he was saved.  Then he began witnessing to him.  It looked like to me that he was just doing it to try to show off in front of me.  But I listened to what he said to the man.  He didn't say too much as I guess he was in a hurry, so he told the man he needed to read his Bible and then left.

                After he left, I went up to the man and asked him again if he was saved.  He said, "I hope so."  So I proceeded to take him through the scriptures and show him that a man can know for sure that he has eternal life.  He told me he was from Colomoncagua and that he went to the Assembly of God church.  I explained to him my testimony and how God saved me out of that mess.  He listened and said, "You just know too much Bible, and I don't."  I responded, "Exactly!  So when are you going to study it, because your eternal soul weighs in the balance!"  He listened and finally confessed that he was indeed lost.  But he chose not to make a decision to trust Christ Jesus as his Saviour.


January 17th 2002 Friday                  Receipts and Requests      


                All night long I went through my "Receipts" folder to find my Post Office Box receipt.  The lady at the Post Office made me a little bit angry and I wanted to show her that I had indeed paid my bill so I could shut her mouth.  I finally found it toward the end of the pile. 

                This morning I went to the Post Office with a smile on my face and the receipt in my pocket.  I walked right up to the counter and said, "Hello, look what I found!"  Then I stuck it right in her face!  She grabbed it and looked at it and said, "Oh, okay."  And that was the end of that.

                Afterwards, I went to the "Urgente Express" office and mailed three packages of 1602 TR New Testaments of people who asked me for them via E-mail.  I am getting an average of two emails a week asking for them from people who are interested in the Spanish Bible Issue and have read my website.  Most of them are from the U.S., but I've also received several requests from Argentina and Chile.  And they all say basically the same thing: "that they realize the 1960 is corrupt and the 1909 is not much better and there is a need for the pure words of God in Spanish."  I hope they will receive the 1602 TR with joy, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in the future.  I know God will always bless his pure words.


January 18th 2002 Saturday             Kids, Dogs, and Fellowship


            The kids came early today (at one o'clock) and asked to play soccer.  It was a very cold day and the wind blew hard, which made it even colder, but the kids and I played soccer for over an hour and an half.  That was the most I've ever seen their attention span given to one thing.

                At an half past two we all went into the garage for services.  Before we started, I played the old World War II German Nazi song, "Lili Marleen" for them, as they were always asking me why I named my puppy that.  They listened and laughed and laughed as I held Lili in my arms and made her dance with the music.

                Afterwards, we sang hymns, and then I taught on the subject of "The Judgment."  I tried a new method and made them look up the verses with me, and we all read them together.  This seemed to work well, and to keep their minds on the topic at hand.  Afterwards I gave them a sheet of paper with drawings and verses on it about the Judgment and told them to take it home and study it with their parents.  Then I gave them all a gospel tract in Spanish called, "Heaven or Hell, Where Will You Go?  The Decision is Yours."

                When four in the afternoon rolled around, I drove to Marbin Rodriguez's house to visit him.  We sat and talked for some time.  He asked me to teach in a Bible Institute, and to work with him.  I told him I had to pray about it.  We agreed for him and one Eric Sanchez (the Institute director) to come to my house on Saturday so we could talk.  I plan to make use of that time to explain to him the three most important doctrines to me:  1.  The Scriptures, 2. Salvation, 3.  Sanctification.  I seriously doubt we will agree on these points, so working with him will more than likely be out of the question.  At least it will be a chance to witness to him.

                Before I left, he invited me to preach tomorrow in his church in San Fernando and give a 15-minute sermon or testimony.  I told him I would.  He also wants to show me villages in this area that are in need of a church.  That would be great, as I would like to see new areas and reach them with the gospel.

                When I arrived home at five o'clock, the children showed up again and asked to play soccer once more.  I was dumbfounded.  The sun had almost set, and the wind blew so hard it give me an "ice cream headache" from the chilly breeze.  But, I played with them until the sun went down.  Then we went inside my house and sat in front of the fireplace and I told them scary stories (cuentos) while we ate Cashew nuts, Pecans, and Pistachios.

                At seven thirty, I went to Thomas Sweeney's house to visit.  He invited me to come a few days ago for a game of Chess.  I enjoyed the fellowship and we had a good time together.          


January 19th 2003 Sunday                Preaching in San Fernando             


                I arrived at Marbin's house at thirty minutes past three in the afternoon.  He, his wife, and I traveled to the little aldea (village) of San Fernando, about 30 minutes outside of La Esperanza, and I preached about 20 minutes to the 12 people who showed up.  I gave them my testimony and told them how just going to church will not save them.  They must be "born again."  Then I stressed the importance of the Blood!

                Afterwards we dismissed in a word of prayer and Marbin drove me back to his house where we sat and drank coffee and talked.  I do not know what to think of him.  Bro. Thomas Sweeney and others have warned me about him, and say that he is indeed a "racist" and is a bit of a con artist who tries to steal the glory off of other Missionary's or Pastor's works.  To me he seems like a "Jehu," who is saying, "come and see my zeal for the Lord."

                At any rate, he has offered to show me the "Missions" that he has here.  He also wants to show me several other towns and villages that are in need of "evangelizing."  What his motive may be, I have yet to determine.


January 20th 2003  Monday               Rest, Reading, and Running Around


                I decided to rest some today.  In the morning hours I relaxed in front the fireplace on this oh so cold day and read a book.

                In the afternoon, I decided to go into town and see if any mail came for me.  I was surprised to find the package that I mailed to myself from the states on October 21st of last year had finally arrived.  It had been so long, I had almost forgotten about it.  But at least it came.

                Afterwards I went to check my email, but the Internet shop said they could get no connection, as usual.  I guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday when I go into Tegucigalpa to see Nelson.

                Some of the kids came by in the afternoon and asked to play soccer.  We had a good time, and then they offered to wash my car for me.  They did a great job.

                In the evening I went to visit Thomas and found that he had some visitors with him.  Missionary Robert Baker was there with his wife.  I enjoyed fellowshipping with them all and partaking of stimulating conversation.  Truly conversation is a lost art, and it's good just to sit down with someone and pick their brains and learn from them.


January 21st  2003  Tuesday             Southern By the Grace of God


                Sometimes I feel so tired here in this country.  I don't know if it's the weather or if I'm just always sick.  But I'm always worn out and I feel like I never get enough sleep.  Last night was no exception.  I went to sleep at midnight and woke up this morning at an half past five.  I was so tired I debated going back to sleep, which I did for about an hour, but I still do not awake feeling rested.  Honduras really wears a man down.

                I studied all day long and during breaks, I read a chapter from the book "Southern By the Grace of God," by Michael Andrew Grissom.  It is an interesting book about the manners, culture, and history of the South.  I am learning much about my heritage from it, and am truly thankful I was born in the deep South. 

                I'm also able to see how America fell into such a corrupt and dishonorable country by stealing the rights of the states in an effort to appease her desires for power.  I've come to the conclusion that if Abraham Lincoln had not been shot, he deserved to be, for the South did everything in its power to avoid a war, and he did not.  In fact, he wanted one.

                As I was reading the chapter on "Reconstruction" (a terrible fiasco instituted by the clueless and heartless Northern, Yankee Republicans) several of my children came by and asked to play.  We played soccer for a few minutes and then they lost interest.  Afterwards I put them to work helping me burn a huge pile of "zancate" (hay), which was about five feet tall and ten feet around.

                In the evening, I read some more in front of the fireplace.  The firewood is running out, and I need to buy some more.  I hope Castillo finds the man who sold it to me before.  He was very nice, and he brought me an entire wagonload for 100 lempiras.


January 22nd  2003  Wednesday       Soap Opera?


                Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the middle of "Days of our Lives," or "General Horsepuddles."   Circumstances here in Honduras are so unbelievable that I have trouble even believing what I'm seeing.  It's like the old black joke where a black man's girlfriend says to his other girlfriend, "My kids and your kids are fighting his kids!"  This is Honduras.  Frivolity is everywhere.  Unfaithfulness, promiscuity, fornication, and adultery run rampant, and are not looked upon as sin, but rather "the norm." These things ought not to be.  But sadly, this is the Honduran Culture.

                Today Nelson and I learned a little bit more about the misguided Honduran female.  ("Mujerzuelas" as I call them).   Most Honduran women are very emotional, and very sensual minded.  They only have one thing are their minds, and only a man can give it to them.  They will go out of their way to get attention, and use any means they can to get what they want. 

Both Nelson and I learned from today's experience that you have to be very careful with them, and that you don't do anything to make them think you are interested in them.  For they are like lions, waiting to pounce upon their prey.

                When I showed up at the Hospital today, Nelson introduced me to a "friend" of his.  I had talked with her before, and she has a young son with Medical problems that she must bring to the Hospital at least once a week for treatment.  Nelson always witnesses to her and tries to be a blessing.  She has six kids and is rather poor, so he helps her in anyway he can.  Today he bought her lunch, and we all went upstairs to the waiting room to eat.

                As we were eating, Nelson began the conversation and we began talking about the Bible.  She got mad and told Nelson that he should quit being a "hypocrite."  Nelson looked shocked and said, "Huh?"  Then she explained how Nelson has been trying to "woo" her over the last several months and how he wants to get to know her better and go with her, etc." 

Nelson didn't know what she was talking about, nor did I, so I began asking her questions.  To make a long story short, she admitted that she was "enamorada" (in love) with Nelson and wanted to leave her husband and her six children for him.  Nelson said, "Nope!  I've already got a woman!"  But she thought that didn't matter, as this is Honduras and "everyone" does that sort of thing.  Well, I preached to her and told her what she wanted was wrong.  She then added it was Nelson's fault for leading her on.  She said he would always call her, "Amor" (love).  But in Honduras, everyone man calls every women "amor" and vice versa.   If fact, I told her that the waitress at the restaurant in which I had just eaten asked me, "Hola, amor, que quieres para comer?"  (Hello love, what do you want to eat?) 

                Well, one thing lead to another and we had to talk to her and tell her that as Christians, we don't do that kind of stuff.  Not only is fornication a sin, but adultery is too.  Then she told me about how she wants to divorce her husband, and leave him.  I took her through the scriptures and explained that this was sin, but she didn't care.

                After we had finished eating, Nelson had to change into his uniform for work, so we all went down to my car and I gave her my book about "Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage" in Spanish.  Then, I left them alone.  Nelson apologized if anything he did or said might have led her on, and told her that he was not interested in her in that way.  Then he left to go to work.  When I left for the Cancer center to spend the night, the poor lady was sitting on the curb crying.

                Before Nelson walked off, I told him he needed to cut out the "amor" thing.  He agreed.  From now on, he said, "I'll just call 'em Sinners!".   Amen!  That'll work!


January 23rd  2003  Thursday          Lustful Hearts and Wicked Desires


                At noon, I went to Nelson's place to study the Bible.  We studied 1 Thessalonians chapter two verses 6-13.  We also talked about the "woman" incident with Zenia.  She was a little mad, but was glad that Nelson put the women in her place and told her "No!"  This makes the second time that this has happened, as before there was a young lady named "Marisol" who tried to win Nelson away from Zenia.  I guess Nelson's just too good looking of a man, and these wicked women want him. 

                Anyway, I told them both that they need to stay away from other people and be faithful to each other.  They agreed.  Plus, they need to get married.  They agreed to this as well.  I will take Nelson as soon as I can to Danli to try to get his birth certificate.  I hope we can get it soon.  It makes more than a year now that we've been trying.

                It seems that lust and ungodly desires don't only run rampant in the hearts of women and men in Honduras, but in the U.S. as well.  Before I left for La Esperanza, I checked my email.  A married women wrote to me and told me that her unsaved husband wants her to have sex with other women and men.  She being a Christian woman doesn't want to do that, and was writing to ask me what to do.  I guess she read my book on my website and figured I could help. 

                I wanted to tell her to shoot the wicked devil, and put him in Hell!  Things like that should not even be thought about much less discussed between husband and wife.  But I did the only thing I knew to do, and told her to contact her pastor, and her family and ask them to help her.  Also, I told her the following, and I meant it; "If there was a lady in our church who's husband asked her to do such as that, myself and some of the boys would show up at the door bell with baseball bats and whip him in Jesus' name!"

                What is our country coming to?  Before it was only in Honduras that you'd hear about something that wicked.  Now it's in a "Christian nation" like America too?  I can't imagine, nor do I want to, what the rest of the world must be like.  Even so, come Lord Jesus!!!


January 24th  2003  Friday                Fight the Good Fight


                There is so much to be done in this country.  And I feel that I can only do so much.  Oh for a thousand Missionaries!  Oh for an army of Christians who would stand up for the principals of God and right, and preach to others with boldness and zeal!  Oh that God would bless the fruits of my small and futile efforts and change not only a man or a village or a department, but the whole country for his glory!

                The more I think about what I'm doing here, the more I begin to see how hopeless the entire situation appears.  I am one man with what many would look at as "outdated principles" and "unwanted doctrines" in a world full of ungodly reprobates that want not God! 

With each passing day, things become worse and worse while sin becomes exceedingly more abundant.  Many times I ask myself, "What can I do by myself?"  The answer is "Not much!"  But God can do something with me, and I'm praying that he will.

                Not only does it seem that there are so few Independent Bible Believing Baptist Missionaries here in Honduras, but many of those here are not "militant" enough in my eyes to combat so wicked an opponent at the devil and his malicious legions of the underworld.  Few are sold out completely to the Lord Jesus Christ and choose to keep close to the world, rather than run "without the camp" with the Lord Jesus Christ and preach against the vile horde of masses who drink iniquity like water.  If the Lord should tarry, I fear they will "play both sides," or worse still, "join the enemy."

                Would to God that things would just come to a standstill!  If the world would quit having more "cursed children" and would not grow more wicked each and passing day, we might have a fighting chance to reach them.  But we are faced with unthinkable odds, and the dark forces of evil are growing stronger every day, while the ranks of true Bible Believers are diminishing at a far to rapid rate.

                Then there are the "Mercenaries," as I like to call them, of the "Charismaniac" folds and the Pentacostal colors.  They claim the name of Christ, but with their fleshy sensual doctrines and loose morals, are only adding to the mischief and revelry.  Would to God that they would quit spreading their vile, hypocritical, dastardly teachings that produce nothing but Pharisees that appear spiritual outwardly, but inwardly are nothing but emotionally spiritual bastards.  Would to God they would keep their unholy mouths shut, rather than speak about the Lord and Saviour while they reject his very words and embrace the "doctrines" and "ideals" of misguided denominations and unholy fakers who are only after a buck and care nothing of true holiness and righteousness.

                Truly we are in a battle to the death.  And few there be that want to stand for what's right.  Be it either ignorance or blatant rejection of the truth, the masses are joining sides and as a whole are beginning to take up arms against the righteous.  Would to God people in America would see such as this, and prepare for battle.  But it seems to me that they are "at ease in Zion" (Amos 6), and rather than suffer for the sake of the truth, wish only to indulge themselves in the things of this world. 

God, please send suffering to the United States, if that's what it takes for Christians to open their mouths again, and get back to carrying forth the light of the glorious Gospel to the dark and dying world as they did before.  For the last hope of the world lies in this once great "Christian nation," and if she quits preaching, and sending out Missionaries, then who will?

And Lord, I know you have not quit calling Missionaries.  You've always been calling.  Please open the ears of those that you seek that they may hear and then respond.  God give us more Bible Believing Independent Baptist, militant Christian Missionaries in Honduras!  For it sure would be a blessing to have someone else to fight with! 


January 25th 2003 Saturday             A Visit From Another Missionary  


                The kids came at around one o'clock.  I taught them about "Sin" and what the Bible had to say about it.  Then I fed them Macaroni and Cheese.  Many of them saw the boxes I had on my shelf and asked what it was.  They had never tried it, so I cooked for them.  I told them, "This is every kids favorite meal in the United States.  And today you are all going to eat like Gringos!"  They were ecstatic. 

                At three-thirty, Eric Sanchez showed up at my house, and as usual Rambo announced his coming.  He is a Preacher and Missionary who graduated from the CAM Bible Institute in Siguatepeque.  (CAM stands for Central American Missions.  From my understanding, it was started by C.I. Scofield  years ago.  And I've met many here in Honduras connected with that organization.  Some of them are sound in the faith, while others are almost Pentecostal.  So you never know who or what you are dealing with when someone says, "I'm from CAM.")

                Marbin Rodriguez told me about Eric Sanchez and told him to visit me as I might be of some help in teaching in their newly started Bible Institute.  They have classes only on Saturday's and they want me to teach a class.  I sat Eric down and spoke with him.  I found him to be a nice young man, who has a heart for the Lord.  Then I explained to him that the three most important things to me were:  1.  Salvation,  2.  the Scriptures, and 3.  Santification (or living holy after you are saved for testimony's sake).    Under each point I showed him verses and told him what the Bible said.  When I spoke about salvation, he agreed and said, "It's only by grace through faith that a man is saved, and not of works!" 

                Next I started in on the subject of the Scriptures and why the King James Bible is English is perfect.  Then I explained the situation in Spanish and how the Bible has been corrupted continually over the years.  I also showed him where his 1960 Spanish Bible is corrupt and reads with the corrupt Westcott and Hort Greek Text as well as the Nestle-Aland perversion.  Then I told him why I only used the 1602 TR.  This started a little bit of an argument, but he obviously had studied some, as he knew about Origen, Erasmus, Jerome, etc.  After a heated debate, he calmed down and began to see the problem with the 1960 Spanish Bible.  But what he will do about what he learned, will wait to be seen.

                Afterwards I told him about Santification, that is to say living like a Christian and separating yourself from the world.  It told him, "A man ought to look like a man, and a women ought to look like a woman.  They ought not to smoke, drink, cuss, chew or run with them that do!"  Then I went on to explain some of my convictions.   He said, "Well, we are not that fanatical about it.  We just want to get people saved, that's all."  I replied, "Yeah, and that's good.  But after they are saved, you need to teach them how to live for God and be a good testimony!" 

                When he left, I gave him many books to read, and told him I'd be praying for him.  He told me he'd be in touch with me.  I wonder if he will.  To me it appeared that he was a little standoffish after our conversation, and was ready to get out of there as soon as possible.  


January 26th 2003 Sunday                Visit From The Santidad Missionary


                The Santidad Missionary, Robert Owen, came over and visited me for the first time today.  He started by apologizing that he hadn't come sooner, and that he did want to meet me.  I invited him into the house and began talking with him. 

                I gave him my testimony of how I was saved out of the Assembly of God church and it's false doctrines, and trusted the Blood of Jesus Christ on July 29, 1992.   He then confided in me that he was having problems in his churches with the "faith and healing movements."  I gave him some books about it, in the hopes it will help him.  (One was entitled "The Tongues and Healing Movement" by Carroll Steagall Jr.)

                As we talked, he said he wanted to get along with me, and if possible "work together" in spreading the Gospel.  I then asked him a question, "If we are indeed to preach the gospel, then can you tell me where in the Bible the gospel is found?"  He could not.  So I showed him 1 Cor. 15:1-4. 

                We continued our conversation, and he began telling me that some of our "small" differences in teachings were a side issue and that we could overlook them to get along and work together.  I responded, "I just want to have the right foundation.  For if the foundation is not right, the whole building will crumble!"  I think he understood what I was saying.  My desire is not to work with anyone whose doctrines are not the same as mine. 

When he left, I gave him my doctrinal statement and several more books in Spanish.  I hope he reads them.    

                It seems in the last few weeks that several people have come to me and asked me to work with them.  Why is this?  Could it be the ecumenical spirit of the age?  All I know to do is study the Bible with them and see if we believe the same things.  For Amos 3:3 says, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"

 It is truly a shame that all Christians do not believe the same thing, and that they can't strive together to reach the masses with the Gospel.  But the truth is that they do not.  And I cannot bring myself to work with anyone who does not believe the same as I do.  I will give account someday to God, and I want to know that I did the best I could to hold fast to that which is good (1 Thes. 5:21).


January 27th  2003 Monday               Visiting with Folks


                I began my day with a cup of coffee in the café en "el centro" with Bro. Thomas Sweeney.  We talked for a while, and had some good fellowship.  Afterwards, we went to the Post Office and found "Big Bertha" not doing much as usual.  The two ladies that work there don't do much of anything.  I've never seen anyone so lazy in all my life.  But I was determined to win their kindness and friendship.  So, after Thomas left, I walked across the street and bought them a can of juice.  They were very thankful.  My motives were of course strictly selfish.  I was hoping I'd get my mail faster by doing so.  We shall see.

                Afterwards, I went to visit Bro. Ramon Galeano up the street.  They have torn down their old adobe church building in which they were meeting and are rebuilding it much bigger with concrete blocks.  They are coming along quite well.

                I asked Bro. Ramon if I could borrow his TV and VCR for a few minutes and watch a video in Spanish about the Jehovah Witness' that someone sent me.  He said I could.  The video was made in the 1970's and did a wonderful job of exposing this false cult and its continual lies and wrong "date setting" of the end of the world.

                Upon my arrival back home, I decided to visit with my neighbors.  I found that Jose's mother was ill, and needed money for medicine.  I am quite leery of giving away money, so I walked up the road to find Rhonda (Thomas' wife) to see if she could come to check the lady out, as she is a nurse.  Unfortunately, she wasn't home, but Thomas gave me some arthritis medicine for Jose's Mom, as we both agreed that was more than likely what ailed her.

                I also cooked a huge pot of chicken soup yesterday, and found I could not eat it all.  So I took it over to the family, and told them that they were more than welcome to it.  They were very thankful.


January 28th  2003  Tuesday             Company Comes Over       


                I spent my day studying 1 Thessalonians until one in the afternoon, when Thomas Sweeney came by to help me with my old computer.  It turns out that it's a real "dinosaur."  It was top of the line in 1995, but now is not much more than an "antique" as technology is always "updating."  We found it to be a Pentium 100 MHZ with 72 MB Memory and a 9 GB Hard Drive.  No wonder the thing is so slow!

                For the next several hours, Thomas looked at it and helped me to add some new programs, as well as figure out why the sound didn't work.  When finished, I had sound and a few new programs that would help me in the future.

                Around four o'clock, Eric Sanchez came by to visit me.  I invited him in and introduced him to Thomas.  We talked about anything and everything.  As we were conversing, Eric told me the funniest story I think I've ever heard.  I laugh even today as I try to imagine it.  We were talking about "alacranes" (scorpions) and how there are so many here.  I've killed over 8 or 9 here in the house, and I'm sure there are probably more. 

                Eric then told me about when he was out in one of the Indian towns in the mountains around here, and how he had a group of young people seated in a circle.  As he was preaching to them, a scorpion fell from the ceiling right in the middle of the circle.  It must have been a mother, as it had many babies on it's back, and the people didn't know what to do but just look at it.  After a few seconds, the babies started to disperse in all directions, and everyone stood up shrieking and stomping at the floor trying to kill the horrid creatures!  I can just picture them all shouting and putting their feet down in terror.  Too funny!

                As we talked, it became evident that Eric leaned toward the Pentecostals, although he was not one himself.  I'm hoping in the future to have Bible studies with him, and straighten him out.  He told me he would like to do so, and I am more than willing.  What a blessing it'd be if I could get him straight doctrinally and he could be another "Nelson."  For this end, I am praying.

                Before he left, he asked me about the Guitar I had.  I showed it to him, and he asked me if he could buy it from me.  I said, "What's a fair price?"  He said he didn't know.  So I said, "Well, 100 lempiras sounds good to me!"  His mouth dropped dumbfounded!  He couldn't believe that I was willing to sell it so cheap (I checked prices here and they cost anywhere from 1500 to 3000 lemps).  He said, "That's like giving it to me for nothing!"   "You're welcome," I told him, and it will be interesting to see if I ever get the money.  I don't know how to learn to trust anyone without first trying them out.  If he comes through with the cash, them I'll know he's trustworthy.


January 29th  2003  Wednesday       Bible Study with the Gringo


Driving to Tegucigalpa today, I listened to preaching tapes of Pastor Chris Hannon in Savannah, South Carolina.  The tapes were a real blessing.

                When I arrived in Tegus, I went straight to Nelson's house and found he was not there, but at work.  Zenia was home, however, and I found her wearing a nice new ankle length skirt.  She is really growing in the Lord it seems.  Before she would wear shorts, and when I came, she would change quickly.  But now it seems she wants to dress right not just for me, but for the Lord.  That's a real blessing.

                I drove to Burger King afterwards, and bought myself and Nelson lunch and then took it to him at the hospital.  He was very thankful and we talked for a while.  I also witnessed to the two women (Mujerzuelas) that work with him as security guards.  They are some very wicked ladies.  One of them asked me to marry her.  I told her I could not, as she had several kids already.  To which she replied, "Forget 'em! We'll leave them here and run off to La Esperanza together!"  I then told her she was "evil" and needed to repent.  She just laughed.

                As we talked, I asked them if they were "saved" and they gave the typical answer, "We were, but we aren't now."  That's Charismaniac doctrine, and it's sad that it's so wide spread.  Then they said that in reality they were Catholics.  I gave them tracts like "Why is Mary Crying?" and "Are Roman Catholics Christians?".  They thanked me and began reading them.

                Before I left, the old, fat, and ugly one started yelling at Nelson and telling him he needed to get back to work.  I turned around then and said, "And you wonder why I don't want to marry you?  It's cause I don't want you yelling at me!  That's why!"  She just laughed and laughed like Aunt Jemima.

                In the evening, I took Nelson home, and we finished studying 1 Thessalonians chapter two.  As we were seated at the table about to eat, I heard a neighbor say through the curtain, "When's the Gringo coming?"  I replied, "I'm already here!"  She was scared to death, as she didn't know I was in the room, and took off running down the hall.   We all laughed about it. 

                Here in Honduras they have a saying.  They say, "No hay pueblo mas macho, que el pueblo Catracho!" (There's not a more macho people than the Hondurans).  I changed it and like to say, "No hay pueblo mas lindo, que el pueblo del Gringo!"  (There's not a people more pretty than the "Gringo" people).  When I tell folks that, they just laugh and laugh.

                After dinner, we had probably the best Bible study we've had yet, as both Nelson and Zenia were intently fixed upon our text.  It wasn't like before when they would loose their train of thought, or get distracted.  They are really interested and that is a blessing to me.

                Before I left to go to the Cancer center to spend the night, Nelson told me that I was on TV the day after I was interviewed by channel 63 several weeks ago.  He said that several people said that they saw me and recognized me as "the Gringo" who is Nelson's friend.  So I did get to preach via TV after all. 


January 30th  2003  Thursday          Packages


                Yesterday, I found that there were two packages for me at the Cancer Center.  I have started using their P.O. Box address in Miami in order to get things to me faster.  However, I learned a valuable lesson, as I had to pay over $200 dollars in duty on the boxes.  I was told that if someone sends me something I need to have a letter in the package in Spanish that states the enclosed items are a donation to my ministry here, then I will not have to pay duty. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have one in the package of audiotapes that weighed more than 50 pounds.  And when they charge by the pound, that can get expensive!  So even though it cost me a lot to get my packages, I was thankful for them.  And next time, I'll be sure to have a letter in it.

Afterwards, I went to the Bank to withdraw some money.  As I was standing in line, a man behind me saw my shirt which says, "Bible Believer" and read it out loud.  I then asked him, "Are you a Christian?"  He replied, "I'm a Catholic, and they are Christians!"  I said, "How about that.  Here, read this!"  Then I handed him the tracts, "Are Roman Catholics Christians."  He smiled and said thanks, and then went up to the window thinking that the tract was Pro-Catholic.  I wish I could have seen his face after he read it!

On the way home, I had to stop at Herbert Prince's new Bible Institute to find Mario Puerto.  His wife told me that he had a package for me from the cancer center to give to me.  When I found him, he told me that he left it at home.  So I guess I'll just have to keep waiting.   He brought it with him last week, and when he couldn't find me, he took it back home.  Now he was supposed to bring it to me here, and he forgot it.  I'll just have to get it next Wednesday when I go back.

When I entered La Esperanza, I went to the Post Office and found I had six packages there waiting for me.  I was ecstatic!  This was better than Christmas, and I couldn't wait to get home to open them and see what they were.  Most of them were blank audiotapes that people sent to me for the ministry.  I had asked in my last prayerletter for them, and I received much more than I thought I would.  Now I can finally start taping Gospel tapes for people.  I also want to tape preaching tapes for Nelson to listen to.


January 31st  2003 Friday Housework!


                I spent this dreadfully cold day inside doing housework.  I swept the floors, and dusted the house.  Afterwards, I began working dividing the 300 Spanish preaching tapes that I bought from Grace Bible Baptist Church in Monterrey, Mexico, into categories.  For example, Salvation, Baptism, Anti-Catholic, etc.  It's my desire to use these tapes to give to others to listen to (especially Nelson), in the hopes that they will help them grow in their Christian lives.  I also want to give them to the lost in the hopes that they'll get saved.




February 1st  2003  Saturday            Cookout!


                During the morning hours, I worked on my January Prayerletter.  I did not finish, as I was interrupted by several of the kids who came by with some firewood for our planned afternoon bonfire.  They stayed for about thirty minutes, and then left.

                As I tried to continue with my prayerletter, I was again disturbed when my watchdog began barking uncontrollably.  I went to the window to see who it was, and found that my firewood was finally coming.  I was completely without, and it was good to see him bringing a wagon full, pulled by two oxen.

                After we unloaded, I paid the man 120 lempiras, and gave him a five-lempira tip (Hoping that would make him feel good, so that he would want to return with some more when I need it).

                Then I began studying for services with the children.  They showed up a few hours later, and we played soccer.  Several of the children helped me inside the house stamping gospel tracts with my address.  Before the day was through, they had finished a whole box full.

                When we started services, we didn't have enough chairs.  There were 32 children who showed up in total.  I preached a message on "Hell" or at least I tried to.  The children would not be quiet, and I strained my voice in an effort to reach them over the noise.

                Afterwards, we started a fire out in the yard, and we cooked wieners and marshmallows.  The children really enjoyed it.  But after we had eaten everything, my neighbor Tania came to visit, hoping to indulge in some of the festivities.  However, the other children became mad at her and began yelling.  They said that they "didn't want her class of people" around here because she steals and calls people names.  It is true that she has stolen from others.  On one occasion she stole money from Rhonda (Thomas' Sweeney's wife).  I told the children, "Christ Jesus can forgive us, so we need to forgive her too!"  Some did and some didn't.  Tania went home almost in tears.


February 2nd  2003  Sunday               Problems


                I awoke late this morning feeling awful.  The cold weather really makes one want to stay in bed.  But I finally have firewood now, so I lit the chimney and read my Bible in front of the fire.

                At eleven o'clock, I went to visit Tania and her Mother Mercedes, after visiting Thomas Sweeney and asking about her.  They used to help her and Tania, but after she stole from them, they have mandated that she can't come to the house for a month.  Also Thomas told me that she has an "unregenerate" heart, and is not sorry for her sins.

                I went to speak with them for two reasons:  1.  To show them some Bible verses, and 2.  To help them get some firewood.  They are a very poor family, and live in a small room that is very, very dirty.  Mercedes told me the other day that there is a man that wants to give her a whole lot of firewood, but she has no way to haul it back to her house.  She asked me to pick it up, and then she would give some of it to me.

                As I spoke with them, I found they both were not much more than "conmen" (or maybe I should say "conwomen").  They seem to be trying to use people to get stuff from them.  But, I'm commanded in the Bible to help orphans and widows, so I plan to help them get some firewood.

                Afterwards I sat Tania down, and showed her three or four verses in the Bible that command us not to steal.  Then I prayed with them, and had her pray too.  But she didn't say, "Lord forgive me of my sin!"  Instead she said, "Lord forgive us all of all our sins."  That was a clue to me that she wasn't sorry for what she had done, and I will make sure I watch myself and my belongings around them.

                At one thirty in the afternoon, seven kids from my Children's ministry came over and asked me to teach them how to play chess.  I did so, and while I was instructing them, Mike Lane came over and visited.  He invited me to go to Paulino's church in the evening, which I did.

                After Mike left, the children became very rowdy.  They are so misbehaved, that I cannot stand them at times.  I tried to get them to go to the Baptist Camp behind my house but they didn't want to go.  Finally, I coerced them and they walked with me, but would not go inside.  When we walked back to the house they would not leave, and aggravated me so that I asked them nicely on several occasions to leave.  Then they said, "Well, if you give us this or give us that, then we'll go.  But if not, we are staying!"

                I'd had enough, so I told them I would give them nothing, and they had to leave before I forced them to leave.  They then became angry and called me "a bad man" and told me they wouldn't come back.  I thought to myself, "Promises, Promises, nothing by Promises!"  Then they left. 

                Those seven children are the worst of the lot.  The other ones are my favorites, and are actually well behaved, and willing to learn.  But these that came today only want "stuff."  So that's exactly what I won't give to them.


February 3rd  2003   Monday             Evaluating My Situation


                So often I feel like I'm not doing enough for the Lord here.  I have a Children's ministry every Saturday, and that's good.  But I came here to start churches and win souls, not spend my time with a bunch of "rowdy" kids.

                I also have a good convert in Nelson, and praise the Lord for him.  But he is so far away.  I've learned that "long distance" relationships don't work.  And I'm starting to see that "long distance discipleship" isn't good either.  Paul spent everyday with his converts, and I wish I could do the same.

                I would like to move to Tegucigalpa if the Lord should allow, and then be closer to him, and study Bible with him more.  But then, who would preach to the kids here? 

                Oh how I long to do more.  Where I live is a small town, and there are so few people.  It's also one of the most Catholic places in Honduras.  For this reason, it's hard to deal with this people who don't want to hear what I have to say.  How I'd like to go where someone wants to hear it!  

                As I stay here in this country, I learn more about myself as well.  I'm very much an introvert, and don't like to be around people.  It would be very easy to become a hermit, and forget about the world and let them go to Hell.  But as a Missionary, I'm supposed to do all that I can to reach them.  I see this is where I'm falling short. 

                I've also come to realize that when I'm with someone else, I'm able to do more for the Lord.  They inspire me and make me want to carry on, and give me stamina to work harder.  And I enjoy encouraging them to do the same.  It's not that I want to look good in front of them, but it's I truly believe two are better than one, and together we can do more.  How I wish I had someone here to help me do so. 


February 4th 2003   Tuesday             Chess, Castillo's Kids, and Conversing with Thomas


                As I studied in the morning hours for my Bible Study with Nelson, two of Castillo's children, David and Lina, came over and asked to play chess.  They are my two favorite ones, and are very well behaved.  We played for about an hour.  They are still learning, and are continually asking which way the pieces can move.  But they enjoy it.

                When we were finished, Thomas Sweeney came by to visit me.  He's a real blessing and I always enjoy his fellowship.


February 5th  2003  Wednesday        To Tegucigalpa


                I left for Tegucigalpa at eight in the morning.  When I arrived, I went to Burger King for something to eat.  It's almost like being home again when you see the "Golden Arches" of McDonald's or the orange and white sign of "BK."  Oh how I miss home at times!

                I visited Nelson at his work, and he was very excited about studying the Bible with me tomorrow.  He also talked with me about moving to Olancho, and starting a church there.  He really wants to, but because Zenia is pregnant, that has postponed our plans.  I told him, "That's what happens when you play with sin!  You should have gotten married by now.  What are you waiting for?"  He dropped his head and said, "You're right!"  Then he asked me when I could take him to Danli to get his birth certificate.  I replied, "Right now!"  He laughed.  He told me he would ask permission for a few days off so that we can go.  I hope he does.

                He also said that when we do go to Olancho, he wants me to stay there as well.  He said he'd build me a room on the back of his house to stay in.  That'd be nice. 

                In the afternoon, I went to the Cancer Center to check my email.  Before I asked to use the computer, I talked to the Missionary's wife, and she told me that they just found out that they have to pay by the minute for the Internet now.  Before they only paid a flat fee, and that was for unlimited use for a whole month.  But things have changed.  They asked me not to use it much, and to only check my email.  I told them I would.

                I had 43 messages, and it took me an hour and an half to read all of them and respond.  I also had some things I needed to check on the Web.   I didn't want to use any more time, so I went to the Mall and paid to use a computer at an Internet café there.  It took me two hours before I finally finished.


February 6th  2003  Thursday           Preaching But No Teaching


                I went to study Bible with Nelson and Zenia today at our appointed hour, but found that Nelson was not home.  This was quite troubling, and I decided to wait for him.  After waiting an hour, he never showed up.

                Zenia told me that she thinks he's got a "girlfriend" and is out gallivanting around with her.  I couldn't help but laugh.  She is very jealous of him, and he of her.  I do trust Nelson and have seen quite a change in his life since he's been saved.  I don't think he'd be running around and living in sin with another woman.  But who can know what lurks in the hearts and minds of men?  (Especially in Christians). 

Zenia asked me, "And what if he is fooling around?"  I said dogmatically, "Then I'll kill him, and send him home to heaven early!" 

                As I was waiting for Nelson to show up, I witnessed to two boys ages twelve and thirteen in the street.  They were very wicked youngsters and keep telling me about how they enjoyed "Marijuana" and freebasing "Resistol."   I witnessed to them hard and told them they'd go to Hell if they didn't get saved.  But all they could do was laugh.  How sad.

                Nelson never did show up, so I decided to leave.  Zenia asked me to study with her, but I had to decline.  I said, "I have a testimony to protect, and if I go in your house alone, even if it's to study the Bible, the people here will talk, and say that we did something evil.  It's better to study with you and Nelson together."  She understood. 

                Driving home to La Esperanza, I preached a message in my car.  This is something I am accustomed to doing, and I enjoy pretending that I'm in front of a congregation in the U.S. and I'm "letting them have it" when it comes to dropping the ball with getting the gospel to the "uttermost" parts of the earth.  Usually, I just say what comes off the top of my head and let it come out.  I wish that I had a tape recorder sometimes, for I've found that some of my very best messages were preached in my car while driving down the road.  And sometimes I've even preached myself under conviction.

                Today's message was about "Man's Dirty Wicked Heart!"  My points were:  1.  The wicked desires of your heart will control you, if you don't keep them in check,  2.  The communications of your mouth will expose the desires of your heart,  3.  Your heart will cause you to do things you normally wouldn't do.


February 7th  2003  Friday The Joys of Living in an old House


                I awoke this morning to the sound of a bird rustling around up in the attic directly over my head.  When I went upstairs to find it, it was not there.  It must have come in through a small hole in the overhang on the other side of the house.  I'll have to get up there and fix it when I get a chance.

                In the evening, I went the guest bathroom, and found that the toilet was stopped up, and began pouring out onto the floor.  I didn't know what else to do, so I took the cover off the septic tank drainage, and  found that the pipe was clogged.  I removed the obstruction, and it worked as good as new.  But it sure was a pain.  (And the smell wasn't too pleasant either!)


February 8th  2003  Saturday            A Day With the Kids


                The children came again as usual.  They didn't want to play soccer, but instead begged me to play a game of Chess with them.  As we played, Michael and Tania sat in their chairs and cried.  When I asked why they were crying, no one seemed to be able to answer me.  I found out that they learned that I knew who stole some candy and breathmints from me.  I really didn't, but I now think they were guilty, as they were crying uncontrollably.  But were they crying because they were truly sorry, or because they knew they were caught?

                The rest of the service went well.  They were my two most troublesome children, and usually are talking and disrupting services continually.  But today they sat and stared at me the whole time I was speaking.  I preached on "The Sacrifice of Christ," and told them that what He did, he did "willingly" and he did it for us, in our place.

                Afterwards, I took the children in my Suburban out to the neighborhood.  I had printed up 50 pieces of paper inviting people to come next week for "A Family Day."  Paired two by two, we went door-to-door giving tracts and invitations, and asking people to come and visit us next Saturday for a "Family Day."  Both children and their parents were invited.  The children really enjoyed it.


February 9th  2003  Sunday               Bible Studies?


                I spent most of the day studying.  I want so badly to go to church on Sunday's, but I don't want to have conflicts with the other Missionary's or other Pastors.  Sometimes I will visit Ramon's church, as I love how they sing hymns.  Also, he preaches very hard, which is a real blessing.

                But when I go to Pastor Jacobo's church, I don't get fed.  Their Sunday School is a "talk" session, where everyone divides into groups and tells their "opinions" about several questions that Jacobo gives them. 

                Bro. Paulino's church is not much better.  They only have Sunday School in the morning, and regular services in the evening.  The Sunday School is mostly for children.

                My hearts desire is to start a church myself, and hold services every Sunday.  Maybe the Lord will open that door.  Oh how I would love it!  That is why I have left Sunday's open.  I used to go see Nelson every Sunday with the hope of having services in his home, but that did not work.  I know not what to do, but continue praying, and asking God to give me a place to preach on Sunday's.

                In the evening, my neighbor Julio came by to visit me.  We talked for several hours. He is a very nice old man of 63 years of age, with 10 children.  The kids go to Jacobo's church and do a lot of work for Mike Lane in the Baptist camp. 

As we spake, Julio opened his heart to me, and told me that he wished to "follow in the things of God."  I told him that was good.  But then he said, "But my biggest problem is me!  I'm always doing wrong, and the harder I try to do right, the bigger of a mess I make!"  I told him I felt the same way at times.   Then he continued by telling me about how he had gotten out of church many years ago while watching the "Politics" between the two Missionaries that were here at the time.  He said they were at odds with one another continually, and that left a bad taste in his mouth. 

He also told me of his sin of not being married, and how he came to La Esperanza about 16 years ago with another woman named Martha.  Things didn't work out between them, so he left her and now is with Naomi.

                Before he left, he asked me if I was willing to have Bible Studies with him.  I told him I've been wanting to have Bible Studies in my house for some time now.  We decided every Tuesday and Friday night to study the Bible together.  Mike Lane doesn't think he's saved, so I will start with Salvation.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


February 10th  2003  Monday            Off to Town


                I awoke early this morning and began working on changing the oil in my car.  Yesterday afternoon, I started working on it, but I could not get the "blasted" oil filter off.  The primitive tool I had crushed the poor thing, and it became quite a mess of mangled metal.  I finally "called it quits" and put it off until today.  It was no easy job, and took me two hours to complete.  Not to mention that I was covered with oil and ant bites when I finished, as I parked right on top of an ant bed!

Afterwards, I spoke with Castillo, who told me that Missionary Harold Priday wanted to speak with me via email.  So I cleaned up and then headed into town to write him a letter.

                First, I went to the Post Office and found that a package had arrived for me.  It was the Book, "The History of the Baptists" by Thomas Armitage that I ordered several months ago.  It was an 1887 original, and the front cover was missing.  But I was glad to receive it, and look forward to reading it.

                At the Post Office, I met Ms. Sunny Obriant.  She claims to be a "woman Missionary", who is working in a town called Cargunal several hours away.  We talked for a while, and she told me what she was doing.  She said that she was not a preacher, and couldn't preach, but was only teaching the Bible, and trying to set up an orphanage.  She said, "What we lack is a man of God who will come and preach the Gospel where I am!"  Then she invited me to come and do just that!  I told her to keep in contact with me and that I would pray about it.  When a door opens to preach the gospel, I always enjoy going through!  I just don't want to compromise to do so. 

                I remember the words of Bob Jones Sr., when he said, "It's never a compromise to go down the right road with anyone!  It's always a compromise to go down the wrong road any distance with anyone!"  So, I am seriously considering driving out there and then preaching the gospel to those that wish to hear.  I feel that it would be no compromise on my part, and would a great opportunity to tell others about what He did for them.

                Sunny said that I'd have to park my car, and then ride horseback for an hour before I reach their "Ranch."  That sounds exciting, and something that would be an "added bonus" in carrying the Gospel to a far away place.

                Tania and her Mom never showed up today as we had planned.  So I guess I will not be hauling any firewood for them.  When I went to look for them, I found out that they have moved to another house somewhere on the other side of the valley.  But God only knows where.


February 11th  2003  Tuesday           A Day of Study    


                I worked on my commentary of 1 Thessalonians all day long.  Writing is both fun and exhausting.  Sometimes I can write and find that my thoughts come through clearly on paper and my sentences are so powerful that I feel like I've said exactly what's on my heart, and cannot make it any plainer if I tried for a thousand years.  Then other times, I feel like I can never get across my point as directly and simply as I desire, though I attempt it a hundred times. 

                I'm finding that it would be much easier to not write at all, for so much work must go into achieving my desired goal.  I must reread and rewrite many times before I even come close to having the final draft that I desire.  But even then, I feel that I fall short of expressing exactly, with the right words, what it is I want the reader to understand.  Truly, I have much to learn when it comes to writing, and I'm finding that my greatest help is reading the works of others.  For that not only increases my vocabulary, but gives me ideas on how to develop sentence structure and a readable thought pattern that is coherent to each connecting paragraph.

                Every so often, I'd take a break and read a chapter or two from my Pastor's book entitled, "The Last Grenade."  It was about the "apostasy" in these last days within the body of Christ of many who claim to be "Bible Believers," but do all they can to undermine the authority of God's words, and cause doubt in the minds of true Believers whether they actually had God's words to begin with.  

The book was mostly documented evidence, correspondence, and statements of modern "scholars" in their constant attacks against the King James Bible.  The more I read the book, the more angry I became with so-called "Christian Scholarship," who claims to love a book that they have never seen (the originals), while using a book (KJV) they don't believe in to fatten their wallets, while they continually ridicule it to make themselves look smart.  I believe that Psalms 62:9 says it best about "scholars" when it says, "Surely men of...high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity."

                 According to "them," only the "original manuscripts" are the inspired "scriptures."  If this be the case, then they have no Bible, for no one has any "original autographs" today.  All we have are copies of copies of copies. But God said, "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" (2 Tim. 3:16)  This must include the "copies" for if only the "originals" were profitable, then we'd be in a world of hurt, as there are no more originals.  They perished years ago.  But God preserved His words throughout the ages in copies of copies of copies of the originals.

                How sad that someone can get so educated that they can't think for themselves, nor can they read.  As I was reading the "rabid ramblings" of these modern "scholars," I thought of Christ's words in John 5:39 when he said, "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." Obviously we have them today, and I'm so thankful.  What a blessing that God knows more than man, and that He can never lie (Rom. 3:4).  I'll never forget what Billy Sunday said about "Scholarship."  I quote: "Where the Bible says one thing [the KJV] and scholarship says another, scholarship can go plumb to the Devil!"  Amen and Amen!  It's the devil anyway that is always questioning what God said (Genesis 3:1).

                At six this evening, my neighbor and his oldest son came to start our weekly Bible studies.  We studied for over an hour on the topic of "Salvation."  They both claim to be saved, and their testimony seems genuine.  They were very excited afterwards, and look forward to our further studies every Tuesday and Friday night.


February 12th  2003  Wednesday       Computers, Killers, Guns, and Bible Study


                Today I drove to Tegucigalpa not only to study Bible with Nelson, but to see if I could get a USB port installed in my old computer.  I first went to Compumax and met a young man named "Douglas" who is the main Computer Serviceman of that company.  As is my costume, I began a conversation with him, and asked him several questions to show myself friendly.

                When he suggested that I leave the computer with him, I asked if I could watch him work, and if he could teach me how to do it. He looked a bit perturbed, and then agreed.  As we were revising the machine, he told me about how hard he worked every day and hardly ever had the chance to leave the shop.  He said, he hadn't seen the sun for close to eight months with all the work he has to do.

                While he was speaking, he was continually dropping screwdrivers and tripping over things.  He appeared to me to be a perfect klutz, and I couldn't help but chuckle at his blatant awkwardness.  To some in the U.S., he would have been termed a "Nerd." But, I enjoyed speaking to him and learning from him about computers.  I also used the opportunity to witness to him.

                As we spoke, he told me that he didn't have too many friends, and that his life was nothing but toying with computers all day.  He then asked me, "How do you know if someone is a friend or not?"  I replied with the simplest answer I could muster by saying, "Well, a true friend is someone who thinks more about you than they do about themselves.  If all they are after is what they can get from you, then they aren't your friends!"  He replied, "You are exactly right!  So often people know I can fix computers, and they want me to do it for them for free.  I feel like they are using me!"

                To make a long story short, I made copies of some of my CD programs that I thought would be valuable to him, and gave him several tracts.  He was very thankful and invited me to come back and visit him.  I said I would.  I felt very sorry for the young man.  Sometimes all that some people need is a friend.  I plan on returning and speaking with him some more about the Lord.

                At the six o'clock hour, I went to the Hospital to pick up Nelson.  He invited Zenia's uncle (who also works at the Hospital) to go with us, as he doesn't live too far from Nelson's house.  I said that would be okay, and told him to come on.  As we were driving, he asked me if we could go to Zenia's parents place to pick up a Television that his brother sent them from the U.S.  I asked what for, and he told me that a family member in the U.S. mailed them a pistol inside the T.V., and they were guarding it for him. ( This is a very common way of getting guns into the country.  Most people buy a brand new Television from the U.S. and then disassemble it and put up to two or three guns inside wrapped in aluminum foil.  Then they put it back into it's original box and ship it to a family member.)  I reluctantly agreed, as I thought it would be a chance to witness to Zenia's parents again.  I did just that, and found that they had still not changed their mind.  How sad that they want nothing to do with trusting Christ Jesus as their Saviour.

                After we took the T.V. to Zenia's uncle's, (I guess I am now officially a Gun Smuggler!  Or at least an accomplice), we went to Nelson's to study the Bible.  As we drove down the hill, Nelson said, "Right here is where the Police caught 'La Diabla' (The She Devil)."  I had read about it in the paper.  A very beautiful young 17-year-old girl, who was unfortunately a gang member, killed a Policeman several days ago with three gunshots to his head.  Yesterday they apprehended her and her picture was in the front of the paper, with the title: "LA DIABLA." 

                During our Bible Studies, we completely finished with 1 Thessalonians chapter three.  Nelson and Zenia are both growing in the Lord.  This is great to see.  But they still have their moments "in the flesh."  Zenia is very jealous, and swares that Nelson is running around with other women.  Last week when Nelson didn't show up to Bible Studies, she told me that he was in a hotel with another woman.  But the truth was that he had to go to a meeting at work, which all the watchman had to attend.  It to me is funny to see the jealousy they have one for another.  I just wish they would get married soon, to preserve their testimonies.


February 13th  2003  Thursday         Going Home to La Esperanza


                I left the cancer center early this morning to go to the "Carribe Computer" store to pick up my old computer.  I decided to get a second opinion, as the guy at Compumax said I couldn't install a USB port.  When I arrived at the store, they told me the same thing, and said that my computer was only 100 MHZ, and a USB port must have 300 MHZ minimum to work.  So I guess I must learn to live without a USB port.

                After driving home to La Esperanza, I stopped by Don Roberto's house to ask him if he could use his tractor to till the ground at my house again, as I would like to begin planting soon.  He agreed, and told me he would come out the week after next.

                As I was walking to my car, a young man yelled to me across the street and said, "Breaker!"  (Only in Spanish is sounds like Bray-ah-kerr).  I had no idea who the young man was, but he knew me, and introduced me to the Judge of La Esperanza named Carlos.  Then he told me that they had just been discussing "False Doctrine" in the Bible, and asked me what I thought about it.  I spoke with them as long as I could, and gave them Gospel tracts and booklets to read.  When I left, I could not remember for the life of me where I had met the young man before.  He said his name was Claudio Castro.  


February 14th  2003  Friday              Roof, Winds, and Julio


                I awoke this morning with Castillo banging around up on the roof.  When I went out to see what was going on, Castillo told me, "Part of the Tin on the roof has blown off again, and I'm fixing it!"  The wind has been blowing hard here lately in this valley, and sometimes it rips up  the corners of the Tin roof.

                Most of my day I spent studying and reading.  I finished "The Last Grenade."  It is a good book.  But I could not help but be overcome with righteous indignation against these wicked "scholars" who use a book they don't believe to make a living, and sit in judgment upon God's words thinking that they are smart enough to correct God.  As I dwelt upon this, I was inspired to write the following poem:


Teacher, Can You Help Me?  I Think I Am a Little Bit Confused!



A young man packs his bags

And off to Bible School he goes,

Thinking he'll learn all he lacks,

And soon the Bible he will know


The Professors are all "doctors"

And love to be called such,

But he soon learns that Proctors

Don't amount to much.


The teacher begins to teach him Greek,

Telling him God's words are all true,

But then with a forked tongue he creaks,

"But that old King James is bull!"


While dazed, disturbed, and confused,

The student cannot comprehend,

How his Professor can continually ruse

And belittle his precious old "archaic" Bible without end.


Finally he raises his hand,

For he feels that he must speak,

So many questions cloud his mind,

Answers are what he seeks.


"Teacher can you help me?

I'm just a little bit confused,

You taught me for God's word to be,

It must come from the Greek Text you use.


But what of the 'Received Text?'

Was it not of the Majority?

And about that LXX

It's not in Hebrew, but in Greek, I believe!


You taught me not to be Catholic,

And you put Erasmus down for being so

While you defend the aleph text,

By saying it's best because it is old.


But I thought it was in the Vatican,

Where they found that "older" text.

And wasn't it in the garbage can,

Where Tishendorf found his codex?


And what about the scriptures,

And where to be found might they be?

You told me they were God's own 'scattered words,'

And only found in your library.


I heard you point and say, 'The Bible is God's word!'

While you held a KJV in your hand,

But then I heard you call it 'absurd,'

For that book to take a stand.


You taught me that the scriptures were inspired,

But only "original autographs,"

But when I asked where they were,

I found that them, no one has.


When I asked you where your Bible was,

You pointed to your shelf

With a hand waving fast,

You told me, "These and me myself."


I soon began to learn something

Of which I didn't know before.

You have no Bible, Mr. Dingaling

And all final authority is yours!


From your class I gathered,

'The Bible contains mistakes!

We use the King James

But to believe it, that takes faith.'


I left your school not knowing much

Probably less than I did before

For when I left home I had a Bible,

And now I don't know anymore."


In the evening, Julio came and brought his other son with him.  We studied about "Eternal Security," as we are following our 16 lesson discipleship course.  Julio told me, "I like how you teach.  You only teach what the Bible says, and not your opinion.  I like that.  That's why I quit going to church years ago, because they would teach their opinions or "traditions" instead of the Bible.  All I want to know is what God says about it!"

                Julio still has some problems.  He is not married to Naomi, and has ten kids by her.  This is common in Honduras.  The reason being that the Catholic Church makes one pay a lot of money to have a wedding, and most people can't pay it.  Also, the government makes it hard to obtain the appropriate papers (as is the case with Nelson and Zenia) and that is why so few are married in this country. 


February 15th  2003 Saturday           The Family Day


                In the early morning hours, I went to town to visit Yovanni and ask him when he was coming to services with his group of young people.  But, I found he was not home.  From there, I went to check my email.  I arrived home around ten.  I then began mowing the yard with my push mower. 

At eleven, Yovanni came walking through the "campo" with 12 young people with him strumming his guitar and singing hymns.  I immediately thought of Jesus and his 12 disciples.

While they ate lunch, I changed and prepared a message to teach to them.  I taught about "Why It Is Important to Testify for the Lord."  My points were: 1.  Because it's a command (Matt. 28:19,20),  2.  Because people are dying and going to Hell and must hear (Lucas 16), and  3.  So that we can earn some rewards in heaven (Col. 3:23-25).  I believe it went well.

Afterwards, we played soccer and waited for my kids to come at two o'clock.  They slowly began to straggle in, and when all of them showed up, I was surprised to find more than 50 people had arrived at total.  Most of them were children and teenagers, but three women came as well.  I guess our visiting last Saturday paid off. 

I led the Songleading, and asked Yovanni to preach.  Before he started, I asked him to have some of his young people to give Testimonies.  One young man named "Miguel" stood up and began to speak.  He was so nervous, that he couldn't speak right.  He started by saying, "I was born in 1889!"  I couldn't restrain myself and said, "My are you an old man!"  The poor boy became so embarrassed that he could not proceed.

Afterwards, Yovanni preached a great message about Christ Jesus our Lord.  I gave the invitation and one raised his hand signifying that he was lost.  We had prayer before we dismissed, but he did not come to be saved.  Before we ended services, I had them sing a few stanzas of "En la Cruz" (At the Cross), and then I called Miguel to come forward again and tell his testimony.  I felt so bad about embarrassing him, I wanted him to do so without interruption.  He did a wonderful job.

Before everyone went to the house, my children said, "Yovanni's group were very 'strong believers' and very 'pushy' about what they believed."  To the which I replied, "Amen!"  However, they did not mean it as a complement.  My children, I'm starting to see, are just coming to "see the Gringo" and to play games, and no more.  But at least they are hearing the truth, and I hope in the future it will have an even greater effect on them.  Yet they lack so much.  Would to God I had Yovanni to help me every week with them.


February 16th  2003  Sunday             Visiting Ramon and Thomas            


                I visited Bro. Ramon Galeano's church today.  He preached about "Confession" and how we should confess our sins to God in order to stay in good fellowship with Him, and to find mercy (Prov. 28:13) from the Lord's whip of discipline.

                Afterwards I went to visit Bro. Thomas Sweeney.  I told him my concerns about staying in La Esperanza.  If the truth be known, I would like to leave this place, and leave the other Missionaries to do a work here.  My heart is in Olancho where the people are begging me to preach to them. But doors are starting to open up here, and I'm finding there is much to do.

                On Tuesday's and Friday's, I'm teaching Bible to Julio.  On Wednesday's I travel to Teguicgalpa to Study Bible with Nelson and Zenia, and then return on Thursdays.  Saturday's the children come.  And now, Yovanni has a group of people who want to learn English, and we are supposed to have classes every week on Friday afternoon at two, and Saturday at four.  I just have too much to do!

                Bro. Mike Lane wants to start a church in this area, and I don't want to compete with him.  He has been here five years, and has yet to do so, but he has just bought 6000 dollars worth of property for that purpose.   

I've been busy working this area, and already have many children coming.  The last thing I want is problems with him, and I stressed my dilemma to Bro. Thomas.  He told me something I'll never forget when he said, "Desire without effort is fantasy!"  Many people have a desire to do something, but until they actually do, then it's not a reality.  I looked upon this and received much instruction.  I have many desires to do many things in this country.  But I've also got many doors open to me and that I feel I must (at least for the time being) continue doing.  This is my reality.  So, I'll continue on and trust God.

                My desire is to start churches.  I believe that's what a Missionary is supposed to do.  But so far that door has not opened up.  With Nelson's woman pregnant, I can't move to Olancho, for both Nelson and I wish to go and work together.  So, I guess I'll continue on here and trust God to work something out. 


February 17th  2003  Monday            Castillo and Chess


                All day long I worked outside with Castillo.  I mowed almost the entire yard, and then trimmed fruit trees and collected firewood.  Castillo and I also worked on making a back porch with all the bricks we found in the yard here.  We laid them on the ground in a row at the back entrance of the house.  They looked very nice.

                In the evening, I went to visit Bro. Thomas Sweeney.  We played a game of Chess, and I guess I'm doing better, as I didn't lose this time.  I didn't win either, as we concluded in a Stalemate.  But I was as happy as a stuffed pig in a blanket because at least I didn't lose!


February 18th 2003  Tuesday            Poetry, Priday, and Problems


                I've been reading a lot of Poetry lately.  I really enjoy it.  Thomas let me borrow The Norton Anthology of Poetry.  And I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing through this thick book.  I've also been reading Milton's Paradise Lost.  It's not easy reading, but it is interesting.

                Maybe all that reading has inspired me, as this morning I awoke with several lines in my head that I felt I had to write down.  By the end of the day, I completely finished writing the following poem:





But Hark, What Ho?

By Robert Breaker


But hark, what ho!

And I shall go,

I prithee give me ear;

To tell of a defeated foe,

Who lives to make all fear.


The father of woe!

Down he did go,

For his unmitigated pride;

Never to come up again,

Walking to and fro below, is his abide.


How vile is he!

The wretched one,

With him not a few,

Left they did and they did run,

From their first estate askew.


Down they did fall!

And took up abode

Upon their new home below

In wickedness they daily strove,

Goodness they did not trow.


It came one Day!

And there he wast,

A man within their midst.

He came from nothing more than dust

But he was told he was a Prince.


Along came she!

And there were two,

Joined one by He who made.

Together on their honeymoon,

The serpent king was stayed.


But then he came!

With subtle heart,

Much evil was his intent.

He forced her to take a part,

And then she did repent.


It was to late!

They both partook,

Of the forbidden thing they did eat.

Displeased, their God did look,

And the man blamed his meet.


Evil then had won!

Or so he thought,

The adversary did prevail;

They had to pay or be bought,

But their King was still able.


But hark, what Ho!

And I will show,

One much greater than even he,

Who in his little toe, 

Hath more power than that wretched Valkyrie!


He did look down!

And saw mankind,

Such a disgrace it seemed to be.

Yet mercy He did find,

And made a plan for you and me.


Then came His son!

His life to give,

A ransom for us all,

Thirty years plus three, here to live;

And then to death, they did maul.


Up from the grave!

He rose again,

The sacrifice had been made.

Through Him one could be born again,

The price for mankind had been paid.



He saved my soul!

One blessed day,

When on Him I did rely,

Trust and faith were the way,

And I received a mansion in the sky.


In anger he abode!

That evil one,

In hatred he did rage;

Defeated no not once,

But twice he was out played.


He lost it all!

His power is gone;

Before, of death he had the keys.

That wicked, wretched, vile one,

The founder of sin's disease.


To Hell he goes!

And off for good,

In his ears his sentence rings,

For he had the audacity to think he could

Defeat the King of Kings.


So trust the Son!

And do thee well,

For thee he surely died.

Or trust the dragon, and go to Hell,

Where with him you'll eternally abide.



                Bro. Harold Priday came by today to give me the papers for the Water Company.  They were threatening to cut off the water if we did not give them the necessary paperwork.  Unfortunately, this is the second time we are having to do this, as the man who took the paperwork last time lost it, and pocketed the money that we paid for the connection fee.

                Castillo and I went to the water department (called SANAA) and after about thirty minutes they told us that everything was okay, and we would have to pay almost 1200 lempiras to "reconnect." At least that was better than last time when we had to pay 1400.


February 19th 2003  Wednesday        Off To Tegus Again


                Driving to Tegucigalpa is such a long and boring trip.  It takes an average of three hours and the mountainous roads and many "Horseshoe curves" wear me out.  By the time I arrive in Tegucigalpa, all I want to do is rest after my tiring journey.  But I cannot, for I have many errands to run.

                After visiting the Mall to check my email, I went to see Nelson.  With Zenia, we studied 1 Thessalonians chapter 4.  We did not finish, and agreed to pick it up next time with the rapture.

                Afterwards I went to the Cancer Center where I was given a room in which I could rest. 


February 20th 2003  Thursday          Shopping


                I had to do some shopping today, and buy some groceries.  I also went to the Mall and bought myself two white Ceramic Greek Columns.  They were painted with gold borders, and will make nice decoration for my house.  I hardly buy anything for myself, so I decided to splurge.

                Afterwards I went to Pricesmart and spent over 300 dollars on groceries.  I also bought a Computer desk for my old computer, and 25 fifty pound bags of dirt for my plants and garden.

                When I arrived home, I found Castillo just about ready to leave.  I asked him to help me unload the truck and readily agreed.


February 21st  2003  Friday               Classes


                Today was my first English Class.  Yovanni, and two other ladies showed up.  We began by studying the "Introduction to English."  I taught them the history of languages, and how the English language developed. 

                In the evening, Julio came for our Bible Study Class and brought three of his boys.  We studied about the "Works of the Holy Spirit."


February 22nd  2003  Saturday         Hernan Corrales, the Children, Chess, and Classes


                The children were restless today.  I had a hard time keeping them still, and attentive to listen.  Many of the younger kids talked and talked without end.  Finally, they got up and left and went outside to play.  I was left with only four older children, and I taught them about "The Will of God."

                After the children left, Hugo Nazar and a man named Hernando Corrales came by, and Rambo was kind enough to announce their arrival.  They had come to measure the property here for Mr. Harold Priday (the owner).

                I spoke with them for some time, and invited them into the house.  Hernando was very outspoken, and said he was a Christian and was glad to make my acquaintance.   As we were speaking, Yovanni showed up ready for our English classes.

                Hugo and Hernando took their leave of us, and we began studying English.  Before they left, I asked Hugo to make me one more piece of furniture (a hutch for my dishes).  He agreed, and I paid him half of what the job will cost.  He told me it would be done in two weeks.

                After studying English for more than an hour and a half, Yovanni asked me to play Chess.  We played one game, and he defeated me soundly. 


February 23rd  2003  Sunday            Chess, Chess, and More Chess


                The kids came by again today around one-thirty in the afternoon.  They asked to play Chess, and I readily agreed.  I played with David, Castillo's son, and found that he is developing well, and learning quickly.  An hour later the kids left for the Baptist Camp and services with Mike Lane's wife.

                At six in the evening, Dr. Caesar David and his wife and child arrived with two other gentlemen named Walter and Tito.  Rambo (the door bell) announced them with excessive barking.

                They are avid Chess players, and came only to play a good game of Chess.  I was sorry I could not give them that, as I played each one twice and did not win once.  I did however learn some more valuable experience, and they taught me a few things.  They want to come every Saturday to play.  That is fine with me, as I'm learning the best way to learn to play Chess is by practicing, practicing, and practicing some more.


February 24th  2003  Monday            Visit from Eric Sanchez


                I started my morning with a bowl of Raisin Bran Cereal with milk, while I read my Bible.  As I began studying and working on my computer, Eric Sanchez showed up on his bicycle.  Once again, Rambo was faithful to let me know some one was here.  I invited him in and we spoke for about an hour.  He also gave me the 100 lempiras he owed me for the guitar.  Before he left, I invited him to Bible Studies on Friday's.  We shall see if he comes.


February 25th 2003  Tuesday            Visitors!


                I'm wearing down.  So often I feel tired, and want to rest.  But it seems that every time I try to, someone comes by to visit me.

                Today was no exception.  In the morning, Hernando Corrales came by to visited me.  He brought his family with him, and introduced me to them.  They were very nice.  They asked, nay begged, me to teach them English.  I agreed.

                Later some of the children came and asked me for "cereal boxes," which they needed for a school project.  And then when I was just about to take an afternoon nap, several other people stopped by to visit.

                In the evening, I studied Bible with my neighbors again.  Julio had to work, but his boys came.  We studied about "What the Bible says about itself."


February 26th  2003  Wednesday       Off to San Pedro


                I journeyed to San Pedro Sula today to visit with Homero Romero.  Tomorrow I have two dentists coming from the U.S. who want to see a clinic three hours from my house on the El Salvador border.  I am to pick them up at the airport at 12:47.

                I arrived at Homero's around noon, and found him washing his car.  He told me he had some errands to run, as did I, so we took off together to do them.  It took longer than we had expected (usually does), and we returned to Homero's house a few hours later to eat a late lunch.

                For dinner we had a wonderful meal of tacos which contained beans, rice, guacamole, cheese and more.  I just love Mexican food!  I couldn't help myself and before I was finished, I had eaten seven of them.


 February 27th  2003  Thursday        San Pedro to Santa Lucia


                Homero and I went to the airport today at noon.  We waited until the appointed hour, but found that their plane was late.  It finally arrived a little after two.  And Sandy and Luke Lucas recognized me as soon as they came out of the exit doors of the terminal.

From the airport, we went back to Homero's house for lunch.  His wife cooked a wonderful meal of chicken and Spanish rice. 

Afterwards we drove the three hours back to my house.  After a pit stop, we drove to the clinic in the little town of      Santa Lucia.  We arrived at ten in the evening, and went inside.  They were expecting us, and gave us a tour of the facilities.  Both Sandy and Luke were very impressed.

The drive home was a long one, and we didn't arrive there until two in the morning.  During the trip home, my tail pipe began to crack, and eventually tore in two from the rough roads, making the car very noisy.


February 28th  2003  Friday              Back to San Pedro


                We slept for only three hours last night, as we had to be back at the airport in San Pedro Sula by nine.  We left at six-thirty from my house and arrived in Siguatepeque an hour later, where we stopped for breakfast.  Afterwards we drove for another two hours and arrived at San Pedro Sula a little before ten.

                After I saw them off at the airport, I journeyed back to Homero's house to say goodbye.  He told me I had left my suitcase there.  Indeed I had.  He invited me to stay, but I told him I was very tired, and wished to go home.  He understood.

                The trip back home was an agonizing one, and I did my best to stay awake.  I arrived home at a few minutes before three in the afternoon, and went straight to bed.

                At six, no one showed up for Bible Studies, so I figured they weren't coming and I began studying.  But at seven in the evening, I heard Rambo barking fiercely, and went outside to see who it was.  I found Julio and his children walking toward the house ready to study.  "Better late than never," I thought.

                We studied the topic of "Where the Bible Came From." 


March 1st  2003   Saturday                The Longest Day


                Still tired from my cross-country travel the last two days, I slept in a bit this morning.  When I awoke, I felt awful.  I wanted to rest some more, but it seemed the more I tried, the worse I felt. 

                I ate a late breakfast, and then began studying and working on my computer.   As I was working, the children showed up, and said they wanted to prepare the garage for services.  I said, "Okay," and let them at it.

                Afterwards, Thomas Sweeney came by to visit.  We talked for a while.  He just had a "Medical Brigade" come in and do some work in a village around here, and he told me about that.  As we talked, I decided to ask him to preach for me this afternoon.  I told him, "I know it's short notice, but it'd help me a lot."  He agreed, and did a wonderful job.  He preached in English, and I translated in Spanish.  The children didn't take their eyes off of him, as he is such a big man.  Many of the kids call him "El Gigante" (The Giant). 

In total, there were 25 children, and we even had two women show up for services.  That was a real blessing.

At four o'clock, no one had shown up for English classes, so I thought I'd get a break.  But at an half past four, I had four cars pull up into the yard full of people who wanted to learn English.  Most of them were either family or friends of Hernando Corrales. 

I taught them an introductory class to English, and they listened intently.  Afterwards, they had many questions.

In the evening, the Chess Club showed up again.  This time there were more than usual.  They even brought a 10 year boy, who could beat anyone of the adults at any given time.  I played him twice, and he slaughtered me!

After everyone had gone, I went to bed exhausted.  Not only had I taught English, translated for Thomas, and more.  But I also played soccer with the kids when they came, and with those who wanted to study English.  I scored 5 goals, but ran so hard that my legs hurt afterwards.  When nine o'clock rolled around, I was dead to the world!


March 2nd  2003  Sunday                   Graduation, Independence, and Tradition


Pastor Jacobo came by yesterday and invited me to come to his church today.  He said they were having a graduation service for some of the graduates of the local Bible Institute, as well as a special service of "Independence" for the church.  I went, and found that the place was full.  I could not find a seat, and had to stand in the back.

After the graduation of six students, Missionary James Foster (who recently retired), with his Pastor from the U.S., gave Jacob some papers and declared the church no longer a "Mission," but a completely Independent, autonomous, Local Baptist Church.

                Before I left, Bro. Ramon Galeano asked me to take him home, which I did.  As we were driving, I asked him of the possibility of preaching on his radio.  He told me I could, but then he listed some limitations.  He said I could not preach anything he didn't agree with.

                We spoke before about where we agree and disagree, and had a long, heated discussion.  Ramon is like a majority of Pastor's I've met who like to put Baptist "Tradition" above the Bible.  I don't believe this to be correct.  I am a Baptist by conviction, but am first and foremost a Bible Believer.  Where the Bible says one thing, and tradition says another, I will go with the Bible every time. 

                For example, Ramon believes that the "Body of Christ" is only the Baptist Church, and then he clarifies further that every Local New Testament Baptist Church is a body of Christ.  I showed him verses to disprove this, but he is set in his ways.  I afterwards asked him, "How many bodies does Christ have?"  He couldn't answer.  Then I continued, "...Because the Bible is clear that Christ has one body, and that body is his bride.  If you make it more than one, than Christ has many brides, and is guilty of polygamy!"  He didn't like that too much.  But the Bible is very clear that the body of Christ is one (Rom. 12:5, 1 Cor. 12:12, 20, Eph. 2:16, etc.).

                Another example of "Baptist Tradition" above the Bible is the teaching that the church started with John the BAPTIST.  This is too funny for words.  For this to be true, then Jesus was a member of John's church, rather than the founder of His own church.  Plus, John didn't preach salvation by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, he was preaching water baptism!

                Probably the worst teaching of "tradition" over the Bible is when the Baptists preach that to be a part of the body (their local church), you have to be baptized to be a member.  In other words, you have to be baptized in water to be a part of the Body of Christ.  This is what they teach.  But my Bible says, that all are members of one body by the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:13) and not by water.  And that spirit baptism takes place when one puts their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour (Eph. 1:13).  How sad it is to follow tradition instead of God's words.

                My Pastor calls a man who believes in these Baptist Traditions a "Baptist Brider."  For most of their teachings come from a man named J.R. Graves, in his book entitled "Old Landmarkism."  The ultimate conclusion of most of those that adhere to these teachings, is that only the "Baptist Church" is the Bride of Christ.  They teach that in heaven, someone who was saved outside of the Baptist Church will be saved, and go to heaven, but they won't be in the Bride of Christ, and they will just be a "friend of the bridegroom" or something.  To me that is utterly and completely ludicrous! 

                So Ramon and I differ on these things.  However we are in complete agreement that salvation is by grace through faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ WITHOUT WORKS!  I would like to preach the gospel on his radio station.  It would be a blessing.  My desire also is to teach verse by verse starting in the book of Romans.  But it is yet to be seen if I can.  As a general rule, I don't preach for anyone that tells me what I can and can't preach.        



March 3rd  2003  Monday   Fixing Up The Old House


                Salvador Zacharias Lorenzo came by at seven thirty this morning to start working on this old house.  I hired him to fix the walls here, as the stucco is chipping off around the bottom in each room.  He brought with him a thirteen year old boy named Carlos Pineda, who is his apprentice.  Together, we all drove into town to buy Concrete and Cal. 

                They spent the rest of the day working hard on scraping all the loose façade off the existing walls, while I spent most of the day studying. 

                Before they left I gave them both New Testaments and told them I'd be waiting for them when they came back tomorrow.  It looks like a big job, and Castillo thinks it will take at least two weeks to complete.  We shall see.


March 4th  2003  Tuesday  Sleeplessness, Sickness, and Study


                Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the middle of a nightmare.  I can't sleep, and I don't like to eat too much.  It seems the more I try to rest, the more rest I cannot attain. 

                I awoke this morning as sick as a dog.  My entire body hurt.  I did not want to get out of bed.  I did not sleep well last night, as two Mosquitoes bothered me continually.  Also, I had several bad dreams.

                Yet I had to wake up early and wait for Salvador and Carlos to come and start working.  They came a little after seven and immediately began.

                I spent all day trying to rest and get over this sickness, but had no such luck.  My entire body feels week, and it feels like an elephant is stepping on my chest.  I am short of breath, and always feeling cold chills.  Still, I must press on.

                At six thirty in the evening, my neighbors came by and we studied the Bible again.  I taught on the subject of "The Tale of Three Cities."  I showed them where the correct texts for the Bible came from (Antioch), and where the corrupt texts originated (Rome and Alexandria). 


March 5th  2003  Wednesday            The Picture of Hell


This morning came too early.  I did not wish to wake up.  All night long I couldn't sleep, and my brain was going an hundred miles a minute.  It seems as though my body tires out before my mind.  When I awoke this morning, I felt very unrested and still a little sick.  I have had bronchitis before, and this is exactly what it feels like.  My body is weak, and my chest in queasy.  I also find myself short of breath at times.

Feeling too bad to go to Teguicalpa, I decided I'd stay home and try to rest.  This proved to be futile.  The more I'd try to rest, the more tired I felt.

Salvador and Carlos came again today, and went right to work.  I am happy with them, as they are fast workers.  They exceeded my expectations.  I've decided to let them paint the house as well, when they finish plastering the walls.

As Salvador was working, he saw a picture of Hell handing on the wall painted by my Pastor.  He told me he liked the picture.  I replied, "And when you die, where will you go?"  He said, "I do not know.  Probably there!"  I asked him if he wanted to go to Hell, and he replied, "No!"  Then he went back to work before I could say anything else.  He is a Catholic man, and I later told him I'd like to study the Bible with him and show him how he can know for sure that he's on his way to heaven.  He agreed, but told me, "After I'm done working and have finished the entire job, then let's study the Bible.  I want to finish first."


March 6th 2003  Thursday Rest?


                I rested again today.  Or at least I tried to.  I had to move furniture all day so that Salvador could work.  Then I had to study for Friday night Bible Study.  My body is still very weak, and I break into cold chills and sweats often.  I hope I can get better soon.             

My neighbor Jose Maureen came by today with a sack full of corn husks to give to Castillo's cow.  Castillo pays him two lempiras per bag, and Jose is happy to get it.


March 7th 2003  Friday        Paint, Priday, and Plaster


                Salvador and Carlos are almost finished replastering the walls here.  I decided I'd go into town and buy some paint for them to start painting, as I was feeling a little bit better.  At the "Ferreteria" (Hardware Store), I was just about to buy a five-gallon bucket, when Missionary Harold Priday came in looking for me.  He told me he had already bought paint and hired my old friend Hugo Nazar to do all the work. 

                On the way home, I stopped and chatted with Missionary Mike Lane for about an hour.  They invited me to eat lunch with them as well.  We had some very good Chili.


March 8th 2003  Saturday  Witnessing and Wicked Children


                I studied this morning preparing a Message entitled, "Stop!"  My points were 1.  Stop running from God, 2.  Stop your Meanness, and 3. Stop trusting in your works and trust in Christ Jesus.

                When Salvador finished working at noon, I invited him inside and sat him down at my table.  I witnessed to him hard.  Then, I showed him he had to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save his soul and nothing else.  He listened, but said, "I just can't find the faith to do that right now."  And he put it off until another day.  I gave him many tracts before he left, and he told me that he would study them, and then search his heart and talk to God about it.  I hope it does get saved.

                At one o'clock, only eight kids showed up.  They immediately began trying my patience and misbehaving.  When we went inside to study, they would not listen to a word I said, and were continually getting up and disrupting services.  

Two of the girls got up and left.   When I asked where they were going, I was told, "They are going to talk about their boyfriends!"  I got so angry that I almost began shouting.  I had all that I could take, and I told them, "If you aren't coming to learn the Bible, then it's best that you don't come at all!  The Bible should be the most important thing to you.  But obviously it's not!  You all need to show more respect towards the things of God!" 

That went over like a lead balloon, and they all got mad and left.   As one of the girls was leaving, I heard her say, "Fine, we'll just go to the other church where we can do what we want!"

I guess that's the end of my Children's ministry.  It saddens me greatly to see.  But I want to teach them right, and not help them to do wrong.   It will be interesting to see if they will come next week.  They have been angry before and left.   But this time I think it might be for good.  God only knows.


March 9th  2003  Sunday                    Downtrodden!


                Today, discouragement fell upon me like a heavy fog.  I feel like an utter and complete failure.  I came to this country over a year and a half ago to start churches.  But it seems I've failed three times now.  Things in Colomoncauga went bust, and the people didn't want a work there.  In Magdalena, we had services for several months, but then the "Santidad" denomination stole my flock.  Now the children's ministry is going downhill, and I find there's no one to blame but myself.  What a miserable Missionary I am!  I feel worthless at times.  And I can hear Satan whispering in my ear, "It would have been better if you'd been shot in San Pedro."

                Sometimes I feel the desire come upon me to quit and go home.  If it wasn't for the fact that I know without a doubt that God called me here, I would do just that.  The only solace I find is in Romans 8:28 and Philippians 1:6.


Rom. 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

                Phil. 1:6  Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:           


I know God's not through with me yet, and has something for me here.  That's all I have to keep me going.  But I'm finding that I'm better at starting things than finishing.  I started well here, but now things are going down the tubes.  It's always been like that.  In the states, I pastured a church for three months, and started out great, but couldn't finish.  I guess I just burn out too quickly.  I'm just a firecracker with no patience.

I just want to do something for God.  Whatever happens, I want to keep on for the Lord.  If all else fails, maybe I could be an evangelist in the states.  I love traveling, and I love preaching.  And, I wouldn't have to start anything.  I'd just be an encouragement to other Christians, as well as a witness to the lost.

But I know not what else to do except continue on here for the Lord.  My desire is to start churches, but it seems I'm doing anything but.  Teaching English and playing Chess is great, but that's not what I came here to do.  Bible Studies are a start, and I firmly believe they are important.  But when will God work it out that it develops into a church?  Please God, use me to start a church in this country! 


March 10th  2003  Monday Plowing, Painters, Plotting Land, and Wicked Priests


                Today was a busy day.  Don Hugo Nazar came with another man to begin painting the house.  Before he showed up, Hernan Corrales came by.  He told me that Harold Priday had hired him to measure all the land here.  He in turn hired Salvador and Carlitos to work for him.

                Don Roberto also arrived in the afternoon with his tractor to plow the field behind my house.  As he was working, I witnessed to Jose Angel (the man who Hugo hired) for about an hour.  He claims to be saved, but in this day and age of apostasy, who knows.  I've found it's good to just keep witnessing, as not everyone who says they are saved, really are.

                As we were speaking, he told me about how he used to be a Catholic.  I told him, "The Catholic church is the Devil's church!  It is the Great Whore of Revelation chapter 17!"  He readily agreed.  Then he asked me if I had heard about what had happened to the three top ranking Catholic priests here in La Esperanza.  I said, "No, what happened?"  He told me they were all fighting to see who would get control of the Catholic hierarchy here.  It was known to all that each one hated the other, and wanted to be on top.  But recently, one was exposed as a Homosexual, and had to leave.  The other had to go when it came to light that he was a fornicator who had, on more than several occasions, impregnated young girls.  The last one left without warning, and I didn't give the reason why.  He was probably guilty of something, and didn't want to get caught.  What a sham is religion!

                At five in the afternoon, everyone called it quits, and came to the house.  We all sat around and talked for a while about fishing.  There is a river here that has some very large fish.  They say that in this river, they kill the fish with their machetes, as the river isn't that deep.  They invited me to go there with them some time.  I would like that very much.

                Before bed, I read several chapters of the book of Proverbs, and I learned something that I had thought of before, but wasn't able to completely piece together until now. 

                 As I was reading about "wisdom," Proverbs 8:35 jumped off the page.  It says, "For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favor of the Lord."  Then I thought of the verse in chapter eighteen and verse twenty-two which says, "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD."  Thus I concluded that there is a connection between wisdom and women.  As I read on, I found Proverbs 14:1 proclaiming, "Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands."  Further, I looked upon this for instruction.  A wise woman is a home maker – a wife.

                But what makes a woman wise?  I found the answer in Proverbs 9:10: "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."  And in Prov 31:30, I learned, "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

                So it seems to me that there are both wise and foolish women (Matt. 25:1,2).  And for a woman to be wise, she must fear the Lord.  And for a man to please God, he must find a wife with wisdom. 

                I guess that leaves me without.  There are so few wise women left nowadays.  All I can do is pray and ask God to send me a woman that fears him, and wants to be a "home builder."  For there are too many foolish, "liberated" women in this day and age. 


March 11th  2003  Tuesday                Working!


                I awoke at seven this morning, and took a shower.  As I was reading more from the book of Proverbs, Jose and Castillo came to start working.  Hugo was late and Jose could not get started without him.  So, I put them both to work taking off the window screens and cleaning them.  I also had them wash the windows, and caulk around them with Silicone sealant.


March 12th  2003  Wednesday          Mail, Matute, and Marcos


                I went to Tegucigalpa and had my tail pipe welded first thing.  It cost me 180 lempiras (about 11 dollars).  Afterwards, I had to run to "Aero Casillas" to see if any mail had come for me.  Thomas Sweeney bought a Post Office box in Miami, and that company mails down his correspondence to him twice a week.  He put my name on it, and lets me use it as well. 

In my mail, I received a letter from a friend who sent me an enclosed printout of a website she had found.  It had my name on the top as one of the "1960 Spanish Bible Attackers."  And it listed several other of my friends who are standing for the pure words of God in Spanish, and against the corrupt 1960 [per]version.  I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the bottom where one of my friends was "associated" with, "Breaker's Group."  That was too much!  I guess they'll start calling people who reject the corrupt 1960 Spanish version "Breakerites."  (Lord, I hope not!)

                The man who put me on his site was Calvin George.  He is an adamant 1960 Spanish Bible defender.  And on the top of the webpage he had written "Si Tenemos la Palabra de Dios," inferring that the 1960 was it, I suppose.  Anyway, I guess I know now why I'm getting so many emails about the Spanish Bible Issue.  Even though Calvin George is an "Alexandrian" in his philosophy, and not a true bible believer in any sense of the word (as he thinks he's smart enough to correct the KJV), I do appreciate him giving me publicity.  Maybe no one would be writing me if he hadn't put me on his list.

                At five in the afternoon, I went to the Hospital Escuela to see Nelson.  He was happy to see me, and we conversed for a while.  As we were talking, he told me about a man that I had met in Olancho named David Matute, and asked me if I remembered him.  I told him to refresh my memory, and he did.  That poor old man was always drunk whenever I saw him, and always begging for money to buy more "guarro" (moonshine).  Nelson told me that he was brought to the hospital several days ago with third degree burns over his entire body.  He was pouring gasoline into a container in his home, when the fumes reached a candle nearby and burnt him to a crisp. 

                I asked Nelson to take me to see him, and he agreed, but said he didn't think they'd let us in, as that is usually a restricted area.  When we arrived on the fourth floor, we asked to be admitted, but where told that Mr. Matute had died the day before.  My heart sank in my chest.  I didn't know the man too well, but to think that he was not only burnt to death, but was now burning in hell, was too much to fathom.  I wish I could have witnessed to him one more time.  But I did give him several tracks in Olancho on more than one occasion.  Maybe he could have been saved, but I seriously doubt it.

                Bible Studies with Nelson and Zenia went well.  A young man named Marcos was at the house when I arrived.  He used to come to visit them drunk as a skunk, but now he claims to be saved and on his way to heaven.  Nelson has been discipling him as well and teaching him and his women, named Alma, the Bible.

                I taught all of them, and we finished completely chapter four of 1 Thessalonians.  Afterwards, Marcos and Alma asked me about "tongues."  So I read the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 14 to them, and explained it.  They understood, and were mad that the Charismatics would try to deceive them by trying to teach them heresy.  They said that they wanted to start coming when I came and study the Bible.  I hope they do.      


March 13th  2002  Thursday             Matricula


                The "Matricula" (I guess "registration") for my truck expires the 15th of this month.  So I had to go downtown to the DMV (only in Honduras it's called the DEI or Departamento Ejectutivo de Ingresos) and see how to get a new one.  They told me I could go to any bank to pay for it, and they would give me a current document that was good for another year.  However, when I went to the bank last week to pay, they told me I was not in the system, and had to go to Tegucigalpa to straighten things out.

                To make a long story short, things actually went well for a change, and I was given an extension until August to pay for my registration.   Also I was entered into the computer without a hassle, and was on my way in less than thirty minutes!

                Both on the way downtown to the governmental office, and on the way back to my truck, I witnessed to the taxi drivers and gave them tracts.  I also passed out several more tracks on the way home.


March 14th  2003  Friday                   Death of a Youth


                I awoke early this morning to move all my furniture out of the guest room so that Hugo and Miguel Angel could finish painting.  That room was all they lacked, and they finished it in less than two hours.

                As I was trying to reorganize my room again, I was interrupted when all my kids came by to see me.  They said, "Isn't it true that you fought with us on Saturday?"  I said, "Nope!  You were just full of the devil!"  They laughed, and then told me the real reason they were coming was to ask to borrow all of my chairs.  Dania told me that her eighteen-year-old brother died this morning, when he fell out of a moving car and landed on his head.  She said they were having many people come by to view the body, and needed a place for them to sit.  I readily obliged, and let them borrow the chairs.  Before they left, they invited me to come by and visit.

                An hour or so later I got in my truck and drove over to the house.  I found the boy's mother bawling her head off, while the family was outside talking.  When I sat down beside her, she keep saying, "Oh Don Robert, oh Don Roberto, why does this have to happen to me?"  I held her hand and tried to calm her down the best I could.  I also prayed with her, and I passed out tracts to the family.

                After consoling her the best I could, I got up walked over to the coffin. On the wall were five pictures of Mary in beautiful frames, and one tiny little picture of a Catholic Jesus.  When I looked inside the coffin, I saw what looked to me to be an older man of thirty-five or forty years of age.  The poor boy's head was swelled to about two times its size, and that made him look much older.  They had cleaned him up the best they could, but he still had cotton in his ears and nose to keep the blood from coming out.  As I looked at that boy, I thought about where he was now.  So peaceful and quiet he looked in that wooden coffin, with flowers and sweet-smelling herbs scattered all over his body.  But I could image the poor boy screaming out in pain and anguish in Hell.  Would to God the gospel had gotten to him first!  Oh how sad it is to see someone die and go to Hell.  And even sadder to me is to see that Religion offers no hope to console a crying mother.  God, help me to get them the truth!

                Before I left, the family asked me to do them the favor of driving into town with the boy's two sisters, and take them to the Funeral Home to borrow some large candlestick holders for the funeral.  I agreed, and took them, Dania, David, and Dunia with me.

                As we drove, this two sisters kept telling me how, "Good looking" I was and how they wanted to marry a "Gringo."  I told them, "Well, I hope you find one then," in the hopes they'd leave me alone.  They continued by speaking evil, and even propositioned me on several occasions.  I told them fornication was a sin, and that I wanted nothing to do with them, and that they needed to get saved.  Then they left me alone.

                I dropped them off at their house after a rather unfruitful quest for the candeleros, (candlesticks).  (All the Funeral Homes were either closed, or didn't have any) and quickly drove home. 

                When I approached the front gate, I saw Yovanni waiting there for me for our English classes.  I had totally forgotten about them.  We studied for about an hour.

                Afterwards, Hernan came to the house after working outside all day measuring the property, and both Yovanni and I witnessed to him for a while.  He claims to be a Christian, and says he wants to be a Pastor.  I told him, "Then if you're supposed to be a Pastor, can you tell me where in the Bible is the Gospel?"  He said he didn't know, and I was more than happy to show him 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

                Yovanni and I kept on talking to him, and he seemed to get angry.  Afterwards he told us that he "loved" everyone, and that solved everything.  (Typical Charismatic response).

                In the evening, I studied with my neighbors on the subject of "The Will of God."  Afterwards, we sat and talked for awhile.  I always enjoy Don Julio's stories from his time in El Salvador.


March 15th  2003  Saturday              Chairs, Class, and Chess


                I waited all morning for the children to come by and tell me when they were going to take the young man to the cemetery to bury him.  They invited me to come, and I was more than willing to go.  But no one ever showed up.  When Don Castillo went to lunch, I asked him to find out what time they were having the funeral services, and to come back here, and we'd go together.  He said he would.

                When he returned from lunch, he said, "They buried him early this morning."  So I missed the burial services.

                At about two o'clock, I went to the home of the deceased to get my chairs that I let them borrow.  I met the mother there, and she was still crying.  I asked why they buried him so soon, and she said that his head swelled so big from the bump he received that it was about to explode, and they wanted to get him in the ground before that happened.

                The children didn't come to my house for services today, but they came to visit me when I was at the mother's house.  They asked me if we were going to have services, and I replied, "That's up to you!"  They said they wanted to return next week and start having services again.  They seemed a little bit more humble and much nicer.  Maybe the death made them think about some things.

                At four-thirty, my students showed up for English class, and I taught them for an hour and a half.  Afterwards we drank hot chocolate and talked for a while.   Then at six-thirty I played chess with Julio's kids.  Dr. David and Tito and the rest of them never showed up.  This makes the second week in a row that they haven't come.  I wonder what came up? 


March 16th  2003  Sunday Surprise!!!


                I left my home in La Esperanza at noon today bound for the big city of San Pedro Sula.  Not only did I want to visit services with Bro. Homero in the evening, but I wanted to meet Bro. Bob Adams when he flies into the airport tomorrow.  He is with "Wings Bearing Precious Seed," and distributes Bibles to Missionaries.  I met him several years ago in Tennessee, and we had good fellowship there.  He also is the one that first told me about the 1602 TR Spanish Bible, and gave me a New Testament of it.  I look forward to seeing him.

                When I arrived in San Pedro, I found that neither Homero or Bro. German were home.  I thought to myself, "Where would they be at the noon hour?"  Then I remembered how much Bro. Homero loves Pizza Hut, so I drove there immediately.  Sure enough, he was there with his family and Bro. German.

                They were surprised to see me, as Bro. Homero hadn't received my email.  He, like me, doesn't check his email too regularly.  I told him about Bro. Adams coming, and he remembered him from the Conference in Mexico.

                We all talked awhile, and told me that they are now renting a building in Cerro Verde for their church.  I was glad to hear this.  In the evening, I went there with them, and heard Bro. Vasquez (a member of the church) preach a message about "What you'll remember in Heaven?"  It was very good.   His answer was that in heaven, we will be like Christ Jesus, and we will so happy in worshipping Him, that we will eventually forget about our lost loved ones.  Then he stressed that now was the time to cry for them, and to preach to them and tell them how to be saved.  For after a thousand years in heaven, all sorrows shall be forgotten and passed away.

                He also got on the 1960 Spanish Bible and pointed out how it waters down Hell by using the Greek word "Hades" instead of "Infierno" (Hell). 

                After services, we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat.  It was closed by the time we arrived, so I suggested we try "Tre Fratelli's," (an Italian place).  Homero agreed, and off we went.

                We soon discovered that this was probably the most expensive restaurant in all of San Pedro Sula.  I had eaten at the one in Tegucigalpa, and really enjoyed it.  I didn't think it was too terribly expensive, as I was by myself.  But when you have three adults and three children, prices sure do sky rocket!  We ended up paying over 700 lempiras for the meal by the time we were done (over 40 American dollars).   I told Homero, "You'd better enjoy this, cause this is the last time I'm ever coming to this place!  It's just too expensive!"  Live and learn, live and learn.  From now on, I'm a Burger King man!


March 17th  2003  Monday Bro. Bob!


                We spent the morning working on my car, or at least trying to.  Homero's tools were stolen out of his car a while back, and it's hard to do what you want to, when you don't have the right tools for the job.  We finally decided we'd just go buy an Allen Wrench and do save time.  We also went to Pricesmart and the supermarket "Paiz" to buy some food to cook for Bro. Adams.

                Afterwards, we finished replacing the rotors on my car, and then headed in it to the airport.  When Bro. Bob got off the plane, he was surprised to see me.  I sent him an email telling him I'd meet him at the airport, but he didn't receive it in time.  He also had a couple with him from Montana who remembered me when I was on deputation and had a meeting at their church.  We all loaded up, and then headed to Bro. Homero's house for some good Mexican food, and sweet fellowship.

There, they gave us Bibles, tracts, and even clothes that they had grabbed out of their Missionary Closet to give away.  I remarked, "This is like a garage sale, but even better, as everything is free!"  I found a pair of pants and a nice dress shirt.

                Bro. Bob also brought us some 1602 TR New Testaments, and Bro. Hanson and his wife brought us some Chick tracts and some clothes.  It was a blessing to receive them.  (Better than Christmas).

                We also exchanged information with Bro. Bob and he said he would send us a pallet of 1865 Bibles by ship.  We also tentatively set up a meeting in September when he could come back and help us get out tracts and do some preaching!  What a blessing that'd be.

                Before they left for La Ceiba, they told us they have another layover next Monday as well, and we said we'd come by and pick them up again for breakfast.  I look forward to fellowshipping with them some more, and see how their trip went!


March 18th  2003  Tuesday                Home!


                Today Bro. Homero and I changed the front rotors on my car.  It didn't take too long, and I made it home before noon to find the boys still painting the house.  They finished the inside, and it looks great.  All that lacks is the outside, and because the concrete work was not finished, they could only paint the upper portion of the walls.  They plan to paint the lower portion after the plaster is applied.

                Before they left, I spoke with them about many things.  Salvador is still not saved, nor does he want to talk about it.  I witnessed to Hernan, but he seemed become angry the more I spoke to him.  His answer to everything was "Love, love, love" (Typical Charismatic response).  I tried to show him that even though it is true that "God is love," he also has another side that hates some things.  For God said that he "hated" Esau (Rom. 9:13).  I also asked him if God "loved" sin.  He could not answer. 

This most contemptible heresy of the "Love Gospel" is really damning many souls to Hell!  For they think that if God is love, then he would never put anyone in Hell.  But the Gospel is that Christ loved mankind enough that he paid for their sins on Calvary, and if they will accept that, then (and only then) will they will find the love of God, for God hates the wicked (Ps. 11:5), and his wrath abideth on them (John 3:36)!

                Castillo told me today that the Water receipt was supposed to come the 15th, but never did.  So I had to drive into town to the SANAA department to pick it up.  When I went there, I received both bad and good news.  They told me that I had no receipt to pay, and that I couldn't pay for my water until I gave them back the receipt they gave me when I paid the connection fee.  I drove home for the paper, and when I returned, they told me that they would not bill me for this month, and I would have to start paying next month.  Praise the Lord!  I received a month's worth of water for free! 

                At lunch, I went by and visited with Bro. Thomas Sweeney.  We ate spaghetti together and talked for a while.  He and his wife Rhonda will be leaving in a few weeks for the states on furlough.  I'll sure miss them.


March 19th  2003  Wednesday          To Tegucigalpa


                Yesterday I had Bible study with Julio and his boys.  We studied the doctrine of the Church in the Bible, and how the word church could apply to four different things:


1.        The Period of Time of 2000 years, also know as the Church Age

2.        The Body of Christ of all believers.                          (A Spiritual Organism)

3.        The Local Assembly of believers in one place.      (A Local Organization)

4.        The Church building


After we finished studying, Julio asked me if he could ride into Siguatepeque with me tomorrow as I travel on to Tegucigalpa.  I readily agreed.

Bro. Hugo also asked me to drop him off in Comayagua and I told him I would gladly take him with me, and drop him off there. 

At eight o'clock, Julio and his wife Naomi came by and together we left to pick up Hugo at his house.  An hour later, I dropped Julio and his wife off at the bus stop in Siguatepeque.  Another hour later, we arrived in Comayagua.  Hugo gave me directions to his Mother in Law's house, and there we unloaded some furniture for his daughter who is living there.  Before I left, Hugo took me out back and showed me a Tamarind tree, loaded with Tamarinds (here they call them Tamarindos).  He asked me if I wanted some, and quickly responded, "Yes!" as I love the juice that is made from them.

After we spent about thirty minutes picking up Tamarindos from the ground, I had two huge bags full!  Then I was on my way to Tegucigalpa.

                Bible Study with Nelson, and Zenia went well.  Marcos and Alma didn´t show up as they were supposed to, but Nelson said they wanted to, and that I should come back tomorrow to study with all of them.  I said I would, but before leaving, they said, "But aren't you going to teach us something now?"  I was happy to do so, and taught them from 1 Timothy chapter four.

                I also learned that Nelson and Zenia have finally gotten their papers together to get married.  Now all they lack is to do it!  What a blessing that would be!


March 20th  2003  Thursday             War!


                Today I heard that he United States declared war on Iraq.  What a senseless loss of resources and a shameful waste of money.  The more I thought about it, the more a fire burned within me.  As I thought of the history of America, I thought about how much my country has changed for the worst, and put forth a complete reversal of what it once stood for, practiced, and believed.

                I tried to make sense of it all, and came to the conclusion that even though SIN is the ultimate problem and the reason for all wars, that Hitler had a lot to do with it as well.  When the U.S.A. was founded, it's policy was that of "Isolationalism" or "keeping our nose out of other's business!"  Then as time went by, we slowly began to overthrow the "Monroe Doctrine" until the world began calling us "Imperialists."  Yet we still didn't want much to do with the rest of the world.

                Then WW I broke out, and America stayed out of it as long as they could.  When they finally did send troops, it was when the war was almost over.  But WW II destroyed America more than any other single event, I believe, as it made America into a strong Military nation, and filled her full of Pride. 

We tried to stay out of the war as long as possible, and even forbad giving arms to anyone.  Then we passed the "Land-Lease Act" to help Britian, but that was only with supplies, and not with troops.  We still wanted to be isolated from everything and everybody. 

                Then came Hitler and Pearl Harbour, and America's small standing Army began to swell in ranks.  With a fury, they then attacked both of those "evil beasts" to "rid the world of tyranny and oppression."  After the war was over, America became even more prideful and began to think that she was the "cock of the walk," and it was her duty to continue the cause of freedom for everyone else in the world.  

                We went from being a nation that thought only about the rights of its citizens, to a nation that began to suppress those rights under the umbrella of "securing the rights of freedom for peoples everywhere!"  Then she began sticking her nose where it didn't belong in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Somalia, Kosovo, etc.  What ever happened to the Monroe Doctrine?  Why keep the world in a perpetual state of war all under the guise of "helping the cause of freedom and peace?"

                At any rate, America is now in my eyes showing the world that she decides what's right and wrong for everyone else.  Rather than focusing on the continuing destruction, chaos, and disorder within her own borders, she wants to meddle into the business of others and try to get them to do what she thinks they ought.  I say, "Long live the Monroe Doctrine!"  Let's forget about the rest of the world, and start thinking about our own people!

                I also fear that by her actions, she is destroying the basic principle on which that once mighty nation was founded.  What ever happened to "Innocent until proven Guilty?"  Wasn't that the main foundation of the court system and the issue of freedom in America?  Now we are attacking a nation only on the suspicion that they are going to do something wrong with their "nuclear weapons."  Isn't that teaching the world that we believe in punishing someone that we think to be guilty even though they haven't even committed a crime? 

                This "Terrorism" stuff is the same tactic that Hitler used to gain complete control of all the civil liberties of Germany, and eventually every country he occupied.  It made the Government to be GOD, deciding who was a criminal and who was not, and they could persecute, imprison, fine, or even kill anyone that they suspected to be a "Terrorist" without the security of a non-bias court system and the assurance that a man is innocent until he is proven to be guilty.

                If the Lord should tarry, I fear for my country.  For I shutter to think it shall soon become a Gestapo state and will begin persecuting "we the people."  God help us!  Even so come Lord Jesus!


March 21st  2003  Friday                   Home Again!


                It is always good to come home and rest.  I feel like I'm wearing myself out here.  As one Evangelist once said, "If the Devil can't get you to rust out, drop out, or cop out, he'll try to get you to wear out!"  And sometimes I feel like I'm in much need of some quality rest!

                When I arrived home today, Castillo told me that the Police were looking for me.  I asked him what they wanted, and he told me that they came asking for Bibles.  He said it scared him half to death to see them pull into the yard.  He thought they were coming to arrest me.  I told him that they were my friends, and I invited them to come by some day and get some Bibles.  He was relieved.

                Eric Sanchez came by in the afternoon.  I spoke with him for some time.  He asked me to teach in his Bible Institute starting May 15th on the topic of "The Roman Catholic Church."  I have 15 weeks to teach a one hour class about the history, false teachings, and deception of the "Great Whore" from Revelation chapter 17 and 18.  

                Before he left, I gave him a sleeping bag to take with him when he goes out to the mountains to preach, as he told me his old one was completely shot.

                Yovanni and Raulito came by at two in the afternoon, and we studied English.   We are reading from the Bible in John chapter one so that they can learn correct pronunciation, and then on Saturday's we have classes on Grammar so they can learn vocabulary and sentence structure.

                In the evening, Julio and his sons came by, and we studied on the topic of "Other Christians".


March 22nd  2003  Saturday              No Kids!


                I slept in a bit today, as this has been a long week.  Not only did I have to drive to Tegucigalpa as usual, but I had to go to San Pedro Sula as well.  All this travel is beginning to catch up with me.  Other people see it as well, and say that I need a vacation, as I'm continually in a bad state of health and always tired.  But still I press on.

                No children came today, and I was a little disappointed.  I thought at least one or two would show up.  Maybe the Children's Ministry is completely finished.  Only time will tell.

                Eric Sanchez came by in the afternoon on his motorcycle.  He asked if he could start taking English classes, and I agreed.  While we were waiting for my pupils to show up, he taught me to ride his motorcycle.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I would love to have one of those things to ride up in the mountains to carry tracts and Bibles to far away villages.  Maybe God will bless me with one someday.

Late as usual, my students for English Class came by and we started studying vocabulary and verbs.  We finished over an hour later, and then began playing Chess.  Julio's children are learning quickly and really enjoy it.  Perla, an eight year old, is fun to play with, and she beats me as often as I beat her.  I guess we are on the same level.

                At eight in the evening, everyone went home, and I tried to get some rest for my long day of travel back to San Pedro Sula tomorrow, and preaching in the evening service of Bro. Homero Romero.


March 23rd  2003  Sunday Services


                I arrived in San Pedro Sula at a few minutes before one o'clock, and went straight to Bro. Homero's house for lunch.  They were waiting for me, and we had a great lunch of "baleadas" and guacamole.  Afterwards, I asked Bro. Homero to play a game of Chess with me, and I think I made another "addict."  We played two games and Bro. Homero really enjoyed it, but he said, "The only problem is that it makes your head hurt from thinking so much!"

                In the evening, I preached on the subject of "Why It Is Important to Witness for Jesus Christ!"  The Lord gave me complete liberty, and I was able to preach hard and think clearly in the Spanish tongue.

                After dinner, I played several games of Chess with Homero's seven year old son named Neptali.  He is very smart, and though he'd never played before, learned how the pieces move much faster than any pupil that I've taught so far.  He even put me in check on many occasions!


March 24th  2003  Monday Bro. Adams and the Hanson's


                At eight in the morning, we left Homero's house for the International San Pedro Sula Airport.  Bro. Adams and the Hanson family arrived on schedule, and we took them back to Homero's house for a wonderful Mexican breakfast. 

As we were driving, Homero noticed a noise from the back brakes and said that something was wrong.  It was a grinding sound and he said we needed to check them.  Later we did, and found that the back left drum was completely shot, and had to be replaced.  Also both rear brake pads were completely worn down.   

During breakfast, we heard about Bro. Adams and the Hanson's adventures in La Ceiba and their escapades as they traveled around to different churches in the mountains and preached and passed out tracts.  They had a wonderful time with Bro. Delarca, and were very excited about their time there and their service for the Lord.

Afterwards, we journeyed to the downtown area in San Pedro Sula so that they could buy some Souvenirs before they left to go back to the states.  Bro. Derrick Hanson bought a nice Machete.  While Bro. Adams got a few trinkets for some folks back in the states.

From there, we traveled to a small Natural History Museum as we had time to kill before their flight left for Houston.  In the museum, Bro. Adams witnessed to the young curator there.  He asked her, "Do you believe in Evolution?"  She replied, "Yes!"  Then he told her about how the blood of man disproves evolution, as man's blood and ape's blood are not compatible, nor can be.  Then he started in about how the Blood of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can save a soul from hell!  What a blessing it was to hear him preach to that young lady the blessed Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  She understood some of what he said in English, but what she didn't understand, I translated for her into Spanish.  Bro. Bob is a real blessing, and a great testimony for the Lord.

When we got them to their gate at the airport, Bro. Homero and I went back to his house to work on my rear brakes.  After we took the tires off, and disassembled our pieces, we took them with us to the Auto Parts store to see if we could find what we needed.

Buying Auto parts in Honduras is not easy!  There is no AutoZone, or DAP's store like there is in the states.  There are many different parts stores, and not all of them carry the same things.  We spent the rest of the day looking for rear brakes and a rear rotor for my 1994 Suburban and found absolutely nothing!

Bro. Homero also had to go to the Immigration department and have his family's passports stamped for another month as well, in order to stay in Honduras.


March 25th  2003  Tuesday                Fixing the Truck


                Homero and I spent most of the day looking for rear brakes for my Chevrolet Suburban.  At one o'clock, we finally found them at the "Auto Repuestos Atlantico" store.  They said they had the rear drums as well, but when they went to look, they were five holes instead of six. 

                We decided to have the back left drum ground, and we went to have that done.  By two o'clock, we started putting everything back together, and by four, I was on my way home to La Esperanza.

                I arrived home just before seven, and was late for my Bible Study.  I visited my neighbors and told them what happened, and they understood.  They said, "It's better that you go home and rest, and we'll study on Friday!" 


March 26th  2003  Wednesday          Off to Tegucigalpa


                I left for Tegucigalpa today at nine in the morning.  I arrived there at a quarter till twelve, and immediately went to get a bite to eat.  Afterwards, I ran a few errands, which included checking my email, mailing some letters, and buying some supplies.

                At six o'clock, I visited Nelson at the Hospital Escuela, and took him home.  As usual, he was very happy to see me, and was looking forward to studying the Bible.  When we arrived at his home, we encountered a Pentecostal revival meeting in the street in front of his house.  There were loudspeakers, chairs, a platform, and hundreds of people standing in the street listening to a preacher shouting, "Alleluia!" over and over again.  Nelson said, "Look at that cult!  They sure get the numbers, don't they?"

                Zenia prepared us a pleasant meal, but I declined, as my stomach was not feeling well.  I had some Tamarind juice and no more.  Afterwards, we finished studying the book of 1 Thessalonians.  Jose Marcos and Alma were there also.  They enjoy studying the Bible as well.  They also want to preserve their testimony by getting married.   Jose Marcos went to get his birth certificate, and they gave him a copy of it, but it was not exactly right.  He asked me to go to San Isidro, in the department of Intibucá where I live, and see if I could get the original birth certificate.  I told him I would try.

                When I left, everyone was happy and joyful in the Lord.  We could still hear the Charismaniacs outside in the street "praying in tongues" and shouting "Alleluia" at the top of their voices.

                Nelson walked me to the truck, and told me that he wanted to see a church started in this community.  He also showed me several houses that are for rent for about 60 American dollars per month.  He said that there were many people that he'd talked to that were always asking him where he went to church.  Before I left, Nelson told me, "Robert, we need to start a church here, as there is so much false doctrine, and the people don't know the truth!"   


March 27th  2003  Thursday             Mario Puerto


                I watched a little bit of CNN (The Communist News Network) at the Cancer Center this morning to see what was going on in the War in Iraq.  I found that they didn't give too much information.  A few channels up the dial, I found the BBC, and was surprised how much more news they gave, and how they did it in a non-bias way.  So few Americans get the truth watching the liberal news media!  And CNN doesn't report the facts, but rather gives people's opinions on certain matters in "Talk Show" formats.  I don't like that.  Just give me the facts, please!

                Before I left, I talked to Mario Puerto.  He was a Pastor in the department of Choluteca, Honduras for many years, and is now living at the Cancer Center while praying for direction from the Lord on what to do next.  He asked me for a ride to Siguatepeque to visit his family there.  I quickly agreed, and in less than an hour, we were off.

                I asked him if he had met Bro. Abel Bonilla, and he told me that he had not.  Thus, I detoured and drove up the road a little ways to introduce him to Missionary Abel Bonilla.  Abel readily invited us in, and told me that he had some packages for me.  One of which was a shipment of Bibles from the BEAMS organization.

                Abel and Mario hit it off, and became good friends.  Before we left, Abel told us that we should go and see his new church and school that they recently finished constructing.  I agreed, and as we left, another Missionary from Arkansas (Mr. Karl Thomas) pulled up.  I spoke with him for some time, and enjoyed fellowshipping with another American.

                At the school, I was very surprised to see how huge the building was.  It was great to see how God blessed Bro. Abel, and his ministry.

                On the way home, Mario and I spoke about many things, and I enjoyed his fellowship.  When I dropped him off in Siguatepeque, I asked him to give me the blessing of buying him a drink.  He agreed, and I bought him a coke before he went on his way, and I on mine.


March 28th  2003  Friday                   Sickness,  Giving, and English


                Most of the day I spent in bed trying to recuperate from a massive stomachache.  It hurt all day, and I tried to rest to help me feel better.  In the evening, Julio and his boys came by, and we studied on the topic of "Giving." 

                This is not exactly my most favorite topic, and I don't really enjoy talking about it, as most people think it has only to do with money.  When most people look at Preachers, Pastors, Missionaries, or religion as a whole, they think it's all a money scam, and those in charge only care about how they can obtain more riches.  I studied, and found that God wants more than just our cash.  He wants our time, worship, energy, heart, life, and more.  Giving covers a world of subjects in the Christian life, and I did my best to show that to them.

                In the afternoon, Yovanni, Eric Sanchez, and Betty came for English classes.  We read from John chapter one again, so that they could learn correct pronunciation of English words.

March 29th  2003  Saturday              No More Children's Ministry


                The children have never come back, so it seems that my Children's ministry is now completely over.  Part of me is glad, as those misbehaved children wore me out at times!  But I find that I am sad as well, for I wish that I could teach them more about the Lord Jesus Christ.  Most of them now go to the "Santidad" church up the street, and I can see them becoming more and more worldly, as that church mixes "the things of God" with the world.  Not only do they teach a perverted gospel, but they also endorse "rock music," worldly styles and apparel, and worldly living.  It hurts to see my children go to that, but how can I compete with carnal children, with worldly parents.  It stands to reason that they would love the world more than God.  I only pray that they will see the vanity of that false religion, and the seed I planted in their hearts might grow into fruition to the point that they will see the hypocrisy in that mess, and come to me and God's word when they really do seek the truth.

                My students for English class showed up again, and brought some visitors with them.  We studied for over an hour, and then I revised their homework writing their errors on the board so that they would understand their mistakes.  Afterwards, we had "Arroz con Leche" (Rice with milk), and I played Chess with all those who wished to do so.


March 30th  2003  Sunday Overdose!!!


                I awoke this morning with a throbbing headache, stomach pains, and a queasy chest.  I decided to  finally wage war on this incessant disease that is always molesting me, and battle it with all my strength.  My father sent me a book entitled, "How to Get Well" a few months back, and I looked at it yesterday.  It said for a cold or Bronchitis, that one should take 2,500 milligrams of Vitamin C.   When I awoke this morning, I decided to do just that.  But I forgot the amount.  I thought it was 25,000 milligrams, so I counted out fifty 500 mg pills, and then swallowed them all with a glass of lemonade.  After I had finished, I looked in the book, and found that I had been mistaken.  Needless to say, I had more energy than I new what to do with the rest of the day, and actually felt much, much better!

                The rest of the day, I tried to clean house and do some chores.  In the afternoon, I had cold chills, so I took a nap until five in the evening.  I hope that tomorrow I will feel better and finally knock this sickness completely out!


March 31st  2003  Monday San Isidro


                Eric Sanchez woke me up at six thirty this most cruel and vicious of mornings.  We were to go to San Isidro to find the birth certificate of Jose Marcos, and because of a horrible storm in the evening, the power went out last night, and my alarm did not go off.   I awoke oblivious to what time it was, and was only aware that it was very cold both inside and out.

                When I dressed and let Eric in, I found that a cold front had moved in, and the strong North winds made conditions almost unbearable.  Eric informed me that according to the news, this horrid weather was to continue at least a few more days!

                After washing my face, and changing garments, we both journeyed to San Isidro, Intibucá in search of Jose's birth records.  It was about a two hour drive over mountainous roads, and we talked about the Bible the whole way.  When we arrived in San Isidro, we went about passing out tracts.  I took off down the road and visited every house in sight.  I was even invited into a few homes and given the opportunity to speak with them about the Gospel.   Eric went the other way, and passed out tracts to those in the park waiting for transportation out of town to go to work. 

                When I returned to the office of "Registro" (Registration), I found them open, and Eric there waiting for me.  When we entered, I told the man behind the counter of my friend in Tegucigalpa, and his desire to get married, and his problem with his paperwork.  They had written on his information that he was a "Female" and that he was born in 1989, when he was really born in 1984.  The man looked up the information, and what we found was quite interesting.  The Jose Marcos Gutierrez Martinez that they had in their records died at four months old.  Thus, Jose's paperwork was not valid, as it was of another person of the same name. 

                After giving the office workers tracts, we dismissed ourselves and journeyed to the town of Jesus de Otoro.  There we ate breakfast.  Eric asked me if I had been the back way to La Esperanza, and I replied, "No!"  So we took the back road, and he pointed out to me all the villages with no Bible Believing church and no Gospel witness.   How sad that there are not more people that are willing for the sake of Christ Jesus to give up their worldly lives of ease to carry the Gospel to those that have it not. 

                As we drove home, I explained to Eric how Satan is attacking the home, and how he is using the governments of this world to give special "rights" to those that God said either had none, or were to be under subjection to someone else.   We covered how Satan is using "Women's rights" to make the woman usurp authority over her husband, and in so doing, causing confusion in the eyes of the children in the aspect of who is the head of the family.  We agreed that this is why there are so many homosexuals in our land, as children think that the woman is the head of the home.  Thus, they want to be like the woman. 

We also looked at how the children are getting their "rights" as well, when the Bible says their only concern is to obey their parents.  In Tegucigalpa, I told Eric, there is even a huge billboard that shows many different children of all races and nationalities, and in big letters below it says, "We don't ask for much, only our rights!"

                How sad that Satan is preaching a gospel of "people's rights" and telling people that they deserve certain things, when the Bible is clear that all men are sinners, and deserve Hell.  Everything else is only God's grace.

                When we arrived home, Eric then told me he needed to go home and prepare for an engagement he had that evening.  I bid him God's speed, and watched him pedal off in his Bicycle.  He also told me today that his motorcycle was stolen yesterday.  I was sad to hear it.

                Afterwards, I went inside and began studying when I was suddenly disturbed by a stranger knocking on my front door.  When I went to see who it was, I found someone I'd never seen before, and I asked him what he was doing here.  He told me, "I wish to speak to you about the things of God!"  I readily invited him in, and he told me, "I believe that the Holy Spirit of God told me to come here and ask you for a Bible."  He continued on in a monotone voice talking about the Holy Spirit and telling me how "humble" he was.  I gave him a Bible and was about to ask him to leave, as he was quite a very fruity individual, when Bro. Thomas Sweeney pulled up in the yard.  He came to the back door, and I invited him in and introduced him to my guest.

                We all had a word of prayer, and then my visitor said, "Thank you very much for the Bible," and excused himself.  After he left, Bro. Thomas said, "Looks like you've got yourself a Pentecostal there!"  We both laughed.  The poor kid said he pertained to the "Church of God in Prophecy" denomination, and that he was just following the Holy Spirit in doing what he thought that he wanted him to do.

                At any rate, the boy was very thankful for the Bible, and left with a smile on his face.


April 1st  2003  Tuesday                     Cold Tuesday


                Today was very cold again.  When I ran into town to run some errands, I had to wear a heavy jacket.  Bro. Jacobo came by in the afternoon, and asked me to copy some of my CD programs for him.  I willingly agreed, and spent some time working on that.

In the evening, I had Bible study with Julio and his family on the subject of "Money and Possessions."  I showed them how money was indeed a necessity, but to love it and to depend on it more than God is a most vile and heinous sin. 


April 2nd  2003  Wednesday              Tegucigalpa


                I left at ten in the morning for Tegucigalpa.   I had planned to stay home today and tomorrow in an effort to finish some very important business.  But I remembered that my taxes were due on the 15th, and I wanted to send the paperwork to my father to mail off before then.

                Before I left, the "loco" (crazy) Charismatic boy who asked for a Bible the other day came back with it and told me, "God the Holy Spirit, Alleluia, told me, glory to God, to bring you back this Bible, Alleluia!"  I told him, "How could God tell you to come and get it, and then tell you to bring it back?  That's confusing.  And God's not the author of confusion!"  He could not answer, and left.  (That's your typical Charismaniac, who either follows his flesh or is led by a demon, while trying to give credit to God for his actions).

                In Tegus, I mailed off my tax paper to my Dad along with many other letters of correspondence.  As I was talking to the lady behind the counter, (Miss Ingrid Lopez Sevilla by name) she asked me, "What will happen to someone if they go through the tribulation?"  I was a little bit surprised by such a thing, and asked her why she would ask.  She told me, "I've been reading the book of Revelation in the New Testament you gave me about what shall take place in the future.  And I was wondering if I could get saved then."  I told her that she needed to get saved right now, otherwise she might never get another chance.  Then I told her about the mark, the antichrist, and the one world government who will chop the heads off of all who will not conform to their agenda.

                She got scared and said, "It's better to get saved now then!"  I replied in the affirmative, and then took her through the scriptures and showed her how to be born again, and stressed her need to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save her soul.  Afterwards, she said, "That's all well and good, but I'm just not ready yet, and I need to study it some more.   Thus, I gave her the tract, "How can I have eternal life?" and I left.  How sad to see that she was scared of judgment, but was willing to gamble her eternal soul for a few more days, months, or years of sin!

                From there, I drove to Abel Bonilla's house and visited with him for a while.  Afterwards, I met Missionary Carl Thomas, and he invited me to spend the night with him at his house.  We had a great time of fellowship, and talked about many things.  For dinner, we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, and while we were waiting to pick it up, we went out and passed out tracts on the street.


April 3rd  2003  Thursday  Missionary, Marcos, and Missing Nelson


Missionary Carl Thomas asked me to take him to Aero Casillas and help him to get a Post Office Box in Miami like mine.  I said I would do so, and I waited at his house for him to return.  Upon his arrival, he told me that he had too much to do, and would be unable to go with me.  I understood, so I left and went to visit Nelson.

When I arrived at his house, I found Zenia and Alma there, but no Nelson.  He was at work.  He was supposed to have today off, but I guess they called him to come in to work.  I spoke to Marcos' "woman" Alma about his paperwork and told her about what I had learned in San Isidro.  She told me that he doesn't have an Identity Card at all, nor does he know who his real father or mother were as he was adopted by Zenia's uncle at a very early age.  He was "Regalado" (given to them), as his real parents didn't want him.  So not only does he not exist according to the eyes of the law, but he doesn't even know his real name or where he came from.  Alma said his uncle knows who his real parents are, but won't tell him.  What a mess!

                So, we are back to square one.  The first thing Marcos will have to do is get an identity card here in Honduras, but without a birth certificate, that is next to impossible.  If he gets a lawyer to help him, then he will still have a problem, as the only person that knows the truth of his family origin and birthplace is his uncle, and he's not talking.   Honduras is the land of problems.

                On the way home, I was stopped by the Police just outside of La Esperanza.  They said, "We came by to get some Bibles the other day, and you were not home!"  I replied, "Well, I have some with me now!"  And I gave them all one.  They were very happy.


April 4th  2003  Friday                        A Dreary Day


                Nothing spectacular happened today.  It was cold outside with very overcast skies.  We thought it might rain, but it did not. 

                I spent most of the day in study, while Castillo worked a little outside.  I also rested a bit.  How good it is to rest at times!  I finally am starting to sleep better at night. 


April 5th  2003  Saturday                   False Religion and Lack of Sound Doctrine


                Thursday afternoon when I was driving home, I saw my English students on the side of the road in Siguatepeque with Don Roberto (who tilled my land with his tractor).  They had loudspeakers on their car, and were praying and "anointing the ground with oil."  Never had I seen such a thing.

                They saw me and asked me to stop.  This I did, and found their whole church were there in a group.  They were praying for the land of Honduras, and for national revival.  That was all good, but they were rather messed up in their doctrine.  They claim to be Conservative Baptists, but they seem to lean toward the Pentecostal fold.  I admired their zeal, and wished I could find some Independent Baptists with half as much.  But it seems that those with zeal are messed up in their doctrine, and those with sound doctrine have no zeal.  Why is that?  I pray I'll have a chance to teach them sound doctrine along with our English classes. 

                Speaking of English classes, no one showed up today.  So I took it easy and studied most of the day.  Several children came by and brought their Bibles.  When I asked them if they were ready to study and have services again, they put their Bibles down and said that they'd rather play.  I played with them for a while, and when I tried to have Bible Studies, they decided it was time to go home.  How sad.

                Julio's kids came by in the evening, and we played Chess until nine in the evening.  These kids really like that game.

                As they were leaving, we heard loud music and voices from across the old airport runway.  I asked what that was, and they said it was probably a "movie."  I decided to find out, so I walked up the dirt path to inquire.  I found the Santidad Church there showing a "Gospel Flick."  But it looked like anything but a picture about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  All I saw were women in tight leotards dancing.  I thought to myself, "How does that magnify the Lord Jesus Christ?"  So I left.

                The Santidad church is growing more and more here.  With their sensual worldliness and "come as you are" mentality, they are getting the crowds.  Many times, I've heard their "rock 'n roll" music blaring from their Youth Ministry all the way at my house, while they sing and shout aloud.  It is too sad!  It seems that everyone wants just enough religion to appease their conscience, and if it allures to their flesh, then they will flock to it even quicker.  How sad they can't see that they are led by "seducing spirits" as they follow their "doctrines of devils" (1 Tim. 4:1,2).


April 6th  2003  Sunday                      Learning about Music


                I worked most of the day on a book for a friend of mine.  He sent it to me in Adobe format, and I put it into booklet form using Microsoft Publisher.  When I finally finished it, I printed it and it came out nicely.  It is entitled, "Our Hymns and Their Heritage."

                As I was reading it, I learned something that I never knew before, or at least I'd never put together completely.  The author said that music had three parts: 1. Melody, 2. Harmony, and 3. Rhythm (or Beat).  He said these three corresponded with the three parts of man as so:


                                Melody  -   Spirit

                                Harmony  -  Soul

                                Rhythm  -  Body


                Never had my mind made that correlation, but now I know it's so.  I listen to a lot of Classical Music, and I really enjoy it.  His book taught me more about Music, and I find I am enjoying it even more because of it. 

                He continued by saying that Melody is the music or what you whistle or hum.  It is spiritual, and it affects you spiritually.  The Harmony is when many instruments, or many voices are playing or singing together in unison, and that arouses the soul. (Like Beethoven's Ninth Symphony!).  But then there's the Beat, or the Rhythm, which does nothing but to tantalize the flesh.  Oh how I loathe modern music, as all it does is give you a syncopated beat, while forgetting Harmony, and destroying Melody.  How much better are Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16).


April 7th  2003  Monday                     Cry for Help


                Today I did absolutely nothing.  And to my shame, it felt good to do so.  Sometimes, it's good just to rest a bit, and let your old worn out body relax.  That is what I did.  But the more I rested, the worse I felt, as I wanted to be doing something important.  I'm the kind of man that can't sleep well knowing I have something that must be done.  So many projects I have in my head to do, as well as so many plans I have to reach the lost.  But it seems that I can only do so much.  The more I think about what needs to be done, the more helpless I feel, and the more down on myself I become.  If only I had someone here to help me do what needs to be done.  Christ sent his disciples out two by two, and now I'm learning why.  For it is so easy to get discouraged by yourself.  Also, it's important to have someone else push you to excel and do more for the Lord.  Would to God I had someone here to help me! 


April 8th  2003  Tuesday                    Liberty!


                Most of the morning, I spent studying.  In the afternoon, I went into town to check my email and run a few errands.  I also handed out tracts.

                In the evening, Julio didn't show up for Bible studies, but his kids came, and we studied on the subject of "Liberty in Christ."   I'm not particularly crazy about the Discipleship courses we are studying, as I don't feel they don't do a good job of presenting to others the point they are trying to make.  Thus, I always study the subject in more detail, and try to teach it with more vigor.  After studying the subject of "Liberty in Christ," I found that a born-again Christian is not only free from Hell, but also from Condemnation, Sin, and the Law.  Many take such as that and twist it to teach, "I'm saved, I'm eternally secure, and I'll never go to Hell, so I can do whatever I want with my life!"  And they usually use that as an excuse to live like the devil.

                But I learned that our liberty in Christ is not so that we can do what we want to do, but so that we can do what God would have us to.  Thus, I stressed the need to live for God because of what he's saved us from, and taught the boys, "use not [your] liberty for an occasion to the flesh" (Galatians 5:13).  I also learned from studying this topic, that those who preach "liberty" so that they can sin, are servants of that sin, and of corruption (2 Peter 2:9).  They preach "liberty" because they want to continue on in their own wicked sins.  But God gave us liberty so that we would serve him out of love, and not for us to do whatever we please.  I wish more so-called Christians would see this and preach it, for there are far too many people claiming the name of Christ, while under the guise of "liberty" they partake of sinful practices and vile traditions.  Would to God they'd read Romans chapters six through eight!


April 9th  2003  Wednesday               Rock 'n Roll?


                I drove to Tegucigalpa today to study Bible with Nelson.  He was glad to see me and we had a wonderful Bible Study with Zenia, Alma, and Marcos from 2 Thessalonians chapter one.  Nelson and I think that Alma and Marcos are not saved.  They claim to be Christians, but they have no testimony.  But at least they are coming to listen, and maybe God will prick their hearts and show them their lost condition.

                Before leaving, Nelson and I walked up the street and looked at a small building for rent.  Nelson didn't like it, as he said it was "too small."  But it looked good to me.  I figured we could sit at least 20 to 30 people in it comfortably.  The only problem was that the owners were a couple of drunks.  One was a Mormon, and when he asked me if I was a Mormon, I responded, "No way!  They are cult, teaching a false gospel!"  That didn't make him too happy, and when he shook my hand goodbye, he squeezed it as hard as he could.  I squeezed back and bid him a goodnight.

                As I drove back to the Cancer Center, I thought about how wicked this world is, and what their gods are.  When I was in the Mall earlier in the day, I heard Rock 'n Roll music blaring from just about every hallway, crevasse, and department store.  Then I remembered what the world says matters to them: "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll." 

                As I mused upon these devices of the devil, I made the correlation of how Satan uses these three to destroy the tri-part being of man.  Sex appeals to the body, while Drugs affect the spirit.  Witches, Warlock, Witchdoctors, and Satanists all use narcotics as an entrance into the spirit world.  But Rock 'n Roll appeals to the soul of man.  How can one reach such a cursed generation that has already given their entire being to Satan?   I thank my God that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world!

                As a Christian, I have given my soul to God, and he is the Owner and Possessor of it.  My spirit is now filled with His Holy Spirit, and the two (soul and body), make a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17).  But this old body, that's my biggest problem.  And if Satan can't get my soul, or my spirit, he'll go after my flesh!  God help me not to be a carnal Christian!


April 10th  2003  Thursday                Traveling Home


                Driving home from Tegucigalpa, I listed to several Phil Kidd tapes.  I love his preaching, and it's always an encouragement to me.  When I arrived in the valley of "Jesus de Otoro," I was stopped by several policemen who asked me for some Bibles.  I happily gave them some, as well as some tracts.  They asked me to give a ride to a young man, so I did and witnessed to him on the way.  When I dropped him off, I gave him a Bible and some tracts as well. 

                The rest of the afternoon, I spent unpacking groceries that I bought in Tegus before I left.


April 11th  2003 Friday                      Bible Studies


                Today went by too quickly.  Before I knew it, the hour arrived for our Bible Studies.  Don Julio didn't come again, but his kids showed up early.  They are very faithful, and enjoy studying the Bible.  They also enjoy Chess, and asked to play a few games before we began.

                After I won three games, we studied on the topic of "Your Job and Your Boss."  I showed them what God thought about working, and where Paul said, "If a man doesn't work, neither should he eat!"  After we closed in prayer, they talked me into playing another game, and then we called it a night.


April 12th  2003  Saturday Sweeney, Sanchez, and Snickering Perverts


                This morning I went into town to check my email.  As I was seated at a computer, I noticed the three boys next to me were looking at Pornography and laughing.  This so vexed my soul that I got out of there as quickly as I could.  

                Afterwards, I went to visit with Bro. Thomas Sweeney.  He is leaving for the states soon on furlough.  He'll be gone for two months, and I wanted to see him before he left.  We talked for a while, and he and his wife even invited me for lunch.  We feasted on some very good Chop Suey.

                When I arrived home at a few minutes before two in the afternoon, I was informed that Anna had come by for classes in my absence, and had decided to go home.  I waited until four o'clock, but no one else came. 

                At a few minutes past four, Eric Sanchez showed up ready for English classes.   We played a game of Chess together, and had only two more people come besides Julio's kids.

                Together we studied the verbs "To have" and "To Get."  We also studied position and location.  I finished the evening playing Chess with Julio's kids.  They are getting much better at it, and are actually beating me at times!


April 13th  2003  Sunday                    Three Saved!


                I attended Bro. Ramon's church this morning.  There I saw many people I knew.  Ramon taught Sunday School but didn't use too many Bible verses.  That really vexed me.  I like teaching from the Bible verse by verse.  Instead he taught on the difference between Creation and Evolution.  He also pointed out the errors in Pantheism, Atheism, Buddhism, etc.

                In the afternoon, I was going to take a Sunday nap when the kids came by to visit me.  They told me they were going to the Baptist Camp for Bible Studies, and asked me to come with them.  I agreed, and together we jumped across the small creek behind my house and walked the field to the Baptist Camp.

                The services were about Cain and Abel.  Diana (From Ramon's church) did a wonderful job of teaching the children.  Afterwards, there were three boys that said they wanted to get saved, and Diana asked me to deal with them.  I accepted, and took them through the scriptures.  I asked them if they were sinners.  They said, "Yes." "Big sinners?" I replied.  Again they said, "Yes."  I asked, "Really big sinners?"  They smiled, and said, "Yes."  Then I took them the Gospel and showed them that salvation is what Jesus Christ did for them, and not what they could do to be saved.  I also showed them some verses on the blood, and told them about how Jesus Christ was their substitute who shed his blood to pay their sin debt, and if they did not accept him as their Saviour, they would die and go to hell.  They seemed to understand all of that, and the oldest boy's eyes seemed to water as I spoke about hell and judgment.

                Then I asked them, "Do you know what it means to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour?"  They couldn't answer.  So I showed them Salvation by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ!  And how they must accept the sacrificial blood atonement of Christ by faith. 

                Afterwards, they all made of profession of faith, and I questioned them in depth.  They all seemed to understand perfectly what Christ did for them, and were trusting in nothing more than His blood to save them!  Their names were Allan, Julio and Eliezer.


April 14th  2003  Monday                   Bible to Baldómero


                I cleaned house today, as it was very dirty and dusty.  Afterwards, I young man named Baldómero came over and asked me for a Bible in English.  I gave him one, and as he was very thankful.  He said he was learning English, and this would help him.  He also told me he was a student at the Bible Institute I'm going to be teaching in starting in May.  He is looking forward to classes.

                In the afternoon, Julio's kids came over for a game of Chess.  As we were playing, Pastor Jacobo stopped by with Luis, and we talked for a while.  They are going to start a revival at the Baptist Camp behind my house on Wednesday, and they asked me to help them.  I told them I would like to, but that I was going to Nicaragua with Bro. Homero Romero.  They understood, and said they'd be praying for me.


April 15th  2003  Tuesday                  Where in the World is Homero Romero?


                After my morning Bible Study, I went outside to work on my lawnmower.  I took it apart and found that the plastic fuel line from the carburetor was completely broken in twain.  I fixed it the best I could with PVC cement and duct tape.  When I put it all back together, it still wouldn't start.  I found the reason being that the choke was broken.  Here it's almost impossible to find parts like that, so it looks like I'll have to buy a new one, I guess.

                The rest of the day, I spent cleaning house and waiting for Bro. Homero to come by.  But he never showed up.  I went up the road to use the phone to call him, but his cell phone number didn't work.  I also went to check my email to see if he sent me a message, and I received nothing.

                In the evening, we didn't have Bible studies, as Julio's children thought I was going to be gone.  (I did too!).  I wonder where Bro. Homero could be?


April 16th  2003  Wednesday            Studying


                I guess I won't be going to Nicaragua after all.  Bro. Homero never showed up, so I spent the entire day studying and trying to prepare my 15 lesson teaching schedule on the subject of the Catholic church for Bible Institute in May.  I must teach 15 classes total (one every Saturday morning).

                I started my day by reading Alexander Hislop's, "The Two Babylons," and I finished almost half of it before evening.  After reading what I did, I can't believe how anyone could take the Roman Catholic Whore seriously.  Not only is she full of superstition and pagan practices, but her very testimony proves she's not the "Church of Christ."  The more I read, the madder I became, and I wanted to go out on the street corner and preach against that religious tramp!  I believe every American ought to read that book.

                In the evening, I walked the field behind my house and went to the Baptist Camp to hear some preaching.  They are having their annual Youth Camp for "Samana Santa."  There I met several others Missionaries including:  Osmin Gutierrez and Sam Hodges.


April 17th  2003  Thursday                Studying Again


                All day yesterday, we were without power.  Thus, I could do nothing more than read more from "The Two Babylons."  Today the power finally came on, and I was able to turn the pump on so that I could shave and shower.  I also worked on the computer putting my notes together, and I almost completed two whole lessons.  I'm starting with ancient Babylon, and her pagan symbols and practices, and will tie that into how the Catholic Church has not only adopted those practices, but embraced them wholeheartedly by only changing the names of Pagan gods to so-called  "Christian" names.

                In the evening, I attended services at the Youth Camp again, and heard some good preaching by Missionary to Guatemala David Lott on the subject of  "Choosing the Right Mate."


April 18th  2003  Friday                     More Studying


                Today I spent all day in study.  How I long to be finished with these blasted lessons!  There is so much I must read and it is a lot of work to put it all together in an easily understandable format.  It looks like it will take me quite some time before I finish.

                In the evening, I went to the Baptist Camp again, and heard David Lott preach on what kind of music is good, and what kind of music is bad.  He said basically the same thing as my friend from Georgia in his book about Hymns.


April 19th  2003  Saturday The Kids Come Again!


                I was awakened this morning by Tania Stephani and Michael, my two least favorite people in the world, as they came and knocked on my door.  Tania is about 12 years old, and is a real pain in the neck.  At times I can't stand her.  She is the worst of the lot, and I find myself wishing that she would not ever come back!  I know I'm supposed to have Christian love and all that, but I feel that I now have an idea what Jezebel must have been like as a child.

                Anyway, they told me that they had talked to the other children, and all of them wanted to come over today to play baseball, and have services.  I told them that would be fine. 

                I immediately went inside and began praying and studying on what to teach them.  Eventually, the Lord gave me a message about the "Lust of the flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life."

                When they came, we played baseball using a tennis ball, and a stick.  It was a lot of fun.  Afterwards I invited them into the garage, and we sang hymns.  Then I preached my guts out to those cursed children!  I yelled the whole way through and told them how carnal, wicked, and ungodly they were and how they needed to repent and get right with God!  Some listened, while others got up and walked around or ran outside to play.  But at least for or five of the older kids hung on every word.

                Tania and Lina didn't listen too well, and were continually pouting or looking around for anything that would distract them.  I ignored them and preached to those that would hear.  When I finished, we had prayer, and then we played baseball again.  It wasn't much time later that the children lost interest and went home.  (I wonder if they'll come back next week.  I've decided that I'm going to preach harder if they do).

                In the evening, I journeyed to the Baptist Camp.  Tonight was the last night, and they had games, and dramas and such.  They had a young person preach, and he preached on "The Three Most Important Things For a Christian to Keep," which were: 1. Sound Doctrine, 2. The Faith, and 3. Love.


April 20th  2003  Sunday                    A New Crest!


                Bro. Homero's not coming this week has really messed things up.  I thought I'd be in Guatemala this Sunday preaching in a church.  Instead I found myself here at home with no where to attend services.  So I went to Bro. Ramon's church this morning, and heard him teach on the subject of how parents ought to be a good influence to their children.  He used Job as an example of a good father (who made sacrifice for his children in case they had sinned.)

                While he was preaching, I began doodling and came up with the design of which I have decided to make my own personal crest.  I've read how in the Middle Ages the knights had their own personal shields with certain symbols representing their qualities or personal interests.  I also have studied a bit about family crests, but was never able to find the "Breaker family crest," if such a thing ever existed.    So, I decided I'd make my own crest, and if the Lord should tarry, I would make it my Official Family Crest till the Lord returns to pass on to my children if the Lord should ever let me get married.  Here is what I came up with:


                The sword represents the Bible, and there can be no mistake which one (AV 1611).   The sword, grasped tightly in hand, is for fighting the good fight of faith (1 Tim. 6:12). 

                The burning lamp also signifies the word of God, which is a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet (Ps. 119:105).  The open Bible is very important to me as well, for without it, I would never have been saved, nor encountered the truth!  It is also important to me for daily sanctification (John 17:17).

                The lion on the top left represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Lord Jesus Christ!  For without him, I would be lost in this world alone without hope and without God.

                The top of the shield bares the words in Latin, "Deus Lux Est" or "God is Light."  Not only is God a consuming fire, but he is the true light that shineth in my soul!

                And on the bottom of the seal is the verse from Romans chapter three and verse twenty-five, of which when I read, my eyes were opened, and I understood the Gospel and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour!  This was on July 29th, 1992 at ten in the morning, sitting on the kitchen counter at my father's house.


April 21st  2003  Monday                   More Studying


                I finished another two lessons for the Bible Institute in May.  I'm finding that it is a lot of work preparing lessons for Bible Institutes.  I have much more respect now for my teachers as I see what they went through to teach me.


April 22nd  2003 Tuesday                   Reading, and Bible Study


                Much had to be done today, and there wasn't enough time in the day to finish it all.  I started my morning with my daily Bible reading.  I am reading the book of Jeremiah now, and am learning much from it.  I'm convinced that America is almost the same as Israel was in the day of Jeremiah (in complete apostasy), and that there is a much greater need for hard, sound, biblical preaching there has ever been before.  How my heart goes out to my own people there in the U.S.  But alas, I am far from them, and must continue on here for the Lord.  But I will admit that many times I wish I could return to my home country and take up evangelism and preach to my own countrymen of their need to repent and of the impending judgment to come for their sins.

                In the afternoon, I journeyed into town and went to check on my water bill.  It is supposed to arrive every month on the 15th.  When I inquired at the Water Department Office (SANAA here in Honduras), I was told that they would bring the bill to me on Wednesday and that they were behind because of the holidays.  (Holy Week).

                In the evening, I kept myself busy copying preaching and singing tapes for Nelson, as well as reading some more from Hislop's "Two Babylons," and preparing for my Bible Study with Julio's kids.  Our topic tonight was, "The Lost World," and I taught them not only of our responsibility of reaching them with the Gospel, but also the hopelessness that they are in without Christ.  As I was studying, I found that man is four times "damned," for lack of a better word, without Christ Jesus.  For his heart is evil (Jer. 17:9), he is born in a fallen body with a sinful nature (Rom. 5:12), his thoughts are vile and wicked continually (Gen. 6:5), and all of his works are evil (Juan 7:7).  I stressed to the boys, "The only way that a man can please God is to trust his son Jesus Christ, for as far as God is concerned, man can do nothing right!"


April 23rd  2003  Wednesday            Witnessing to an AIDS Patient


                In August, I will have been in this country two years.  My how quickly time has flown by.  And in that time, I've seen some folks saved.  I've given out many Bibles and tracts, and taught the Bible to many people.  But I feel ashamed that I've yet to see a church started here.  This is my desire more than anything else.

                Today Nelson and I talked about starting one, and he said he wanted me to do just that.  We already have a building picked out, and it cost 1000 lempiras a month or about sixty American dollars.  He asked me to start coming on Sundays now, and to preach in that building.  The only problem is that he works 12 hours everyday.  And he would only be able to come to one service each Sunday (either in the morning or the evening) and no more. 

                The main concern I have is whether or not people will come.  Nelson assures me that he's visited his neighbors, and if I hold services, they will come.  I hope so.  The other thing is that Marcos and Alma took off and left.  Who knows where they moved to?  So, as it stands, I will only have Nelson and Zenia coming for sure.  I guess that's better than nothing.  (Where two or more are gathered in my name...)

                So my plan now is to travel to Tegucigalpa every Sunday to preach.  Then on Mondays spend all day in visitation to try to win souls and invite people to come to services.  Then on Tuesday, I will drive back to La Esperanza for Bible Study on Tuesday night.  I hope this goes well, and God will bless.

                Before I left the hospital, I met the reporter that interviewed me after the robbery in January.  He was glad to see me, and told me that he was on his way to go visit a young lady with AIDS, and asked me if I would go with him to witness to her.  I said I would, and together we walked the stairs to the fifth floor, where I found a 32-year-old woman named Kenya in bed with sores all over her body.  I talked to her for almost an hour pleading with her to get saved while reading verse after verse from the Bible.  She told me that she was "luchando" (fighting) when it came to her soul.  Most people use that term here when they refer to "working," and I took that to mean that she was trusting in her works to get her to heaven. 

On I continued to show her Christ and Him crucified, but she never understood that it's "not by works of righteousness which we do," and she never ceased trusting her own righteousness to save her.  I continued reading verses until I could see she was getting bored with it, and she finally told me, "I've got a hard heart I guess, preacher."  So, I prayed with her and left her some tracts to read.

                Before I left, I asked her how she contacted the AIDS virus, and she told me that through the act of fornication she received that dreaded disease.  She also had a young daughter born with the infirmity that died from it at age two.  How sad was her situation.  You would think she would have wanted to get saved more than anything else as she will die soon.  But that just goes to show you the depravity of the human heart and it's pure stubbornness (for lack of a better word), that one would rather die and go to hell, than confess their own wickedness and humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. 

                As I left the room, I almost started crying thinking about that poor lady, and how many more people like that there must be in this world, alone without hope and without God who have nothing to live for, and no concern for their souls whatsoever.


April 24th  2003  Thursday                In God We Trust?


                Today I ran many an errand in Tegucigalpa trying to get everything done on my list.  I had to mail a few letters as well.  A friend of mine sent me an email that says the United States Post Office is now forbidding the words "In God We Trust" on U.S. Stamps.  The email was a plea for all Americans to write those words on the back of all their letters to show the Post Office that America is still a "Christian Nation."  I thought about it for a while, and I couldn't bring myself to speak for others when I don't have any idea if they trust in God or not. To me America grows more paganized every day, and few people really do trust in the Lord God in heaven.  So, before I mailed my letters, I wrote "In God I Trust" on the back of each letter.  After I mailed them I got under conviction about it.  I'm thinking it would have been better to write, "In the Lord Jesus Christ I place all my faith and trust!!!"  That would have been a stronger witness!

                In the afternoon, I went to see Nelson and found he was not home.  Zenia was worried again as usual.  I was not too happy about missing him, and told her to tell him that he needs to be home so that we can study the Bible.  Before leaving, I left them a bag full of preaching tapes from Mexico to listen to.  They really enjoy them, and I am making them copies of new ones every week, in the hopes that it will help their spiritual development.

Before bed, I spent some time reading Nestle's (perverted) Greek text and comparing it with the Textus Receptus.  I'm convinced now more than ever that Scholars are nothing but "Shucksters, Liberals, Liars, Fakirs, and blooming Reprobates!"  Old Kurt Aland and Erwin Nestle were so biased against the King James Bible that it's not even funny.  For example, in John 8:38, he changed the word ewrakate to hkousate.  Why?  Because the Vaticanus of the fourth century is "Anti King James" in this reading.  But the Textus Reptus as well as many others prove without a doubt that the KJV (I mean AV) is correct, not to mention that the P66 (2nd century) bares witness to the King James rendering as well.  So much for the "Oldest and best reading," as the scholars say.  Thank God my Pastor taught me how to read the Critical Apparatus of Nestle's so I could spot those bunch of "Vatican lovers" a mile away!

                The more I studied, the madder I became, and eventually had to put it away lest I began foaming at the mouth.  In 1 Cor. 5:4, I found that Nestle removed the word cristos even though it was in the old Latin (second century) and the Majority of texts, so that he could follow the corrupt Vaticanus manuscript (fourth century) which omitted it (Even though it's in his beloved Siniaticus).  That was just too much to swallow!  I say, "Modern scholarship is a crock!"  And I make no apologies for it!  Any man who claims to give you the "oldest and best readings" when to him the best readings come from two corrupt Catholic manuscripts that differ from one another in over 3000 places in the gospels alone, while there are over 5000 witnesses proving that they are WRONG, ought to do the world a favor, and SHUT HIS STINKING TRAP!  And any man that would follow such a jackass, esteeming him as "scholarly," ought to take a long walk off a short pier!  Yes, yes, yes, Amen!

                Well, I'd better stop or I'll probably express my true feelings about all this in a minute.  I just believe when it comes to the issue of the words of God, that they are the most important thing on the face of this earth, and something not to be taken lightly!  Thank God for the King James 1611 Authorized Version, for the more I study, the more my faith is increased that it is the very words of God given to use in the English language straight from God in heaven!  


April 25th  2003  Friday                     Pollo Indio!


                Today Castillo and I worked outside.  I spent most of the day mowing the yard.  It took me five hours to complete my task with the new 6 HP lawnmower that I purchased in Tegucigalpa.  When I finished, I was completely covered in dust from head to foot, not to mention sun burnt from being in the sun all day.

                Exhausted, I went inside and took a shower and then a nap.  Then at six in the evening, I went to Castillo's house.  I invited him and his family to out to eat, and they readily accepted.  When I arrived, I found them all decked out in their Sunday's best.  I'd never seen them so dressed up.

                Together we drove in my car to the restaurant and enjoyed a most splendid meal of Barbecue Chicken, steak, and ham.  Afterwards, I took them home.  They were very thankful and appreciative.


April 26th  2003  Saturday No More Kids!


                Today no children showed up at all.  I guess I scared them away with the preaching last week.  At the four o'clock hour, Julio's kids and Geovanni showed up for English classes.  When I asked about everyone else, they told me that they wouldn't be able to come as they had some kind of church function.

                After studying English, we all went outside to play soccer, where I fell on my left elbow and heard a very loud "Crack!"  When I lifted myself up, I couldn't feel my left arm at all.  I thought it was probably broken, but it didn't appear so.  The feeling finally came back after an hour or more, and I examined it in more detail.  It felt like I just hyper-extended it, or pulled the tendons.  At least I hope that was all it was.

                Luis showed up at six, and together with Julio's kids, we competed against one another in Chess.  I bought Julio's kids a chessboard so that they could practice at their home and gave it to them today.  They were very thankful.

                In the evening, I went to bed with a sore left arm, and didn't sleep too well as it throbbed all night long.


April 27th  2003  Sunday                    A Place to Meet!


                I journeyed to Tegucigalpa today to see Nelson.  At his work, I found that he was occupied upstairs, and I was asked to wait for him outside.  While I was waiting, I spoke with an Army man named Juan Andino.  I witnessed to him for some time, and he confessed to me that he was not saved. As I explained the gospel to him, I could tell he was not very interested.  However, he said he would read the tracts I left him. 

                When Nelson came down we talked for a while.  He said he was looking forward to our starting services soon.  I told him that I was too. 

                At six o'clock, we left to go to his house.  We stopped at the little house we want to rent for services, and I paid the owner 1000 lempiras (about sixty American dollars) for one month.  Nelson and Zenia will move in to the adjoining room, and the living room area we will begin using as a meeting place. 

                After we secured the building, we went to Nelson's for dinner.  There I met his Mom who came down from Guanko, Olancho to visit him.  She is still not saved, but listened intently to our Bible Study from 2 Thessalonians chapter two. 

As we studied, I explained to them the difference between the "Day of Christ" and "the Day of the Lord."  So many Christians nowadays don't even know that there is a difference because of their profound ignorance of the Bible.  But clearly "the Day of Christ" refers to the Rapture, and even the Judgment Seat of Christ, while "the Day of the Lord" has a reference to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ at the battle of Armageddon.  I pointed out to them verse 2 where the liberals try to change the Day of Christ (the Rapture) to the day of the Lord (2nd Advent), thus opening the way for the teaching of the erroneous doctrine that a Christian must go through the tribulation.  I also showed them how the corrupt 1960 Spanish Bible has followed these ungodly scholars and the corrupt texts when it reads "El día del Señor" (The day of the Lord), and why we are correct in using the 1602 Textus Receptus Spanish New Testament. 

                Before leaving, I asked about Marcos and Alma.  Usually they are present with us in our Bible Studies.  Nelson told me that they have "broken up" and Marcos left to go live in La Paz, while Alma moved to go live with her family.


April 28th  2003  Monday                   Visitation


                I slept in a little bit at the Cancer Center today.  My left arm hurt all last night, and the sound of the screams of pain from the cancer victims did not allow me much sound sleep.  Feeling unrested, I took a shower, and read my Bible, and then around nine in the morning when to visit Nelson at his work.

                Afterwards, I drove to the department store "Diunsa" and bought ten plastic chairs.  From there, I drove to our little building in El Carrizal and left them, as well as tracts and bibles, inside for Nelson to distribute.  I also visited the neighborhood for a little more than an hour handing out tracts and inviting people to services.  I found many people were "Pentecostal," and already attend a church close by.  How vexing this was to my soul.  However, I did stumble upon four or five families that did not attend church at all, and heartily invited them to come.  They said they would, but who knows.  Nelson said he too will visit and invite people to come.  I pray we will have a good crowd on Sunday.

                On the way home to La Esperanza, I listened to old preaching tapes of Preachers from long ago that I bought a few years back at a camp meeting in South Carolina.  There was preaching from Maze Jackson, Harold Sightler, Percy Ray, and more.  While I was listening to M.R. Dehaan, I was shocked to find that he was a "Bible Corrector."  His book on "the Chemistry of the Blood" was very good, and a great blessing to me, and I always thought highly of him.  But after I heard him say, "This word in the KJV ought to be translated...  So, just mark it out and take my word for it...," I cut him off, and marked him down on my list of hypocritical "wannabe scholars."  What a fool to think he knew more than God!  That just goes to show you that everyone's a sinner.


April 29th  2003  Tuesday                  No Electricity


                Most of the morning, we were without power, and this did not help me in the least.  I'm starting to see from living here just how dependent I am on electricity.  Not only do I use it to cook, but I must have it to run the water pump so that I can bathe.   I also need it for lights, the refrigerator, and more.  In the States, we take electricity for granted, but here, at times, it is a luxury.

                Today I changed the oil in my car.  Afterwards, I worked outside planting vegetables with Don Castillo.  We hope that we will have a good harvest this year, as we planted more than last year.

                In the evening, the power came back on, and Julio's kids came for our Bible Study.  I taught them about "The Judgment Seat of Christ."


April 30th  2003  Wednesday            No Water


                Yesterday we were without power, and today we were without water.  This is Honduras!  But I find that I am getting used to it.

                I spent the entire day reading and studying.  I finally finished "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop, and began reading Foxes "Book of Martyrs" again.  I still lack much in my lessons for the Bible Institute, but I have two weeks left before I must start teaching.  I pray that I can get all of them finished.

                In the evening, it rained very hard.  That was good for my plants.  I've already been eating many cucumbers from my garden.  The blackberries are bearing so many, that I have to give them away to Castillo and his family.  And the raspberries are still bearing as well.  I hope this year will produce more rain than last year. 


May 1st  2003   Thursday                   Studying


                Today I finished lesson six in my studies.  I now only lack nine more.  My first six lessons are as follows: 1. The Seven Mysteries (Including Mystery Babylon), 2. The History of Babylon, 3. Ancient Symbols of the Babylonian Religion, 4.  Paganism in the Bible, 5.  Roots of the Catholic Church in the Bible, and 6. The Early Church.  I have so much more to go, I pray that I can finish it quickly!


May 2nd  2003  Friday                         Water, Water, Water!


                The water department here is very lax concerning their responsibilities.  They haven't sent me a bill in two months.  When I went to see them last, they said they'd bring me the bill on Wednesday.  But it never came.  Today I went to see them, and I had to ask for my bill.  They invited me into the back room, and together we looked through stacks of bills looking for mine so that I could pay it.  Of course it was on the bottom of the last stack.

                Afterwards, I journeyed to the bank and paid my rent and the water bill.  Then I drove to the Internet café to check my email.  I also went to visit Hugo to see if he has finished my China cabinet I asked him to make over two months ago.  He was not home.

                Upon my return home, I studied some more and finished about half of a lesson in my series of lessons about the Catholic Church.

                In the evening, the boys came over and we studied verses in the Bible to prove that water baptism does not save.  Before they left we had a very heavy, and much needed, downpour for almost an hour.  Fearing to go home in the rain, the boys stayed and played chess until it let up enough that they were able to leave.


May 3rd  2003 Saturday                      Filthy Children!


The ungodly, cursed children came today.  They were as wicked as usual, and then some.  Tania Stephani brought a pornographic magazine, and tried to show it to the other children.  This did not make me too happy to say the least!   That girl is wicked as HELL!!!

I preached on the subject of "Who Killed Jesus Christ."  I told them that even though the Romans did it physically, and the Jews made them do it, and Judas was guilty of delivering Christ to them both, that in reality each one of them put Christ Jesus on the cross.  They listened, and I feel I made my point for when I finished I asked them, "Who Killed Jesus Christ?"  They all responded, "I did!" 

Afterwards, I tried to send them home, but they didn't want to leave.  They wanted to stay and eat my blackberries.  I told them, "No!" But they wouldn't listen and continued trying to steal my blackberries.  It would not hurt my feelings one bit if they never came back!  But if they do, I'll preach to them, and pray that God will prick their hearts!

English classes went well today.  We studied about Possessive Pronouns.  Then we had some tacos that some of the ladies were nice enough to fix and bring with them.  Afterwards we played Chess.  I won five games and lost two.


May 4th  2003 Sunday                         First Day of Services


                I left for Tegucigalpa at around nine.  Upon arriving, I went straight to the Hospital Escuela to see Nelson.  He was glad to see me, and was very excited about starting services tonight.  According to his boss, he had to work until six.  Later Nelson told me that his boss said, "If you'll pay me 100 lempiras, I'll let you off an hour early!"  Nelson was so excited about our services, that he did so.  I couldn't believe it.  That's a lot of money for him (about six dollars), but it showed me that he was indeed serious about serving God, and willing to sacrifice to do so.

                So, a few minutes after five, we left and drove to El Carrizal.  The area where we are working is very populated, and from five till seven, everyone is walking home from work.  We were able to pass out several hundred tracts to those passerbys and invite them to services.  As we were distributing folletos (tracts), Nelson told me, "Right across the street a young man was shot to death the other day."  My first thought was, "Oh great!  I'm starting a church right in the middle of a war zone!"  My thought was confirmed, when several children came by with pistols that looked very real.  I said, "Hey kids, what are you doing with guns?"  They showed them to me, and they were nothing by toys.  However, they did shoot a small plastic ball at high speed, which could cause a whelp on the skin.  One of the boys boasted, "I broke a light bulb with this, it's that powerful!"  I asked them where they bought such a thing, and they told me that they sell them everywhere.   

                That's not the least of it!  We almost had a fight break out in front of us, as two drunks started screaming and yelling at each other.  One said that the other took his gorra (cap).  But the other insisted that it was his.  I thought for sure they were going to kill each other, so I went up to them and gave them both a tract.  This made them mad at me instead of each other, and after shouting at me for a bit, they walked off together as bosom buddies, forgetting who's cap it was.

At seven, we started services and we had about 20 people show up.  Marcos was close by packing the last of his things for his move to La Paz, and he came and joined us.  We had several other adults, but mostly children came between the ages of seven and fourteen.

I preached on "The Blood of Jesus Christ" and told them that salvation is only by grace through faith in that precious blood.  When I finished, I asked them to stand, and I asked those who were saved to raise their hands.  Nobody did.  I asked those who were not saved to raise their hands, and no one did either.  All I know is that at least they heard the Gospel.


May 5th  2003  Monday                       Bible Study and Shopping


                We had Bible Studies this morning at Nelson's house, and completely finished chapter two of Second Thessalonians.  Nelson's mother, who is still not saved, listened intently.  Afterwards, we ate breakfast and then went into town to buy some lights for the outside of the church.

                Zenia and Nelson told me that they went to the alcalde (Mayor) to ask how much it would cost them to get married.  They were told it would be 2000 lempiras (that's a month's wages for Nelson).  They asked me what I recommended, and I told them I'd go to visit my lawyer and ask if he knew of a place where they could get married for much cheaper.  Nelson (my lawyer's name as well) told me that in Valle de Angeles, it only cost about three hundred lempiras.  That is a much better deal!

                After taking Nelson and Zenia home, I went back to the Cancer center to relax.


May 6th  2003  Tuesday                      Sick As A Dog!


                I awoke this morning feeling awful with stomach cramps.  I thought it would pass, but it only became worse with every passing minute.  Eventually, it turned into diarrhea and vomiting, with a fever and sweating.  I had many errands that I'd hoped to run today, but I felt so bad that I decided just to drive home.

                On the way, I had to stop at just about every big town with a Gas Station to vomit. When I arrived in La Esperanza, I was stopped by the Police who asked me if I had more Bibles.  I had just received a box full, and opened it and gave several to them.  Then, policemen began coming out of the woodwork!  There were 15 of them total that I had the privilege of giving a Bible.

                When I finally arrived home, I went straight to bed feeling the worse I think I've felt in a long time.  At the six o'clock hour, I still did not feel any better, but I felt I needed to go see Julio's kids and tell them that I wasn't up to Bible Study.  I drove up the road to their house, and they said they knew exactly what I needed to help me.  They gave me pure lemon juice mixed with salt.  I thought for sure that would make me even worse off, but when it hit my stomach, it actually made it feel better.  Then they made me some Cinnamon tea mixed with an herb that they called "clavitos de olor," and told me to drink it.  I did, and found that it comforted my stomach immensely. 

                All night long I had no more trouble with my stomach, but was constantly waking up with sweat pouring off my body.  It must have been something I ate, and this was my body's way of getting rid of the poison.



May 7th  2003 Wednesday  A Day of Rest!


                My stomach felt much better today, however, my body felt weak and sickly.  I decided to stay indoors and study.  This did not prove an easy task, as all I wanted to do was sleep and try to feel better.  I ate nothing all day except a cucumber in fear that my stomach might act up again.

                In the evening, I read an entire book entitled, "Secret Missions in the Civil War."  It was quite interesting.


May 8th  2003 Thursday                     Still Sick


I felt awful today, but Rich Fisher who lives behind my house came over to help me hang a new door here at the house.  I woke up early this morning, and helped him as much as I could, although I felt lousy.  We worked for three hours before we completed our task.

Afterwards, Hernan Corrales and Hugo Nazar came by to put stakes down behind the property here.  The owner had it measured, and it looks like I'll be getting about 90 more feet added onto the back of the property that I am now renting.  Castillo asked to put his cow there, and I will permit him to do just that.

In the afternoon, I drove into town to withdraw some money from the bank, and to check my email.  After returning home, I spent the day sleeping and trying to feel better. 

At four, I was awakened by Eric Sanchez.  We talked for a while, and he is excited about the Bible Institute starting on Saturday. 

In the evening, I spent several hours copying audio cassette tapes of preaching for my Tape Ministry.


May 9th  2003 Friday                           Just Leave Me Alone!!!


                It seemed like everyone and their grandmother came to visit me today.  All I wanted was to rest and spend some time studying, but this proved futile.  All day long I had people coming by to play Chess, ask for something, trying to sell something, or wanting to talk. 

                In the evening, I went to bed early feeling sick again.  This time I feel like I might be getting a cold, as I have an awful case of the sniffles, and my head aches continually, not to mention I think I have a fever.


May 10th  2003 Saturday                    Preaching and Teaching!


                I love preaching and teaching.  Sometimes I like one more than the other.  Today I had a chance to do both, and enjoyed doing so.  I started my morning at the Baptist Bible Institute teaching my first class about the wicked Roman Catholic Church.  We studied the 7 Mysteries in the Bible, and one of them was of course, "Mystery Babylon the Great!"  It was fun to teach people who seemed to be very interested.

                Afterwards, I went home and studied for the kids who said they would come back today.  I am so sick of them, and their sins, and I wanted to get a message together that would show them exactly what they needed to do.  The Lord told me to preach the message entitled, "STOP!!!"  I told them they ought to 1.  Stop running from God, 2.  Stop their sinning, and 3.  Stop going down the path to hell, and get saved!

                When I preached against sin, I looked right and Tania Stephani, and told her that it's sin to look at dirty magazines full of pictures of naked people.  Her mouth dropped open and she looked at Ana.  They both came under conviction, so I parked there a while, and told her I knew she brought that trash to my house, and that she was wicked as hell for doing so.  I continued, "If you ever bring that smut to my house again, I'm going to take it from you by force and burn it on the spot until it's nothing but ashes!"  Then I told them the results of that sin, and how it leads to fornication, adultery, diseases, and more.

                Some of the kids then asked me what sex was, so I said, "It's when a man and a woman touch each other without being married," and I left it at that.  They seemed to be satisfied with that answer.

                I also preached against dancing, smoking, drinking, rock music and more.  Most of the kids looked shocked when I said dancing was wrong.  They had never heard that.  And guess who's teaching them it's okay to dance?  The Santidad Church.

                Don Castillo was outside watering the garden, so after we dismissed, I asked him if he overheard what I preached.  He said he listened and appreciated what I said to the children.

                Classes in English went well, although we didn't have too many people show up.


May 11th  2003 Sunday                       Services in the Ghetto


                I was awakened this morning by Tania Stephani and her bother Miaco knocking on my door.  They came asking me for some flowers to give to their grandmother since today was Mother's Day.  I told them they could pick some of mine, and they were thankful.

                After I showered, shaved, and packed, I left for Tegucigalpa in the afternoon.  For services at seven in the evening, we had about twenty people show up.  I preached on "You Must Be Born Again!"  I enjoyed myself immensely. 

                Before services, Nelson and I passed out about 300 gospel tracts.  Some children came up and asked if they could help us.  I let them do so, and enjoyed watching them running around and giving tracts to everyone they met.

                During services, a man from a Santidad background came.  I talked to him a while before we started and he seemed like a real nutcase.  I knew I was going to have problems with him, and I prayed and asked the Lord to give me wisdom.  Sure enough, he raised his hand in the middle of my preaching to ask a question.  Of course he talked for about three or four minutes without saying anything, like most demon possessed idiots do.  I finally said, "So what's your question already?"  He replied with the following: "Are you telling me that my Mom went to hell when she died because she wasn't saved, and will never have a chance to get saved again?"  I looked him right in the face and said, "Your Momma's in Hell tonight if she died without God, and she's burning there right now in pain and anguish!  And anyone here who isn't saved will go to the same Hell that his Mother's in!"  This seemed to shut him up until I finished preaching.

                When services ended, we had a problem with the landlord.  Things are finally starting to take off and go well, and I should have known that Satan was going to try something.  It seems the Landlord wants more money for the place we are renting.  He began by complaining about how much more he has to pay for electricity since we moved in there, and how we added a few light fixtures to the place which added to his electric bill.  He has been turning the electricity off to Nelson and Zenia's house during the day to save money.  This made them mad, as well as myself. 

                To make a long story short, he asked for 80 lempiras more a month, but I told him I would only give him 70.  I didn't want to do it, as the jerk deserves nothing whatsoever!  When I rented the place, we agreed that the 1000 lempiras a month includes all the electricity.  But the Bible tells me that I'm supposed to turn the other cheek, so I did so as nicely as I knew how.  

                 During services we heard many gunshots outside as I was preaching.  Obviously we are not in a nice neighborhood, but I am thankful that at least some people are coming and hearing the gospel.  I know no other word to describe "El Carrizal" other than "The Ghetto."


May 12th  2003 Monday                      Traveling, Preaching, and Homesickness


                Early this morning, I went to pick up Nelson and take him to work. They moved him from the hospital to a small office area in the outskirts of Tegucigalpa in the area known as "Cerro Grande."  I wanted to see where he was working, so I volunteered to drive him there.

                Afterwards, I ate breakfast at Burger King and then ran some errands.  I had planned to spend the night in Tegucigalpa again tonight, but I had things I needed to do at home, so I decided to drive back in the afternoon. 

                On the journey home, I listened to several preaching tapes of Evangelist Phil Kidd.  What a joy it is to my soul to hear good, hard preaching!  The more I listen to it, the more I want to be an evangelist myself.  So often I get discouraged here and homesick for home.  I know God called me to Honduras and he'll give me grace to make it here, but how much my heart longs to go and preach to my own people in the United States of America.  They are so far away from God, and my heart breaks to see them moving even farther into sin and apostasy.  How much I desire to return to them and spend the rest of my years warning them to flee from the wrath to come.

But, I guess that's all part of being a Missionary, as I not only have to live without some things on the Mission Field, but I also have to live with continual homesickness and a burden for my own people that I've been forced to leave.  I'm learning to deal with it all, but it is not easy.  Sometimes I think I'll just die if I have to stay in this place for another day, and then other times the thought of returning to the U.S. is most appalling to me.  All I can do is preach wherever I am, for this pleases the Lord Jesus Christ.


May 13th  2003 Tuesday                     Study?  And Copying CD's


                Studying is important, and it seems there's never enough time during the day to finish doing so.  I now have to study every week for preaching on Saturday to the children and Sunday in Tegucigalpa. I also have to prepare for teaching on Tuesday and Friday's, English classes on Saturday, and the Bible Institute on Saturday morning.  This doesn't include my daily Bible reading and study, nor my daily reading of one chapter of the Greek Textus Receptus in Greek along with the Nestle's text to compare them and see where Nestle's follows the corrupt Vaticanus and Siniaticus.  All this studying is really wearing me out!  I'm wishing for a vacation, but I feel I don't deserve one. 

                Today I copied CD's for Missionary Helper Rich Fisher who lives at the Baptist Camp behind my house.  He helped me install a new door on the house here, so I wanted to do something nice for him.  He looked through my Classical Music collection and found some CD's he liked, so I told him I'd copy them for him.  This turned out to be a long job, but I wanted to show him my appreciation.  As the machine did the work, I read my pastor's book entitled, "The Christian's Handbook of Manuscript Evidence."  It was very good, and I believe that every "Bible scholar" in the world ought to read it to see how crooked, vile, wicked, and ungodly (not to mention dastardly, underhanded, and two-faced) are men like Westcott and Hort, Kurt Aland, Bruce Metzger, Erwin Nestle, Kenneth Wuest, and more.  How anyone can follow such professional liars and claim to be "godly" or "spiritual" is beyond me.  Even a sixth grader could read their literature and see the blatant errors that stick out like a sore thumb in their works.  The Bible (Authorized Version) said it right when it said, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!"

                I also read halfway through George W. Dollar's book: "The History of Fundamentalism."  The part about J. Frank Norris was great!  I found a new hero in this man who stood for the Old Time Way, and fought tooth and nail against the liberals of his day!  He took on the whole Southern Baptist Convention that was going liberal as hell, and exposed their "programs" and apostasy.  What a good soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ!

                Julio's kids came by in the evening, and we studied "Why the Roman Catholic Church is Not of God!"  We ran through a list of verses that not only expose that ungodly institution as Satanic, but show beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not even "Christian," but rather pagan in its practices.


May 14th  2003 Wednesday               A Day of Study?


                Interruptions plagued me again as I tried to spend my day studying.  Tania Stephani and her friends came by to sell "enrollados."  (They are baked pastries with banana inside of them).  I had to decline, as I didn't have any money to buy any.

                Later, Don Julio came by and asked me to copy a tape for him, which I did.  The rest of the day I spent reading, and I finally finished the book, "The Secret History of The Jesuits," by Edmond Paris.  But I didn't get too much else done, as my entire body ached with what my Mother used to call "Growing Pains."  I don't know what is wrong with me, but I've been feeling so sick lately.


May 15th  2003 Thursday                   Rain!!!


                Don Castillo was right!  He said that everyone in Honduras plants their crops on the 15th of March, for that's when the rain starts.  And today it came in the form of a heavy downpour at seven this evening.  My garden's been planted for about a month now, and the rain can only help it.

                Most of my day was spent in bed feeling awful.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but my entire body aches and I feel like I have no energy whatsoever.  I pray that I get to feeling better.  But whether I do or not, I must press on.


May 16th  2003 Friday                        Sleeplessness, Sermons, Study, and Spirits


                Sleep did not come easy last night, as I was continually waking with nightmares.  Although I don't remember exactly what I dreamed, I remember it had something to do with my time in Washington state and what a fool I made of myself there.  I awoke very discouraged and feeling like I wasn't worth shooting.

                In the morning, I spent some time reading and studying.  I finally finished up to Lesson # 8 in my Series of the Roman Catholic Church.  I also had time to read two sermons by my third Great Grandfather. One was about the King James Bible.  He was a very great writer, and I have about five of his sermons in total.  Unfortunately, he wasn't Pro-King James.  But now that he's in heaven, I'm sure God straightened him out on that issue.

                In the evening, the boys came and we studied the topic of "Why Jesus Never Drank Fermented Liquor."  I showed them that the word "wine" in the Bible can apply to either grape juice or fermented grape juice (alcohol), and we looked at different passages where without a doubt the Bible uses the word to mean one in one context and the other in another.  Clearly Jesus never drank alcoholic wine, for that would be sin according to Proverbs 20:1, Isaiah 5:11, Ephesians 5:18, Habakkuk 2:15, and more. 

                While on the topic of wine, I've been reading the book entitled, "Old Landmarkism: What is it?" by J.R. Graves.  He was a Baptist in the 1800's and wrote about the "Scriptural Qualifications" or what he called "Landmarks" of just about everything ranging from the administration of Baptism to the giving of the Lord's Supper.  In this "communion" he said that it had to be alcoholic wine that Jesus drank and that is what we should partake of in the Lord's supper as well.  I was shocked when I read this.  I believe it's sin to drink alcohol, it always has been, and always will be, no matter what Mr. Landmark has to say about it.


May 17th  2003  Saturday  An Awfully Long Day!


                I had hoped to find some much needed rest last night, but as soon as the lights went out and my head hit the pillow, all I could hear was the buzzing of mosquitoes around my head.  Several times during the night I awoke and turned on the lights to kill those unwelcomed pests.  I squashed two on the wall during the evening, but they must have invited their friends and family as I was accosted continually until morning.

                When I awoke, I felt miserable.  I didn't sleep a wink last night always swatting at my face and pulling the covers over my head until I could stand it no more and had to uncover myself to keep from being smothered.  It was an awful evening, and getting up in the morning was no better.

                I have never been an early riser and ever since I was a child, I have hated mornings with a passion.  I remember as a child in grammar school, when my Mom would come in and wake me up. I would begrudgingly arise and then go into the bathroom, where I would quickly fall asleep on the toilet, or lay a towel on the floor to sleep for a few more minutes.  I hate mornings!

                Today was about the worst morning of my life.  Still feeling sickly, and lacking much needed rest from my nightmares the night before and having to spar with insects last evening, I fell out of bed and hit the floor exhausting asking God to help me make it through the day.  Eventually, I drug myself to the shower, and the warm water helped me to regain my senses and prepare myself for the long day ahead.

                Saturday's are quickly becoming my most hated day.  Now I have to teach in a Bible Institute along with baby-sit the vile children that come in the afternoon and teach English.  If only I could get some real rest!

                My Institute class began five minutes early, and I started by giving them a test over the material that we covered the week before.  Of the six that took the test (some where absent last week and will make it up next week) only two flunked. 

                After the test, I taught them about "The History of Babylon."  We studied Genesis chapter 10 about Nimrod, "the mighty hunter."  Then I continued by giving them the secular history of Nimrod and his mother/wife Semiramis and how their kingdom and religious system was the source of all idol worship that the world has ever known.

                The children were late in coming this afternoon, and when they did they were as misbehaved as ever.  When I tried to begin preaching, many of them got up and went out to play.  I then went after them and told them to be seated.  They did, but it wasn't long before they left again.  I finally told them, "Either sit down and shut up, or go home!"  Most of them did, but three remained including Tania.  I then preached about the "Woman at the Well" in John chapter 4.  I told them she was a wicked woman, and that Jesus spoke to her about her need for Eternal life.  Then I showed them that Jesus dealt with the sin issue in her life, and then I began prying, and as some say "went to meddling," by showing them the sin in theirs.  As usual they got mad, and in a haughty spirit kept asking, "Are you done yet?"  I finally said, "If you ask me that again, I'm going to preach another thirty minutes!"  They didn't like that too much, but they actually stayed and listened.  I finished by saying, "After speaking with Jesus, she believed and then and went to told everyone that he was the Christ!"  I told them, "If a person is saved, they will want to testify for the Lord Jesus Christ.  By their fruits you shall know them!"  I continued, "Looking at your fruit, all you care about is yourself and how to please your carnal flesh instead of Jesus Christ.  Your fruit is bad, and so are you!"  Then I explained to them that to me it did not appear that they were saved and that they had the same need that the woman at the well had – The Lord Jesus Christ!  They listened, but I can only wonder if it sunk in.

                After the children finally left, classes in English started.  Geovanni, Julio's kids, a pastor and his wife, and other adult woman came, and we studied "How to tell time in English" and about "American Money."  Eventually, our conversation turned to the why the United States is such a crazy, confused, mixed up nation now.  I took them to the Civil War and told them that it was the beginning of the end of America, as it stole States Rights and taught the people that they were not in charge, but rather Big Government was what was running things.  I then showed them that the abolishment of slavery was the beginning of the end, as it encouraged giving special rights to one race over that of another.  That continued by giving special rights to women over men, homosexuals (perverts) over straights, and finally children over their parents.  They were appauled to hear that America went so far as to do all of that.  Even people in Honduras with what some would say had a "limited education" knew that it was sin to give special rights to any group over another especially when each group listed above is not given those right according to the Bible.


May 18th  2003 Sunday                       Services!


                I awoke late this morning feeling very tired.  The kids wore me out yesterday.  Between trying to find order with the children by shouting, and hollering for them to listen, and playing soccer with Julio's kids, I'm finding that I'm not as young as I used to be.  Fatigue always sets in when they go home Saturday evening after several games of Chess.  When I hit the sack, my mind and my body are tired, and it's good to rest.

                I arrived at the little building we rent to hold services an hour early.  Nelson had to work, and could not show up.  I don't like that one bit, but can do nothing about it.

                Kids helped me pass out tracts again to the many people passing by.  It was a real blessing to see them give them away, and then invite people to our services.

                At the seven o'clock hour, we had about 15 people total show up.  I preached on the "The Gospel."  The landlord came as well and listened.  I think he be might be coming around.  When the offering plate came his way, he waved it off and gave nothing.  Then before we started services, he walked down the isle and put a few lempiras in the plate.  While I preached, I watched him bow his head and shake his head in remorse for something.  I believe the sermon really hit home.

                After services everyone left except the children who gathered around me in a circle and began playing with me.  I gave them all nicknames, and they just laughed and laughed.


May 19th  2003 Monday                      How Do You Get Married In Honduras?


                Today I drove bright and early to Nelson's to pick him and Zenia up and drive to the town of Valle de Angeles.  There we went to the Mayor's office to see if we could get those two married.  Alas, we were told that they needed even more paperwork, and that they then had to wait ten days even if they had it.  What a pain!  So we spent the rest of the day traveling all over the capital trying to find several offices where they do the paperwork for Marriage licenses.

                To add misery to our already much deserved depression, we were told that we'd have to come back tomorrow to get the paper, as the lady behind the counter was too lazy to do it today.

                Once we did all that we could, I drove them back to the church, and we studied 2 Thessalonians chapter 3.  We finally finished this book, and I'll be starting with the book of Galatians next week, Lord willing.


May 20th  2003 Tuesday                     Bibles?


                I heard from Homero Romero via email that Bro. Bob Adams sent us a pallet of 1865 Spanish Bibles.  Bro. Homero went to Puerto Cortes to get them, but had nothing but hassle after hassle.  He asked me to call Bro. Adams and see if I could get more information.  So, today I played secretary calling Bro. Adams who then told me to call Bro. Rick Carpenter from Wings Bearing Precious Seed to see how the Bibles were shipped, and what information I needed to tell Homero so that he could get them out of customs.

                By two o'clock, I did all that I could and decided to journey home.  Exhausted, I arrived in La Esperanza at about five in the afternoon.  At six the boys didn't show up for our Bible Study, and I was wondering why.  At seven Bani (the oldest) came by and told me that they had a prior engagement and to forgive them for not being able to come.  I did so cheerfully.

                In the evening I went to bed only to find that another Mosquito came to visit me.  Frustrated I tried to do something to kill him.  I found that by waving my shirt in the air, I could produce enough wind to draw him out of hiding and force him to land on the wall.  When he landed, I splattered his guts out! 

                Later I thought about it.  The Holy Spirit is like wind.  And Mosquitos (insects) are a type of devils.  It takes the Holy Spirit to expose them and show the believer how to defeat them.  What an interesting typology.


May 21st  2003 Wednesday                Taxes


                Today I spent at home doing nothing more than working on my taxes for the year of 2002.  I am allowed an extension until June 15th being that I'm a Missionary in a foreign country.  To my chagrin, I found that I was missing many receipts, and that I had done a rather botched up job of keeping records last year, thinking that I would not have to file.  I was told that the law says if you are out of the country more than 336 days, you do not have to pay.  But I was gone to the U.S. for 64 days.  I was mistaken on this point thinking it was 300 days you were allowed to be out of the States, and found that I do indeed have to prepare my Tax Report.  It was anything but joy and glory totaling up receipts all day.  But I did get it done.


May 22nd  2003 Thursday  Phone Problems and Writing My Prayerletter


Today I spent studying, or at least I tried to.  I had to run into town to check my email, as well as call about my taxes.  Of course the phone didn't work and I was told to come back to tomorrow if I wanted to use it, as it would be fixed by then.

                In the evening, I wrote my April 2003 Prayerletter.  I put some information in it about the Spanish Bible Issue.  My Mission Board told me I ought not to do so, as it might cost me some support.  But after much prayer and consideration, I decided that the most important thing was that people got the truth even if it cost me my ministry.  I'd much rather go around saying, "I lost my support on the Mission Field and my Ministry because I stood for the truth!" Rather than having to stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ and give account to God for being a "hireling" or a "Moochinary" who only cared about money, and kept his mouth shut on some issues just to get it.  I believe God called me here, and he'll take care of me here if I'll just be faithful to Him in getting out the truth.  


May 23rd  2003 Friday                        Errands


                I awoke this morning feeling so miserable.  My entire body hurt.  I felt like going back to sleep, which I did.  Then I slept in a little too late.  Would to God I had someone to take care of me, and help me to wake up in the mornings!

                I remember as a child that my Mom would always wake me up and help me get ready for school.  Once, I rebelled and told my Mom I wasn't going and would rather sleep.  She became angry, and rightly so, and told me I had to go anyway.  In anger I said, Fine, but I'm going in my pajamas!  And I did.

                The rest of the day the other Elementary School students made fun of me for coming to school in my pajamas.   So I never made that mistake again!  Still, I don't like mornings.

                This afternoon, I had to run into town to call about my taxes.  I also checked my email.  Afterwards, I found a really great place to eat.  I don't remember the name of it, but they made me a wonderful plate of chicken and fried bananas.  The bananas tasted just like potatoes, and were great with extra salt.

                The rest of the day I spent doing about three things at once.  I had to wash clothes, copy tapes, print material for Bible Institute, and clean the kitchen.  While one tape was copying, I would run to the computer to check if it was printing right.  Then I would run out and check on the clothes.  It was a long day, and a help, meet for my needs, would really be a blessing about now!  Still, I trust the Lord and know he will provide.

                At seven, the boys came today and we studied verses that prove the "Jehovah's Witness" sect is nothing but a cult.  I told them they don't believe in the Trinity, in the deity of Christ, or in Hell.  We studied verse about all these things and more to prove they are "nuttier than a pecan pie" in their doctrine.  The boys told me tonight that they were glad I was teaching them the truth.   That made it all worth the while.


May 24th  2003 Saturday                    Classes, Catholic Children, and Chess


                Classes went well this morning at the Institute.  I taught about "Ancient Pagan Symbols of Babylon."  They took their test over the material of the week before, and did fairly well.  Also, those who missed last week did their make up tests.

                Journeying home, I went straight back to bed feeling sick again.  While I was resting, I was awakened by a neighbor who came by to visit.  He was a young boy of about 13 years of age.  I threw the football with him.

                Hardly any children came today.  In fact, only three young girls showed up.  I studied the subject of "The Trinity" with two of them, while one fell asleep in my lap.  As I explained the three parts of God, the two little girls started telling me about "The Lady of Fatima" and other Catholic jargon.  And as I was reading the Bible to them, one made the sign of the cross.  How sad it was to see they were so "indoctrinated" by that Roman Catholic Whore at such an early age.  I can only pray my preaching to them will help to straighten them out.

                At four, Julio's kids came and we played Football.  I am teaching them how, and they really enjoy it.

                At five, we had English classes.  Geovanni came and the Lawyer Jonathan showed up with his wife and child also.  I taught them about the Past Tense of verbs.

                After classes, Jonathan asked me to teach him how to play Chess.  I did so, and he really enjoyed learning.  We only played two games, and he had to go.  The rest of the evening I played the boys, and actually won every game.  I could hardly believe it!


May 25th  2003 Sunday                       Cogitations, The Civil War, and Church


                I awoke this morning thinking about how great and big God is.  I scribbled the following on a piece of paper as soon as I finished praying, "His grace makes me love Him.  His judgment makes me fear Him.  His compassion and Mercy make me want to serve Him.  And His righteousness makes me desire Him more!"

                As I was reading my Bible this morning in the book of Obadiah, I found a verse that to me explains the whole American Civil War (Otherwise known as The War of Northern Aggression).  It was verse seven which says, "All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border:  the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him."  I wonder if my third-great grandfather ever used that as a preaching text.

                In the afternoon, I drove to Tegucigalpa.  I went to the Mall first to check my email, and then I went to the cancer center to study.  At six, I drove out to the church, and had many kids come out and help Nelson and I pass out tracts.  For service we had about 25, most of which were kids.  Two ladies came and said they wanted to come every week.  That would be great.

                Nelson is very enthusiastic about our starting a church.  He wanted people to know where we were, so he put a huge speaker up on top of the house and played preaching tapes from the Church in Mexico so the people walking by could hear it. 

                After service, I drove back to the Cancer Center and went to bed.


May 26th  2003 Monday                      Errands and Taxes


                I wanted to stay and do some visiting with Nelson today, but I have too much to do back home.  So I ran some errands this morning and then headed back to La Esperanza in the afternoon.  Before leaving the Cancer Center, I ran into Missionary Karl Thomas and he invited me over next Sunday to have some fellowship.  I also made an appointment with the dentist at the Cancer Center to fill some cavities next Monday.

                Before leaving Tegucigalpa, I drove to the Internet Café at the Mall, and called my Tax Agent to do my tax return.  It took us an hour, but we finished everything, and I was relieved to find I did not have to pay any taxes.


May 27th  2003  Tuesday                    Rain!


                I did not sleep at all last night.  And I don't know why.  This morning I awoke exhausted and wanting to go back to bed.  But I had to get busy mowing the yard.  I did a section, and then I had Castillo finish the rest.  The moment he finished, down came a gulley washer, and it rained all night long.

                The rest of the day I spent studying and reading.  I have finally finished the Old Testament in my daily Bible reading, and look forward to beginning the New Testament tomorrow.

                The boys didn't come to study Bible this evening, I think because of the rain.


May 28th  2003 Wednesday               Study and Rain


                I awoke this morning feeling sick again.  I stayed in bed most of the day.  It rained all day long, and this caused for much mud in the yard.  I hope I will be able to move my car, as the last time it rained this hard, I was kept at home several days until the mud dried.

                Towards the evening, I studied some more for my Bible Institute Classes.  Before bed, I found that more Mosquitoes had somehow entered my bedroom.  I decided I'd kill them, but the wind method didn't work.  Instead, I turned on the light in the bathroom, and let it draw them.  Then I simply went in there, closed the door, and swatted all that I saw upon the wall.  I later thought about my typology from May 20th, and about how they are a type of demons.  The Light (the word of God) exposes them and points them out to Christians.  How interesting this typology followed through.


May 29th  2003  Thursday  Another Rainy Day


                I awoke to the sound of rain again this morning.  It rained all day and all night long.  I studied most of the day, and then in the afternoon, braved the mud and rain to go into town to check my email. 

                In the evening, I studied some more.  I almost finished lesson #9 for my Bible Institute Class.


May 30th 2003 Friday                         Rain and Study


                Today it rained again.  I studied all day, and finished my May prayerletter.  I also had to run into town to check my email and run a few errands.

                The boys came by at six-thirty in the evening, and we studied the "7th Day Adventist" cult and read many verses in the Bible that proved their heretical teachings were indeed false.

                After they left, I had to take my printer apart and try to fix it, as it would not print.  A piece had broken inside of it, and I fixed it the best I could.  When I put it all back together, it still would not work (Murphy's Law!).


May 31st  2003 Saturday                    Paganism, a Pulpit, Polite Children, and Playing Chess.


                Bible Institute went well this morning.  I taught on "Paganism in the Bible," and showed how idol worship was connected to worship of false gods or as the Bible calls them "devils" otherwise known as demons.  The students are really listening and learning.  They seem to be enjoying my class.

                Afterwards, I went to Eric Sanchez's house and drank a cup of coffee while conversing with him for close to an hour.  He had a small pulpit there that was brand new that he had a friend make.  I admired it, and told him I needed one for our church in Tegucigalpa.  He sold it to me for very cheap, and said he'd have his friend make him another.

                Only 8 children came today for Bible Classes, and several of them seemed very angry with me for something or another.  I asked them what was wrong, but they never told me.  They would not speak to me, and when I tried to find out if it was something I did, they said, "No."  So, I replied, "Fine, then I won't worry about it."  They were funny to watch, as they didn't want to say anything to me and tried to ignore me.  I had them all start singing hymns, and eventually they joined in.  Afterwards we studied about "The Judgment."  I was surprised to find them actually well behaved and anxious to listen.  I had them read Romans 14:12, Matthew 12:36,37, and Revelation 20:11-15 with me.  I told them that those who aren't saved will give account for their actions, their words, and their sins.  But those who are saved are covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ and forgiven.

                Those that were angry started talking, but remembered that they were mad, and then quickly tried to play mad again.  It was too funny!  In a short while, they were all their old selves again and we had a great Bible study, and several games of "Jacks" afterwards.

                English Classes went well.  Almost everyone showed up, and I taught them the Present Progressive of verbs, how to tell temperature, and more.  When we finished, we immediately started in playing Chess.  I won three games and lost one to Raul, who is a very smart young man.  He always beats his brothers, and is learning how to beat me as well.

                In the evening, I went to bed exhausted from a long day.


June 1st  2003 Sunday                        Church Services


                I left rather late this morning for Tegucigalpa.  Upon my arrival, I went straight to the Mall to check my email.  Afterwards, I went to visit Missionary Karl Thomas and his family.  They invited me to spend the night with them.  While there, I helped them clean out a room in their house, and move a bunk bed into it.  Mr. Thomas told me that he had ten College students coming to stay for a month, and they needed the room.

                At six, Karl and I drove to the little building in El Carrizal that I'm renting.  Karl enjoys passing out tracts, so I put him to work doing so in front of the church, while I helped Zenia move chairs.  We also put the new pulpit in the building, and it just makes it look that much more like a church house.  Afterwards, I went outside and helped Karl pass out tracts, and met a young man who lived up the way in the "colonia" (suburb) named "Abraham Lincoln."  He told me he was not saved, but where he lived the people were afraid of and respected the things of God.  He said they were very wicked, but if I went to preach there, that they would all come to listen.  I told him I would try.  I also witnessed to him about his need to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save his soul.  He told me that he understood that, but was not ready to trust it just yet.  I smelled beer on his breath, and didn't know how much of what I was saying was getting through, so I gave him several tracts and sent him on his way.

                I thought for sure we were not going to have anyone come this evening.  No one showed up until five minutes after seven.  But when they came, there were quite a few of them.  I think it was the biggest crowd we've had yet.

                Even though the kids were rather rowdy, I managed to preach on the subject of "Why It Is Important To Testify!"  Not only did I tell them that they should do so, but I gave them the reason that I was testifying to them.

                After services, the ladies stayed and talked with me for a while.  None of them are saved, but at least they are coming and hearing the gospel.


June 2nd  2003 Monday                       Traveling to Valle De Angeles


                I left Mr. Thomas' house early this morning and went to the Cancer Center for my Dentist appointment.  Unfortunately, she didn't show up until late, and we had to postpone her filling my cavities until tomorrow. 

                After she checked my teeth to see what she needed to do tomorrow, I drove to Nelson's house to pick both he and Zenia up to go to Valle de Angeles.   We had all the paperwork ready so that they could get married, or so we thought.  When we arrived, we found that they each have to go back to where they were born, and get one more paper proving that they are single.  So Zenia will have to travel to Choluteca, and Nelson will have to take a bus to Danli, El Paraíso.  What a mess! 

                From Valle de Angeles, we journeyed back to Tegucigalpa (about a 45 minute trip), and I bought us all lunch at Pizza Hut.  It was very good.

                On the way back to Nelson's house, they told me of some property for sale for only 4000 lempiras, which they thought would be good for us to build a church.  They asked me to take them to see it, so I did.  It was way up on top of one of the mountains outside of Tegucigalpa and from up there we could look down and see the entire town of Tegus.  It was simply beautiful!  Nelson asked me if I though it would be a good place to start a church as it was a new community and many new people were moving there.  I told him it was a nice place, but way too far away from everything and the roads were terrible.  If it were raining, it would have been impossible for me to make it up most of the hills.

                In the evening, I slept at the cancer center and had the place almost to myself, as the Prince's have gone back to the U.S. for a few months.


June 3rd  2003 Tuesday                      Dentists, Deliveries, and Driving Home


                At eight this morning my Dentist started working on my teeth.  She said that there were six cavities that needed to be filled, but that they were very minor.  After two hours of drilling, and me in constant pain the farther in she went, she capped three of them.  Next week I'll have to go back and have the other three done.

                When I arrived at Aero Casillas, I found several packages for me.  One was a big box of Gospel tracts that ended up costing me over one hundred dollars for the weight it cost me to send it here.  Having a Post Office box in Miami is getting very costly, but it is good to get my mail quickly.

                However, they told me that they found some of the packages that we thought were lost, and that the Aduana (Customs) wants us to pay a lot of money for them.  So next week when I go back, it looks like I'll have to pay a lot to get my rear drums for my car, and other things that people sent me from the states.

                Before leaving for home, I went to Pricesmart and bought groceries.  I spent almost 300 dollars on food, but it had to be done, as I had almost nothing left to eat at home.  As I was leaving, there was a lady at a table outside the door giving away free "Bonsai tree" seeds.  She gave me some, and then asked me if I wanted to buy the instructions.  I asked her what she meant, and she told me that they were giving away the seeds for free, but to be able to grow them properly, one had to buy the directions for 20 lempiras that tell how to grow them.  I thought about that for quite some time afterwards.  It seems to me that the seed of the word of God is free, and so many Christians run around giving it away.  But they don't give the directions to that person that does get saved on how to grow.  God help me to be a better gardener in that respect!

                After putting away all the groceries when I arrived home, the boys came by, and we studied "Basic Divisions in the Bible."      


June 4th  2003 Wednesday                Sick Again and Salmon Patties


                I slept in late today, as I am beginning to feel sick again.  The rest of the day I began working on the new computer that my Dad sent me from the states.  I picked it up from the Fed Ex office on Monday, and have been enjoying it ever since.  It is good to have a nice, fast computer again.

                For dinner I fixed one of my favorite meals.  It had been some time since I had eaten Salmon patties.  I never made them before, so tonight I though I'd try.  They turned out very well, and I ate my fill of that wonderful flavor that only comes from Alaskan Salmon.

                In the evening, I spent studying and preparing for Sunday.



June 5th  2003 Thursday                    No China Cabinet               


                Today I felt awful.  But that didn't keep me from doing what had to be done.  Hugo asked me to come by today and pick up my new China cabinet.  He said that when I came, he would come back with me and varnish the new door that Rich and I installed here.  Unfortunately, and par for course, Hugo wasn't finished with it yet, but said to come back tomorrow.  So I ran to the Internet Café to check my email, then I went home to study.


June 6th  2003 Friday                         Still Not Finished!


                First thing this morning I drove to Hugo's house to get my much needed China Cabinet, and found he still was not finished with it.  Mostly he lacked the doors.  He also needed to go to the glass shop and pick up the glass panels for the top two doors.  I told him I'd take him, and we went together.  Hugo is a really nice man, and I enjoyed his fellowship.

                Afterwards I checked my email again and then went home feeling weak and feverish to take a nap.  Around five in the afternoon, I was awakened by one Efraín Martínez who came looking for me.  Eric Sanchez told me about him, and showed me the wooden bed frame that he made for Eric.  I was impressed with it and asked Eric to send him to me so that he could make me one as well.  He measured the mattress I have, and said it would cost 1500 lempiras to do the work.  That seemed like a good deal (less than 100 dollars), so I hired him to make one for me.

In the evening, the boys came and we studied about "Dispensationalism" in the Bible.


June 7th  2003 Saturday                     Good Kids, Bad Church, and Broken Pipes.


                This morning I taught at the Bible Institute on the subject of "Roots of the Catholic Church in the Bible."  I showed them that everything that the Catholic Church teaches can be found in ancient paganism in both the Old and New Testaments and is therefore not Christian in the least.

                After class, Eric Sanchez took me to see a motorcycle he would like to buy.  His was stolen and he would love to have a new one, but doesn't have the money to buy one.  Then we went to buy some fertilizer for my plants.

                In the afternoon, we had a pipe break and water was spewing up out of the ground.  I put Castillo to work on digging all the dirt up around the pipe so that we could fix it.  Right when I was about to go to the Hardware store to buy some new PVC pipe, the kids showed up.  They brought a visitor with them and were very excited about studying the Bible for once.  They also had memorized some Bible verses and couldn't wait to tell them to me.   I taught them about "Studying!" from 2 Timothy 2:15 and 1 Thessalonians 4:11.

                When they left, I drove into town and bought some half-inch pipe as well as a few elbow joints and a faucet.  When I returned, I not only fixed the broken pipe, but also put in a new faucet by the telephone pole on that side of the house.

                English classes went well.  But I was sneezing all the way through it.  And my head began throbbing.  I called off our usual Chess club after classes, and went straight to bed feeling absolutely awful.


June 8th 2003 Sunday                         Old Acquaintances = Visitors!


                Today I drove to Tegucigalpa early so I could hold Bible Study with Nelson and Zenia before services.  I arrived there around three in the afternoon after checking my email at the mall.  We studied all of Galatians chapter one again, as well as half of chapter two.  They really paid attention well.

                In the evening, we had several visitors.  One lady, named Gladys, was someone I knew from Nelson's job at the Hospital Escuela.  She was a "Vigilante" (or Security Guard).  Nelson had kept in contact with her as she lived not very far away, and was constantly asking her to come to our church.  (Nelson is doing well in his inviting people to church, and asked me to come early next week to go visiting with him).  She brought her husband and children to service with her.  Her husband confided in me by telling me that he didn't understand the Bible.  I asked him if he was saved, and he said, "No."  So, I took him through the scriptures before we started, and showed him how to be saved by grace through faith in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.  When I finished, he said he still didn't understand, as he has a hard time remembering and thinking clearly.   All I knew to do was take him through it again, but he still didn't get it.

                Many children didn't come, and the service was much better because there were less distractions.  I preached on the subject of, "The Lamb of God."  I told them that he was:  Sinless, The Sacrifice, Their Substitute, The Shedder of His Precious blood, and The Only way of Salvation. 

                Before leaving, Nelson told me it would be better that we started having services at six instead of seven.  So beginning next week, we will do so.  He said the people were afraid of going home so late at night because of the thieves.


June 9th 2003 Monday                        Heading Home


                Sometimes it is so discouraging being a Missionary.  Not only do we have to put up with sickness and pain, but we must also put up with ridicule from other Christians.   Since I've been here, I've gotten several nasty letters from people telling me that I'm not doing a good enough job as an ambassador of Christ in their eyes.  And to those self-conceited brother (I know not what they be, God regardeth no man's person), I say, "If you think you can do a better job, come down here yourself and try it!!!"  But those that think they know it all, usually don't want to leave their home, family, and good job in the states. 

                But then I do get some good letters that make me feel good.   Take today for instance.  A young lady of about eight years of age sent me a letter telling me she is praying for me.  Such as that makes it all worthwhile. 

                Today I had to go to Aero Casillas and pay over 600 dollars for packages sent to me from the U.S.  It is great to get my mail faster, but paying by the pound for them to ship it to me here in Honduras is getting to be rather expensive.


June 10th 2003 Tuesday                     Varnishing


                Early this morning I left for Don Hugo's house to pick up my China Cabinet.  Finally, it was done.  It is made completely out of Pine, and is not the best looking thing in the world, but then why should I have the best of anything?  Together Hugo and I loaded it into my truck and then journeyed to my home to move it into the kitchen.  Afterwards, Hugo went to work varnishing the new door.

                I cooked us lunch consisting of Spaghetti and Garlic bed.  Then in the afternoon, I took him home and found that his wife had made Zucchini Bread for me from that which I had given them from my garden.  It was simply delicious!


June 11th  2003  Wednesday             Painting, Pensive, and My Profession


                At nine this morning Hugo came to put the last coat of Varnish on the new door.  Afterwards, I paid him, and then spent the rest of the day resting and trying to feel better.  

                I also spent the day in a pensive state thinking about what has befallen me as a Missionary.  It's not the easiest of professions.  In fact it is rather a calling, for if it were a profession, I could just change it.  Today I thought about it, and I realized just how outlandish my occupation is.  The truth is that I have people paying me to leave their country and then they get mad at me when I go back home.  What an oxymoron!


June 12th 2003  Thursday No Electricity


                I slept in again today still feeling sick.  Benadryl helps me fall asleep, but when I wake up in the morning, I find I have no strength.  Such was the case this morning.  The Electricity was also turned off all day, so I could neither cook nor bathe.  Instead I just took it easy and tried to get well.  It would be nice to have a few days to get completely well, rather than being sick one day and then aggravating my illness by being on the go the next.  But such is the price I must pay for my profession (or rather calling).


June 13th 2003  Friday                       Electricity!


                Bro. Mike Lane came by this morning to bring me some Zucchini/Carrot Bread.  It was very good.  We sat and talked several hours and I enjoyed the fellowship.  His wife is in the states and he's alone a lot.  He has invited me over for supper on several occasions and I was want to go but had to back out as responsibilities were conflict.  I guess he's just lonely for company.  I've found in my life that I'm grown accustomed to being alone.  But I can sympathize, as how much harder it must be to be married and grow used to everyday companionship, and then have to leave your bride for a long period of time.  It must be awful.  No wonder the Bible instructs married couples not to defraud one another.

                As we were talking, the lights came on and off on several occasions.  I thought it was just the power company again, but found that my Knife Switch outside had completely melted.  It must have shorted out with all the rain, and I had to buy another one.  Knowing very little about electricity, I asked Rich to help me fix it, which he did.  We were both scared to death, however, as it had been raining all day, and we knew that the slightest touch on the wrong wire would mean our untimely end.  Carefully, we achieved our task, and were thankful that no disasters arose. 

                In the evening, I finally was able to turn on the power and cook myself a hot meal.  I also was able to start working on my Bible Institute material, which I desperately need to finish as I have many more projects in mind on the horizon.


June 14th  2003 Saturday                  Mud, Classes, Eric, and the Children


                This morning I tried to go to the Bible Institute early, but my car bogged down in the mud in my yard and was quickly stuck.  This week it has rained just about everyday, and this causes a rather inconvenient situation.  The yard is almost pure mud after only a few days rain.  And today it was almost like a swamp.

                I had to run to Julio's house and ask him to help me pull the car out.  He brought his sons, and we all pushed.  My neighbor Francis also came by to help.  But it was to no avail.  Finally, we took out the Jack and jacked it up the best we could and put rocks and bricks under the tires.  This helped immensely, and by and by my truck freed itself from the muddy jaws of "Mother Earth."

                Surprisingly, I was only about five minutes late when I arrived at the Bible Institute.  I taught on the Subject of "The Early Church and Her Persecutions from Rome."  Afterwards, I walked up the road to Eric Sanchez's house and had a cup of coffee.  His mother was visiting from Tegucigalpa, and he introduced me to her.  She works in an Insane Asylum as a nurse, and had many an interesting story to tell me of the patients there.

                Before leaving, Eric told me that Efraín Martinez had my bed ready, and I should go and visit him.  This I did, and found the most beautiful wooden bed frame.  I was very pleased with the work.  Later in the afternoon, he had it brought to my house in a truck, and we moved it into my guest room.

                In the afternoon, "the Romper Room" was in session again as the children came from services.  I was surprised to see about 14 show up.  Dunia came and I was pleased to see her, as it had been some time since she'd come.   Together, we all played a game of Musical Chairs before I taught them on the topic of "What the Bible Has to Say About Itself."

                No one came for English classes, so I spent my time studying.  Julio's kids came over to play Chess, but I told them I felt bad, and that I would rather spend some time resting.  They understood, and we put off our Chess match tell next week.


June 15th  2003  Sunday                    Services in El Carrizal


                Sickness is getting to be not only a burden but a constant companion.  Sneezing all day long, I still had to trek onward to our little building in El Carrizal and hold services.  I arrived at two in the afternoon with the hopes of finding Nelson so that we could do some visitation.  However Zenia told me that he had to work today.  They finally paid him, but only about a fourth of what they owed him.  So, I left some tracts and asked Zenia to stamp them with our address, and I ran to the Mall to check my email.

                At five, I returned to find that several children had come to help me pass out tracts.  At six we had service.  It was a small crowd (mostly children), and they were very rowdy.  The landlord came and listened intently as I preached on "Who Killed the Lord Jesus Christ?"  I don't think he's saved, but am thankful that he would come to listen.

                After services, I went to the Cancer Center and tried to get some much needed rest.


June 16th  2003  Monday                    Another Day in Tegus


                I actually slept well last night.  This morning I awoke feeling much better.  After eating two Mangoes for breakfast, I was on my way to accomplish today's agenda consisting of running errands, mailing letters, and making a few phone calls through the Internet phone.

                At two in the afternoon, I journeyed to Nelson's house and together with Zenia we studied from Galatians chapter two and three.  Nelson told me of Zenia's brother who lives just outside of Valle de Angeles.  He, as well as the people in his village, want a church started there.  Nelson asked me to come early next week (about nine in the morning), so we could go visiting there and then have services around twelve. 

                Nelson also gave me some more good news.  It seems he might have found a much better job that will allow him to have Sunday's off.  He would be working in a Funeral Home.  This, I told him, "Would be great!"  Zenia had some good news as well, and told me that she traveled to Choluteca and obtained the paper she lacked.  Now all we need is Nelson's paper, and then I can finally get those two married.

                After our Bible Study, I drove home and arrived there at around seven in the evening.


June 17th  2003  Tuesday                   Off To San Pedro Sula      


                Even though I felt bad and had a sore throat, today I drove to San Pedro Sula to see Bro. Homero Romero and see about obtaining the Bibles and tracts that were sent to us from the Bearing Precious Seed organization.  I arrived at about two in the afternoon, and Homero received me cordially.  The first thing he said was, "I thought you would have come sooner!"  I had planned on it, but with my continued illness, I decided to sleep in a bit in order to hopefully feel better.

                Being too late to go to Puerto Cortes, we ran into town and ran a few errands, and then went to visit Bro. German and his family.  In the evening, we went to Prayer Meeting at his church in Cerro Verde.  It was good to see everyone there. 

                In the evening, I went to bed feeling completely exhausted, sick at my stomach, and very weak.


June 18th  2003 Wednesday              Puerto Cortes!


                This morning, Bro. Homero had to go to a function at his son's school, and they left me at the house to rest.  I went to the Internet café up the street to check my email, and then I drove back and found Homero at home.  He had to leave his wife and children at the school, as their meeting didn't start on time, in order to go to Puerto Cortes with me.

                Before we left, we changed the rear drums on my car, and found that the bearings were wearing down and leaking transmission fluid.  This is just another thing that must be fixed when I have the time.  Also, Bro. Homero told me that he thought my rear Shock Absorbers are shot.  We also found a nail in my back right tire. 

                At around eleven, we left for Cortes and there we found a brother named David who helped us to locate our pallet of Bibles and tracts.  He told us he'd try to see if he could get them out of Customs today, but could promise nothing.  We asked him to do the best he could, and then invited him to lunch with us.  We ate at a very nice Chinese Restaurant that I remember going to with Bro. Arturo Palau back in 1998.  Speaking of Arturo, we visited him and his family.  He too has been sick, but welcomed us graciously in spite of his pounding headache.

                We also visited with Bro. Oscar Omar, who helped me when we were working on getting my car out of customs back in 2001.  I really like that young man, and think he will amount to something for the Lord, if he'll just get some convictions and learn to be more forward.  He is very shy and soft-spoken, but he loves the Lord and is seeking the truth.  Homero and I talked to him about the Spanish Bible Issue.  I gave him some books about it the last time I visited him, and he studied them thoroughly and had many questions.  He asked many of his mentors about the 1960, and they told him it was God's words and that was it.  When he asked them for proof, and tried to show them some verses that were wrong, they told him not to worry about it, and that he should just take their word for it that it was God's word.  This irritated him he told us, and we stressed to him the importance of not only knowing what you believe and standing for it, but being able to prove it.  "These guys," Homero told him, "don't have any proof to show you, thus they tell you to just listen to them and don't study it for yourself.  But you must 'study to shew thyself approved unto God' and so you can please God by standing for his pure words."  We talked with him more about many other things as well.

                At the allotted time, we sought Bro. David about the pallet, and were informed that it would not be possible to get our boxes today.  He suggested we return around noon tomorrow. So we parted our ways and headed home.

                I went to bed at about nine in the evening with a headache and still feeling a little weak.  However the extra hot weather in both San Pedro and Puerto Cortes was almost the most wonderful therapy to my body, and how I loved just to stand in the sun and feel its warm rays beat down upon me.  Oh how I love a warm climate!


June 19th  2003 Thursday Finally, We Get Our Bibles!


                Early this morning, Homero and I went to Sister Mercedes' house to do some work for her.  Homero does odds and ends jobs as he is a very good handyman.  I watched one brother paint while I read the newspaper and enjoyed soaking up the early morning sun.  I also helped with the painting on various occasions, as he didn't know how.

                When ten-thirty rolled around, Homero and I journeyed to Puerto Cortes again to determine the fate of our cargo.  We got the run around time and again, and it wasn't until four in the afternoon that we were allowed into the warehouse to load the boxes into my truck.  In total, I believe there were over 30 boxes.  After loading them, we settled up with Hermano David, and were pleased to find that all the paperwork cost us no more than 1500 lempiras (less than 100 dollars).

                As quickly as we could, we went to visit Bro. Omar and left him some boxes of John and Romans.  Afterwards we drove to Arturo Palau's and left him two boxes of New Testaments and two boxes of John and Romans.  Then we drove the fifty minutes back to Homero's house to unload.  We split the rest between us, and I was left with eight boxes of 1865 New Testaments, two boxes of whole 1865 Bibles (which I plan on using for the Old Testament), one box of John and Romans, and three boxes of the Book of Juan.

                Driving home late that night, it rained so hard that I could not see the road.  To make things worse, there are many sections of the road that have no yellow dividing line down the middle.  So I crept along with nothing to guide me but the grass on the right shoulder.  After about an hour, the rain let up and I drove home in the dark (which I don't like to do) and arrived there at about nine in the evening.


 June 20th  2003 Friday                      Laundry, Rest, and Bible Study


                Today I rested, or at least I tried to.  I had to do four loads of laundry, as well as clean the house and rearrange the boxes of tracts and Bibles that I brought home with me.  I also spent some time studying and preparing for tomorrow.

                My body actually felt better today, and I thought I might actually be over being sick.  But, no dice!  Diarrhea set in towards the afternoon, and I spent the rest of the day battling that. 

                In the evening, the boys came and we studied "7 Periods of Prophecy in The Bible."          


June 21st  2003 Saturday                   Attack of the Killer Bees!!!


                I taught at the Bible Institute this morning on the subject of "The Beginning of the Catholic Church."  I explained to them about the two men who were probably most responsible for this, Augustine (who formed much of its doctrine), and Constantine (who held the council of Nicea and helped to join Church and State).

                The kids came early today and wanted to cook soup.  We picked some squash and Zucchini from my garden and used many other vegetables as well.  While they were cooking in the outside kitchen, I noticed that many bees were entering in a crack in the wall above the patio.  I tried to kill them with bleach, and hundreds of them began flying out very angrily.  They stung me a total of three times.

                As the kids cooked, I battled the bees, and did everything I could think of to get rid of them.  With a spray bottle full of bleach, I sprayed in the crack as much as I could until I could stand it no more and had to run away from them.  Many of the bees died and fell to the floor. Those that survived, decided they'd move and flew up to the under hang at the patio entrance.  There they collected themselves and made a huge hive. 

The children and I let them be, and decided to eat our soup in peace.  I believe we had almost twenty children come today.  After eating, we studied the Bible and I taught them about "Eternal Security."  Then we decided that it was time to get rid of the bees!!!  So we turned on the pump and pulled out the hose and sprayed water at high pressure on them.  Many fell to the ground, and many decided to come and attack us.  Several of the children were stung.

                Afterwards, they decided it was time to go home, and I bid them farewell.  After they left, I found the bees all congregating in a huge massive pile on the ground outside of the patio, and I poured Kerosene and Gas on them and lit them up!  They burned slowly, but did not disperse from their circular form.  I hope that is the end of them!  But we shall soon see.

                At four thirty, only Geovanni and Julio's boys came to English classes.  I taught them about "Irregular Verbs in the past tense" and then we played Chess.  I won three games and lost one.


June 22nd  2003 Sunday                     Chimbo, Bible Study, and Services                 


                I awoke early this morning feeling downright awful.  I'm still sick, unfortunately, and desired nothing more than to stay in bed and rest.  Yet, this blessed luxury eluded me, as I had to prepare myself for my travel to Tegucigalpa.  Nelson and Zenia and I agreed that this morning we would visit Zenia's brother in Valle de Angeles, who asked us to come and start a church in his area.

                At seven thirty, I left the house and arrived at Nelson's on the eleven o'clock hour.  Of course they were not ready, and I found that I had to wait for them to bathe and do their morning pleasantries.  After about an hour they were ready, and we all journeyed to the little village they called "Chimbo."  There I met Zenia's brother.  He was the head of a Soccer team in this village, and I soon learned that there they take soccer very seriously.  He told me that as captain of the team, he was very well respected, and when he desired something of the team, they were more than willing to provide it for him.  He thought he could use his influence in getting the boys to come to services.  We decided to come back each week and have services at two in the afternoon.  Before we left, I asked him if he was saved, and he replied, "No, but I really do want to learn the things of God."  I asked if I could take him through the scriptures and show him, but he told me that he was in a hurry, and that he must needs go with his family to visit his parents.  But he did promise me the privilege of presenting him the Gospel at another time.

                On the journey back to El Carrizal, Nelson wanted me to go visiting with him.  This is something that I truly desire to do.  But my weak body felt so diminished, that I had to beg his pardon and ask for leave to go to the Cancer center and rest.  Nelson did not let me off that easily, and told me, "Well if you are too spent to visit, then you can at least study the Bible with us!"  This I did, and we had probably the best Bible study that I can remember from Galatians chapter three.  I explained to them what the law was given for, how man could not keep it no matter how hard he tried, and of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to redeem us from the curse of the law being made a curse for us.  I then explained to them how so many people are trusting in their works instead of in Jesus and how it is our job to show them clearly what Jesus did for us when he died and shed his precious blood.  Their eyes were opened, and I believe it will help them in their witnessing in the future.

                After returning from the cancer center where I was able to get a few hours sleep, we passed out tracts and then I preached on the subject of "Some Things the Bible Commands us to Seek For."  We did not have a big crowd tonight, as most of the children did not come.  I was told they are mad at me, for I will not give them "stuff."  We did have one lady come as well as a few other adults.  The service was enjoyable to me, as I didn't have to fight with the children.


June 23rd  2003 Monday                    Repairs!


                At eight this morning I took my car to the "Nuteck" mechanic shop and entrusted it with Mr. Otto Martinez, whom the other Missionaries here recommended to me.  He looked the car over and then called me at the Cancer Center to tell me what was wrong with it.   The front and rear wheel bearings were shot and needed to be replaced.  Also, the entire front end elbow joints, rock and pinion steering, rocker arms, etc. were loose and needed to be tightened, and Otto said they would fix it in the evening, so that I could pick it up in the morning.

                All day long I spent traveling by taxi running errands and trying to get some important tasks completed.  As I was riding in one taxi, the driver had his radio playing and I heard an English song that had some rather profound lyrics.  I remember one stanza that said, "People only think about getting what they want, and they don't ever dwell upon wanting what they get."  If that's not the spirit of this age, I don't know what is.  The "Athenian spirit" of Acts chapter sixteen and seventeen, is clearly seen today.  People only want something new, and that which they have, they don't take care of, nor care for.

                In the evening, I ate at Ruby Tuesday's up the road from the Cancer center.  It was rather expensive, but it was good to eat some American food.  At "Missionary Midnight" (nine o'clock) I went to bed with my arm still swollen from my Bee sting, and hurting when I touch it.


June 24th  2003 Tuesday                    Going Home!


                This morning I traveled by taxi to Otto's to find my car fixed, and washed.  It looked brand new and drove like a dream!  The only thing they were unable to complete was the back wheel bearings, and they told me to come back next week to take care of that.

                After paying them four thousand lempiras for the job they'd done, I then had to drive up the street to "Technicentro Chahin" to have my tires aligned and balanced.  That took a few hours, and then I was on my way home to La Esperanza to rest, or at least try too.

                In Comayagua, I decided to stop and eat at a restaurant that Bro. Thomas Sweeney told me about.  It was called "El Torito" (the Little Bull).  There I feasted on the best Filet Mignon I've ever tasted in my life.


June 25th  2003 Wednesday              Death Would be Pleasant for a Christian


                It is hard being a Christian at times, for a Christian is two men within himself.  One is the old sinful man, while the other is the new spiritual man inside.  Often, I think about how much better it would be to shuck off this mortal coil (as Shakespeare so amply put it), and just check out and go on home to glory.  This old man just gives me a fit sometimes, especially with its sinful wicked desires, and the sickness and pain it continually endures.   It truly would be a blessing just to go on home to heaven where I could actually get some rest.  With this in mind, I wrote the following poem.


Oh, That Death Should Find Me!



Oh, that death should find me!

For there's nothing for me here.

How much better to me 'twould be,

To leave this vail of tears!


I've heard about that place above

It's much better there by far!

That place where I'll ascend like a dove

Where this wicked world will never mar.


Heartache, Sorrows, Trials, and Disease,

At times are more than I can bare.

O please Mr. Sickle man, please

Come and take me out of here!


With every passing day that comes,

It seems things grow only worse!

Satan has won most hearts and homes

And sin is still the curse.


The vileness of this ungodly world,

Is such a vexation to my soul!

Would that Death would raise its sword,

And to a better place permit me to go.


I have no fear of death, nor dying,

My home in heaven is secure.

But every waking hour here, I'm sighing,

Wishing I didn't have to endure.

The longer that I view it all,

The more it makes me sad,

I'd rather walk that darkened hall

To the Light that's at the end.


Death for a Christian is a gain,

For I know I've a mansion there!

But here I find that all is vain,

And sin abounds everywhere.


So please Mr. Angel of Death,

Can't you come for me today?

For in heaven all is blest,

And former things are passed away!


How great t'would be to finally go

To a place where no sin can abide,

No more pain, sorrow, or woe,

And with my Saviour I'll eternally reside!


Oh Yes, that Death would fine me,

That with wings it'd wisk me away.

For then by my Saviour's side, I'd be

And then everything would be okay!


            Of course I guess that's just a little bit extreme.  But the truth is that as a Christian, heaven would be a much better place.  Yet all I can do, I find is be thankful for the job that God has set before me, and try to take others there with me before I do go.


June 26th 2003 Thursday Trip to Las Cañadas


                All day long I relaxed and tried to catch up on my Correspondence.  This did not prove an easy task, as the electricity went out around noon, and hindered my productivity.

                At three-thirty, Eric Sanchez came by and we talked for a while before packing up our things and traveling to the little village of "Las Cañadas."  Jose Ovilio Ferrera, one of my Bible Institute Students, asked me to come there and preach this Thursday.  I told him I would, but I sure didn't know what I was getting into.  We drove for over an hour before we came to Jose's house.  He wasn't home, so we parked the car in his yard, and then walked almost an hour over and through the mountains to the church.  It was a beautiful walk, and the fresh mountain air refreshed my senses.

                The area was secluded, and there was no electricity or water.  It was a beautiful, serene, quiet place.  The community was very tight-knit, and the people were hard working farm folk.  When we arrived, they offered us Dinner, and I was happy to eat as I was starving.  Our meal consisted of beans, scrambled eggs, tortillas, and Cheese.

                In the evening, I preached as hard as I could about "Jesus Christ – The Lamb of God."  I showed them Christ crucified, buried, and risen again and stressed the need to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save their soul!

                Before bed, Norman (another one of my Bible Institute Students) asked to play Chess.  We played several games.  Afterwards, I went to sleep on a nice comfortable mattress, but the bed frame was too short, and my feet wouldn't fit.  I had to shove them between the round, wooden dividers.  In this country I'm a bit of a giant, as people here are so short.

                It was a fun experience, and I actually felt like a Missionary again.  The people were very friendly, and very hungry for the word of God!


June 27th 2003 Friday                        A Flood!


                I spent today reading, writing, and preparing notes for my Bible Institute class tomorrow.  We had a tremendous storm this afternoon, and the water fell so hard and fast that it caused a river to run through the yard.  All the ditches we dug so that the water would run off were full.  And the little stream behind my house was more like a river.  I took pictures when the tempest subsided, as it was incredible to see so much water!

                Julio's kids didn't show up in the evening, I suspect because of all the mud.


June 28th 2003 Saturday                   The Church, Children, and Chess


                It was a little hectic driving today, as mud was everywhere, but I managed to make it to my Bible Institute class on time.   I taught on the subject of "The True Church" and showed how those who were saved and preached the gospel were labeled "heretics" in the eyes of the Catholic Church and worthy of death for not obeying their "traditions" instead of the Bible.

                After class, many of the students came to me and asked me if they could visit me at my house.  I told them they were welcome anytime they wished to stop by.      

                The children came again today, and I taught them about Ananias and Saphira.  We learned that it's not right to lie to God, and that Satan is the one who tempts us to lie.  We also studied about "The Grace of God," and how merciful God is that he doesn't kill us when we sin like he did those two.

                When the children left, I mowed about a third of the yard waiting for my English students to arrive.  It was not easy, as the yard was pure mud in some places.

                No students showed up for classes except Yovanni, and he asked to play Chess while we waited to see if anyone came.  It wasn't much time later when Julio's children came by, and they joined in the festivities.  Luis even showed up a little while later and we all completely forgot about English classes and played Chess instead.


June 29th 2003 Sunday                      Services, Soccer, and Satanic Women


                This morning I left at eight o'clock to journey to El Carrizal and pick up Nelson and Zenia to go to the little town of "Chimbo."  We arrived there at noon, and immediately began talking with Berto (Zenia's brother).  He was a little leery about letting us have services as his Charismatic Mother-in-Law had been working on him.  She told him we had a "bad Bible" because it said "Actos" instead of Hechos and "Jacobo" instead of "Santiago."   I showed him the History of the Spanish Bible and why Hechos and Santiago are not correct and how the other names were found in the original 1602.

                The "Charismaniac" women also began telling us we were a cult and started an argument.  I asked her if she would be quiet enough to listen to me, and she replied, "No!  You can teach me nothing!"  Thus, I kindly responded, "Then you are helpless, and I have nothing more to say to you!"  And I left her spewing nonsense to Zenia and Nelson, who tried to witness to her with no avail.  Nelson and I then went visiting and passing out tracts and New Testaments.

                The time came for the soccer team to show up, and Berto was getting anxious.  He didn't want me to speak to him, but rather to the entire group, as he wanted to see how things would go.  We had over 12 young men show up, and I taught them how to sing a few hymns.  Afterwards, I preached my guts out about salvation by grace through faith in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.  I made them turn with me in the 1602 TR New Testaments that I gave them to all of the verses, and for almost an hour showed them how to be saved.  They all listened well, and I believe many of them understood.  Some even made a profession of faith.

                Afterwards, Berto was happy, and said he really enjoyed the service.  He told me that he thought his Mother-in-Law was nothing but a hypocrite, as she never went to church herself, and that I was only interested in teaching the truth.  He also invited me to come back every week to preach to the soccer team.  Their team name is "River Plate."

                Nelson and I went down to the field with them to watch them practice and I enjoyed that.  Their starting time was delayed as the team playing before them went into overtime, so didn't get to see them play, and had to bid them farewell until next week.

                Services in El Carrizal at six o'clock were very under attended.  We only had five others show up besides Nelson and Zenia.  I preached on "Prayer" and what the Bible said about it. 

                When services ended, we all sat around the table and talked.  Lydia, an unsaved women who's coming to services, told me she wanted to marry me.  I told her that would not be possible.  She then told me about the dream she had the other night.  She said she dreamed I was preaching and when I came to the invitation, I said, "Who'll accept Robert Breaker?" (instead of "who'll accept the Lord Jesus Christ").  And she screamed out, "I will, I will!"  How wicked! 


June 30th 2003 Monday                      Meeting Another Missionary


                I spent the night in the Cancer center and had a good night's sleep.  I actually fell asleep quickly for once, as I was completely exhausted from traveling, preaching, and being out in the hot sun.

                Early this morning, I took my car into "Nutek" again to have them fix the leaky rear wheel seals.  They also found that the Anti Lock Brake System or ABS is not working.  It has something to do with the wiring, and they suggested I take it to a specialist, as they don't do electrical work.

                By taxi, I went back to the Cancer center where I met Missionary Bill Kepler and his wife Kathy.  We spoke briefly and found that we are both Independent Baptists.  Naturally the Spanish Bible Issue came up, and we spoke about that.  Bill favors the 1909 over the 1960, but recognizes that they both have problems.  He heard the Trinitarian Bible Society had taken the original 1602 and just changed the spelling of it.  But this of course is not true.  All they did was revise the 1909 ever so slightly.  I told him about the 1865 and the 1602 TR.  He seemed excited about them, as he too desired the pure words of God in Spanish.  They had to run into town to do some errands, and offered to give me a ride up to the mall where I checked my email.


July 1st 2003 Tuesday                        Good Fellowship!


                They couldn't finish my car yesterday, so I spent the night at the cancer center again.  This morning, the Kepler's invited me out to breakfast and I was happy to go with them.  What a blessing it is to have fellowship with spiritual people that actually love to talk about the Lord and the Bible.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them.

                Before we parted our ways, as they had to drive back home, Bill offered to print books or tracts for me.  He has a printing ministry as well as a church, and I am looking forward to taking him up on his offer.

                Late in the afternoon, they finally finished my car, and it ended up costing me only 1400 lempiras.  I drove home after picking up the car and arrived there at seven-thirty in the evening.  Because I was so late, we didn't have our usual Bible study.


July 2nd 2003 Wednesday                  Sun Burn!


                Today I felt very tired.  How good it would be just to rest for a week or more.  But I decided it was time to mow the yard, so I got up early and did just that.  I finished almost all of it except the last two plots of land, when I hit a stump and the blade bent downward.  With this mishap, I called it a day and went inside to find that I was completely sunburned!  I spent the rest of the day in pain feeling like a burnt shiskabob!

                In the afternoon, I went up to visit with Thomas Sweeney who recently came back from the U.S.  It was good to see him again and speak with him.  He asked for some Bibles and New Testaments, so I gladly gave him a box.

                Afterwards, I went to the Bank to pay my rent and then to Vimeco to pick up some of my "Spanish Bible History" books I had them copy for me.  From there I went home and stapled them together, and I plan to give them out Saturday during my Bible Institute class.


July 3rd 2003 Thursday                     Visitors!


                I was surprised how many people came over to visit me today.  First Thomas came by in the morning and we talked for some time.  He desired some more Bibles, which I was obliged to give him. 

                We conversed about many things and it was a blessing having fellowship with him again.  Afterwards, Pastor Jacobo came by.  Thomas and I sat at the table and laughed and joked with him.  Jacobo is a real funny guy! 

                Jacobo's real purpose for coming was to ask for some Discipleship material.  I gave him a box full, as well as some boxes of Tracts and New Testaments.  What a blessing to spread the wealth, so to speak, of the boxes that I had sent to me here through Puerto Cortes.  I know they will get the material out, and I'm praying God will use it to see folks saved.

                In the evening, I called Mr. Don Flood.  He's the father of Ms. Laura Beth Flood of whom I've been corresponding for some time.  She is the most wonderful, and virtuous young lady that it's ever been my pleasure to know.  I find myself smitten by her, and I desired to speak to her father about my intentions of courting her with the intentions of Matrimony.  His biggest concern was the distance.  How hard are long distance relationships!

                His desire would be for me to come and spend some time with him so that I could get to know his daughter better and he could get to know me.  I would love to do that, but I feel I must put God first.  He did offer me a place to stay if I so desire, which was a blessing. 

                After speaking with him, I went to speak with Bro. Thomas again.  I told him what had befallen me, and he said he wouldn't have a problem with me going up there for a week to begin with, and then planning some meetings in that area in the future to go back and spend some more time with him and her.  This is something I will definitely pray about and work towards doing.  I feel I really ruined my testimony going to the states last year for that purpose in Washington.  But the truth is that God did say, "It's not good for a man to be alone!"  He further stated, "He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor with the Lord."  And I do want the Lords favor.  All I know to do is pray and seek God's will.


July 4th 2003 Friday                           Study!


                Today I actually was able to study and finish some lessons for the Bible Institute as well as work on some other projects.   In the evening, Julio's kids came by and we studied "The Seven Baptisms" in the Bible.


July 5th 2003 Saturday                       Corruption, Chance to Teach, Car Stuck, and Children


                I taught this morning in the Bible Institute on the subject of "The Corruption of the Bible by the Catholics."  I showed them the history of the Bible, and how Origen, Jerome and others had messed with it.  I told them about the corrupt Septuagint, and the very worthless pro catholic texts of Vaticanus and Siniaticus.  Then I showed them about the Spanish Bible and how their 1960 was corrupt as well.  They all asked me where they could get a purer Bible and I was happy to tell them.  Their first response was one of anger, not towards me, but to those that hadn't told them before about the problem in their Bible.  They, like me, desire the pure words of God in Spanish.

                After class, Erick and I drove downtown where he introduced me to a sister named Esperanza.  Her husband is a preacher, and every Thursday they have service in a little area outside of La Esperanza.  Many of the people there don't have Bibles, nor are they really rooted and grounded in the word.  They asked me to come and give them Bibles, and then teach them the Bible.  This Thursday will be my first visit, and I hope all goes well.

                My car got stuck in the mud today here in my front yard when I pulled up to the house.  So, I spent the next hour or more trying to get it out, but to no avail.  Eventually, Castillo came back from lunch and together we tried to free it.  Finally, my neighbor Julio walked over and asked if he could help us.  I said, "Please!"  And in less than twenty minutes, we had her out.  I've learned my lesson on not to pull too far into the yard on a muddy day.

                Thomas Sweeney preached to the kids today.  I asked him last week and he said he would.  He did a good job, and I read the verses that he had written for me on a paper when he pointed to me.  The children listened and were actually very quiet.  I think it was his size.  Bro. Tom is a rather big man.  In fact, here they call him "El Gigante" (the Giant).

                Afterwards, the children and I played a very rough game of soccer in the garage.  We kicked and pushed and shoved all over the place.  It was really rather fun.  The children also made a "Mango Salad."  It was just like a regular salad, only they added some mangoes.  They just added a little too much salt. (But then again, Hondurans are known for their love of salt).

                No one came for English classes again, so when Julio's boys came for Chess, we played about four games each.  In the evening, I spent my time studying for preaching twice tomorrow.


July 6th 2003 Sunday                          No More Soccer


                I drove this morning to Tegucigalpa feeling sick and completely worn out.  When I arrived at Nelson's house, I was told that the people in Chimbo decided they didn't want me to come back.  They talked to Nelson during the week and told him that all they really wanted was for me to buy them new uniforms, shoes, and soccer balls.  Nelson immediately set them straight by telling them that our main desire was to teach them the Bible, and that we didn't have money to spend on things like that.   They were disappointed, but showed no want for spiritual things, only material.  This is a big problem here in Honduras, and every Pastor, Missionary, or evangelist I speak to here tells me the same thing, "These people are carnal and only desire temporal things!"  How sad.

                In the afternoon, I taught Nelson and Zenia many different verses that they could use in leading a soul to Jesus Christ. (We studied for over two hours).  Then I preached on the subject of  "Serving" in the evening service.  Today was Marjorie's birthday.  So we had cake.  It was not that good, as the cake itself was very dry, and the icing tasted like Marshmallow cream with food coloring added.

                As we talked, Nelson told me that Lydia Cuba died last week.  She was the lady who let me use her house and front porch to preach the Gospel to those in Guanko, Olancho.  The poor lady was 80 something when she passed away.  They said she was very sick and throwing up blood for a few days before she died in her sleep.  She claimed to be saved, but went to a cult church.  Nelson said he thought she probably wasn't saved at all, as they preach a false gospel there.  All I know is that she heard the truth from me on several occasions when I preached there.


July 7th 2003 Monday                         Waiting in Tegucigalpa


                Today I took my truck in to Mr. Otto E. Martínez at Nutek, to have it fixed.  The Antilock brakes are failing, and the 4x4 does not work.  I hope they can fix it quickly.  The rest of the day I spent traveling all over Tegucigalpa trying to pay bills, running errands, and mailing correspondence.  I have a lot of expenses coming up soon, and I dread paying them.  I bought a myself small "Davenport" Mahogany desk through the Internet a while back, and it has come into Customs.  It weighs only 35 pounds, and I did the math.  It seems that it shouldn't cost more than a hundred dollars for shipping.  However, I'm a little bit worried about how much the Aduana office (Customs) will decide to charge me.  I hope it's not much.

                I also visited the United Bible Society today.  They moved from their downtown office to one just up the street from the Cancer Center.  I was surprised to find such a huge, beautiful, and spacious building.  The front doors were at least 14 feet high and made of Caoba (Mahogany).  In the Sales department, I found they had the reprints of the original 1569 and 1602's.  So I bought some of them, as they were a really good price.  Now I have three of each.  I looked inside and found that they have reprinted them again, as before they only printed 3000 copies of each one.  Those I bought today were part of 1500 copies that they had recently reprinted in Spain.

                In the afternoon, I traveled back to the Cancer Center and called about my car.  They said it would not be ready anytime soon.  Well, at least I got out some tracts today and witnessed to several Taxi drivers.


July 8th 2003 Tuesday                        Still In Tegus


                This morning I woke up rather late.  Then I walked up to Burger King for breakfast.  From there I traveled around by Taxi all over Tegucigalpa trying to get a few important things done, and witnessed to each Taxi driver.  I also bought my ticket to Mexico for the Spanish Bible Inspiration and Preservation Conference the 4th – 8th of August.  I am really looking forward to going to that.  I've been instrumental in opening the eyes of several people about the Spanish Bible Issue, and it seems they want me to come to the Conference to meet them, as they are planning to be there as well.

                At the mall, I made friends with a young computer genius at the Internet café named Emerson Ramos.  Together we worked on installing Corel Draw 10 on my laptop, and then used the program to design a church sign for the work in El Carrizal.  I've been trying to get this sign made for some time, but the Sign Shop wouldn't do it for me at a cheap price until I brought it to them on disk in Corel Draw 10.  It is good to make friends here, as they are very friendly and wish to help.

                In the evening, I felt very, very sick.  I had aches and pains in my entire body.  I took a hot shower, and then went to sleep shivering under a sheet and a blanket.


July 9th 2003 Wednesday                  Spanish Bible Issue, Bill Kepler, and the Bible Society


                I awoke this morning wet.  I sweated all night long, and it must have helped, as I felt much better.   After a long, hot shower, I went up to the mall and checked my email.  I had several emails from people telling me that they have read my website about the Spanish Bible Issue.  They all seem to say the same thing.  They say they are looking for the pure words of God in Spanish, and have found the 1960 is definitely not it!  They say they use the 1909, but realize it has errors as well.  Some have bought the 1865, and say that there are errors in it also.  They always ask me to send them a 1602 TR, and then when they receive one, they say it's the best Spanish New Testament they have ever laid eyes on!!!  Their only complaint is that it's not finished in the Old Testament.

                From the Internet Café, I went to Aero Casillas and mailed off two 1602 TR's.  One went to the US, and the other to a brother in the Dominican Republic (which was very expensive to send).

                Afterwards I called about my car and found it still is not finished.  Thus I went back to the Cancer Center feeling completely awful and sick again.  When I walked into the Center, I found Missionary Bill Kepler there.  We talked for a while, and I enjoyed speaking with him.  Even though I didn't feel well, I asked him out to lunch.  He accepted, and we had some good conversation. 

                Afterwards, I took Bill to the Bible Society, and he bought both a 1569 and 1602.  He'd been looking for them for some time, and was happy to get them.  While he was paying for them, I heard a man say something about "Garobos," which is Honduran slang for "Iguanas."  I asked him where he saw them, and he pointed out the window and said, "Garobos Asados" (cooked iguanas).  When I looked out the window, all I saw was a bunch of Americans sitting on the concrete in the hot sun.  I asked him what he meant, and he said, "That's what we call those Gringo's when they sit in the sun like that!"  Both Bill and I laughed and laughed.


July 10th 2003 Thursday                   Still Stuck in Tegucigalpa


                I called today, and found the car is still not done.  I'm so anxious to leave and go home.  Today I was supposed to preach in a little area outside of La Esperanza, but it appears I will be unable to do so. 

                Thus, I spent the day studying at the Cancer Center and then walked up to the Mall for lunch and to check my email.   By the evening, they still did not have the car, so I decided to go to bed early with a headache, as I was still feeling a little sick.

                I kept thinking all day, "I sure would like to go home!"  Then I realized that I was thinking of La Esperanza as home.  Truly it does seem like home.


July 11th 2003 Friday                         Free Pizza!


                I called several times today about my car, and found it still isn't finished.  I've been here four days now, and don't know how much longer I'll have to stay. 

                So, I spent the day studying a little and playing with some of the children with cancer.  I also began reading my journal again from 2001.  How interesting it seemed.  I couldn't believe that all of that happened to me.

                In the evening, I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut.  It took forever in getting here, and when it finally arrived, I read on the top that it was free if it didn't arrive in thirty minutes or less.  I did the math quickly, and found that it was over fifty minutes before it finally arrived.  So, before I paid for it, I told the delivery boy that according to their promotional sticker it should be free.  He agreed, and together we called the Pizza Hut office.  He talked to the manager, and to make a long story short, I didn't have to pay a dime for the Pizza!  What a blessing!


July 12th 2003 Saturday                    No Car Yet


                They called yesterday telling me that my car should be done today, and they'd call me when I could come pick it up.  But the call never came.  I asked what happened, and they said the phone here isn't working.  So, I guess I'll have to wait until Monday to find out about my car.

                I hated missing Bible Institute today as well as services with the children back in La Esperanza.  But I guess I had to, as my car is very important, and I'm learning I can only do so much without it.

                Today I read my entire journal from 2002.  It was interesting to see how God used me last year to win so many souls.  Comparing it to this year, I feel like I'm not doing as much.  I had to really search my heart and see why that is.  I didn't know what else to do, except spend some time in prayer and asking God to recharge my batteries and help me to serve him better.  This week has really been a much needed break and a chance to rest.  It was good to get it.  But if the truth be known, I would like to get back into the fray!


July 13th 2003 Sunday                       My Birthday


                Today I turned 29 years of age.  That sounded so old when I was a child, but seems so young to me know.  Yet the older I become the older I feel.

                I read the entire book of Romans this morning after waking up and taking a shower.  Afterwards, I studied more in the book of Galatians for my Bible Study with Nelson and Zenia.  The book of Galatians is such a good book.  It would cure even the most fanatical 7th Day Adventist from his false heresy if he'd just read it and believe it.  But alas, cults don't read the Bible, and if they did, they'd either change it or twist it to teach their false doctrines.

                At ten in the morning, I found everyone in the Cancer Center was gone, and Mario Puerto and his wife were leaving to go to church.  I asked them to let me out, before they locked the gate, and I took a taxi to El Carrizal to visit with Nelson, but I found he was not home.  I talked with Zenia and Rumelia for a while, as well as the neighbor girls.  Then I took my leave and told them I'd come back in the evening for services since Nelson had to work today.

                As I was walking up the dirty, dusty street to the Bus station to go back to the Cancer Center, I noticed a rather huge rat running through the gutter.  I thought to myself, "Yes sir, I'm back in Lodibar!"

                A few minutes before five o'clock, I arrived    back at Nelson and Zenia's and passed out tracts until ten after six.  In services, we had a new visitor.  She was a lady who recently moved to El Carrizal, and was looking for a church.  She claimed to be saved and said she wanted a good church home.  The Landlord also showed up, as well as Gladys' two girls.  I preached on "The Love of God verses the Hatred He has for Some Things!"  Afterwards, I took a Taxi back to the Cancer Center and witnessed to the driver all the way.


July 14th 2003 Monday                       Finally I get my truck!


                All morning I waited for Otto to call and tell me about my vehicle.  Yet, I waited in vain.  Finally I thought I'd call, and when I did, they told me it wouldn't be ready until the late afternoon.

                 Maybe God used this week for the best to help me dwell upon some things and ponder my predicament.  Since I've been here in Honduras, I haven't been able to do the one thing I've wanted to do, which is see a church started.  It hasn't been cause I haven't been trying.  I tried in Colomoncagua, Magdalena, La Esperanza, and more.  Now we have a work going in El Carrizal, but it isn't much of a church as I only have two real members in Nelson and Zenia. 

                Sometimes this is discouraging and I feel like I'm not much of a Missionary.  There is so much pressure on me as well from other churches always asking, "How many hundreds of people did you win to God?" or  "How big is your church?"  or "How many churches did you start there in Honduras?" etc.  I wish I could say, "Many!"  But the truth is this is a hard place to start churches with all the tradition, corruption, carnality, and spiritual blindness.  All I know is that I'm where God wants me and I'm at least trying to do what I'm supposed to.

                My thoughts were further provoked to ponder when I received an email from a good friend.  He told me that he thought I was wearing myself out here and only "spinning my wheels," and that I needed to go back to the states to recuperate and learn more about how to start churches.  But is that really what I need to do?  I went back and read my journal from the last two years, and it appears to me that I've been very busy in the work of the Lord.  I might be wearing myself thin, but I'm definitely not doing nothing!  Eventually, I believe God will bless all the hard effort and start a church here.  But how can that happen if I go back to the states for a few years?

                Yet, my friend said I needed to go home and put myself under the authority of a man who could teach me to start churches for several years and learn from him how to do so.  But I thought that's what they taught me at PBI for three years! Also, I don't want to start a church in my own wisdom and power.  I want to do right and be faithful and see God start the work.  It's not all that I'm doing for God, it's what God is doing with me!  Missionary James Foster told me he was here for over 20 years, and he only started two or three works.  But they are still going on, and he said God will bless you for your faithfulness.

                But in his email, he told me of a good friend of mine that graduated from PBI with me.  God called him to Spain, and he's been on deputation trying to get over there, as that is where God wants him.  But the Pastor of the church of my friend who wrote the email, said that he needed to train under him first and learn how to be a preacher and start churches before he could go to Spain.  My friend agreed, and now he is at the church there, and the Pastor even helped him to buy a house in that area where he could live.

                But my question is, "What's going on here?"  I thought God called him to go to Spain?  So why isn't he trying to get over there?  And why do they want to get him (and me) out of the ministry and away from the Mission field?

                It me it appears one of two things is happening.  Either God called my friend to Spain, and this Pastor is getting him out of God's will by not letting him go there, and deceiving him into thinking he's not ready and must learn more that only he can teach him; or else it is a good thing to learn more to help one start a church in a foreign country by learning how to do it there in the U.S.  But if that be the case, I have a bad taste in my mouth, as trying to get a man off the Mission field when God called him there doesn't not sound right!  If God called him there, then wouldn't God sustain him there and use him to accomplish what he desires, as he is yielded to God?

                It sounds like the Laodicean spirit all over again.  It is, "Do this and do that, and follow me, and let's do it my way!"  But what about God's way?  If God called a man to a field, wouldn't God use him there and teach him there what he is to do and how to do it?  Why would he need a Pope to instruct him beforehand (especially when he's already had three years of training)?  Wouldn't it be getting a man out of God's will by putting him in a place he's not supposed to be? 

I don't find anyone taking Jonah under their wings and saying, "Now Jonah, I know God called you to Nineveh, but you need to spend a few years under my ministry to learn how I do things, and I'll teach you how to build a big work and have lots of people.  So, just come with me, and you can go to Nineveh afterwards."  Why, all the people would have died and gone to Hell, as God only gave them forty days.  Jonah, although his motive was wrong, went as he was told (after a little bit of running), and God used him to preach what he wanted the people to hear.  And many thousands were converted!  So if a man knows God called him to a certain area, then shouldn't he go? 

                I get so angry when I hear things like that.  People just spew out their opinions, and think only they know God's will for your life.  Yet, they never give you Bible verses to prove their point, and it seems their motive is strictly selfish, as my friends Pastor only desires to build his church while using him to help him do so.  (Even if God called that man to another place).

                At three o'clock, Otto brought my car to the Cancer Center, and I drove him back to his shop.  We talked for over an hour, and I found him to be a very interesting character.  He has visited all over Europe and went to school there.  He also speaks Spanish, English, German, French, and more. 

                After running a few errands, it was too late for me to drive home, so I decided to spend one more night at the Cancer Center before journeying home tomorrow.


July 15th 2003 Tuesday                      Going Home, Finally!


                I left the Cancer Center bright and early this morning (at fifteen till six).  I arrived home three hours later and found Castillo working in the yard.  He told me that he was worried about me, and wanted to know what happened.  I relayed the information to him about my truck and how I had to wait for them to fix it, and he understood.

                All day I spent studying and trying to prepare for Saturday.  I'm a week behind now in my studies, and this week I'll have to play catch up.


July 16th 2003 Wednesday                Errands


                I had to pay the light bill today.  It was surprisingly cheap at only 179 lempiras.  I also had to run to the water department for the water bill.  As usual, they had them all there but they hadn't given them out yet.  I owed for two months because they never bring me the bill.  How odd it is to have to go to the office to retrieve your own bill when they are supposed to bring it to your house.

                Then, I walked downtown to find the lady who was supposed to show me the way to the house where they hold services on Thursday night.  I found her and explained the situation and why I couldn't come last week.  She understood, and said she'd be waiting for me to come tomorrow.  

                Afterwards, I spent some time talking with Mike and Debbie Lane.  They were in a car accident last week, and Mike had a big shiner over his left eye.  We had some good fellowship, and I enjoyed speaking with them.

                In the evening, I finished Lesson 10 in my series of teaching about the "Roman Catholic Church."  Now I only lack five more.


July 17th 2003 Thursday                   Preaching!


                I worked hard today studying and finished Lesson 11 for the Bible Institute on the subject of "Mariolatry."  I also worked outside and found that Castillo had used my lawnmower in my absence, and broke the thing.  Just one more thing I'll have to fix.

                At five in the evening, I journeyed into town to meet Andy, Esperanza's son-in-law, to ask him to take me to the little village where I would be preaching.  Together we went to Esperanza's home and I met the family.  Afterwards, we drove over the mountainous, muddy roads to the little house where they have services.  I now know why God had me wait for a week or more in Tegucigalpa to get my 4x4 fixed.  For without it, I would not have been able to drive through the slippery roads to have services. 

                We found Erick Sanchez on the side of the road walking in the rain, and we gave him a ride.  Together we journeyed up a narrow, muddy trail (which my car barely fit in) and I slipped and slid all over the muddy terrain until I arrived at the home where I'd be preaching.

                I preached on the subject of "The Gospel."  It went very well, and the Lord gave me liberty, and a sound mind to preach hard in Spanish.  I explained to them that salvation is what Jesus did, and not what man could do, and that religion is the enemy of salvation.  I also gave away eleven Bibles to those that didn't have any.  Afterwards, Erick told me that one lady said she never heard it that clear before and that she finally understood the gospel and accepted Christ and his blood atonement for her sins.  That was a blessing!

                When we left, I had over 14 people get into my car so that I could carry them down the road to their homes.  It was rainy profusely, and their muddy feet on my carpet made me feel uneasy, as I knew I'd have to clean it tomorrow.  But such is the cost for taking the Gospel to others.  I'll gladly put up with muddy carpets for a soul won to trust Christ.


July 18th 2003 Friday                         Mud, José Marón, and My boys!


                This morning I spent studying.  Afterwards, I went outside and cleaned the mud out of my car.  I always take care of my things the best I can, and like to keep them nice and clean.  But, alas, this is almost impossible in a third world country.  My carpets were stained dark brown from the mud.  I hope to have them steam cleaned when I go into Tegucigalpa.

                I was interrupted by Julio who came by and asked me to help him pull a car out of the mud.  I drove up the road and found a red Toyota stuck in a huge hole.  With my 4 wheel drive (thank God I got it fixed), I pulled him out with ease.

In the afternoon, Bro. Ramón Galeano showed up at the house with a friend of his named José Boanereges Marón.  He is a Missionary to El Salvador from Guatemala.  I enjoyed speaking with him and hearing about what the Lord is doing with him.  He like several other men I've spoken to lately said, "It's not what we are doing (cause we can always brag about that), it's what God is doing with us (and that makes us brag on Him)."  So many Christians today are always bragging about how many churches they started, or how many souls they have won, when in reality is was God who did it, they were just the tool he used.

                In the evening, the boys came and we studied "The Seven Judgments" in the Bible.  They are really enjoying learning the Bible. 


July 19th 2003 Saturday                    Pooped, the Pope, and Pleasing the Kids


                2 Thessalonians 3:13 commands me to "be not weary in well doing."  But I'm finding that's a hard verse to follow.  I get so worn out here on the Mission Field at times.  Today I awoke feeling awful, sick, tired, and just down right bland!  I wanted to just stay in bed and forget about everything and everybody, but "duty is never conflict," so I arose and went forth to teach my class in the Bible Institute.  I taught on the subject of "The Pope" and showed my students the history of their fornications, idolatries, murders, and abominations.  I also showed them the Pope's hat that says Vicarivs Filli Dei in Latin or "Vicar of God" that when you count up the letters in Roman Numerals you have 666 or the number of the beast (Rev. 13:18).  Then I finished with what true Christians had to say about the Pope (they called him the "Antichrist"), and why Peter could not have been the first Pope.  He'd make a lousy Pope anyway if he were, for Jesus called him "Satan" in Matthew 16:23.

                The children came early again today, and as usual were as misbehaved as they could be.  They asked me to take them up the road to the circus.  I remembered my last experience with a Honduran Circus, and I told them, "No!"  But they asked to go not for the show, but to see a huge elephant that they have there, as well as some llamas, and a giant-sized horse.  I told them if they would behave for classes, I'd think about it.  This straightened them up quickly.

                I taught the children about "Justification."  I told them that it was by God's grace (Rom. 3:24), our faith (Rom. 3:28, 5:1), and that faith has to be in the Blood of Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:9 and 3:25).  They listened, but I wonder how much of it sunk in.  When we terminated classes, I drove them up to see the elephant, and they were very thankful.

                No one came for English classes again, so I guess that part of the ministry is completely finished.  That's good for me, as it allows me more time to study.  But Julio's kids came for Chess, as they always do.  Luis came as well and brought a friend.  I copied them some singing and preaching tapes to listen to, and they appreciated it.

                In the evening, I went to bed still feeling exhausted and "weary."  But I remember the other verse in the Bible that talks about that.  It's Galatians 6:9, which states, "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  That's not an easy verse, but I'm hoping to reap a good crop with the seeds I'm planting for the Lord Jesus Christ.   But God please, help me not to faint!!!


July 20th 2003 Sunday                       Worship


                I arrived in Tegucigalpa today at one o'clock.  Once there, I went to the Internet café and checked my email.  Afterwards, I drove up the road to the Cancer Center and secured a room.  Then I journeyed to El Carrizal to visit Nelson and Zenia.  It was my desire to do a little visiting today, but when I mentioned it, they said, "Oh, well we already visited this week for you!"  Thus, they asked me to study the Bible with them instead.  We studied chapters four and five of Galatians.  We have not completed chapter five yet, but hopefully, we'll be able to do so next week.

                Services in the evening went well.  Before we started, we passed out tracts for over an hour.  Then we began singing hymns.  I found "Up From the Grave He Arose" in the songbook with Spanish lyrics, and we sang that.  Nelson and Zenia really liked it.  I did to, and began shouting as we sang it.  What a powerful hymn!

                I preached on the subject of "Worship" and what it is according to the Bible.  We had several visitors.  One was the neighbor's daughter.  After I finished preaching she asked a question about Mary and why we shouldn't worship her.  So, I took her through the scriptures and showed her Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and men (1 Tim. 2:5), and that Mary was indeed a sinner (Luke 1:46-47, 2:22-38) and how Christ Jesus corrected someone for trying to worship his mother (Luke 11:27,28).

                Afterwards we sat around and drank Coca Cola and talked.  Lydia came by after services were over and told me how much she wanted to marry me.  I told her I could not marry her, as she is not saved.  Then she said, "In that case, I got saved a few months ago."  How wicked to lie about such things!


July 21st 2003 Monday                       Heading Home


                During the morning hours, I spent my time running errands and trying to get a few last minute things done before heading home.  Unfortunately, AeroCasillas didn't have my desk that I ordered, so I had to come home without it.

                Arriving home at around six thirty in the evening, I decided it was time to go to bed early.  This I did and slept a few hours before waking up and studying a time before I went back to bed.


July 22nd 2003 Tuesday                     The Pure Words Of God


                Feeling completely awful, sick, and tired, I slept in a little this morning.   Afterwards I awoke and began studying.  I received an email the other day from the church in Mexico, and they asked me to preach.  I had an idea of what I wanted to preach, but wasn't able to get it all together until today.  I plan on preaching about "Keeping God's Pure Words" and I want to use the following three verses:


John 14:23  Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.


                        Luke 11:28  But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.


Revelation 3:8  I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


                I want to show from the first verse, that if a man loves God, he'll keep God's pure words.  Men like Calvin George (who recently emailed me saying he was a "Bible Believer" when he only uses the KJV, and stands for a perverted Bible in Spanish (the 1960) must not love God, if they don't want to keep his pure words, but would rather use a Bible because the majority uses it whether it is pure or not (the 1960 perversion).

                In the second verse, I want to show that God will bless those who hear his word and keep it.  Thus, those who know the truth about the Spanish Bible Issue, and have knowledge that the 1960 is not perfect (neither the 1909, 1865, etc), and aren't actively searching for and trying to keep God's pure words, aren't blest!  And they will give account for themselves at the Judgment.

                And finally, it's my desire to show from the third verse that even though we don't have much strength (those who are trying to stand for the pure words of God in Spanish and keeping them), that God has set before us an open door, and God is pleased with us for wanting to keep his pure words.


July 23rd 2003 Wednesday                What to Do?


                Today Thomas Sweeney came by the house for a visit.  We sat and talked for several hours.  Afterwards, he invited me over to his place for some fellowship.  I agreed, and together we walked up the road to his house.  I also took all my computer programs with me that I have on CD, and using his new laptop, I copied a few CD programs for him that he didn't have. 

                They invited me for lunch, and we feasted on Bratwurst and salad.  As we ate, I explained to them my dilemma, and what I'm struggling with right now. They know that I went back last year to get married up to Washington, and how it didn't work out.  I told them that many people aren't too "happy" with me about it, and thought I was out of God's will in doing so.  But most of them are the same people who told me I shouldn't go to the Mission field without being married to begin with!  (Wishy-Washy Christians).

                Then I told him about the young lady in Sarasota of whom I've been corresponding, and how her father would like to spend some time with me before he would consider me courting his daughter.  I told Thomas, "I would like to go, and am planning a trip, but what will the people back home think?" He told me not to worry about what people think, but to worry about what God thinks.  According to His word, he says, "It's not good for a man to be alone!"  Thus, I would definitely not be doing wrong in trying to find God's will in my life. 

                I further continued by telling him about how things went with my Pastor and Mission Board after I went to Washington last year.  When I went home to recuperate, my Pastor called me "Bro. Love Affair" which didn't set too well with me.  I thought a Pastor was supposed to care for his sheep, and not brow beat them over the head.  My Mission Board told me, "If God called you to the Mission field, then get back over there where God wants you to be!"  And that was the end of that.  But when I returned here in Honduras, I found a letter in my box from them that said according to their rules, a Missionary can't leave the field and go back to the U.S. for five years.  They asked me to sign it and send it back, but I tore it up and burned it, and I don't believe that to be biblical.  Nowhere in the Bible does a Mission Board tell a Missionary what to do, nor are they given that authority.   I joined my Mission Board because they said they wanted to help Missionaries as they serve the serve the Lord, and his leading, and that they weren't for controlling or telling the Missionaries what they can or can't do.  But now they seem to be trying to play Holy Spirit by telling a Missionary how long he can stay in one area.  

                The gist of Bro. Thomas' advice was, "Leave well enough alone, and do what you believe is right, they'll either be with you or against you.  Either way, you'll find out if they care about you or not!"  That seems to be sound advice.

                The other thing I'm dealing with is the fact that I haven't been ordained yet as a Missionary.  Before coming to the field here in 2001, I went to my Assistant Pastor and asked to be ordained, as in Acts 13:3, they laid hands on Paul and Barnabas and prayed for them before sending them out as Missionaries.  This was my desire, and I longed to do it God's way.  But I was told, "We don't do that here.  You go and prove yourself, and then you come back and we'll ordain you."  I said, "Okay" and left, but with a bad taste in my mouth.

                On top of all of that, I am now hearing from other brothers that my Pastor friend up in Washington is being sued by my home church.  This goes against everything my Pastor taught me in 1 Corinthians chapter six.  He told us a Christian should never go to the devil's court system to settle a matter.  That's just not right!

                So, I'm finding that even though my home church claims to be "Bible Believer's" there seems to be parts of the Bible they don't stand for, and yeah are even going against.  This is a vexation to my soul, and I'm praying about what to do.  I know God wants me here.  But I know he doesn't want me here single.  He wants me to "rejoice with the wife of my youth."  Thus, I find that finding a wife is important.  But more important is serving God the right way.  And that would be by being ordained, and sent from a Bible Believing church that believes the same way I do, and cares about me and is praying for me. 

                Thus, all I know to do is pray and ask God to give me wisdom and guidance. 


July 24th 2003 Thursday                   My Journal


                I awoke this morning and read my bible.  Afterwards, I cooked myself a good breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Then I started in studying like a wild man trying to get everything finished that must be done.  I started by working on my journal.  At times I go two or three days without writing in it, and then I must try to remember what happened during those days.  Sometimes I'll write about the interesting things that happened.  Or I might just pen what is on my heart, and what I'm struggling with.  Either way, to put my thoughts and experiences down has been a real blessing to me as I've gone back to read it, and see how God has blessed me, and brought me through so much.  I only hope it will be a blessing to others who read it and encourage them to get active in service for the Lord.

                Albeit, my greatest fear would be that men would read this journal and find fault with it.  That they would knick pick it and play God by saying, "Oh, there is where he got out of God's will...And right there is where he messed up!"  I pray that will never happen, but I know that I am a sinner, and that my very repentance needs to be repented of.  I know I'm not perfect.  So even though man can see my faults, sins, errors, and messes, I just praise God that when He sees me, all he sees is the BLOOD!  That makes it all worthwhile!

My biggest desire is that people will see my motive for serving the Lord.  If I have no other testimony than "Well at least he didn't do nothing!" at the Judgment Seat of Christ, at least I'll rest content knowing I did something for the Lord.


July 25th 2003 Friday                         Burning the Midnight Oil


                I slept in today desiring never to wake again.  I have become a bit of a night owl it seems.  Every night I stay up late studying and working on anything and everything.  I find I have more energy in the evening than the day.

                Thus, today I did very little except prepare for Bible Institute classes tomorrow.  In the afternoon, I took a nap, still feeling a little under the weather.  When I awoke, I found new vigor within, and I began working on my Bible notes for Bible Study with Nelson.  I recopied all of my 1 and 2 Thessalonians notes and added much more to them, as I will soon be teaching those books again to Julio's children.  Speaking of which, they did not come for Bible Studies tonight, and I believe it was because of the heavy downpour we received this evening.

                Since the boys did not come, I spent many hours well up past midnight studying and writing poetry.  I also spent some time working on my commentary on the book of 1 Thessalonians.  I am only on chapter four, and desire to continue quickly.  But it seems that is not an easy task.


July 26th 2003 Saturday                    Mariolatry and My Boys!


                This morning I taught on the subject of "Mariolatry" in my morning Bible Institute Class.  The students are all ex-Catholic, and are really learning a lot about the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  I showed them how Mary was not sinless (Luke 2:22-38) and needed a sacrifice for her sin according to the law in Leviticus 12:1-8.  Then I showed them where Mary called Jesus Christ her "Saviour" (Luke 1:46,47).  Afterwards we studied the fact that Mary was not a perpetual virgin and in fact had many other children after Christ was born (Matthew 13:55-57; Mark 6:3,4; Galatians 1:19, etc).   And then we finished by learning that Mary does not hold in office in heaven as our Mediatrix or Mediadora or Mediator and that Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5).

                Afterwards I journeyed up to the Internet shop and checked my email for over an hour.  One letter was from my friend telling me I am out of God's will being here, and how I should go back home to receive more training.  This is very vexing to my soul.  It seems you should rejoice in seeing someone serve the Lord, and not try to get them to quit.  But Christians are funny people.  I've been reading in 1 Thessalonians again, and am identifying with Paul.  He was always glad to hear that his converts were doing something for God, and were joyous in affliction.  All I know to do is be thankful, happy, and blitheful whether there are others that agree with what I'm doing here in Honduras.  And keep myself busy, "always abounding in the work of the Lord."  How thankful I am that I have a promise from God in 1 Corinthians 15:58 that my labor is "not in vain in the Lord."

                I must be doing something right, as the boys came over to play Chess in the evening and told me about a young man named "Gotier."  He used to go to Jacobo's church, but left over "doctrinal issues."  Come to find out he was a full fledged Jehovah's Witness.  Several days ago, he showed up at Julio's house and asked to speak to the boys.  He tried to "convert" them to his false heresies, and the boys reasoned with him for over two hours showing him that Jesus Christ was indeed God manifest in the flesh, that Hell is a real place of literal fire, and that he couldn't possibly be part of the 144,000, as they are all Jewish virgins!  They told me ecstatically, "The verses you taught us, we were able to give to him and expose him as an 'antichrist' and a 'liar' just like it says in 2 Juan 1:7!"  They are really coming along well in learning the Bible, and I'm thankful that they now know enough to combat the false cults!


July 27th 2003 Sunday                       New Job, New Found Friends, and A Full House!


                I arrived at Tegucigalpa today to find that Nelson was not home.  I did receive good news though when Zenia told me that he found a new job that pays 50% more than what he was making before.  He is now working at a "Hacienda" as a security guard.   He's more of a handyman there more than anything else, and watches the place when the owner is not home.  He is also supposed to have every Sunday off starting next week.  That would be a blessing.

                At the Cancer Center, I was accosted by Mario Puerto who asked me what I said about him last week to Ana the secretary.  I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, and received my key and went to my room.  I worried about it all day afterwards, as I want to have a good testimony.  Later I found out that because I had made friends with some of the people at the Cancer Center by sitting and chatting with them, they stood up for me last week by going to Ana and telling her that Mario was "very slow" in getting the key to me.  In fact, he told me to "go away and come back later,"  and then he'd have the key for me.  This was a bit of an inconvenience, but I did so.  Well, the Cancer Center patients don't like Mario, as he is always yelling at the children, and rather stern and mean towards the patients, so they "told on him" to Ana.  I guess it got back around to him, and he thought I said something about it.  When I found out what happened, I just had to laugh, and move on and forget about it.  Many times I've found that you have to overlook some things in others, and I've learned to do this.  But I guess the Cancer patients have not.

                In the evening services at our little church in El Carrizal, I found myself getting discouraged, as at fifteen after six, no one had shown up yet.  It was only myself, Zenia, and Rumelia.  I remember saying to Zenia sarcastically, "My, look how many people there are here tonight!  Why, we're going to have to open a window and have people stand outside!"

                I was almost about to call off services, but I decided we should sing a few hymns first.  Then it happened!  One by one, two by two, three by three, people began piling into our little building.  In less than ten minutes the place was full, and we did have to leave some people outside to listen!  I couldn't believe it.  Some were visitors, others were "first timers" and yet others were those that had left "mad" because I wouldn't give them stuff, but decided to come back.

                I preached on the subject of "Marriage" from the Bible standpoint and showed how it was a type of Christ and the Church.  The sermon went well, and I enjoyed myself.  During the message, I used a young boy as an illustration for something, and asked him to come forward and help me.  Afterwards, I talked about "Spanking your children" and why that is right according to the Bible, and how God spanks us to try to keep us straight.  I took off my belt and walked towards the boy again.  When I put my hand on his shoulder to use him for an illustration (I wasn't going to hit him really), he became so scared, that he got up quickly, turned around and then ran out of the building!  Everyone laughed and laughed.

                At the end of the message, I showed the people their need to "Marry Christ" by trusting him as their Saviour.  During the invitation, I asked, "If you are not sure where you are going when you die, would you raise your hand so that I can pray for you?"  Everyone but three people raised their hands.  Well, at least they heard the gospel this evening, and I hope that they will return to hear it again.  Most importantly, I hope they will trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.


July 28th 2003 Monday                       Putting Up a New Fence!


                This morning I went to pick up my mail at AeroCasillas.  My Mahogany desk came and was more expensive for shipping than I had thought it would be.  I won't buy anything like that again!  I also received a few other things, and then I was on my way to our little church house to work on putting up a new fence with barbwire and wooden posts.  As I was driving along, I saw that someone had painted a lot of graffiti on both sides of the road with spray paint.  It said things like "Gringos go Home!" and "George Bush is the Terrorist!" etc.  It's interesting to me to see how the rest of the world views America and Americans.  Here most people love America, especially their money.  But when it comes to politics, in the eyes of many, America is a "bully nation" that just picks fights with other nations for no reason.  I'm starting to see now why people here think that. 

                Nelson didn't come home until a few hours after I had already started on taking down the old Termite-infested wooden fence.  When he arrived, we began digging holes for the new posts, and afterwards put up the barbwire.  I joked with him afterwards that it looked more like a Concentration camp than a church because of how much barbwire we used.  But at least we finished, and it will do its job (which is keeping people out!).

                I noticed that everyone was watching me work as well.  Many people would walk by and say, "Hello brother!" when they saw me.  So it's good to know we are getting a good testimony in the community.  Zenia also cooked us lunch.  She asked if I wanted to eat inside, but I told her I'd rather eat in the street.  This was hard for her to fathom.  "You want to eat in the street?" she asked.  I replied, "Why not!"  So, I did.  She brought me some pork chops, beans, rice, and tortillas, and I feasted well.  The people walking by keep saying, "Buen provecho!" which means "Enjoy your meal!"

                In the evening, I made a few phone calls.  First I called Ms. Laura Beth Flood and spoke with her for some time.  Next I spoke to my Dad and asked for some counsel and advice about some things.  How good it is to have a Christian Father.


July 29th 2003 Tuesday                      Spiritual Birthday


                Today was my spiritual birthday.  I am now officially eleven years of age in Christ Jesus the Lord!  That seems so young, but yet so old somehow.

                I awoke this morning and ran a few more errands.  I went to the Copy and Computer Center and put a down payment on a new printer that is supposed to run very fast, and do a good job.  It will replace my old printer (HP 2000C) that broke.  The only inconvenience will be that I'll have to wait a few weeks until it comes to their store from the U.S.                 

                Afterwards, I walked up the street to the Sears store to find if they had finally finished fixing my lawnmower.  Par for course, it was not ready yet, and they said, "Just give us one more week!" (It's been over two months now!)

                Then I drove home.  I listened to a Catholic radio station all the way, as I didn't have any tapes to listen to.  The lady said something very sly.  She called us who are born again Christians "separated brethren who don't have all of the Bible."  I guess she was inferring that because we don't use the Apocrypha, then we don't have all the truth.  I bet she'd never read the Apocrypha in her life, much less Matthew through Revelation.

                At seven the boys came by and we studied "The Seven Mysteries" in the Bible.  During our next seven classes, we will go into each one in more detail.     


July 30th 2003 Wednesday                Sickness Once More!


                I awoke this morning with stomach pains and cramps.  I guess I shouldn't have eaten in the street as Zenia said.  But I endured the day.  I spent the morning hours printing up booklets on the HP photosmart 1315 printer that my Dad sent me.  It's not as fast as the other one, and I hope to get it soon.

                Then the pain in my stomach was so bad, I had to lay down.  It felt like someone was pushing a broom handle up against my stomach from the inside.  The only thing I could do was rest and groan.

                In the evening, I felt better, and continued studying and printing up booklets to take with me to Mexico.


July 31st 2003 Thursday                    Printing!


                Today I spent all morning working on printing booklets once more.  It took all day long, but it was good to be able to print material again.  The only drawback was the super slow printer.  I look forward to getting a new one.

                In Mexico, I will be meeting a man who is starting a printing ministry, and he wishes for me to bring him some things.  Thus, I printed every booklet I had in the hopes that he can print them for me, and save some time.


August 1st 2003 Friday                      Study is Much Weariness of the Flesh


                I cleaned house in the early morning hours and vacuumed what few carpets I have.  The rest of the day I spent studying and preparing for Bible Institute Class for tomorrow.  I studied over eight hours and was up until past midnight trying to get everything together.  It was a lot of work!


August 2nd 2003 Saturday Bible Institute Classes, Study, Packing, and Chess


                I started my morning with a nice warm shower and a shave.  Afterwards, I drove across town to the little barrio of "El Way" to teach my class about "Antibiblical Catholic Practices."  We studied about the Mass and why it is an abomination in the eyes of God as it says that Christ Jesus' one effectual sacrifice in the cross was not good enough, and had to be completed again every time they offer the Mass.  Then we studied the Rosary and why it is Satanic in origin.  Afterwards, we studied the "Seven Sacraments" of the Catholic Church and why each one of them is tradition rather than a teaching from the Bible.

                From the Lenca Bible Institute, I traveled downtown to the Internet shop to check my email.  There I found that Bro. Raúl Reyes had sent me the schedule for the Conference in Mexico.  He put me down twice for teaching.  The last place he had me down for was teaching on "Studies and Comparisons" among the Bible versions.  So, I went home and studied putting together a list of errors in the 1960 as well as other versions.

                In the afternoon, the children didn't show up.  This makes the second week in a row that they haven't come.  I wonder if my Children's ministry is now over. 

                At six, Julio's boys came over and we played Chess.  They are doing well.  So well, in fact, that they almost always beat me now.  Raúl and Bani are the best, and I have a hard time trying to beat them.  Victor, Otir, Lindsay, and Alex are much easier to win against, as they are closer to my level.

                Before bed, I continued studying for teaching in Mexico, and packed my things for my trip.  Tomorrow I go to preach in El Carrizal in the evening, and then I'm off Monday morning to wonderful Monterrey, Mexico!  I can hardly wait!


August 3rd 2003 Sunday                    Services


                I packed early this morning as well as did some last minute studying for my teaching sessions in Mexico.  Then I left for Tegucigalpa and our little church in El Carrizal.  I found Nelson wasn't home and Zenia was sick.  She said, "Nelson went to the hospital to get me some medicine, as I feel awful!"

                I spent the next hour and a half passing out tracts and inviting people to services.  Many of the neighborhood kids helped me, and together we passed out over several hundred.   In the evening, only children came.  I was a little disappointed, as I really enjoying preaching to adults.  But we did have a full house, and I taught the children about "The Sins of Jonah," and how they should not follow in his footsteps in the wrong things he did.


August 4th 2003 Monday                    Off to Mexico!


                Today was the big day!  My day to travel to beautiful Mexico!  I had a few problems with Mario Puerto before leaving the Cancer Center.  I feel like a burden to him sometimes.  Ana, the secretary there, told me there would be no problem parking my car in the empty, fenced-in lot next to the Center.  She told me I only had to ask Mario for the key, and then we would lock up the gate so that the car would be secure.  But today when I asked Mario for the key, he looked at me funny and said, "Sorry, I don't have it, and I've got to go!"  He was about to pull of in his truck in a hurry, and I chased him down and said, "Excuse me, but I have no other place to park my car, and I was told that I could leave it here!"  When I said that, his wife said, "I'll go get you the key!" and she did.  I wonder why Mario would lie.  He seems like a very frustrated man who is growing more bitter everyday.  I remember he used to be so friendly, but I think he is unhappy where he is for some reason and it is showing through.

                A taxi came and picked me up after I secured my car, and I was off to the airport.  My flight left on time, and I enjoyed a two and a half hour flight to Houston, Texas.  I always get a window seat if possible, and it was interesting to see the difference between America and Honduras.  America truly is a blest nation, and it can be seen in the rich, fertile farmland, the huge rivers, and the nice homes.  Honduras seems so poor in comparison from the air. 

As we were coasting along at over five hundred miles an hour, I started a conversation with the lady next to me.  We talked for a while, and our conversation turned to history.  I told her I just read a book entitled, "Gringos in Honduras," and I mentioned some of the names I found in it.  One was the "soldier of fortune" named Lee Christmas who came to Honduras from America to work for the United Fruit Company.  When I told her how he was friends with Manuel Bonilla, president of Honduras in the early 1900's, she told me, "Yeah, Manuel Bonilla was my second great grandfather!"  How intriguing this was, and I pressed her to tell me more of the story as her family told it.  She taught me more of the interesting tale of how Honduras developed, and I learned a lot.  What are the odds of sitting next to a President's great-great grandfather?

                She also told me about some of the history of Germans in Honduras.  President Manuel Bonilla invited Germany to send many immigrants to that country, as he believed them to be very hard working, skilled people who would have a good influence on teaching his own people how to work.  The descendents of those who came, still live in a Colonia in Teguicgalpa today.  The lady to whom I was speaking told me that one of them was her father and that she lived in the area.  She was a lawyer and a resident of both Honduras and Germany.  How interesting it was to learn all this.

                When we arrived in Houston, I had only one hour to meet my next flight, and I had to run – literally!  Passing through customs took much longer than it should have, as their computer systems were constantly failing.  But after waiting what seemed like forever, I was on my way running through the airport to arrive at my gate several minutes before my plane was scheduled to taxi out to the runway and take off.

                Bro. Vargas picked me up at the airport in Monterrey, and it was good to see a familiar face again.  At the church, I was very happy to see Pastor Raul Reyes, and many of the members of the church that I spent time with the years prior.  I also met Bro. John Crisp, who has been corresponding with me for a while.  His desire is to print the pure word of God in Spanish, and he came to the Conference to learn more about the 1602 TR New Testament, and find out if they could begin printing it in booklets of John and Romans.  I also met Bro. Allen Johnson and it was very good to see him again.

                My old friend Gesem was there too.  Last year he took me out with several other of the young people to go streetpreaching.  Afterwards, we went to eat Pizza.  We had a good time of fellowship, and I enjoyed speaking with him.  As we spoke, he told me he'd been praying about coming down to visit me in Honduras and work with me for several months.  I was flabbergasted!  I've been praying for someone to come and do this!  I invited him to come, and he said he'd try his best to get his Passport to do just that.


August 5th 2003 Tuesday                   First Day of the Conference


                Last night they put me in a house of one of the brothers of the church.  He lives in another house he owns, and I had the privilege of staying there all by myself.  However, I forgot just how hot Mexico was this time of year, and I spent most of the night sweating profusely, and waking up feeling miserable and desiring something to drink.

                Today I preached on "Keeping God's words."  I used the three verses I had studied and God gave me.  Afterwards, I gave an example of just how to keep God's words.  I called seven people in the church up to help me, and I gave an illustration. I had seven sheets of paper, and on the first sheet, I had written "My Original Letter."  Then on the next five sheets, I had five lines drawn, and each sheet had one of the five lines missing in order.  (Example, One had line one missing, Two had line two missing, etc).  On the last sheet, I had written "The Complete Revision."  Then I told them that it was my desire to give my letter to all five of the brothers to copy and keep, but that my original intention was to give it to the last Brother there named Bro. Alejandro.  I showed the people how each one of the five copies I gave out, were changed by taking out one line.  And I then asked, "How to we get Bro. Alejandro my complete letter if each copy of it is corrupt by leaving out one line?"  The people thought for a minute, and then understood that the only way was to take all five letters and put them together.  In total, four of them would be a witness against that one that was lacking a line.  Then if you took the sum of all four together and collated them, you could arrive at my original letter that I wrote with all five lines.  From this I taught the people that even though we don't have the "originals" of the Bible, by the process of "collation," we can put all the copies together (The Majority Text) and take where they all agree to know exactly what God wrote in the originals. 

                Afterwards, Bro. William Park taught about the Dung beetle and it's habits.  This beetle was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians for it rolled dung unto balls and carried it off to plant its eggs inside.  Because the Egyptians worshipped the sun, they too worshiped this beetle for making a circle or type of the sun.  Bro. Park did a good job of making a simile of the dung beetle to Bible Correctors in Egypt showing how they tried to put crap into the word of God (i.e. man's own opinions).

                In the evening, it was good to speak with all the brethren again.  I met several brothers from Chile, and enjoyed speaking with them.  They are the most tender hearted and jovial folks I think I've ever met.  They are also very humble, and have a great love for God's word.


August 6th 2003 Wednesday                             Learning How to Wait


                Today Bro. Johnson preached a Message that really helped me.  I've been really down and out lately.  So often in Honduras it's easy to get tired and discouraged.  When I came to the Conference this year, I came downcast.  But being around other brothers in Christ has really helped to pick me up.  But Bro. Johnson's message helped more than anything else, as he encouraged us to continue on steadfast in the faith.

                Last evening, I was thinking about the verses that tell us not to be "weary in well doing" and encourage us not to "faint."  As I was praying before bed, I asked the Lord, "So how exactly do you keep from becoming weary in well doing?"  Then the verse came to my mind in Isaiah 40:31: "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."  This verse helped me a lot, and showed me all I needed to do was wait upon the Lord, and he would provide me a helper that would keep me from getting too worn out and from fainting.

                Fellowship really picked up my spirits as well.  The brothers from Chile spoke with me today and it was great to see others who love God, and have a desire to serve him.  One young man in particular named Christian took to me.  We talked for some time, and he told about his ministry of working with "Gypsy" people in Chile.  Most of are European origin, and they travel all over selling goods, peddling trinkets, and reading palms.   He, as myself, is also single, and we talked about how great it would be to have a wife to help us in our ministries.

                In the afternoon, the church showed an old Bob Jones film entitled "The Life of William Tyndale."  It was very good, and it thrilled my heart to see someone who was willing to give his life to preserve the pure words of God in the language of his people.


August 7th 2003 Thursday                Acting as a Translator and Translating


                This was the last day of the conference, and it went by too quickly!  It was such a blessing to be with other brothers in Christ, learn more about the Spanish Bible Issue, and be part of the good singing.  But everything must come to an end sooner or later.

                During the day and again in the evening, I translated for Bro. Crisp.  It was fun to translate from Spanish to English. It's the other way around that's so hard.  I also had the opportunity to teach in the morning, and I gave a class about "Dynamic Equivalence" or the theory that teaches the actual words are not important, but rather the "Idea."  As an example, I wrote a love letter that I made up, and then I changed it with "Dynamic Eqivalence" to show that before with sweet words, it could have been written to a girlfriend, or wife, or fiancée, but when you only go by the "idea" rather than the words itself, then it can change the letter so completely, that it becomes something that one would send their mother rather than their lover.


Example of Love Letter:

My most beloved sweet angel,

I love you immensely.  It hurts my heart so much that I can't be with you.  Your beauty shines like the sun, and I am so very happy to know you.


                Changed with "Dynamic Equivalence":


                                Esteemed woman,

I have much love for you.  I don't feel well that I'm absent.  You are very white, and I'm not sad that I know you.


                They both present the same "idea," but the first is vivid and romantic, while the second could be sent to one's mother.  I then preached about how the Bible is God's "love letter" to us, and how we should keep every word of it, and not allow others to change it under the guise of "Dynamic Equivalence."

                I also preached against Mr. Eugene Nida, the founder of this blasphemous theory, and showed how in an interview last year, he said that people like us who want to keep God's words are guilty of "word worship."  He also spoke against the King James Bible and said that the purpose of new translations were to "get a good argument started."

                As I was preaching, I told the congregation that I have always believed Nida to be a Jesuit priest, as he is so subtle in his approach to changing the scriptures, but that I had no proof of it.  After I finished, one of the brothers from Chile came to me and told me that Nida was indeed a Jesuit, and he had the evidence.  He told me that he was going to send this to me.  This would be good to have.

                 In the afternoon, we watched another video by "Unusual Films" put out by Bob Jones University entitled, "A Flame in the Wind."  It was about Julianillo Hernandez who brought Lutheran books to the monastery of Sevilla del Campo which eventually led to Reina and Valera getting saved.  He was burned at the stake by the Catholic Whore for this "heinous crime" and valiantly gave up his life for Christ.  What a wonderful man!  I look forward to meeting him in heaven someday.


August 8th 2003 Friday                      Back to Honduras


                I awoke at three this morning to shave and shower.  After reading my bible, I packed and awaited Bro. Homero Romero to come and take me to the airport.  He arrived at four o'clock, and we then journeyed to Bro. Doyle Johnson's house to pick up Bro. Allen Johnson.  From there we picked up one more passenger, and we were off to the Escobar International airport.

                My plane left at fifteen till seven, and I fell asleep several times during the flight.  When we arrived at Houston, I was accosted continually by "security checks" and "anti-terrorist" units.  After passing through all of this, I walked to my gate and heard over the loudspeaker that to "refuse" the "security" personnel to check your bags would result in your arrest, as well as joking about the procedure.  How sad it was to hear that not only have they taken away all our rights (habeas corpus), but now they are trying to put down people's sense of humor.  Christ must be coming soon, for I can't see how much longer this will go on.  If they can now put you in jail for telling a joke, what can't they arrest you for?

                I saw the "President's daughter" (the lady I met on he way to Mexico from Honduras) again today at my departure gate and spoke with her for a while.  She told me that she was late in getting to her flight on Monday, and had to take a later flight, but she did have a good time in Washington, D.C. when she finally arrived.

                Upon my arrival in Honduras, I was surprised to see they painted the airport.  It looked almost new.  After collecting my bags, I took a taxi to the Cancer center, and then drove straight home, where I went to bed and slept like a baby.


 August 9th 2003 Saturday                Study, Bible Institute, and Chess


                I had planned to study all last night and prepare for my Bible Institute class this morning.  But I arrived so tired and worn out, that I went to bed at five in the afternoon and didn't awake until six this morning.  I studied quickly after my shower, and then I was off to teach on the subject of "The Reformation."  I didn't have too many notes, so I had to teach and give them all I knew from memory.  It went well though, and the students were very thankful for the class.

                Eric Sanchez also asked me to teach the next semester on the subject "Eschatology."  I told him I had a few conditions that I must demand.  First, it would be mandatory for them to use the 1602TR for the New Testament, and the 1909 for the Old Testament, and secondly, I would need to have permission to have a few weeks off in November, as I plan to go back to the U.S. for a short time and watch my grandmother as my parents go to Hawaii for a week.  Eric said that'd be fine, and so I agreed.  It looks like my ministry is leaning towards teaching more and more.

                At the internet shop, I saw Pastor Jacobo.  We talked for a while, and he told me that his little church is changing from the corrupt 1960 Spanish Bible to the 1909.  I'm thankful for this.  I asked him if they'd use the 1602 TR New Testament as well, and he said that was their plan.  So it looks like my ministry is more than just preaching and teaching, but also showing people the truth about the Spanish Bible so that they can have the pure words of God in their language.

                In the evening, Julio's kids came over, and we played Chess.  I actually won several times for a change, and it was quite delightful.  They brought several young men with them, and we taught them how to play as well.  Before they left, they asked me when I could speak with "Gotier" the Jehovah Witness who is constantly accosting them.  I told them anytime next week he could come by if he's interested.  They really care about this young man and want to see him straightened out.  But they know he has his mind made up (even though he claims to have some "doubts"), and they desire me to try to convince him otherwise.  I'm praying he'll get saved, but it's hard to deal with cult members.  Only God can open his eyes, and I pray he does so!


August 10th 2003 Sunday                  Almost, But Lost


                I left for Tegucigalpa rather late this morning, as I had to study and clean house before leaving.  When I arrived, I went straight to the Cancer Center and had a small scuffle with Mario Puerto yet again.  When I asked him for a room, he told me that my room wasn't ready and then just stared at me.  I waited a few seconds and then asked him, "Then what am I supposed to do?"  He looked at me rather hatefully, and then we went and got me the key.  When I went upstairs to my suite, I found everything in order, except that the sheets hadn't been changed and there was no towel do dry off with after showering.  But other than that, everything was fine.

                In the evening, I passed out several hundred tracts before services.  At six o'clock, we had only two visitors come.  One was the landlord, and the other was an elderly lady.  I preached on the subject of "Keeping God's Words."  I showed them both that only God's words are able to save one's soul, and they must come to Jesus Christ to be born again according to what God said, and not a church, denomination, religion, or man tells them.  I witnessed to them hard, and since there were only five of us there total, I walked back where they were sitting and helped them find the scriptures.  The elderly lady was going to the Jehovah Witness church.  However, she wasn't learning anything.  They told her she ought to come and listen to me, and she did.  How strange.  But I filled her full of Gospel buckshot for over an hour.  She listened contently, and I thought for sure she would get saved.  When I finished, I asked her if she desired to trust the Blood of Jesus Christ to save her soul, and she said the most common answer I've heard here in Honduras, "I'd like to study it out some more."  Before she left, I showed her where her J.W. Bible was corrupt and gave her a 1909 Bible and a 1602 TR New Testament.  I also had prayer with her asking God to convict her of her sinful condition and save her soul before it was too late.


August 11th 2003 Monday Errands


                First thing this morning I had to drive up to study Bible with Nelson and Zenia.  When I arrived, Nelson was not yet home from work.  So I waited about thirty minutes for him to arrive.  As I sat and waited, Zenia told me about the problems they are having with the landlord.  It seems he has been turning off the electricity to the building when I'm not there, and this infuriates Nelson and Zenia who are trying to have Bible Studies or listen to preaching tapes on their "grabadora" (cassette player).  The other night they had a good group of about four or five people, and the landlord burst into the room, and turned out the lights while screaming about "how much it is costing him to pay the light bill." 

                Eventually Nelson arrived, and we talked more about the evil landlord and some of the other things he has done. Nelson told me that he wanted to move to protect his testimony, as he doesn't want to get in the flesh against this "brute beast."  But I told him just to sit still and be patient, and trust God to work it out.   After our Bible Study, in which we finished Galatians (finally!), I wrote a note to the landlord asking him to please not turn out the lights.  I told them to only give it to him if he tries to cut the electricity again.  If he continues to treat us wrong, we'll have no choice but to find another place, or get the law involved.

                The rest of the day I ran around town spending money.  How quickly my support goes here.  Gas, rent, food, and lodging suck up most of what I'm being sent.  But then there are those little foxes that come up as well, or "unexpected expenditures" that really cut into the pocket book.  Today I was told I had to pay over three hundred American dollars for my truck registration.  Every year it must be paid, and this is the first year I'll have to pay it.  I thought it would only be about half that price according to the information I was given.  So I'll have to go downtown another day and find out why they jacked the price up. 

                Before driving home, I went to the United Bible Society and asked about purchasing a "Spanish Ferrera New Testament."  I was informed that they sold them from someone at the Conference in Monterrey.  When I asked about it, they told me they would call around and see how many they could obtain.  Before I left, I asked them, "Do you sell the Textus Receptus Greek New Testament or the Ben Chayim Masoretic Hebrew text?"  They looked at me funny and said, "What?"  Then I went to preaching.  I didn't mean too, but something overcame me, and I started in, "All you have here is the corrupt Wescott and Hort texts perverted even further in the Nestle-Aland Greek text.  Then in the Old Testament you use the Kittle text.  That guy was a Nazi under Hitler!  He changed the words of God!  Then you sell the corrupt Septuagint in the Old Testament from Origen, why don't you sell the correct texts?"  I went on and on for about ten minutes with the history of the Bible versions and how Rome is trying to get everyone back under the Pope by putting out newer and newer versions of the Bible each one closer to the Roman Catholic texts.  When I finished, the salespeople just looked at me without saying a word.  Then they said, "We didn't know that.  We aren't Catholics, nor do we want to be.  Where can we find the true words?"  I gave them my book on the history of the Spanish Bible, and then I told them I'd come back next week and give them some more information.  When I walked out of the store, I almost started shouting in knowing I was able to open someone's eyes to the truth about the Bible Issue.  But I wonder what they'll do with it.


August 12th 2003 Tuesday                Study


                I awoke early this morning and cooked myself a good breakfast.  Then I had a shower, read my Bible, and started in on studying.  I have three lessons to finish for the Bible Institute and I hope to finish them this week.  I feel so rushed and hurried at times.  I hate feeling that way. 


August 13th 2003 Wednesday           Visitors and Distributing Gospel Material


I finished lesson thirteen yesterday and have only two more to do.  Today I didn't get much of a chance to work on Lesson fourteen, as I had several visitors.  In the morning, my next door neighbor Bani came over and mowed part of the yard for me.  I am paying him eight lempiras an hour or about fifty cents American money.  That's a lot for him.

In the afternoon, I had to go into town and pay my power bill.  Afterwards, I ran a few errands and then drove home.  When I turned onto the road that runs by my house, I met Missionaries Thomas Sweeney and Robert Baker walking down the road.  They stopped me and told me they were coming over to visit me.  We had a good time of fellowship, and they invited me to church with them that evening.  I went and heard a great message from Bro. Jacobo.  Afterwards, we all went back to my house, and I gave Bro. Baker several boxes of New Testaments, tracts, Bibles, books and more. 


August 14th 2003 Thursday              More Visitors!


                This morning, Eric Sanchez came by and brought a young man named Darwin with him.  We began talking, and our conversation turned towards the Spanish Bible Issue (it always does).   I showed Darwin and Eric where the corrupt 1960 [per]version time and again followed the corrupt texts of Westcott and Hort and attacked sound doctrine. Then I explained to them the history of the Spanish Bible.  Darwin was very interested and wanted to hear, but Eric seemed uninterested.  Darwin began telling me about Robert Baker and how he explained the issue to him in less detail several years ago.  I told him that Robert Baker was staying with Bro. Thomas Sweeney up the road, and if he wanted, I could take him up there to see him.  He agreed, and we all walked up there to visit with Thomas and Robert.

                While there, I was asked to give another study about the Bible Issue.  Thomas seemed interested and wanted me to show him some verses in the 1865 that were in error.  I did, and was cut short when he accused me of "starting an argument."  That's exactly not what I did, as I was explaining how the 1865 follows the corrupt Latin Vulgate in using the word "Verbo" for Christ instead of the correct word "Palabra."  Well, Thomas told me he didn't want to study anymore, so I said okay and left it at that.  It was a real bummer, as everyone else seemed very interested and wanted to hear.  After a few minutes, I took my leave of them, and asked to be excused to go home and finish studying.


August 15th 2003 Friday                    Finished!!!


                I spent all day in study, and I finally finished my lessons about the Roman Catholic Church.  The last three were on the subjects of "The Reformation," "The Inquisition," and "The Jesuits."  The rest of the day I spent studying for other things, and printing up books for various people who asked for them.

                In the evening, the boys didn't come, because of a horrendous rainstorm that we had here.  And I was really looking forward to studying with them. 


August 16th 2003 Saturday               Last Day of Institute Classes, and Classes with the Kids Again


                Today was the last day of Bible Institute class.  I taught them all three lessons as quickly as I could, and afterwards went to check my email.  After this, I went to Missionary Mike Lane's house to drop him off a book.  I also invited him to come and preach to the kids today and he said he would.  Several days ago the children said they wanted to have classes.  I expected many to show up, but only four did.  Bro. Mike did a great job of preaching about the "Fall of Man."  Lina listened intently while the other children were off in another world.  She claims to be saved, but I wonder.  At least she heard the gospel once more.

                At six, the boys came and we played a good game of Chess.  Luis came as well, and I enjoyed beating him.  It seems he was running his mouth the last time we played because he beat me.  So, I had to humble him.  Yet, I was humbled soundly by Raul who beat me rather quickly.

                The boys told me that Gotier (the J.W.) wants to come to my house and meet with me on Friday the 22nd of this month and talk about the Bible.  The boys said they would come as well, and that they wanted me to "really give it to him."  Gotier was a part of their church for a while, but was never saved.  He came out of the J.W. background, and eventually left their church and went right back into the Jehoakim Witnesses again.  The boys told me, "Get really prepared, cause you're the only one that can reach him!"  I pray that he'll listen and get saved.


August 17th 2003 Sunday                  Bro. Robert Baker


I drove to Tegucigalpa early today and had lunch with Nelson and Zenia.  Afterwards, we studied the first chapter of the book of Corinthians verse by verse.  At three o'clock, I met Bro. Robert Baker at the Cancer Center, and we talked for a while.  A few minutes before four, we drove to El Carrizal, and I asked Bro. Baker to give a devotional to Nelson and Zenia.  He spoke on "How Everything Down Here is Going to Burn Up Someday."  He showed how too often we get our eyes on things down here, rather than on things in heaven.  It was a good study, and exactly what Nelson and Zenia needed, as they are going through tough times financially right now.

At five o'clock, we passed out tracts in front of the church and had more than enough children come to help us.  They always want to pass out tracts with us, but we must be careful, as many times, they take a handful and stuff them in their pocket and go home and never give them out.  So we try to supervise them, and make sure they are actually giving them away.

At six, Bro. Baker preached in English, while I translated.  His text was Psalms chapter one and verses one through three.  He did a wonderful job of explaining how to find God's blessing.  But first and foremost he stressed their need to be born again, for God' wrath, and not his blessing, is against those who are not saved (John 3:36).

When he finished the preaching, he turned the service over to me, and I gave an invitation.  Two raised their hands signifying they were lost, but did not move.  Neither did they want to talk about it after service.  How sad.

From El Carrizal, I drove us all back to the Cancer Center where we had a great dinner of pork chops, corn, salad, and more.


August 18th 2003 Monday Running Errands


Early this morning, I took Bro. Baker down to Nutek to meet Bro. Otto Martinez, and to leave his car with him to fix the transmission.  He told Otto what was wrong with his truck, and Otto said, "Sounds like the actuator to me!" Then he smiled really big and looked at me and winked, for that was the same problem with my car.

The rest of the day, Bro. Baker and I drove around running errands and fellowshipping.  Bro. Baker is a real blessing, and it's good to find another brother in Christ that believes exactly like I do about the Scriptures, Salvation, and Sanctification.

While we were getting supplies and traveling all over Tegucigalpa, I stopped at the United Bible Society office to speak with the people.  I told them more about the correct texts (called the Textus Receptus in Greek, and the Masoretic Text in Hebrew), and gave them the address of the Trinitarian Bible Society, asking them to purchase the Greek Text of Beza and sell it at their bookstore.  I hope they will.  I also gave them some more books about the Spanish Bible Issue.

In the afternoon, I took my leave of Bro. Baker and his wife Connie, and drove home to La Esperanza.


August 19th 2003                Tuesday                Visitors and Visiting


                Today was an interesting day.  I was awakened this morning by Pastor Jacobo who stopped by the visit with me.  We talked for a while, and I was happy to find that he is really interested in the Spanish Bible Issue.  He asked me for some 1909 Spanish Bibles, as he has found error after error in the corrupt 1960 Spanish [per]version.  I gave him 24 new 1909 Spanish Bibles.  He said he would begin using them in his church and reject the 1960.  What a blessing!

                He also wants to use the 1602 TR New Testament, and said he would like me to give him some of those to in the future.  But until then, he will use the 1909. 

                I also gave Bro. Jacobo my old scanner.  I bought a new one a while back, and am very happy with it.  The old one still works, but it is just slow.  Jacobo was very thankful, and said he'd use it for the church.

                My neighbor Julio also visited today, and talked with me about buying my old lawnmower.  I have two now, and only really need one.  I told him I'd love to sell it, but Bro. Mike Lane said he might buy it, and then give one of his old ones to him.  So, we agreed to wait and see if Mike will do so.

                At one-thirty in the afternoon, I went to eat lunch with Thomas Sweeney and his wife Rhonda.  They invited me to come over last week, and I accepted.  We had a wonderful lunch of boneless chicken breast, vegetables, and more.  Afterwards, we talked about many things, and eventually we went back to the Bible Issue in both English and Spanish.  I listened to Thomas and let him talk, and then when he quit, I inserted a word here or there, lest I be accused of "starting an argument!"  Thomas' biggest thing was that he wanted "Scholarship" and not "Bad mouthing."  He said many books he's tried to read about the King James Bible Issue weren't very scholarly, but rather just full of putting others down.  I told him, "That's true, but you are supposed to eat the meat (the truth) and leave the bones (name calling) for some other fool to choke on!"  He agreed.


August 20th 2003 Wednesday           Sick Again


                Today I slept in feeling downright awful!  When I did get out of bed, I read my Bible and began studying about the Jehovah Witnesses.  Their religion is such a shame full of lies, hypocrisy, and errors!  I found that six times their organization prophesied the end of the world (In 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925, 1941, and 1975), and each time it didn't come to pass.  To cover their lies, they say that Jesus "spiritually" came into his reign, or that he "stood up and was crowned in heaven, just not on earth," or some other ludicrous explanation.

                As I was studying, I began sneezing uncontrollably, almost to the point that it hurt my lungs to sneeze each time.  I finally broke out into a sweat and started feeling very bad.  So, I went to bed and rested.  When I awoke, I was sweating profusely, but I felt better.  My nose did bother me the rest of the night, but I was able to endure it and continue my studies.  As I found numerous verses in the Bible to prove the deity of Christ, I found that in the Jehovah Witness Bible, just about all of them were changed to teach their "No Trinity" doctrine, or their false teaching that "Jesus is only the archangel Michael" instead of God.  How wicked is such an organization that would knowingly change God's words in order to deny the deity of Christ.  However, I did find a couple of places where they couldn't change the text, no matter how hard they tried (examples John 20:28; 1 John 5:20; etc).


August 21st 2003 Thursday              Sickness and Study


                All day long I studied, even though I felt awful.  Cold chills ran through my body, and I was either very cold, and had to wear a sweater, or very hot and had to take off a few layers of clothing.

                Despite my frail condition, I worked on getting together all the information I could about the Jehovah Witness'.  Then I printed it on paper to use tomorrow in my debate with Gotier.  The first two pages were only the History of that false religion, while the rest were pure Bible verses to prove their teachings were completely erroneous.

                In the evening came a very strong storm, which knocked out the power.  So I spent a few hours before bed copying notes into my Spanish Bible by candlelight.


August 22nd 2003 Friday                   The Big Debate!


                I awoke early this morning feeling a little better and read my Bible and studied.  Afterwards, I showered and waited for Gotier's visit.  By nine o'clock they hadn't arrived, so I decided to cook myself some breakfast.  While I was frying eggs and bacon, Rambo announced their arrival, and I greeting both Bani (Julio's oldest son) and Gotier.  I offered them something to drink, and asked them to excuse me while I ate my breakfast.  They waited patiently, and then we began our Bible Study.

                Bani told me that Gotier was very adamant in his defense of the Jehovah Witness's teaching, but that he did have some doubts.  I started by asking him to give me his testimony.  It was nothing more than "I once thought there was a Hell, and a Trinity, and all that, but I still didn't understand all of it.  The Watchtower Society helped me to understand it all."  And on he went.  I let him talk for a while, and then I interrupted and began by telling him the history of his religion, and how many times the presidents of that Society had been in error (lied would be a better word) in saying the world would end, but it did not.  Then I taught him about the Trinity, and why according to the Bible and God himself, it is a Bible doctrine. 

I explained a common soccer ball to him and showed how it has three parts: A body (the sole or outer leather part), a rubber blatter, and the air inside of it.  Without anyone of these parts, the ball would be useless to play with, for without air, it would not bounce, without the blatter, the air would leak out quickly, and without the leather body, it would be too slick to play with.  I then asked him, "Now, is it one ball or three balls?"  He responded, "Clearly it is one ball with three parts!"  Then I asked him, "Then why can't God be the same?  Can't he be one God with three parts?"  Before he started explaining away the Trinity with J.W. propaganda, I showed him in Genesis chapter one that man is made in God's image, and in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 that man has three parts, a BODY, a SOUL, and a SPIRIT.  From there we went to many verses in the Bible that proved God's three parts (One was Matthew 3:16,17, where the Lord Jesus Christ was baptized, and the Holy Spirit descended on his like a dove, while God the Father was speaking from heaven.  Of course he had an answer to explain away all of this).

                Afterwards, we looked at verse after verse that proved that Jesus Christ was indeed God.  We studied many verses about Hell, and how Jesus and Michael the Archangel are not the same.  We even looked at how the soul is not "annihilated." But he would have nothing of it.  He had an answer to everything, and said it was either "Symbolic" or "an allegory."  I got so frustrated, that I left my seat and went over to him and hit him on the shoulder as hard as I could.  Then I asked, "Was that literal, or just an allegory?"  He said, "Oh, that was very real!"  Then I showed him the literal words of Christ Jesus himself that said one who is not saved will burn in "Hellfire!"  Of course it was changed in his version, so he did not believe it.

                Our conversation went further to include the 144,000 LITERAL Jews (12,000 of each tribes), different Bible versions, and how his Bible was corrupt and came from corrupt texts, and Hell verses the Lake of Fire.  Yet he chose to reject the truth.

                Bro. Mike Lane came by after we'd been studying for two hours, and started speaking with him.  After an hour later, Gotier was more determined to follow his false doctrine and teachings more than ever.  He rejected verse after verse and said that he's "Happy in his religion."  When I told him that according to the Bible he will die and wake up in a literal Hell that he doesn't believe in, his only response was, "That's fine.  I'm okay with that!"  How sad.

                When we finished our discussion, or maybe I should say "argument," I asked Gotier, "I only want to know one thing: When you die, where will your soul go?"  He talked for over five minutes and never answered my question.  I asked it again another way, and his final answer was that if he held to his faith, and continued working, then Jehovah God would accept him, and he would be one of the 144,000 who were to be saved during the battle of Armageddon.  How sad to see he was trusting in his works instead of God manifest in the flesh - the Lord Jesus Christ completely and totally who shed his blood on the cross of Calvary for his sins.

                Before he left, he asked if he could return and bring some of his Magazines for me to read.  I told him that would be fine, and that I would definitely use them for "leña" (firewood).   As he walked out the door, I told him, "The apostle Thomas had his doubts too, but when he came to his senses, he said to Jesus Christ "My Lord and My God!"   I further stated, "Someday I'm praying you'll come to your senses and say the same!"  He just laughed and walked away.  How sad to see such a false religious sect dominate a man's mind to the point that he can't think for himself.

                The biggest frustration was his use of the word "Jehovah" which is the Hebrew word for "Lord."  In English it's easy to deal with J.W.'s, as the word is actually translated in the Old Testament as Lord.  In the New Testament from Greek, kurios it is translated "Lord" as well, and it's easy to show a few verses that prove that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Old Testament.             In Spanish it's not as easy, as neither Reina, nor Valera had enough insight to translate Jehovah to Señor (Lord).  Yet, there are many older translations in Spanish before their time that do use the word Señor in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Would to God Reina and Valera would have translated the word correctly, rather than just leaving it a transliteration.

In the evening, my kids came by and I showed them the verses I showed Gotier (over fifty in total) about the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, who are the 144,000, where a soul goes when one dies, and more.  They couldn't understand how Gotier could reject sound doctrine when the Bible speaks so clearly.


August 23rd 2003 Saturday                               Ungrateful People


                I slept in a bit this morning, as I was still feeling bad.  Rambo awakened me when Bani came over asking me to make a few copies for him on my scanner/copier.  After a nice breakfast, I spent the day studying again, and trying to get things in order.  I have so many books, that it's hard to find a place for them all.  Yet I'm reading them and can't put them on the shelf, and I have them marked up and ready to be scanned into my computer for reference.

                At two in the afternoon, the children came again for classes.  At least that was their excuse, but the were not interested in studying the Bible at all.  We started by playing Dominoes, and I actually kept their attention for five games.  Afterwards, they wanted to learn karate.  I taught them a few things, and then we went inside for services.  However, they would not listen.  I tried to show them a few verses about the Deity of Christ, but their attention was elsewhere and they were constantly talking, running around, asking questions about other things, yelling, playing with their fingers, etc. When I finished, I questioned them and found they all understand that Jesus died for their sins.  But whether they are trusting in him and his shed blood to save them, I know not.  They are so carnal and disrespectful to the word of God.  Nor do they wish to hear it.  Also, every young lady that came was wearing tight pants, and worldly styles.  They say they are going to Doña Kathy's also (The Santidad Missionary's wife up the street), and were going to watch a "Christian Movie" this evening there. 

                Bani told me about the Santidad Missionaries up the road the other day and how they are now using electrical instruments and "Contemporary Christian Songs" to appeal to the youth in the area.  Slowly but surely they are corrupting the minds of the young people and teaching them how to think about carnal things instead of the spiritual.  How can I compete?  All I know to do is preach and pray.  But these children are wearing me out!  I'd rather they not come at all, then come expecting something other than studying the words of God.

                When the children left, they were calling me "Roberto Malo" (Bad Robert), and saying I was a bad Missionary because I wouldn't give them "stuff."  Is that what the other "Missionaries" are teaching my kids?  If so, then I must even the more try to teach them that Christianity is about a spiritual relationship with Christ Jesus, and not a carnal party where people come together to appease the flesh. 

                More and more I see "religion" ruining Honduras and the people here.  It seems so many "denominations" that call themselves "Christian" have come to this country and given the people a handout so much, that now the people expect something for nothing.  I just recently read a book entitled, "Gringos in Honduras."  In it, I found a quote by a man from Pennsylvania who came here to live and teach the people how to work in order to succeed and not have to depend on others.  His following words sum it up much better than I ever could: 


                "What I've learned in community development, and often the hard way, is this: You can't give people anything...they must earn it themselves; pay for it...that way, it's theirs.  Too much giving, donating, providing...erodes initiative, and ultimately, human dignity."

-          Chet Thomas


Still why is it that when you try to give them the Gospel, which teaches salvation is a free gift, that they don't want it?  Yet when someone comes along handing out something material, they will almost kill each other trying to get their part?  Why don't they want to work to meet their physical needs and accept the spiritual free gift of eternal life, rather than trying to get their carnal needs met for free, while trusting in false religions that teach they must work for eternal life?  Truly this is life's greatest oxymoron. 


 August 24th 2003 Sunday Preaching!


                Driving to Tegucigalpa is always so tiring.  The long curves and the huge mountains tire me out as I cross through them.  When I arrived at the Cancer Center, I took an hour nap completely exhausted from my travel.  When I awoke, I found Bro. Robert Baker was at the Cancer Center with his wife.  We talked for several hours, and then I traveled up to El Carrizal to preach.  I took Zenia some beans that I'd grown in my garden as well as a watermelon.  I asked her to cook the black beans for our lunch tomorrow when I come to study the Bible with them.

                We had a total of eight people come today.  I preached on the subject of "The Greatest Coward in the Bible."  My text was Matthew 14:1-12.  I showed how Herod was afraid of Juan the Baptist (the Preacher), his wife, the multitude, his friends, and more.  Then I showed that Herod was lacking the most important thing – The Fear of the Lord!  I believe the service went well.  A young lady about 12 or 13 has been coming, and she listens to every word.  What a blessing to have someone that really wishes to hear.  Lydia also came with a bandage on her leg, and told me she fell down last week.  She asked me to take her to the doctor tomorrow, and I agreed to do so.  But she stayed for services, and when I finished, she raised her had signifying she was lost, and afraid of going to Hell when she died.  I questioned her about it afterwards, and she told me, "Soon, I'll get saved."  I replied, "Well, I can't make you.  It's something you've got to want.  I'll be praying that God will do whatever it takes for you to get saved, and take away from you whatever you are putting above him."

                I taped the singing and preaching service as Nelson had to work again.  I plan to do this each week now.


August 25th 2003 Monday Bible Study


                I took Bro. Baker with me to El Carrizal today for our Bible Study.  I taught on 1 Corinthians chapter one verse by verse.  I recorded this on tape as well, and plan to record each session we have, so we can give it to new converts.

                After studying for more than an hour, and only making it to verse nine, we decided to close and eat lunch.  Zenia cooked a Black Bean Soup with my black beans, and they were wonderful!

                Bro. Baker looked at the house with me, and I told him about my desire to put a small concrete wall on the side of the building so that we could put our church sign up.  He said he would help me with it.  I will buy the supplies, and next week if he's able, he'll come out and help us with the work.  That's a blessing, as I have no idea how to work with concrete.  I've worked as a Jeweler for two years with metal, in a Glass Shop for a day with glass, in a Fiberglass shop for six months, in Carpenter work with wood for several years, and more.  But I've never learned how to work with concrete.  I look forward to gaining the experience.

                As we ate lunch, Nelson told me he's trying to get every Sunday off at his work.  I hope he does, as it would be great to see him able to attend every service.


August 26th 2003 Tuesday                Rest, Study, and Bible Teaching


                Today I rested.  Then I worked at studying for my Bible study in the evening with Julio's boys.  They arrived at six, and we studied for an hour and a half about the doctrine of "The Church."  I taught them that the word "church" could have an application to: 1. A Period of 2000 Years (known as the church age), 2. The Body of Christ, or all believers that are saved in one Body also known as the Bride of Christ, 3. Believers together in one place, 4. The Local Church as an organization, and 5. the actual building where Christians meet (although this is not found in the bible).


August 27th 2003 Wednesday           Sick Again


                Sickness overwhelmed me, and I spent the day resting.  I took some worm medicine, and it seems that was the cause of my woe, as my body was trying to get rid of parasites, tapeworms, and more.

                I also spent a few hours studying for the Bible Institute class I'm supposed to start teaching this Saturday.  I've been asked to teach on "Bible Prophecy and Eschatology." 


August 28th 2003 Thursday              Study and Errands


                Bani came over this morning and began mowing the lawn.  He worked for a few hours and then went home to prepare for school.  In the afternoon, I had to run into town and pay some bills.  Afterwards, I came home and studied some more.


August 29th 2003 Friday                    Study, Beans, and Copying Notes    


                I finished lesson one for my Bible Institute class for tomorrow.  Afterwards, I finished typing my Bible Study notes for my Bible Study this evening here at the house.  Unfortunately, the power was off until after seven in the evening, and we had a big rainstorm, so we were unable to study.  However, my students were so excited about studying, that they came over with a flashlight around six thirty and asked if we could study tomorrow instead of playing Chess.  I agreed, and I hope we will be able to do so.

                Castillo hung up all of my black bean plants on the rafters of the porch today.  They look so good up there drying.  This place looks more and more like a farmhouse everyday with the corn growing behind the house, and flowers blooming in the flowerbeds.

                In the evening, I studied 1 Corinthians and transferred my notes from English into my Spanish notebook.  I scanned  and printed the entire book of Corinthians from the 1602 TR New Testament, and am copying notes in the margins.  This method seems to work well in helping me to teach.


August 30th 2003 Saturday               Bible Institute, Concrete Blocks, Behaved Children, and Bible Study


                This morning Bible Institute started again.  I had several new students, as well as some of the ones from my last class.  I taught about "Bible Prophecy," and showed them how the Bible was inspired, how to understand the Bible, how to interpret the Bible (take it literally as it says it), and more. 

                Afterwards, I journeyed into town to Don Balta's concrete and supply store to buy some concrete blocks and cement for our project in Tegucigalpa in constructing a small concrete wall on the roof of the building we are renting so that we can hang our Church sign.  At the store, I spoke with Don Pedro, the owner of the store.  He is Pastor Jacobo's brother.  He claims to be saved, but said rather proudly, "But I don't belong to any church!"  We started talking and a Church of God in Christ preacher budded in and began talking about "Baptism."  He believed that one needed to be saved by faith and baptism.  So a long argument ensued.  Pedro kept saying we are all brothers as long as we believe in Jesus the son of God.  The other guy said we are all brothers as long as we are all baptized.  And I disagreed with both as I stressed the need to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to be saved plus nothing and minus nothing.  I also added, "I'm not calling anyone my brother until I hear their testimony and know for sure they are trusting in the sacrificial blood atonement of Christ Jesus for their sins!  Many Catholics believe in Jesus, but they aren't trusting his sacrifice alone to save them.  They are trusting Mary, or the Mass (better said, the MESS) and their works instead of Christ Jesus alone!"  Then I interjected, "It's not by faith and works, but by faith alone according to Ephesians 2:8,9.  Nobody is saved by trusting their church, their works, their denomination, their opinions, or even their Baptism, they must trust the Shed blood of Jesus Christ alone if they wish to get to heaven!"

                Well, that broke up the meeting, so to speak, and each man went his separate way.  I took my receipt and drove down to the warehouse to get my forty concrete blocks, and two bags of cement.  While they were loading the car, I watched and spoke with the boys, and then gave them all tracts.

                When I arrived home at a half past twelve, several of my kids were walking to my house telling me they were ready for classes.  I told them they were very early, but they didn't care.  So, I had to entertain them until the rest of the children came.  When the rest of the children came, we all played a fun game of baseball for over a half an hour.

                Over thirteen came in total.  I was surprised how many showed up.  And they were actually well behaved for once.  All that is except Tania.  She always has a haughty spirit when I start preaching, and she eggs the other children on to do wrong.  While I was preaching today, she began talking to others and acting carnal, so I told her, "I'm not going to fight with you today!  You either shut your mouth, or go home!  I'm hear to help this kids with the word of God, and if you don't want it, get out!!!"  She pouted the rest of the service, but at least she kept her mouth shut.

                When the children left, I went straight to bed worn out!  The hot sun, and playing with the kids really tires me out.  I awoke an hour later when Julio's kids came for Bible Study.  I taught them about he Rapture, and we had a great time.  I taught them about the glorified body that Christ Jesus will give us, and how it can disappear and reappear at will.  I also told them about how it can travel at the speed of light, go through closed doors, and eat whatever it wishes.  Afterwards, I explained to them about Judgment Seat of Christ, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Armageddon, and more.  Luis showed up a few minutes after we began studying and listened as well.  When we finished, he asked me to explain the difference between the Church and Israel.  Which I was obliged to do.  I also gave him several Bibles, which he asked for to give to new Christians.


August 31st 2003 Sunday                  Three Saved!!!


I drove to Tegucigalpa at ten in the morning, and arrived there at one o'clock.  Nelson helped me unload the concrete blocks and put them up on the roof.  Afterwards, we had a great time finishing First Corinthians chapter one.  Afterwards, I drove to the Cancer Center and had a wonderful opportunity to witness to many people in our first official Bible Study class.  However, it seemed to me that they weren't listening very well.  Nelson told me later that Hondurans are that way.  He said their mind wanders and they are always thinking about other things instead of keeping their minds on the subject at hand.

In our evening service, things went very well.  I preached a message entitled, "Some things that God Demands!"  I showed them that God demands sinless perfection, but since no one has ever been able to meet that one, God demands that they have a blood sacrifice for their sins.  I continued by showing them that God demands payment for sin (Hell!), but that Jesus had already paid for their sins.  I finished by showing them that God then demands Faith in the Blood of that sacrificial blood atonement for them to be saved.  After service we had three saved!  Rumelia (Nelson's twelve year old sister) also accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour!

                After service, I drove back to the Cancer Center and fellowshipped with Bro. Robert Baker who came to help me put up our Church sign tomorrow.


September 1st 2003 Monday              Putting Up Our Church Sign


                Connie, Bro. Baker's wife, cooked us a good breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast.  Afterwards, I drove my car down to the Nutek office to have the Anti-Lock Brake system box replaced, and a new actuator installed.  From there, Bro. Baker and I journeyed out to El Carrizal.

                The Landlord said he'd help us, but was more of a hindrance than anything else.  He told us that he wanted us to build a concrete ballast first before we built our little wall for the sign.  Bro. Baker argued with him, and told him it didn't need to be done, but the Landlord would have none of it.  He wanted us to do more work than necessary, and we neither had the time, money, energy, or supplies to do it.  So, we settled on making our sign out of wood.  The Landlord said that would be okay, and I sold the old blocks to him and traveled up the road to buy some boards.  We nailed them into the side of the brick building and ran the sign across the top of them.  To me, it looked rather crummy, but at least people will know where we are.  I wish we could have put up a concrete wall, but this is Honduras, and things don't always go as you desire.


September 2nd 2003 Tuesday                            A Day With Robert Baker


                Today I ran around with Bro. Baker running errands all day.  My truck is not ready, so I had nothing better to do.  We had a good time, and I enjoyed the fellowship.

                For lunch he took me to a nice little dinner, and we had a wonderful meal of Chicken Breast, Broccoli, rice, and more.   


September 3rd 2003 Wednesday                       Still No Car!


                The truck was still not finished today, so I rode around Tegucigalpa with Bro. Baker and his wife again.  He took me to visit a lady from an Independent Baptist Church that he knew of, and then we all went out to lunch to eat.  This sister had a husband in the United States, and Bro. Baker wanted to be an encouragement to her.  We ate a great lunch at Choloma's café, and fellowshipped.

                In the afternoon, Bro. Baker drove me up to the airport where I bought myself a Post Office Box.  I was told my mail would come much faster there, and that I didn't have to pay so much for shipping or Customs as it would be regular mail.  I was happy to hear this, as AeroCasillas was really becoming very expensive.

                Afterwards, Bro. Baker took me and introduced me to several other Independent Baptist Preachers in Tegucigalpa.  I enjoyed meeting them and speaking with them.  He also introduced me to Marlon, a young man who is pastoring Bro. Baker's church in El Portillo.  I spoke with him for some time about the Spanish Bible Issue, as I saw he was using the 1960.

                In the evening, I fellowshipped with Bro. Baker and he told me that he desired to come out and visit me in La Esperanza on Thursday next with a young man named Alexis, that is studying with him.  I told him I would more than happy for him to do so.               


September 4th 2003 Thursday                          Finally I Get My Car...But Too Late!


                I called this morning to find that my car still was not ready.  Thus, I ate breakfast with Bro. Baker at the Cancer Center and then asked him to drop me off at the mall to check my email.  He did so, and then he and Connie drove home to Guayamacas.

                I walked back to the Cancer Center, where I rested and waited.  It was not until three in the afternoon that I learned that my truck was finally ready.  By that time it was so late, that I just figured it better to spend another night at the Cancer Center and drive home in the morning.

                In the evening, I journeyed back to the Mall and read my email again.  There I found that Bro. William Park and his wife were coming down to visit me and bring me some New Testaments.  I was pleased to hear this.


September 5th 2003 Friday                                New Testaments!!!


                Awaking early this morning, I drove up the street to the Cancer Center and checked my email once more.  There I found that Bro. Park and Homero Romero were expecting to make it to San Pedro Sula today and asked me to come and visit with them.

                After driving to the Airport and mailing off several 1602 TR New Testaments to people who asked for them, I then drove all the way to San Pedro Sula.  My brakes worked great, and I was thankful to have them fixed.

                Upon my arrival to the outskirts of San Pedro Sula, my back right tire went flat.  I pulled over and fixed it in the hot summer sun.  The whole time I was saying, "Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Lord for this flat tire!"  My desire was to smite the Devil as I knew he was trying to tempt me to complain.

                When I arrived at Bro. Homero's house, I found him not at home, so I went up the road to Bro. German's house.  I found him there with his family and we chatted for a while.  Then I drove back to Bro. Homero's and found that they had arrived home just a few minutes before.  I spoke with Bro. Park and Bro. Homero and welcomed them back to Honduras.  Bro. Park rode up the street with me to go and get my tire fixed.  The boy at the Tire Shop did a great job in patching it up, but he blundered immensely when he took the spare off to install the one he fixed.  He threw the spare into the back of the truck, and the jostling motion made the vehicle fall off of its jack.  When it did, the car landed on a long metal bar, which ripped my air conditioning hose under the back right fender.  Air, Freon, and a strange green liquid squirted out of the hose under much pressure, and I was left with no air conditioning. 

                The young man doing the work cursed when he saw what he had done, and begged my pardon.  To make a long story short, I didn't have to pay for the patch on the tire, but I will have to pay to get the air conditioning fixed.  Only in Honduras can something so simple turn into such a disaster.

                When I returned Bro. Park to Homero's house, Homero asked me to take his small trailer back to my home in La Esperanza and park it there for him, as he had no place to keep it in San Pedro Sula.  I obliged to do so, and they gave me 12 boxes of 1602 TR's to take with me.  How happy I was to get them!  Bro. Park also asked to come to my house on Monday and spend a week to me.  I readily agreed and look forward to spending some time with him.

                I left San Pedro at six thirty in the evening and arrived home at a quarter till ten to find it raining cats and dogs.  The power was also out, so I went to bed in the dark feeling cold, damp, and tired.


September 6th 2003 Saturday                           Bible Class and Visiting


Bible Institute class went well this morning.  Although last week didn't give me much time to study, I was able to teach off the cuff, and give the students as much information as I could about "Prophecy" from Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth."

The students are starting to enjoy my class.  I have a good time and enjoy joking with the students.  Today one tried to crack a joke and I said sarcastically, "Hey!  We don't allow anyone to have a good time in this class!  We are all supposed to be serious here!"  To the which one of my students responded, "Yeah, serious just like you?!"  Everyone laughed, as they know me to be a bit of a jokester.

As I drove home, I ran a few errands and checked my email.  As I passed the Post Office, I saw a dog using the bathroom (Number 2) on the side of the road.  This is something that one becomes accustomed to seeing here in Honduras as there are many dogs, and they are always relieving themselves where they please.  But I hadn't driven an hundred feet when I saw a young Indian girl dressed in her Indian apparel doing the same thing on the side of the road in the grass in public.  I thought to myself, "What's the difference between her and that dog?"  Then she pulled up her panties and dropped her dress and walked off.  I had to scold myself afterwards for thinking that she was no better than a dog, for I know she is a living soul in need of salvation.  But how sad it is to see her living on the same level as that of an animal with no shame whatsoever in relieving herself in public.  Why did it not bother her?  Did she not have the common decency, or the proper upbringing to know that a bowel movement was not a public matter?  Such are some of the things one sees in Honduras, and cannot but make one to wonder.

In the afternoon, the children came.  They were excited about visiting today and passing out tracts.  I drove them up the road and took them door to door visiting and inviting people to come next week for services.  They passed out most of the tracts, and were very bold in their approach, as they were always opening gates and walking right into the yards or houses of people.  I guess they can get away with it, as they are just kids, and I enjoyed watching them do so.

We spent several hours visiting and passing out many tracts.  Afterwards, I drove them back to my house and sent them home, as it was then too late to study. 


September 7th 2003 Sunday              A Lousy Day!


                I slept in this morning feeling completely awful!  Yesterday morning I awoke to find I had no power.  I had to bathe in a bucket of cold water, and when I dumped on my head to rinse off, my neck muscles began hurting from sleeping wrong the night before.  The whole rest of the day, my back and neck were sore.  This morning was no different, and I felt as if a cold was coming on to add to my misery.

                My desire was to leave early this morning and take Nelson and Zenia to visit another Independent Baptist Church close to where they live.  But I could not get out of bed.  When I did awake, I studied, wrote a few letters of correspondence, cooked myself breakfast, and then packed.  Then I was off to Tegucigalpa bound for our little church.

                When I arrived, I was disappointed to find that Nelson had to work today.  Zenia was there, and I spoke with her for a few minutes.  She told me I looked terrible, and asked me why I didn't just drive up to the Cancer Center and rest before church started.  I decided that was a good idea, and I did just that.

                Bro. Robert Baker was at the Cancer Center, so I fellowshipped with him for a short while after taking an hour nap.  And then it was off to El Carrizal to preach.  It rained all the way there, and when I arrived, the storm augmented itself.  We began singing hymns, but I was disappointed to find that beside Zenia and Rumelia, we only had two others that braved the elements to come to services.

                I preached a message entitled, "Why?"  It had only three points and was brief.  I recorded it on audiocassette for Nelson, and I look forward to copying it and giving it to him when I arrive next week.

                After service, I went back to the Cancer Center feeling awful.  It seemed the day was a perfect waste.  For Bible Study at the Cancer Center, no one showed up.  Nelson was not at our service in El Carrizal, and we didn't have too many others come.  I went to bed dejected, feeling like I accomplished nothing.


September 8th 2003 Monday              Bro. Park!


                I arose this morning feeling little better.  After breakfast with Bro. Baker, I made my adieu, and went to the Mall to check my email.  From there I drove to Pricesmart to buy Dog food and a few supplies.  Afterwards, I mailed a few letters at the Airport Post Office, and then I journeyed home to see if Bro. Park and his family had arrived.

                When I made it home, I found Bro. Park, his wife Elizabeth and three kids, and his mother in law all there waiting for me.  They made themselves at home and had already been busy shelling my black beans and cooking them.  We had black beans for dinner with Wheat Rolls, Avocado dip, hot sauce and more.  It was very good!

                Bro. Park and I talked most of the afternoon and into the night.  I enjoyed soaking up some of his many years of wisdom in working in the ministry!


September 9th 2003 Tuesday             Studying About Bad Bibles


Today we all journeyed into town.  Bro. Park drove and as we passed the park downtown, Pastor Ramon Galeano waved to us.  We stopped and spoke with him for a few minutes, and he was glad to see us.

In town, Bro. Park's wife bought a few groceries while we looked for Piñatas.  Both Saturday and Sunday I am planning to have a special service for the children.  We found a store that sold them for 70 lempiras (or about four American dollars), and I bought one shaped like a horse, and the other in the form of a duck.  We also passed out tracts today, and had a good time at it.

After we arrived home, Bro. Park sat me down and showed me many errors in the 1865 Spanish version of Mora and Pratt.  With both the Textus Receptus and the Nestle-Aland Greek texts, we compared the 1909, 1960, and 1865.   I was surprised how many times the 1865 revision departed from the Textus Receptus and King James to read with the corrupt Critical texts.  We found many times where it read with the Vaticanus and Siniaticus as well Tischendorf, Tragellis, Lachmann, and more.  Probably the worst reading was in John chapter one where in verse three, the 1865 changes "The Verb was God" to "God was the Verb."  Not only was the Spanish word verbo catholic in origin (the original 1602 says palabra), but the word order in the text made it teach that God created everything instead of the Word (Jesus Christ).  Thus, attacking the deity of Jesus Christ and helping the corrupt Jehovah Witness teaching that God is creator, and Jesus is just a lesser god.  The more I study the 1865, the more corrupt it becomes.  Why can't my other brothers in Christ that are defending that perversion see it as well?  Is it because they are not studying?  For it is very evident that the 1865 is not perfect.  And the more I study, the more I see where it follows the "Critical Texts."

At six thirty, Julio's kids came over for our Bible Study.  I asked Bro. Park to teach the class, and he did a wonderful job of starting from the beginning (literally, with the creation), and taking them through the History of Greek Philosophy (with Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Filo, etc.), and explaining how Origen not only followed their false system, but used these philosophical beliefs to change the Bible.  Then he proceeded to show them how this developed into two different texts.  One, the human text which Jerome translated into Latin and which became the Vulgate (the official Catholic Bible), and the other the true text, untouched and unchanged by man, which God preserved in the Byzantine Empire (The Textus Receptus) which is what the King James translators used in their work to give the English speaking people a perfect translation of the Bible.

We also looked at many verses why the 1960 and the 1909 are wrong, and why the 1602 TR is correct.  The kids learned a lot and picked up very quickly.  How clear and easy to understand is manuscript evidence.  In its simplest terms, the easiest way to explain it is that there are two lines of texts; one is God's text (the Textus Receptus in Greek, and the Ben-Chayim Masoretic text of the Old Testament in Hebrew), and one is Satan's text (the Critical Greek texts of the Vaticanus, Siniaticus, Origen, Theodotion, Tragellis, Lachmann, Westcott and Hort, Nestle, etc., and the very corrupt old Testament Hebrew Critical text of Kittle and the Greek old Testament of Origen labeled the "Septuagint").  Why can't people see the difference?  And why do they want a "Critical Text" in place of the "Received Text" (received by true Christians throughout the ages)? 

All I can say is that Satan is truly doing his job well in keeping people in ignorance and darkness about the truth.  I only pray that true Christians everywhere will wake up and quit watching their television sets, and begin studying the issue, for if they don't, the United Bible Society will continue their work of corrupting the true texts and giving everyone more Catholic translations of the Bible.


September 10th 2003 Wednesday                     Trip To Bro. Baker's


                Last week, Bro. Baker invited Bro. Park and I to visit with him today and see where he is working in the area of Guaimaca.  I spoke to Bro. Park about it and asked him if he'd like to go.  He told me, "I'm with you, and I'll do what you want.  I'll leave decision up to you."  So, after praying and thinking about it, I decided we might as well go.

                After packing, we left my house at ten in the morning.  First, we drove to downtown La Esperanza where I met with a man named Plutarcho Mejia.  His wife is named Esperanza, and it was with her family that I preached in the little village of Quebrada de Lajas a few months ago.  My reason for speaking to them was because Bro. Erick Sanchez told me that they could no longer continue their work there as they didn't have a car, and they wanted someone to come and take the work over.  I had my concerns about this, as I don't want to work with them, as they are from CAM (Central American Missions), an organization started by C.I. Scofield many years ago, but also now very liberal (They allow woman pastors, rock music, etc.).  I spoke with Pastor Plutarco and told him that I would like to take over the work if that would be okay with him.  He seemed to be delighted, and we agreed to meet tomorrow in town for him to show me how to get to the little house where they are meeting.

                Shortly there after, we left La Esperanza, and drove all the way to the border of the state of Olancho (a five hour drive).  Following the map that Bro. Baker gave me, we arrived at his house at a few minutes past four.  Bro. Baker remembered Bro. Park, and we had a good time fellowshipping.

                As we conversed, I asked Bro. Baker about letting Bro. Park speak in the evening service about the Spanish Bible Issue.  Bro. Baker was for it, and said he'd speak to Pastor Marlon about the idea.  When the Pastor arrived, we were told that we could indeed do so. 

                While we were working on putting up a dry erase board to write on, a young lady began singing hymns in a low monotone voice.  Her lack of musical talent was apparent by her singing, and it sounded as if it was coming through her nose.  When she finished, I asked Bro. Baker, "She's not going to sing like that this evening is she?"  I then received a swift, and much-deserved rebuke from Bro. Park telling me that it doesn't matter how good one sings, but what matters is that they are singing for the Lord.  "Amen!" was the only thing I could respond, as I saw that I was in error.  The truth was she was singing the best she could, and I had no right to think ill of her.

                When services started, they had a young man on an electrical guitar began strumming many cords, and the singing service was to me almost Pentecostal.  They all began clapping and singing.  The Pastor sang into the microphone different songs that only he and the congregation knew.  I remember thinking, "Now I wish I could listen to that young lady singing hymns, as even though her singing abilities weren't that great, it was much better than this!"

                I suffered through the "Praise and Worship" time until Bro. Park was asked to teach.  He did a wonderful job of presenting the history of the Bible, and how God's word is not only inspired, but has been preserved by God himself in the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Masoretic Text of Ben Chayim (Not Ben Asser!).  Then he closed with many verses from the corrupt texts of the 1909, 1960, and 1865 to show how Nida and the Catholic Cardinal Martini, Mora and Pratt, and the 1909 translation committee was biased to the Critical texts and used them in their translations to change the very words of God.  The people responded well, and desired the pure words of God.  Bro. Baker has been teaching them some, and they have already turned from the perverted 1960 to the better 1909.  I only hope they will begin using the 1602 TR.


September 11th 2003 Thursday                        Getting Up Early


                Bro. Baker told me yesterday that the sunrise over the mountains to the east of us was at times very beautiful.  This intrigued me so, and made me so desirous to see it, that I asked Bro. Baker what time the sun arose.  He told me the time, and I asked for him to wake me up to see it.  Alexis also desired for me to see the sunrise, so he gave me an alarm clock to make double sure that I would be able to get out of bed to see this "spectacular sight." 

                At four thirty in the morning, I awoke to the sound of  Handel's "The Hallelujah Chorus" from the little Bible-shaped alarm clock that Alexis gave me.  I quickly ran out into the front yard and looked at the mountains only to find it was still dark.  I waited for a while, and then went and read my Bible in my truck, every couple of minutes looking up at the mountain to see the "ever so beautiful sunrise."  Little by little the sun awoke, but all I could see where dark clouds.  Eventually, a purple haze arose in the west, but that was the only color I saw for the clouds blocked the sun in the east, and I was robbed of what I had hoped to see.  I told Bro. Baker later, jokingly, "You deceived me, and got me out of bed for nothing!"  But it was good to wake up early and feel the nice crisp, fresh air of that area.

                After breakfast, I asked Bro. Baker if he'd be kind enough to drive us out to Missionary Herbert Prince's old place and show us around.  He did so and I was surprised to see how big the property was, and how many houses were on it.  We also met Missionary Bill Kepler there and he showed us his printing machine.  It was very interesting to see.

                When we said our "Goodbyes," Bro. Park and I traveled back to Tegucigalpa to buy some books before heading back home to La Esperanza.  At the United Bible Society, I spoke with Patty, a young sales representative, about the possibility of them selling the Textus Receptus and the Masoretic Hebrew Text of Ben Chayim.  I brought my copy from the Trinitarian Bible Society that I bought, containing the two bound together in one book, and asked her to see if she could order some copies and sell them at their bookstore.  I was amazed at how she went out of her way in trying to help me.  She showed them to her supervisor, and he said they would order ten copies and sell them there.  I hope they will.  (Bro. Park told me later that each Bible Society despises the other, as the Trinitarian Bible Society is Pro Textus Receptus, and the United Bible Societies are bias to the "Critical Texts" of men.  It will be interesting to see if they will be able to get the material I requested).

                On the way home, Bro. Park and I talked a lot about many different things.  I enjoyed listening to him, and all the stories that he has about preachers and preaching.  I also love soaking up all his years of wisdom in the ministry.  One thing he told me today, I'll never forget.  He was speaking about what will destroy a preacher and said that a deacon told him years ago that the three main things were: 1. Pride, 2. Money, and 3. Women.  And he added, "In that order!"  How true I've found this to be.

                Upon our arrival home, I was surprised to find my room cleaned, and my pants and shirts washed and pressed.  What a blessing!  Bro. Park's wife and mother-in-law have been too good to me! 

                In the evening, we all drove into town to meet Esperanza.  She took us to pick up her husband and a few other brother's and sisters.  Then we were off to Quebrada de Lajas where I dropped off everyone but Pastor Plutarco.  Together we drove up the road to visit several families and invite them to services.  While driving, Plutarco told me he wanted to work together in starting a church there.  I told him, "I'm an Independent Baptist, and wish to work alone."  He became rather sad, and I feel I hurt his feelings.  But the CAM churches I've seen are all liberal, and I don't desire to work with them. 

                Service went well, and I preached on, "What God Demands!"  After preaching, they had a lot of questions, and I was more than happy to answer them.  As we left, I heard sister Esperanza say, "At least they'll have someone to pastor them now." She seemed saddened to not be able to carry on the work there with her husband. 

                Before I dropped them off at their house, she said, "We'll be here every Thursday alone!" as if to signify they wanted to come back every Thursday and learn. 

                On the way home, I asked Bro. Park about my situation.  I don't desire to work with a liberal denomination.  But those people don't seem like your average CAM church.  Both Plutarco and his wife Esperanza seem very humble and desire to learn.  But, I must be cautious, as I desire to teach the pure word of God without outside interference.  Nor do I wish to be hooked up with liberals.


September 12th 2003 Friday              Two Saved!!!        


                This morning, I enjoyed conversing with Bro. Park and learning more from the voice of reason and experience.  We talked about "Commentaries" and how they are nothing more than man's "comments" on the word of God, and how all a man needs is God's word and not what a man says about them.

                Bro. Park's mother in law went visiting today in my neighborhood while we fellowshipped, and came back telling me that she lead two ladies to the Lord!  Their names were Jubertina Ramos Orealla (birthdate April 23, 1972), and Metodia Suyapa Vasquez (born July 7th 1971).  How happy I was to hear this!

                In the afternoon, Bro. Baker showed up with Alexis and we fellowshipped at the kitchen table talking about anything and everything.  How great it is to fellowship with other Christians.

                At six thirty, my boys came over and we studied about "The Mystery of Iniquity."  I taught them all about the Tribulation, the Anti-Christ, the Beast and more.  Alexis studied with us as well, and had several questions thereafter.


September 13th 2003 Saturday         Children Everywhere!


                I took Bro. Baker with me this morning to my Bible Institute class and he sat in on our studies.  I taught about "Prophecies in the Old Testament Fulfilled."  It went well, and the students were very attentive.

                In the afternoon, we had services in my garage to celebrate "El Día del Niño" (Kids day).  I was surprised how many children showed up.  Bro. Park said he counted about 113 in total.  All of them were children ages 2 to 13, and I was elated to see five mothers came as well.

                Yesterday I asked Alexis to preach to the kids, and he spent all morning studying.  Bro. Baker has been training him for a year or more, and he is growing quickly in the Lord.  He did a good job of preaching to the kids from Matthew 19;14, and I was glad to give him the opportunity.   When he finished, I took sometime to include the gospel, and stress the need to trust the Blood of Jesus Christ, as the only way of salvation.

                After the preaching service, I divided the children into two groups of both boys and girls and we let them break the piñatas that I bought.  They really enjoyed that.

                While the girls were beating their piñata to death, I had all of the boys come out and play a game of soccer.  We must have had 40 or 50 total out in my front yard kicking the ball around in the mud.  It was a lot of fun.

                In the afternoon, Bro. Alexis and I went into town to buy another piñata for services in El Carrizal in Tegucigalpa tomorrow.  We also talked about many things, and I tried to help this young preacher boy with advice, counsel, and instruction about how to live for God.

                I also checked my email today and found that evangelist Bob Adams will be coming on the 16th of this month to spend some time with Bro. Homero and myself.  I look forward to fellowshipping with him as well.


September 14th 2003 Sunday            Problems!


                Bro. Baker, Alexis, Bro. Park and myself spent an hour or more talking this morning over breakfast.  It's such a blessing to fellowship with other Christians and learn.  It's also good to receive instruction on how to do better in the ministry.  I wish more people would come and visit me here in Honduras.

                At nine o'clock, we all left bound for Tegucigalpa.  Bro. Baker and Alexis left in his car, while I took Bro. Park and his family in mine.  We arrived at El Carrizal a few minutes before one, as we stopped several times along the way, and I began teaching Nelson and Zenia from 1 Corinthians chapter three.  Afterwards, we journeyed up to the Cancer Center where I began another Bible study from three till four.  I taught on "Eternal Security" and how when someone is saved, they are always saved, and have been given eternal life by God himself who cannot lie.  I showed them too, that a born again child of God is a son of God, and he will never go to Hell, but that if he does live carnally, God will chastise him in this life for his wickedness.

                Things in the evening service didn't go too well.  The Landlord is giving us many problems.  He accused Nelson and Zenia of being "Liars" and "Filthy Pigs" and he tried to raise the rent on me.  He also told me that they use too much electricity, when the truth is that he keeps turning it off so that they can't have any.  I told him I'd speak to him after the service, as I didn't want to cause a scene, but before service, as I was going to my car, his sister (whom I'd never met before), came and began speaking with me.  She told me he was not a nice man and that she would talk to him, as she saw what he was trying to do to us wasn't nice at all.

                To me, service went well.  I preached hard on "Things Every Christian Should Be."  I included: 1.  Converted by the Word, 2. Controlled by the Spirit, 3. Compassionate to Sinners, 4. Careful of Riches, and more.  Afterwards, I called all the children together, and we broke the Tiger-shaped piñata that I bought for them.

                Things went from bad to worse, as the Landlord didn't like us having a good time.  Others were telling me that he didn't like what we were doing, but I ignored the reports.  When we finished, I went to speak with him.  I found him to be a liar, a cheat, and a reprobate.  He kept saying that Nelson and Zenia were dirty people and were ruining his building and that he didn't want them to live there.  Sadly, they do lack a lot in sanitary hygiene, but they were not guilty of all the other accusations that he brought against them.  Finally we decided that it would be best for Nelson and Zenia to move, as they are tired of putting up with the man, and desire to keep their testimonies by leaving, rather than staying with a man who's lying about them and spreading falsehoods about them throughout the neighborhood. 

                It was sad for me to see this happen, as I enjoyed seeing Nelson and Zenia have a place to live.  But the Landlord desired it so.  He agreed they could stay until the 28th.  Then I can continue renting the building, or decide to find another.  I will have to pray, as it is a great place for a church, but I want to make sure it will be safe to use the building with no one living there to take care of the place.  Also, I must pray about keeping the place, as it is not good to pay that much for a building that I will only use once a week.


September 15th 2003 Monday           Independence Day


                This morning I took the Park's to the Mall so we could all check our email.  I checked mine and then pulled up my bank statement only to find that someone had charged $1932 dollars to my account without my authorization.  I called my bank and asked about it, and was told that it was a company in Ohio called "Moraine Industrial."  Seeing as how I am not in Ohio, nor did I buy any Industrial equipment, my bank was readily willing to refund my money.  The only problem was that they had to cancel my Visa Check Card.  Thus, I'm left without a way to draw money out of my account until they send me a new one.  I hope it will get here soon.

                Bro. Park's family and I left for La Esperanza at eleven o'clock.  It was a pleasant trip, and I enjoyed fellowshipping once more.  When we arrived at my home, I took a short nap, as I was completely exhausted from all my travels last week.  When I awoke, I drove up the road and visited several people in the little community of Quebrada de Lajas, where I'll be holding services now on every Thursday night.  I had hoped to visit with Jose (the man in who's home we are meeting), but he was working in the fields.  His sister saw me and invited me over to her house.  She claims to be saved, and I questioned her about that while sitting on her front porch.  She also brought me a cup of coffee, and we talked about the Bible.

                Eventually, her husband and the owner of the land came over and sat down to talk.  We sat around conversing and talking about many things while we ate boiled Pataste (a vegetable that tastes like a cross between a turnip and a squash) with a fork.  The landowner was a Catholic and said, "All religions are the same, and each one leads to heaven!"  I listened to him go on with his line of reasoning, and then quoted John 14:6.  I also asked him, "Well what about the Muslims who believe they'll go to heaven by killing Christians and/or Jews?"  He then changed his tune and said that maybe not all religions can save.

                In the evening, Bro. Park sat me down and showed me some verses in the 1865 that are very much wrong (Examples: Luke 2:9; Acts 8:25; 16:10; 17:27; 2 Cor. 10:18; etc.  In these verses the 1865 changes the word "Lord" to "God" with no reason for doing so). 


September 16th 2003 Tuesday          Bro. Bob Adams!!!


                Several days ago, I checked my email and found Bro. Bob Adams was coming down to see me.  He's a missionary with WINGS Bearing Precious Seed who delivers Bibles to missionaries in foreign countries without charging that missionary a dime.  He's also the one that told me about the 1602 TR while I was on deputation in Tennessee several years ago and how they are trying to collate the Spanish Bible using the original 1602, the KJV, and the Textus Receptus. 

                Bro. Park and his family followed me to San Pedro Sula today.  They left and drove to Homero Romero's house while I drove to the airport to pick up Bob.  It was good to see him again, as he is always such a good natured, and jolly Christian man.  From the airport, I drove us to Homero's house for lunch.  His wife Laura fixed a wonderful meal of chicken, refried beans, salad, hot sauce, peppers, onions, and more.  Bro. Bob was joking continually and made Bro. Park and I laugh and laugh.

                After lunch we said our goodbyes, and I drove home with Bro. Bob to La Esperanza where I asked Bro. Bob to take my bi-weekly Bible Study and teach my kids something.  He did a wonderful job teaching on "This Wicked Generation" from Proverbs chapter thirty and 2 Timothy 3:1-9.  I translated for him, and the boys enjoyed learning from Bro. Bob's many years of experience in the ministry.

                Before bed, we fellowshipped some more, and I enjoyed soaking up words of wisdom from a man who's been fighting on the Lord's side now for over 44 years.


 September 17th 2003 Wednesday                    Missionaries, Preaching, and Studying the corrupt 1865 Spanish Bible


                I had decided to take Bro. Bob around to meet the other missionaries today.  First on my list was Bro. Mike Lane.  But before we could make it up there, Bro. Mike came over to visit us.  We all sat around and talked for a while.  I asked Bro. Mike if he had a place for Bro. Adams to preach this evening, and he said he'd look into it.  Before the day was over, he came back telling us that we could preach in Jacobo's church.  We did just that, and Bro. Bob preached a great message on "The Breath of God."  He explained how God breathed into Adam, and he became a living soul.  He continued by telling that the very air we breathe is God's air, and we are only breathing because God lets us.  He finished by showing how God can take away man's breath when he so desires, and he showed some examples of how God did just that to several wicked people in the Bible.  I translated for Bro. Bob the entire time, and did the best I could. 

                Sitting at Bro. Bob's feet, I'm learning a lot.  How wonderful it is to learn from someone that has not only experience, but wisdom.  Bro. Bob was talking about how so many don't preach the blood anymore, and how this is such a great heresy!  He gave me example after example of so-called "Soul Winners" who are just interested in getting someone to say a prayer (whether they understand the gospel or not), so that they can brag about "How many people they won to God."  But Bro. Bob continued by saying, "They must trust the Blood of Jesus Christ, and how can they trust it, if they don't hear about it?"  What a blessing to see him still preaching the Blood, the Book, and the Blessed Hope!

                In the afternoon, we visited Bro. Thomas Sweeney, Missionary Phil Gagnon, and Rich Fischer.  Bro. Bob is such a blessing and is always joyful and happy in the Lord, while still always ready to preach at any given moment, or give a word of encouragement.

                After dinner, I showed Bro. Adams some errors in the 1865 Spanish Bible.  Bro. Park asked me to do so, and I did.  Bro. Adams told me he had found some already, but that he wanted to see where it read with the critical texts instead of the Textus Receptus.  I started by telling him about the article that appeared in Dr. Ruckman's "Bible Baptist Bulletin" by a young man named Jeff McCardle (a young man from my home church), saying that the 1865 was "The word of God in Spanish" and  "we should defend every word in the 1865 Spanish Bible".  I told Bro. Bob, "I cannot defend every word of that Spanish Bible because every word is not pure!"  Then I gave him a few examples, such as:


                1.  John 1:1            It reads "Verbo" instead of "Palabra" (1602 original reading as well as the KJV and TR.  Verbo comes from the word Verbum in the Catholic Latin Vulgate of Jerome).


                2.  James 1:12        The 1865 changes "Señor" (Lord) to "Dios" (God).  This follows the corrupt Latin Vulgate, the Lachmann and Tishendorf Critical Texts, and the Vaticanus and Siniaticus manscripts. (Definitely not following the Textus Receptus nor King James).


                3.  1 Corinthians 1:22       The 1865 changes señal (sign) or "shmeia" in Greek to señales (signs) or "shmeion" in Greek.  I checked this in the corrupt Nestle-Aland Greek text and found that the plural form of the word is found there, while the singular form of the word (as the KJV translates it "a sign") is found in the Textus Receptus.  So, why would the 1865 use the critical text word there?  It must have followed Tregelles, or Lachmann, or Tischendorf, as Westcott and Hort's vile text didn´t come on the scene until after the 1880's.  Thus proving that just because a Bible is before 1881, doesn't mean it's free from following the Critical Texts of men.


                4.  Mathew 16:13        The 1865 omits the word "yo" (English: I, or me in Greek), thus affecting the deity of Christ.  For Jesus is the great "I am" in both John 8:58 and Exodus 3:14.  Here the 1865 follows the Griesbach and Lachmann Critical texts and the Vaticanus and Siniaticus as well according to Nestle's Critical apparatus page 45 of the 27th edition. 


I gave Bro. Bob several other examples to prove the 1865 is not a perfect translation of the Textus Receptus into Spanish.  And I asked him, "How can I defend every word of that version, if there are many words that came from man, and his "Critical Texts" instead of God?  Then I showed him the 1602 TR and how it reads with the Textus Receptus and has NO references or translations at all with any Critical Text of man!  That thrilled his heart to see.

                We finished by looking at Isaiah 14:12 and 2 Pedro 1:19. The 1865 still has the word "Lucero" for Lucifer in Isaiah.  And in 2 Pedro 1:19 the same word is used for Jesus Christ.  Every version of the Bible in Spanish has the same word in both places, thus not giving glory to God, but rather to the devil.  Then I showed him how the word was spelled differently in the original 1602, as "Luzero" and that there was no confusion at that time for the Spanish "z" was pronounced as a "th" sound in English.  But with the passing of time, "Lucifer" got his foot in the door and changed the spelling.  The original 1602 and the 1602 TR are the only Spanish Bible translations that don't call Jesus Christ "Lucero."  Bro. Bob was glad to know this, as his desire is that the Spanish speaking people have the pure words of God in the Spanish language.  He said he would talk to those working on printing the 1865 (who claim to be KJV and TR) and tell them that they are printing a corrupt text.  I hope and pray their eyes be opened, for the 1865 has many terrible errors.  (Examples: Omits "Jesus" in Luke 9:43, undermining his authority; Omits "como" in Mark 6:44, thus making the verse tell a lie; adds "tu" or "you" in Mark 14:30, following the Griesbach, Aland, and Tischendorf texts; Omits "Lord" in Acts 8:16 when it's in both Nestle's and the Textus Receptus, Omits "Jesus" in Mathew 24:4; and much more).


September 18th 2003 Thursday        Preaching in Quebrada de Lajas


                Most of my day was spent studying and resting.  I awoke early this morning and made breakfast for Bro. Bob.  We talked about many things most of the day, and I enjoyed learning from him.  In the afternoon, we went downtown and bought some alcohol for my Coleman lantern, and then we went to check my email.  Afterwards, we journeyed up to the little village of Quebrada de Lajas.  We were treated with no little kindness, as Jose and his wife brought us some rather large corncobs to eat, as well as tortillas, beans, and scrambled eggs.  It was a great supper.  In the evening, Jose's sister came with her children, and we had a total of eight besides Bob and myself.  I was a bit discouraged to see that no one else came, but was encouraged to see that Jose and his wife and his sister were very eager to learn, and they listened intently!  Bro. Bob preached and I translated.  His message was about "Grace."  He showed what Grace was, and how God wants to give it to everyone. 

                They seemed very happy that we came, and listened well.  They said they will be waiting for me to return, and they'll try to get more people to come for the next services.  I told them I'd come out one day next week and visit with them.

                As we were driving home, Bro. Bob was very excited.  It didn't matter that there were only a few that came, but that those that did were very interested in hearing.  He told me, "You must show them you love them!"  And he said, that he could see that I was doing just that.


September 19th 2003 Friday              A Day With Bob Adams


                I cooked bacon and eggs this morning.  After breakfast, Bro. Bob began showing me how important it is to use "Bible words" when speaking to people.  He said, "So many people use the word 'eternal security,' but that's not a Bible word!"  He showed me some verses in Hebrews that show that the "Eternal Spirit" (Heb. 9:14), is the one who gives "Eternal Salvation" (Heb. 5:9), and "Eternal Redemption" (Heb. 9:12), and an "Eternal Inheritance" (Heb. 9:15).  Then he stressed the need to use those terms when talking about God's salvation of "Eternal Life" (John 3:16).  He said man's words can be fought and challenged, but God's words cannot!  He also showed me that so many nowadays try to change the biblical terms of "trusting the blood of Jesus Christ" (Rom. 3:25), to man's terms such as:  "Profession of faith, making a decision, making a commitment, giving your heart to God, making a rededication," etc., all of which are not found in the Bible.

                He also taught me the difference between the Flesh and Faith.  He said, Flesh stands for:








                While Faith stands for:








                The boys came in the evening, and their father Julio showed up as well.  I asked Bro. Bob to teach, and he did a wonderful job of explaining Galatians chapter four to them.  I translated the entire time, and then I closed by explaining more in detail about the story of Abraham and Sarah and how one child was a type of the law (Ishmael), and the other was the type of grace (Issac).    

What a blessing Bro. Bob has been to me.  It's great to see we have a kindred spirit and both desire to live holy and please God.  I wish he could stay with me longer, and didn't have to go so soon.


September 20th 2003 Saturday         Class, Soccer Season, and a Funeral


                I took Bro. Bob with me to my Bible Institute class this morning.  He really enjoyed it, and was happy to see so many students eager to learn about God's words.  We studied on the topic of "Prophecies of Jesus and His First Coming."  I taught them verse after verse in the Old Testament about Christ and his coming to Israel. 

                When I finished, I asked Bro. Bob if he had anything to add.  He asked us to turn to Isaiah 31:5 and we read it.  Then he told us about how that prophecy was fulfilled in 1918 by General Allenby when he was about to fight the Turks.  With his use of airplanes, he so scared the Turks that they fled, thus fulfilling the verse.  How interesting.

                In the afternoon, no kids showed up.  How odd that last week we should have so many, and this week none.  We saw a parade in town as we were driving home, and were told that it was the start of the soccer season.  Maybe that is why the children did not come.  Also, there was a huge funeral procession blocking the road, and we had to take the other road home.  When we inquired, we were told that the Father of Pineda Ponce (One of the Presidential Candidates last year) died.  There were many nice cars and well dressed people going to the cemetery.  I thought to myself, "Death knows no respect of persons."

                Bro. Bob wanted to go out to eat, so we left around four and went up to "Opalaca's Restaurant" to eat.  It was good food, and I enjoyed fellowshipping and learning more from Bro. Bob.  His wife died over a year and a half ago, and it is still hard on him.   The other day he said, "Bro. Breaker, you and I are in the same boat, as we are both single.  But God is good, and is taking care of us!  Even though it is indeed hard at times not having a wife."  He also gave me good advice on how a man should act towards his wife and how to be a type of Christ. 

                At six in the evening, the boys came and we played several games of Chess.  Bro. Bob played as well.  I was sick, and Julio came and brought me some medicine.  It was nothing more than several herbs, and the small flower of a plant that looked much like dill.  He instructed me how to prepare the herbs and drink them.  I did so, and it was so bitter, I had to try to keep from throwing up.


September 21st 2003 Sunday            Translating and Preaching


                Awaking early this morning, I found that I was feeling sick as a dog.  I told Bro. Bob I felt bad, and he told me to eat a couple of grapefruits, which I did.  He stressed I eat the white in the skin as well, for it contained "Quinine" and vitamin C.  This I did as well.  After our showers, we drove to San Pedro Sula.  Upon our arrival, we found Bro. Homero waiting for us.  I told him how awful I felt, and how I was planning to drive back to Tegucigalpa to the Cancer center to rest before I had to preach in the evening services there, but he stressed to me his need for me to translate for Bro. Bob, so I decided to stay and do just that, even though I felt completely awful.

                Bob preached a long message, and I struggled through it the whole time feeling like I was going to pass out.  My entire body was weak, and head was throbbing immensely.  Bro. Bob preached a great message on "The Blood."  He showed how even the human body teaches blood redemption, as it has seven tissues, and the blood is the only one that moves.  Its job is to take fresh food to the cells, and then cleanse the body by taking all the waste out.  It was a great message.

                After service, I said my goodbyes, and left Bro. Bob with Homero Romero.  He is to preach a revival for Bro. Homero Monday night until Thursday night when he goes back to the states. 

                When I arrived in Tegucigalpa, I found Nelson and Zenia together with Rumelia, Marjorie, and Nelson's mother all together in the little building we are renting.  They told me that they are still having problems with the landlord, and that he is still cutting off electricity to their house and screaming dirty words at them.  How sad that is to hear. 

                Nelson told me that he hasn't found a new place to live yet either, and that they have been looking.  So, it will be interesting to see how things will go next week, as that's when they are supposed to be moved out.

                Services went well, although we didn't have but two visitors.  I preached on "The Terrible Torments of Hell."  One man was of a Nazarene background but said he enjoyed the preaching and believed what I said was the truth.

                Afterwards, I journeyed back to the Cancer Center to rest.  Bro. Bob Baker was there, and I spoke with him for a while, but that wasn't an easy task, as my voice was going out, and I was completely exhausted physically.


September 22nd 2003 Monday           Sick!


                I had breakfast with Bro. Baker this morning and his wife Connie.  My health was still very weak and I felt frail.  After breakfast, I ran up to the Internet café and checked my email.  From there I checked AeroCasillas to see if any mail had come for me.  I was disappointed to find that none had arrived.

                Then I journeyed up to Nelson's and visited with him, trying to encourage him to live for God and put up with the devil of a man that he had for a landlord that is persecuting him. 

                After a short time, I drove home completely exhausted and went straight to bed trying to get over my illness.


September 23rd 2003 Tuesday          Rest!


                It has been a long couple of weeks.  I truly enjoy it when people come to visit, but I'm finding it does wear me down.  Especially when I'm sick.   Today I rested most of the day.  Bani came over to mow the yard, and he almost finished.  This was not an easy task, as very heavy rains over the last several days have turned the yard into almost pure mud.  But he persevered and did the best he could.

                I spent some time studying, but most of my time was spent in bed.  My head is stuffed up, and my body is weak.  But I know not else to do but continue on for the Lord the best I can in times of illness.  I just pray that God will heal me, as I'm so tired of being sick, and I want so much to do more for the Lord.


September 24th 2003 Wednesday       Feeling Like Nothing is Happening


                I rested today, and studied sporadically.  I am struggling with feeling like a failure.  The thought crossed my mind today, "I've been here almost two years now, and still have not seen a church started!"  Satan is really making me feel like a loser, and I'm having to battle discouraging thoughts continually.

                Reading through the gospels helped, as I came upon Mark 14:8 and read, "She hath done what she could..."  This got me thinking, and at least I'm doing something for the Lord.   I am not to look for results, I am to stay faithful and do something for God even if I never see a church started.  And I found solace in knowing that I'm at least doing something for the Lord.  If I were to die tomorrow, I desire my tombstone to say, "Here lies Robert Breaker.  He did at least something (no matter how small) for the Lord."

                It's amazing to me how we have so many today that are doing nothing for the Lord.  Yet they expect a missionary to have great results.  Studying the life of many missionaries, I found that not all of them had great and mighty works.  Some of them, in fact, in the eyes of man, accomplished very little.  It wasn't until their ministries were over that the Missionaries that came behind them reaped the harvest of there many years of planting seeds.  Thus, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be hard on myself anymore because I don't have many visible results.  I am just going to do all I can for the Lord, and rest content that I'm doing what I'm doing for Him who loved me enough to die for me.


September 25th 2003 Thursday        Quebrada de Lajas


                I am beginning to feel better today, yet my body still aches, and my voice is low, from congested sinuses and a sore throat.  Despite this, I went into town and ran some errands.  Castillo asked me to pay him today as well, but I am completely broke, as I have no way to withdraw money from my account, as my New Visa card has not come yet.  I do, however, have a dollar Savings account here with a little (a very little) amount of money in it, and I withdrew some of that to take care of Castillo's needs.

                Service in Quebrada de Lajas went well.  I taught on "Salvation," and they listened well as I showed them verse after verse on the subject.  We had two young men show up who claimed to be saved, and they listened intently.


September 26th 2003 Friday              Pressures, Prayers, and the Blessed Privilege


                Discouraging thoughts tried to bombard me again today, but I would have nothing of them.  Satan tried to whisper in my ear that I am a complete failure who has had over two years to start a church, and after four tries, nothing.  Now with the problems in El Carrizal, he shot me with Darts of Worry, wondering if we'll find another building to hold services, and whether or not the work there will continue.  I knew not what else to do but pray, and ask God to give me grace and mercy, as well as strengthen me to continue on knowing that serving him is the greatest privilege that anyone can have on this earth.

                I'm finding that being a Missionary "Man's way" instead of "God's way" is not easy.  Mission boards are not in the Bible, neither are "prayer letters," "deputation," or "monthly support."  God sent Paul and he worked wherever he went.  And I'm finding that in  being supported by others, there is a lot of pressure that falls upon me, as so many are always asking, "Well, did you start a church yet?  No?  Then what are you doing over there?  Isn't that why we sent you there?  Etc."

 But even though man has set up this system, and it does make it hard on a Missionary, I do find a Biblical basis for it, in that Paul (in 2 Corinthians) said that other churches should support the work of other ministries and other churches.  So, I'm thankful for all the churches and individuals that are supporting me, and I'm trying my best to serve the Lord here doing all that I can for him.  But I do not wish to compromise, like so many other Missionaries I've seen, nor give false accounts in my prayer letter so that I will "look good" in the eyes of others.  I want to serve God and let him give the increase, rather than follow the Laodicean way and doing the work in my own strength and power so that I can brag about what "I'm doing," rather than what God is doing with me.  All I know to do is pray, and continue to ask God to hear the prayers of those that are praying for me here.

In the evening, no one showed up because of a heavy downpour.  It has been raining here continually (sometimes twice a day), and this is causing many problems with much mud and too much water in the streets.  Yet I am not complaining, as I'm thankful for the rain. 


September 27th 2003 Saturday         Bible Institute, Rain, and Kids


                We had Bible Institute class in another location this morning, and I taught the students on the subject of the "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ.  They are really learning, and had several questions afterwards.  I am finding that classes are helping me as well in preparing material that I believe God will use later down the line.

                No kids came for our usual Bible Study at two because of a very heavy downpour.  But at two-thirty, they braved the mud puddles and came to visit.  Seven showed up in total, but they were interested in playing and no more.  I taught them about the "Armour of God" in Ephesians chapter six, and found them not as attentive as I would have liked.


Septemember 28th 2003 Sunday       Misunderstandings


                I've found that in Honduras, nobody gets in a hurry, nor do they worry about anything.  Having learned this, I gave not much thought to what would happen today, it being the last day that Nelson and Zenia had to live in the building that we are renting, as I knew that there is always a way to solve a problem here in this country. 

When I arrived in Tegucigalpa, I found an angry landlord, and two hateful young Christians.  Nelson and Zenia were so mad and eaten up with bitterness, that they were talking about, "Killing the evil landlord" that had persecuted them over the last several months.  Not only did he cut off the electrical power to them, but he also screamed at them, accused them of things they didn't do, and lied about them all over the neighborhood.  Both were so angry, that they were almost ready to forget the Bible, and lash back.  I calmed them down, and read them some scriptures.

Then, I went and spoke with the Landlord.  He wanted them to move today, or he wanted me to pay him an outrageous amount of money for another month's rent.  I reminded him that he owed me 444 lempiras for the concrete blocks I brought with me the other day, and asked him if he could pay me.  He said he could not, so I asked him why he could not use this money for another two weeks rent (which is about what it amounted to).  After much discussion, he agreed, and allowed us two weeks longer to keep our little building.

Afterwards, I questioned him well about the "electrical" problem.  He showed me the line, and I found that the problem was nothing more than a lose wire, which I fixed myself.  I also found the landlord to be a little bit more of a decent man than I thought (but not much), as I learned that most of the problems that we are having were nothing more than just simple misunderstandings between himself and Nelson.  I would call them "Personality clashes" as well.  Also, he landlord has a feeling of "superiority" over Nelson and Zenia, thinking he was "of better stock" than they were, and more "cultured."  He then began again calling Nelson and Zenia, "Pigs" and "Dirty people."  I had as much as I could take, and I told him that to me, an American, "He was a dirty person, with a filthy house that was not up to my standards."  This being the truth, I continued, "But you don't hear me calling you a Pig!  I have adapted and learned to put up with the way people live here.  I don't like it, but I'm learning to tolerate it."  He calmed down a little, and began to understand that it is indeed not good to speak evil of others.

I ended our discussion by warning him that both Nelson and Zenia were very hurt, tired, and put out with his lies, backbiting, and haughty spirit towards them, and that if he turned off the electricity to them once more in the next two weeks, or did anything evil towards them, that they were (against my advice) willing to go to the proper authorities to resolve the situation, and according to the laws of Honduras, get them to fine him an exorbitant sum of money for the atrocities he has already committed.  This made him change his tune.

 I spoke with Nelson and Zenia afterwards, and told them what happened.  Then I spent some time showing them their "heart trouble" as well, as they allowed a root of bitterness to cause them to err.  I wonder if I have lost them, as they constantly told me that they could never forgive the man for what he did to them.  How sad.  Satan will use anything to hinder the spiritual growth of a Christian.

We held service afterwards, and I preached on Galatians chapter four about the "bond servant" and the "free."  I showed how Ishmael was the flesh (a type of a lost man), and how Issac, the child of the promise, corresponded with a saved child of God.  I included that it is the lost world (Ishmael) that will persecute us every time, and how we must learn to endure it, and pray for them.  They young man that came last week, came again this week and was willing to learn.  He says he enjoys my preaching, and wishes to come every week.


September 29th 2003 Monday           Bitter People, Pizza Hut, and Power Outages.


                I visited Nelson and Zenia today, and took them to look at several different rooms for rent.  We found nothing, but did come across a beautiful two story building up the street that would be great for a church.  Nelson and Zenia could live downstairs, and we could use the upstairs for the church.  We could not find the owner, but were able to leave a message with a neighbor that we were interested in renting the building.

                Afterwards, I sat at the table with them and again showed them verses against bitterness.  Their anger turned toward me, and they began saying things like, "Well, maybe we should just leave, and go somewhere else until we can get our hearts right, but right now we are too angry to do so!"  They also said I was taking the landlord's side.  I responded, "No I'm not!  He's wicked as Hell, and he'll burn forever if he doesn't get saved, but what he is or isn't does not and should not affect how you respond.  You must learn to love like Christ Jesus, for he died for far worse than the man next door!"  They saw that I was right, but I could see that they were not yet willing to give up their bitterness.  I pray they will.

                In the afternoon, I began feeling sick again, so I journeyed up to Pizza Hut to buy a Pizza, determined to go back to the Cancer Center and rest thereafter, when Missionary Bill Kepler came in with his wife and a man named Tony.  I had asked him to print 500 copies of my updated book on the Spanish Bible History, and he came into town to pick it up.  It was just a coincidence that we met at Pizza Hut, and we decided to take advantage of it by eating together.  As we ate, I told them more about the Spanish Bible Issue.  Tony, who was with them, had not heard about it, and he listened and asked questions as well.

                As our conversation turned towards other things, Bro. Bill's wife began asking for my personal opinion on a certain matter.  When she began, her husband rebuked her and said, "Don't go there!  We shall not talk about that here!"  She began to argue and said, "I only wanted to ask him what he thought about..."  Again Bill rebuked her and told her it was not a subject into which we should speak.  She was about to say something else, when the power went out in the building.  In a few seconds it came back on, and as we looked at each other in dead silence, I said, "Wow!  Maybe God is trying to tell someone that they are supposed to obey their husband!"  We laughed and laughed about that.  Of course, I have no tact when it comes to things like that.  I've found that I speak what's on my mind without worrying about what others think of me.  Bro. Bill told me, "Tact?  Yeah, I believe you ought to have it, as you ought to lay it down for people to sit on!"  I thought that was good, and it was a blessing to see we were all in agreement that it is right to speak the truth and not worry what others think of you! 

                Afterwards, we went outside and talked for a long time before we finally drove home separately.  There is just something about good fellowship with other Christians that is so sweet, especially when you are in a foreign country.

                I also spoke with Bill about feeling like a failure as a Missionary, and how I seem to be trying so hard and seeing so few results.  He said something that I'll never forget, "A man that's serving God is never a failure!"  Then he explained that God measures things differently than man.  Man looks on results, while God is just looking at the heart to see if one is faithful.  What a blessing to get encouraged by others in the Lord.


September 30th 2003 Tuesday          Bro. Park, Bro. Justin, and The Bible Issue Once More


                Early this morning I went up to check my email.  I found that Bro. Park sent me an email telling me how much the 12 boxes of 1602 TR's he brought me will cost.  I hadn't expected to be charged for them, as when they brought them last year, they asked for nothing.  But I will be more than happy to give them something for them, as the Bible says, "Buy the truth, and sell it not..." (Prov. 23:23).  I'm thankful for the truth, and am more than willing to let it cost me something to have it and to be able to get it out to others.

                At the mall, I also called Bro. Justin Evan to ask him how things were going, and whether or not he is still planning on going to Spain as a Missionary.  It thrilled my heart to find that he is planning on going, but through his own local church, rather than with a Mission Board.  He said, "I had nothing but problems on deputation, and found it to be nothing but POLITICS!"  How true his words rang out.  I saw it too, as I was on deputation, and I still stand in wonder of how I was able to raise my support to come here to Honduras.  I wasn't interested in brow nosing, or sweet talking people for money.  I preached as hard as I could against everything, and when I saw something was wrong in a church, I told the pastor about it.  It still is amazing to me that God blessed, and I was able to come to Honduras.  But it is true, I've seen Missionary after Missionary that was only interested in "$" and said one thing at one church and another thing at another church just so that he could secure himself an income.  So, I am rejoicing to hear my Brother in Christ has decided to leave the "Man made way of raising support" and will be sent from his local church and supported by them to carry the gospel to the "motherland" of Central and South America.  My heart bleeds for Spain, as I see how much of a mess there is here because of their false religion, and I pray that God will save many souls in that land.

                In the afternoon, I journeyed down to AeroCasillas to mail off several 1602 TR's.  This week I had three people requesting them.  As I was packing them in envelopes, Miss Ingrid Lopez asked me about the Spanish Bible Issue, I explained briefly the difference between the true texts (Textus Receptus) and the "eclectic" texts or "Critical Texts" which man has perverted.  When I told her about the Catholic Vaticanus and Siniaticus texts, she was surprised, saying, "And I thought the Catholic Bible was the right one, and that the Catholic Church had the true word of God."  How awful that Satan has deceived people into thinking that a church that for thousand of years prohibited the reading of the scriptures (because they expose their false doctrines as erroneous and pagan in origin).  I only pray God will use me to teach others the truth about the Bible Issue.

                In the evening, I drove up to El Carrizal and picked up Nelson and then drove to the Fire Station to wait for several other brothers to take me to their services.  I stayed in Tegucigalpa today for this reason, as the other Independent Baptist Church here has services twice a month in the same area, and I wanted to visit with them.  I waited from five-thirty until five after six, and they never showed up.  Nelson and I spent the next hour and a half walking all over the side of the mountain in the mud looking for where they meet, and could not find them.  We did, however, learn that many people knew where our building was, and were interesting in coming to services.  Just about everyone said, "We would love to visit your church, but the man you are renting from is very, very wicked, and we don't want to go because of him.  If you were to find another building, we'd love to come!"  I was surprised to find this out.  I pray God will give us a place to meet soon.

                Before I left, I spoke with Nelson about his bitterness once more.  He told me that he put it under the blood, and got his heart right with God after spending some time in prayer and Bible reading last night.  I was glad to hear this.  But he also told me that Zenia had not, and he wonders if she ever will.  I pray she will, and I encouraged Nelson to help her do so.


October 1st 2003 Wednesday            Going Home!


                My new Visa Card finally came yesterday, and first thing this morning I went down to the Mall to use the Internet phone to activate it.  But I will still have to wait a day before I can use it.  I went to the "Mafia" man to cash a check on Monday, so there is really no problem.  I call the man there "Scarface" jokingly.  He is a business man, and he'll cash any personal check on the spot, even though the banks won't.  Bro. Baker introduced me to him, and I was thankful to be able to get some money while waiting for my new card.

                On the way to the supermarket before going home, I ran across Bro. Baker and his wife Connie.  They invited me out to lunch and we went to Papa John's Pizza and talked for a long time about what else?  The Spanish Bible Issue.  Bro. Baker has a man coming to visit him soon named Paco something that is working on translating the Spanish Bible with the Textus Receptus.  He asked me to go and meet him, and I told him I would try.

                Afterwards, I bought over one hundred and fifty dollars worth of groceries, and I drove home to La Esperanza.  As I entered the mountains past the valley of "Jesus de Otoro," I began to have a splitting headache.  The higher I drove into the mountains, the colder the air became, and the more the pain.  It felt like an "ice cream headache" and the pain was so bad, I didn't know whether I'd cry or pass out.  I ran upon Bro. Thomas Sweeney along the way, and he stopped and we talked for a while.  He noticed I was holding my head, and asked what was wrong.  I told him that my head hurt, and he told me I needed to get home and rest.

                When I arrived home, the pain was so bad I had to lie down.  When I did, all of a sudden, I felt a release inside, over my right eye, which felt like air passing out quickly through my sinus passage, and all pain was alleviated.  I concluded it was only the pressure on my sinus from such a drastic change of altitude from coming from Tegucigalpa to the high mountain area of La Esperanza.  That had only happened once before on an airplane flight, and felt even worse then.  I pray it does not happen again.          

Also today, I got out several tracts.  I usually don't put in my journal about every tract I pass out, for I pass them out everyday, as is my custom.  But today I handed out tracts to two people that I remember distinctly.  As I was leaving the supermarket, I found a Taxi cab driver parked right next to my car reading the scripture verses on the side.  I watched him grab a small New Testament and then look up the verses to find the references in it for himself.  I gave him a tract, and asked him to read it.  He smiled largely, and thanked me.   The other was a glue-sniffer that was outside of Papa John's.  Bro. Baker had such compassion on him that he bought him an entire Pizza, as he had no money and was clothed in nothing more than rags.  I gave the tract "Justified by His Blood" in Spanish.  Whether he can read or not, I don't know.  But I will remember to pray for both he and the Taxi Driver that God will use those tracts for his glory.


October 2nd 2003 Thursday               Visiting in Quebradas de Lajas


                Today I did some visiting.  I arrived at Jose's house in the afternoon, and found he was out cutting leña (firewood).  As I waited for him on the front porch, his wife brought me a cup of coffee, and I played with the children until Jose arrived.

                Upon his arrival, we drove up the mountain a few miles, and then we parked my car and hiked up a trail to his sister's house.  I visited with them for some time, and witnessed to them as well.  They claimed to be "Christians" but their testimony was just like everyone else's.  They said they were "working at salvation."  I showed them as many verses as I could think of to prove that salvation was a free gift, and that one could not work for it, but it seemed the eyes of their understanding were not yet open.  I pray I'll have a chance to witness to them more.

                While with them, they showed me their home, and surrounding area.  They live way up on the mountain, and on the slopes around their house they have many vegetables planted.  They walked me through them and cut me some broccoli, green peppers, and more to take home with me.

                When we walked back to the house, I watched the ladies make tortillas.  They ground the wet corn first with a grinder, and then mashed it in a rock basin with an elongated shaped rock.  They then shaped the tortilla by hand, and then threw it upon a thin metal plate above an adobe stove with fire underneath.  They said, "You flip it twice on one side and twice on the other, and it's done!"  Afterwards, we ate a wonderful dinner of beans, cheese, eggs, and tortillas.  As we were eating, I could tell it was beginning to get dark.  I thought to myself, "If every visit is going to be like this one, I'll not be able to visit more than one person a day!"

                As we said our goodbyes, two young girls decided to come to service with us, and we walked all the way back down the steep muddy path to my car.  I fell down twice in the slippery terrain, and had to get up and brush myself off the best I could. 

                At services, I taught on what happens after one accepts Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  We had a good time, and had nine present in total.


October 3rd 2003 Friday                    Relapse?


                I awoke this morning not feeling very well at all.  I tried to study, but I didn't get very far as I found myself weak, and sweating profusely.  I spent the rest of the day in bed thinking about how badly I need a wife to take care of me and help me in such times.  Loneliness is also a constant, and unwanted, companion I find as well.  It is not easy being a single missionary.  I would sure like to go back to the U.S. and get married.  But I know that I must wait on God.

                In the evening, it rained so hard from five-thirty to seven that my Bible Study Students did not come to study.  So, I went to bed early.


October 4th 2003 Saturday                No Class, No Kids, No Chess


                How good it was to sleep in a little this morning!  My Bible Institute class was canceled today, so I stayed home and rested.  When I awoke, I had a breakfast of Raisin Bran and did my daily Bible Study.  The rest of the day I spent studying, but not accomplishing all that I had hoped.  I figured the children would not come today, as we had a horrendous storm.  But it let up a few minutes after two, and I had only two children show up.  We set up chairs in the garage and played Chess while we waited to see if anyone else would come.  But no one did.

                In the afternoon, Bani and Otir (Julio's kids) came by to talk.  They asked about playing Chess, and I told them I was too tired, and had too much studying to do.  They understood.  The rest of the evening, I spent studying.  However, I still lack finishing all that I need to.  If only I could have a few more days to study, I might finish all that I need. 


October 5th 2003 Sunday                   Service in El Carrizal


                I left for Tegucigalpa today around ten o'clock.  When I arrived in Tegucigalpa, I went to the Cancer Center and left my things in my room.  Afterwards, I drove to El Carrizal, and found only Zenia and Rumelia there.  I spoke with her for awhile about her bitterness and told her she needed to get that right with God, but I could tell she still had much hatred in her heart for the landlord who "wronged" her. 

                Afterwards, I went visiting and passed out tracts until time for service.  We had no one show up, but we started singing hymns anyway, and I tried not to get discouraged.  Little by little, we had a few children come in, and then Lacho (Nelson's brother from Olancho) entered and sat down.  Afterwards we had a few more adults come.

                My message was "Some Things You'll Do If You Love God."  I preached that one will 1. Keep his commandments, 2. Keep his words, 3.  Love others, and 4. Suffer for Him who Suffered for Them.  I tried to show how a Christian is to love others, and suffer patiently when they have been persecuted hoping the message would hit home with Zenia's.

                When service ended, I sat at the table and spoke with Lacho about his soul.  He still does not wish to be saved.


October 6th 2003 Monday  Time With Nelson, and Going Home


                Early this morning I journeyed to Nelson's to visit with them.  I was very tired, and put out with what I was seeing, and began to speak frankly with both he and Zenia.  Nelson seems to have gotten right with God, and forgiven the Landlord, but Zenia has not.  Zenia was still bitter, and laughed and laughed when Nelson told her that he saw him fall down in the street yesterday.  This made Zenia very happy.  I could see I was losing her, so I began to show her verses.  She told me she would forgive the man, but only after they moved.  She also showed me a pistol that she had, that her mother gave her.  I thought to myself, "Oh God, now she's going to kill the man!"  But she assured me that she desires no harm.  She only had it for "self defense."

                We also spoke about what to do as far as continuing on with church services.  The lady up the street has a nice building, but wishes 2000 lempiras a month, which is more than we can afford.  Nelson said he wished to continue studying the Bible, and that there are many people that he is sure would come.  But he said, "But we can't keep renting a place.  They will kick us out just like they did here, and the people will think we are only playing church.  What people want is a place that is sure, and that will not move."  He then told me we needed a piece of property nearby where we could start a work that would last.  He assured me that there are a lot of people that want to come to services, but that they will only come if they see that we are serious, and have our own building.

                Then we walked down the road and Nelson showed me some lots for sale.  We found a wonderful place to build a church building, but they wanted 200,000 lempiras for the lot.  That was atrocious!  But they were not sure if that was the real price, so we drove into town looking for the Real Estate Agency to find out.  I am still amazed how they do things here.  Our directions were, "Go to the Colonia Alameda and look for a car wash, and it's right past the car wash!"  I never thought we'd find it, but by asking around, we found the place, and had a good time passing out tracts as well.  The boss (Mr. Garcia) was not there to tell us the price, so Nelson said he would journey back there on Wednesday to find out.

 As I left them and journeyed home, I began to think to myself, "I've seen many Missionaries here that buy property, and then build a church, and then invite people to come, and it seems to work for them.  And, I have no doubt that if we did that, that we could start a church, as El Carrizal is a highly populated area.  But I want to make sure I'm doing things God's way instead of man's way.  Not only do I not have money to do that, but I want to make sure I'm doing what God wants me to do."  Thus, I feel that next week will be our last service, and I know not to do after that, for we must be out of the building by Monday.

                When I arrived in La Esperanza, I stopped at Bro. Thomas Sweeney's house and unloaded the four boxes of tracts, John and Romans, and New Testaments that Bill Kepler left him at the Cancer Center.  He was glad to get these, and invited me in for dinner.

                As we ate, I questioned him about many things, and asked his advice.  I seem like I'm spinning my wheels here, and I've yet to see a church started, which is my desire.  I feel like a failure at times, as I've yet to do so, and I'm finding if I compromise, it would be very easy to do so, but I don't want to do this, I want to do things God's way.

                Thomas, as always, had good advice.  He said, "You just keep preaching the gospel and trusting God, and let him build the work!"  I also told him about how many times I feel like a failure and I wonder what people will think of me.  He replied, "You know what I think of you?"  I responded, "Not really."  He continued, "It doesn't matter, and I'm not going to tell you!  Because you shouldn't worry about what people think about you, but rather what God thinks about you!"  This was very good advice.


October 7th 2003 Tuesday Study!


                Erick Sanchez woke me this morning, and we had a cup of coffee together and talked.  Again, the topic went to the Spanish Bible Issue, and I was able to show Erick why his beloved "1960" was indeed corrupt.  I showed him several verses, but one in particular stood out.  Erick took a little bit of Greek in his Bible Institute, so I took him 1 Peter 2:2 in the 1960 and made him read the words, "grow in salvation."  I took him to the KJV, the 1602 TR and the Enzina's where it does not say this.  Then I took him to the Greek Textus Receptus and showed him the words "in salvation" do not appear.  Afterwards, I showed him the Nestle-Aland text and taught him to read the Critical Apparatus where it states that those words indeed appear in both Vaticanus and Siniaticus.  I also showed him the Latin Vulgate, and how "in salvation" is the Catholic reading.  We also checked the original 1602 and 1569 and found that they follow the corrupt Catholic Latin Vulgate. (A good example of why they should be revised).

                I spent the rest of the day studying.  I studied for over eight hours in fact!  I am going through and reading verse by verse every version of the Bible in Spanish.  I'm finding that each one of them has problems (except the 1602 TR).  But I'm enjoying learning Spanish better, and seeing where the other versions read with the Critical Texts instead of the Textus Receptus.

                As I was studying, I took some time to just sit and think.  Sometimes it's hard to keep from feeling better than the people here.  As Nelson and I walked through the neighborhood in El Carrizal yesterday, I keep thinking, "How can people live in such filth?"  The streets were dirty, the ditches were full of stagnant and smelly water.  The homes in which people lived were by no means mansions, as they were crummy looking both inside and out.  I'm trying to learn to adjust to my surroundings, but I guess I am just blessed to have been born in the United States, and to have been taught how to keep things clean.  I just wish I could teach people in this country the same.

                I also find myself struggling with the desire to leave this country and go back to the U.S. as an evangelist.  With each passing day, I have more and more of a burden for my own people, and desire to teach them the truth.  But I feel that God wants me here, and I don't want to leave if he doesn't want me to go.  I keep remembering Acts 20:24, and I want to be faithful in finishing the ministry that God has given me here.  But with all the sickness, I've been through, the shattered works I've tried to start, and the perils and heartaches, I'm wondering if Honduras will finish me.


October 8th 2003 Wednesday            Kiki, Kerosine, and Car Trouble


                This morning the electricity went out, so I decided to go into town and pay the light bill, and check my post office box.  I also had to take my Coleman lantern in to have it fixed.  When I changed bags, the new one burnt up, as there was a leak in it somewhere.  I bought several new bags, and asked around if anyone knew where I might encounter someone who knew how to work on Coleman's.  The Hardware Store told me about a man named "Enrique" which they called, "Kiki."  I followed the directions to his house, and when I found it, I asked for "Kiki."  They looked at me funny, so I said, "Is Enrique here?  They told me to ask for Kiki at the Hardware Store."  One of the men spoke up and said, "I am he.  But Kiki is not a nice word.  It's derogatory!  So please call me Enrique."  I apologized, as I didn't know, and I asked him to fix my lantern.  He said he would, and told me to return in a few hours, and that it shouldn't cost more than eighty lempiras.

                I walked up the street and checked my email, and then returned to find that the lamp was fixed, and he charged me 115 lempiras for parts, as well as 50 lempiras in labour.  I thought to myself in Spanish, "Enrique quiere enriquecerse!" (English: Rich wants to get Rich off of me!).

                From there, I went to the gas station to buy some kerosene for the lantern.  I will be using it tomorrow for teaching in Quebradas de Laja. 

                Afterwards I went home and parked my car up on the hill, and trekked through the mud to my house.  It has been raining so hard here lately, that of the two roads into town, only one is passable.  My yard is almost a swamp, as I can feel nothing but mud and water below me when I walk on the grass.  I hope it will stop raining soon, as all this mud is really getting to be an annoyance!

                The weather is also bad on my truck, as the rain makes huge potholes in the road, which in turn are hard on my shocks.  I can feel that all my shocks are completely shot, and it's time to replace them.  I also am leaking oil from the oil pan under the truck.  I bought a new gasket for it the other day, but found that I cannot put it on myself, as there are many tubes and brackets in the way, and I don't know what they are connected to, and whether or not oil, transmission fluid, or what will come out of them if I disconnect them.  I guess I'll have to wait until next week, and go to Nutek and see if I can get those things fixed.


October 9th 2003 Thursday               Children of the Corn


                It is easy to get discouraged here in Honduras, but today gave me a shot in the arm to continue on for the Lord, and do more for him.  I started the morning studying.  Then I traveled up to Quebrada de Lajas to visit Jose Martír.  I spent some time with him helping him with his reading skills.  He lacks a lot, but I can tell he will learn quickly, as he seems to have a lot of concentration, and he wants to learn.

                Afterwards we went up the hill to visit Francisco (the owner of the property), and to see his cows.  He has 8 milk cows, from which he gets anywhere from 100 to 150 liters of milk a day.  He sells the milk for seven lempiras a liter he told me.  He also said he bought 15 more milk cows so that he can make even more money.  I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him and learning more about cattle.

                Jose and I walked down the hill to his house, where we ate a wonderful meal of chicken and rice with tortillas.   As we feasted, I spoke with him and his women asking them when and how they got together.  He told me that he went to her father's house and asked for her, and the father said "Okay!"  And they left immediately together.  I thought to myself, "I wish it was that easy in the United States!"  They are still not married, however, and it seems that is something I'll have to work on.

                From there we walked up over the mountain to get some corncobs.  As we hiked through the woods, we ran across a young man, that I knew as Darwin, with another man holding a .22 rifle.  I saluted Darwin and then introduced myself to the other man who told me his name was Milton.  He was very friendly and very talkative, and we talked for quite awhile.  He also showed me his rifle, and told me they were using it to kill birds.  They showed me a woodpecker they had killed, and I thought to myself, "I would like to see how one of those waco Enviromentalists would react to this!"  I asked him what he intended to do with it, and he said they were going to eat it.  I bid them "buen provecho" and then we were on our way.

                With a young boy named Alex that we found a little ways down the path, Jose and I walked down the other side of the mountain where we came upon a huge cornfield.  I'd never seen corn so tall.  The stalks had to be at least 12-15 feet high.  The three of us went tracking through this forest of corn, cutting cobs along the way.  It was so quite and peaceful in this area, with the wind blowing lightly through the long corn leaves above our heads, and the sound of the stream flowing rapidly downward in the distance.

                After we'd filled two bags full of corn with about 100 cobs each, I grabbed one and began walking up the mountainous cornfield.  The bag must have weighed 100 pounds or more, and I very quickly tired out as I had to walk uphill in the mud, sinking down at least four or five inches with each step.  I made it almost to the top of the hill, and I had to stop and rest.  Jose saw me struggling, and took the bag and went ahead almost running.  I stood amazed at the power and muscle strength of this short Indian man.

                At the top of the hill, we met Milton, Darwin, and another man.  They also had filled several bags with corn, and were on there way home.  They asked me if I knew how to shoot, and I told them I did.  Then they let me have the rifle and we took off down the path looking for some birds.  We found one, and I missed it with my first attempt.  The other man then took the rifle and hit it dead center on its right side.  I ran over to retrieve it, and found the poor bird's wing had been blown off, and it's body was torn in half.  I asked what kind of bullets they were using, and they showed me they were hollow points.  They said they would eat the bird anyway, even though the damage done didn't leave much meat. 

                In the evening, I taught about "Baptism" and what the Bible said about it, using my sixteen lesson discipleship lesson.  I showed them that Baptism doesn't save, but that it's a testimony after salvation.  Then I showed them many verses about salvation by grace instead of works.  We had ten in total for service, and they seemed to enjoy learning the Bible.  Angelica's husband came as well for the first time, and enjoyed listening.  He also raised his hand afterwards signifying that he was not saved, but said he did not wish to be right now, and put it off.

                On the way home, I thought about how great of a day I had, and how I enjoyed working in the cornfields, shooting at birds, preaching, and visiting with the people in that area.  They seem to be enjoying me as well taking an interest in them.


October 10th 2003 Friday                  Visiting!


                This morning I went over to the Baptist Camp behind my church and visited with Missionary Mike Lane for a while.  They are having a week-long Bible course with some of the men from Zapatio, where they are starting a church.  What a blessing it was to see about 15 men studying the Bible and learning sound doctrine.

                I told Bro. Mike that I was going to Quebrada de Lajas this afternoon, and invited him to come with me.  He said he would, if I would pick him up.  We decided on two o'clock as a good time to go, and I went home to study for my Bible Institute class tomorrow.

                At two, I drove up the road to Mike's house.  He gave me a tour of the new house they are building, and I really enjoyed seeing it.  Afterwards, we were on our way to Quebrada de Lajas.  When we arrived, I introduced Mike to all the people there, and we sat around and visited with the folks.  I brought them some vegetables from my garden, and they were happy to receive them.

                After a cup of coffee, we walked up the hill to Jose's house where we visited some more.  We also had the privledge of trying "Atol Dulce."  It is made with fresh corn, milk, and sugar.  They stir it upon a boiling stove until it makes a yellowish-white batter that you can either drink or eat with a spoon.  It was very good.

                Jose's wife was sick again, and I made a joke by saying, "It's probably because she was born in Los Dolores," which means, "The Pains."  I then said, "You should have been born in the town of "Buen Salud," or "Good Health."  They just laughed and laughed.

                As we walked back down the hill with Jose, we had some wonderful homemade Chicken Tamales at Angelica's house.  They even gave us some to take with us.   We left right before the rain clouds burst open, and we drove home in a torrential storm swerving left and right on the road as we went through the mud.

                I dropped Bro. Mike off at his house, and then went home and waited for Julio's kids to come from classes.  Tuesday night, we finished our series on the "7 Mysteries" in the Bible.  Tonight we started studying verse by verse from the books of Paul in order that they were written.  It took us an hour to finish 1 Thessalonians chapter one, but they seemed to enjoy it.


October 11th 2003 Saturday              Classes!


                Bible Institute Class went well this morning, as I taught on the two stages of both the First and Second Coming of Christ.  I showed them how Christ was born, where he started his earthly ministry, and how he died (The first stage).  Then, I showed them how after he rose again, and showed himself to Mary Magdalene, he rose to the glory world and put his blood upon the mercy seat in heaven, and afterwards came back and showed himself to his disciples (The second stage) before ascending in a cloud back into heaven.   I also instructed them about the Second Coming of Christ and how it shall be in two parts, first the Rapture, and then the Revelation, or Second Advent when Christ comes to destroy his enemies at the Battle of Armageddon, and reign on this earth for 1000 years.

                From class, I drove through the mud up to the Internet Shop, and was surprised to find it open early.  I checked my email, but could only read the messages, and not send any in return, as the connection was very slow. 

                Upon my arrival home, I cooked myself a good breakfast of bacon and eggs, and then prepared for tomorrow.  Only four children showed up in the afternoon, and I took them through Dr. Ruckman's "Apocalypse" paintings, showing them about the things to come, and stressing their need to be saved so that they will not have to pass through the tribulation.


October 12th 2003 Sunday Our Last Sunday


                I didn't know what to expect when I drove into Tegucigalpa today.  I knew Nelson and Zenia had to move, and wondered if they found a new place to live, or if they would be waiting for me at the little building we'd been renting.  As I drove down the bumpy road to see, Lacho (Nelson's brother) saw me and called out to me to get my attention.  I stopped, and he told me that they had indeed moved several days ago.  I asked him to show me where, and he hopped in and led me across the overpass and to an area close to the bus stop on the other side of the highway.  I was appalled by how small the room was into which they had moved.  I could not see how five people can live in such a tiny room.  But they seemed to be happy in being far away from the "evil" landlord.

                I asked about Nelson, and they said he was out running errands.  I asked about the building, and found that they moved everything out, but had left our church sign up for me to take down.  With Lacho, I went up to the place and began taking it down.

                The Landlord showed me no kindness whatsoever.  He began by saying he wanted more money for leaving the sign up, and I reminded him that officially we had the building for today.  He then kept badgering us, and trying to make us pay him.  While we were on the roof, both Lacho and I watched the Landlord come out of his home with a machete in his hand.  We thought (uh oh, now he's going to try to kill us!).  But he only began cutting the grass in front of the building.  Then along came a drunk and shouted a few words and him, and he turned around in anger and stabbed him in the gut with the machete!  Both Lacho and I couldn't believe it.  We took the sign down as fast as we could and then we got out of there.  

                When I took Lacho back to Nelson and Zenia's, I sat them down and talked with them.  All they wanted to do was talk about carnal things, and this was a great vexation of spirit to me.  They kept asking for stuff, and begging me to buy them a Pizza.  What is happening to my converts?  It seems they are going backwards instead of forwards.  Zenia even said, "That wicked landlord made me backslide.  I hate him!  And he's the reason I'm not as spiritual as I should be."  God help me to teach them how to be more spiritual.


October 13th 2003 Monday                Car Problems, Babies, and Bible Classes


                Early this morning, I took my car to my old buddy Otto at Nutek and asked him to replace the shocks, check the brakes, and change the oil pan seal.  He assured me he would have it done before Thursday, so I would be home in time to go visiting in Quebrada de Lajas.

                From there I walked the two or three miles to AeroCasillas and mailed off a few letters to the U.S.  Then I took a taxi back to the Cancer Center to rest and study.  It wasn't long before Missionary Bill Kepler arrived, and we began talking.  He was heading back to Guaimacas, and I asked him if I could have a ride.  Bro. Robert Baker had a man named Paco (Francisco) Guerrero visiting with him, and he invited me to come and meet the man.  Being that Bill lived not far from Robert Baker, I asked him to drop me off at his house, and he readily agreed.

                I noticed that his wife had a baby with her, and I asked who it belonged to.  They said, "It's ours!"  And then they told me the story of how he and his wife found it in an ant bed.  They took the baby into their care and began nurturing it immediately, for it suffered not only from ant bites, but from malnutrition as well.  When they asked who it belonged to, they were pointed to its mother who told them, "You can have it!  I don't want it!"  This is sad, but I've seen this happen many times here in Honduras.  Mother's give away their babies like they were puppies.

                Bro. Kepler also had an older woman in the car with us whom they brought to Tegucigalpa to see her daughter which had just given birth.  She was in the Hospital in a coma, with no way to take care of the baby, so her mother came for it.  As we drove along, I began witnessing to the lady.  She said she was saved, but when I questioned her about it, she said, "Well, if I do go, then I'll go to heaven, if not, I'll go to Hell!"  It then became very apparent that she was trusting in her works to save her.  So, I started from the beginning and told her what Jesus did for her, and how his sacrifice on Calvary is the only thing that can take a person to heaven, and that she must trust His blood rather than her works to save her.  I then told her, "If you are trusting in your works rather than Christ, you are guilty of saying that Jesus Christ died in vain, and that his sacrifice is worthless!  You must trust Him alone, or you'll go to Hell!  Salvation doesn't depend on you, it depends on Christ, and you must trust His blood to save you!"  Well, she listened, but I don't know if it sank in.  The more I witness to people in this country, the more I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall.  There is so much spiritual blindness in the eyes of these people.

                Upon my arrival at Bro. Baker's house, I found that he was in the church with many of his Bible Students listening to Bro. Paco teach.  I was impressed with him as a Bible teacher, as he had many good things to say, and he answered with scripture. 

                After class, we all went in to the house to fellowship.  Bro. Paco told me about his "translation" work on the Spanish Bible.  He also is working on purifying the Spanish Bible with the KJV and the Textus Receptus, using the 1602 and older versions.  He told me he has completed the gospels as well as Acts and Romans.

                In the evening, I watched Paco "win" a young boy to the Lord.  I still wonder if he did or not.  The young man was so confused, that he didn't have a clue about anything.  Rather than explain the gospel, and show that Jesus Christ died in his place for his sins, Paco told the boy just to repeat a little prayer.  When he did, Paco rejoiced, telling him he was saved.  This left a bad taste in my mouth.  But I sat silently and prayed for God to do something.

                Eventually Paco told his testimony.  Then Bro. Baker told his testimony.  I saw my chance, so I then told my testimony.  I showed the young man that as a young boy, I too prayed a prayer, but I didn't know who Jesus was.  I thought he was someone that sat in the back of the church.  Then when I grew older, I was baptized, I spoke in tongues in the corrupt Pentecostal church, I tried to live a good life, I went to church, etc.  Then I told him about how my father sat me down one day and showed me from the scriptures that it's not by works that I could do or had done that I'm saved, it was Jesus Christ who shed his precious blood for my sins.  Then I gave the illustration that my Father gave me.  I told him that if he shot 30 people in cold blood, he would then have to go to jail.  He agreed.   Then I asked him, "Do you not then deserve to die in the electric chair for your crime?"  He said, "Certainly!"  Then I told him, "What if when they strapped you into the electric chair, I came in and told them to let you go, and that I would sit down in your place and die for your crime?"  His eyes opened wide and he looked at me and said, "Wow! I don't deserve that someone should die for me!"  I continued, "That's true!  But do you know that there is one who has already died in your place for your sins?  Jesus Christ died for you in your place!!!"

                Then I showed him how I was saved by Romans 3:25.  The words, "Through faith in his blood" jumped off the page, and I realized that salvation was by faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and how I had been trusting all those years in what I did, rather than in what Jesus did.  He listened intently, and seemed to understand what I was telling him.

                How is it that people cannot see the difference?  So many nowadays are preaching just a 1, 2, 3, repeat a prayer after me gospel.  But where does salvation come in?  And where is the substitutionary blood atonement?  They quote Romans 10:13, and say, "Just call on God (i.e. Say a prayer), and you're saved!"  But why don't they quote vs 14 as well that asks, "How shall you call on him in whom you have not believed?"  And does not verse 17 say that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  How can they trust Christ when they don't know what he did for them, and how can they be saved by a prayer if they are trusting their prayer instead of the blood of Jesus Christ? 


October 14th 2003 Tuesday               Going Back to Tegucigalpa


                Today Bro. Bill Kepler came by and picked me up and took me back to Tegucigalpa.  He asked me how things went, and I told him how angry I had become to see a man supposedly "win" a boy to Jesus without telling him what Jesus did for him, or that he shed his blood to save him.  Bro. Bill agreed, and said, "It's only through the blood atonement that a man can be saved!"      Bro. Bill and I had good fellowship on the way to Tegucigalpa, and I enjoyed talking with him about many things. 

When we arrived, he invited me out to eat, and we went to the Mall for lunch.  There, we met a young man named Wade who was a "Missionary" here in Honduras working at an orphanage.  It was interesting that this young man and I had so much in common.  We are both 29 years of age, we both came here to Honduras in 1998 for a few months.  We are both single.  But when we sat down to eat, I asked him for his testimony, and found that he was lacking.  He told me he'd always gone to church, but that he "got away from the things of God for a while."  Afterwards, he starting going back to church again, and was baptized, and then "surrendered to serve God."   It was then he desired to come to Honduras as a Missionary. 

His testimony left much to be desired, and I wondered to myself when he trusted Christ Jesus as his Saviour.  He never said.  As I was pondering these things in my heart, he asked, "So what's your testimony?"  I was glad he asked, so I started from the beginning telling him how I was deceived and trusting in my works, or my church attendance, or baptism, etc., and how my father showed me from the scriptures that salvation was not of works, but by faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ.  I also gave them the "electric chair" illustration, and then I explained the importance of the blood to him. 


October 15th 2003 Wednesday         Car is Fixed!


                I called Otto this morning, and found that my car was finally fixed.  They changed the shocks and brakes.  They also changed the oil and fixed the oil pan seal.  In all it cost me only two hundred dollars.

                Otto came to the Cancer Center and picked me up.  When I entered the truck, he told me that he'd been listening to one of my Phil Kidd preaching tapes that I had left in the tape player and that he enjoyed it.  I thought that was a blessing.

                After paying for the truck, I was then I was on my way to the AeroCasillas office to mail books, tracts, and letters to people in the States.  Afterwards, I drove back to the Cancer Center to pack and drive home.  When I arrived, I found Bill Kepler was there.  We talked for a while, and he gave me some bad news.  It seems a young boy named Alberto, that they had raised for 7 months as there own (he was given to them by a Honduran family, and then they took him back), had recently died because his parents did not take care of him.  Bill was really torn up about it.  I felt sorry for the poor boy, and offered my condolences.  It tears me up seeing such as this happen in Honduras.  Family should be the most important thing, but to many Hondurans, each child is just a burden and another mouth to feed.  Many look at children as a responsibility that they don't want.  How terribly sad this is to see.


October 16th 2003 Thursday             Visitation!


                I didn't arrive home yesterday until late in the evening.  Traveling this week, and being away from home took its toll on me, and I was very tired when I arrived in La Esperanza.  When I awoke this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed, but I eventually did and began my morning routine.

                At eleven, I journeyed up to Quebrada de Lajas and visited with Jose and his wife.  We had a cup of coffee, and then we were on our way to go visit people and invite them to services.  Jose knows just about everyone in the community, and with him, I had an open door to enter many houses and give them the good news of the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ.

                In one home I spoke with a man named Adrian for quite some time.  He is not saved, but desired to "look into the things of God."  I witnessed to him, and could see God was working on his heart, but he said he was not yet ready to get saved.  Thus, I left him some tracts, and told him I'd visit him again later.  Before we left, a young man came by limping.  I asked why he limped, and he told me that he cut his foot very badly with an axe.  I promised him I would return with some medicine (antibiotic ointment) for him.

                We also visited another man that lived up on a hill the other side of the river.  He was a sap drunk, and I saw two empty bottles of Jack Daniels laying in the yard.  He said his name was Adam, and I could not understand much of what he was saying, as he was so plastered.  I just did the only thing I knew to do, which was witness to him about Jesus Christ and his need to be born again, using the first Adam as an illustration.  Eventually he began to listen and confess some of his sins (which I really didn't want to hear).  Before leaving, I asked if we could have a word of prayer with him.  He invited us into the house, and we all sat down and bowed our heads.  I asked Jose to pray first, and then I followed.  Afterwards, Adam asked if he could pray as well.  We said, "Sure!"  He began by saying, "God, thanks for another day to be able to walk, and breath!  God, you know that I'm a sinner!  The more I drink, the more I want to have sex with this lady that I'm living with, and I know that's sin.  Lord, I just want to ask you to help me quit this wicked vice of drinking..."  And he went on for several minutes like that.

                When we finished I told him, "You need to be saved, and I'll be praying for you, for only Jesus Christ can help you! You know you are a sinner, and that's good, you are almost there!  Now, you must trust Jesus Christ who died for your sins!"  He thanked us for coming, and said he would think about it, and then we left. 

                We visited at least fifteen houses before the day was through, and I put a tract in each house.  Afterwards, we went back to Jose's house.  There, I asked his woman for her testimony.  She became very shy and bashful and said, "I don't have one."  I then asked if I could show her from the Bible how to be saved.  She agreed, and I took her through the plan of salvation.  She listened, but I know not if she believed, as she was constantly blushing and looking elsewhere, and saying, "I just haven't been taught well, and it's hard for me to understand."  All I know to do is keep on teaching and preaching, and praying God will open her eyes.  It's so hard dealing with people that don't know how to read, as they can't see for themselves what the Bible says.

                For services, no one came.  It was only Jose and his family, and his sister.  I taught anyway about the Holy Spirit, and halfway through my message, the CAM people showed up.  They said they came to encourage us.  My first thought was that they came to try to take over, but the more I talked with them, the more I thought otherwise.  They are just nice people who want to see folks saved in this area.

                After services, it started raining again, and I had to pull their car out of the mud before they could leave.  Thank God for a 4x4 vehicle.


October 17th 2003 Friday                  Studying and Resting


                I was completely exhausted yesterday evening when I arrived home.  I spent all day long visiting in the hot sun, and then we had services until eight thirty.  I didn't arrive home until after nine in the evening, and I went to bed completely bushed!

                When I awoke this morning, I began working on my Spanish Bible Studies, and then prepared my Bible Institute Class material.  The rest of the day I spent studying and resting.  I also found I have not much food here in the house, and I will need to buy some soon.


October 18th 2003 Saturday              Teaching, Playing Doctor, and Attending a Birthday Party


                Bible Institute Class went well this morning.  I had prepared a lesson that I thought we would breeze through quickly.  But, with their many questions, we didn't finish the lesson.  I also became side tracked and taught them about how the Bible is in order of the events that are to come.  This made the students very excited to realize that they had a supernatural book that God wrote, and not man.

                After services, I journeyed to Quebrada de Lajas, and looked for the young man named Nazario with the hurt foot.  When I found him, I told him I had acquired some medicine for him, and I would like to see his foot and show him how to apply it.  What a humbling, and yet exhilarating, experience it was to kneel down and wash an Indian man's foot.  He had cut himself with an axe, and afterwards went to the Hospital.  The wound had been sown up, but it did not heal well, and I could tell there was infection inside of it.  I washed the wound, squeezed the puss out of it, and then applied Triple Antibiotic ointment to it.  Afterwards, I put a gauze pad on it, and wrapped it with an elastic bandage, telling him to do the same twice a day.  He was very appreciative, and thanked me for taking an interest in him, and helping him.

                In the afternoon, no children came for services.  I guess they are tired of me.  This is okay with me, as I am more than tired of them, as they wear me out!  But I do desire their company so that I can teach them more of God's holy word.  Maybe they will come next week.

                In the evening, I journeyed to Quebrada de Lajas once again for the Birthday Party of Jose's daughter Dilsia.  She will turn two years old tomorrow.  Many people came, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship, while eating "montucas" (tamales made of fresh corn.  As opposed to "Nacatamales" which are made from old corn), and drinking lemonade.

                Many children came, and before the night was over, they all gathered around me, and I told them stories.  Before we all went home, they asked me to give a brief Bible Study, which I did from John chapter three about being "born again."  They listened well, but did not respond.


October 19th 2003 Sunday Visiting the Brethren


                Last week I told Nelson and Zenia I would not be coming this Sunday, but would return the following Sunday.  I decided to go and visit Bro. Homero Romero in San Pedro Sula for services.  When I arrived at their church, I found them all happy to see me.  Bro. Homero preached a great message on "Vanity" from Ecc. Chapter one.  He showed how that everything that men and women are looking for in this world is nothing but vanity, unless they have their eyes on spiritual things above.

                After service, I gave Homero and Bro. German's (pronounced Herman) family a bag full of black beans from my garden.  They were thankful.

                In the evening, I told Bro. Homero about how things were going (or rather not going) in El Carrizal, and he gave me some words of encouragement.


October 20th 2003 Monday                Getting the A.C. Fixed


                I not only came to visit with Bro. Homero, but also to have the air conditioning fixed in my Suburban.  Early this morning we traveled downtown to a "taller" (shop) which did coolant work, and I left the truck with them.  Afterwards, Homero took me back to his house where we worked on fixing several clothes dryers.  I don't know much about working on appliances, but Homero can fix anything.  I enjoyed watching him, and learning from him.

                In the afternoon, we drove up to get my truck, but found it wasn't ready.  They found several problems that we had not anticipated, and said they would have to remove the entire coolant hose in order to weld the aluminum tube in the back.  We asked them if they could finish today, and they said, "Possibly around five o'clock."

                So, Homero and I drove around San Pedro Sula running some errands.  As he drove, Bro. Homero told me about how he'd lost a lot of his support (He's only getting about $325 a month now), and that he didn't know how much longer he could stay in Honduras.  Also, he lacked the 3000 lempiras he needed to pay for his truck registration, and his much needed residence paperwork.  This really vexed my spirit, and I wanted so much to help him.  He's a good Missionary, and I can tell he's doing something for the Lord.  I pray he will get more support, so he can continue doing more for the Lord.

                At five thirty, we journeyed back to the A.C. shop, and found my car was finally finished.  Homero told me, "Let me do all the talking, because you're a Gringo, and they'll try to charge you more!"  Thus he did.  And when he returned, he told me, "They wanted 2000 lempiras, but I talked them down to 1700.  But that's only if you buy them a two liter of coke!"  I smiled really big, and said, "Okay!"  I've been in Honduras too long, and I know this is how things work.  I paid the 1700 lempiras, and gave them an extra twenty and told them to enjoy their Coca-Cola.  Before leaving, I gave them all a Gospel Tract, and then was on my way.

                Before I parted ways with Homero, I gave him 1000 lempiras towards his truck registration, and apologized that it wasn't more.  Then I drove to Pricesmart for some groceries, and then journeyed home.


October 21st 2003 Tuesday               Cleaning, Studying, and Cold


                Today was "Housing Cleaning Day."  I swept the whole house, and then had Castillo mop.  Afterwards, I rearranged things in my bedroom and office, and then washed some clothes.  The rest of the day I spent studying, and preparing for the rest of this week.

                At six-thirty, my boys came and we studied 1 Thessalonians chapter two.  We had a great time of fellowship, and they are really excited about learning the Bible.

                In the evening, I had a fire in the fireplace, as it is starting to get very cold here in La Esperanza.  I dread the winter!  But I think God I have a lot of firewood to help me through it.


October 22nd 2003 Wednesday         Sick Again, and Recording CD's


                I tried to study this morning, but I could feel sickness coming on again with the onset of this cold weather bearing down upon us.  I spent the day studying close to the fireplace, and listening to hymns.  I have an eleven CD set of hymns that I recently acquired, and am trying to find all the ones that I know in Spanish to record on a CD to use during our services in Quebrada de Lajas. 


 October 23rd 2003 Thursday           Finally People Come to Services!


                I left this morning at around ten o'clock and drove up into the mountains to do some visitation with Jose Martir Martinez.  When I arrived, I found him outside cutting firewood.  We talked for a while, and fellowshipped.  His wife was making tortillas, and I asked her to show me how it's done.  I ground the corn while she cooked beans and other things.  When I had finished grinding, I watched her add a little water to the ground mass (which they call "masa"), turn it over again and again until it looked like bread dough.  From this we took off several small quantities, and began slapping them flat into our hands to make tortillas.  It was a lot of fun, but my tortillas were lacking in shape, size, and appearance. 

                After lunch, we journeyed up the road to visit people and invite them to service.  At one house, we came upon two teenage boys who started asking questions about the Catholic Church.  I told them everything I knew about it and why I was not a Catholic.  One listened intently and agreed with me, while the other just sat there with a sarcastic grin on his face, listening, but I could tell he wasn't interested.

                When we returned to Jose's house, it was a blessing to see two boys show up from one of the houses we visited.  We also had a whole family come as well.  I preached a message about "The Word of God!"  I showed them how salvation is from the word of God, and it is the only thing that can save.  The power of God was upon me, and I spoke boldy the Gospel to them.  When I finished preaching, I asked if there were any questions.  A man named Adrian raised his hand and said, "I'm not saved, and I haven't accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour yet.  Does that mean I can't come back?"  I responded, "Dear sir, you are always welcome.  That's why were are here.  We want you to come and learn more about the Bible, God, and Salvation!  But I cannot force you to get saved, it's something you'll have to want.  But I do want you to know I am praying for you!"  The man was very thankful and said he'd think about it some more, as he said, "I'm just not ready to get saved now."


October 24th 2003 Friday                  Beans, Beans, and More Beans.


                All day I spent studying.  Castillo, as he always does, spent the day outside working.  He planted more black beans for me.  Of the five pounds we planted earlier this year, we harvested well over 50 pounds.  I have been giving them away to anyone and everyone.  And I have been enjoying some myself.

                I also had him plant some beans from Africa for me, and the plants are coming along quite nicely.  We should be harvesting them soon.  Castillo also planted some of my Turnip seeds, and today I ate several juicy turnips.  I never knew I liked boiled turnips so, but they are simply delicious!

                Julio's boys came over again tonight, and I taught them from 1 Thessalonians chapter three. 


October 25th 2003 Saturday              An Average Saturday


                I taught my Bible Institute students about "Ages and Dispensations."  Mostly we covered Clarence Larkin's material.  I also taught them about "Biblical Numerics."  They seem to be understanding.

                After class, I drove up to the Brassavola Internet Café and checked my email.  I met Pastor Jacobo there as I was leaving, and talked with him for a while.  Everything seems to be going well with him, and he'll be heading out next week into the mountains towards El Salvador to hold a brigade.  That was a blessing to hear.

                No kids came today for services.  I starting to feel like they are through with me.  I believe they really don't want to learn the Bible, but rather want to play. 

                At five in the afternoon, the boys came by and we worked on fixing the lights in the garage.  I have two florescent light fixtures that don't work, and since they are studying electricity, they asked to fix them.  We worked almost three hours, and found the problem was the ballast.  We fixed on, but still lack the other.  We will finish next week, and they agreed to help me install several other light fixtures outside so that I can see at night when I arrive home late. 


October 26th 2003 Sunday And Then There was One


                I received some rather devastating news today.  When I arrived at Nelson's house, I found Zenia packing up everything she had.  I asked her what was going on, and she burst into tears.  Through sobs and frustrated gasps for air, she told me that Nelson had run off with an eighteen-year-old and had left her.  They went to Olancho, and he told her that he didn't want Marjorie (their little girl).  I almost had a heart attack!  And this week they were supposed to go to Olancho to get married. 

                Immediately, my heart filled with rage and righteous indignation.  At first, I was in a state of disbelief, but reality sat in, and all I could think about was how wicked, carnal, ungodly, and irresponsible of an act that Nelson had committed.  And I was going to teach on 1 Corinthians chapter five today too.  I guess I was just a week too late.

I consoled Zenia as best as I could, and told her that she must trust the Lord to supply her needs, and take care of her.  Before I left, I gave her 500 lempiras to help her, and told her I'd come to her mother's house from time to time and visit.

                Driving back to the Cancer Center, all I could think about was how wicked a thing Nelson had done, and I how badly I wanted to confront him, and tell him he needs to get right with God!

                Bro. Baker was at the Cancer Center, and I told him what happened.  He told me, "Well, those things happen here.  To these people, that's not wrong, that's just what they do!"  Even though it might be the "cultural thing" to do, it's still SIN in the eyes of God!

                Still trying to cool off from what happened, I invited Bro. Baker out to eat.  We ate at a very nice Mongolian Restaurant, and had some good fellowship.  When we left, the waitress asked us about the tract we left her on the table, and both I and Bro. Baker witnessed to her.  She was from San Antonio, close to Colomoncagua, and I chatted with her for a while about how I knew that area.  She was not saved, so we witnessed to her, and gave her a Bible and the booklet tract, "¿Cómo Puedo Yo Tener Vida Eterna?"

                As we were pulling out of the parking lot, two other employees came running up to the car, and asked for Bibles as well.  I gave them both one, as well as the booklet tract.


October 27th 2003 Monday                Driving Home


                On the way home this morning, I thought about how much I'd like to go to Olancho and look up Nelson and rebuke him for his sin.  I told Bro. Baker this yesterday, and he volunteered to go with me, if I decide to go.  The only problem is how to get to the little town of Guanko.  I've never gone alone, and I am afraid I might have forgotten how to get there.  But the least I can do is pray, and ask God to let me know if he wants me to go there or not.  I just feel responsible for Nelson, and want to at least tell him that the chastisement of God will fall upon him for his sin.

                Before heading home, I stopped off at Aerocasillas, and then at the airport to check my mail.  I received several big boxes, which a Bro. Jeff Johnson sent me.  When I arrived home, I opened them and found many Kent Hovind tapes, which I look forward to watching.

                He also sent me a book he had written about the King James Bible.  It is entitled, "Spiritual Deception in the Highest," and it is very good.  So good, in fact, that I spent the rest of the day working on putting it into my computer to print, and distribute.


October 28th 2003 Tuesday               Going to Los Dolores


                My stomach hurt this morning, but I awoke early anyway to journey to Quebrada de Lajas.  Today we had decided to go to Los Dolores, where Jose's woman is from and meet her father.  She asked me to witness to him as well.  I had hoped to leave early, but as usual, we were on "Honduran Time," and had to wait around several hours before everyone was ready. 

                We drove over rather good roads for an hour and a half, when we arrived in San Miguelito.  There we picked up another passenger, the sister of Jose's woman.

                Then an hour later, after driving through very muddy roads, we arrived at Los Dolores.  I parked my car in the mud in front of a man's house and we asked him to watch it for us.  He said he would.  Afterwards, we walked another 45 minutes up the mountain through the jungle, over streams, brooks, cornfields, and pastures.  When we arrived, we were all exhausted and sat down to rest, only to find that no one was home!  We had come all that way for nothing!

                To make a long story short, we sat on the front porch and ate "Montucas" and waited to see if anyone would arrive.  After an hour, a little boy named Juan Carlos came, which happened to be the brother of Jose's woman.  He let us into the house, and we then cooked beans and tortillas for a snack.

                Afterwards, we visited several other dwellings, and I passed out tracts to everyone we met.  Before leaving, I gave several tracts to Juan Carlos, as I heard him using many bad words.

                On the trip home, we rejoiced in having passed out several tracts, and giving away some Bibles.  When we finally did arrive home, two and a half hours later, I dropped them off at their house, and I journeyed home from a long, long day.


October 29th 2003 Wednesday         Pain!


                Los Dolores means "The Pains."  And that's what I have.  Yesterday my stomach hurt all day, and today it was the rest of my body.  All day I lay in bed feeling awful.  Not only did I not have any energy, but I found that I could not sleep either, which only made me feel more unrested.  So, did the only thing I could, which was read in bed, and continually get up to go to the bathroom.




October 30th 2003 Thursday             Visitation


                Early this morning I awoke feeling much better.  With daily Bible reading done, I showered and spent the rest of the morning in study.  Later, I journeyed up to Quebrada de Lajas.   With Jose Martír, we went to many of the homes we'd visited before and passed out Bibles to those that didn't have any.  The people were very happy to receive them.  I asked one lady how she was after I gave her a Bible, and she said, "I'm much better now!"

                We visited the house of the drunk man, and received some very good news.  His "women" said that he'd been sober now for over a week, ever since we visited them.  That was good to hear, but he still needs to get saved.

                In the evening, we had about 15 people come for services.  The Kerosine Coleman Lantern I had began leaking profusely, however, and I turned it off for fear of it exploding.  Thus, we had services outside, and I turned on my headlights so that we could all see.  My message was on "Prayer," and I taught them what the Bible had to say about it.


October 31st 2003 Friday                   Study


                Most of the day I spent studying.  In the evening, the boys came and we studied from 1 Thessalonians chapter four.  We stopped just before the passage on the rapture.


November 1st 2003 Saturday             The 7000 Years of History


                When I arrived at the Bible Institute, no one was there.  I debated on whether or not to go home, we I heard some noises from inside the church.  I walked around and found all my students inside the church waiting for me.  "Why did you move?" I asked them.  Their reply was, "Because the church is using our building for a special project today, so they put us in here."

                I taught them two lessons today, as we had fallen behind.  First, I showed them the eight stages of the earth according to the Bible, as seen below:

                Afterwards, I taught them how the seven literal days of creation corresponded with the 7000 years of history from 2 Peter 3:8.  I showed them that in the first day, God created light, and in the first 1000 years of history, man followed the light of their conscious, as the law had not been written yet.  I continued by teaching them that on the second day, God worked with the waters, and in the second 1000 years of history, we find Noah's flood.  On the third day, God made the dry land, the seas, the trees, and more.  I helped them to see that in this 1000 year period, God called Abraham out of his land to a Promised land.  In the fourth day, I showed that God made the Stars, Sun, and Moon, and how that this corresponds to Jesus Christ who came 4000 years after Adam.  He is the "Bright and Morning Star" (Rev. 22:16), the "Sun of Righteousness" (Mal. 4:2), and the "everlasting light" instead of the moon (Isa. 60:19,20).

                I continued by showing that the fifth day brought life, and without Jesus Christ, there can be no eternal life.  In the sixth day, God created beasts and man.  I taught them that six is the number of man and the number of the beast (Rev. 13:18. Literally 666).  And I finished with the day of rest on the seventh day, which corresponds to the 1000 year millennial rest of Christ Jesus on this earth.

                The students were very attentive, and seemed to be absorbing everything I taught them.  When I finished, they said, "That was the best class we've ever had!  How simple and clear you presented it!  And how awesome is that book!"

                After class, I journeyed up to the bank to pay my rent.  From there, I went to the Internet shop, and checked my email.  On the way home, I thought about how much I enjoy teaching the Bible, and wished I could have more people to teach it to.

                In the afternoon, only four kids came.  I taught them about the history of the world according to the Bible, using a Christian comic book.  Then I sent them home.

                Julio's kids came in the evening to help me install a new light fixture outside in front of the garage.  While we were working, Luis came and asked me to preach for him next Saturday night at a youth rally.  I told him I'd be happy to, and look forward to it.


November 2nd 2003 Sunday               Trying to Find a Good Church for Zenia


                Only seven came to my Bible Study at the Cancer Center this afternoon.  I taught about "Prayer," and I believe those present learned a lot.  When I finished, Missionaries Jason Tate and Sam Hodges pulled up, and I introduced them to everyone.  Jason will be taking over the Bible Study for me from now on, and I hope he does a good job. 

I've also asked him to take over studying the Bible with Zenia, and teaching her good sound doctrine.  He agreed to do this, and together we went to her mother's house so that he could meet her.  We also visited Pastor Marco's church in the evening, and Zenia really like it.  The people were very friendly to her, and she said she would go back.  I hope she does, as it's my desire to see her as a regular at a good, sound Bible Believing Church.

When we dropped Zenia off at her house, her parents invited us in to eat some Watermelon.  I witnessed to Geronimo and Epifania once more, but they were still not interested in hearing the truth.

On the way back to the Cancer Center, I spoke to Sam about the Spanish Bible Issue, and gave him some books about it.  He told me he was "undecided" as to which Bible in Spanish was the best, and I tried to encourage him to use the 1602 TR.  He said he'd check into it, as he was a "Textus Receptus" man.  His exact words were, "I'm King James because I'm Textus Receptus!"  I thought about that as I went to my room to go to sleep.  I would have to say the opposite.  I'm Textus Receptus because I'm King James!  (I guess that's what makes many people call me a "Ruckmanite."  But I do believe that God not only inspired his word holy, intact, and perfect, but he preserved it that way as well, and how thankful I am that we have the perfect, infallible word of God without any error whatsoever in the King James 1611 AUTHORISED Version).


November 3rd 2003 Monday               Reprove, Rebuke, and Exhort...With All Longsuffering...


                Before Sam and Jason took me back to the Cancer Center last night, we stopped and visited with Lacho and Rumelia.  Nelson's mom was there as well, and I asked where Nelson was.  She told me that he was in her house in Olancho with the young lady he ran off with.  I told them that I was going to leave today to visit him, and rebuke him.  They told me that would be fine, and Nelson's mother said, "You are right.  What he did was indeed wrong, and he needs to hear it from you."  She asked if she could come with me, and I told her she could.

                At a quarter till eight this morning, I picked up Lucia, Nelson' mother, and together we drove the four hours to Guanko, Olancho to visit Nelson.  As we drove, she asked me, "So what are we going to do about Nelson?"  I replied, "I'm going to preach to him, and see if he wants to get right.  If not, according to the Bible, I have to separate myself from fornicators."  She was sad to hear this, but understood.

                When we arrived, it seemed everyone in Guanko was happy to see me except Nelson and his "women."  When I spoke with him, the first thing I said was, "How are you?"  He replied, "I'm finally happy in life!"  To the which I responded, "So you're happy living a life of sin, huh?"  He looked at the floor, and didn't say much, so I continued.

                For the next thirty minutes, I preached against sin with all the fervor I could muster, and told Nelson that what he did, and is doing is not right, and that God hates it!  He listened, but begrudgingly.  Then he said, "But I'm trying to win this girl to the Lord!"  I responded, "You liar!  You won't ever win that girl to God, as you are teaching her to disobey God by living in fornication with her when the Bible tells us to flee from it!  How do you expect for her to obey the gospel, when you are not obeying God's word yourself?" 

Our conversation continued, and I could see that there was no repentant heart in him, and that the young lady he'd run away with was even worse, as her heart was full of hell and rebellion.  She was continually sighing, folding her arms, looking away, and biting her lip. 

When I did have her attention, I cautioned her to be careful of Nelson by saying, "If he ran away from Zenia two days before he was supposed to marry her, you'd better believe he'll do the same to you, as all he cares about is getting what he wants from you, and when he's through with you, he'll chew you up and spit you out!"  That didn't go over too well.

                Nelson told me that was simply not true, so I responded, "Then you send her back home to her Mama, and quite fornicating with her, and if you really love her, then when you have the money to get married, have her come back!"  He told me he couldn't do that, and that he wanted her with him now, so I looked him in the eye and said, "Nelson, you don't love that girl.  All you care about is her body, and not her soul.  If you really cared about her, and you really loved God, you'd do the right thing, and send her home until you had money to pay for a wedding!" 

                Well, to make a long story short, it seemed they were both content in their sin, so I left and went to every house in the village and knocked on each door.  When I was invited in, I said, "It is with great pain and sorrow that I come to you with heavy tidings.  Nelson Corrales has kidnapped a young girl and is fornicating with her.  Because of this horrendous sin, he is now under the curse of God, and God's judgment is soon to fall on him.  I just wanted you to know that, as when it does come, you'll know why, and you'll fear God as well, for fornication is a sin!"  I found several people that I visited were guilty of the same thing, so I took the opportunity to tell them that God would judge them as well, and that they needed to repent and get married.

                After visiting, I came back to the house and asked Nelson what he was going to do.  He said, "Well, we're going to get married, but we don't have any money to do so right now.  So, we'll just wait."  I told him that he was under the curse of God, and he wasn't going to wait, he was going to continue on in his sins, and that God would judge him harshly, as he knew better. 

As I left the house, Lucia, Nelson's mother, told me I was right, and gave me a chicken.  She said, "Thanks for trying to teach my son right, and I want to give you something."  It was a nice big hen, and I look forward to taking it back to La Esperanza, and buying a rooster to start raising chickens.  Nelson saw it and said, "What are you going to name it?"  I replied, "I'm going to name it 'Nelson fornicario' after a friend of mine who's a dirty, rotten fornicator!"  He just laughed.

As I got into my car to leave, the village people begged me not to go.  How they love me there, and I them.  Over and over they said, "Don't go back today!  Spend the night here and fellowship with us!"  But I told them under the circumstances, it'd be best if I left.   They understood, but begged me to come back again soon. 

                Before I left, Nelson came running out to the car and saying, "But I want to study the Bible with you more!"  I told him, "Nelson, it would do no good to give you more light, when you have not responded to the light you already have!"  Before I pulled out of the fenced yard, I said, "Nelson, when you do right, I'll be your best friend, but when you do wrong, you'll find I'm your worst enemy.  For I cannot and will not condone your sin, and help you while you are blatantly rebellious against God and his word!  I love you more than you know, and I want to see you do right.  But because of your sin, I am commanded to separate from you, and preach against it, so that others might fear (1 Tim. 5:20).  Repent, young man, or God will judge you!"  Then I left driving down the dirt roads with tears in my eyes, and sadness in my heart praying God would be merciful to him.

                Along the way, I saw a dead animal on the side of the road, and many Buzzards were feasting on it.  The smell from the dead animal was so bad, I could smell it almost 100 yards before I arrived upon it, and more than 200 yards after I passed it.  I thought to myself, as I tried to keep from gagging, "That must be what our sin smells like to God."

                In the evening, I stopped and spent the night at Missionary Bob Baker's house.  I told him what happened, and how I really love Nelson and want to see him live for God, and how bad I felt having to do what I did.  But he encouraged me, and said that Nelson was indeed my responsibility, and I was commanded in the scriptures to "reprove, rebuke, and exhort," so that others will see that they can't do whatever they want against the Bible, and think it's okay.

                I also met a Pastor from Danli that Bro. Baker had there named "Santos."  I spoke with him for some time, and Bro. Bob and I spoke to him about the Spanish Bible Issue, and why that not only the 1960 was corrupt, but that the 1909 was also full of "Critical Text" readings.  He listened, and accepted the 1602 TR New Testaments we gave him, and said he would read the books I gave him on the subject as well.


 November 4th 2003 Tuesday             Foolish Nelson, and Contentious Jeff


                Early this morning, we awoke and had breakfast.  Since I was heading back to Tegucigalpa, Pastor Santos and his wife and child rode with me, and we had a pleasant conversation for the next two hours.  When we arrived on the outskirts of town, I dropped him off at a bus station, and then I journeyed to visit Lacho and tell him what happened and take some things that Johanna's mother gave me to give to her.  They asked me how it went, and I told them everything.  Then I told them, "You and Johanna are also living in sin, and you need to get married as well!"  Lacho replied, "You are exactly right!  But first we need to repent, and we just don't feel like doing that right now.  Please pray for us!"

                When the young ladies Mom came out, she also asked about her daughter, and how she faired. With a heavy heart, I told her that her daughter wanted to live in fornication with Nelson, and that to me it appeared her heart was full of rebellion.  Her mother said that she would continue to pray for her.

Afterwards, I went downtown to check my email and run a few errands.  I was glad to hear from Bro. Bob Adams, who told me about the Conference he had in Tennessee about the Spanish Bible Issue, and how many American Pastors came to get the truth about the Spanish Bible Issue.  Bob said he gave each Pastor one of my books about the Spanish Bible History, and they really enjoyed it. 

                He also told me about Bro. Jeff McCardle, who came representing the corrupt 1865 Spanish Bible, and how he went around to many pastors sowing discord (Proverbs 16:28), while defending his 1865 and talking bad about others who didn't stand for it like he did.  How sad to hear.  Eventually, he was asked to leave the conference, and leave he did.  What is this world coming to?  Seems like it's not about standing for the truth and against the devil, but now we have guys who want us to fight against ourselves.  What a shame!

                In the evening, I journeyed home and found Julio's kids playing in the road.  They stopped to talk with me, and were a bit shocked to find that I couldn't speak too much with them, as my voice left yesterday.  Bro. Baker said jokingly that it was "because I was yelling too loud at Nelson," but that wasn't it (I didn't yell at him at all).  I guess it was just the change of climate.  So, we canceled our Bible Study for this evening, and I went home and went to bed completely bushed from a long trip to Olancho, and with a heavy heart very much hurting to see my beloved Nelson become my beloved "Demas."


November 5th 2003 Wednesday        Perfection?


                I read Philippians 3:15 today, and how Paul said, "...as many as be perfect."  I know that in my standing in God's eyes.  I have sinless perfection, as I'm forgiven, washed in the blood, and have been given Christ's righteousness.  But it's that state thing that I have a problem with, as I sure don't think myself perfect.

                Sometimes I feel like I'm not worth shooting.  I thought a lot about Nelson today, and how I wished he'd do right.  But the thought also crossed my mind, "I'm not much better than he is."  I'm not living in fornication, nor do I desire to, but I do see sin in my life, and can identify with Paul who said, "Oh wicked man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death?"  It seems the more I live, the more I just want to die, as I just can't seem to do anything right. 

When I do right, then this old flesh rears it's ugly head and becomes prideful and deceives me into thinking I'm better than I actually am, which is a sin.  Then when I do wrong, I feel like I am the worst Christian that ever lived, and that God should just kill me on the spot, rather than let such an ungodly reprobate take another breath. 

I can truly understand Paul's words in Romans 7:19. Sometimes I just think it'd be better to leave this old world and go home to heaven sooner, as then I would have less sin.  But, all I know to do is thank God, for he said my sins are washed in the blood, and when I do mess up and do wrong, confess it, and put them under the blood to walk in fellowship with Him.  But, I sure wish I could live perfect and never sin.  That sure would be a blessing! 


November 6th 2003 Thursday            Fowls, Flirting, and Fornication


                Most of my day was spent, of all things, shopping.  I bought chicken feed, chicken wire, and more for the chicken coop I plan on making for my new hen.  I also talked with Bro. Mike Lane and Daniel Pineda who each want to sell me a rooster for forty lempiras (about $2.50).  I told them I was interested, and would talk with them about it more in the future.

                I also had to pay bills.  This is always a frustrated task in Honduras, as usually they either don't come, and I have to go to the office to get them, or they do come, and they are wrong.  That is what happened today, and I had to go to the SANAA office (water department) to have my water bill corrected, as they tried to charge me for an extra month.  While there, the lady working there began flirting with me.  So, I got out of there very quickly!

                Our evening service in Quebrada de Lajas went very well.  We had over fifteen people come.  I taught on "The Will of God," and one of the points was that it was not God's will for anyone to live in fornication (1 Thes. 4:5).  I knew that the man who's allowing me to meet in his house (Jose Martir) wasn't married to the woman he's living with, but I felt I had to preach God's words hoping that maybe they would except them, and want to do right.  When I showed verse after verse against fornication, Jose Martir seemed to be in agreement, so we will see if he'll get married soon, or if he'll turn out to be another Nelson.


November 7th 2003 Friday The Chicken Coop


                All day long Castillo and I spent putting up a chicken coop for my hen.  In total, we set seven posts and then wrapped chicken wire around the whole thing.  We also put a wooden door on the front.  When we finished, I walked over to Don Julio's for my hen (which had set two eggs since Monday), and told him I'd like to buy a rooster from him.  He told me to take my pick, so I picked the most colorful of the lot, and before I could pay him for it, he told me that it was a gift, and that he appreciated all I was doing for his sons.

                Raul and Otir walked back to the house with me, and together we put my new rooster and hen into the pen to see how they would fare.  They took to the place like a fish to water, and immediately settled in.  The rooster however, when I spooked him, tried to fly right out, but Raul caught him by the leg before he could.   So, we had to clip his wings. 

                Still feeling bad, we decided to cancel our Bible Study so that I could get some rest and prepare for tomorrow.              


November 8th 2003 Saturday             Teaching and Preaching!


                My Bible Institute class went well today.  I taught on the subject of "Basic Divisons in the Bible" and "How God Works With People in Different Ages."  I showed them how Abraham was given God's righteousness by faith, but was justified by his works, while we in the Church age are given both the moment we believe.

                I continued by telling them how in the Old Testament, it was the blood of a lamb, and in the New Testament, the blood of the lamb – Jesus Christ.  I taught them that in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit came and went (examples: Samson, Saul), but in the Church Age, the Holy Spirit seals us until the day of redemption.

                But above all, I told them it was the grace of God in every age, or dispensation, and salvation was always by a blood sacrifice.  The students seemed to understand, and were excited by saying, "It seems like now is the best dispensation to be in, as it's God's grace, and his sacrifice, and all we have to do is believe!"  I readily agreed.

                After class, I journeyed across town (a short drive), to the Internet Café.  There I checked my email and tried to send a few.  However, the internet is always so slow, that there are times that I can only read, and not send.  Such was the case today.

                On the way home, I had several children stop me and ask me if I was having services.  I told them I would be happy to do so, and they assured me they would come.  But alas, not a one appeared.  I wondered why they would lie.

                Last week, Luis asked me to come and preach at the "jovenes" (young people, or teenagers) meeting at the new Bible Institute that Herbert Prince built.  He said the theme was "The Future."  I took Bani (Julio's oldest son) with me, and we arrived there just before six.  Ten minutes later, Bro. Mike Lane pulled up with his big van full of kids, and we all went inside.

                I preached on "Thinking About Your Future," and had several points.  They were:  1. The Future of Your Health (I preached against smoking, drinking, fornicating, etc), 2.  The Future of Your Wealth (how to manage money), 3.  The Future of Your Civil State (married or single, or even divorced? And how to have a good, godly marriage), 4.  The Future of Your Spiritual Walk with Christ, and finally, 4.  Your Eternal Future (Heaven or Hell?).  I preached hard, and afterwards Bro. Mike Lane said, "You probably told them more than they wanted to hear!"  But I have a burden for the young folks, and really want to see them turn out right.

                Afterwards, all the young people went downstairs and played "Charades."  Luis would hold a card up with something written on it, and two teenagers were allowed to see it, and using words try to get the other teenager, who couldn't see the card, to guess what was on it.  One of the cards said, "Satan" and a young man yelled "El Lucero de la Mañana."  The other teenagers heard it and started laughing, as they knew that the words "El Lucero de la Manaña" are supposed to be a reference to Jesus Christ.  That just proves what I've been telling people about the corruption in the Spanish Bible.  The word "Lucero" means "Lucifer," and the word "Lucero" for Jesus in 2 Peter 1:19 is very much wrong, as it's easy for new Christians to get the two confused!  The original 1602 at least spelled them differently (Lucero and Luzero).   How great is the 1602 TR, as it calls Jesus, "La Estrella de la Manaña," just like the King James in English. 


November 9th 2003 Sunday                Sickness Falls Upon Me Like a Heavy Fog


                It was very cold last night at the Bible Institute, and the cool breeze gave me a headache.  When I returned home last night, I went straight to bed feeling like I was coming down with something.  Sure enough, I awoke this morning with congestion, and cold chills.  So, I spent most of the day in bed.

                Around lunch time, I heard Rambo the dog barking at something, so I got up to see what it was.  My neighbor was coming over to visit with her kids.  She had a nice "gallina" (hen) in her hands, and I asked her what she was going to do with it.  She said, "I saw that you are starting to raise chickens, so I thought I'd give you another hen."  I was very thankful, and we put it inside the pen to see what it would do.  The rooster and hen that I had already didn't take to her much, but eventually they became friends.

At five in the afternoon, I felt well enough to walk to the Baptist Camp where Missionary Mike Lane and his wife Debbie are having services, trying to start a church.  Mike taught on the Second Coming of Christ, and did a good job.  Afterwards, I went back home and went to bed, feeling worse than I did when I left.


November 10th 2003 Monday             Still Sick


                I didn't feel much better today, but I decided to do some work anyway.  I cleaned out the entire garage, and tool warehouse in the morning.  Afterwards, I cooked myself a pot of black beans that I grew here in the garden, and then spent the rest of the day cleaning house.

                I was surprised to find another egg in the Chicken Coop.  That makes four in total that I've gotten: two while the hen was at Julio's, one on Saturday, and one today.  So, I guess I'll be getting an egg just about every other day.  What a blessing!


November 11th 2003 Tuesday            Little Things


                Zechariah 4:10 says, "For who hath despised the day of small things...?"   I guess I do.  All day long was spent working on those small things that I always put off until later.  Little things, like fixing a door knob, filing receipts, washing laundry, rearranging my closet, cleaning up the library, etc.  But the end of the day, I still hadn't completed all that I had hoped.  But, then there is always tomorrow.

                In the evening, the boys didn't show up to study Bible, as they "had to study for final exams."  But they assured me they would be here on Friday.


November 12th 2003 Wednesday                      Erick Sanchez


                Erick Sanchez came by this morning to bother me.  When he came in, his first words were, "I'm hungry!" So, I gave him a plate full of black beans that I'd cooked the day before yesterday.  He enjoyed them.

                We talked about anything and everything while we ate those beans.  Our conversation eventually turned to Missionaries and Mission work.  Erick told me, "When you are ready, I know many places that need to hear the Gospel, and I'd be happy to show you how to get there!"  I told him I'd take him up on it in the near future, as I'd love to travel more to remote areas with the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

                Erick also told me about how, from his viewpoint, Latin America countries are sending out more Missionaries than The United States of America.  He said, "The U.S. isn't the great spiritual giant that it used to be, and if there are Missionaries coming out of there, most of them are very old men!  How come very few young men are leaving the U.S. to go to the Mission field?"  I told him that I thought it was because of a lack of teaching on Missions, and preaching against sin, worldliness, and carnality.  Erick agreed, and added, "But it's also the spirit of Materialism there.  They have so much, and don't wish to give it up!"  That summed it up nicely.

Would to God Christians in the United States would wake up and quit looking at themselves, and start looking at a world dying and going to hell, and then do something about it!

Before he left, Erick also asked me for some Bibles to take to a village in the department of Lempira, and give to the people there.  I gave him a box full of twenty.  This makes the second or third time I've done so.  I lose count.  I'm not interested in numbers anyway, as God knows how many Bibles I've given away.  People always come to me when they need Bibles.  I have a group in the states called B.E.A.M.S. which sends me whole 1909 Bibles, two boxes at a time.  I am really grateful to them for this, and I've enjoyed getting them out.  Erick told me that they are being used also, and he's seen those to whom he's given them, read them continually.  What a blessing!


November 13th 2003 Thursday                         Cold Winter Winds


                The cold winds of November came rushing through the La Esperanza valley early this morning, bringing with them dreariness, and woe.  And I awoke this morning to the gruesome bitter bite of the cold, snappy air.  Not wishing to get out of bed, I lingered there until I could take it no more, and then I ran to the wonderful warm droplets of my hot shower, wishing I had more water pressure to warm my shivering body more quickly.

                After a quick breakfast of Raisin Bran cereal, I was on my way to Quebrada de Lajas for visitation.  I visited several houses, and found many people who said they wanted to come to services, but only if I would come and pick them up in my truck (how lazy is this generation!).  However, I told them I would.

                In one house, I found a young boy with a bandage on his finger.  I asked what happened and was told that he cut it on a corn leaf.  They are sometimes very sharp, and if one is not careful, they will cut you like a thin sheet of paper.  I immediately went to my car and returned with my First Aid Kit and bandaged him up.  He cried and cried, but afterwards was thankful to have his wound cared for.

                When it came time for services, I drove to several houses picking up people.  Afterwards, we returned to the little house in which we hold services, and I was surprised to find a rather large group of people walking down the road to join us.  In total we had more than twenty-five people attend.  I taught on, "What is the Church?"  I also included the three main purposes of the local church which are 1. Evangelize Sinners, 2.  Edify the Saints, 3. Exalt the Saviour. 

                Service went well, and God gave me liberty, power, and a sound mind to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly and expressly. 


November 14th 2003 Friday               Studying and Teaching


                Last night before coming home, I stopped by Bro. Mike Lane's house and visited.  They were having a "Missionary Get-Together" and invited me to come.  I told them I had to preach, but I figured they might all still be there, so I stopped to check.  Sure enough, all were there.  I enjoyed learning from veteran Missionary Phil Gagnon.  He's been here in Honduras for over 35 years.  Both he and Tom just came back from Cuba, where they preached for over a week.  I enjoyed hearing about their adventures there and some of the things they had to endure.

                I also asked Bro. Phil for some counsel on how to reach the Honduran people.   He gave me some great advice.  He said, "95% of the problem is you!  You have to get rid of your American mindset, and learn to live like, and think like the people here in Honduras.  You must adapt to their culture, and not force yours upon them!"  He also said something I'll never forget.  He said, "I read in a magazine once, where a man said that in Honduras, you need five years just to learn the language, twenty years to get to know the people, so they will open up to you, and ten more years till you get to the point to where you can think like they do!"  Wow!  But, I do see where he's coming from.  This is a tough field, and I'm starting to see it.  We talked about how most Honduras are just plum lazy!  And because of that, they see an American "Gringo" who they think has money, and they'll try to get some of it from him if they can.  It's sad.  But, all I know to do is keep on preaching and teaching, and getting to know the people, and learning from them.

                All day, I spent studying for Bible Institute class for tomorrow.  I'm learning that it's not easy to prepare material.  "Eschatology" is a hard subject!  But, I'm finding many good verses to fill in the gaps, and I'm enjoying teaching. 

                This evening, I had a great Bible Study with Julio's kids.  We studied verses 13-18 from chapter four of 1 Thessalonians.  I also showed them the difference between the first and second resurrection, and several different "raptures" in the Bible.   I know there has to be seven of them, but I just can't seem to get them all together completely.  I found: 1. Enoch, 2. Elijah, 3. Christ and the "Firstfruits" or Old Testament saints that went up with him, 4. Paul in 2 Corinthians chapter twelve, 5. The Church,  6. The 144,000 in the Tribulation, and 7. The Two Witnesses.  But I'm very unsure on whether I got them all together correctly.  All I know is that with what I've got so far, #1 is a type of # 5, # 2 is a type of #7, and #4 is a type of #6, for Enoch is a type of a Church age saint who is raptured and never dies, Elijah is a type of Moses and Elijah in the tribulation, and Paul is a virgin who's a type of the 144,000.  But, I will continue to study it out to make sure I've got my types right.


November 15th 2003 Saturday          Bellas Mansiones, Books, and More              


                Bible Institute class is always fun.  We had a great time today studying about will happen to the Church in the last days.  How beautifully my outline came out in Spanish!  Each point started with an "A."  They were, 1.  "Apostasía," 2.  "Arrebatamiento,"  3.  "Aprobación, " (The end times Apostasy, The Rapture, and The Judgment or Tribunal, referring to the Judgment Seat of Christ).

                After class, I ran a few errands, and then went back home to find that some children came for services.  We sang hymns, as is our custom, but when I sang a new one, they really took to it, and determined to learn it.  They kept asking me to sing it over again, so that they could sing it with me.  It was entitled "Bellas Mansiones."  In English, the chorus starts with, "I've got a mansion, just over the hill top, in that bright land where, I'll never grow old..."

                I then taught them on the subject of "The Books That God Has in Heaven."  I showed them Revelation 20:12 first, and how it says the "books" (plural) were opened.  I then took them through the scriptures and showed them the books that God has in heaven.  They are:  1.  The Book of Life (Phil. 4:3, Rev. 20:12, and Rev. 3:5), 2.  A Book on Each One of Us Containing Our Sins that we have committed (speculating with Matthew 12:36,37), 3.  The Bible (Juan 12:48, Ps. 119:89), and 4.  The Lamb's Book of Life (Rev. 21:27).

                As the children were leaving, I agreed to take them to the fair in the evening to ride the Ferris wheel, and other Mechanical Amusements.  They were very happy, and left with big smiles.  In their place, Bani and Hotir showed up to help me do some electrical work here in the house.  We fixed the light fixtures in the garage, and then added another in the outside adobe kitchen area.  How great it is to have more light so I can see what I'm doing in the evening.

                The children returned in the evening at forty minutes after five.  There were nine in all, and I drove them up to the Fair as I promised.  I saw to it that each of them rode two rides.  I rode three myself, and had a wonderful time.  On the way home, the children were talking about it and were really grateful.

                In the evening, I sat down a read a book sent to me by Jeff McCardle about the 1865 Spanish Bible.  He claims it's "God's word in Spanish!"  And that we should "defend every word of it."  He is a good writer, and his arguments are clear and concise.  But his whole Thesis is based on "Only those to whom God gave an open door (The Philadelphian Church Age) can do a Bible translation, and no one today (in Laodicea) is qualified to do so."  Also, he writes under the assumption of "We have had God's perfect word in Spanish already without error! " (Speaking of the original 1602 and the 1865 revision).  But he fails to address the doctrinal errors, and the places where the corrupt 1865 Spanish Bible (and even the original 1602) reads against the Textus Receptus.  The more I study this issue, the more I am convinced that there never has been a perfect Bible in Spanish, and there needs to be one. 


November 16th 2003 Sunday             What Do You Have to Sing About?


                Traveling to Tegucigalpa today, I listened to the radio, to see what the world is listening to.  I found that it's all the same in any language, and that all people sing about are their "Loves gone bad."  I came to the conclusion that it is nothing more than selfishness, as all they care about is themselves instead of others.  I couldn't get over how all of their songs were so self-centered, and just downright stupid, as they were doing nothing more than glorifying man instead of God.

                Then I remembered the words to a song that Mark Gregory, a friend of mine, wrote while we were in Pensacola Bible Institute together.  It goes like this:


                Life is sad, and life is brutal,

                As we trod the dark highway

                                And my spirit seems so unfruitful,

                                With every passing day.


                                But Jesus said, down in the Bible

                                Come to me, I'll give you rest,

                                Come to me, and we'll trade burdens,

                                Just put my peace to the test.


                Chorus:   So now I'm walking through this world of sorrow,

                                I am on my way to heaven,

                                Where I shall behold my Savior's face.

                                Walking through this world with Jesus,

                                He said he would never leave us,

                                Even though the storms of life remain.


                What a difference between the above, and worldly songs that only want to sing about lust, love, and luxury.  I'm glad I have a Saviour and King above who loves me and is always with me, and will never leave.  About Him, I can and will sing.  For he is my everything!


November 17th 2003 Monday             Running Errands


                Early this morning, I left and ran errand after errand.  I had to buy printer cartridges, get the truck washed and fixed, go to the Post Office, get a haircut, check my email, and more.  Before the day expired, I was able to complete most of what was on my list, but not all.

                At the mall, I began walking around and looking at everything from an objective standpoint.  How worldly it all seemed.  Everything I could see was only to get people's minds off of Jesus Christ, and on the world and what it had to offer.  As I stood up on the second floor looking down upon the hundreds of souls passing by, I penned these words on a scrap of paper:  "All the world wants to do is make fantasy a reality, and reality a fantasy."  That sums in up well, as Satan is trying anything and everything to keep people's mind off of where they will go when they die.


November 18th 2003 Tuesday            More Errands


                First thing this morning, I had to drop my truck off at the Car Wash to have it cleaned, and vacuumed.   Afterwards, walked up the highway to the Eye Doctor's office to have my yearly examination.  I was astonished to find I have 20/10 vision.  What a blessing!

                Afterwards, I took a taxi downtown to the Immigration office to check on what papers I will need to renew my Residence Visa.  They gave me the list, and I will return in December with the necessary forms.

                Before going back to pick up my truck, I walked up the street and found a wonderful Mexican restaurant.  There, I ordered the most savory "Gringas."  They were nothing more than two tortillas with Chicken, Beef, and Cheese between them, and a small salad on top.  It was the best food I've ever eaten here in Honduras, and I thanked God for it.

                Upon receiving my vehicle, I went to Pricesmart and bought almost three hundred dollars worth of groceries.  I will not be going to Tegucigalpa every week like before, so I hope this will last me several months.

                It wasn't until five thirty that I finally left Tegucigalpa and drove home. 


November 19th 2003 Wednesday      Dirt, Mail, Teaching, and Apostasy


                Early this morning, I took my wheelbarrow up the road with three bags of dirt in it for Julio, who asked me to buy them from Pricesmart.  He paid me, and said, "I appreciate you getting these for me."  Afterwards, I took the wheelbarrow up to Thomas and Rhonda's house with their mail in it.  When Rhonda told me to come in, I brought the wheelbarrow inside, and set it down in the living room.  When Rhonda saw it, she said, "What on earth is that?"  I responded jokingly, "You've got so much mail, I had to bring it over in a wheelbarrow!"

                On the way home, I stopped at Bro. Mike Lane's house, and he told me that his wife was in the hospital.  She had some kind of allergic reaction to some medicine, and Mike had to take her there on Sunday.  I offered to help in anyway I could, and he asked me take the Wednesday night service tonight, as he was going to go and check on her.  I told him I would, and I had a great time teaching on the subject of "The Holy Spirit."  Afterwards, a young lady named "Daisy" came forward saying she had never accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour.  I took her through the scriptures, and afterwards, she made a profession of faith in Christ Jesus, and his precious blood.

                I also had a chat with a Missionary today (who's name I'll leave unwritten), who told me that they had decided to keep on using the corrupt 1960 Spanish Bible, even though they know it has many "Critical Texts" readings.  We talked for some time about it, and he kept saying, "Well, even though it's not perfect, it's still the word of God."  I begged to differ, as we were not in agreement.  His argument was, "It's so well accepted here as God's word, that we should just keep it and not tell them any different, even though we know it's not 100% correct.  For to speak against it would make them confused."

                The whole gist of his viewpoint to me was, "If you tell the truth, you'll cause confusion."  I thought about this much afterwards.  Does that mean I should just stop telling the truth, and let people be deceived and believe lies?  I trow not!  We are so far gone now in this day and age of Laodicea apostasy, that to tell the truth, people will think you are crazy!  But I've determined to preach the truth even harder and stronger, as I do not want to stand before God ashamed in knowing that I had the truth, but did not tell it to others.


November 20th 2003 Thursday                         Visitation!


                Julio's kids asked to go with me today to do some visitation, and then for services in the evening. We left at eleven in the morning, and visited all day long.  Many people were Catholic, and wished not to be bothered.  But we did meet some that were willing to listen.  Adam, the old drunk man had fallen upon hard times, as he told me, "My woman ran off, and she took all my stuff!  Now I ain't got nobody!"  I felt sorry for him, and asked if there were anything I could do.  "A prayer would be nice," he responded.  We prayed for him then.

                In the evening, I went to pick people up, and found that only three kids wanted to come.  It was so cold and rainy, that most people just wanted to stay home and stay warm.  I didn't blame them, as I could see my breath as I preached. 

                My message was the same as that of Saturday past.  Yet, God used it as I could see conviction setting in.  I am still pray for Catalino, and Blanca and others that are coming, but have not yet trusted Christ Jesus as their Saviour.

                Driving home, the boys said they enjoyed themselves, and thanked me for taking them with me.  In total, we gave away two bibles today.

November 21st 2003 Friday               Spanish Bible Issue


                Most of the morning I spent studying the Spanish Bible.  I am writing the 1602 Valera original Spanish Bible by hand, verse by verse, and then diligently checking it with the 1543 Enzinas, 1569 Reina, the 1865 Pratt Revision, the 1909, the corrupt 1960, and the 1602 TR.  I have found several places already where the original 1602 reads with the Vaticanus and Siniaticus manuscripts, as well as the corrupt Latin Vulgate.  Jeff McCardle's beloved 1865, of which he states, "we should defend every word" also reads with these corrupt manuscripts too in the same places, I'm finding.

                I'm in Matthew chapter 16 already, and today I found a grave error, as the 1569, 1602, and 1865 all fail to translate the words "I am" (soy yo) which appears as me in the Greek Textus Receptus.  According to the Critical apparatus in the Nestle Aland text, I was able to surmise that by so doing, they follow the Vaticanus, Siniaticus, the Latin Vulgate, and Origen. 

                This is just one of many places where the 1865 fails to meet the mark.  I've decided to make my own revision of the original 1602, being very careful not to change too much.  The more I study and look at each version verse by verse, the more I'm convinced that the Spanish have never had the perfect word of God in just one version.  However, I am finding that if one were to take all the different versions in Spanish, and put them together, taking the right reading from the version that has it correct, they could have a perfect Bible in Spanish.  Looking around, I see that no one else is doing this, so I have taken it upon myself.  What shall become of it?  Who knows.  But at least the Spanish will finally have a perfect Bible.

                In the evening, Julio's kids came and instead of studying, we watched a Kent Hovind video about Creation verses Evolution on the equipment that Mike Lane let me borrow.  I felt so sick, that I went straight to bed afterwards.


November 22nd 2003 Saturday          Classes, Kepler and a New Calf!


                I awoke this morning feeling awful.  I had a nose bleed last night, and this morning my chest was congested, my head hurt, I had a cough, and fever set in.  But I had to go to teach Bible Institute anyway.   Before teaching, I told them what they needed to know for their final exam on December 6th.  Afterwards, I taught on the subject of "The Tribulation."  I took them through the entire seven year period, and showed them from the Bible what was to take place.  I only lack two more classes, but Erick Sanchez will be teaching next week's class, as I will be in Guatemala.

                Before going home, I stopped at the Internet shop to check my email.  Missionary Bill Kepler emailed me and told me that he was robbed by three men with ski-masks one evening in front of his home.  They shot his dog, but at least they didn't get inside his house.  So, I guess I'm not the only one who's been robbed here.

                Afterwards, I went straight home.  There I found that Castillo's cow had given birth to a beautiful little brown and white calf.  The placenta was still hanging out of the mother when I saw them.  Castillo was worried, but I told him that it would eventually fall.

                The rest of the day I spent resting, and trying to get over being sick.  Oh how I hate feeling bad, and I hope that I can get to feeling better before I go San Pedro Sula tomorrow to preach for Bro. Homero Romero.

                In the evening, Julio's kids came over, and we played several games of Chess.  They also looked at my faulty kitchen light and tried to fix it.  We took the fixture down, and found that the inside was completely shot.  I will have to buy a new one.


November 23rd 2003 Sunday             Preaching


                I rested and tried to recuperate this morning from my illness.  A few extra hours of sleep helped a lot, but I was not totally cured.  At one in the afternoon, I drove to San Pedro Sula to see Bro. Homero, and preach for him in the evening service.

                I preached on the sin of "Fornication," and showed that there is 1. Physical Fornication,  2. Spiritual Fornication, and 3. that even the church can be guilty of Fornicating with the State.

                Afterwards we fellowshipped, and I had a great time with Bro. Homero and his family. 


November 24th 2003 Monday             The Trip to Guatemala


                Early this morning, Bro. Homero took me to the Bus Station to buy my round-trip ticket to Guatemala.   It cost me eight-five dollars.  Still feeling bad, I loaded my suitcase onto the bus, and sat next to an American man who introduced himself to me.  His name was Grayson Banner, and he owns several companies.  One of them makes "Portable Clinics," which are nothing more than carts with a generator, and space for all the medicine that a doctor would need to serve a small village.  He is trying to sell these things to Health Organizations.  I hope he does.

                When we arrived in Guatemala City, eight hours later, I introduced Grayson to Bro. Donate and his deacon Bro. Pablo, who were at the terminal to pick me up.  And we all talked for a while.  Mr. Banner was bound for Mexico City, and ultimately Arizona, so we looked into getting him another bus.  Unfortunately, we found that it did not leave until the morrow, so we took him to a hotel and gave him the information on how to make his bus to Mexico tomorrow.  He was very appreciative, and thanked us while we said our parting goodbyes.

                Afterwards, Bro. Donate took me to a wonderful Restaurant, where the owners were Christians.  As we ate, we enjoyed many hymns being played by a man in a nice suit on a full-size piano that they had there.

On the way back to the place where I am staying, I couldn't help but notice that Guatemala is much richer than Honduras.  There are nice cars everywhere, people dressed well, high class department stores on every corner, and restaurants of all types.  I felt like I was back in the United States, rather then poor, undeveloped Honduras.


November 25th 2003 Tuesday            Books, Preaching, and Death of a Loved One


                Bro. Donate came for me this morning at a few minutes before eight o'clock, and took me back to his house for breakfast.  We chatted for a while, and had a good time of fellowship.  Afterwards, we decided to go downtown and visit several used book stores. I was very surprised to find so many good bookstores with so many old books.  In Honduras, people do not read much, nor are they interested in Literature.  But here, there is quite a surplus of it.  However, I was shocked to find that though there are many books in Guatemala (and many good ones at that), they are also very pricey.  The government taxes literature of all kinds, and this makes book buying expensive.  I found two good books about Church History in Spanish, and together they cost me about 25 dollars.

                We also visited the National Palace, where the President lives, for a Book Fair they were having there.  I had a great time looking at even more old books in Spanish and trying to find one or two that would catch my fancy, and possibly help me in the ministry.

                In the afternoon, Bro. Donate took me to the church to preach to the Bus kids.  This week they are having Vacation Bible School, and the church was full of many rowdy children.  I preached to them about "The Books of God," and had to yell continually, as they were talking, looking around, and generally not paying attention.

                Later in the evening, I had a wonderful time looking through Bro. Donate's library and reading.  I also was able to copy some of his computer programs on CD with my laptop computer, and I look forward to using them.  Bro. Donate and I also talked about the importance of preaching the blood of Jesus Christ, and stressing the need to trust that blood for salvation.  I said, "You can't have a birth without blood!  When I was a kid, my Dad taped me being born with an old video camera and I watched it years later.  And I noticed that I had blood all over me.  When I asked my Mom, she told me that all babies, when they are born, are born with blood on them!"  Thus I concluded, "You have to have blood to be born again!"

                Before driving me back to the house where I'm staying, Bro. Donate suggested I check my email.  This I did, and received some very sad news.  My grandmother (Laura Schwartz) died today.  My heart sank when I read this, and it hurt terribly to think that she was gone.  However, I found that no tears dimmed my eyes.  Ashamed, I prayed when I went back to my chamber, and asked God why I could not mourn for her.  I found that her death came as no surprise, as all the family had been expecting it for years.  I guess I too had been expecting it, and for that reason it came not as any shock to me.  Also, I find that it doesn't seem real to me yet.  It seems so far away, and almost in another life that I knew her.  I'm finding the more I'm on the Mission Field, the more I lose touch with reality.   Everything back home seems so distant.


November 26th 2003 Wednesday                      Talking to Family, Visiting Antigua, and Preaching


                Today was a long day.  I started by having breakfast with Bro. Donate and his family.  Afterwards, I called my sister in California (who called me back so that I wouldn't have to pay the phone bill), to ask about the state of the family.  She had three-way calling, so I was able to talk to my mother, a couple of cousins, and my aunt.  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, and they were glad to hear from us.

                They told me that Gram died a natural death and that she passed away in the afternoon after having just visited with my cousin Karen.  The family had been expecting it for a week or more, as she wasn't eating much, and had almost gone into a comatose state.  There were even reports that she would look up into the ceiling and say "Mama, Mama," as though she saw her there.

                Thus, the family seemed to be taking things well, and told me the funeral would be next Tuesday, of which I plan not to attend according to the wishes of my grandmother who told me several years ago, "Robby (her nickname for me), you are serving God as a Missionary, and I am proud of you.  I want you to promise me that if I die, you will not come back to the funeral, and that you'll keep on serving the Lord, as that's the most important thing!"  Reluctantly, I promised her.  I will respect her wishes.

                While speaking to my aunt Suzie, I told her I was in Guatemala visiting with a Pastor and preaching, and she told me of an old family friend that they have here.  His name was Gustavo Espina Salgero, and he was Vice President of Guatemala for a time. He was such a good friend of the family, that when my grandfather died, he flew all the way from Guatemala to Oklahoma for the funeral.  (I remember meeting him on that occasion and thinking how great it would be to speak Spanish and be able to communicate with him).  But through the years they had lost touch with him.

                After we hung up, I asked Donate about him, and he told me the rest of the story.  It appears there was a coop attempt back in the nineties, and the government was overthrown.  The President fled (obviously he was guilty of something), while Gustavo stayed and filled his chair for one week as President.  Afterwards, the rival party took control and put him under house arrest.  I asked Donate if it was possible to find the man, but he said "I doubt it.  He's probably still in hiding."  But in the evening, we talked with Bro. Pablo, the deacon in Donate's church, and he said he knew the man, and that he was a regular at a certain church close to the area.  He suggested we look in the phone book, and try to contact him.  This I would like to do, but we shall see what may come of it.

                This morning, Bro. Donate took me to the ancient Spanish City of Antigua.  It was a beautiful place, and we walked around for a couple of hours stopping at points of interest, while Donate told me the history of the place.  It seems it was founded in the 1700's for the sole purpose of "Catholicizing all of Central America."  But God had other plans, and around 1776, the city was destroyed with the eruption of a nearby Volcano.  Thus the city had to be rebuilt, while America grew more and more and began to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ instead of Paganized Catholicism.

                We also went to two museums.  One was the "Ybarra Press Museum" and we looked at many old Bibles and books printed in this "Catholic Press" from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  Also, we went to the "Inquisition Museum" and saw where the cruel hand of Rome unjustly MURDERED untold thousands for their faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST instead of an apostate religion that can't save anyone.  My heart broke to think of how many people were brutally executed by the merciless Inquisititors in that place.


                           Bro. Donate in front of the Inquisition        Me in front of the holding cell where untold thousands

    Office in Antigua, Guatemala                   were keep for nothing more than believing that Christ

Jesus saves instead of "Holy Mother Church."


                In the evening, I preached during the Wednesday night service on the topic of "Testimonies of Some Christians in the early church?  I showed them Demas, and how he started good, and ended up bad (Filemon 1:24, 2 Tim. 4:10).  We also looked at Aquila and Priscilla, a husband and wife team, who not only surrendered to go with Paul (Acts 18:1,2,3), but eventually took on more responsibilities (Acts 18:26), and ended up on their own starting a church (1 Cor. 16:19).  We learned about John Mark, who started well (Acts 12:25), but also "pulled a Demas" (Acts 15:36-40), but then repented and became "profitable" to Paul in the ministry (2 Tim. 4:11).  I taught them about "Tychichus," whose testimony was superb (Ef. 6:21).  Then I closed with Judas (John 6:70), who was nothing but a devil, and I asked them, "Which one are you?"

                All in all, it was a very long day, and I went back to my room for some much desired, and much needed rest.


November 27th 2003 Thursday                         Thanksgiving Day


                At nine this morning, Bro. Donate picked me up and took me to his house for breakfast.  As we drove the three blocks there, he told me about a man here in Guatemala who had read his booklet about the Spanish Bible Issue, and understood that the 1960 Spanish Bible was corrupt.  He wrote to Bro. Donate and asked if he could come and visit and learn more.  Donate said, "Sure!  Come on over!"  And the man chose today to come and visit. 

                The man showed up a few minutes after ten, and introduced himself.  His name was Urbano.  We spoke to the man for some time, and he told us about how his Pastor refuses to discuss the Bible Issue, and that his son is living in sin with a woman besides his wife.  Also, he confided in us that there were six other brethren that believed as he did on the Spanish Bible Issue (that the 1960 was corrupt), and they were all wanting copies of the 1602 TR, and to learn more about the truth.  We gave the man a box of 1602 TR's, a load of information in handouts and books, and more.  He was very happy to get all the information, and on the way to the bus station, he told us that he would like to see a church started in his village that actually believed right.  Thus, Donate suggested that he go there and start a Mission, and then a church.  The man seemed very enthusiastic about the idea, and said he would keep in touch.

                Later during the day, I looked in the phone book and called the few "Espinas" that I could find, trying to find the ex-President Gustavo Espina Salguero.  After calling several people, I was able to get his office number, and I called there.  His secretary knew my uncle, and took the number of Bro. Donate's so that Mr. Gustavo could call me back.  I said, "Okay," and then hung up.

                Afterwards, Donate and I went "Book hunting" at the Book Fair again, and ran a few errands.  While we were leaving the Presidential Palace, his phone cellular phone rang, and he answered it.  After a few seconds, I heard him yell, "No way!"   Then he told me that ex-President Gustavo Espina had called his house asking for me.  When he found I wasn't home, he left his private cell phone number and asked me to call him there.  Bro. Donate could hardly believe it.

                We ran back to Bro. Donate's house and I immediately asked to use the phone.  I said to Donate's wife, "Excuse me, but I must call the ex-President of Guatemala now."  And she looked at me rather astonished.   It did sound rather strange when I thought about it.

                Sure enough, the voice on the other line was the one and only ex-President Gustavo Espina.  I introduced myself and told him who I was.  He remembered meeting me those many years ago at my Grandfather's funeral, and said he still has a picture of the occasion.  He also asked about my aunt and uncle.  I told them they were fine in spite of the bad news of my Grandmother's recent death.  He was sorry to hear this, and offered his condolences.  I also suggested we meet tomorrow at his office at four o'clock.  I told him that would be fine, and I look forward to seeing him in person.

                Bro. Donate also took me to the National Guatemalan Library today, and we finagled our way into the "Forbidden Books" section upstairs to view an old "Polyglot" (a list of Bibles in different languages in parallel columns) which they had kept there.  Bro. Donate thought it was done by a man named Walton in London, but when we opened it to the title page, we found it was rather a work published in Paris in 1645 and done by a man named Antonius Vitré.  It was very beautiful, and was ten volumes in total, containing Bible Versions in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, Aramaic, and more.  Too bad it was the corrupt Latin Vulgate as well as several other perverse versions.

                In the evening, I had the privilege of eating Thanksgiving dinner.  Before we began, Bro. Donate read Psalm 136, while we finished each verse in unison with "and his mercy endureth for ever."  Afterwards, we ate a wonderful meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, squash, and more.  And we finished our feast with a very tasty piece of homemade cheesecake.

November 28th 2003 Friday               Trip to Donate's Other Work, and a Visit With an Ex-President of Guatemala


                Early this morning Bro. Donate took me to Burger King where we had a brief breakfast.  Afterwards we drove an hour away to a little town called Cuilapa, where Bro. Donate is starting a "Mission work."  We talked the whole way, and I enjoyed conversing with him about many questions that I had about "Missions and Missionaries," while he provoked my thoughts on similar matters.

We both are against "personaria's juridicas" or "Incorporating" a local church, as it makes the government the head of the church instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We also are in agreement that according to the Bible, a Missionary is not sent by a "Mission Board," but rather by a local church.  Nor is a Missionary someone that is called in a specific place, but rather a person that is sent forth to preach the gospel wherever he goes, as Paul did.  Further we shared our observations that very many today look only at numbers (quantity) when it comes to Missions (or how many people a Missionary supposedly wins to Jesus Christ), rather then the motive of the Missionary (quality), and why he is doing what he is doing for the Lord.  So often people judge spirituality by things they can see, rather than by what they can't see.  But, that is Laodicea (Rev. 3:17-19).  We both agreed that we should serve God out of a pure heart to please Him, and him alone, and make sure that what we are doing on the Mission Field is not for vainglory (to brag about ourselves, our numbers, our effort, etc.), but rather to brag about our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and not let what men think about us sway us in one way or another.

                At the Mission church, we waited for some time for the water truck he hired to come and fill up the holding tanks on the second floor.  While waiting, we cleaned the bathrooms, and burned the trash.  Bro. Donate was stung several times with some rather large wasps that were building a nest in the shower.  I smoked them out, and killed all but one.

                As we worked, the neighborhood kids came and accompanied us.  They were very nice, and very outgoing.  I enjoyed playing with them, and had them laughing time and again.  When the water truck came, we filled one of the tanks, and then gave the rest of the water to the neighbors.  They were very happy.  On the way home, we fellowshipped some more and Bro. Donate told me his testimony of how God blessed him and used him to start several works here in Guatelmala.

                At four o'clock, we went to the office of Ex-President Gustavo Espino at the Pradera Towers in downtown Guatemala City.  We were invited in, and I had a wonderful visit with the man.  He had to be both the tallest, and nicest man that I think I've ever met in my entire life.  He started by telling me about how he met my aunt Susie and uncle Jim Foley.  They meet in the U.S. under an exchange program that President Billy Carter initiated.  Ever since then, they became good friends, and not only did they come to visit him in Guatemala, but he visited them in Oklahoma on occasion. 

                We talked for about an hour, and had a wonderful conversation.  Mr. Espino also told us of the eleven children that he adopted from Guatemala, and how even thought they are all now grown, he still watches out for them as though they were family.  He also told us that after the Political coop, during which time the President Serano Elias fled the country and he had to take over as President of Guatemala for a week, that he decided to turn himself into the authorities, after running for some time, and was found innocent.  "Politics," he said, "are something that I never want to be in ever again!  It is just too hard, and there is too much corruption!"

                Before we left, Bro. Donate and I gave him a 1602 TR New Testament, and told him about the work and why there was a need to revise the Spanish Bible.  He told us, "My preacher reads from the New International Spanish Version, and I don't like it at all!  It takes too many words out of the text!"  He was happy to hear of our work, and said he would read it.  I also gave him a gospel tract as well.

                On the way out, he gave us both a big hug, and said he was thankful for our visit, and it really made his day.  He invited me  to come and visit him at his home if I should ever again be in the area for a longer time. 


Me with the Ex-President of Guatemala, Mr. Gustavo Espina Salguero



November 29th 2003 Saturday                          Sickness, Study, and Soulwinning


                I slept in this morning with the intention of getting some rest and trying to knock out this dreadful "gripe" (cold) that has been plaguing me.  However, when I awoke I found the climate very cold and unfavorable, which did not help me in the least.  Nor did a semi-hot shower under a faucet that only dripped warm water slowly.  Each drop felt like a bullet upon my body, and I savored each warm droplet trying to get warm.  But it was in vain, as cold overwhelmed me when I exited the bathroom, feeling even more sick and miserable.

                Most of the morning I spent studying and copying files to CD's for Bro. Donate.  I also read several books.  One was entitled "Forever Settled," by a man named Jack Moorman.  By far it has to be one of the best books I've ever read about Manuscript Evidence, and why the King James Bible is God's perfect, preserved word for all English Speakers.

                In the afternoon, Bro. Donate came for me and took me to the Vacation Bible School Worker's Appreciation Dinner.  We ate steak, rice, and broccoli.  It was wonderful, but I didn't feel like eating much.  I believe I offended the cook, for when she asked if I wanted seconds, I told her, "No thank you, I'm full!"  She said, "What?  You don't like it?  You don't want any more?"  I tried to explain that I just wasn't hungry, but she seemed completely hurt that I would not want anymore of her food and stormed off in a huff.  Bro. Reinaldo saw what happened, and said, "You just aren't a good Baptist!  Don't you know we always have seconds!"

                At three, we all went "Soulwinning."   On the way to the neighborhood where they are accustomed to visiting, we heard a loud "Thump" on the side of the van.  When I looked out the window behind us, I saw that we had hit a young child.  Bro. Donate noticed it as well, and stopped.  I saw the father come out and pick the young boy up in his arms.  When I yelled at him to ask if he was okay, the father said, "Go ahead!  Forget about it!"  So, we continued on.  "This is Guatemala," Bro. Donate said, as we parked the car a few blocks up the road.

                We visited many houses, invited a lot of people to church, and got out many tracts.  I also had the opportunity to met Bro. Carlos Rivera, and chat with him.  He is a man who is very active in Bro. Donate's church, and preaches as an evangelist.  He also writes good books in Spanish against many cults.

                In the evening, I spent some time at Bro. Donate's house chatting with his family and fellowshipping.


November 30th 2003 Sunday             Last Day in Guatemala


                I had to preach twice today.  In the morning service, I preached on "Seven Things That Peter Said Were Precious."  It seemed to go well, but because of my weak and frail state, I didn't feel that I preached as hard as I should have, nor was I able to master the Spanish Language like I wished.

                Before the evening service, Bro. Donate's daughter Anna took me back to visit the bus kids, and we found that there was no one there to watch them.  So, I had to take charge and begin singing with them and generally keeping them from killing one another.  This helped me to regain some energy, and when it came time to preach, I found a renewed vigor within to preach with boldness, and power.  I preached on "The Gospel" and had four points:  1.  The Preaching of the Gospel, 2.  The Power of the Gospel, 3. The Perversion of the Gospel, 4.  The Payment of those who reject the Gospel (Hell).   I showed them how the Power of the Gospel was the blood of Jesus Christ, and the Perversion of the Gospel was to not include the blood in the preaching of it.  It went well, and I enjoyed myself.

                In the evening, Bro. Donate took me back to his house with all my luggage to spend the night, as tomorrow I must leave bright and early.  We ate a great supper of Turkey leftovers, and enjoyed fellowshipping for the last time.  I also played Chess with his daughter Abigail.  I actually won for once!


December 1st 2003 Monday               Back To Honduras!


                The alarm clock went off at three this morning.  Immediately I shaved, showered, and set my things in order.  Bro. Donate had Breakfast ready for me when I finished.  Then we drove to the Bus Station at four in the morning.  I was surprised to see how dead the capital city was at that hour.  No one was in sight, and the city seemed peaceful and quiet.

                After saying our goodbyes, I checked my luggage in, and entered my bus bound for San Pedro Sula.  It was an eight hour trip, and I slept most of the way.  When I arrived in San Pedro Sula, Bro. Homero Romero was there waiting for me in my Suburban.

                He told me that he fixed the rear brakes, and the air conditioning.  I thanked him, and paid him for his labor.  We drove back to his house, where we had a great lunch of TURKEY (how great it was!), and I recounted to them my adventures in Guatemala.

                Afterwards I drove the three hours home to La Esperanza, and went to bed exhausted from a long week of Preaching, traveling, teaching, and more.


December 2nd 2003 Tuesday             New Responsiblities


                Bani came by this morning to finish mowing the lawn.  When he arrived, he told me that Mike Lane wished to speak with me.  I said, "Okay," and then drove up the dirt road to his house to speak with him.  He is leaving tomorrow for the United States, and he'll be gone for a month.  He asked me to take over services for him every Sunday until he comes back the first of next year.  This I agreed to do, and he was very thankful.  He also asked me to use my garage for services tomorrow, as the Baptist Camp will be occupied this Wednesday through Saturday with a church from Siguatepeque.  I told him that would be fine, and we spent an hour visiting in our neighborhood together and telling those that are coming that we will be meeting in my house tomorrow.

                The rest of the day I had to run errands.  I had to pay the rent, check my email, and call several people in the U.S.  Afterwards, I went home and began working on fixing my laptop computer.  It went bad on me last Sunday in Guatemala, and I had to reinstall Windows XP. 

                In the evening, Julio's boys came and we watched a video by Kent Hovind about "Creation and the Bible."  It was very good, and the boys enjoyed learning about the "Hyper-baric Chamber" and how the earth before Noah's flood had twice the oxygen level and thus people lived longer.



December 3rd 2003 Wednesday        Service in My Garage


                All day I spent working on my computer.  I had to reinstall many programs that Windows messed up when it reinstalled.  I finally finished in the afternoon, and then spent some time writing and studying for my last Bible Institute Class this Saturday.

                At five o'clock, I went up the road to pick up people for services.  Several were not home, so I returned home with only two children.  We had a great service in my garage with Bro. Daniel teaching about "The Word of God," and what it does for us.

                Afterwards, I took the children home that lived too far away to walk, and then I returned home to work on writing my prayerletter for the month of October.


December 4th 2003 Thursday           Quebrada de Lajas


                All morning long I spent writing my November Prayerletter and revising my October one.  At two o'clock, I took Julio's boys with me and we went to Quebrada de Lajas for Visitation.  I witnessed to Reina for about thirty minutes and showed her from the scriptures how to be saved.  But her response was, "Well, I'm Catholic, and I can't change my religion."

                Several houses down I witnessed to a young man named Eddie.  I took him through the scriptures and stressed his need to be saved.  He saw that Jesus died on the cross for his sins in his place, but he said, "I'm just not ready to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour.  I've thought a lot about it, but I'm just not ready yet."

                We had about 15 in service, and I preached on "The Family of God."  I showed that when a person is saved, he is a son of God, and part of God's family.   He is born again.  And as a baby is born the first time covered in blood, so must a child of God be born again by the blood of Jesus Christ.  I also told them that a person that is not saved, is of their father the devil (John 8:44).


December 5th 2003 Friday Studying, Waiting, Working, and Fixing


                Last night before bed, I tried to finish the last two lessons for Bible Institute Class.  However, I felt so bad, I went to bed early without finishing either one.  La Esperanza is very cold this time of year, and the weather hinders my health.  Not only do my bones hurt, but I feel very tired, and miserable.

                But today I finished my last remaining lessons.  One is on the Milenium, while the other is about the Great White Throne Judgment and the New Heavens and New Earth.  I look forward to teaching them to the students tomorrow.

                Missionary Harold Priday was supposed to come by today and visit with me.  I waited all day, but never heard hide nor hair from him.  I wonder what happened to him.

                I also had to work on my back brakes today.  Yesterday we heard a funny noise coming home from the back right tire.  When I took the wheel off, I found many pieces of broken metal, springs, and screws.  I called Bro. Homero from a neighbor's phone, and he told me he'd come over tomorrow to see if he could fix it.

                Speaking of fixing things, I went over to Julio's house today to visit with his kids.  Tomorrow we have a "Pelicula" (Christian video) that we plan on showing in Quebrada de Lajas.  Bro. Mike Lane told me I could use his generator for power, so we went over to his house to look at it.  Hotir tried to start it, and when he did he broke the pull rope string.  We spent the next two hours working on trying to fix that.  There were two generators in total, and we had to fix them both.  But we did get them running and are looking forward to using them tomorrow.


December 6th 2003 Saturday            Last Day of Bible Institute


                My last day of Bible Institute went well.  I had the students take their final exam first.  The didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but they did okay.  Only two of them failed.  However, I grade them in the following way: 1/3 is their final exam, 1/3 is their homework, and 1/3 of their grade comes from their attitude.  So, I believe they will all pass the class.  Afterwards we studied the last two lessons, and I was grateful to have the class finally over.  Now I'll have more time to study and work on other things.

                At two thirty, Homero Romero showed up at the house and took a look at my Suburban.  He capped the brake hose on the back right, and drained the air from the line.  Then he took the brake pads off and told me I could drive it on Monday to his house in San Pedro Sula so we could buy all the necessary parts and fix it properly.  Thus, I'll have to drive it with only three brakes.  This makes me feel uneasy, as I don't like the idea of driving the car that way, but as a Missionary, I've learned to live by faith and trust God (while still being careful).

                Julio's boys asked Luis to go with us to Quebrada de Lajas, and it was good they did, for he took his pickup, and that saved me from having to drive in my car.  Five of us went in total, and we had a great time showing the "Jesus" film to almost forty people.  There were several things in the movie that I didn't like (for example, Jesus baptized himself face forward, instead of John the Baptist baptizing him backwards), but it did do a very good job of presenting the Gospel to some people that otherwise might not have heard.  I was surprised to see how many people showed up.  We had a good crowd in spite of the very cold climate.  But I thought to myself afterwards, "It's just sad to me that people will come for a "Pelicula" (movie), but they don't come for the "Palabra de Dios" (word of God).


December 7th 2003 Sunday               Catholicism


                I visited Jacobo's church this morning.  While there I found an old "Newsweek" Magazine with the front page caption of "Losing His Flock?  The Pope's Fight For The Soul of Latin America."  Inside it had an article saying that the Catholic Church was losing 3000 members a week in Central and South America to "Protestants."  This was interesting to me.  However, most of the so-called "Protestants" were nothing more than "Pentecostals."

                Bro. Jacobo taught Sunday School on the subject of "Liberty in Christ."   He did a wonderful job of showing how a Christian is free from the law, but because he is, he should try to please God out of a pure heart. 

                In the evening, I taught at the Baptist Camp for Sunday Night Service on the subject of "Catholicism versus the Bible."  I showed them the following Chart that I made:


                                THE BIBLE                                                                            CATHOLICISM

                Jesus Worship  (Matt. 2:11)                                               Mary Worship      (Not found in the Bible)

                One Sacrifice (Heb. 10:10-12)                                             Many Sacrifices or The Mass (Not found in the Bible)

                Baptism of Believers (Acts 8:32-39)                  Infant Baptism   (Not found in the Bible)

                God is the Father (Eph. 4:6)                                                Pope is the Father (Not Biblical)  See Matthew 23:9

                Salvation by Faith (Eph. 2:8,9)                                           Salvation by the Church and works (Anti-Biblical)

                                Dead in Christ go to heaven (2 Cor. 5:8)                          Those in good standing with the Church go to Purgatory


I showed how Jesus was the true virgin (Mary had other children according to Matt. 13:55-57 and Mark 6:3,4), the only mediator (1 Tim. 2:5), and was the only one that was without sin (Mary was a sinner according to Luke 1:46,47; 2:22-24; and Leviticus 12:1-8).  I also showed that the mass was an abomination as it tried to sacrifice Jesus over and over again, even though the Bible says that Jesus "one" sacrifice was sufficient (1 Ped. 3:18).   I also taught them that baptism is not for children, but for adults who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and that salvation was not by works, but by faith (Rom. 4:15).  I finished by showing them that a person who trusts the blood of Jesus Christ to save their soul goes to heaven when they die, and a person who trusts in Catholicism will go to Hell (they change it to Purgatory) when they die.


December 8th 2003 Monday               Labels


                Bright and early this morning I drove to San Pedro Sula to Bro. Homero Romero's house to fix my brakes.  As I drove along, my mind wandered upon many things that I've been through the last several weeks, and many conversations I've had with others.  I thought about my conversation with Bro. Donate about "Labels" and how people judge you according to what "camp" pertain.  Many so-called "Fundamentalists" are very divided amongst themselves.  They put themselves into a mold, and only desire to fellowship with those within their fold and shun others that aren't part of their "organization."  I saw this much on deputation.  Many Pastors ask where a man is from and judge him by that rather than asking him sound doctrinal questions to find out what that Missionary really believes.  It's sad really. 

                But as I continued on with deputation, I found that each group was strong in a different area.  I remember telling Donate, "To me, you go to the 'Ruckmanites' to get sound Biblical Teaching.  You go to the 'Sightlerites' for good hard preaching.  And you look to the 'Hylesites' on how to build a big church."  That's how it still is today in my view.

                Upon my arrival at Bro. Homero's we removed the right rear tire and gathered all the parts we needed to take to the Auto Parts Store to buy new ones.  After several hours of trying to find what we needed, we eventually found the springs, new brake cylinder, brake fluid, and other parts we needed to finish the job.  Afterwards, we worked late unto the afternoon and early evening until we completed our task. 

                I invited Bro. Homero and his family to Pizza Hut for dinner, and we ate well.  As we dined, Bro. Homero told me about how his finances are very low, and that he doesn't have the money he needs to move, as the landlord told him that he has to be out of his house by the end of the month.  He also confided in me that he'll probably have to leave the field the middle of next year.  He was very sad when he told me this, as the church was starting to grow, and the people were really starting to get on fire for the Lord.  I consoled him to the best of my ability and said I'd be praying for his situation.  It's sad that those who are actually doing something for the Lord are very much under funded.  But I've seen many Missionaries that are doing nothing at all, yet they have and abundance of money to spare, and yeah, even burn.  Such a great injustice this is to God and Missions!


December 9th 2003 Tuesday              Raising the Rent


                After breakfast this morning, Bro. Homero and I bled the brakes to get the last bit of air out of them.  Afterwards, I drove four hours away to Tegucigalpa to work on obtaining my Residence Visa.  Before I left, I gave "sacrificially" to Bro. Homero several thousand lempiras to help him with his move.  He still hasn't found a place to live, but I hope that the little I could do will help him.

                Before arriving in Tegucigalpa, I had to stop in Siguatepeque and speak with my landlord, Missionary Harold Priday.  We talked for a while, and he offered to rent the house in La Esperanza to me for another year.  I accepted, as I feel that's where God would have me for now, but was sad to hear that he raised the rent on me.  Now I'll have to pay more money to live there.  But, I know not what to do but trust God to provide.

                In Tegucigalpa, I arrived too late to start on my Residence Visa.  Thus I mailed several packages to the U.S. of my Spanish Bible Booklet and 1602 TR New Testaments. 

                In the afternoon, I spent some time at the Cancer Center trying to rest.  It seems I've been on the go so much lately.


December 10th 2003 Wednesday      Renewing My Residence Visa


                Things actually went smoothly for once for me here in Honduras.  I could hardly believe it!  I took all my paperwork with me to the Office of Immigration, and the lady behind the counter took care of everything in a kind and orderly manner.  However, I did lack one paper before I could have my Residence renewed.  They lady behind the counter looked through all my paperwork, and told me, "I'm sorry, without that paper, you can't renew your Residence."  I replied, "But these are all the papers I was given!"  She compassionately responded with a smile, "Then I shall look in your file, perhaps our missing paper is in there!"  Sure enough, the valuable document was hiding between the cardstock sheets of my personal file.  The lady told me to go downstairs and make a copy of it for my files, which I gladly did.

                Downstairs I ran into Missionary Jason Tate and his wife and family.  They too where there to visit the Immigration Office, and have their passports stamped.  We talked for a while, and I asked him how things were going at the Cancer Center. He told me "Great!  The people are very happy to be learning the Bible!"  I also asked him how Zenia was, and he told me, "Well, the last I heard, Nelson came back and apologized, and she took him back.  They are now living somewhere in Tegucigalpa, but nobody knows where, not even Zenia's mother."  That was interesting to hear.  Maybe Nelson did repent.  But, who knows. 

                After finishing all the paperwork at the Immigration Office, I walked up the road to my favorite little "Hondu Mex" restaurant and ordered a plate of "Gringas."  Afterwards I walked up the road downtown to the United States Embassy.  I stopped at the Embassy of Spain out of curiosity and went in.  Bro. Donate and I talked about the possibility of visiting Spain for a month sometime next year, and that got me to thinking.  So I went inside and asked what the "requirements" were to enter their country.  They told me that as long as I had an American Passport, I would be allowed in up to three months with no problems.  They also gave me a map of Spain and a little travel information.

                On the way home, I stopped in Siguatepeque for a cup of coffee at "Granja's Deli."  While I sat and sipped my "cup of Joe," I studied the map of Spain.  So many Catholic names and Papist influences could be seen there.  Many streets in every city were named after Popes or Catholic "saints."  It made me sick to my stomach at first, but then it made me burdened for the Spanish people.  I cried the whole way home as I thought about the poor, deceived Spanish people.  My heart broke for them as I thought on it more.  My Spanish teacher, Tomas Sanchez Fernandez was Spanish.  And since being here, and studying more about the history of Spain and the Spanish language, my heart bleeds for the Spanish people.  How I want so to preach to them and tell them the glorious story of Jesus' love, sacrifice, and substitutionary blood atonement.  Oh that I could open their eyes and lead them from darkness unto light! 

                The more I think on it, the more I desire to go and preach to them.  For they are the founders of "The New World" and all the spiritual darkness that herein is, came from them.  How I would like to take the Cure to the source of the corruption.  How I would like to attack the bitter root of the problem rather than just try to clip the dead branches of the cursed tree of Catholicism!  Yes, Spain is the source of the deception, and how my heart desires to at least try to reach them with the truth.

                As I thought on these things, my heart broke the more, and I asked God, "Lord before you come, or before I die, would you please let me lead one person from Spain to the Lord Jesus Christ?  For I love the Spanish people so, and don't want them to go to hell. Would you dear Lord, give me one soul delivered from their darkened stupor that would then in turn be a shinning light unto them guiding them to the truth like a lighthouse leads a wearied ship home to shore?"

                When I arrived home, I immediately went to the Baptist Camp and listened to Bro. Daniel Pineda teach.  Afterwards, I drove everyone home in Bro. Mike Lane's church van.


December 11th 2003 Thursday         Spain, Erick Sanchez, and Quebrada de Lajas


                Last night I dreamt I went in Spain. The countryside was beautiful and full of snow capped mountains. And the people there were rich, cultured, and educated.  But they would not listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I tried to preach to them, but they told me, "Please do not, for we wish not to hear it!"  How frustrated I felt as I tried again in my dream to preach to a people that desired not to listen.

                I awoke from my slumber this morning when Erick Sanchez knocked on my back window.  I quickly dressed and went to the front door to let him in.  We talked for a while, and he invited me to go and preach for him tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock.  He is preaching in an area where there are many "Waterdogs" (Cambellites) who preach that salvation is by water baptism.  He desires me to preach a message and show that Salvation is by nothing more than grace through faith without works!  I told him I would be happy to do so.

                In the evening service at Quebrada de Lajas, I preached on "Catholicism verses the Bible." It was the same message I preached last Sunday Night.  We had a pretty good crowd (about twenty).  I gave them all New Testaments to look up the verses with me so that they could see for themselves what God said about the corrupt and deceitful cult known as the Catholic Church.

                After I took everyone home, Jose Martir told me, "That was the best message you've ever preached here!  Now the people can't say that we don't teach anything here.  You presented it so clearly, that there is no way they could not understand!"

                I thanked him for his complement, and I told him I'd be coming back on Sunday afternoon to take he and his family to my house for lunch.  They are really looking forward to it.


December 12th 2003 Friday               It's Not Water, It's the Blood!!!       


                Most of the morning I spent studying and preparing for my preaching engagement this evening.  God was good, and gave me a good message on Salvation.  I'm learning that the best way to deal with this people is start by saying, "So and so says this.  But the Bible says..."  And then I show them what God said about it.  It makes them think, and it helps them to see that man is never right, and God is never wrong!

                Service went very well.  Erick Sanchez went with me, and I preached to over 20 people on the subject of "What Men Say About Salvation, Verses What God Says."  I began with the heresy of saying the law will save a person.  I showed them Galatians 2:16 as well as many other verses to prove that the law can save no one, and was only given to show us our sin (Rom. 7:7 and 1 Tim. 1:9,10) and point us to Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:25).  I continued by saying that some preach that salvation is by works.  But I quickly debunked this heresy by showing them Rom. 4:5; Ephesians 2:8,9; Acts 15:11; Acts 16:30,31 and more.

                Afterwards, I preached hard against the heresy of "Salvation by Water Baptism."  I showed them that Christ baptized no one (John 4:2) and if salvation was by Water Baptism, then Jesus Christ never saved anyone in his life!  I also showed them that the apostle Paul would be a very sorry Missionary, for he only baptized Crispus and Gaius (1 Cor. 1:14), and the house of Stephanus (1 Cor. 1:16) and no one else.  What a poor Missionary to have saved so few if Water Baptism is the only way to get to heaven! 

                I continued with Paul's words in 1 Cor. 1: 17, "For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect," and showed that it's the gospel that saves a man, and not water baptism (1 Cor. 15:1-4).  I finished by telling the people that water does nothing for them except make their flesh clean.  But to cleanse their souls (1 John 1:7), and to have their sins washed away (Rev. 1:5), they must trust the other liquid – The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ!  For it is only by faith in the blood (Rom. 3:25) that a person is redeemed (1 Peter 1:18,19), justified (Rom. 5:9), and given eternal life (John 6:54).

                It seemed to go well.  Bro. Sanchez said I preached a superb message, and the people understood that it's not water that saves, but the precious red, sanguine liquid of God himself that he shed for our sins on the cross of Calvary!

                Upon my arrival home, I found Bani and Luis waiting for me.  They asked me to come to the Baptist Camp behind the house to partake in the festivities of the "Awana" program they are holding there.  I went and ate supper with them, played a little Chess and Ping Pong, and then went home to rest.


December 13th 2003 Saturday          Resting and Pondering On the Spanish People


                Finally I had a day to rest!  How great it was to sit around and just relax for once!  All day I spent copying CD's (a very non- strenuous job) for Bro. Carlos Donate in Guatemala, and I had the opportunity to read several books (Two in English, and one in Spanish).  One of them was entitled, "The Inquisition in New Spain in the 16th Century).  It was very interesting, and it taught me more about what I already knew about the Spanish.  They are such a stiff-necked, religion-oriented, yet sacrilegious people.  They speak their mind and say what they feel without thinking about the consequences.  Nor do they care if it hurts others.  My Spanish teacher told me this, and I see it the more as I study them and their history.

                One quote from the book by a Mr. Henry C. Lea sums it up well, when he states (I translate from Spanish), "The Spanish were choleric and in no way very delicate in choosing words when they became angry; games of chance were an almost universal passion, and in almost all lands and epochs, did nothing more than provoke the more interjections and curses [with the] sudden change of the playing cards and the dice."           

                The more I learn about them, the more I long to take them the Gospel.  For even though they are a hard people, they too have souls in need of salvation.


December 14th 2003 Sunday                         A Lunch With the Natives


                This afternoon, I drove up the mountain to Quebrada de Lajas to visit Jose Martir and to bring him and his family to my house for lunch.  When I arrived, I was told, "Jose is not here yet, he's still playing soccer up the road."  When I drove up the road to find him, I found that he was member of a soccer team called "Barcelona," with his two brother in laws.  I sat and watched their entire game and rejoiced with them as they beat "Valencia" three to zero.

                When the game ended, I took Jose back to his home, and loaded up his family in my Suburban and took them back to my house for lunch.  I feed them a wonderful meal of Tostados with refried beans, Monterrey Jack cheese, and a salad of tomatoes and lettuce.  We feasted till we could eat no more.  They took advantage of the food (as they aren't accostumbed to eating so well), and ate three or four tostados each (they were very big tostados).  Afterwards, I gave them a wonderful desert of "Fruit Salad."  They were very pleased, and very full.

                In the evening, I took them to services in the Baptist Camp.  I showed a documentary about, "Catholicism" which interviewed many priests, nuns, and others that trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and left the Roman Catholic Church.  The film was made in Spain, and it did my heart good to hear so many Spaniards with my own two ears say in their trademark Spanish lisp, "The Catholic Church cannot save anyone!"  How great it was to see that as least some Spaniards have found the truth in the Bible, and rejected the religious pagan system that not only brought the curse of God upon their nation, but also damned many of their fellow countrymen to an eternal hell.

                Afterwards, I took many people home, and then dropped off Jose Martir and his family at their home in Quebrada de Lajas.


December 15th 2003 Monday            Studying, and More Eggs!


                So much needs to be done, and I feel with each passing day I'm falling behind in the things I would like to achieve.  Today I spent finishing much needed paperwork, correspondence, and study materials.  But I have so many other things I'd like to do.  I just wish I could get them all finished.

                I also discovered today that my newest hen is now laying eggs.  And they are huge!  They are exceed the normal size of a regular white egg that I am accostumbed to buying at the Supermarket.    How surprising that they are so big! 


December 16th 2003 Tuesday           Coldness Brings Sickness


                Cold has settled in on La Esperanza like dust u