Daily Journal of Life in Honduras in 2006


January 1st 2006 Sunday                   Yet Another New Year


                A New Year dawns yet again.  How quickly my time here has passed in Honduras!  It seems like only yesterday that I was on an airplane leaving America to come to this place as a Missionary.  How young I was, how full of energy and ideas.  Now I feel like a worn out, used up, old man.  My how times have changed! 

                I've really learned a lot since the early days.  When I started deputation, I was so green that I didn't realize it was the church that sends Missionaries, not a "Mission Board."  I was not alone.  Many Pastors asked me, "What Mission Board are you sent from?"  I'd tell them in my ignorance Bible Baptist Mission.  But now I correct them.  I tell them, "I'm not sent by a Board, but rather by God and my Local Church!"

                I used to think that a Missionary was only called to one place.  But now I see that Paul wasn't called to any specific place, but rather to people.  A Missionary doesn't have to stay in a state, region, or country.  He's free to move as God directs and allows, to preach the Gospel to all those that come across his path.  Yet many churches and Pastors believe a Missionary is only called to one specific area.

                Yes, I've learned a lot over the years.  Much of what I've learned has been detrimental to me, or so it appears.  Because as I learn more and more, I can't help but become angry at all the apostasy and tradition that has crept into the church.   Nor can I go along with the modern Missions Agenda, because most of what they are doing is against the Bible!  They are doing things their way instead of God's way.  It makes me want to do nothing else but preach against it!

There is so much tradition and false teaching about Missions that it's very hard nowadays to be a true Missionary.   People think that a good Missionary is one who builds a lot of buildings, but that's not so.  The building is not the church.  The people make up the church!  What a Missionary is supposed to do is build people! 

                Modern apostate Missions and Missionaries aren't called to preach the Gospel anymore (which was their original purpose).  Instead they schedule Medical Brigades, build orphanages, construct schools and Bible Institutes, and erect Baptist Camps.  I'm not against those things, but I do not find them in the Bible.  They are not bad, but they should not be the entire focus of a ministry.  If a Missionary does those things instead of preaching the Gospel, then they are only helping people socially and physically instead of spiritually

I think God's money would much better be used on printing Bibles, and Gospel Literature, and supporting a man who preaches and teaches the Bible, wins souls, trains preachers, and builds people up spiritually!

                Missionaries of old followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and preached under his influence and power.  Missionaries today go where their "Mission" tells them and preach on social issues, culture, and psychological counselling. They are more interested in changing people than winning them to the Lord and letting Him change them.

                Instead of studying God's word and making it the most important thing, they've left the work of translation to ungodly scholars and the job of printing it to Bible Societies who work closely with the enemy (The Roman Catholic Church).  Instead of checking a Bible and making sure it's pure, Modern Missionaries check what Bible the majority uses and proclaim it to be the best based on how much it's been used in their estimation.  How sad!

                The more I look at modern Missions, the sicker I become.  I want no part of it.  I don't want a Mission Board to lead me, I want God to do so!  I don't want to be called to one place only and have my ministry limited only to that area, I want to take God with me where ever I go!  I don't want to build buildings, I want to build people!  I don't want to preach socialistic garbage but want my foundation and purpose to be the very Gospel of Jesus Christ!  I don't want to hook up with the heathen and give people a misleading, water-downed perversion of the Bible, but would rather give them the pure word of God and His revelation!  God help me and lead me in this New Year to be a better Missionary Biblically in the eyes of God, and not a better apostate Missionary who propagates tradition and receives the praise of men for it.

                Service in my house went well.  I preached from Acts chapter seventeen about Paul and his ministry.  I stressed to the people that we ought to strive to start our New Year out right by Testifying (vs2) and Preaching the Gospel (vs 3).  We ought also to be faithful in Studying (vs 11) as did the Bereans, and learn our Bibles so we can Dispute (vs 17) against false teachings and sects and bring people to the Bible position instead of that of tradition and false religion.

                Finally, I told them that we ought to start the New Year Repentant (vs 30) of the things we did bad last year and make a decision to do better .             


January 2nd 2006 Monday  Closed for the New Year


                Alfonso and I left early this morning for the SANAA office (the Water Department).  Alfonso has been speaking with the man in charge there, and has talked him into letting us connect to the city water system without having to pay all the back taxes that Bro. Mike Lane owes.  When we arrived, the office was closed for the holidays.  So we drove home determined to head back tomorrow. 

                Laura and I drove into town later in the day to check our email, and we found everything closed except a few street vendors, from whom we bought some strawberries and vegetables.  We've decided we are going to eat healthier in this New Year.


January 3rd 2006 Tuesday Our House is Sold


                I awoke early this morning and after breakfast went to find Alfonso.  He wasn't home.  His wife told me, "He left to drop off his workers at a job site." 

We were supposed to be at the office of SANNA at eight, but because he was nowhere to be found, I drove back home for a nine o'clock appointment with the owner of our house.

                Hernan Corrales told us that he was going to buy the house and that he would be here today with the owner to discuss the particulars.  They arrived at nine thirty.  We greeted our guests with banana bread and coffee and then let them discuss their business.  Mr. Priday brought a man named Jimmy Stevens with him who was visiting from the states.  Jimmy and I talked for a while about the Bible and it was a real blessing not only to speak to another American, but also to find someone who was excited about discussing the Bible.

                Before Mr. Priday left, he told us that he is selling the house.  Hernan (the buyer) told us that we would have to move soon, however he would give us ample time to pack and prepare in finding a new place.

                Both Laura and I were a bit discouraged, but we prayed and put everything in God's hands, trusting him to guide and lead our paths.


January 4th 2006 Wednesday                           Dealing with the Electrical Company


                I drove to ENEE (the Electrical Company) this morning and asked for the paperwork to connect the new church building to the city power.  Their office was horrible.  In the U.S. the water company and Light Company are privately owned and operated.   They are a business whose desire is to get more customers in order to make more money.  Thus, they are very professional and very fast.  However, in Honduras, they are anything but!

                The government runs both the SANNA and ENEE here, and because of this they are completely inefficient.  Just like the government, they are full of bureaucracy and red tape.  Alfonso told me that there are people who have been waiting more than two years to connect to the City Water System. 

                The office of ENEE was anything but nice.  The door is falling off the hinges, and it scrapes the floor when opened.  Inside, the adobe walls are crumbling and there are many cracks and holes.  Instead of fixing them and replastering, they just painted over them with a blue, oil based paint.  The floors are old cracked ceramic tiles and the ceiling is nothing but termite infested, rotten boards.  Brownish circles spot different areas where rain has leaked through and left them waterlogged.

                I asked to speak with the secretary and she wasn't there.  Her assistant said she was "on vacation."  When I asked for my paperwork so that I could pay the connection fee, she said, "I'm sorry!  You'll have to come back tomorrow, because I'm not authorized to do anything like that!

I then asked if she could just type up the paperwork so I could go and pay the fee at the bank.  Her response was, "I guess I could do that for you, but the boss isn't here to sign it, so it would do you no good!"

                I was furious!  Can you imagine that happening in any Electrical Company in any city in the United States of America?  They are definitely not "professional" here.


January 5th 2006 Thursday               ENEE, SANAA, and Demons


                It seems that ENEE is not the only "unprofessional" Utilities Company in Honduras.  SANAA (the Water Department)is far worse!   I went with Alfonso today and we obtained the necessary paperwork to connect to the city water.  However, in order to actually do so (and not be like those that have waited more than two years) the way of doing things here in Honduras is to give the director a small "mordida" (bribe).  I felt horrible doing this, and couldn't do so in good conscience, so I told Alfonso to come back later and give the man something if he wanted to.  I just couldn't.  He said he would, as that's the only way to get things done here.

                I then went to ENEE and acquired my paperwork for the connection to the City Power.  The Secretary was there and she took her sweet time in typing up my papers.  When I took them to the bank to pay them, they said, "There is no indication of how much you are supposed to pay here!  The Secretary forgot to mark the amount owed!"  I couldn't believe it!

                So I asked, "How much is the fee usually?"  They replied, "350 Lempiras."  I responded, "Let me pay that!"  They did.  When I returned to the ENEE office, the Secretary asked me, "How much did you pay?  Because I forgot to write down how much you owed!"  I told her, "Three hundred and fifty Lempiras."  She then said, "Oh, it should have been five hundred.  350 Lempiras is the fee for individuals, and 500 is the fee for businesses.

This then started a long discussion in which I said that a church is not a business!   She wouldn't listen, but told me that she would collect the 150 that was lacking on the first bill. 

                She also said that sometime next week they would come out and connect the wiring and hook us up the City Power.  I was glad to hear this, but I've been in Honduras long enough that I won't hold my breath.

                In Quebrada de Lajas, I taught on the topic of "Where Demons Come From."  I showed them that they are either fallen angels, or the spirits of the giants. 

                Afterwards, Laura told me I didn't differentiate between the fallen angels and the fallen angels that left their first estate.  To her, the angles who fell from heaven with Lucifer are only fallen angels.  But those who mated with the daughters of men are the fallen angels who left their first estate.  For they would have had to drink blood and take on human form and seed in order to fornicate and produce giants.  She further stated that those angels who didn't leave their first estate (i.e. fall and lose their angelic nature), can still fly and travel in outer space.

                This got me thinking.  I remember in John chapter five the Bible speaks of an angel that troubles the waters of a pool in Jerusalem, and the first person who touches the water afterwards is completely healed of whatever disease he or she has.  Many people try to discredit this story and say that it shouldn't be in the Bible.  Why?  'Cause they don't believe it or don't understand it.  I believe it happened and God put it in the Bible for a reason.  But who is this angel?  Could it be one of those fallen angels who didn't leave his first estate by mating with the daughters of men?

                Those fallen angels that did mate with the daughters of men, would still be angels, but would be earth bound.  Laura thinks these are the demons.  However, the other theory is that demons are the spirits of the Giants (the fallen angels' offspring).  When their bodies died, their spirits were loosed, and they still travel the earth today looking for new bodies to inhabit and control.  This theory makes sense and has some evidence to back it up. 

First, the extracanonical Book of Enoch says that demons are indeed the very spirits of the Giants.  Also, many Modern day "channelers" claim to have spirit guides (demons) who speak to them and use them to prophesy.  When these spirits were asked what their names were, many responded with Biblical names of Giants, such as Goliath, Anak, Emmim, and more.  Could demons be the disembodied spirits of giants?

                At any rate, Laura got me thinking.  I now have three theories instead of only two in "Who the Demons Are."  They are:


1.        Fallen angels (who didn't drink blood and leave their first estate and mate with the daughters of men)


2.        Fallen angels who did leave their first estate, and eventually died bodily because of it and became wandering spirits.


3.        The spirits of the giants who lost their bodies and are disembodied spirits that wander the earth looking for new bodies to possess or inhabit.


January 6th 2006 Friday                    Marriage and Thinking About What to Do


                At nine-thirty this morning Laura and I took Neftali and Alfa to the County Office to get married in accordance with Honduran Law.  The "alcalde" (Mayor) Jenaro Sanchez did the procedure.  As we walked into his office, I couldn't help but see in a frame on the wall behind his office a paper titled "The Masonic Code of Being a Gentlemen."  By this I discerned that Mr. Sanchez was a Mason.

                His speech was a little different than when he married Blanca and Martir.  When they were there before, he talked about God and the Bible.  This time he only spoke about the Honduran Law Code, and what marriage is according to that. When he finished, he said, "You are now married in the eyes of the law.

I couldn't help but think, "How awful that the law wants to take God's place.  Marriage is between a man and a woman and God! They are making a vow to themselves and to Him that created them.  How could the state want to take God's place and have them make a vow only to them instead?"

                The laws of Matrimony in Honduras I found to be anti-biblical.  Article 40 says, "Matrimony is constituted by equality of rights and responsibilities of both parties."              I most certainly do NOT agree with this, nor does the Bible.

                In God's word the Man's responsibilities are:


                                1.  To protect his wife            (1 Peter 3:7)

                                2.  Love his wife                     (Eph. 5:25)

                                3.  Be the head of the wife      (1 Cor. 11:3)

                                4.  Teach his wife                    (1 Cor. 14:35)


                The woman's responsibilities are:


                                1.  Obey her husband              (Titus 2:5)

                                2.  Be in Submission               (Eph. 5:22, Col. 3:18)

                                3.  Help her husband               (Gen. 2:18)

                                4.  Never depart from him      (1 Cor. 7:10)


                Obviously, God and the State are not in agreement!

                Further, Article 43 says, "Both Conjugates have the right to exercise their professions or offices and have the responsibility to offer reciprocal cooperation and help in it..."   What?  The Bible says that in marriage the woman's place is in the home (Titus 2:5)!  Not having a profession or an office!  This is totally against the Bible!  Who does the state think it is to try to correct God and the Bible???   

                When we left the office, I asked Neftali and Alfa if they wanted to have a wedding in the church.  They replied, "No, that would be enough." 

I told them, "But you haven't made your vows to God yet, only to the state!"  They still didn't want a church wedding, so I had them make their vows in my Suburban on the way home.  "Neftali, do you promise to cherish, protect, love, and honour Alfa all the days of your life, so help you God?"  He replied, "I do."  (Although in Spanish it's just "Si").  I then continued, "Alfa, do you promise to love, honour, obey, and submit to your husband, so help you God?"  She responded, "I do."  So, now they are officially married in God's eyes as well.

                After a nice lunch of chicken, Laura and I went to check our email.  Laura and I have been thinking a lot about what to do.  I've been praying for a long time about being an Evangelist.  I believe that eventually God will use me in this fashion.  Losing our house has made me think about leaving the Mission Field and going on the full time Evangelist Circuit.  If that's what God wants, maybe he's pushing me into it.

                So yesterday I wrote my Mission Board the following letter:


Greetings and Happy New Year!  Here's the latest news from Honduras:


We've got a couple getting married tomorrow! What a blessing!

We took a mule ride four hours over the mountains to teach some converts there why the Catholic Church is bad.  It was a lot of fun and they were very thankful. Now the bad news:

We've lost our house here. We were renting, and the owner decided to sell it to someone else.  We'll have to move in a couple of months.  Oh well. God knows best!


We've been praying a lot about a new direction anyway.  That of evangelist.  I'm praying about traveling more and preaching more meetings here and in other Central American countries, as well as in the States.


Eventually we might go back to the States and I'd be a full time evangelist.  This is in the praying and planning stage right now, but I can't get away from it.  I believe this is what the Lord wants me to do ultimately.  Just getting there is what we're trying to figure out.   Maybe losing the house is God pushing us along.

I've learned a lot while being a Missionary.  Things that are both good and bad.  Here's some things that trouble me about "Modern Missions" in this apostate Laodicean age:

Many Missionaries think that building the church means buiding a building.  But one thing I've learned is that GOD DID NOT CALL ME TO BUILD BUILDINGS!  The other Missionary here Mike Lane is building a church.  He's gone to the states for Christmas, and won't come back till January 16th.   Anyway, he left me in charge of the building project (something I was very leery of).  Let's just say I know for sure God didn't call me to build buildings, but rather people!  But supposedly, a Missionary in this modern age of apostasy is judged by how many buildings he's built, not how many people.   I don't like this.  

Also, who sends the Missionary?  I've learned from Acts 13 it's the church. I'm sent from Bible Baptist Church.  However, many Missionaries say they are sent from their Mission.  This is wrong!  Yet, many Pastors ask a Missionary first thing, "What Mission are you sent from?"   I've also seen Mission Boards control Missionaries and tell them what they can and can't do.  This is awful!  They are playing Holy Spirit.  The Missionary should allow God to direct him, and not be hindered by a Mission.  (I appreciate you guys, cause your stand is to let the Holy Spirit direct the Missionary!)

Finally, where is a Missionary called to specifically?  I've seen many Missionaries going around saying they are called only to a certain country (I've been guilty of this too.)  But does God call only to one place? Where was Paul called to?  He was called to people, not a place, and everywhere he went, he was a Missionary!   Thus, saying you are only called to one area is limiting your ministry.  I want to be used of God wherever I go!

But while on deputation, I saw a Bro. who was a Missionary to Cuba for many years.  He then believed God called him to Africa.  When he came back on deputation, many churches dropped his support saying he was a "liar" and that he said he was called only to Cuba, not Africa.   How sad! Look at how much "tradition" has crept into churches.  They think a Missionary is only a person called to one certain place, but that's not so!

Well, that's some of the troubling things I've seen.  I wanted to write and ask for some counsel, as well as ask if you all would be behind me if and when we change direction.  Also, how would be the best way of going about doing so?  How would one write his prayer letter?

There's a Ministry in Tennessee called W.I.N.G.S Bearing Precious Seed, run by Bro. Bob Adams.  They send Bibles all over the world.  Bro. Adams came down here several years ago and offered me the ministry.  He travels and preaches and raises money to send Bibles all over the world. I'm going to contact him and speak with him about this.   He says no one else wants the ministry, and he doesn't want to see it go under when he dies. It'd be the work of full time deputation, but also a full time evangelist.

Well, anyway, that's what's on my heart. Can you give me some counsel?  I know God called me to Honduras, and I believe it was to teach me some things and prepare me for what he ultimately wants me to do, work as an evangelist.  

Part of me doesn't want to leave Honduras, as I've gotten "comfortable here."  But I realize that God wants me to reach more people. And I believe he's showing me to press on and try to reach as many people as possible.  I'm not good at planting churches, but I'm able to preach and teach.   And it seems the more I reach new areas and more people, the more the Lord uses me.  At least that's how my ministry has been.

Please email at your leisure with some advice.  Donovan told us to find God's will we need:


1.   Scripture

2.  Advice of Other Christians

3.  Circumstances

I've got scripture and circumstance; I'm looking for advice.

Bro. Breaker

1 Sam. 12:24!


                Today I received their response:


Hi Bro. Breaker,

I will NOT try to tell you the Lord's will for your life.  If you know the Lord called you to Honduras and He's blessing your work there, then you should probably stay there.  I look at things quite practically.  If it isn't broke don't fix it.  Use it till it doesn't work any longer.  The grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence.

Oh well, do what you think the Lord wants you to do.  If you decide on evangelism in the States, then you will have to find some other board, or be independent.  Dr. Ruckman doesn't want to have evangelists on this board.


                Thus, that's their advice about leaving and becoming an evangelist?  It didn't help me much.  What was meant by "The Grass is not greener on the other side of the fence?"  And "Why doesn't Dr. Ruckman not want evangelists on his board?"  It sounds almost like they are downgrading evangelists.  Why?  Don't they know that the word "Missionary" is not in the Bible, but the word evangelist is?  Well, I'll just continue praying.  Maybe being independent is the best thing.  For then I'd be completely dependent on the Lord.


January 7th 2006 Saturday                                One Saved!


                Homero Romero and his family came today to visit us.  I invited him to come and install the metal gates on the church (as Alexander would not finish).  He looked the place over and spent some time making measurements.  We then drove into town to buy some metal tubing so he could make hinges.

                In town, I ran into the owner of the building we are renting in Quebrada de Lajas.  He told me, "You can only use the building till the end of this month, and then I need it back!"  So here we are booted out of our meeting place in Quebrada de Lajas!  What's going on? 

                Laura said, "That's really odd that we are told we have to move from two different places at one time!  Maybe God is showing us to move on."  At any rate, I have many ideas about what to do if we do end up leaving the Mission Field of Honduras.  I would like to have slide presentations like Kent Hovind and travel and preach on Creation, Giants, the New World Order, and More.  I strongly believe the Lord would use me in this fashion.

                In the evening the youth showed up for service.  I taught on Mystery # 6, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT.  I showed them many verses and proved that the Roman Catholic Church has its roots in the Pagan Babylon Religion.  I then showed how through Ecumenicalism Satan is building his One World Church, over which he'll reign after the Rapture with the False Prophet.

                After service twelve year old Jose Angel Lorenzo came forward to be saved! 


January 8th 2006 Sunday                                   Five Saved! 


                Homero preached for me in Quebrada de Lajas from Colossians chapter three and verse five.  His message was "Mortify your Flesh!"  Although we had a small crowd, many listened well and responded in the invitation, making a decision to do more to put down the wicked desires of the flesh and serve the Lord.

                Homero drove home to San Pedro Sula before church service at my house.  His excuse was, "It's just too cold here in La Esperanza, and I can't take it!  My whole body aches and my bones hurt!  I'm going to have to leave!"

                This left me with the evening service.  I didn't know what else to do, so I gave my testimony.  We were blessed with every seat full.  Afterwards, seven children came forward at the invitation.  I took them into a room and gave them the Gospel.  Only five of them trusted the shed blood of Jesus Christ to save their souls.  Two of them were just too young, and I perceived (through questioning them) that they didn't understand. 

                Those saved were: nine-year-old Brian Josue Gonzalez, seven-year-old Cintia Abagail Meza, nine-year-old Iris Mabel Meza, eight-year-old Nancy Johanna Lopez, and ten-year-old Jenny Mabel Lopez.  Afterwards, I brought them back into service and asked them to tell the folks what happened.  Each one said, "I trusted the blood of Jesus Christ to save my soul!"

                We then had a time of testimonials.  Marisol's mother gave her testimony of salvation.  She also said that her brother Jose Angel Lorenzo (the boy saved yesterday) said, "I'm so glad I'm saved!  My Catholic parents do like it, but I do!  I'm saved!"

                I told the people that we might have to move, and some of them were almost at the point of tears.  I could tell they really love Laura and I.  They don't want us to go, but they said they'd pray for us if we had to leave.


January 9th 2006 Monday                  Can We Stay?


                My neighbours the Cordoba's came over today and told me that they were thinking about me.  They all had big smiles on their faces, and I couldn't help by ask what they were smiling about.  They said, "We've talked to our uncle Jeremiah, and he wants to buy your house!  We called him and told him that Hernan Corrales bought it and wants to resell it.  He was very interested in it and contacted Hernan to see if he'd sell it to him.  So there's a chance you might not have to move!  If Jeremiah buys it, he'll rent it to you until he retires and moves back from the states!

I told Laura and we both seemed excited as a small grain of hope welded up inside of us.  It would be nice to stay here longer!

                It's so nice to have Christian neighbours who care about us and want us to stay.  I only hope that if it's God's will, then Jeremiah will buy the house and we won't have to move.


January 10th 2006 Tuesday                               Slide Presentations


                I awoke at four this morning and started making a Power Point slide presentation like Kent Hovind does.  I have some ideas of sessions I could preach on as an evangelist.  One would be "Gleanings from Genesis," in which I start in the book of Genesis and preach on:


1.        Creation vs Evolution (from Genesis chapters one and two).

2.        The Plan of God and the History of Mankind from Genesis chapters one and two.

3.        Dinosaurs

4.        Fallen Angels, Demons, and Giants (from Genesis chapter six).

5.        The Great Flood, Fossils, and the Races (from Genesis chapter seven through nine)

6.        The New World Order (from Genesis chapter eleven)

7.        The Jews (from Genesis chapter twelve and on).


Another possibility would be to preach on "Conspiracies and the Bible."  I could show that Satan is active in conspiring against:

1.        Creation, by teaching Evolution  (starting in Gen. 1,2)

2.        The Word of God by changing it (starting in Gen. 3).

3.        God, in trying to rebel against him with his fallen angels (starting in Gen. 6)

4.        True Science by hiding fossils of dinosaurs and giants (from Gen. 6).


Right now, I only have ideas.  I don't know what to call my ministry.  Kent Hovind calls his "Creation Science Evangelism."  I like the Creation and Evangelism part, but I don't like Science!  The Bible warns us of it in 1 Tim. 6:20.

I've been thinking about the following for a name for my ministry if and when I start out as an evangelist:


"Battling for Truth Ministries"

                                "Standing for Truth Ministries"

                                "Chain Breaking Ministries"

                                "Exposing Conspiracies Ministries"

                                "Exposing Lies Ministries"


But none of those seem good enough.  Laura tells me that "Breaker Ministries" is just enough, but somehow I just don't think it fits.  However, I was thinking about my name.  Breaker is one who breaks.  I want to break people from the chains of darkness, false doctrine, and lies.  I can only hope God will help me do so.

                Before bed we heard a noise.  I went out to check and I found a chair knocked over on top of a small mouse.  Our cat was sitting there staring at it intensely.  The cat must have knocked it over on the mouse and had been unable to get to his tasty snack.  We were glad that our cat is helping us rid the house of pests.  He's already eaten a bird as well!


January 11th 2006 Wednesday                         The Rapture and the Revelation


                I taught on the subject of "The Rapture and the Revelation" in the evening service at my house.  We looked more at the Rapture and how and when Christ will come back.  While I was teaching, Alvaro raised his hand and began asking questions.  He then became belligerent and even dogmatic in saying that when the rapture comes, our blood will not be left behind.  His reasoning was that when Christ rose again, he took his blood to heaven with him, and that if he did, we will too. 

I showed him 1 Corinthians 15:50 which says, "Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption."  Then I explained to him that the problem with us is the sinful corrupt blood that runs through our bodies.  Our sinful flesh and our sin-tainted blood CANNOT and WILL NOT inherit the kingdom of God!  Thus, we must be changed to a glorified body (without sin) which will have no blood.

                He still persisted and said, "But there were other raptures in the Bible, and when they were raptured, they didn't leave their blood behind!"  He then mentioned Enoch and Elijah and how they were taken to heaven and their blood was not left behind.

                I told him, "I'm not going to argue with you.  I have stated that I believe that Christians will leave their clothes and blood behind at the rapture.  If you believe it, fine, if not, okay.  We won't know for sure until the rapture, so look straight down as soon as it happens to see what happens!"  This calmed him down a little.

                I still believe that we'll leave our blood though, as it is sinful blood that cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  The Bible says we'll be like Christ, and when he appeared he said, "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have." (Luke 24:39)  Christ had no blood in his spiritual body!

                We also looked at the Second Advent coming of Christ and the battle of Armageddon. 


January 12th 2006 Thursday                            Death and Man's History


                Laura and I drove to Neftali and Alfa's house in the afternoon to take them to service.  There we found Neftali sound asleep.  Alfa said, "His sister's husband died and the funeral was today.  Neftali and five other men had to carry the coffin several miles to the cemetery.  He's completely exhausted!"

                Because of this, only their children came with me to Lajas.  I picked up many others and then taught on the subject of "How the Seven Days of Creation Correspond with the Seven Thousand Years of History."  They listened, but I can't help but wonder if they understood.  These Indian people are so slow.  It's not their fault; they just haven't had a good education. 

                It's interesting that the extracanonical book called "The Epistle of Barnabas" also teaches that the seven literal days of creation correspond with the seven days in Genesis.  I quote from chapter thirteen and verses three through six:


        "And God made in six days the works of his hands; and he finished them on the seventh day, and he rested the seventh day, and sanctified it.  Consider, my children, what that signifies, he finished them in six days.  The meaning of it is this; that in six thousand years the Lord God will bring all things to an end.  For with him one day is a thousand years; as himself testifieth, saying, Behold this day shall be as a thousand years.  Therefore, children, in six days that is, in six thousand years, shall all things be accomplished.  And what is that he said, And he rested the seventh day: he meaneth this; that when his Son shall come, and abolish the season of the Wicked One, and judge the ungodly; and shall change the sun and the moon, and the stars; then he shall gloriously rest in that seventh day."


                How interesting.  Barnabas (if those are really his words, and not those of an early church person writing in his name) is Pre-Millennial!  He believes that the Anti-Christ will reign before Christ comes to reign in the Millennium.




January 13th 2006 Friday                  New Chickens and The Ezekiel Option


                We awoke this morning to a pleasant surprise.  Eight baby chicks hatched in the early morning hours.  Over a week ago we had nine others do the same.  Later in the day we received three more.  Now we have twenty baby chicks in our pen.  They are so cute and fuzzy.  Laura and I spend a lot of time together just watching them and listening to them chirp.


The First Eight Baby Chickens


Castillo brought to our attention that we also have another hen sitting.  Thus, we spent some time building a small wooden box.  Upon completion, Castillo stuffed it full of pine straw and we put thirteen eggs inside.  She would not take to it at first, as she wasn't accustomed to it, so we had to tie a string to her leg and a nearby stake.  Eventually she sat on the eggs and adopted them as her own.

Castillo also showed us how to kill and clean one of our chickens.  It was much easier than we thought, but it still took a lot of work.  First, we cut off its head.  Then, after draining the blood, we put it in boiling water to loosen the feathers.  After about a minute, we began plucking.  After that, the most disgusting part was pulling out the guts.  It was fascinating though, as we found a whole egg inside it, as well as many other small eggs still forming.  Castillo said that he likes to eat the small, unformed eggs boiled.  I guess they are chicken caviar. Afterwards, we took the meat inside and put it right into the oven. 



   Me, Castillo, and the Hen                                The Chopping Block                              Completely Cleaned


                The only problem was that when we tried to eat it, the meat was very tough.  We had to chew and chew.  We eventually had to throw it out, as it was too hard.  We found out later that we were supposed to boil the meat again for about twenty minutes to make the meat more tender and then bake it in the oven.  We look forward to trying again, but not anytime soon. 


Our Chicken Dinner


In the evening, I finished a novel my father sent me entitled, "The Ezekiel Option," by Joel C. Rosenberg.  It was very interesting and I found that I couldn't put it down.   It was a fictional account of something that might really take place in the not too distant future.  The entire book focused on the Prophecies of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.  It had some very interesting information about who Ezekiel's prophecy is about. 

According to Rosenberg, Gog is a title like that of Czar or Caesar.  Chapter thirty-eight and verse one says that Gog is the chief prince of the land of Magog, which he believes to be Russia.  Rosenberg says that Meschech is Moscow and Tubal is the Russian city of Tobolsk.  He also associates Gomer with modern day Germany and Togarmah with the modern states of Turkey or Armenia.  Sheba refers to Saudi Arabia and Dedan the Persian Gulf region.  These will descend from the north parts (39:2) and attack Israel, but God will send fire on them (39:6) and destroy them (all but a sixth part according to 39:2).

His novel was very well written and completely spellbinding.  I couldn't put it down.  But his timing troubled me.  He has Russia attacking Israel before the rapture.   I always thought it would be at the end of the tribulation that God would destroy Israel's enemies.  Ezekiel 39:17-19 says that when this happens, the fowls of the air will come and feast upon the remains of those who died.  Revelation 19:11-21 speaks of the battle of Armageddon, and it is at that battle, that the fowls of heaven come and feast on the flesh of kings, captains, and mighty men (vs 18).  I take this to be the time when Ezekiel's prophecy comes to pass, not before. 


January 14th 2006 Saturday             The Last of the Seven Mysteries


                We finished our study of the Seven Mysteries today.  I taught on "The Restoration of Israel" and showed how God is not through with them as a nation.   We studied the Jew's rebirth of a nation in 1948 and how many Jews have been returning to Israel just as the Bible predicted.  I also showed them that God is not finished with them, but plans to allow them to be the head nation in the Millennium.


January 15th 2006 Sunday                                Winners, Jonah, and What Christ Suffered


                The Youth Group competition is over.  We gave them points for memorizing verses, being able to say the Old and New Testament books from memory, saying and writing the Hebrew Alphabet, and for doing their homework.  Most of the young people never finished.  So we gave them until today as the deadline to be able to do so in order to gain more points. 

                In the morning hours, our house was full of teenagers waiting in line to give their verses.  By day's end, we had the final results – there was a tie for both first and second place.  I told them that I'd take the top two winners to lunch and each one could bring a friend.  I never thought there would be two number one and two number two spots.

                First place went to Victoria and Lincy Cordoba.  Second place was Marisol Lorenzo and Victor Cordoba.  So I guess I'll have to take all four of them with a friend out to eat.

                Almost no one showed up for services in Quebrada de Lajas.  The Sanchez family was there and only a few more.  I taught on Jonah.   I showed how Jonah's soul went to hell while his body was in the whale.  Many people don't believe this, but it's very clear in the passage.  Verse five says, "The waters compassed me about, even to the soul..." 

And verse six says, "I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the earth with her bars was about me for ever..."  If that's not enough proof, Jonah said with his own mouth in verse two, "out of the belly of hell cried I..."  This however was hard to teach, as the Spanish Bible (1909) says that Jonah went to the sepulcro (grave).  My how much truth one can lose in going from one language to another!  The 1909 should have translated it hell just as the inspired KJV did.

                At the evening service in my house we were completely full!  I preached on "What Christ Suffered."  I showed that it isn't enough to say that Jesus died for our sins.  One has to realize that he suffered our chastisement in our place for our sins.  He paid our sin debt on the cross!  He paid for all of our sins past, present, and future not just with his death, but with his precious shed blood!  He died as a blood sacrifice in our place for our sins.

                I then taught that Christ not only suffered physically in his body through the pains of nails piercing his flesh, thorns puncturing his head, and whips slashing his back, but he also suffered ridicule, fatigue, thirst, and hunger.  Not only were people there around the cross looking at him, but he also had demons and devils there as well pressuring him to call his angels from heaven to free him.  He had to endure not only physical pain, but spiritual pressure as well.

                But that was not even close to the cup of suffering that he had to drink, which was the wrath of God.  While Jesus was on the cross, God in heaven forsook him and unleashed unabated hell against him in his anger and wrath against the sins of the whole world.  God used his son as a glorified punching bag to vent his fierce anger and hatred towards sin.  And when it was through, he accepted what Christ, the righteous, suffered as sufficient to atone for the sins of mankind.  All who come to Christ and trust him as their Saviour are eternally forgiven and as a free gift receive eternal life.  Why?  Because God's wrath has been appeased for them by another.  What a wonderful thing is salvation!  But what a price Christ had to pay.

                Before closing, I told them, "The difference between us and Catholics is that they don't want to think about what Christ suffered on the cross for mankind.  They only wish to remember Mary and dwell upon what she, as a mother, suffered while watching her son die! Catholicism is not interested in what Christ suffered, it's interested in Mary and her pain.  It deifies Mary and humanizes Christ Jesus."                 


January 16th 2006 Monday                                Cold Winds


                The cold hard winds of winter have finally come.  We've had a mild winter until now.  However, it seems nature desires to make up for lost time.

                Because of the cold both Laura and I awoke with sore throats.  I also had stomach pains.  So, we stayed at home and spent all day in front of the fire.  Sickness is not only painful, but annoying.


January 17th 2006 Tuesday                             Shopping


                I felt little better, but when one has hardly any food, earthly sickness pales to the pangs of hunger.  Thus, we drove into town for groceries.  I had to buy concentrate and corn for the chickens and ducks as well.

                We didn't arrive home until very late, as we had to run many more errands and check our email.


January 18th 2006 Wednesday                         Daniel's 70th Week


                Laura spent the morning scanning magazine pictures that I will use in my slide presentations.  I spent most of the day working on them.

                In the evening I spoke on the subject of "Daniel's 70th Week."  I showed how the tribulation will be seven years long, and how the antichrist will make a pact with the Jews, but after three and a half years he'll break it (Dan. 9:27).

                Afterwards, we talked a little more about the Rapture and the "Revelation" or Second Advent of Christ when he comes at Armageddon.  The congregation had many questions.


January 19th 2006 Thursday                            The Bat


                We took Joaquin, Angelica, and Marisol to Quebrada de Lajas with us.  Alfa was very sick with a sore throat, a cough, and chest pains, and couldn't attend.  But her children came.

                While singing hymns in church, a rather interesting thing happened.  A bat flew in through the open door and flew around the building in circles for several minutes.  The women hit the floor in fear, while some of the young men tried to catch it.  I grabbed the offering plate and tried to trap it, however I found it too fast for me.  Adonai eventually swatted it with a New Testament, and it fell on top of one of the benches.  I quickly pushed it into the offering plate and ran outside to let it go.  I don't know if we killed it or not, but it wasn't moving.  So I left it by a tree and then hurried back inside to continue our service.  Many inside were smiling and laughing.  I was a rather funny event!

                My message was on "The Blood of Jesus Christ."  We had a couple of unsaved people there.  One of them was Adonai's father – Adrian.  I tried to show him that salvation is only through faith in the precious blood of the Lamb.  He listened, and even gave a testimony.  He said, "I'm glad you are teaching my children the way of salvation.  I can see a change in their life!"  However, he didn't get saved.  How sad.


January 20th 2006 Friday                  Breaking the Chains of Restraint


                Castillo told us this morning that we have two more hens sitting.  We can tell when it's time because they usually stay in one place for three or more days at a time.  When they do thus, we immediately round up between 10 to 14 eggs and give them a nice nest to sit on them.  The two today didn't seem to take to them at first, so we did the same thing as before.  We tied them to a stake close to the nest so they would have no choice but to sit on the eggs.  They eventually did so.  Now we have three hens sitting on a total of thirty-three eggs.  In about two weeks the first batch will hatch, and then these two should come in 21 days (the usual amount of time required for chicken eggs to hatch). 

                Both Laura and I have thought about buying an incubator, but if our hens keep sitting, we'll have absolutely no need for one.

                While we built nests for the two hens, Castillo told us the bad news – that Rambo was hit by a truck and died.  We gave Rambo to him several weeks ago.  I had never really liked the dog, and had wanted to be rid of him many times before.  But since I felt it was Harold's dog, I couldn't just give him away.  We finally heard from Harold though, and he said we could dispose of him as we liked.  Castillo said he wanted him, so that solved the problem.

                After hearing of Rambo's death, I asked for the details.  Castillo said that he was a naughty dog and was always trying to break free so he could run away.  I always kept him locked in the front patio and never let him out.  Castillo told us that he too tried to keep him captive by chaining him up, but he broke the chain four times.  The last time lead to his demise.

                While he told the story, I couldn't help but think about how so many today are just like old Rambo, they don't want to live with restraints.  They too want to run wild and sow their wild oats.  They only care about what they want and they long to "live free" and gratify the desires of their flesh.  Little do they know that their carefree lifestyle could put them in an early grave.

                I thought about the Liberation Theology, which is being preached by so many nowadays.   People assert dogmatically that they desire to be liberated from the chains that restrain them.  Rambo wanted this.   All he wanted was to be free, but his freedom eventually killed him.  If that's not an illustration of the sinful, wicked, ungodly world, I don't know what is!

God tries to put Biblical restraints on people in his holy word.  He wants them to stop sinning and live a holy life.  This is not because he hates them.  This is because he wants them to have a better, more holy life.  He wants to keep them from an early ruin.  But they just can't wait to break free from God and live a life of sin.  They just can't see that God loves them and tries to put restraints on them only to keep them from hurt, pain, and death.

                God says that parents are supposed to rule their children and put some parental restraints on them.  But just like Rambo, most kids can only think about busting loose and running wild.  They want to party, fornicate, and do whatever they please without anyone telling them what to do.  But little do they know that there is the truck of destruction driven by Satan himself speeding their way waiting to blindside them and leave them flatter than a pancake!

                The Bible says that women are to be under the authority of their husbands.  They are to submit and obey him.  But now the devil deceives the woman into thinking she should be "free" and cast off her shackles of submission and live her life to the fullest without any man telling her what to do.  Usually this "Rambo type woman" ends up worse than before and many times dies and goes to hell.  She should have learned to enjoy her chains of matrimony.

                Rambo could not have perceived the consequences that awaited his escape.  It never entered into his mind that he would not live another day to enjoy his freedom.  I only wish people today would stop and think.  There are some restraints that God puts on them because he loves them, just as Castillo loved Rambo and chained him up so that no evil should befall him.    


January 21st 2006 Saturday                              Our Cat


                I awoke this morning and walked out of our room into the kitchen, and what to my wondering surprise, I found our cat running down the stairs with a bird in his mouth.  He then dropped it at my feet and began meowing.  I immediately went into the kitchen and grabbed several paper towels and then returned to dispose of the dead animal.  While I walked toward it, the cat did the same thing again.  This time he sat down and purred and looked at me.

                I couldn't help but think to myself, "What is this cat doing?"  It appeared he wanted to give me the bird as an offering or a gift.  He must have thought he was doing me a favour.  To the cat, a bird was a precious and wonderful thing.  He did what he does best to obtain it, he hunted it.  And then he brought it to me in love and affection thinking he was giving me something I might want.  But I didn't.  Finally, he felt good in himself in knowing that he gave me something.

                As I wrapped the bird up in the paper towel and threw it out, I couldn't help but make the correlation with ourselves and God.  There are many times we offer God something that he didn't ask for or want.  Our thinking is different than God's and sometimes we forget this.  What seems precious to us, we think is precious to Him.  And if we offer something dear to us to God, we figure that God will accept it.  But this is not always so.  All God wants is for us to obey and find out exactly what he wants from us through prayer and Bible reading.   All I really want from our cat is fellowship (for him to come when I call), and service (for him to eat the mice and birds and rid our house of them!).  I'm sure all God wants is for us to fellowship with him as well, and learn what he desires from us and do it. 

We should never do what we want, and then offer it to God.  We should find out what he wants first and then do it, while offering ourselves to him.


January 22nd 2006 Sunday                                Services                and Separation


                We had a small crowd in Quebrada de Lajas.  I preached from Acts chapter seventeen and showed what Paul went through as a Missionary is much like what I am going through as well.  Paul entered into areas where there were Jews and began to tell them that they were wrong and needed to come to Jesus.  He reasoned with them from the scriptures and tried to straighten them out.  "I too," I told them, "have come here to tell the lost Catholic people of this place that they are wrong in their religious beliefs and need to come to Christ and the Bible.  Just like they hated Paul and persecuted him, they are doing the same to me."

                I then told them about how I heard that the reason we are losing the building in Quebrada de Lajas is because many Catholic neighbours went to the owner and asked him to kick us out.  Because he is Catholic as well, he had to oblige.  Not only that, Catholics have vandalized the building on several occasions, and we've even had a bucket of paint stolen from inside. 

                I then turned to verses five and eleven and showed them two extreme reactions to truth.  In verse five the religious Phariseeical crowd (a type of the Catholics) wanted only to assault, lie about, and try to get Paul kicked out when he preached the truth.  But in verse eleven, Paul encountered people who, "received the word with all readiness of mind."  The Pharisees didn't want the truth, and were actively hostile against it.  In contrast, the Bereans not only desired the truth, but hungered for it, in studying it daily.   "These," said I, "are the two extreme reactions to truth.  Some hate it and despise it so much they are willing to fight against it, while others love it so that they are willing to search it out and believe it, and then preach it."

                Mike Lane preached the evening service.  He returned on the 16th to Honduras, but didn't make it back to La Esperanza until the 19th.  The airline forgot to put his bags on their plane, and it took them that long before they finally received them.

                While Mike preached, my mind wandered, and God gave me a good sermon outline in English.  I began thinking about "Separation."  A Christian is supposed to be separated (2 Cor. 6:17).  He is supposed to separate himself from sin, the world, and wickedness.  But there are some times when this hurts.  I then titled the message, "When it hurts to be separated." 

                My first point was that it hurts to be separated by 1. Sickness.  Sometimes when someone is ill, they can't be around others, for risk of catching their illness. 

It hurts too to be separated by 2. Sin.  Paul said that we are supposed to separate ourselves from people who are sinful.  He tells us to withdraw ourselves from other Christians who walk disorderly (2 Thes. 3:6).  Sometimes this is painful, as we desire to be with others we love, but if they are persistent in following their sin without repenting, we should not fellowship with them.

It also hurts to be separated by 3. Spirituality, or a lack thereof.  I've found in my Christian life that there are some brethren I want to fellowship with, but I can't.  They are too carnal.  They only care about physical things, and I don't want to spend time with me because instead of edifying me and raising me up spiritually, they only bring me down to their level.  It hurts to have to separate from them, but I find I must.  I've grown more than they have and wish not to let them stunt my spiritual growth.

Finally, I find that it hurts to be separated by 4. Suffering.  Life is a vale of tears.  Suffering abounds in life.  And it's sad when one has to suffer in not being able to be with others.  As a Missionary, I find myself saddened many times because I live in a foreign soil away from family and friends.  I'm separated from them but mountains and waters.  How I long to be with them and fellowship, but I must suffer.

I thought of closing the sermon with a lost person who dies and goes to hell.  He'll hurt because he's separated from God eternally and must then suffer the pangs of everlasting fire for not trusting the blood of Jesus Christ to save his soul.  That must be the worst pain any separated person will ever feel.  They should come to Christ and be saved!  For a Christian is separated from the world so he can be separated to God.



January 23rd 2006 Monday                               Going to Tegucigalpa


                Before heading to Tegucigalpa today we had to stop by Carlos Garcia's house to pick up his children.  He asked me to take them with us and drop them off at his Mother's house there.  When our trip began, we enjoyed our time with eight-year-old Bessy and six-year-old Carlitos.  They are cute kids.  Carlitos talks all the time, while Bessy is very quiet. 

                Laura and I talked about how we hoped to have children someday as well.  However, Bessy became sick and threw up not once, not twice, but three times.  Carlitos did so as well.  He said, "I saw Bessy throw up and it made do so as well!

I almost hurled myself.  Kids can be cute until they get sick.

                After dropping them off with their grandmother, we went to the Cancer Center and unloaded our bags.   Then we went to Aerocasillas for our mail.  I was appalled to find an article from my home churches in this month's Bible Baptist Bulletin from Jeff McCardle defending the corrupt 1865 Spanish Bible.  It not only exalted his beloved "perversion," but also attacked the 1602 TR that I use.  Angry, bewildered, and baffled, I sat down at my computer and wrote my Mission Board.  My letter went like this:


Dear Bro. Richmond,

        I have just read the new Bible Baptist Bulletin dated January 2006.  I am appalled, shocked and angry to see what Mr. Jeff McCardle has written.  Who gave him the liberty to spew forth lies and half-truths in the Bible Baptist Bulletin and promote the corrupt 1865 Spanish Bible?  Do you agree with him?

        Jeff wrote several other articles in the Bulletin about his precious Mora and Pratt version.  One statement he made was "We must defend EVERY WORD in the Spanish 1865."  I most certainly do not agree!  And I cannot do that.  He lies in saying that it came from the correct texts.  The following is a list of only several verses that proves it is not THE PURE WORD OF GOD IN SPANISH.  It is riddled with Critical Text Readings!  On many occasions, words are changed that match no text whatsoever (neither Critical or TR).


Some Errors in the 1865 Spanish Bible Old Testament


Isaiah 14:12 and 2 Peter 1:19   Satan is referred to as "Lucero."  And in 2 Peter, Jesus Christ is referred to as "Lucero."  The 1602 original calls Jesus "Luzero."  Should we use a version that Calls Jesus Christ Lucifer???


Ezequiel 28:15  "Perfecto" is changed to "acabado."  Thus it can be taught that Satan is "finished," and was not "perfect" when he was created.  This takes away the fact that Satan sinned because of jealousy and pride.


Some Errors in the 1865 Spanish Bible New Testament


Matthew 14:36  Says that those that touched the hem of Christ's garment were "saved" (salvos) instead of "healed" (sanos).  What a horrendous mistake!!!


Matthew 16:13  Follows Vaticanus and Sinaiticus by omitting the word "yo." (In Greek me).  Gresbach and Lachmann also do this.  Is not EVERY word of God pure?   Note: Herman Hoskiure says, "this change comes from codex B and its allies."


Also changes the word "soy" to "es." But Jesus is the "yo soy" (I am).  Cross references:  John 8:58 and Exodus 3:14.


Matthew 20:26  Has "será" (future tense) instead of "sea."  Greek word is estw.


Matthew 23:25  Adds the words "que esta" and "todo."  Also, changes the words "de exceso" to "de injusticia" (of unrighteousness).   KJV says "excess."


Matthew 24:2    Omits the word "Jesus."  (No reason at all to do so!)


Matthew 27:41  Adds the words "y los Fariseos," which are not found in the Textus Receptus.  These words are in the 1602 original, 1909 and 1960.  However, they are not found in Valdes, Enzinas, Perez, the 1813, 1817, 1857 Valeras, the Pratt 1893 Version, the Scio Miguel, the 1582 Douay Rheims in English, the KJV, the Westcott and Hort, or any other versions.


Matthew 28:8    Lacks the word "prestamente."  This word is tacu in Greek, and is found in the Textus Receptus.


Mark 6:44          Omits the word "como."  The TR has the Greek word wsei.


Mark 8:25          Adds the words "De Lejos" from Lachmann and Tischendorf.


Mark 11:19        Changes "He" to "Jesus."  But this word is not in the TR or Nestle's Greek texts.


Mark 14:30        Adds the word "tu," which come from Griesbach, Aland, and Tischendorf's Critical Texts.


Mark 15:3          Takes out the words "mas él no respondió nada," but these words are found in the KJV, and Textus Receptus.


Luke 1:15           Changes "Señor" (Lord) to "Dios" (God).  But kurios (Lord) is an anti Textus Receptus reading.  Even Vaticanus has "Lord."


Luke 1:58           Changes "Señor" to "God."  No reason for so doing.  TR says "kurios" (Lord).


Luke 2:8             Has taken out the words "Vivian en el campo."  This comes from the Greek Textus Receptus word "agraulountes."


Luke 2:9             Changes "Señor" to "God.


Luke 2:15           Changes "Señor" to "God" again for no reason.  Anti Textus Receptus reading.


Luke 9:43           Omits "Jesus," undermining his deity.

John 1:1             Has "Verbo" instead of "Palabra" like the original 1602.  The word comes from the Catholic Latin Vulgate (Verbum).

John 1:1-3          Swithches God and the Word around to cause problems.  Says that God was the Word, instead of "The Word was God."  Pro Latin Vulgate reading!

John 8:28           Says "el Padre" instead of "mi Padre."  THIS FOLLOWS SINAITICUS!!!  Which takes me (me) out of the text.


John 10:11         Says that Jesus gave his "alma" (soul) instead of his life (vida).  (It also says that the life of the flesh is in the "soul" in Levi. 17:11 instead of the blood).


John 14:28 & 16:11          Has "el Padre" instead of "mi Padre" like the KJV.


John 16:25         Has "mi Padre" instead of "el Padre."  (Does not follow any Greek text in so doing).


Acts 8:16            Omits "Señor."  It's in the TR and Nestle's.


Acts 8:25            Changes "Señor" to "God."  Anti TR reading.


Acts 16:10          Changes "Señor" to "God."  Here it reads with Nestle's, Vaticanus and Siniaticus, and the Latin Vulgate!                    

Acts 17:27          Changes "Señor" to "God."  Follows Vaticanus and Siniaticus!


Acts 22:16          Takes out the word "Señor" and in its place adds "su nombre." Pro Vulgate Reading!!!


Acts 25:26          Capitalizes "S" for "Señor" while the context is Herod Agrippa and not Jesus Christ.  Grave mistake!!!


1 Cor. 1:22         Changes the word "señal" (singular) to "señales" (plural), just like it is in the Nestle-Aland corrupt Greek text.  TR Greek has "shmeion" (singular).  Nestle's reads "shneia" (plural).


Is it not significant to point out that in Matthew 12:38, the same Greek word is singular, and the 1865 translates it as singular?  So why do they translate it as plural above?  Obviously they used another text than the TR.


1 Cor. 2:1           Changes "Dios" to "Cristo."  The Greek TR has "to qeou" (God).  Perez, Enzinas, the Valeras of 1813, 1817, 1831, and 1857 all have "Dios" as well as the 1960, KJV, Pratt's Moderna version, Westcott and Hort, and even the New World Translations. 


"Dios" (God) is correct, and is needed for the Context, for in Vs 1 we find God the Father.  Vs 2 is God the Son, and Vs 4 is God the Holy Spirit.  So we find the Trinity.


2 Cor. 10:18       Changes "Señor" to "Dios."  Anti TR reading.


1 Thess. 3:11     Has the word "viaje" (journey) mispelled with "viage."


1 Timothy 6:1    Changes "Dios" to "Señor."  But the TR says "tou qeou" (Lord).


2 Timothy 4:14  Changes "Señor" to "God."  Both the TR and Nestle's read "Lord."  No proof for change.


James 1:1           Uses the word "Santiago" instead of "Jacobo," which is the correct translation into Spanish.  The 1865 does this in the entire New Testament.  "Santiago" is the catholic word. 


James 1:12         Changes "Señor" to "God."  Follows the Latin Vulgate!  Takes away the fact that Jesus will be giving away the crowns at the Judgment Seat of Christ.


James 5:15         Says "aliviará" instead of "levantar" (from the Greek word egerei).  Obviously copied from the Latin Vulgate, for the Vulgate has the word allevabit.


1 Peter 1:23       Twists the verse to make it seem that "God" lives forever instead of his word, and it adds the words, "viviente y que."  But the verse correctly translated shows that God's word lives forever.  Horrendous mistake!!! 


References for this are Psalms 138:2 and Isa. 40:8. 


Revelation 1:10 "Dia del Señor" is changed to "Domingo" (Sunday).


        These are just some of the errors in the 1865 Spanish Bible.  It is not perfect, and it is full of Critical Text readings.  How can I, as a Bible Believer, defend every word of it as McCardle dogmatically commnands???  It's impossible!

        Mr. McCardle then attacks the 1602R Spanish New Testament from Monterrey, Mexico.  (This is the version I use, as it is the purest word of God in Spanish).   Yet he says he appreciates the work of Humberto Gomez in his translation.  From my studies, it appears that Mr. Gomez copied the 1602R!  He only changed some words to synonyms!

Later Jeff says, "we assume that if Valera wrote it, it is absolutely correct and that whatever Valera wrote is exactly what God wanted the Spanish-Speaking people to have."  What?   In 1602, Valera wrote "Palabra" in reference to "the word of God" (Jesus).  The corrupt 1865 says "Verbo" (from the catholic Vulgate word Verbum).  Why would he lie? Why would he recommend the 1865 as what Valera said, when it doesn't say what Valera said?

        He further states, "If Valera was wrong then what is needed in 2005 is someone to start out fresh, with a blank state, and translate directly from the original languages...someone who has the intellectual, linguistic and spiritual might of the Protestant Streetpreaching pastor (Cipriano de Valera) who knew both Biblical Languages and could handle the job of translating them into his native tongue."

        First, there is absolutely no proof that Valera preached on the street.  He spent most of his time writing tracts and translating Calvin's junk into Spanish.  Secondly, what he said has already happened.  Those in Monterrey, Mexico spent over nine years in prayer, fasting, and work on the Spanish Bible.  They are Spanish Speakers who know Hebrew and Greek and have worked hard at trying to make the Spanish Bible line up with the "original languages" and the King James.  Plus, THEY PREACH ON THE STREET!  I've been out preaching with them!  However, no information exists that proves Mora and Pratt preached on the street.  In fact, Mr. Pratt turned around and did another translation in the late 1800's based entirely on the Critical Texts called "La Version Moderna." Pure garbage!

        Why would Ruckman allow anyone to write lies in his bulletin?  Does he even know about it?  Or did Bro. Forte give McCardle permission to spew forth his opinions (certainly not facts) in the Bulletin?

        Is this now the official position of Bible Baptist Church concerning the Spanish Bible?  Does Ruckman believe that the 1865 is God's word in Spanish? 

        Ruckman taught me to stand for the KJV.  Why?  Because it came from the right texts and because it has no mistakes!  Should I not use the same reasoning in Spanish?

        What McCardle recommends would be the equivalent in English of preaching against the NIV while recommending the New King James. We know both of them are corrupt.

        I've been in communication with other P.B.I. missionaries to Spanish Speaking countries too.  Many of them don't like the 1865. They use it, cause it's better than the 1960, but they too have found many mistakes in it also.

        Am I reading the Bulletin right?  We should stand for the KJV in English and boldly proclaim it has no mistakes, but in Spanish defend a version and LIE in saying that it too has no mistakes when it does?  I cannot buy that or do that.

        I've mailed Ruckman many times about this issue and have received no response.  I ask you to please print this up and give it to him.  He needs to know that his Bulletin is being used to spread lies!  He needs to know that Mr. McCardle is not telling the whole truth.

        Is Mr. McCurdle the only one who's allowed to write in the Bulletin on this issue, and is he the only authority?  Who made him a scholar?  He's not even on the field, how can one think he knows what he's talking about?  How can anyone take him seriously?  ...

I've talked to Jeff many times, and each time he says something different.  Once he said the 1602R was "perfect."  But when he saw how much money and time he's put into the 1865, he chose to continue recommending that version.  Now it is a pride thing.  Instead of wanting a purer version, he is now spending his time writing books defending his position and explaining away the errors and Critical Text readings in the 1865, saying that they are okay.   How can they be bad in English but good in Spanish? 

        Doc Ruckman needs to be warned and abreast of the situation.  People need to know the truth, and not have it covered up from them by false articles in the Bible Baptist Bulletin!

        At least the 1602 TR should be allowed to be sold in the Bookstore also so people can at least see all the truth!  Mr. McCurdle doesn´t even want people to have access to the pure word of God in Spanish.  How sad.


        Because of Christ Jesus our Lord,


        Robert Breaker III

        1 Sam. 12:24!


                So there it is.  I don't hate the 1865 Spanish Version.  It's much better than the horrible 1960, and I applaud those who want to use it instead of the corrupt 1960.  At least they are trying to get a purer version.   However, I can't say that the 1865 Spanish Bible is the word of God in Spanish, nor can I proclaim it's perfect (like McCardle does) when I know it has Critical Text readings in it!  I cannot and will not defend every word of it, like McCardle demands.


January 24th 2006 Tuesday                               The Silver Mines and San Juan de Flores


                We drove to the "La Tigra" National Park today.  It's only about an hour north outside of Tegucigalpa up in the mountains.  The park is full of Silver Mines, and our guide showed us the Mining Museum.  He was very nice and told us that both his father and grandfather worked in the mines.   We asked him what that was like, and he told us, "Many men died there from cave-ins and suffocation.  Others died years later from lung problems.  It was a horrible job, and it didn't pay much.  They only earned one Lempira per day."  (About fifty cents a day American in those days). 

                The mines of the mountain of La Rosario were started by two Americans in the late 1800's.  The first mine was named "El Plantel."  The second was called "Peña blanca."  And the third was titled "La Uno." 

                Company profits were listed at being: $2,452 in 1882, $150,000 in 1884, and $3,600,000 in 1892.  The sign then said that in the last ten years of production (1944-1954) the mine was producing $500,000 annually, approximately 2000 bars of metal.  All total over $100,000,000 and 6,500,000 tons of mineral was extracted from the mountain.        

                Our guide told us that when they took out the raw silver, it was then melted down into bricks, which were then taken by mule to Tegucigalpa (with a police escort).  There they were again melted down and minted into the famous "Bambas" or one Lempira silver coins.

                After leaving the mines, we then drove to a place called San Jose de Flores.  The locals call it the land of "Cantaranas" (singing frogs).  The town was old and out in the middle of nowhere.  It was like going back in time, as there were very few people in the streets, and all the houses were of the most beautiful colonial style.  Sometimes people rode by on horseback.

                I'd heard that they sold old coins in this town, so I began investigating.  We went first to the City Governmental Office and asked around.  They didn't know of any one that sold coinage.  But they did give us some of the history of the town.  They also had some old papers from the early 1900's that they showed us.  As I looked at them, I saw them full of holes where tiny animals had been feasting.  How sad it was to see such old, important documents uncared for and unprotected. 

                Before leaving we walked around the town square and passed out tracts.  Eventually we found a person that knew of someone that might have some old coins for sale.  We found her house and knocked on the door.  To our surprise she was a Jehovah's Witness.  She was nice however, and invited us in.  Her home was gigantic.  The ceilings were at least fifteen feet high.  The front doors were over nine feet, and she said they still used the same skeleton key which had been in her family for over one hundred years to lock and unlock it.   As we sat on her back porch, which led into a beautiful garden, she told us about her religion.  I tried to be nice and told her that we were Baptists and that I was a Missionary.  She immediately seemed to shy away from the subject of religion after that, and we were unable to bring up the subject of salvation.

                I told her we were traveling and exploring new areas.  I also was looking for old coins.  She then excused herself and came back handing me a Bamba.  "How much do you pay for those," she said.  I answered, "They sell them in the street usually for about 80 Lempiras.  In stores they sell them for as much as 150.

She didn't like this and replied, "People pay me 500 Lempiras for them!" (About 25 dollars!)  I was flabbergasted!   Who would pay so much?  Maybe this place really is so disconnected from the rest of the world that they do buy such things for so much.

                We excused ourselves shortly thereafter and gave the lady a Gospel Tract.  Then we drove to the little town of Valle de Angeles where we spent the rest of the day souvenir shopping.


January 25th 2006 Wednesday                         Locking the Keys in the Car


                I went by myself downtown today to so some shopping, while Laura stayed at the Cancer Center to write letters to family and friends.  I went to Larach, Acosa, and many other shops.  But my day was greatly hindered by my own stupidity.  When I went to the bank, I accidentally locked my keys in my truck while it was still running!  I didn't know what to do, so I went to the security guard and told him of my situation.  He pointed out his brother not to far away and said, "Go ask him for help, as he knows how to get into locked cars."  I was a little leery, but decided I ought to do something, for fear of my engine overheating. 

                He was more than happy to help, and ran to his truck and then brought back his entry tool.  Then he spent the next forty minutes trying to jimmy the lock.  He put his thin bar down between the window and the door and tried time and again to pick the lock, but he could not do so.  As he worked, I remembered that my truck has "Anti-Theft" doors for just that purpose.  Years ago on deputation, I locked my keys in the car and had to call a Locksmith.  He told me that my truck was designed to be almost impossible to break into that way.  However, he had a book that showed him how to get in.  It didn't take him but about three seconds with the right tool in the right place, and my truck was open.

                However, in my current predicament, my Honduran Good Samaritan friend didn't know this, and was getting nowhere.  Eventually, a man walked by and asked what happened.  I told him, and he replied, "Why don't you walk across the street and ask someone at the Chevy Dealership to come and open it?  I'm sure they'd know how!"  Instantly, I thought to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

                The people at the Dealership were more than happy to help, and they called their expert whom they said, "Could break into anything."  He brought several tools and a couple of pieces of long, thick metal wire.  In less than five minutes, he opened the door and let me in.  He didn't try to jimmy the lock.  Instead, he inserted a metal rod from the top of the door down into the car and then pushed the electrical window button to let the window down.  It was so easy!  Why didn't I think of that?

                Neither man wanted any money for their services, but I felt compelled to give them something anyway.  I told them, "At least you can buy yourself a coke!"  They were thankful.

                Although it was a terrible hassle, at least I feel more secure with my vehicle, and I can now worry less about someone trying to steal it.  For almost an hour one of the best tried to break in, but could not.  Praise God my truck is so hard to get into!  And though it was a huge inconvenience, maybe God will use the tracts I gave those who helped.


January 26th 2006 Thursday            Errands, Jason, and Mission Boards


                Laura went into town with Anita Hurst today while I went downtown to run errands.  When I returned to the Cancer Center, they had not come back yet.  Jason Tate stopped by though and dropped off something that he asked me to give to Mike Lane.  While he was there, he told me that he was planning to go back on furlough for almost an entire year.

                He also said something that was very disturbing.  Because of high gas prices and the bad economy, his Mission Board is now telling Missionaries that they should have $6000 a month support before they go to the field.  That was just outrageous!   What would a man do with so much money?  Sounds to me like that is just way too much!  And I believe any man getting that much cash would trust more in it than the Lord. 


January 27th 2006 Friday                  New Honduran President


                First thing this morning we drove to Aerocasillas to mail off a lot of letters.  Laura sent souvenirs to family and friends, while I mailed off four 1602 TR New Testaments.  While there, Ingrid told us that the Aduana (Honduras Custom Department) is on strike and that they haven't received any mail for several days because of it.  Thus, we can't receive any of our mail from the U.S. until the strike is over.

                Later in the day, we went back to the Cancer Center and watched the changing of presidents on television.  Ricardo Maduro officially handed over his office to the New President Mel Zelaya.  It was sad to see how much Catholicism there was that accompanied the ceremony.  First, a Catholic Bishop went up to the podium to speak.  After he said a word of prayer, another priest approached the stand and read a letter from the Pope blessing the new President.  Who says that Rome isn't interested in Politics?  She always has been and always shall be.

                Afterwards, the Armed Forces of Honduras presented themselves to the new President.  Then a few old airplanes flew overhead.   It was neat because when we saw them live on television, we ran to the window and watched them fly overhead (as we were only about three miles from where they were holding the ceremony.

                In the evening we went to bed, but didn't sleep well as people were up all night celebrating with fireworks.


January 28th 2006 Saturday             Heading Home


                We drove to Carlos Garcia's Mother's house around  ten and picked up Bessy and Carlitos.  We made sure we filled them full of Dramamine before the trip (as not to have them vomit again), and then were on our way.    

                We stopped at the Mall in Comayagua on the way home and took the kids to the video arcade to play.  Afterwards we had lunch in Wendy's and then drove them home to their father.

                At home, we found that we had no water.  There was a leak in the pipe into the house and the pump and pressure tank don't work when there are leaks.

                In the evening Mike taught the Youth on the subject of "Picking Your Mate."  He told them that they were all at the age where they would soon be thinking about the opposite sex, and that they needed to know what the Bible says about that.


January 29th 2006 Sunday                Last Service in our House in Lajas


                I took Marisol and Angelica with me to Quebrada de Lajas for service.  Today was our last meeting in our building there.  I preached on "Friends and Enemies," showing them what a true friend is, and what we are supposed to do with our enemies (like pray for them and treat them nicely, etc.)

                After service we cleaned out the building and moved everything to Martir's house.  Before leaving, a representative of the owner showed up and we gave him the key.  He then showed us a house close by that he owns in the neighborhood and said, "If you really want to, you can rent this place!"  We looked it over, but it seemed too small, and too far away from the road.  I told him, "We are going to meet in a house now, but maybe in the future we'll rent your place," leaving it at that.

                We were late for service at my house in the evening, and were surprised that Mike waited for us.  Usually, the plan is that if we are late, he's to start services.  But for some reason he decided to wait for us.  Mike preached on "What God Loves."  He points were that God loves 1. People,  2. Souls, 3. His word, and 4. Eternal Things.  Both Laura and I commented to each other afterwards that we didn't agree with the first point.  The Bible says in John 3:16 that God so loved (past tense) the world.  It says he did love them, but it doesn't say he loves them now.  We both agree that now God hates people who reject him because of Psalms 5:4,5, which states, "For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.  The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity." The common saying today is "God loves the sinner, but hates the sin."  But this is simply not so.  Biblically, God hates workers of iniquity (sinners)!  And God hates sin!

                Thus, to say God loves people, is foreign to the Bible.  God loves those that have chosen his son and been saved, but God is angry with the wicked (unsaved) every day (Psalm 7:11) and his wrath abides on them (John 3:36). 

I'm sure God loves souls, however.  King Hezekiah says in Isaiah 38:17, "Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption: for thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back."  God wants more souls saved, and he tells us to go out and win them!  We too should have a love for souls.

                I also believe God loves his word (the KJV) and eternal things as well.  

                After service, we watched a video that Bani Cordoba made on his computer of pictures from the church.  It showed people, baptisms, the construction and much more.  It was very well done, and it was great to see that Bani could make such a nice presentation.


January 30th 2006 Monday                                Working!


                Castillo is on vacation.  I give him several weeks a year paid leave.  This week he's going to visit his mother in "La Frontera" (close to the El Salvador border) and spend some time with her.

He came to me the other day asking about our plans, and I told him that we've decided to keep him until September (if we stay here that long).  He was sad to hear this, but glad that we were honest and up front with him.  He also stated that he was very thankful for the work we've given him.  We have enjoyed having him, but now find that we really don't need him and would much rather save the money we are paying him for other things.  Many times it has been a shame to me to have him.  Other Missionaries looked at him as a servant or slave.  I have never wanted a slave!  But I was stuck with him because the old owner of the house made us keep him.  Since he's sold the house, he told us, "You can do what you want with him now!

Thus, we've decided to keep him on until September and then let him go, as that's when our contract with him runs out.

                This morning Laura and I awoke and began our day by feeding the chickens (what Castillo usually does for us).  I then spent some time working on fixing a nest for the ducks.  We are eagerly awaiting our first duck eggs!

                Next, Laura and I began working on the pump and our kitchen sink.  I bought a new faucet to replace the old leaky one and was told I could take it out of the rent (we are still paying Harold until Hernan pays for the house).  This turned into an all day job, as we had to completely remove the sink in order to disarm the old faucet.  Then we had to reinstall it.

                We then turned our attention to the water problem.   After turning it on and off several times, Laura spotted a leak inside the well.  The pipe that sucks water out had a small hole, which was spurting water.  We cut the pipe in two places and replaced the broken section.  Then we found to our wonderful surprise that everything worked better than before!  And finally we could take a shower!


January 31st 2006 Tuesday                               More Work


First thing this morning we feed the cat, the chickens, and the ducks.  Then we spent some time fixing the drainage under the sink.  I hate plumbing!  You fix one thing and then something else starts leaking.  That always happens.  This time the problem was with the drain and where it ran into the wall.  Every time we'd turn on the new faucet, the drain line would leak inside the wall and water would come running out.  It turns out that the problem was only that the pipe didn't go far enough into the wall.

Next, we worked on draining our waterbed and putting up new curtains.  This took most of the day.  We plan to sell the waterbed.  Hopefully we'll find a buyer.  Our desire is to sell as much of our things as possible in working towards our goal of eventually leaving Honduras for furlough.


February 1st 2006 Wednesday                          One Saved!


                After our daily Bible reading, I began work on my computer while Laura spent most of the day scanning important documents for me.  Mike Lane came by in the afternoon and asked me to teach in the evening service.  While here, he told us that Ana (Leonidas and Silveria's daughter) trusted Christ Jesus as her Saviour Wednesday last while we were in Tegucigalpa.  His story of how she got saved was phenomenal!

                Mike began teaching about the rapture, the second coming and the millennium.  He had just said, "Christ might come at any moment and take us out of this sinful wicked world!"  Then the lights went out!  The rest of the service they had in the dark with only a few lit candles for light.  Mike then used this as an illustration.  He said, "Just as those lights went out without warning, someday Christ will come in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.  He'll take us Christians out of here and leave the world in darkness, for we are the light.  They will not have a witness to see Christ.  They will be blind spiritually and the antichrist will come and take over...

This touched Ana, and after service she came forward to be saved.  She was afraid of being left behind and said she wanted to know for sure she was going at the rapture with her family!  What a blessing!!!

                The rest of the day Laura and I spent working on the computer.  We have so much we want to do, and it seems like there's so little time.  I have books, important documents, and pictures to scan.  We also have many things we need to read and go through in order to put them into courses, teaching material, and footnotes in my new books.  We also have to purge as much as possible.  God help us get everything done!


February 2nd 2006 Thursday                             Old Wives' Tales


                We had ten baby chicks hatch this morning.  Laura and I both enjoyed playing with them and petting them.  Marisol came over later and told us some of the things that people here believe about chickens.   I knew that Hondurans were very superstitious people, but some of their beliefs are simply ludicrous, not to mention laughable.  For example, we've heard several people say that they have "the gift" of being able to stare at a chicken until he dies.  They call it The Death Stare.   How silly!

                One of our other baby chicks died a few days ago.  It had faecal matter stuck to its anus, and it died from not being able to relieve itself.  Marisol told us that her grandmother believes that when a baby chick dies like that, it's because a frog sucked its anus out.  What a crazy thing to believe!

The other day, a woman told me that the way to know if a baby chick will grow up to be a rooster or a hen is to hold it up in the air by it's beak.  If it moves, it's a hen, if it doesn't, it's a rooster.  She then added, "If it hollers and chirps, then you know it's female, as they talk more than men!

She actually believed what she was telling us.  The Bible says, "Prove all things," so I we tried the experiment this morning and all of the chicks moved and chirped, trying to break free.  That was their natural tendency, as they were only trying to get away. 

                I preached in the evening service at Blanca's house.  We are going to meet there until we can find another building.  We had a small crowd, but a man named Faustino visited and brought a thirteen-year-old Catholic boy.  After preaching, I took the young lad through the scriptures and showed him some of the errors of the Catholic Church.  I told him that the Mass is unscriptural according to Hebrews chapter ten, that Jesus is the mediator between God and men, not Mary, according to 1 Tim. 2:5, that Mary was not a perpetual virgin according to Mark six, and that the Pope is guilty of stealing God's title of "Holy Father" according to John 17:11.  He listened well and saw that his religion was indeed wrong, but was not ready to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save his soul.     

                Faustino was Catholic before he converted to "Pentecostalism" and wanted to see the boy leave the corrupt Catholic Church.  However, when I spoke with him about his salvation, it was evident he was trusting in faith and works to save him.  I tried to witness to him, but he just didn't understand.


February 3rd 2006 Friday  Neighborhood Kids


                We ran errands in the morning and paid our rent.  Later in the day we came home and found several of the neighbourhood kids in our yard.  We went out and played with them.

                One of the young girls had a question for my wife.  She inquired, "We want to know why you always wear dresses and never pants!"  Laura replied, "Because they are feminine and women aren't supposed to wear men's clothes!"  

I then asked the young lady what she would think if I wore a dress.  When I said that, all of the children burst forth in laughter!   They thought the idea of me in a dress was hilarious.  But they didn't think it was funny when a woman wore pants.  What is this world coming to?  How can it be wrong for men to use women's clothing and but right for women to use men's?  That's your women's rights movement in action.

                Before they left, they told me that there was a guy in our neighborhood that gets drunk and then puts on his wife's dresses.  Everyone makes fun of him when he does so.  But why should they if they think it's okay for women to wear men's clothing.  There is a very blatant double standard going on in the world today and most people are too deceived to even see it, much less address it.  Thank God my wife wants to have a good Christian testimony and dress like a woman should!


February 4th 2006 Saturday                              Letter From My Mission Board


                Laura and I drove to the Internet shop today where I found the following reply from my Mission Board in response to my letter to them about McCardle's article in the Bible Believers' Bulletin:


Hi Bro. Breaker,

        I talked to Bro. Donovan yesterday about your letter.  He said that he didn't intend to respond to you about it because he doesn't know enough Spanish to be able to talk about it.  Dr. Ruckman said he's not a linguist, so he won't get into the issue.  One point Bro. Donovan stressed is your need to watch your attitude.  He said "To Bro. Breaker, it's 'Dr. Ruckman,' not Ruckman this and Ruckman that."  He also said that you seem to have some very legitimate points, and Bro. McArdle will be here next week or so, and Dr. Ruckman will give your letter to him and see how he answers it.  Dr. Ruckman said that if Bro. McArdle needs to change something, then he will have to change it.


I do know that the word "Santiago" is the proper name for the book of James (unfamiliarative), and the name of individuals in the N.T. regardless of whether it is used by the Catholics.  "Santos" is the familiarative form, and "Jaime" is the colloquial term for Jim or Jimmy.  "Jacobo" is O.T.(Jacob) and "James" (A.V.) is the transliteration of Jacob.   Here's proof for the King James: Eccl. 8:4 "Where the word of a king is there is power..." and Ps. 147:19 "He sheweth his word unto Jacob..."  King James!!!

        It is impossible to have a perfect text in Spanish, and it is impossible to have a single text for all Spanish speaking countries.  Every Spanish speaking country uses different idioms for the same English word or meaning.

So, the best thing to do is don't make a major out of a minor, determine which test you're going to use, and USE IT, and go about your own business.  And when it goes awry, explain it to those you're teaching.  But don't destroy their faith in their bible.



                I was completely shocked and surprised at what they had written.  First, they warn me of my attitude.  Why?  Dr. Ruckman is known world-wide for his bad attitude.  He calls people names continually, but I'm reprimanded for forgetting to call him Doctor?  Too weird!  But I will try to be more respectful and give honor where honor is due.

                Next, the word Santiago is most certainly incorrect.  It's not about colloquialisms.  The word is "Jacobo" in all the old Spanish Bibles.  The Catholic word has been and always will be Santiago (which is incorrect).  Even modern apostate Bibles, when they title the book Santiago, still use the word Jacobo in the text in the first verse (all except the corrupt 1865 and 1960).

                Finally, he said something that really bothers me.  He calls the matter of God's word a "minor issue."  What?  In English, the King James Version is the most important issue of all!  If the King James is not God's perfect word, then English Speaking people don't have a perfect Bible.  I don't believe that!  The KJV has proven itself.  It reads completely with the Textus Receptus and Masoretic Hebrew.  It does not agree with the Catholic Critical Texts!  For that it's perfect!  And God's perfect, infallible word is not only an issue, it is the most important of all issues!   God's words are the most important thing in the entire universe!  We must have them!  We must have all of them.  We must have them pure!  The Devil is trying to destroy God's word and he is using modern perversions (that read more with the Critical Catholic texts) to do so.  Should we not preach against Vatican Bibles and stand for the infallible Authorized Version?  Yes we should!!!  And that's what Dr. Ruckman does in English.  To him it's a Major Issue!

                But how in the name of God Almighty could the issue in Spanish be just a "minor issue?"  Are not God's words in Spanish just as important as God's pure words in English?  Do only the English speakers deserve a perfect Bible?  Why don't the Spanish deserve one as well?  I believe there can be and should be a perfect Bible in Spanish, and the only way there ever will be (if there ever shall be) is to explain the truth to people and work towards fixing the Spanish Bible until it lines up with the correct texts (this is what those who worked on the 1602 R tried to do)! 

                One thing is for certain.  The 1865 is not perfect!  This is very clear from just studying it and looking at the verses with the King James.  The 1865 is riddled with errors.  How can I defend it?  I can't.  And how can my home church allow a man like McCardle to write an article in their monthly paper saying that all Spanish Speakers should defend it as though it were perfect?  That baffles me to no end!  How can I as a Missionary to Spanish Speaking people teach and preach and imperfect Bible like the 1865 telling people it's God's perfect word?  I can't!  I can't lie!  But that's what others do.  And because they do so, they are apostates!  What's going on?  Is my home church apostate on this subject? 

                Laura read the article as well, and pointed out some things I hadn't thought about.  She said, "They seem to be saying the same arguments that people make against the KJV in English and apply them to the Spanish Bible Issue.  Liberals say that there is no perfect Bible in English, and that there never can be.  Thus, they recommend others to USE which one they think best.  But we know the AV 1611 is the best because it's perfect!  So they are telling you that the Spanish Bible doesn't matter, only the English."       The argument that there can be no standard Spanish Bible is ludicrous.  Each Spanish Speaking country (although they have their own slang) can understand one another.  They use Standard Spanish (from Spain).  Just as English Speaking Americans can understand the English Speaking British, so can Spanish Speaking Central and South Americans understand Spanish Speaking Spaniards. 

I was just reading the Constitution of the Republic of Honduras.  Article six of Chapter one states, "The official language of Honduras is Spanish.  The State shall protect it in its purity and will augment its teaching."  Other Central and South American countries have similar laws.  Thus, without a doubt there can be and should be one standard Spanish Bible that all people can understand if it is pure Spanish (just like the 1602 and 1602 R are). 

                In English we dogmatically stand for the King James, and although some people call it "archaic," we proclaim it to be God's word in English.  Liberals and apostates claim that's not good enough and we should have a "slang Bible" for all different states, cultures, races, and creeds.  That's ridiculous!   But how come my Mission Board is telling me that there can't be a standard Spanish Bible?  Do they think there should be a separate Bible for each Spanish American country, race, creed, or culture?  That's silly!

                Laura and I both were left very sad by their response.  Not only do they not care about the Spanish people having a perfect Bible, they also said they can't have one.  Then they state that to try to get people to want one is not a "major issue."  How sad!  This even more pushes me to want to leave my home church and Mission Board.  I most certainly want to serve God of a pure heart and motive and don't desire to be hooked up with people that don't see things the same way as I do.

                In the evening service for the Youth, I preached on "Getting an Attitude Against the Flesh and an Affection Towards the Spirit."  The young people listened well.  I explained Galatians 2:20 and showed them that there are three lives a Christian has.  First, he has life physically.  All lost people have this, but their spirit is dead.  They need to be "born again."  The first birth is physical but the second birth is spiritual.  When one is saved, he embarks upon his new life in Christ, his Christian Life.  This is a spiritual life, and he is to "reckon his flesh dead."  He still must live in his body of sins, but he must learn to crucify its wicked sinful desires.   A Christian also has "Eternal life," which means he'll live in heaven in a glorified body with God where he'll never die.  His future is secure.  Below is a brief diagram showing these three lives.




February 5th 2006 Sunday One Saved!


                I received an email today from my Mother's friend in Alaska.  Her name was Sasha Oliver, and she stated that she's coming to Honduras this evening to stay for a month and learn Spanish.  She also wanted me to find someone to help her by picking her up at the airport and taking her to Tela.  I called Homero as soon as I could and asked him if he could do so.  As usual, he was very friendly and willing to help.

                Laura stayed home and cleaned house in the afternoon, and I went to Quebrada de Lajas.  Only six people showed up.  I taught on the "Three Lives" that I preached yesterday.

Mike preached in the evening service on "Love Thy Neighbour."  Afterwards, 14-year-old Jenny Gonzalez came forward to get saved.  Laura came with me as I led her to the Lord.  Wendy invited her to service and was there too as I took her through the scriptures.  We were all glad to see her trust the shed blood of Jesus Christ to save her soul!


February 6th 2006 Monday                Americans come!


Several weeks ago Mike told me about a group he has coming from the state of Washington.  He told me that they were willing to pay my gas, meals, and other expenses if I'd be there for them ready to transport, translate, and take care of them.  I said I'd be happy to do so. 

We went to Mike and Debbie's house at seven this morning and then followed them in my Suburban to the airport in Tegucigalpa.  There we picked up a team of ten people from Heritage Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington.  The leader of the group was Bro. Tom Minnick, and it was good to see him again.

After loading their luggage, we then journeyed to the Cancer Center where they put on a Magic Show for the children there with Cancer.  They also passed out Coloring Books and crayons. 

We then went to the Hotel McCarthur, where they were nice enough to accommodate us with a room.  In the evening, we ate at the famous "El Patio" restaurant.  It was a wonderful meal with lots of meat and cheese.  Laura and I enjoyed the largest Shisk-ka-bob I've ever seen made of beef, pork, and chicken.


February 7th 2006 Tuesday               The Orphanage


                First thing this morning, we walked with Mike's group downtown for breakfast at Burger King.  Afterwards, Laura and I ran to a couple of Pawn Shops while they walked back to the Hotel.  I bought ten silver Lempira Coins for 100 lempiras each and then took them to the group to see if any of them wanted them for a souvenir.  Most of them did.  They are usually going for between 120 to 200 lempiras now.  I was glad to be able to get them cheaper and pass the savings on to them.

                After checking out of the hotel, we drove to Bro. Orville Smith's orphanage outside of Comayagua in the little area known as Cascabel (rattlesnake).  It is very hot there, and there are rattlesnakes, as well as many other pests (like mice, buzzards, lizards and more). 

                Orville is in the states, but his Honduran wife Miriam was there.  She was very jovial, and we laughed and laughed at her jokes.  I translated while the Americans spoke to her and the kids.  The Gringos did another Magic Show and passed out candy, coloring books, and crayons before leaving.

                On the way to La Esperanza, we stopped in Siguatepeque at Wendy's for lunch.  There we met another Missionary. He too is starting an orphanage.  It then dawned on me that there are many Missionaries here in Honduras.  As I pondered this, I thought to myself, "There are sure a lot of people coming to Honduras to 'help' these people.  Why does Honduras need this help?  Can't they help themselves?  Obviously not, and that's why so many Americans come as Missionaries.  But why do they need this help?  Aren't they cursed and that's why they are underdeveloped? Should we help people who are cursed?

As I thought upon these things, I remembered that God said he'd visit the iniquity to the forth generation of those that worship idols.  Honduras is such a poor country because of all the idol worship.  And what they are suffering is their chastisement for worshipping idols.  Should we help them?  I believe we should, but the best way to help them is lead them to the Lord!  That way the curse is broken.  Sadly, many of those that have come to Honduras are not here to help spiritually, but rather physically.  I can only hope this new Missionary realizes that the spiritual is more important than the physical.

                Thank God Bro. Orville's orphanage wasn't a social work only.  He took the kids and made them learn scripture.  He also made them read the Bible and attend services.  Miriam told us that most of the children were saved already!   What a blessing!

                Most of the group spent the night at Herb Prince's Bible Institute.  Pastor Tom and his wife Cheryl stayed at Mike's, while Tom's son Chad and daughter in law Julie stayed at our house.


February 8th 2006 Wednesday          Working on the New Church Building


                Today was designated a "work day" and everyone spent most of the day working on the new church building.  Not only were the "gringos" there, but many of the church members came as well to help clean up.

                I was the gopher.  I spent most of the day running errands in town and buying things that the church needed. 

                In church service at six in my house, the group sang a few songs in English and Spanish.  Then Missionary to Guatemala Ed Eddington preached.  Some of the kids shot off fireworks after the service. 

                It's a blessing to see other Americans coming here and wanting to do something.  But some of their methods I'm unsure about.  The mentality of most Hondurans is that Americans are givers.  And when this team came down giving away candy, stickers, coloring books, and more, I felt uneasy.  This just adds to the stereotype.  It makes them think that a Missionary is someone who just gives away "stuff" and not someone whose sole purpose is to preach the Gospel and teach the Bible.  I spoke with Chad about his afterwards.  His answer to me was, "Bro. Breaker. There are far worse things we could be doing here!  We aren't doing wrong!  We are doing a good thing!"

I thought about this.  They are giving out Coloring Books with the Gospel in them (as it's filled with Bible verses).  They are also singing hymns and helping the church.  I guess they aren't doing too bad. 


February 9th 2006 Thursday             My Testimony in Quebrada De Lajas


                I began feeling bad again today.  Thus, I slept in while Mike took the group to Ojo de Agua and Monteverde.   They passed out Coloring Books there, but a peculiar thing happened.  They ran out and about thirty kids did not get any.  This lead to much animosity towards them from the mostly Catholic Children.  Sometimes one should be careful in giving away free stuff, especially if they don't have enough for everyone!

                I asked the group to come to Quebrada de Lajas with me, and they readily agreed.  In the late afternoon we journeyed up there and began evangelizing.  I took some people with me, and then sent some with Missionary Ed Eddington to pass out tracts and invite people to service.  Many people showed up and I asked Ed Eddington to preach to them.  His message was on "David and Goliath."  After he finished, I showed the spiritual principal that one cannot achieve salvation of themselves.  Just as David had God's help in defeating Goliath (he didn't do it himself, he trusted in God), one must quit trusting in themselves and their righteousness and trust solely and completely in the blood of Jesus Christ!  To a Christian, I made application that one must not trust themselves to overcome their trials, but rather in Christ Jesus who will help them triumph.  "We can't do it in the flesh, we have to do it in the Spirit," I told them.

                Afterwards, I took them back to Herb's for a time of reflection.  Chad, Pastor Tom's son, said he was moved when he spoke with a drunk in Lajas who repeated to him over and over, "I know Robert Breaker.  Jesus is his Saviour!

He was moved to see that I'd planted the seed so much that even the drunks know that I'm saved.  They've heard it from me that much.  I was happy to hear that I have such a testimony in that community.


February 10th 2006 Friday                                Orphanage, Hotels, Marriage, and Death


Chad and Julie want to adopt children.  While at the orphanage the other day, they met two young ladies that they really liked.  They asked me to drive them to the orphanage again so they could talk to Miriam about the possibility of adopting them. 

We left at seven in the morning and arrived there two hours later.  When we arrived, Miriam was there to greet us.  We then sat down under the shade of a tree and began talking.  I translated between Miriam and Chad as they talked.  Many of the things Miriam said were so moving.  Many of those poor children were there because they were either abused sexually, beaten, abandoned, or uncared for.  Most of them had parents, thus they were not really orphans.  But their parents were such low down sorry rascals, that they either didn't want their children or didn't care about them. 

Miriam, teary-eyed, told us the story of several of the children.  Their stories were so sad.  I'll only write a few as they are so heart wrenching.

One little girl was six years old.  She had been sexually abused so badly that her anus was damaged and was coming out.  Miriam had to take her to the doctor daily for several weeks to have him push it back in.  She is now fully healed, praise the Lord, but she'll have to live with what happened to her the rest of her life.

Magdalena, a twelve-year-old girl lived in a home that was completely unfit for humans.  It had a dirt floor and was covered in feces and filth.  Her mother was used by her own family as a prostitute, and it looked as though this girl was headed that way as well.  Her mother did not care for her and let her walk the street at night.  She had already been abused, and was already interested in boys, rock music, rap, and other worldly things.  

One little girl was taken in because her mother abandoned her.  After several years, her mother came back for her, and took her away.  Miriam tried all she could to keep her, but to no avail.  Eventually she got her back, when the man the girl's mother was living with beat her till the blood poured out of her body. 

Praise God, these young ladies are now all saved and living a much better life!  But it's sad to know that their past lives represent probably a large percentage of children that live in the world today.  How sad to see an innocent child abused, abandoned, and beaten unmercifully.

Miriam then confessed to us that she was having a hard time with it all.  Sometimes it was more than she could handle.  Before marrying Orville several years ago, she was a lawyer and had her own car, her own house, and more.  Now that she's given that all up to live by faith and take care of these children, life has gotten much harder.  She confided in us with tears running down her cheek that our visit really encouraged her to continue on and not give up.

                Upon leaving the orphanage, I drove straight back to La Esperanza for our special two o'clock service.  The other Americans, with some of our church members, visited the neighborhood and invited people.  When service started, we had over 175 people show up (most of which were children).         

                The "gringos" then sang some songs, put on some skits, and more.  I translated for most of it.  Afterwards, they set up a huge court in front of the church and had the children play Dodge Ball.

                In the evening Tom Minnick preached part one of a "Marriage Seminar" at Pastor Ramon Galeano's church.  Laura and I went to hear what he had to say.  His points for a better marriage were 1. Value your Spouse, 2. Communicate, and 3. Spend time with them.

                Before service we heard about the death of a man named Memo.  He owned the "Las Cabañas" Hotel outside of town.  We'd been there several times and seen the man around town, and even talked with him on occasions.  He was a Muslim, and wanted nothing to do with God.  To him Allah was the only way.  

                For some unknown reason, he was assassinated at his hotel.  Someone shot him three times and also murdered his security guard.  Many people don't know who it was, but the talk of the town was that his wife did him in so that she could get the hotel. 


February 11th 2006 Saturday                            Day of Rest


                Laura and I rested today.  It's been a long week already and I'm exhausted, not to mention a little sick with stomach pains, drowsiness, and bodily weakness.

                Nevertheless, we went to Part Two of the Marriage Seminar in the evening.  Tom preached that to make Marriage Better one should 1. Develop Intimacy, 2. Build Trust, and 3. Pursue Spiritual Unity.  Some of the things he said were very good.  He showed that the key to marriage happiness was "LOVE and RESPECT."  He then said, "If a wife does not fell loved, she reacts without respect.  And if a husband does not feel respected, he reacts without love.

This is so true.  It's so hard sometimes to show both.  You can love someone without respecting them, or you can respect someone without loving them.

                The part I didn't like were his "Assignments" and "Homeworks."  Some of them were as follows:


                                List Seven Ways a Spouse Can Destroy Trust

                                List Seven Ways a Spouse Can Build Trust

                                Answer the following honestly:  "I feel most insecure in our relationship when..." 

Answer the following honestly : "I feel most Secure in our relationship when..."

                                I feel most loved/respected by my spouse when...

                                List Seven Things a Person Can Do to Serve Their Spouse.

                                List Five Things Your Spouse Could Do for you Which Would Be Received as Expressions of Love.


                This reeks of Modern Psychological counselling. Both Laura and I feel that questions like this only lead to arguments, and that they don't actually help people.  All they do is give them a feeling of resentment when the husband or wife doesn't answer the way the other spouse thinks they should.  We both thought of the verse "Leave off contentment before it be meddled with." 

But all in all, his Seminar was very good and looked to be a help to those couples present.


February 12th 2006 Sunday                               Trying to Reach Monte Verde


                The weather here is awful.  It's supposed to be the dry season, but it's been raining for some time.  With the drizzle this morning, Mike didn't know if he'd make it back to Monte Verde or not.  Thus, we prayed and waited.  Around ten o'clock the decision was made to go.  But after driving on super slick, muddy roads, we eventually had to turn around and head home.  This was fine by me, as I didn't want to go anyway.  I'm still feeling very sick and now I am suffering from ulcers in my mouth.  However, I pressed on to Quebrada de Lajas and preached there.

                In the evening service at my house, Mike asked Bro. Minnick to preach.  His message was from 1 Peter 3:8-11 on the subject of "How to have a good life."  His points were don't gossip, don't do wrong, etc...

                Afterwards we ate dinner with them at Herb's place.  We also enjoyed hearing their nightly devotions and singing hymns with them. 


February 13th 2006 Monday                              Off to Copan


                The rest of the Group's time here in Honduras was designated for "vacation."  They said that if we drove them around here during their entire stay, they'd take care of our gas, our meals, and our lodgings.  Thus, we were very pleased to go with them to visit the Copan Indian Ruins.  I've been there twice, but Laura had yet to see it. 

                We left at eight o'clock and drove to the Yojoa Lake.  From there we took the short cut that veers off to the left towards Santa Barbara.  I lead the pack, with my Suburban full of people, while Mike followed in his truck with Tom and others.  Somehow I missed my turn and we ended up in a small town of San Jose Colinas.  The joke then was birthed when those present began singing sarcastically the old song "Do you know the way to San Jose?"

                When we finally arrived in the town of Copan, we checked in to our wonderful hotel Hacienda de Jarral.  Then we walked downtown and shopped for souvenirs.  While the Gringos bought things, Laura and I visited the Casa K'inich museum for kids, a small Educational Center designed to teach children about ancient Mayan culture. 

As we walked through the exhibits, I saw one that taught how to count in the native Mayan language.  One through five are Jun, Cha, Ush, Chan, and Jo. 

Most of the Mayan names sounded Asian in their pronunciation.  This made me think that the Mayans and other Central and South American Indians were from Chinese (or Semitic Asian) descent. 

Afterwards we ate at a typical restaurant where they served excellent food and the waitresses brought the platters carrying them on her head. 


February 14th 2006 Tuesday                             The Copan Indian Ruins


                After breakfast, we spent the day walking around the Copan Indian Ruins.  Our guide showed us everything and told us all about the ruins.  It was very interesting.

                At one place, we saw an idol with the face of an old man on one side and the face of a young man on the other.  I immediately recognized it as Janus, or Nimrod.  As we continued, the guide told us of some of the other Copan Indian gods.  They lined up completely with what the Bible says and teaches about the origins of paganism.  Most of what they worshipped corresponded with Nimrod, Tammuz, or Semiramis.  They also worshipped gods, which matched the demons or fallen angels. 

                Looking at all the idols, I began to be sick.  So many carved, rock statues littered the grounds.  Our guide said that many blood offerings were offered to each of these.  It was so sad to see people so deceived.  I grew even more depressed in hearing the story of the ball players. 

These Indians played a game close to that of soccer but with an eight-pound ball.  They would play their hardest to keep the ball in the air without ever touching the ground from sun up to sun down.  The ball represented the sun.  At the end of the day, the leaders would decide which team played the best, and that team was then sacrificed to appease the gods.

All I can say is that if I lived back then, I would be playing very, very crummy!  I'd do all I could to lose!  But these people were so dedicated to their false gods, they counted it an honor to die for them.  How wicked! 

The guide said that in Tikal and other places, it was different.  There they sacrificed the losing team.  I can understand that.  That would give you incentive to win!  But how could anyone be so brainwashed into wanting to play their hardest for the honor of being sacrificed to their false god? 

                Upon leaving the Ruins, we drove to San Pedro Sula and stayed the evening at the Villa Nuria Hotel and Suites.


February 15th 2006 Wednesday                       The Gringos Leave


                We took the Gringos downtown to shop today.  They took off looking for souvenirs at the local market while Laura and I walked around to the other side of the mall.  The place is divided in an interesting way.  One half of the market is souvenir shops, mostly for tourists.  The other side of the mall is the eating area and local market, which is much cheaper and mostly for natives. 

As we walked through, on both sides of a long passageway there were woman making tortillas by hand.  They would slap them down, mash them, or form them by hand, and then throw them onto the grill.  It was so interesting to watch.  Most of the women looked like they were on Speed, as they were working so fast.  I would say they could make at least thirty tortillas a minute!

                Not too hungry, but not able to pass it up, Laura and I bought a baleada.  They are made of one tortilla folded in half and filled with refried beans, cheese, and cream.  They are so good!

                We also found a Cappuchino Pepsi.  I've never seen this before, so we bought one.  We usually don't drink soft drinks, as they aren't that good for you.  But this was so tasty!

                As we waited outside for our guests to finish their shopping, a man pulled up in a van and unloaded a Marimba xylophone.  We paid him 20 lempiras to play Jugo de Piñas, a beautiful Marimba song.  He did and most of the Americans heard it and enjoyed it.

                We then drove them to the airport in San Pedro Sula and saw them through customs and to their gate.  They dismissed us with a hearty handshake and a "Thank You!"  We gave them the same.  Tom even gave us a 50 dollar bill as an offering, and we were thankful for that.

                Afterwards we drove to Tela to visit Sasha Oliver, my Mom's friend.  When we arrived there, we found she had checked out of her hotel a few days before and left no forwarding address.  They said, "She went to La Ceiba, and that's all we know.

Determined to take advantage of the trip, I pulled my surfboard out of the truck and went surfing on some waist to chest high waves.  It was so wonderful to go surfing again!  It was even beneficial, as the salt water helped heal my toe.  I have an ingrown toenail that keeps bothering me.  Last time I cut it out, the skin grew back over it and never stopped.  I was left with a big growth of skin on the top.  But while surfing, this skin fell off and my toe healed! 

                In the evening we drove to La Ceiba to see if we could find Sasha.  We did not.  She was nowhere to be found.  We learned later that she went to Utila.


February 16th 2006 Thursday                           Visiting Trujillo


                Being so close, I decided I'd take Laura to Trujillo (two and a half hours away from La Ceiba).  There we visited the museum.  We spoke with the owner and he even gave us a tour of the place.  It was full of interesting items, but it was a shame to see them so uncared for.  Both Laura and I were heartbroken to see how run down the place was and how full of dirt, cobwebs, and insects.  The owner was an old man, and thus unable to take care of his museum.  We wished we could help him by taking it over and fixing it up.  But we could not. 

                We then drove by the cemetery were William Walker was buried.  He was an American in the 1800's, who with the help of some rich people in San Francisco raised a small army and attacked Honduras with the intention of capturing all of Central America and making it an American providence.  Unfortunately, the United States did not back him, and England supported those fighting against him.  Thus, he was doomed for defeat.  His army deserted him and upon capture, his enemies executed him.  We both couldn't help but wonder what Honduras would be like today if he had succeeded.  How great it would have been if America had adopted this country!  It definitely would be a lot different!

                In the evening, we spent the night in the Christopher Columbus Hotel.  We had a lobster and steak dinner in their restaurant.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!


February 17th 2006 Friday                                Life is a Vapour


                Laura and I drove back to San Pedro Sula today.   On our journey, we talked about many different things.   Something I ate must have given me gas, and that turned our conversation towards that subject.  I quoted the verse in James that says, "For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." 

I then told her that down South, when someone has gas, they call it "The Vapours."  She then responded, "You mean we are all like flatulence?  We are here for that short of a time and then we vanish away?

We laughed and laughed.  I then said, "I think I got a new sermon!  I'll preach on 'You Stink!'" 

We laughed even more.  I don't know why, but flatulence jokes are so funny!  Later she called me a "stinker" and we laughed even more intensely.

                In San Pedro Sula we stopped and spent the night at the Hotel Family Inn. 


February 18th 2006 Saturday                            Broken Pipes


                We left for home early today, stopping along the way to visit a few Pawn Shops and look for old Silver Coins.  We also stopped at the Granja D'elia restaurant for lunch.

                At home we found our water pipe broken again.  Our pump works great, possibly too good, as it's always breaking the pipe.  When it clicks on and off, it stops abruptly, causing it to violently wobble for a second.  This causes much stress and tension on the pipe.  After about a month of this, the pipe breaks.  I've fixed it at least six times now, and it always does the same thing.  It's very irritating.  The only possible solution is to replace the PVC pipe with all metal pipe.  This will be a long, tedious job, not to mention expensive.  But it must be done.

                Luckily, we did have a small trickle of water in our kitchen sink from the water department, so we were able to at least wash our dishes, brush our teeth, and flush the commodes.        


February 19th 2006 Sunday                               Sickness Befalls Me


                All last night diarrhea and vomiting kept me up.  Thus, I spent all day in bed feeling awful.  I also found myself with body aches and pains.     Thus, I was unable to go to Quebrada de Lajas for services at three.  Nor did I make it to service in our living room at five. 

                In the late evening, I felt well enough to go to Mike's house for a hot shower.  But it didn't help much, as I felt sicker than before.


February 20th 2006 Monday                              Traveling to Tegus


                We slept in this morning.  I had a fever and sweat all night.  But when I awoke this morning I felt a little better.   Laura's time to leave Honduras is coming up again, so we had to leave today for Tegucigalpa.  We plan on visiting Costa Rica via bus, as well as leave my Suburban in Otto's shop to be fixed.

                When we reached Tegus, I felt too bad, so we went to the Cancer Center for me to rest.  Otto called me later and asked how I felt.  I told him of our upcoming trip to Costa Rica, and he told us about a bus line called Trans Nica that makes it there in one day.  The other bus line we were thinking of taking (Tica Bus) goes only to Managua, Nicaragua in one day and then continues on to Costa Rica the next.  We wanted to make it in one day instead of two, so we checked into Trans Nica.  It turned out that their tickets are the very same price!   Visiting the office, we tried to book reservations for tomorrow, but they were sold out.  We instead bought our tickets for Wednesday.

                The rest of the day I spent in bed at the Cancer Center getting over my illness.   By evening I felt much better.  What ever I had must have been a bug, or a stomach virus.  I'm just glad it's over!


February 21st 2006 Tuesday                             The Pits!


                I dropped my Suburban off first thing this morning at Nutek.  There they advised me that the name had been changed to "The Pits." That was too funny!  I'm sure they meant it to mean the Pit that is used for fixing cars.  However, "The Pits" in English is a term used when something is no good!  Laura and I had a good laugh over the name.

                The rest of the day Laura and I decided to walk all over town instead of travel by taxi.  I walked to the Barber Shop for a haircut and then we walked back to the Cancer Center and made sandwiches for our trip.         There Anita introduced us to a man named Glenn Stone.   He claimed to be a Doctor who travels the world and works in Medical Missions.   He was friendly towards us and even gave us a lot of stuff.  He had some dresses to give away to people here, but found no one to give them to.  Laura took them and they look great on her.


February 22nd 2006 Wednesday                       The Bus Trip to Costa Rica


                John, the chauffer for the Cancer Center, took us to the bus station this morning.  We awoke at four o'clock, as the bus was supposed to leave at six.  We arrived at five thirty, but didn't leave until an hour later.  The teller was late.  He must have been on "Honduran Time."

                The trip turned out to be long, agonizing and gruelling.  We paid for a luxury bus, but it turned out to be anything but.  The bathroom was broken and only took "liquids."  The steward even said, "If you have to go number two, please advise me, and we'll see what he can do to accommodate you.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience!"

                The worst part of the trip was the movies.  The bus had four televisions, and they showed a total of four motion pictures.  They were so horrible that both Laura and I were vexed to our very soul by their wickedness and foul language.  One was called "Entropy."  It was about a man who knocked up a girl and then had her get an abortion.  He then wanted to marry her, but she felt so bad that she went back to her other boyfriend.  He was so devastated, that he then married a perfect stranger on the spur of the moment.  About this time, the first woman came back wanting him again.  He then divorced his spouse and vowed to take her back and be good to her.  But when he did she ran off with another man and he ended up with neither one of them.  Both Laura and I agreed that this filthy movie had "no redeeming social value."  But as I thought about it, I was deeply saddened to think that that sort of thing probably happens everyday all over this wicked, Christless, sin-infested world. 

We didn't arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica until eleven at night.  The bus attendant warned us against taking a taxi, as most drivers are crooked and enjoy driving Americans around way out of their way in order to charge them a higher fare.  Thus, he was nice enough to walk us up the street to a nice hotel called Meson del Angel.  There we met a man named Enrique who told us his grandfather was one of the first Evangelical Missionaries to Costa Rica in the early 1900's.  His mother is still alive, and is ninety something.  She still goes to the Baptist Church.  His cordiality really ended a horrible day on a nice note. 


February 23rd 2006 Thursday                          Passing Out Tracts and Visiting Museums


                After our free continental breakfast, Laura and I walked around passing out tracts.  San Jose is a clean town and the people are very friendly.

                We stopped on several occasions to visit stores and museums.  Downtown we visited the Numismatic Museum and the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, which were both very interesting.  The Numismatic Museum houses many ancient Costa Rican coins and paper money.  We saw there the same thing we've seen in other countries.  Their old bills read, "Redeemable in Gold." 

However, around the 1930's, they changed their paper money to just read "Colon's" and they had no gold or silver backing them.  The best we can figure, they must have followed America's economic policy.  Thus, their bills are admissions of bankruptcy.

                They had some very nice gold coins.  I couldn't help but covet them.  They were so beautiful.  One was a small coin from the 1800's and is only one of five known to exist.  They were supposed to have minted that denomination with a Guanacaste tree on the back; instead they used a Palm tree.  For this mishap, all were then promptly destroyed and re-minted, except for five.  It must have been worth a lot.  I couldn't help but wonder where the other four were, and how much they would sell for.

The Pre-Columbian gold museum amazed me.  Never had I seen some much gold in one place!  It took three floors to house the whole exhibit.  The first pieces were very badly formed (I worked as a jeweller for two years, and I pointed this out to Laura).  As the exhibit progressed historically, their skill noticeably improved and each piece was nicer.  Most of their work consisted of either round gold disks (type of the sun, which they worshipped), or of animals.  They made frogs (types of unclean spirits), birds (also types of demons), turtles, and crocodiles.   As we looked at all the hundreds of thousands of golden objects, I found myself overwhelmed to be around so much gold!  Gold fever inundated me.  I had to fight the urge to want it all.  But as I thought about it, I realized that there really wasn't that much gold there.  In heaven, there'll be a whole lot more!  I can't wait to get there!  Plus, I'll have my own little mansion made of the stuff!  What a blessed thought!  

After leaving the museum, we passed out many more tracts.  One man in the park began yelling at me and about a man named Zacarias.  I discerned that he was a Protestant preacher who started a lot of Charismatic churches in Costa Rica (the man said about 120).  This man was angry because he said he made slaves of his people in getting them to go out and pass out tracts for him.  I quickly told him that we were not connected to the man and that we were only interesting in giving people the Gospel of Jesus Christ who is able to save their souls from Hell. 

                In evening we stopped at Doña Inés Motel.  It was not as nice as the other hotel, and it cost one dollar more.  But we were happy because it had hot water.


February 24th 2006 Friday                                Encounters


                We spent the day walking all over the town of San Jose passing out the tract "All This I Did for Thee" in Spanish.  It had a drawing of Christ on the cross, covered in blood on the front.   Many people took the tract and looked at it.  Some stared and immediately began reading it. Others gazed on it in disgust.  But we never saw one thrown down on the ground.

                I spoke with several people while we were "tracting."  One was an elderly beggar lady without any teeth.  She saw the tract and became frightened.  She said, "That's not Jesus!  He's got too much blood on him.  That scares me!

I straightway recognized that she was probably Catholic and had been accustomed to seeing paintings of a Catholic Jesus on the cross, which has hardly any blood.  I then told her, "That is Jesus who died on the cross for you.  The Bible says his visage was marred more than any man's.  He was beaten and whipped until every drop of blood spewed from his body.

I then had the chance to give her the Gospel.  She didn't seem to understand, but she listened.   Before I walked away, I asked her named.  She responded, "Maria La Fea" (Mary the Ugly).  I called her "Maria La Bonita" (Mary the Beautiful).  She laughed and laughed.

                Another woman refused to take the tract because she said it was a Catholic "image."  I immediately recognized her as an evangelical convert.  I then told her that we don't worship images; we worship Christ Jesus who can save a person from Hell.  She then realized that the tract wasn't about the image on the front but about the message of salvation inside, and she quickly accepted it.  I think she might have been a believer.  At any rate she was Anti-Catholic and against images. 

                One man was a drunk.  He said he was a Christian, but I doubted it.  He wanted to eat, so we gave him 500 Colones for a  hamburger (about one American Dollar).  He was grateful and said he'd read the tract.

                A woman asked me for prayer.  She then told me her life story.  Her family disowned her for her lifestyle of ill repute, and she wanted to be "accepted."  I told her that Christ Jesus wanted to accept her, but she would first have to accept him as her Saviour.  She wasn't ready yet, but I prayed for her.

                We also met a man with a bad leg.  He was in an accident and had to walk on crutches.  He said he was saved, but then said something very strange.  He replied, "I killed Christ in my heart!  I murdered him!  He was in there, but I killed him!"  I didn't know how to respond to such foolishness so we gave him a tract and walked away. 

                In the late afternoon, we began looking for a hotel.  We found several of them, but they cost way too much.  Thus, we kept looking.  Because it was a Friday night, and because it was downtown San Jose, we found nothing.  They were either too much or too full.  The only place with a vacancy was the Holiday Inn, but it was 99 dollars a night.  Reluctantly, we paid for a room on the twelfth floor.  What a marvellous view it was of the city from our bedroom window!

                In the evening, had a wonderful dinner on the 17th floor with the must beautiful view of the entire city.  The food was expensive though.  For a glass of water alone, it was two dollars!


February 25th 2006 Saturday                            Coin Show


                After a nice Continental breakfast, we went out to pass out more tracts.  Eventually we hopped on a bus bound for the area of San Pedro where we were told they have a Coin Show every second Saturday of the month at the American Mall.  We spent several hours there looking at coins and old bills.  It was a lot of fun. 

                I went to the bank later to withdraw some money.  Banks and I usually don't get along.  But, the banks in Costa Rica were awesome!  They were so orderly and efficient.  The tellers were very friendly and helpful.  When I presented my Visa Check Card and asked for money, they asked, "Would you like your cash in dollars or in Colones?"  I couldn't believe it!  In Honduras, they only allow me Lempiras and not dollars!  Wow!

                Later we walked to another mall up the street.  The traffic in Costa Rica is horrible!  Just trying to cross the street took us five minutes!  It wasn't easy, and we felt as though we were taking our lives into our own hands.  I eventually just ran for it, and barely made it across.  I looked back at Laura and she was still on the other side, almost crying.  The traffic was that thick!

                At the mall, we had some of our favorite food – Taco Bell.  We also like Papa John's Pizza, but these do not exist in Honduras.  Thus, when we saw Papa John's, we felt almost like we were back in the United States and counted our blessings.

                After eating, we reflected on our last day in Costa Rica.  San Jose was like a mini New York City.  It's building's weren't as tall, but there were many places that reminded me of Time Square.  The people were also very different in their ethnic backgrounds.  There were black, white, and every color in between. 

                Things in Costa Rica were so inexpensive (except at Holiday Inn).  The exchange rate was 500 colones to one American Dollar.  However, there were many stores that sold clothes for very cheap.  I bought a sweater for only three dollars!  The food was also not that expensive.  A combo at Burger King and Wendy's was only two or three dollars.  At Taco Bell, we ate well for only a few bucks.





February 26th 2006 Sunday                               The Trip Back To Honduras


                Our bus left at four thirty this morning.  It arrived at the border of Nicaragua four hours later.  Exhausted, from a lack of sleep (it's hard to sleep on a bus), we disembarked and went through customs.  The bus attendant took our passports for us and did our paperwork.  That was a great help and let us all go much faster. 

                However, it was pricey to pass the borders.  Each border crossing cost us between six and ten dollars each, because we were Americans. 

                We arrived in Managua, Nicaragua at one o'clock in the afternoon.  We had to wait for our next bus that left at two.  While waiting, some Costa Rican people began talking with us.  They said they were bound for Honduras for a Teaching Conference.  It turned out that they were going there to be in Bro. Abel Bonilla's church.  What a small world! 

                We talked for a while about the differences between Costa Rica and Honduras.  Most certainly Honduras is a poorer and dirtier country than Costa Rica.

                At five o'clock we arrived at the border of Honduras.  There we watched the sun set while waiting for the Aduana to come and check our bags and stamp our passports.  (Only in Honduras!  Yep, they were the slowest of all the borders).  A few minutes after six we were back on the road, and back into the long hairpin turns of Honduras.  For the most part Costa Rica and Nicaragua were flat countries.  They had mountains, but not like Honduras.  Thus, we couldn't get any much needed rest as we were constantly rocked about and driven either into the aisle or the window by the curves.

                Finally we arrived at the Hotel Alameda at a quarter till nine.  Bro. Abel Bonilla was there to pick up the people, and he offered to give us a ride to the Cancer Center as well.  It was good to see him again, and I introduced him to my wife. 

                Exhausted, we went directly to bed at the Cancer Center.  All total we were on a bus about thirty hours (roundtrip).  That's over one day on a bus!  We also must have walked ten to fifteen miles in those three days in Costa Rica passing out tracts.


February 27th 2006 Monday                              No Vehicle, Mike Leaves, and Walking


                After sleeping in this morning, I awoke and called about my Suburban.  Par for course.  It was still not ready.  I left it with them last Tuesday, and I thought for sure it would have been finished.  But then I remembered, "Oh yeah, this is Honduras!"

                Thus, we stayed at the Cancer Center and rested.  Later Mike and Debbie called and told us they are leaving tomorrow for the United States for a month.  This means I'll have to be in charge while they are gone.  They also asked me to take care of things for them such as food for their animals, paying the workers at the church, and more.

                In the afternoon, Laura and I walked into town and bought some groceries.  After walking so much in Costa Rica, I've discovered that I enjoy walking!  I want to do it more!


February 28th 2006 Tuesday                             Bill, The Suburban, and Anita


                They called this morning about the truck and told me that all was finished except putting in a new windshield (the old one was cracked all the way down from top to bottom in three places).  They told me it would cost 350 dollars.  I was shocked!  In the U.S., the last time I had it installed it was under two hundred.  But then I remembered, "Oh yeah, this is Honduras!"

                Bill Kepler came by later and we had a great time of fellowship talking with him.  He told us about his son and how he believes that God's calling him to Australia as a Missionary.  However, he's having problems working towards that goal.  His Pastor wants him to do more in the church that will hinder his aspiration.

                Bill told us that he counselled him, "You do what God wants you to do, and don't let anyone sidetrack you!"  I thought about my situation then.  I believe God wants me to be an evangelist.  And a lot is going on that is hindering me working towards that goal.  Mike Lane keeps going back to the states leaving me his work.  This is a great strain and stress upon me, and has kept me from working toward what I believe God wants me to do.  Talking this over with Laura, she keeps saying, "Just put it in God's hands and do right!  Do more in working towards the goal God has set before you, while you are helping Mike."  I just get so frustrated sometimes, as I feel I'm doing Mike's ministry for him.

                Late in the afternoon, they called and said my vehicle was ready.  Instead of taking a taxi, Laura and I walked the four miles to the shop.  There we found our bill to be well over 700 dollars for all they did.  I could hardly believe it!  However, half of that was for the windshield.  I was going to put it on my Visa card, when I noticed that tax would be at least 90 dollars.  The tax rate in Honduras is 12%.  That's more than a tithe!  At least it's not as high as Costa Rica, which had a 16% tax rate.

                The secretary saw I was troubled with the tax, and told me, "If you pay cash, we won't charge you tax."  Many stores here in Honduras do that, and I don't see anything wrong with it.  It hurts me greatly to give money to a corrupt government, knowing they won't use it for the betterment of the country or the people, but will only pocket it for themselves.  Thus, I asked if I could go to the bank tomorrow and get the cash and then come back and pay.

                In the evening, we took Anita Hurst to dinner at the Palacio Real Chinese Restaurant.   We all ordered something, thinking the plates were small.  But we didn't realize that the plates would be gigantic!  Thus, we were left with three boxes of leftovers that we took with us.


March 1st 2006 Wednesday                               Finally Leaving Tegus


                After paying for our bill at the Cancer Center (it costs us 20 dollars a night to stay there), we went to the bank.  There, I withdrew some money and then drove to Aerocasillas to ship off several 1602TR New Testaments.  I'm still getting emails all the time from people who ask for them, saying they want the pure word of God in Spanish.  Many see the problems in the 1960 and 1909 yet still use them.  Others, who desire a purer Bible, have purchased the 1865 but found problems in it.  They are still looking for a better Spanish Bible that is based on the Textus Receptus.  I am happy to help them in their search by sending them a 1602 TR New Testament.  I don't charge for them, but ask them to send an offering if possible to help pay for the shipping.

                On the way back to "The Pits," we stopped at a bakery and bought some bread.  We usually get Pumpernickel, but this time we bought some Rye and Wheat as well.  They are so good, as they are freshly baked.

                Upon returning home, we found Castillo working.  He is clearing us an area behind the house where we are thinking of making another pen for our chickens.  We are getting so many, that our old pen is now too small.  Castillo also showed us that one of our hens is sitting again.  He then said ecstatically, "I put sixteen eggs under it two days ago!

                In the evening service, I preached on "Daniel's Seventieth Week.  We had a good crowd.


March 2nd 2006 Thursday                 Liars, Rascals, and Lizards


                Laura and I slept in this morning.  Upon awaking, we watched a DVD video my Dad sent us by Texe Marrs entitled "Vatican Rising," which exposed Modern Ecumenical Evangelists, showing how they are trying to bring all religions back to Rome.  Almost all of the television preachers of this modern age are now Pro-Catholic.  And, they go out of their way to either speak good about the Pope, forward the cause of Catholicism, or get people to join together with Catholics.   It was shocking to actually hear what some of them said.

                Benny Hinn told Paul Crouch on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, "The day I met Pope John Paul II was the greatest day of my life!"  Paul Crouch himself also said that the pope was, "A good man," and "A Great Christian Leader." 

                Other modern Protestant Leaders are also shown to be Pro-Catholic and Ecumenical in various forms.  For example, Robert Schuler, a popular TV preacher, was said to have taken the blueprints of his precious Crystal Cathedral to Rome and personally ask the Pope to pray for it before he built it. 

Chuck Colson, author of "Born Again," wrote a book entitled "The Body," in which he stresses the need for all that call themselves Christians to "come together" as one (by Ecumenicalism) in union with Catholicism.  Popular Radio Host and founder of "Focus on the Family" James Dobson, allows Catholics on his radio show and works with them.  He also received an honorary doctorate from a Catholic University, and claimed he was "happy to receive it."

                But that's not all.  Billy Graham was also exposed for the compromiser he is.  In speaking about the Pope, he said, "The Pope is almost an evangelist!"  He also called him, "The moral voice of the 20th Century."  On the Larry King show, Graham said the following, and I quote: "I'm very comfortable with the Vatican, in fact, I've been to see the Pope several times...when he was elected Pope...I was preaching in his church in KrakowI was his guest."  Larry King asked him shockingly, "Do you like this Pope?"  He replied, "I like him very much, he's very conservative."  In another interview, Graham said, "...today we have almost 100% Catholic support in this country...the bishops, archbishops and Pope is our friendThere is much we have in common and so much of what we believeThey believe in Christ...the death of Christ on the cross, and his resurrection."  He also continued, "...I feel that I belong to all the churches, I'm equally at home at an Anglican, or Baptist, or Brethren Assembly, or Roman Catholic Church..." Sadly, I know many people who still think that Billy Graham is a "Great Bible Believing Evangelist" and would never compromise or join hands with Rome.  But they are wrong.  Billy Graham is a Pro-Catholic, Pope lover.  If he really believes what he said, he's nothing but a Pimp pushing a whore!

                The worst part was hearing about Jack Van Impe.  It used to be that he was right on in what he taught and believed.  I remember reading a book by him about Salvation that was very well written and completely Biblical.  It showed that salvation was by faith, and not of works, specifically by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ!  I also enjoyed Mr. Impe's television show years ago, as he spoke against the Catholic Church and showed how end times events were coming to pass through weekly headlines.

                But now Mr. Impe is praising Mary and calling her "Our Mother" while he's quoting her apparitions.  What's going on?  The following is a quote from his new TBN television program.  Jack says, "I used to use Halley's Pocket Handbook and 'The Two Babylons' by Hislop to knock my brothers and sisters in other denominations, and then the spirit of God started to do something in my heart about ten years ago, and I'm a different man...I have read 25 volumes on the Catholic Church...I used to be an opponent and worked against other brothers and sisters in Christ...everything this Pope says...is backed by the word of God...this Pope loves people..."  He continued, "They [the Catholics] are right on! ...We often misrepresent our Catholic brothers and sisters and what they teach and now that I know the truth, I will stand for what is right and teach what is right according to their beliefs, oh you Catholic people, listen to your leaders, and priests and cardinals and popes!"  What?  How can this come from a man who before called the Pope the anti-christ?

The best quote was that of Dr. Peter Kreeft from Boston University in his book "Ecumenical Jihad."  He says, "Catholicism agrees with Paganism more than with Protestantism."  Boy is that the truth!  Also he writes, "Catholicism is more like African religion" and "Catholics believe pagans are right and Protestants are wrong."  I agree 100%. 

In the afternoon, Marisol brought two young ladies by asking me to show them the truth about the Catholic Church.  I then took an hour taking them through my material that I put together using Hislop's "Two Babylons."  Afterwards, I showed them how the Catholic Church is guilty of idol worship, and that the "images" or "icons" they worship or not Christian in origin, but rather pagan.

The Sanchez family didn't come to service, so I drove straight to Quebrada de Lajas.  My first stop was Emilia's house.  She was not home, but her son Santos was.  He had a child in his arms.  I asked who it belonged to, and he responded, "It's mine!"  I immediately became righteously indignant.  He told me that he had not cheated on Argentina, and that he didn't have another woman.  But he did.  The child's mother was there as well.  Her name is Marilyna.  I wasn't happy with Santos lying to me, so I asked him, "Are going to marry this woman, or are you just going to live in fornication with her as well like you did Argentina?"  He didn't answer, so I responded, "I'm praying for you.  But you know you are living in sin!  You need to repent and get right with God!"  Of course that put a damper on things.  But I couldn't help but tell him the truth.  That wicked rascal!  He claims to be saved, but he's already got two bastard children!

                At Martir's house, I preached on "Bastards."  I showed that a bastard is a child born outside of wedlock.  I then showed that a person who's not saved is a spiritual bastard, for their first birth is dishonourable.  They must be born again honourably through Jesus Christ.  Their first father is the devil, but when born again, their father is God.

                After service, Laura and I went to Carlos Garcia's house.  He invited us to dinner.  The main course was "Iguana Soup."  I've had Iguana before, but Laura had not.  It was very good.  But I just couldn't get over the fact that my wife was eating Lizard.  I kept saying, "Laura, you're eating Iguana!"  And she'd laugh.


March 3rd 2006 Friday                       Poem and the Persian Gulf War


                I am so looking forward to Christ Jesus coming again!  The sooner the better!  Thus, I sat down and just thought about my Saviour this morning.  While musing, I wrote the following poem.


How Can I?



How can I hate Him,

When he loved me so?


How can I forsake Him,

When he tells me, "Go!"?


How can I shun Him,

When he gave his all on Calvary?


How can I not love Him,

When he shed his blood for even me?


How can I forget Him,

When I'm always on His mind?


How can I renounce Him,

When He's always been so kind?


How can I abuse Him,

When he's suffered all my pain?


How can I desert Him,

When to die for Him is gain?


And, how can I displease Him,

When his grace abideth strong?


How can I but love Him,

When he put up with me for so long?


Yes, how can I be in Him,

When I at times I seem so far away?


And, how, O how, can I persuade Him,

To come for me today?


                Laura spent the day scanning files, books, and pictures for me, while I studied for service on Sunday.  In the evening we watched a DVD that my Dad sent me entitled, "Beyond Treason," put out by Power Hour Productions.  It showed the origin of the Persian Gulf War Syndrome that most soldiers of that conflict suffered and are still suffering. 

During that war, there were a lot of contaminates, but the main contributing factor to their illness was through contact with "Depleted Uranium."  Although the U.N. ruled the use of Depleted Uranium in War "illegal," the United States still used Uranium in bullets, rounds, and bombs in that war.  It was harmless before being fired, but once it hit it's target it became toxic and left huge levels of radiation that will never go away.  This is still affecting people today in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and many babies that are born there are deformed because of it.  How sad!

                I strongly recommend that all people buy and watch this video to see what the U.S. government is involved has been involved in.  Contact information is www.BeyondTreason.com.


March 4th 2006 Saturday                   Studying, Fixing the Pipes, and Witnessing to Catholics


                Most of the early morning hours were spent on my new book "The History of the Spanish Bible Controversy."  I have my work cut out for me, but I'm looking forward to finishing it if the Lord should allow.

                In the afternoon, we went into town to check our email and buy parts for the well.  After coming home I spent several hours installing a new pipe leading into the well.  Instead of fixing the old PVC joint (which has broken seven times now), I decided I'd just buy all metal pipe and use that.  This I did.  And praise be to God, we now have water!

                Afterwards, Marisol brought over the same young ladies again asking me to show them more about the errors of the Catholic Church.  Their names are Lupe and Kenia Diaz, and they said that they told their Mother about what I showed them the other day.  Staunchly Roman Catholic, their Mom replied, "Robert Breaker is a false prophet for saying what he did about the Catholic Church!

                So I took them through the Bible and showed them verse after verse that proves that the Roman church is full of hypocrisy, lies, errors, and false teachings.  Kenia was very surprised, and said, "Wow!  I didn't know any of this!  Why didn't someone tell me before?"

                When I finished, I asked if there were any questions.  Marisol then spoke up and asked, "Well, aren't you going to ask them if they want to get saved?"   That was a good question.  It's such a blessing to see Marisol cares about their souls and wants to see them born again.

                Unfortunately, the two girls did not want to trust Jesus as their Saviour.  They wanted rather to study it out more and talk it over with their Mother.


March 5th 2006 Sunday                      Lajas, Apostles, and Zarahi


Not too many came to service in Lajas this afternoon.  I preached an expository message from 1 Timothy chapter five, showing them a variety of things, such as "A Woman's Place is in the Home," "A Pastor Should be Taken Care of," "People Should not Drink Alcoholic Beverages," and more.

Afterwards, I drove to the Girl's home in Mike's van and picked up Arlene Padilla and her children for service.  She graduated from Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, Florida, and is working here in Honduras with a Girl's home.   She has twelve girls and two boys.  The kids are all from local churches and she is helping them with their schooling, as their families are too poor to afford it.  Mike asked me to bring them to services, as they desire to come and congregate with us.

                My message was, "What the Apostles Believed."  I showed through the scriptures that the Catholic Church did not and could not have been founded upon the Apostles, because they don't teach what the Apostles did!  My points were that 1.  All the apostles taught that salvation is through grace through faith (and not works), 2. That the apostles only baptized believers (never babies), and 3. Every apostle believed that when someone was born again, they had Eternal Life (and knew where they were going when they died)!

                Under point one, I made them turn to Peter's words in Acts 15:11, Paul's words in Gal. 2:16 and Eph. 2:8,9, and the words of Jesus himself in John 3:15,16 and 11:25,26.  On my second point, I had them look at Phillip's words in Acts 8:37, Paul's conversion in Acts 9:17-18 and confession in 1 Cor. 1:11-17, and Peter's words in Acts 10:43-48.   Under the last point, I showed them Christ's words in John 10:27-30, Peter's confession in John 6:68, Paul's statement in Romans 6:23, and John's declaration in 1 John 5:10-13.

                When I finished, I told them, "The Catholic church is so far away from what the Apostles preached, that there is no way they could even claim to have begun with them, as their Roman church has never taught these things.  In fact, the Catholic church has always taught the opposite of the apostles, for they believe: 1. Salvation is by faith and works, 2. Baptism is for children only, and 3. No one can know they are saved!"

                After service several young ladies stayed and talked with my wife.  One of them, Zarahi, asked to speak with me.  She then told me her father beat her and her mother and said she was afraid to go home.  She confided in Laura and I further, by telling us that he gets drunk a lot and always does bad things.  However, he's very bitter and has been getting worse.  Her words were, "I think he's better when he's drunk than when he's sober, because at least then he just passes out and doesn't try to beat us!

He also calls her names and is very mean towards her.   She was crying as she told us this story and both Laura and I felt deeply for her.  She is a good girl, and loves the Lord.  How it hurts to see her Father treat her so disrespectfully.

We called her mother later and asked if it was safe to bring her home.  She said her husband had gone to bed and that there was nothing to worry about.  Thus we walked her home.  When we arrived at her mother's house, we said, "We brought Zarahi home because she was afraid to come herself.  She's afraid her Father will beat her up!

The Mother just laughed and didn't seem to care.  She replied, "Well, there are some things in life that just happen.

I responded, "Yep, but they shouldn't.  It's never right for a man to hit a woman!"  She finally agreed. 

                Zarahi's parents aren't married and they have six children total.  For that reason, I told her mother that she has a refuge at our house anytime she needs it, and that she didn't have to obey or live with a man who's not her husband, especially if he takes out his anger and hatred on his children and wife violently!  She thanked us and then we left.

                As we walked home, I told Laura, "It's plain to see that she loves that man and is willing to take whatever he dishes out, but unfortunately she lets him beat their kids, and that's not right!"  Laura agreed.


March 6th 2006 Monday                     Studying the Book of Enoch


                Laura and I spent the day studying and working.  I also read the book on Enoch on CD, which my Dad sent me.  I found where it said that demons were indeed the spirits of the giants, verifying my theory.   Chapter 15 verses 3-12 say:


3 Wherefore have ye [fallen angels] left the high, holy, and eternal heaven, and lain with women, and defiled yourselves with the daughters of men and taken to yourselves wives, and done like the children

4 of earth, and begotten giants (as your) sons? And though ye were holy, spiritual, living the eternal life, you have defiled yourselves with the blood of women, and have begotten (children) with the blood of flesh, and, as the children of men, have lusted after flesh and blood as those also do who die

5 and perish. Therefore have I given them wives also that they might impregnate them, and beget

6 children by them, that thus nothing might be wanting to them on earth. But you were formerly

7 spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world. And therefore I have not appointed wives for you; for as for the spiritual ones of the heaven, in heaven is their dwelling.

8 And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon

9 the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin;

10 they shall be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits shall they be called. [As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.]

11 And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless

12 hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them.


                However, I found some questionable things in the book of Enoch which lead me to doubt its credibility.  First, it says in chapter ten, verse one through three, that God sent Uriel to speak with Noah, telling him to "Hide himself."  But Genesis 6:9 says that Noah walked with God, and that it was God (vs 13) that spoke with Noah, telling him to build an ark (vs 14).

                Secondly, in Chapter 13, God tells Enoch to go and speak to the fallen angels.  He does so, and they ask him to take a written petition, which they drew up, to God asking for forgiveness.  Enoch does so and chapter 14 talks about how God denies their petition and uses Enoch to speak to them, telling them their condemnation.  This was just a little too far fetched.  If the "sons of God" and Satan can come before the throne of God and talk with him (according to Job 1:6 and 2:1), then why didn't the sons of God go themselves to speak with God?  Why would they go to Enoch.  Sounds a little weird!

                Thirdly, Chapter nineteen says that all the women who had sex with the angels and went astray "shall become sirens."  What?  That sounds like mythology!

                All and all, the book had a Catholic, medieval feel to it.  It didn't read like scripture, but appeared to me to be something that most likely was written by a monk or priest much later than the time of Enoch (probably after the writings of Ezekiel, as the appearances in heaven read much like those of Ezekiel's).


March 7th 2006 Tuesday                    The Offer             


                We were riding around town today in my White Toyota Pickup, when a man stopped us and asked us if we wanted to sell it.  He told us that he needed a truck to help him haul coffee to the market, and that "The price wasn't important.

We talked for a little while, and the man offered me 60,000 lempiras for the vehicle.  This is roughly $3158 American.  I was flabbergasted.  I bought the truck for $2100, and he was willing to give me over one thousand dollars more than what I paid for it!

                In the evening, I called my Dad and told him about the offer.  He was quick to say, "Jump at the chance to sell it for that much!"  He even said that was probably God sending a blessing our way!  Laura and I couldn't understand at first, as we both feel we need the Toyota for the ministry.  But we also couldn't justify passing up a good deal such as that.  So we decided we'd talk to the man again soon.


March 8th 2006 Wednesday              The Millennium


                I preached in the evening service at my house on "The Millennium."  We had a great crowd, and I went a little long explaining about the Battle of Armageddon, and how Christians will come back with him on white horses.  We also looked at how things will be different in the Millennium, such as how the nature of wild animals will change and they will eat grass instead of flesh, people will live longer, and all nations must come before the throne of God in Jerusalem every year.


March 9th 2006 Thursday  Erick and Emilia


                I spent all morning studying, until Erick Sanchez showed up to speak with me.  He came by to see how we are doing, as well as to ask us to translate something for him into English.  While we ate breakfast together, our conversation turned towards Missions and eventually Mission Boards.

                I showed him how confused and messed up people are when it comes to the subject, as well as how Modern Missionaries have becomes employees working for a Mission, instead of God-called evangelists working for and under God! 

                Most Missionaries nowadays believe they are sent from a Mission Board, and that they are to obey that Board and let it have authority over them.  Because of this, the money they receive from churches goes to the board, which usually takes out a lot of money that's supposed to go to the Missionary.  Much of this money goes to Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Representatives, Mission Directors, and other Non-Biblical titles.  On top of this, most Mission Boards take out money from a Missionaries monthly support for Medical Expenses, Pension, and more.  Erick confided in me and told me that's what happens with his support.  He was trying to raise 1500 dollars a month, but only receives 900.  Instead of getting all of this to use for the Lord, his Board takes out 100 dollars for unexpected Medical Expenses, 100 dollars for Office Expenses, and another 100 for Retirement and other Things.  Erick then only receives about 600 dollars a month (less than half of what he needs to raise).  Where does it go?  A third of his income goes to a Board.  How sad!

                I then told him how I operate.  I am not sent from a board, but rather my home church.  The Mission Board I'm associated with (Bible Baptist Mission) does not try to control me in any way, nor does it take any of my support without my written authorization.  It also doesn't claim to send me, nor does it send "Missionary Representatives" or "Regional Missionaries" to tell me what I can and can't do on the field.  I'm 100% free to serve the Lord without anyone trying to control me, rob from me, or blackmail me!  I'm lead by the Holy Spirit, and follow his leading!

                Erick saw this and was a bit depressed in seeing how his situation at times keeps him from doing more.  However, it didn't seem like he had any inclination to change his condition.  Although he didn't like his Board taking money from him and telling him what to do, he was happy that he could still serve the Lord, albeit with restraints.

                In Quebrada de Lajas, I drove to Emilia's house first.  Santos was there, and I asked him nicely where his woman was.  He said, "She left and went to the frontera (border)." 

I then replied, "No, not Argentina, the other woman you are living in sin with!"  He then answered, "Oh, that one, she's here in the house.

I then asked, "Man, how many women have you had?"  He became angry and stared at me hatefully.  I wonder if he's even saved.  He has no desire to live right, and instead of wanting to do right when hearing the truth, he is actively hostile towards it.

                Emilia came in then, and we began talking.  I asked her where Toribio was, and she responded, "Who knows where that man is and where he lives?  He never takes care of us and doesn't support us.  So, he can go to God for all I care!

How sad.  She had a house full of children by him, and he didn't take care of her or them in any way whatsoever. 

                As I thought about this, I realized how hopeless life is for a person that doesn't have a wedding vow.  Emilia let Toribio use her to have his kids, but he had no commitment to her whatsoever, and he didn't care about her.  Santos did the same to Argentina, but it seemed he still loved her, as he was thinking about her as his woman.  Yet, he didn't care enough for her or his testimony to marry her.  So, both Toribio and Santos to me are worse than infidels (as the Bible says in 1 Tim. 5:8).

                I also thought about how much suffering they have caused.  Emilia and her children work like slaves just to scrape up enough money to eat.  All because of Toribio's sin of fornication.  He should not have touched her nor had those children!  Now that he's abandoned them, they are suffering for his sin.  Argentina too has suffered for the sin of Santos.  How will their boy Eber turn out?  He'll probably be a gangster, or a hateful person because his father left him.  How sad that people have to pay for the sins of others.


March 10th 2006 Friday                     Eleven Month Anniversary


                It's our eleven month Wedding Anniversary.  Yesterday evening we went to Papapua's Restaurant to celebrate.  Today we didn't do much.  First, we ran errands in the morning and then went to the bank to withdraw some money that Mike Lane sent us.  This money went straight to Missionary Marbin Rodriguez to buy some property for a church he is starting.  Afterwards, we went home, and  I worked on burning some of our homemade movies on DVD, while Laura cleaned house.

                In the afternoon, we went out and watched the chickens.  It is so fun to just sit and watch their habits.  They remind me so much of man and his fallen nature.  When you throw some food out, they all come running.  Then they push, shove, peck, and fight to get at it.  They have no respect one for the other, but only care about themselves.  This is just how the world is today.  It's full of arrogant roosters who crow just to make people think they are manly, and prideful hens who strut around showing off their stuff.  Yes, there are a lot of chickens in the world today.  But, the biggest ones are those who refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.


March 11th 2006 Saturday                Saturday Night Youth Group


                The youngsters showed up late.  We are supposed to start at five o'clock, but they didn't all shuffle in until five thirty.  School has started again, and because of this I can tell they are more occupied.  Many of them are swamped with homework, and some even have to go to school on Saturdays.  Thus, I can excuse their tardiness.

                After singing a couple of hymns, I passed out my book "Biblical Study Notes on Various Topics for Bible Believers" in Spanish.  I told them, "We are going to study this book, and I'm going to show you how to win souls to Jesus Christ.  We'll also eventually make Saturday afternoons, our visitation day.

They liked this idea.

                I taught then on the subject of Hell and the Lake of Fire, showing them the difference.  Hell of course is in the center of the earth, while the Lake of Fire will be in a different place and is where the lost will be cast after they are judged at the Great White Throne Judgment.  The verses we looked at describing them were:


  1. A lake of fire (Rev. 20:15)

  2. A bottomless pit (Rev 20:1-3) .

  3. A horrible tempest ( Ps. 11:6)

  4. A Place of everlasting burnings (Isaiah 33:14).

  5. A furnace of fire (Matt. 13:41, 42).

  6. A devouring fire (Isaiah 33:14) .

  7. A place of torments (Luke 16:23)

  8. A place of everlasting punishment (Matt. 25:46).

  9. A place where people pray (Luke 16:27).

10. A place where they cry for mercy (Luke 16:24).

11. A place where they wail (Matt. 13:42).

12. A place where they curse God (Rev. 16:11).

13. A place where they never repent (Matt. 12:32).

14. A place of filthiness (Rev. 22: 10, 11).

15. A place of weeping (Matt. 8:12).

16. A place of sorrows (Ps. 18:5)

17. A place of outer darkness (Matt. 8:12) .

18. A place where they have no rest (Rev. 14:11) .

19. A place where they gnaw their tongues (Rev. 16:10) .

20. A place of blackness and darkness forever (Jude 13).

21. A place where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched (Mark 9:48).

22. A place where they are tormented with brimstone (Rev. 14:10).

23. A place from which the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever (Rev. 14:11).

24. A place where they do not want their loved ones to come (Luke 16:28).


March 12th 2006 Sunday                   Secret Societies


                I've studied many Secret Societies during my life.  There are the Masons and Eastern Star, who in all reality worship Lucifer, according to Albert Pike, their founder.  There are also the CFR, Illuminati, and Bilderbergers who meet to discuss policy and what they want to do in order to control the world and bring in the New World Order.  There are groups like the Skull and Bones Society and others who meet and secretly hold initiation rights and secret ceremonies.  The fact is that the world is full of Secret Societies.  As I thought on this today, I came to the conclusion that in a way, Christians have some things in common with these societies, as well as some differences.

                Almost all Secret Societies are small groups who want to meet in secrecy.  They are the minority in proportion to the world's population.  True Christians too are the minority.  And for centuries they have had to meet in secrecy in order to worship God.  It hasn't been until recently (about 400 years) that true Christians have been given freedom to worship.  But as the world grows more wicked and hostile towards God and the Bible, Christians may again have to meet in secret, like they do in Communistic China.

                Most Secret Society groups don't want common people to come to their meetings.  They meet in secret with their initiated members in order to conspire and plan how to deceive the masses and get control of them.  The last thing they want is outsiders listening to their plans and goals.  But we Christians aren't like that.  We meet together to hear God's word and let him get control of our hearts.  We don't want to meet in secret with only our members.  We don't have a "Members Only" sign on the front of the church.  We are open and fervently desire more people to come to our services and listen.  We hide nothing.  Everyone is welcome, for we know our message is not one of deceit and deception, but rather of liberation and salvation.  We want the whole world to hear it!

                In Quebrada de Lajas, however, I find myself feeling like our group is an elite Secret Society of believers.  We are forced to meet in a house.  We lost our building, as the Catholics kicked us out of it.  Thus, now we aren't out in the open, in the eyes of the community.  Our "Baptist Church" sign has been taken down.  But we are still there.  Secretly we meet and study the Bible.  And we make plans to carry the Gospel and truth to those lost Catholic Majority.  Our agenda is to convert them.  But our motive is pure.  We don't want to control them.  We only want to see them saved!

                In services at my house, I preached on "Why It's Important to Testify."  I had three simple points.  1.  "Because God Demands it,"  2.  "Because People are Dying and Going to Hell," and 3. "Because You Can Earn Rewards in Heaven."


March 13th 2006 Monday   To Tegus


                Bill Kepler told us that Pastor Nash Dessent and Bro. Paco Guerrera would be staying at the Cancer Center last night before flying home at one o'clock today.  I wanted Laura to meet them, so we left bright and early this morning for Tegucigalpa.  At nine o'clock we arrived, and then spent the next hour fellowshipping.  Bro. Nash Dessent was Bob Baker's Pastor for some time, and I remembered him from deputation, when I preached at his church.  Bro. Paco Guerrera is a preacher from Texas, and has been all over the world teaching and preaching.  Bro. Bob, Pastor Nash, and Bro. Paco are all part of a group called Baptist International, whose purpose is to get out as much preaching and teaching material as possible to other Baptist groups.

                As we talked, Bro. Paco told me that he'd been working on a translation of the New Testament Greek Receptus into Spanish and that he was almost finished with it.  He said he'd send it to me.  I look forward to getting it.

                They left at eleven, and we then drove to Aerocasillas where I was pleased to find my new Video Projector.  My Dad bought if for me, and now there nothing I can't do in the Ministry with it!  I look forward to showing slides, and teaching material to others with this machine!


March 14th 2006 Tuesday  Anita, Abe, and A Documentary


                We stayed at the Cancer Center last night and enjoyed ourselves.  Anita flew in today from the States, where she attended the funeral of one of her Aunts.  We had a great time of fellowship talking with her.

                My friend Abe Nazario in New York called us in the evening.  It was great to talk with him and hear the latest news of what's going on with Churches in New York.  He said, "New York is a Mission Field!  There are so few good Bible Believing Churches there!  It needs a lot more Missionaries!"  I believe it.

                Before going to bed, Laura and I watched a Documentary entitled, "Supersize Me."  In it, a man in excellent health decided to go on a McDonalds diet for one month eating nothing but what is on their menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   The entire two-hour movie showed firsthand the affects of modern Fast Food.  The man became weak, tired, fat, and had many health problems such as nausea, light-headedness, gas, and headaches.  By the end of the month, the man had gained 20 pounds, had very high cholesterol, and suffered from liver and kidney problems. 

                The documentary was very interesting, and opened our eyes to the dangers of Fast Food.  We both knew that eating at places such as that weren't healthy.  But we didn't know just how damaging it is to one's body.  Thus, Laura and I determined to eat more healthy.


March 15th 2006 Wednesday            Rights and Separation


                Before leaving the Cancer Center, we ate breakfast and watched the Communist News Network (CNN).  They talked about an interesting thing.  A man in Saginaw, Michigan has initiated a court battle for "Men's Rights."  He had a child out of wedlock with a woman and the court ordered him to pay over 500 dollars per month for child support.  Because of this, the man claims he should have the right to give up the child if he so desires, and not pay for it.

                His line of reasoning was, "If the courts give a woman the right to Pro-Choice, then they should give the same rights to men."  In other words, if a woman can decide to give a man's child by aborting (murdering) it, then the man should be allowed to give up his unwanted child and not have to pay for a child that he didn't want.

                Without a doubt, the corrupt courts in America are always in favour of the woman.  They give them special rights over the man and are quick to make the man pay for the child monthly.  This isn't correct Biblically.  According to the Bible, the child is always the man's because it is his seed.  

                However, as they always do, the News Media did not deal with the right question.  We should not ask, "Should men have equal rights?"  Nay, the question should be, "Should women have special rights at all?"  The answer to this question is, "NO!

                When the government gives a woman the right to choose (Pro-Choice) an abortion after she has been knocked up without getting married, they are saying that the woman legally can choose between murdering her baby in cold blood or letting a bastard be born into the world.  Why does the government think that either one of these choices are good, much less legal?  How could we have gotten into such a mess?

                The problem is a lack of morals.  People think fornication is not sin, but rather "consent."  Because of this, their sin is never brought up or spoken against.  Courts don't address sin and punish it.  Instead, they deal only with the problems caused by sin.  And by their corrupt, anti-biblical decisions they add insult to injury and cause people to sin more.

                Women should not get pregnant out of wedlock to begin with.  Men should not have sex outside of marriage, and then these problems would never happen.  (There ought to be a law against fornication altogether!)  Women should not be allowed "special rights," nor should men.  When a child is born, it should be honourably (with wedded spouses) and both parents should nurture and protect it, together.  Money doesn't raise children, parents do.  The man should not be ridiculed and blamed for the mishap.  Both parents are equally responsible.  Why then doesn't the court pass a law like this, "All couples who have babies outside of wedlock must marry with no possibility of divorce, whatsoever!

Wouldn't that solve the problem, and make people own up for their sin?  There should also be laws against divorce.  The divorcer should not be allowed any money from the divorcee.  If someone divorces their spouse, they should get nothing at all for it, for divorce is a sin!  Don't pay people to sin!  And don't make it easy for them! 

                I get so angry and frustrated at all this.  How sad it is to see America in such a mess.  They have no morals and have kicked God out of government, and then they spend their time trying to play god in claiming they can fix everyone's problems.  All they do is just make them worse for everyone else in society.  God please come back and straighten out this crazy mess!

                In the evening service at my house, I preached on "Separation."  I showed how a Christian ought to be separated from the world.  There are two reasons for this.  They are to separate from the world to be separated unto God.  In other words, they should separate from the ways and wiles of the world and separate themselves unto God and his will and worship

Many Christians are so worldly today.  They use "grace" as an excuse to sin.  Then, anyone that preaches against their sin they label a "Legalist" and a "Killjoy." They just don't want to separate from what the world has to offer, nor do they want to be a separated vessel fit for the Master's use.         

                Because of this, most so-called Christians today want just enough religion to appease their conscience.  They claim to love God, while they live like the Devil.  If they do something for the Lord or in his name, it's usually in their own flesh, and not in the Spirit.  They are deceived into thinking that God will accept them no matter how they are, and will completely overlook their worldly lifestyle.  But this is just not the case.  God is watching everything they do.  He isn't pleased with their sin, and he won't settle for anything less than total surrender.  He wants a clean vessel that he can use, not a dirty one full of refuse.  It is true that God is full of grace, but that's no reason for man to be full of disgrace.   God wants holiness, while man, by his very nature, only wants worldliness. 

                Thus, the only way to be a good Christian is to be separated from the world as much as possible.  Don't be like them, don't dress like them, do talk like them, and don't act like them!  Show you are different!  And God will reward you!

                Driving the girls back to the girl's home, I told a few stories.  When we pulled into the driveway, one of the young ladies said, "Colorín, colorado, este cuento se ha acabado.

I didn't understand it at first so they explained it to me.  That's just what the people here say when someone ends a story. 


March 16th 2006 Thursday               Trying to go To Lajas


                On the way to Quebrada de Lajas, we stopped to buy some coffee for Blanca and Martir at the local supermarket.  They are so nice, and always give us a cup of coffee after service.  We wanted to repay them for their kindness. 

                Leaving the grocery store, I found the van wouldn't start.  Some men came and helped me and all said the same thing, "There's something wrong with your starter.

Thus, we called Rigo and he came and looked at it.  He said the same thing, and pulled us to his shop.  By this time it was already six-thirty in the evening, and we'd completely missed services in Lajas.


March 17th 2006 Friday                     Marriage


                Being married is a great blessing.  It's so awesome to have someone who cares for you, and takes care of you.  My wife is so great, and I'm finding more and more each day just how much I can't live without her.  She completes me and helps me in so many ways.   I just thank the Lord daily for giving me a wife and letting me get married.

                As I pondered this, I came to the conclusion that there are three important parts to Marriage.  They are 1. Trust, 2. Truth, and 3. Talk

                For two people to have a good Marriage, they must trust one another.  This is the key to marriage.  How does one trust another?  They have to sacrifice for the other.  They have to go out of their way to show the other they love them.  They must prove their love by showing trust and practicing it.

                They must also be honest with each other.  They must tell the truth and not lie to each other.  They must also base their Marriage on the Truth, the Bible. 

                Finally, talk is important in Marriage.  Both must spend time together telling each other what the other thinks and feels.  They say that the average Marriage Couple in America only talks to each other an average of ten minutes a day.  The man goes to work and comes home late.  The woman does the same.  They only see each other in the morning and at night.  But they don't speak to each other. 

But this ought not be!!  People must talk to each other!  My Dad always taught me, "There's simply no substitute for clear and effective communication!

This is so true.  I firmly believe there is no problem to big in Marriage that a couple can't talk over and out.  Sadly, many Marriages end because spouses don't want to talk to each other. 

                Thank God for my wife.  I can trust her and talk with her.  And I know she'll always tell me the truth!


March 18th 2006 Saturday                                The "Romans Road"


                The young people showed up at six in the evening (an hour late).  I taught on the subject of "The Roman's Road."  I did not give just a few verses, as so many do, nor did I forget to mention the blood, like most personal workers.  The verses I showed them were:


                                Rom. 3:10               There is none righteous

                                Rom. 3:23               All have sinned

                                Rom. 5:12               Death comes because of sin

                                Rom. 6:23               Wages of Sin is Death, but God offers Eternal Life

                                Rom. 5:6,8              Christ died for us

                                Rom. 5:1                 Justification (or Salvation) by faith

                                Rom. 10:17             Faith cometh by hearing...the word of God

                                Rom. 3:25               Christ is our Propitiation (Substitute) by faith in his blood

                                Rom. 5:9                 Justified by His blood

                                Rom. 10:9-14          Salvation is believing in your heart (faith).


                After going through the verses, I had them practice showing them to someone else.  Before we dismissed, I told them that they needed to show those verses to at least two people in this coming week, and tell me about it when they come back next week.


March 19th 2006 Sunday                   One Saved


                Laura stayed home today to clean the house and get it ready for service in the evening.  So, I drove to Quebrada de Lajas alone.  I preached on "La Alegria Verdadera" (True Happiness.)   My points were that True Happiness is only found in 1. Conversión (Conversion), 2. Concepción (Conception or Being Born Again),  3. Confianza (Trust),  4. Correción (Correction), and 5. El Cielo (Heaven).

                In the evening at my house, I preached on "Your Mind."  I showed that the flesh wants to think one way, while God wants us to think another.  I said, "The true battlefield for a Christian is not in schools, worksites, streets, hospitals, restaurants, neighborhoods, etc.  The true Christian Battlefield is in your own mind, and you've got to learn now to control your thoughts and bring them into subjection to the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 10:5)!"

                After service nine-year-old Valeria Alejandra Sanchez came forward wanting to get saved and I led her to the Lord! 


March 20th 2006 Monday                   Starting our Fast


                My wife and I started a three-day fast today.  It is known as the "Gall Bladder Cleanse."  Laura told me about it, and said that some of her friends have tried it, and it works!  It actually gets rid of gallstones.  For the next three days we must drink up to a gallon of Apple Juice daily.  And each night we will drink two tablespoons of lemon juice and four tablespoons of Olive Oil.  By the second or third day we are supposed to pass any gallstones that our bodies might have. 

                About half way through the day, I began getting very hungry.  So to take away the hunger I would drink more Apple Juice.  By day's end I drank more than a gallon.


March 21st 2006 Tuesday                  Selling the Toyota Truck!


                Laura and I ran errands in town today.  Mostly, we bought things for the construction on the church house Mike's building.  While at the Hardware Store buying "arena" (fine sand) for mixing with cement, I learned an interesting thing.  They sell sand by the square meter here.  One meter costs 400 lempiras (about twenty dollars), and consists of 14 bags.   So often they sell this kind of sand, that they have its sale down to a fine science.   They fill each bag full with only 15 shovel fulls.  Then they tie the bag and give it to you.  I was impressed not only by how they sell it, but by how heavy the sand is.  Each bag weighed about 150 pounds!  I bought only seven bags, but my suburban was so full, that it was sagging down in the back from all the weight.

                After dropping off the sand and a couple of bags of cement at the church, I drove home to rest.  I'm not feeling too weak from not eating, but enough to warrant a nap.  Late in the afternoon, Manuel Giron, Jr., the man interested in our Toyota, came by to look at it.  He offered me 60,000 lempiras for it the other day, but when he began looking it over, he found that the chassis had been welded where there were a few cracks.  He wasn't too pleased with this, and asked me if I'd come down some on the price.  I told him to make me an offer.  He replied, "53,000" ($2789 American).  I talked to Laura and we told him the lowest we'd go would be 54,000 ($2842).  He accepted and together we rode with him to his house, where he gave me the money.  Afterwards, he dropped us off at Rigo's Mechanic Shop at my request.  There I picked up Mike's van.  Rigo said, "I bought a used started in San Pedro Sula, and now it works well."

                Driving home, Laura and I rejoiced in selling the Toyota.  However, we do have mixed emotions.  I really enjoyed that truck, and it was a real blessing to have a reliable vehicle I could use in the mountains and not worry about getting dirty.  Now I'll have to use my Suburban to carry people.  I really wanted to keep it in good condition and clean, in case I have to leave Honduras and drive home.  But now it will have to be my ministry vehicle.


March 22nd 2006 Wednesday                            Passing Stones and Changing Money


                I passed one stone yesterday and another today.  I was excited and sickened at the same time.  However, it was good to know that this fast works, and will clean one out.  It's so simple!  And is a great alternative to surgery.

                We waited all morning for Mr. Giron to come and take us to the Lawyer's office so I could sign the paperwork of the vehicle over to him.  He never showed up, so I called him.  He said he was working and that we could do it tomorrow. 

                Laura and I then went into town to the Banco Occidente to change my lempiras into dollars.  This is the only bank in La Esperanza that will do this.  While there, we met the man that Hernan Corrales brought to the house several months ago.  He was an Assessor at that bank and was very friendly.  When he saw us he said, "Hello, do you remember me?  I had a great cup of coffee at your house!

We didn't remember him at first, and then it dawned on us.  After some small talk, he bid us farewell, and I drove to our other bank to deposit some money in our dollars account.  There I commented to Laura, "How strange that you can't change lempiras to dollars at each bank in La Esperanza.  There must be at least six banks in this town, but only one will change lempiras to dollars.  How weird!"


March 23rd 2006 Thursday                               Eating Again


                Waking this morning, my wife brought me a watermelon liquado.  After drinking it, I did not feel hungry.  I almost didn't want to eat.  However, she cooked me eggs and toast, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  For lunch we had a wonderful plate of Nachos, and for Dinner we went to Papa Puas Restaurant.  It was so great to eat again!  However, I find that I can't eat as much as before, as my stomach is smaller.                 

                In Lajas, I preached about what people call the "Fundamentals."  These include:


1.        The Existence of God, the Creator, who Made all Things

2.        The Depravity of Man (all men are sinners)

3.        The Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures

4.        The Virgin Birth (Jesus was born of a virgin)

5.        The Death of Christ Jesus on the Cross

6.        The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

7.        Salvation by Grace Through Faith plus nothing minus nothing

8.        The Coming of Christ Again


I showed them verses to prove each point, but stressed that it's not enough just to believe in the Fundamentals of the Faith.  We have to believe in much more.  Many run around today bragging that they believe in these "Fundamentals," priding themselves on this.  But that's about all they believe.   This is not enough.  Even the Catholics believe in all these points with the exception of number seven.  Thus, we must not be just Fundamentalists, we must be Bible Believers and we should preach and teach more doctrine than just this plain, simple, fundamentals of the Christian faith.


March 24th 2006 Friday                     Talking with People


                Laura and I journeyed into town to run errands in the morning.  We also drove to the Lawyer's office and gave the secretary all of our information.  The man who bought the Toyota has yet to take the paperwork in to the office, and we are tired of waiting.  All week he said he'd come by our house when he had time and we'd go together to get a "traspaso" (legal document passing ownership of the vehicle from the seller to the owner).  Yet he has not shown up.  Thus, I decided to just get most of it over with, by paying for the mandatory 300 lempiras for the paper and leaving it with the Lawyer.  Now it's up to him to come and sign the paperwork.  Then I'll sign one line and it will be over with. 

                Upon returning home, we found several guys painting the eves of the house.  Hernan Corrales showed up later and told me he wanted to have the house painted before Jeremiah shows up wanting to buy it.

                After the two men finished painting the house, I talked with one of them, named Fabian.  He claimed to be a Christian, but everything he said was so backwards from what the Bible teaches.  He said he belonged to the "Amor Viviente" (Living Love) church.  He then continued, "We Christians all need to get along and unite together, throwing aside all our decisive doctrines and embrace each other in the spirit of love!  We ought not to argue one with another, but just learn to get along.

I tried to show him from the Bible where he was wrong, but he didn't seem to get it.  How typical of a modern "Ecumenicalist." 

                As I thought about it later, it dawned on me that most Christians believe like he does.  For them, that's the gospel, or at least their gospel.  The spirit of apostate Christianity is not the Biblical approach of "Preach hard against sin, win souls and separate from the world."  Instead it is "Love people into the kingdom, tolerate them and their sins, and unite with them in any way you can in the spirit of love!"  How sad!  And how anti-biblical!

                Hernan Corales came over later and I walked with him over to his property to see what he's doing.  He has divided the property that he bought from Harold Priday and is making roads through it to each individual lot.  The lots are so small.  They are only about 100 x 50 feet.  And he's asking 6000 dollars for each lot.  That's a huge price!

                This evening, we drove to Erick's house for his wife's birthday party.  There we met Missionary to Panama, Luis Matute.  He was very nice, and even invited us to his church to show my slides.  I hope to take him up on his offer.

                As more people arrived, we had games and sang hymns.  We also had "Matchlight Testimonies."  This was something I'd never seen before.  A box of matches is passed to each person, and they must light one of them and give a brief testimony before it burns out.  This was rather silly to me, but they seemed to enjoy it.

                The rest of the evening, I spoke with the men, and Laura carried on the conversation with some of the women.  She did wonderfully in Spanish, and they all said they were impressed by her language skills.

                Erick had my Dispensational Chart on the wall, and some of the men asked me to explain it to them.  So for about ten minutes, I taught them a crash course in Dispensational Truth.  They were very interested and enjoyed the study.


Laura and I at Erick's house


March 25th 2006 Saturday                                The Revelation Road


                Laura spent the day working on editing video tape of our trip to Tikal in Guatemala.  She has learned how to use the Pinnacle Studio program to edit and produce your own DVD movie.  Eventually, we hope to have all our home videos burned to DVD to send to friends and family.

                This evening, only twelve kids came to service.  Only two did what I asked, which was give the plan of salvation to at least two people in one week.  The rest of them either forgot or were too shy to do so. 

                I taught on the subject of the "Revelation Road."  My visitation teacher at the Pensacola Bible Institute taught us different verses in different books of the Bible to win people to Christ.  I added to those lists and changed the names.  Instead of just calling them the Romans, Revelation, Hebrews, and Ephesians Roads.  I had fun with it.  I called them the Hebrews Highway, the Ephesians Entrance, the Isaiah Interstate, etc.

                Tonight, I showed them verses from Revelation on how to win someone to the Lord.  They were:


Revelation  21:8                  Lake of fire  (All liars)

Revelation  14:7                  The hour of his judgment is come...

Revelation  20:11-13           Judged according to your works

Revelation  14:11                Picture of hell (eternal punishment)

Revelation  20:15                If name's not in book of life, you go to the Lake of Fire

Revelation  1:5                    You must be Washed with His blood

Revelation  5:9                    Salvation is good for everyone (Redeemed)

Revelation  21:6                  Drink of eternal life freely

Revelation  22:17                There is a way out

Revelation  3:20                  He's knocking now


                I really don't like using the last verse on the list, as it really is taken out of context.  Thus, I was careful to teach them that Jesus isn't literally knocking on anyone's heart, and that if they do use that verse, they should realize that it's speaking about Christ knocking on the door of a church.  I then stressed that they should not tell anyone to just "ask Jesus into their heart" (for that's not in the Bible), but to make sure that the person they are dealing with realizes that salvation is by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ!


March 26th 2006 Sunday                   Why I'm More Than Just A Fundamentalist


                Laura and I left at eight this morning to go to the mountains and preach in Mike's work there.  We made it about half way and the air grew foggy.  A light drizzle began to fall and the road became slicker the farther we went.  Eventually we had to turn back after we began sliding all over the road.   It's only the grace of God we didn't crash into a tree or slide completely off the road.

                Back at home, I sat down and continued writing my book, "Why I'm more than just a Fundamentalist."  I'm endeavouring to show that being just a Fundamentalist is not enough.  A true Bible Believer is someone who believes in much more than just the fundamentals of the faith, and does not pride himself on just believing the basic things that one must believe to call himself a Christian.  Many "Fundamentalists" today are very shallow, and because of this they only grow to a certain point and lose much light from the scriptures.  What we need today are mature Christians!

                In Lajas, I preached on "What we Received When we Trusted Christ Jesus."  We had a small crowd, but they were attentive.   

                That evening in my house, I preached on "What Salvation Is."  My points were:  1. Gratis (Free),  2. Grande (Great), and 3. Gozoso (Joyful). 


March 27th 2006 Monday                   Lawyer's and Cleaning House


                We went to the Lawyer's office today and found out that the man still hadn't come to sign the paperwork on the Toyota.  The secretary said that we should call him again.  This we did, and he said he'd do so this week.  We'll wait and see.

                The rest of the day we spent cleaning house.  We started in the garage and worked our way into the rest of the house.  The end of this week Jeremiah is coming to look at the house and possibly buy it from Hernan Corrales.  We want it to look nice when he sees it.


March 28th 2006 Tuesday  Getting Sick


                Laura and I cleaned the entire house.  It took us all day long, and by day's end we were very sickly.  All we can figure is that there must have been some kind of mold or spores in the house, which gave us both a sore throat.  Mine then developed into an ear infection.  Because we live in an adobe house, we are told that the changing temperature of the bricks causes moldy conditions.  At least it's much cleaner now.


March 29th 2006 Wednesday            Convictions


                I taught on the subject of "Separation" again this evening in my house.  While preaching, I spoke about "Convictions" and told them that all Christians ought to have some.  I then read a list of some of my convictions with Bible verses to back them.  These include:


                                1.  The King James Bible is perfect, purified word of God    (Ecc. 8:14; Ps. 12:6,7)

                                2.  Salvation is by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ              (Rom. 3:25)

                                3.  Christians should be separate from the world                   (2 Cor. 6:17)

                                4.  Christians should not drink alcoholic beverages                (Prov. 23:31; Eph. 5:18; Isa. 5:11,22; Prov. 20:1)

                                5.  Christians should not smoke                                             (1 Cor. 6:19)

                                6.  Christians should not cuss                                                 (Eph. 4:29, 5:4)

                                7.  Christians should not dance                                               (Ex. 20:14; Mt. 5:27,28; 1 Cor. 10:7,8)

                                8.  Christians should not fornicate                                          (1 Cor. 6:13,18, 1 Thes. 4:3)

                                9.  Christians should not commit adultery                             (Ex. 20:14; Mt. 5:27,28; Rom. 13:9)

                                10.  Christians shouldn't have a television in their home       (Ps. 101:3; Job 31:1)

                                11.  Christians shouldn't listen to worldly music                  (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16)

                                12.  Men should not have long hair                                        (1 Cor. 11:7,14)

                                13.  Women should not have short hair                                  (1 Cor. 11:5,6,15)

                                14.  Christians shouldn't wear shorts, must cover their knee                (Ex. 20:26,42; Isa. 47:2,3; Solomon 7:1)

                                15.  No pants on women or dresses on men                           (Deut. 22:5)

                                16.  A man should be the head of the family                          (1 Cor. 11:3; Eph. 5:23)

                                17.  A woman should obey her husband in everything          (Eph. 5:24; Titus 2:5)

                                18.  A woman's place is in the home, not at a job site           (Titus 2:5)

                                19.  A woman shouldn't go to a secular college                      (1 Cor. 14:35)

                                20.  A woman should not preach or teach to men                  (1 Tim. 2:12; 1 Cor. 13:34)

                                21.  A woman shouldn't wear too much makeup                   (2 Kings 9:30; 2 Kings 9:22)

                                22.  Children must obey their parents in all things                 (Eph. 6:1; Col. 3:20)

                                23.  A Christian should not have tattoos or cut themselves   (Lev. 14:28)

                                24.  A Christian woman shouldn't pierce her ears                 (Ex. 21:6)

                                25.  Christians shouldn't send their kids to secular schools   (Titus 2:4)


                Afterwards, I asked them to raise their hands and give me some of their convictions.  They then looked at me like a tree full of owls.  Not a one of them had any convictions, nor knew what they were.  And no one answered.  I was quite ashamed.  Thus, I asked them to go home and think about what some of their convictions are and tell them to me next week.  They said they would.


March 30th 2006 Thursday               The Trip to Belize


                We left at two-thirty this morning for San Pedro Sula, still feeling sick and weak from cleaning our musty, old house.  We arrived at five-thirty and waited at Homero's kid's school for him to come pick us up.  He finally arrived at ten after six and drove us to the airport.  Our TACA (Take A Chance Airline) plane left at seven on the dot and we arrived in El Salvador thirty-five minutes later.  There, we found that El Salvador only uses the American dollar.  Their own national money ceased to exist several years ago as most of the country had already begun only using American currency.  Thus, the dollar reigns supreme in El Salvador.

                At eight-thirty we boarded our next plane and arrived in Belize City at five after nine.  Upon passing through customs and gathering our luggage, we looked for a taxi to take us to our hotel.  But every taxi driver wanted twenty-five American dollars to take us into town.  That was ridiculous!  Thus, we walked across the street and shopped around for a rental car.  This too was not cheap.  The best deal we could find was $79.99 American per day.   Even though it was super expensive, we rented the car for two days.  As I read the rental agreement, I noticed something strange about Belize traffic laws.  A person turning to the left must always veer off to the shoulder on the right and check to make sure that no traffic is coming before turning left.  This sounded like such a dangerous law!

                Our hotel was only a fifteen-minute drive.  It was not as nice as it looked on the pictures on the Internet, but it was suitable.  We overlooked the fact that the floor was dirty and moldy, the walls were full of scrapes and scuffs, and our bathroom, although it had nice tile, was full cracks and holes in the walls.

                The rest of the day we drove downtown and looked around.  Things in Belize are expensive!  A plate of food costs between ten and twenty American dollars!  Thus, we counted it a blessing when we bought one plate of native food from a vendor on the street for only five dollars.  It was rice and beans with chicken and coleslaw.  She even threw in some fried Conch.  That was very good.

                Belize looked like at one time to be a very beautiful, clean country.  But now it looks junky and run down.  There are pot holes in the roads, cracks on the sidewalks, and houses with rotten wood that are falling apart.  Although they are beautiful English Beach style décor homes that line the streets, they are usually unkept and dilapidated. 

                Food is not the only expensive item in Belize.  Lodging is outrageous!  We counted it a blessing to get our hotel room for only eighty American dollars a night (others paid over 120 daily).  Gas is also very high at five American dollars per gallon.

                The exchange rate in Belize is two Belizean dollars for each one American.  One would think this would make the American traveller much better off.  But from looking all over and exploring, we found that almost everything in Belize is between two to three times higher than in the United States.  I like to use the "bean test," which I've invented, to test the economy in a country.  I look at the pound of beans in each country to get a feel for how much things cost.  In Honduras, a pound of beans costs six Lempiras, or thirty cents American.  In Belize, the cheapest we found a pound of beans was $1.50 Belize or seventy-five cents America.    


March 31st 2006 Friday                     Meeting the Parents


                We were awakened by Laura's father calling early this morning telling us that their Cruise Ship would be late.  Thus, with the pressure to hurry off, we went downstairs and enjoyed our free continental breakfast buffet.

                At eight o'clock we drove to the Fort Street Tourist Center and looked for her parents.  I fully expected to have to walk all over the complex and try to find them.  But God worked it out, and as soon as we pulled up to the main entrance, they were walking out the door!  It couldn't have worked out any better!

                The rest of the day we drove around and visited with them.  We also stopped at several museums and points of interest.  For lunch we went back to our hotel and enjoyed some pastrami sandwiches that they brought us from their cruise ship.  Afterwards we visited the Central Bank of Belize looking for gold coins.  What we found were some small gold coins selling for almost twice the gold price.  We didn't buy any.

                At three o'clock we took them back to the Tourist Center.  While we were waiting for their shuttle, a Jewish woman began talking with us.  I asked her which tribe she was from, and she told me "Israel."  I then pressed her further for the specific name of which branch of Israel she came from, but she didn't know.  When I asked her last name, she replied, "Cohen."  I then knew that she came from the tribe of Levi, as that word means "priest" in Hebrew.

                After some small talk, she found out that I was a Christian Missionary in Honduras.  She then said, "I've heard a lot of Christians talk about being 'safe.'  Are you 'safe.'"  I thought she meant "saved," so I quickly responded in the affirmative. 

But then it dawned on me what she said.  I've heard more and more people nowadays asking this question.  I don't know if they just don't hear the difference between saved and safe, and misunderstand what's being said, or if some apostate preacher is now using the term instead of saved.

                I do remember one of my ex-girlfriend's mothers using the term with her four-year-old son.  He was too young to be saved, so when he asked his mother if he was "saved," she'd respond, "Well, your 'safe.'" 

The poor young boy then thought he was "saved," as he couldn't differentiate between the two words.

                Laura's parents left at three-fifteen, and we gave them a big hug before leaving.  Then we went back to the hotel and went to sleep, exhausted from the hot Belizean sun.


April 1st 2006 Saturday                     Passing out Tracts


                Most of the day we spent walking downtown and passing out the English tracts we have.  We only found 300 of them, and by day's end, we had distributed them all, along with a few Spanish ones.  The main language in Belize is English, but they speak a sort of broken English.  Instead of "How are you," it's "How you is?"  They don't say "this, that, those, and these." 

Instead they say, "dis, dat, dose, and diz."  Laura said it reminded her of how they speak in the Bahamas.  To me it sounded like a mixture between a Honduras and Jamaican accent.

                The people were friendly, albeit they didn't go out of their way to be so.  Mostly they would talk to you only when first spoken to.  They would do all they could to help you, but sometimes we had to ask them to repeat themselves several times, as we didn't understand their English.  Many of them just don't pronounce their syllables distinctly.

                By day's end, our feet were full of blisters from walking so many miles in the hot, humid Belizean climate.  Thus, we went straight to bed early and slept soundly.






April 2nd 2006 Sunday                        The All Black Baptist Church


                Laura and I both wanted to attend services.  So we walked up the road to the Queen Street Baptist Church that we saw yesterday.  The sign said they began at ten o'clock, but they began early.  Their service started with singing (what they called a "Praise Service").  Some of their songs were very nice, while others were too "upbeat" for our taste.

                They would repeat themselves often and play the same beat over and over.  Being black people, they swayed and clapped their hands, as is their custom.  One of their songs went like this, "I will sing, sing, sing to my Jesus, I will praise him, praise him, praise him all day."  They also sang variations with the same music such as, "When I think about Jesus and what he's done for me, I shout, shout shout."  They then would repeat this same line with a different word repeating it three times, such as "sing, sing, sing" or "love, love, love."  One stanza was "dance, dance, dance" unto him.  We didn't like that too much.

                Some children came up and sang next.  Their song was very conservative and the lyrics were very profound.  They sang, "I'll never know how much it cost for Him to see my sins upon the cross."  The chorus was something like, "So here I am to worship, here I am to praise him, here I am to bow down and call him my Lord.  He's all together lovely, all together wonderful and he's my God."

                The opening prayer was a little wishy-washy.  The man who prayed asked God to "please forgive us of our sins."  According to the Bible, a Christian is already forgiven!  Why was he asking for forgiveness?

                The Bible reading was in Creole, a mixture of broken English, Spanish, and French.  It sounded like Ebonics, and almost struck me as blasphemous.  It sounded like, "And dat dere Jesus done went down der wit his disciples, y der he heal da sick man."  Why didn't they just read from the King James?  That's God's English!

                As Easter is coming soon, the children of the church did a skit of Jesus coming into Jerusalem on a colt. They had a young boy dressed as the ass, and others like the disciples.  Jesus was wrapped in a white sheet.  They then re-enacted Christ's Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and his cleansing of the temple.

                Afterwards, some young girls stood up with cardboard crosses, each with one of the letters from EASTER on them.  Each one read what the letter stood for.  For them it was: 


                                Eternal Lamb – The Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.

                                Ash Wednesday – The day on which Jesus died.

                                Sunday – The day he resurrected.

                                Temptation – He was tempted and tried for our sins.

                                Everyone – Is who Jesus died for.

                                Resurrected – Risen Again from the dead.


                I wasn't too impressed with their little acrostic, so I rewrote it to stand for:


                                Eternal Life to







                After a short "inspirational talk," the Superintendent of their Christian School came forward and asked five members of the church to stand up and give their testimonies.  They were awful! Only one of them sounded like they were actually saved. 

                First a grandmother spoke, saying she was a child of God since the first day she came to services.  (Made it sound like she thought she was saved because she came to church).  Next a young boy talked about God, but ended by saying that he wanted to receive eternal life.  If someone is saved, they already have it, and know it!  They don't say they want to obtain it!

Next a young lady spoke saying she "received" Jesus Christ, but didn't explain how.  She also said she won eight kids to the Lord that day in S.S.   Lastly a father gave his testimony about how he was in church as a kid, but left and lived a bad life.  He returned in 1984 and since that time has counted himself a Christian.  He said, "In that time out of church, I could have died in my sins."  Sounded like he was trusting in the fact that he came to church to save him.

Afterwards, the Superintendent of the school stood up and gave her testimony.  She said she prayed many times as a girl, but wasn't saved until she walked down the aisle one Sunday.  She then said she was glad she could call those other five people "brethren" and "fellow brothers in Christ."  She finished by saying that God literally told her to pick those five people to testify.  What?  But where's the blood?

                Afterwards they had a baby dedication.  The pastor said, 'When I was a boy and did wrong in public, any adult could and would discipline and whip me.  If I went home and told my parents, they would ask me, 'And what did you do that made them whip you?'  If I told them, they'd then whip me again.  But nowadays, parents don't even discipline their own children, and if someone else does, then they are arrested and thrown in jail.  My how times have changed!"  He then told the father and mother to raise the child right and discipline it in love.

                And that was the service.  There was no preaching.  As we left, we both felt sad to see a church full of people who were probably not saved.  It seemed that most of them were trusting in their works, or their church attendance to save them.  How I wish I could have preached to them and told them the truth.  They seemed to be in a spiritual darkness as dark as the color of their skin.




April 3rd 2006 Monday                       Belize, Books, and the Blessed King James Bible


                We walked all over downtown Belize City.  With the hot sun beating down on us, and blisters on our feet from walking so much, it wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience.  But we did learn some more about the country.

                There are only about 275,000 people in Belize.  Most of them live in the cities, and beach communities, leaving most of the interior country unpopulated.  The majority of the people are black.  A native told us that many of the white people curse the blacks and say that they are the problem with the country, as they don't work or try to better themselves or the community.  But then he added, "But most of those who talk bad about the blacks are still friends with them, as there's no one else to have as friend except the black people, as they are the majority!"

                I bought a couple of books later in one of the bookstores.  One was "The History of Freemasonry" by Mackey.  The other was entitled, "Misquoting Jesus" by Bart D. Ehrman.   He is a biblical scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Reading his book, I found him to be nothing but an apostate scholar with nothing to say.  His name should be Bart "Errman" or "Errorman," because his book was full of mistakes.  He also ridicules the King James Bible.

                I quote from page 209:


"The James Version is filled with places in which the translators rendered a Greek text derived ultimately from Erasmus's edition, which was based on the single twelfth-century manuscript that is one of the worst manuscripts that we now have available to us!"


                This of course is a blatant lie!  Erasmus' text came from the Textus Receptus manuscripts, which came from the Greek Orthodox fold, which came directly from the first church in Antioch.  Also, the King James translators did not only use Erasmus' Greek text.  They had all the manuscripts on the table that are available to us now, and they collated them all.

                Mr. Ehrman shows his hatred towards God's pure word (the King James) by continuing, "The King James was not given by God but was a translation by a group of scholars in the early seventeenth century who based their rendition on a faulty Greek text."  In other words, Mr. Err-man says that the Textus Receptus is a faulty Greek text.  Wescott and Hort would be very proud of him!

                Mr. Errorman then continues by giving a lie mixed with truth, "Later translators based their translation on Greek texts that were better, but no perfect."  The so-called "better texts" of which he speaks are the Vaticanus and Siniaticus corrupt manuscripts.  And he is right, they are not perfect!  They are not even close! 

                He finishes by casting doubt on God's word (what Satan does) by saying, "Even the translation you hold in your hands is affected by these textual problems we have been discussing, whether you are a reader of the New International Version, the Revised Standard Version, the New Revised Standard Version, the New American Standard Version, the New Revised Standard Version, the New American Standard Version, the New King James, the Jerusalem Bible, the Good News Bible, or something else.  They are all based on texts that have been changed in places."

                What Mr. Ehrman says is exactly what most "Fundamentalist, Christian scholars" are saying in places like Bob Jones University, Tennessee Temple, Liberty Bible College, and others.  Yet this comes from the mouth of a secular scholar.  That just shows you how apostate supposed Christian scholars are, and how they agree with the world's wisdom instead of God's.     

                The facts are that God inspired his words (2 Tim. 3:16).  But that is not worth squat without Preservation.  God not only inspired them, but he preserved them (Ps. 12:6,7).  He most certainly did not use liberals like Tischendorf, Tregellis, Lachman, Westcott and Hort, Aland, or Nestle, to preserve them in a "Critical Text" produced from corrupt Roman Catholic manuscripts.

                No!  God instead used the apostles and early Christians to write and copy his words.  He then slowly dispersed these words in Greek all over the world.  He also kept them pure in the Syriac tongue, while keeping a faithful translation in Latin with the Waldenses (not the corrupt Latin of Jerome and the Roman Catholic Whore).  Then when the time arose, God used men like Erasmus, Beza, Elzevir, and more to find those old Greek copies that the Greek Orthodox churches kept and collate them into the Textus Receptus Greek Text.  If that wasn't enough, God providentially chose King James to bring his word back together in its pure form.  He used the smartest scholars the world has ever known to collate the Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, and Latin, and he guided them to put down exactly what his originals said into the English tongue.  Thank God for the King James Bible, and thank God I have and know exactly what God said!  I'm so glad I'm not like Mr. Errman who has no Bible and no authority to say "Thus saith the Lord.

                God open the eyes of Mr. Error man to see the truth and get saved! 



April 4th 2006 Tuesday                      Heading Home to Honduras


                Our flight left at five in the afternoon.  Thus, most of the day we spent in our room waiting to leave.  For lunch we splurged and bought a wonderful meal of seafood.  It was expensive, but it was worth it.

                I'd been dreading the taxi drive to the airport.  But I swallowed my pride and went ahead and paid the twenty-five dollar fare. 

                When we arrived in Honduras, we de-boarded the plane and picked up our bags.   In customs we were lucky enough to get Laura another three months permission to stay in Honduras.

                Homero picked us up at the gate and told us about our Suburban.  When he drove it home the day we left, the steering rod came loose and it pulled off to the side of the road.  He put it in the shop and just picked it up today.  The mechanic said that all the front-end nuts were loose.  Thank God we didn't have any problems before we made it to the airport.  I did get rather angry though with "The Pitts" as they are the ones to blame.  They should not have left my bolts loose!

                The Family Inn was full, so we stayed in the Hotel Honduras Plaza.  It was not as nice, but we didn't care, as it was past nine o'clock and we were very exhausted.


April 5th 2006 Wednesday                 Alex, Homero, and Mike


                A man named Alex Pineda called me before we left for Belize, telling me he had some coins for sale, and that he'd like to show them to me.  We called him this morning, and he came to our hotel with them.  We talked business for a while, but he desired too much for the coins.  Thus, we didn't do buy them.

                Before he left, he said, "I was hoping to talk to you about God.  I know you are a Missionary, and I have many questions."  He confessed to me, "I am an orphan and I am not a Christian."  I witnessed to him briefly, telling him, "Jesus loves you and desires you to be saved.   And if you accept Jesus as your personal Saviour, you'll no longer be an orphan, as you'll have God as your father!

                He listened but didn't get saved.  We gave him Homero's number so he could talk with him, as he seemed interested to learn more.

                Before leaving San Pedro Sula, we went to Pricesmart for groceries.  Homero Romero met us there, and we were able to pay him for the mechanic's fee of fixing our Suburban.

                I taught in the evening service at my house.  I asked the people to give me some of their convictions, as that was our topic.  This time they all raised their hands and spoke up for what they believed in.  What a blessing to see they took the week to think about what they actually believe and make firm their convictions.

                Mike and Debbie returned from the U.S. today as well, and they were in service.  Afterwards, Laura and I invited them out to dinner, where we had a good time of fellowship.


April 6th 2006 Thursday                    New Owner of the House


                This morning Jeremias Lorenzo came over and told us that he bought the house from Hernan Corrales for 53,000 dollars.  He then said that his plan is to allow his mother and sister's family (the Cordobas) to move into the house.  However, he said he'd be nice in letting us stay until the end of the year, sufficing we pay rent until then of 3000 lempiras per month.

                This news was quite shocking, and we weren't exactly too happy to hear it.  Supposedly, he was going to allow us to live here as long as we needed (up to several years, if need be).  But then he changed his mind.

                In Quebrada de Lajas, I told those present about the testimonies we heard in the Black Church in Belize, and how some of them didn't even sound like they were saved.  They were instead trusting in their works.  I preached hard on salvation by faith, and not of works, as Martir's lost Catholic mother was there.  She didn't come forward to be saved afterwards, but at least I can rest in knowing she heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


April 7th 2006 Friday                          Visitors


                Erick Sanchez came by this morning.  We had breakfast together and talked about many things.  He also asked me to help him translate some letters into English.

                Hernan Corrales came by later in the day, asking about what Jeremias said.  I told him that we have only until the end of the year to live here, and upon hearing this, he became upset.  He said, "I could have sold this house to many different people!  I decided to sell to him, because he told us that he would continue renting it to you for as long as you stayed here in Honduras!  If I knew he was going to kick you out, I would have sold the house to Mike Lane.  All I wanted was for you all to be able to stay here longer!

                He then asked us what we were going to do.  "We haven't made any set plans," I told him, "but we are thinking about maybe going back to the states for furlough towards the end of the year and then see what happens from there.

                I called my Dad later and told him the bad news.  He in turn told me some more troubling news.  He said, "Bro. Kent Hovind lost his ministerial buildings and Dinoland Theme Park.  The government came in and took it all over, claiming he didn't pay his taxes.

                Dad also told me that America is in a mess.  All over the television and radio they are talking about some New Gospels that have been found as of late which say that Jesus really didn't die, and that Judas really didn't betray him.  Because of this, more and more people are turning away from God.  Some are even turning to Islam.  How sad. 

                It's just like Luke 18:8 prophecies, "...when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:8)



April 8th 2006 Saturday                     One Saved!!!


                All day was spent working on my slides, my journal, and some books I'm writing.  There is so much to do, and so little time!  Especially since we now have only eight months left before we have to move.

                The young people came at five thirty for our weekly meeting.   We played Dodge Ball until the sun went down, and then we started service.  After singing hymns, I asked them to tell me what happened last week, as they gave people the Gospel.  Marisol spoke up and said, "I showed my 16-year-old aunt, Julia Lorenzo, the verses in Romans you gave us and witnessed to her.  Afterwards she accepted Jesus as her Saviour!

What a blessing this was to hear!  Mike was impressed and excited as well!  That's our first young person in the church that's won a soul to Christ! 

                I took them through both the Ephesians Entrance and the Hebrews Highway.  The points were:


                                Ephesians  2:3                         A lost person is a Child of wrath, not son of God

                                Ephesians  2:12                       The lost have no hope...

                                Ephesians  4:18-20                 A lost person's heart is blinded, they are ignorant  of Christ

                                Ephesians  5:5,6                      A lost sinner has no inheritance

                                Ephesians  5:14                       Awake, Christ shall give you light

                                Ephesians  1:7                         Redemption through the blood!

                                Ephesians  2:13-19                 Peace and the new birth

                                Ephesians  5:2                         Christ gave himself for us

                                Ephesians  2:8,9                      Faith!!!  Not of works


                Hebrews  10:26                       We are accountable for our sins

Hebrews  10:27-31                 Lord will judge his people

Hebrews  10:10-12                 One sacrifice

Hebrews  11:1,6                      Faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ


                As we went through it, I didn't like the list of verses in Hebrews.  There weren't enough, nor did it flow well.  Thus, I determined to rewrite it. 


April 9th 2006 Sunday                        Christians Responsibilities


My wife awoke me with kisses this morning.  It's so great to be married!  While Laura made breakfast, I worked on rewriting the Hebrews Highway.  I came up with the following that flows better and mentions more about the sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ.


                                Hebrews 9:27                          You will die someday and be judged

                                Hebrews 10:27-31                  God will judge and recompense

                                Hebrews 10:26                        There are wilful sins that you commit

                                Hebrews 3:13                          Sin is deceitful (bad)

                                Hebrews 13:4                          God will judge sin (whoremongers and adulterers)

                                Hebrews 12:29                        God is a consuming fire (chastisement in Hell)

                                Hebrews 9:22                          Without blood there's no remission of sin

                                Hebrews 9:26                          Jesus died to forgive sins

                                Hebrews 13:12                        Jesus shed his own blood

                                Hebrews 10:10-12                  Jesus offered himself up for your sins

                                Hebrews 9:12                          His sacrifice for sins and blood for eternal redemption

                                Hebrews 7:25                          Jesus can save you

                                Hebrews 11:6                          Salvation is by faith!


                In Lajas, I preached on "The Responsibilities of a Christian."  I showed them that all Christians need: to Confess Jesus Christ publicly (Rom. 10:9,10; Mt. 10:32,33), Live a Christian life separated from the world (2 Cor. 6:17; John 17:16), Come to church on Sundays (Heb. 10:25; Acts 20:7), and Preach the Gospel (Acts 8:4; Rom. 1:16).

                In the evening service, Mike Lane preached on Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.


April 10th 2006 Monday                     Beginning of the Holy Week


                We stayed home all day and celebrated our One Year Marriage Anniversary, enjoying each other's company!


April 11th 2006 Tuesday                    My Slide Show


                I spent most of the day working on my slides.  I'm working on a presentation about Creation vs. Evolution.  In it I show the only four possibilities to the existence of the universe.  They are:


1.        It's always been here.

2.        It came about accidentally.

3.        It's not really here, it's just an illusion.

4.        It came about supernaturally.


The first three of these are completely unscientific.  Leaving the last one as the only logical choice. According to Webster's 1828 Dictionary, Science is defined as systematized knowledge from observation, study, etc.  Thus, for something to be scientific, it must be provable. 

How can you prove the universe has always been here?  You can't unless you were here from the very beginning.  God is the only one who claims to have been here that long! 

How can you prove that the universe came about accidentally?  If you proved it, it wasn't an accident!  How can you say it's not really here?  There is no doubt that it is here, cause we can see it and feel it.

                The only logical conclusion then is that God made this universe supernaturally, because it hasn't always been here, it couldn't have come about accidentally, and it's not an illusion.

                I continue by asking four important questions and looking at how both the Bible and Evolutionary Science answer them.  They are:


                                Where do we come from?

                                Who are we?

                                Why are we here?

                                What happens when we die?                 


                The Theory of Evolution is a very poor Respondent to these questions.  It teaches that we come from nowhere billions of years ago when nothing exploded, and through the process of time, we slowly evolved from amoebas to monkeys to man.  The Evolution Theory teaches that we are nothing by animals.  As to why we are here, Evolutionists cannot answer this question.  If the theory is true, man has no purpose.  We are all just one big cosmic accident! 

                Finally, if Evolution Theory is right, nothing happens when a man dies.  He only goes to the dirt and is eventually "recycled" into another species.  In other words Darwinian Evolution teaches "I'm just a nobody that came from nowhere, and I'm here on earth for absolutely no reason, and I'm not worried about it cause I'm going to die someday and not go anywhere!"

                But if the Bible and Creationism is true, and it is, then man is a creation of God.  We came from the dust of the earth when God crafted Adam.  We then are God's creation.  And according to the Bible, we are here to please God (Rev. 4:11).  And when one dies, he will eventually give account to God for his actions (Rom. 14:12, Heb. 9:27)!

                One thing that Evolution Theory omits is the origin of death.  If Evolution is true, and things are just getting better and evolving, how does death fit into this picture?  What causes death, and how did it come into being a reality?  Scientists don't know, nor can they answer.  They can give no origin for the entrance of death into the world.  But God can, and does.  He says that death is because of sin.  Romans 5:12 says:  "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned."  Biblically, death is because of sin. (Sin is something that doesn't exist in the Evolutionary world.  According to Scientists, there is no right or wrong, only preferences.)

                I'm therefore so glad that I am saved and have a Bible.  I'm just so thankful I'm not an accident!  How great it is to know where I came from, when, and how I got here!  And how wonderful it is to know where I'm going when I die.  I wouldn't trade places with a lost, deceived Evolutionary Scientist for any money in the world!


April 12th 2006 Wednesday              Clothing


I taught this evening about "Clothing."  I showed them how that God has a certain way in which he desires us as Christians to dress.  The Bible speaks more to women than to man on this subject, so I talked mostly about woman's attire.  God says that women should dress modestly (1 Tim. 2:9), not embracing the fashions of this world (1 Cor. 7:31), nor going overboard in putting on too much fancy stuff (1 Peter 3:3).  Nor should she wear that which pertaineth to the man (Deut. 22:5), such as pants or suits. 

Afterwards, we had our first Wednesday Night Prayer Service.  This will be a regular custom from now on.


April 13th 2006 Thursday                  Satanic Evolutionists


                Most of the day was spent working on my slides.  Studying Genesis chapter three, I realized that the same lies that Satan told Eve are the same lies that Evolution Theory teaches.  They are:


1.        God isn't true, nor is his word.

2.        She would be wise if she sinned.

3.        She could be as God.


Evolutionists don't believe in God or his word.  They call the Bible just "man's book" instead of God's book.  They, like Satan, boldly question, "Yea, hath God said?

Scientists say they are the only wise ones, for only someone who believes in Evolution, like they do, can be "smart" in their eyes.  Yet, the Bible says that there are two types of wisdom.  They are: 1. From Above, and 2. From Below - Earthly and Devilish (James 3:15).   A man who is a Bible Believer is wise in God's eyes.  But a man who believes in Evolution is "foolish" to God (1 Cor. 1:20).  Finally, Scientists and the new age movement teach that man is god.   Yes, Evolutionists and Satan have a lot in common!

                We had a great crowd in Quebrada de Lajas.  Laura counted twenty-four people.  I preached on "More than Conquerors" (from Romans 8:37).  My points were that a Christian has overcome 1. Satanas (Satan), 2. El Sepulcro (The Grave) and 3. La Segunda Muerte (The Second Death).    


April 14th 2006 Friday                       Visiting San Jose


                Laura and I drove out to San Jose to visit Hernan Corrales.  The place had changed a lot.  He built two houses, two swimming pools, and several other things.  We walked all over the property and looked around.  It's a beautiful and quiet area.  After eating, we walked to the other side of the mountain and shot my pistol.  I was so surprised at how well my CZ 75B shot!  From one hundred feet away, I hit within one inch from the bulls eye.  That's the farthest away I've ever practiced target shooting, and I was amazed at how well I shot!


April 15th 2006 Saturday                   The John Road


The young people showed up late again, but I'm getting used to "Honduran Time."  We started by playing a game of Kick Ball.  Afterwards, we went inside and studied the "John Road."   These are the verses we read:


John  3:18,19              Condemned already

John  7:7                     Works of the world are evil

John  8:44                   Your father is the devil

John  10:11-15            God is your father if you know him

John  11:49-52            Christ died for everyone (sinners)

John  15:6                   What happens if you don't chose Christ

John  12:36                 Salvation by belief

John  12:46                 Whosoever can be saved

John  17:2,3                                Eternal life by receiving Christ

John  14:6                   No man comes to the Father but by Christ

John  10:27-29            Eternal life is a free gift

John  3:1-7                  Ye must be born again

John  3:36                   Believe on Christ

John  1:12                   Believe in Christ


Before closing, we decided that next Saturday would be the first visitation day.  From now on, we'll go out every Saturday at three in the afternoon, two by two, visiting houses and trying to get people saved!


April 16th 2006 Sunday                      Easter Sunday


                Service was at my house today at three o'clock for both works.  Thus, I left early to pick up the Sanchez family first and then those from Lajas.  We had a great group of close to seventy people all total.  After playing games for an hour, we had dinner on the grounds.  We cooked hot dogs and roasted Marshmallows.  Afterwards, Mike Lane preached an Easter Message.  Carlos Garcia came forward at the end wanting to "accept the Lord."

                I took him into the house and sat him down and talked with him.  I showed him the Gospel and how when someone gets saved, they are always saved.  They can only get saved once.  I then asked him if he really did trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save him when he claimed to have done so with Mike.  She said he did, so I explained to him that he didn't need to get saved, he need to repent of the sins in his life and confess them to God and determine to live for God.  He saw the difference, and said he really did want to live for the Lord.  He also said he wanted to fix his life by getting married to Bertha.  I can only hope he does, and soon!


April 17th 2006 Monday                     The Roots of Masonry


                Laura and I wanted to spend the day together and just enjoy each other.  However, as usually happens, we had a lot of visitors.  First Carlos Garcia came by and asked to borrow some money.  He's usually very good at paying us back, as he makes a lot at his small Comedor.  Later Hernan came by and paid me for the .380 pistol and .22 rifle.  He then promised to come back next week and pay me for my 5000 watt generator.

                Hotir Cordoba came by also to work on the kitchen sink.  The drainpipe was leaking, and he fixed it.  His brother Bani came by later this evening to show me what he's done in changing my preaching tapes into MP3 files.  I was very impressed with his work, and happy that he's learning how to do it.

                In the evening I spent some time reading from Albert Gallatin Mackey's book "The History of Freemasonry."  I learned a lot of interesting things, and the book tied up a lot of loose ends for me.

                Mr. Mackey tied Masonry all the way back to Babylon with Nimrod, who was the builder of the tower of Babel.  From Babylon came all idol worship, as well as the foundation of "Secret Societies" which taught "Mysteries."  These "Mysteries" were brought from Babylon to Egypt, where they were taught to many "priest class" people ("the initiated ones"), who used symbols that only they understood (hieroglyphs).   From Egypt, the Mysteries, which were really a secret form of "god worship" or worship of Nimrod, were introduced into Greece and Rome.  Eventually, these secret societies entered into Asia Minor and Europe. 

In Egypt, they were called The Osiriac Mysteries, in Greece, Eleusian, in Rome, Dionysian, in Persia, Mithrian.  All of these Secret Societies that practiced and taught the rites and teachings of these "Mysteries" had one thing in common, they all worshipped, under different names, the death and resurrection of their pagan God (which was none other than Nimrod and his wife Semiramis).  In Egypt it was Osiris and Isis, in Samothrace, it was Atys and Cybele, in Syria, Adonis, and in Phoenicia, Dionysus

                These Mysteries were kept and only taught to the "initiated" few.  To be initiated, one had to go through several tests to obtain "enlightenment."  Almost all the orders started with three steps.  First was "Lustration" or "Preparation," which was a purification by water.  Next was "Initiation," in which the neophyte personated the life, sufferings, and death of their god or hero, climaxed with a "resurrection."  Lastly, was "Perfection," in which the initiate was given the secret doctrines of the order.  From there, a person could climb higher in the society by degrees, ultimately reaching the highest position in the society.

                This is exactly what the Masonic Lodge practices today!  They start with these same three main degrees, and then they allow members to continue to the highest degrees of thirty to thirty-three.  Thus, without a doubt, Masonry is a Satanic Religion and Secret Society who roots are based in Pagan Nimrod worship!

                If that wasn't enough, Mr. Mackey explores the theories that Masonry was spread throughout Europe and England by the Druids (devil worshippers who often held human sacrifices).  He then states that the Crusades helped Masonry in it's crudest form into the founding of the Knights Templars in the Middle Ages.  From there Masonry passed through time to the present through various Kings and Secret Societies until it found it's greatest root in Scotland with the Scottish Rite.  From Scotland and England, Masonry then found root in the United States.               

Reading Mr. Mackey's book perked my curiosity, so I journeyed to the Internet Shop and looked up some things about Masonry and early America.  I knew that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and many other founding fathers were Masons, but I just didn't know how many Masonic Symbols they incorporated into the capital of Washington D.C.  I was shocked when I looked at a map of the city and found not only the Masonic Symbol, but also an upside down star with the downward point landing right on the White House!  Below is a map of it with the symbols drawn in over the street maps in black:





                Who would have thought that the United States of America was founded by a Secret Society who traces their roots back to Nimrod and Semiramis, who started the first false religion in the world?  And who would have thought that the White house is at the bottom of a "Satanic Star?"  All I know is that I'm not going to be a Mason, and that I'm going to stay far away from politics!  More and more I see the correlation with "secret societies" and how Satan uses them to do his bidding (as he is the god of this world).


April 18th 2006 Tuesday                    Sickness


                All day and all last night I was up with diarrhea and vomiting.   I never felt so horrible.  Laura was there for me, and didn't get much rest either.  We tried to take it easy today, but to no avail as I continually kept running to the bathroom.

                Laura went and visited Mike and Debbie later in the day while I tried to rest.  When she returned, she told me that Mike Lane has the exact same thing.  I wonder what we have?


April 19th 2006 Wednesday              Sickness, Nakedness, and Proper Dress


                Although I still felt bad after vomiting most of the day, I was able to teach the evening service.  My message was on "Nakedness and How to Dress Right."  I first ran a list of verses that show what the Bible calls Nakedness.  According to Isaiah 47:2,3; Exodus 20:26; and Song of Solomon 7:1, to show one's thigh is to uncover one's nakedness.  Thus, one is naked if he wears shorts!

                Afterwards we looked at some verses that talk about how a harlot dresses.  These included Prov. 7:10; Judges 16:1; and Matthew 5:28.  I then told them that a prostitute wants to show off as much of herself as possible, in the hopes of catching a man and luring him in.  This ought not so to be!

                Next we looked at pants, and how according to the Bible, a woman should not wear them.  I told them, "Probably one of the greatest sins of women today is 'cross dressing.'  Many women in this world wear men's clothes and they don't even care that God doesn't like it!"

We then turned to Deut. 22:5, and I showed them how God calls it an abomination for men to wear women's clothes and women to wear men's attire.  I then gave them some excuses that I've heard from women (Christian ones even) who wear pants.  Some of these include:


1.        We aren't under the law, and that was written under the law

2.        They aren't that bad

3.        They are "women's pants"

4.        They don't show a woman's body

5.        They are warmer and keep a woman from getting too cold

6.        They are comfortable

7.        They are women's fashion now because women have worn them for so long

8.        They can play sports in them better than in a dress


I then told them that all of these do not hold water.  According to God, he doesn't want men to wear women's clothes and vice versa!  I then showed how the first excuse is not only laughable, but not good doctrine!  God say that it's an abomination to him to see people cross dressing.  In Deut. 27:15, God says idol worship is also an abomination to him.  Then in Levi. 18:22, 23; 20:13, God says that homosexuality is an abomination.  Does that mean that suddenly idol worship and homosexual acts are now suddenly "okay" since we are no longer in the Old Testament, but under the New?  I trow not!  What God calls an abomination, has always been and will always be an abomination to him!

I closed by speaking about how a woman should dress modestly as a good testimony to the lost world, and how she should not try to show off her body to others.


April 20th 2006 Thursday                  123rd Anniversary of Intibucá


                I awoke still not feeling well.  However, we had to go to Lajas today, so I prepared for that.  We left at four-thirty to visit the Internet shop and check our email.  In town we saw a huge crowd of people, so we stopped to ask what was going on.  They told us, "It's the 123rd Anniversary of the department (state) of Intibucá, Honduras!" 

                We walked around and saw booths selling food, candy, and goods.  Also there was a lot of loud music playing with many Police present.

                While walking to the Internet Shop, a young lady approached us and asked if we would like to buy a paper for three Lempiras that gave data about the state.  I readily bought one and began reading.  The pamphlet gave the following information:

                The Population of the Entire State is only about 190,563 people.  The Population Density is 56 inhabitants per square kilometer.  Of the whole region, there are only 17 municipalities (big cities).  The names of the cities with the date of their founding are as follows:


        Camasca                                  1740

        Colomoncagua                         1671

        Concepción                             1759

        Dolores                                   1883

        Intibucá                                   1866

        Jesus de Otoro                        1820

        La Esperanza                          1883

Magdalena                               1861

        Masaguara                               1820

        San Antonio                            1742

        San Isidro                                1925

        San Juan                                  1878

        San Marcos de Sierra              1901

        San Miguel Guancapla            1870

        Santa Lucia                              1844

        Yamaranguila                           1878

        San Francisco de Opalaca       1994


                We took a Birthday cake with us to the Sanchez family house because it was Emerson's birthday.  My wife made it, and it was very good.  Before going to service, we devoured it!

                I couldn't believe how many showed up in our meeting in Lajas.  Emilia and Toribio were there as well as about twenty five other people.  I preached on "Sweet Things."  My points were:  1.  Olores (Smells), 2. Oraciones (Prayers), 3. Obediencia (Obedience), and 4. Cosas que Entran Sus Oidos (Words).  I closed by telling them that the sweetest words for me will be to get to heaven and hear the Lord speak Matthew 25:23.         

            After service, I drove the Sanchez family back to their house, and we joined them for a nice dinner of rice, beans, and chicken.  I didn't eat much, as my stomach is still hurting.  While we enjoyed our fellowship, I asked if the president of Honduras , Mel Zelaya, came to the festival, as they usually visit such things.  Alfa told me, "No, he didn't come. He's no where to be found."  In Spanish she said, "No se halla.

                I've always liked to have a nickname for the President.  The old President of Honduras was Ricardo Maduro.  I called him Ricardo "Mal duro" (I suffer badly).  Now I have a nickname to call the new President.  He is now Mel "No Se Halla" instead of Mel Zelaya, because he's no where to be found, and he doesn't seem to be doing much as President.


April 21st 2006 Friday                        New World Order Stuff    


                Laura and I drove into town today to see the 123rd Anniversary festival, that's still going on.  Many schools were present, and each one had it's own sawdust mural on the street.  There were all kinds of designs of Intibucá displayed on each one with different color paints.

                Later in the day, we went to check our email.  I looked up many different things.  One of which was the "Georgia Guide Stones."  Kent Hovind mentions them in his presentation, but doesn't completely describe them.  From the site I read, I gleaned the following information:

                The Georgia Guidestones, sometimes referred to as the American Stonehenge, is a granite structure nestled atop one of Elberta County, Alabama's highest hilltops.  Around the stones on each side are inscribed the 10 commandments of the New World Order in eight languages.  These commandments are:


1.        Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2.        Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

3.        Unite humanity with a living new language.

4.        Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.

5.        Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6.        Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7.        Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8.        Balance personal rights with social duties.

9.        Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.

10.     Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.


                Little is known about who erected this monument or why?  The story goes that a Mr. R.C. Christian, a well dressed, articulate stranger waltzed into the Elberton Granite Finishing Company head office in June of 1979 and petitioned them to build a monument that would transmit a message to mankind.  His name has been found to be fictitious, and no one really knows who he was.

                Whoever he was, or whoever he works for are very dangerous people if they really believe what they wrote on those stones!  First, they want to exterminate nine-tenths of the world's population!  Next they want to follow Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany in "breeding" people to have a "super race."  They also want a one-world government that rules all people and settles disputes in a world court.  And, most horrifically, they want to rule one's own "faith."  How can this be?


The Georgia Guidestones


                Obviously, these stones are a "concrete" confession of the goals of the New World Order and what they plan to do if and when they get control of the world.  Frighteningly, their desire for a world court has already come to pass.  The ICC or International Criminal Court has become law, and very shortly, people will soon be judged not by their own peers, but by other countries under "International Law."  How scary!  So much for the sovereignty of nations. 

                As I "surfed the web," I found even more terrifying documentation of the coming World Order and their plan of attack against Christians.  On an obscure site, I found a pamphlet from the "Joint Terrorism Task Force."  In the tract, it warned against and labeled all of the following as "terrorists:" 


Right-Wing Extremists, which are defined as "defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN (Super Patriots).


Common Law Movement Proponents, which include, among others, those who: refuse to identify themselves, request authority for stop, make numerous references to the US Constitution, and attempt to "police the police."


Hate Groups, including:  Skinheads, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Black Separatists, KKK, Christian Identity, White Nationalists


Single Issue Terrorists, or those who are guilty of: Eco-terrorism, Violent anti-abortion extremism, Cyber penetration, or those who are part of: targeting of law enforcement and emergency personnel, Urban Riot Terrorists, Insurgents/Rebels, Lone Individual, or Doomsday/Cult-Type Group.   


                After reading that pamphlet, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or commit suicide.  According to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, a branch of the United States Government, anyone who identifies themselves as a Christian is a Terrorist.  How can this be?

                The following words appear on the pamphlet on the back, "The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is attempting to identify criminal activities with domestic terrorists.  In this regard, the purpose of this information sheet is to assist uniformed patrol officers in identifying potential domestic terrorism.  Domestic terrorism is defined as: Groups or individuals operating entirely inside the US, attempting to influence the US government or population to effect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity."

                When I read this pamphlet, I could hardly believe it.  It's saying that the US Constitution is no longer valid.  Anyone who tries to defend it is a terrorist.  Anyone who is a Christian is a terrorist.  Anyone who wants to change the government from that of a tyrannical government to that of a Constitutional Republic is a terrorist.  And anyone who asks why they are being hassled by police, or refuse to identify themselves in front of a law enforcement office (even if they are law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong), they are domestic terrorists! 

                My God!  What has happened to the good old US of A?  Anyone with any brains can see that it's under complete Martial Law, and has become nothing more than a Police State.  There is no such thing anymore as "Innocent Until Proven Guilty."  Instead it is "Guilty by association!"  Instead of "the land of the free and the home of the brave," it's a country full of people who have no rights whatsoever.  Every American is a potential terrorist in the eyes of the US Government.  How could it have come to this? God help us!

                If this keeps up, and it probably will, I'm sure that the logical course of events will be that the ICC system will eventually take control of America and begin trying and executing Christians.  Mark my words, there will come a time when freedom will only be a dream and not a reality.

                Thomas Paine is famous for saying, "Give me liberty, or give me death."  If he were alive today, I'm sure he would have already hung himself, as liberty no longer exists in the United States of America.

                This wasn't all.  My Dad sent me an email with Texe Marrs Newsletter attached.  In it, Mr. Marrs had an article entitled, "Churches and Pastors Gone Wild."  In the article I read some very crazy and wacky things.  It's amazing, if not downright shocking, what people who claim to be Christians are doing nowadays.  For example:  Benny Hinn has been seen passing around a "Hashish Pipe" for people to smoke.  Meanwhile, his wife has been preaching, saying "You all need a Holy Ghost enema!

                Pentecostal Promiseland Church in Austin, Texas has "Christian Rock 'n Roll" bands playing loud music on Sundays.  Even though that's awful, that doesn't compare to Anglican Priest Dorian Baxter, who does Elvis Impersonations in his church, singing songs and "shaking his hips."  If it weren't bad enough, Mr. Baxter confesses, "...I do it all for Christ.  It's my calling!

What?  Does God really call people to play Rock 'n Roll (a vulgar term for fornication), sing Elvis songs, and smoke Marijuana?  I trow not!  That's completely crazy!  What's this world coming to?


April 22nd 2006 Saturday                  Three Souls Saved!


                Only Alex Cordoba showed up from our group of "Jovenes" (Youth) for visitation at three o'clock.  So with him and the girls home we went out knocking on doors and trying to win souls to Jesus and invite people to service.  We finished at ten till five, and God blessed with three people saved!  Their names were Juana, 25, Erlin, 20, and Celenia, 28.

                I taught on the subject of the 1 John Road at five.  The verses were:


    1 John  1:8              We are liars if we say we have no sin

    1 John  5:17            All unrighteousness is sin

    1 John  2:2              Christ is the propitiation for our sins

    1 John  4:9,10         Life through Christ

    1 John  1:7              The Blood cleanses!!!

    1 John  5:4              Salvation by faith

    1 John 5:13             That you may know you have eternal life!


April 23rd 2006 Sunday                     Not Your Typical Sunday!


                Ken and Beverly Haber, Missionaries here in Honduras working with the Southwest School teaching English, came to our house for lunch at eleven.  We invited them a few days ago when we saw them at the Internet Shop.  They seemed excited and also wished to tag along with us to Quebrada de Lajas, as well as services in my house at 5:00 P.M.

                My wife made a wonderful Spaghetti lunch, and we had a great time of fellowship from twelve until two.  Afterwards we drove to Lajas with a birthday cake for Oscar Martinez, Martir and Blanca's one-year-old son.  We also ate Turkey Nacatamales, which were excellent.

                Afterwards, I preached on "What are You Living For?"  My text was from Philippians 1:21, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."  I then showed that people live for many things.  Some live for "Tesoros" (Treasures).  But we should not lay up treasures for ourselves here, rather in heaven (Matt. 6:19,20).  Others live to "Tomar" (Drink).  This world is full of drunks, especially here in La Esperanza where it's common to see people passed out in the gutter.  I showed them Prov. 23:29-35, and stressed the last verse, "yet will they seek it again."   Some people live only to drink themselves into a drunken stupor.

                Others live to "Atravesar" (Cause problems and do bad things).  I showed them that according to Romans 12:21, we are not to succumb to evil, but rather to overcome it with good.  Still other people live only to "Trabajar" (Work).  They are completely consumed with working.  This is all they live for.  Especially the religious crowd, who's trying to work their way to heaven.  I finished by saying that we as Christians should live to "Testificar" (Testify).  For only then can we fulfil the verse, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."

                At service at home, the lights went out while Mike was preaching.  Luckily, it was still light enough outside, that people were able to read.  While Mike preached, I looked out the window and saw a horse running through my yard.  So I had to go outside with some of the young men and round it up, along with several cows who had wandered in through the open gate.  This took at least thirty minutes.  By the time I went back inside, service was almost over.

                Mike took everyone home in his blue Ford Van.  About ten minutes later we heard a knock at our door.  It was Mike saying, "The van ran out of gas!  I need your help!

I immediately grabbed a gas can and drove him up the street and poured two gallons into the tank. 

                In the evening, Laura and I sat around the kitchen table and talked.  We are both looking for God's will and guidance in what we should do and where we should go when we have to move out at the end of this year.  Part of me believes that God wants me to work as a travelling evangelist visiting churches and helping them, by preaching sound doctrine and warning them of the wrath to come.  Yet another part of me hates to leave Honduras and the works that I've started here.  I'd like to see them in capable hands first, continuing long after I'm gone.  I'm sure Mike will do a good job with the work here in our neighbourhood, but I'm worried about Quebrada de Lajas.  So far, I've yet to find a man who is willing to learn and take over as Pastor there.

                While we talked and sought God's will, I went through my whole Missionary Experience with Laura, and told her how God called me into the ministry and brought me to Honduras.  Before, I used to tell people that God called me to Honduras.  But now I see that Biblically, I'm called of God to be a Missionary, not just in Honduras, but anywhere I go.  I'm convinced that he did call me to be a Missionary and to travel, but I in no way wish to limit God by only staying in Honduras my entire life.  As I study the Bible more, I see that God didn't call the apostle Paul to just one place.  He called him to people, and he took the Gospel wherever he went.  With this in mind, I can see no problem with going somewhere else preaching and teaching. 

                However, I want to be exactly in God's will.  I want to go where he wants me to, or stay where he wants me.  But it's just so hard sometimes to know exactly what God's will is!  Thus, Laura and I talked it over and prayed about what to do.  More and more, God's laying the work of an evangelist on my heart, and I'm becoming more and more convinced that my ministry is headed that way.

                Before going to bed, Laura asked me what I've learned during my time as a Missionary.  I thought about it, and wrote down some things that God has shown me.  I can only hope that others will learn these things as well.  They are:


*Most Modern Missionaries are neither called nor equipped.  Nor do they know much Bible.

*Most Modern Missionaries have only a "burden," for the people, not a call of God to go to them.

*Most Modern Missionaries seek only fame and glory. 

*Most Modern Missionaries have too much money, and not enough faith! 

*Most Modern Missionaries are carnal, rather than spiritual.

*Being a Missionary is a calling, not a job or career!

*The Missionary's job is to help people spiritually, not just physically!

*A Missionary does not have to go to just one place.  God gives him liberty to travel and preach wherever he might be.

*A Missionary should be more interested and active in building PEOPLE, than BUILDINGS!

*A Missionary should not set up a welfare type of Christianity, in which people are dependent upon him and his support!

*A Missionary is not only responsible with the Gospel, but also with the Bible, taking the pure word of God to the people.

*Modern Missions is more than anything just a business, rather than a spiritual endeavour.

*Most Mission Boards are wicked, as they try to control Missionaries, steal their support, and say they call and send Missionaries.


                It's sad, but true.  Would to God there were more spiritual Missionaries who lived by faith and wanted only to please God, rather than Man, and allow Him to lead them (rather than corrupt Mission Boards), focusing only on winning souls and edifying Christians, so they will grow in the Lord and go out to do the same.  God help us get back to sound, Biblical Missions!

                With this knowledge, I sometimes feel I should be back in the U.S. travelling as an evangelist, trying to tell people these things, so they'll see that the Church is not what it used to be in the Apostle Paul's time, nor is it doing the job it's supposed to do.  Someone has to cry aloud and spare not (Isa. 58:1), and preach against the evil that men do in the name of the Lord.  Why can't it be me?  Could it be that God allowed me to come to Honduras and be a Missionary just to teach me these things, and train me for my true ministry, which is exposing apostasy, and showing people how far they've strayed from God and the Bible, emphasizing their need to return to sound Biblical doctrine?  All I can do is wonder.  Until he shows me what he wants me to do, I'll continue on here in much prayer and fasting, trying to find God's will and do it.


April 24th 2006 Monday                     Back to Tegucigalpa!


                We left at six this morning for Tegucigalpa.  It's been quite a long time since we've been there, and we had much to do.  First I went to Mizta's Barber Shop for a haircut.  Afterwards, we drove to Aerocasillas, and picked up our mail.  I was glad to receive a new 250 Gigabyte External Hard Drive from my father to replace my old 80 GB one.  Now I can put even more things on the new one, and use it as a backup for my files.

                At the Cancer Center, we met two ladies from the U.S. who had come to Honduras to adopt a child.  One of them already had her young Honduran boy in the states, but was here to fill out adoption papers.  The other one was trying to adopt, but had many problems.  We talked for a while, and enjoyed hearing about their progress.  From what we've learned from them and others, Honduras is one of the hardest countries in the world to adopt a child.  It's also one of the most costly, usually running well over 10,000 dollars in court and lawyer fees.


April 25th 2006 Tuesday                    Seeing Nelson and Zenia Again


                Several days ago, I received a phone call from Zenia Gutierrez.  She told me that she and Nelson were back together, and that they were thinking about me.  They asked when I could visit them (as they are still in the same place where I saw them last).  I told them that today would be a good a day as any.  Thus, after shopping most of the day, Laura and I drove out to El Carrizal and had supper with them.  I was surprised to find the place nice and clean.  They had even put up plastic on the walls and roof to keep out the dust.  I could tell they were doing much better, as their clothes were nicer, and they had more things.  Nelson came in a little later, and we talked for a while.  He was much heavier than before, so I could tell they were eating well. 

                He told me, "God's been good to me.  I have a job now as a supervisor at a Security Firm making 4000 Lemprias a month!"  (Twice as much as he made before).   Nelson even had his own cell phone.

                We talked for a while, and it was great to fellowship with them again.  Much has changed for them over the last few years.  They even have a new daughter named Tania.  She was the cutest baby.  However, spiritually they did not fare as well as they did physically.  Neither of them had a Bible (they had given them away), but they did pray every night before bed.  They were desirous to learn though, and asked if I could teach them Bible again.  I told them, "I'd love too, but I just live way too far away!

I asked them if they attended church, and they replied, "No, there are no good churches here.  They are all Pentecostal or only out for money."  How sad.  Before leaving, I gave them both a Bible and a hug.  I also told them I'd try to visit them again sometime.  And I reproved them for still not getting married.  "There's no excuse!" I told them.


April 26th 2006 Wednesday                              Learning about the Residence Visa


                We ran errands all over Tegucigalpa today.  Later in the day we met with a lawyer who told us about the Honduran laws concerning obtaining a Residence Visa.  He said we could do several things to obtain Laura's.  First, we could go through the paperwork, and acquire it the way I obtained mine.  However, the price has gone up, and it has become much harder to do that. 

            The second option would be to simply wait.  The Honduran law states that if the spouse of a Honduran Resident lives in Honduras for three years with their spouse, they automatically become a legal Honduras Resident and by law will receive their Residency Papers.  This sounded like the best option.

                However, there is another alternative.  If we were to have a child in Honduras, then Honduran law would classify that child as a Honduran citizen.  Because both parents are Americans, he would also be a United States Citizen.  He would have dual citizenship until the age of eighteen, at which time he must choose which country he desires to reside.  The lawyer continued, "If you have a child in Honduras, then you would automatically be Honduran Residents, and the paperwork would be very easy for you to fill out, as the Honduran government favors Honduran people by birth."

                With this in mind, Laura and I talked about the possibility of staying in Honduras for several more years (if that's what God wants) and having our children here, as that would make it much easier to stay in the country.


April 27th 2006 Thursday                  Comayagua, Cake, and Living for Christ


                We drove home late in the afternoon, after shopping at Pricesmart.  In Comayagua, we stopped at Wendy's and there met Missionary Orville Smith, who has the orphanage that we visited with the group from Washington.  He was happy to see us, and invited us to visit him when we can.

                Once in La Esperanza, we unloaded our groceries and packed up for our service in Lajas.  Laura baked a cake at the Cancer Center and we took that with us to Emilia's house for Siniada's birthday.  They were very grateful.

                My sermon in the evening service at Martir's house was, "How are you doing Spiritually?" 


April 28th 2006 Friday                       I'm an Uncle!


                Erick Sanchez came by in the morning and brought another man with him.  I've told many people here that we are eventually going to move, and that we are desirous to sell many of our things.  Because of this, many have dropped by and looked at our furniture and property, making an offer.  We've sold a few things already, and are anxious to sell more.  We just have too much!

                Erick bought some fold up beds, and blankets, while his friend bought two tables.

Later in the afternoon, we journeyed to the Internet Shop, where I received word from my mother that my sister Kristina had her baby yesterday.  She named him Jasper Dane Chambers.  (Jasper was my grandfather's name on my Mother's side).  I immediately called them and spoke with them about it.  They were glad to hear from me, and I them.


April 29th 2006 Saturday                   Three More Saved!


                Pastor Nahum Pagoaga (one of my Bible Institute Students) visited us in the morning.  He came by asking about Greek classes.  He is a very smart man, and wants to learn Biblical Greek.  Why?  I don't know, but he's desirous and determined.  I told him that I'm be happy to teach it, but that I would not do so unless we had several more students.  I also gave him some books, and teaching material to help him in his ministry.

                We had three people saved while Soul Winning in the afternoon.  Arlin won them to the Lord.  Two were an older couple named Concepción Gomez, age 45, and her husband Jose Juan Ramos, 50.  And the other was a young man named Marcos Antonio Meza, age 22.

                I taught the Youth Group about "Verses to Show a New Convert."  These included:


2 Cor. 5:17                  New Creature, New life.

1 John 5:11-13            If you have Christ, you have eternal life.

Colossians 1:27           Christ is in you and you are in Christ.

John 14:17                  Christ dwelleth in you.

Ephesians 1:13            Sealed with the Holy Spirit.

John 1:12                    You are a Son of God if you believe.

Ephesians 2:19            You are fellow citizens with the saints.

1 John 3:2                   We shall be like him.

Gal. 5:16-17                Spiritual warfare (Flesh vs. The Spirit)

Romans 7:15-25          The flesh is sinful.

1 Cor. 10:13                There is a way out of temptation.  You don't have to sin.                                   

1 John 1:1-10              Confess your sins to God  (for fellowship).

1 Cor. 15:31                Die daily (put the flesh down).

Romans 6:6-14            We should not serve sin!

Romans 12:1,2            Present your body to God


                Bro. Sabino, from Zapotillo, and sister Maria and her daughter Irma showed up before service ended.  They said, "We went to Mike Lane's house, but he wasn't there.  We need a place to spend the night, as tomorrow we'll be heading back.

Laura and I were glad to take care of them and put them up for the night.  Laura even cooked them a spaghetti dinner.  These people were from the back woods of Honduras, and they aren't accustomed to using forks.  It was funny watching them try to eat with one.  Laura said, "They looked like four year olds trying to use a fork for the first time.

So backwards were they, that they didn't even know how to use a doorknob.  I had to teach them.

                Before bed, sister Maria come to me and told me very quietly and humbly (which is usually how they speak), "Bro. Breaker, there is an animal in our bed.

I then went in to look, and found a small, colorful lizard, about four inches long on the bedspread.  People here call it a chenga, but they had another name for it.  I quickly caught it and carried it outside so they could go to sleep.


April 30th 2006 Sunday                      Laura's 24th Birthday


                Today was Laura's 24th birthday.  I had wanted to bring her breakfast in bed, but because of our guests, we had to wake up at five in the morning and make them breakfast and see them off.  Laura cooked a great meal of Pancakes.  After they left, we went back to bed.

                Later in the day, we called Laura's parents and spoke with them.  They had some bad news.  Laura's Catholic grandmother died last Saturday.  Her Mom said, "I was able to speak with her about salvation and the Gospel an hour before she died.  But I don't know if she heard or understood.

We can only hope.  But it sounded like to me that God kept her alive long enough to at least hear the truth one more time.

                In Lajas, I preached on "What are you Trusting In?"  My points were that many people trust in one of the following instead of God:  1. Professors, 2. Politicians, 3. Physicians, 4. Police, 5. False Prophets and False Preachers.  But we should all only trust the Person and Precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.

                In the evening, I took Laura to Papapua's Restaurant.  Unfortunately, there were a couple of drunks there speaking loudly and causing us problems.  I then told Laura, "I've tried so hard to give you a good birthday, but it seems nothing's going right.  First I wasn't able to make you breakfast in bed, then you get the bad news about your grandmother, and now you have to eat in a restaurant with a bunch of loud drunks.

She replied, "It's okay.  I've had a wonderful birthday because I was with you!"  How great she is.

                Afterwards, the drunks left and we enjoyed a lovely meal together.


May 1st 2006 Monday                        Narnia


                I started the morning by bringing Laura breakfast in bed.  Next we spent some time studying and cleaning the house.  In the afternoon, Mike and Debbie came by with Debbie's sister Linda, who's visiting from the states.  While Laura spoke with the girls, Mike told me what happened to him last Thursday when we drove up to the mountains to preach.  On the way he picked up an elderly lady with her husband and gave them a ride.  The woman had just come from the hospital and looked very pale and yellow.  On the way she kept saying, "I'm so sick.  I feel so bad.  I feel awful!"  A little later she kept repeating, "I'm going to die!  I'm going to die!" And a few minutes later, she put her head back on the seat and did just that!

                Mike didn't know what to do.  But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  For the husband said, "Had she died in La Esperanza, it would have cost us more to buy her a casket and ship her body home for burial.  Now that we've arrived home, we'll just build a casket and bury her ourselves."

When Mike dropped them off at their house, he then drove up to the mountain to preach.  While preaching from Hebrews 9:27, he told them the story of what happened, and six people trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour afterwards!  What a blessing!        

            Later in the evening, we went over to the Lane's house to watch the Narnia movie.  I've heard a lot about this book and picture and have wanted to discern it, as the writer, Mr. C.S. Lewis, was supposed to be a Christian, and the story is said to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

                The picture was well done, and very entertaining.  However, I couldn't get the entire allegory together.  The story was about four children of Adam who happen to stumble upon a "wardrobe" (closet) that is a door to another world.  They enter therein to "Narnia" and find that they are part of a prophecy to restore good and destroy evil.  The good is represented by Aslan, a lion.  The bad is the White Witch, who kills people by freezing them.

                As the story progresses, one of the siblings, Edmund, is tempted by the White Witch, and turns against his brothers and sisters.  Thinking the White Witch will give him power, he helps her, but she in return imprisons and tortures him.  Later in the movie, Edmund is rescued from the Witch's dominion, and taken to Aslan's camp.  The witch then meets with Aslan and claims that the boy is hers, as he has sinned, and he must die.  The lion Aslan tells the witch that he will die in his place, and this he does.  A battle then ensues between the forces of evil, and those of good.  Peter, the oldest of the siblings is left in charge, and leads his forces against the evil witch.  As the battle goes in favour of the evil, Aslan resurrects, claiming "A sacrifice of innocence will never go unheeded, nor unrewarded, as death will never keep an innocent one down.

He then goes to the Witches' lair and frees those frozen people (I suppose a type of those Old Testament Saints who resurrected with Christ when he rose again).  Afterwards, he defeats the White Witch, but not until after she wounds Edmund with a deadly wound.  As he lay dying on the battlefield, his sister Lucy gives him an elixir that heals him completely.  Afterwards, the four children are seated upon four thrones, which the film says stand for the four cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West. 

                It doesn't take a genius to see the allegory and parallel with the Bible.  The White Witch would be a type of Satan (an angel of light).  Aslan would be a type of Jesus, who died and rose again.  However, there were some things that troubled me.

                What was the wardrobe a type of?  Could it have been a window into the spiritual world?  Or could it have been a door to travel back in time?  Or did it have any allegorical significance at all?  And who did the four children represent?  The film was careful to call them "humans."  Thus, does that mean that all the animals were types of angels and demons?  The film made it look so, as most of the evil beasts were hideous to look upon.

                Could the young people have represented the four races of people upon the earth?  That of Shem, Ham, Japeth, and the nation of Israel?  Or could they have only represented Adam and Eve and their sons and daughters?  To me, Edmund typified the Jews very well, as before Christ came and died, they were into idol and devil worship, completely forgetting their Lord.  And, after Jesus comes again, they will go through the tribulation, where they will almost be wiped out, but resurrected and brought back into fellowship with God to reign with him in the millennium.

                The character of Peter was rather troubling.  Was he supposed to be the apostle Peter?  If so, that gives the allegory a rather Catholic feeling, as one could interpret him as the Pope leading the church in the Crusades against the evil forces of Satan and the Muslims.  Or could he be in a Protestant, more Biblical sense, the apostle Peter forming the early church and fighting against evil with her.

                At any rate, the last battle in the story is reminiscent of "Armageddon," where the Jews are fleeing from the Anti-Christ (typified by the White Witch), and are delivered by their leader Aslan (Jesus).   After the battle, the Lion resurrects the just dead and they rule with him (a type of God resurrecting people at the end of the tribulation to reign with him in the millennium, I guess). 

                One cannot miss the correlation with the millennial reign at the end of the film, when the four sons of Adam sit on four thrones, more than likely signifying the four corners of the earth.  But why does Aslan then leave thereafter?  And why does the film end with the children coming back out of the wardrobe into their old world again? 

                The film was most certainly entertaining, and I enjoyed the type of Christ in that of the Lion.  It almost made me cry.  But the rest of the allegory was hard to understand. 


May 1st 2006 Monday                          Men and Women in the Marriage Relationship


The longer I'm married, the more differences I see between men and women.  Men, as a whole, are not very emotional, but rather rational and sometimes uncaring.  Women, on the other hand, can be irrational at times, and very emotional.  Sometimes they cry for no reason.  Thus, they need a man to comfort them and protect them. 

But not only are their characteristics different, but so is their mode of thinking.  I've learned this as of late.  Men think about the good, dwelling upon the nice things they've done for their wives.  However, women tend more to think not upon a man's actions, but on his words.   They not only remember what the man did for them, but usually remember exactly what he said while doing it.  If he said something that offended, she will mentally block out the man's action of love, and then dwell solely upon those words that upset her.   Men don't remember their words much, at least I don't.  But women do, especially ill-spoken ones.  Thus, a man can be doing all he can to please his wife by buying her things, taking her places, and giving her stuff.  But if he's said words to hurt her, it will all be for naught.  She'll only dwell upon those "hurtful words."  She then will be cold towards him, and the man will not understand why, as all he can think is that he's tried his best to show her his love.

I'm convinced that husbands and wives need to talk more.  They need to see what the other is thinking.  Neither should dwell upon the bad, but rather the good.  Women too, need to try to see how men think, and accept their kindness, for this is how a man tries to show he loves his wife.  Also, men need to speak comfortably to their wives, and tell them that they love them.

In the spiritual relationship between Christ and the Church, we see that God wants to do for us.  He wants to bless us.  However, there are times when what he says in his holy word offends us.  The key to the Christian life, as well the Marriage Relationship is to not dwell upon what offends us, but think upon the good that our spouse has done for us.  For it is the devil who tries to discourage people by making them dwell upon the little offensive things, rather than the big actions of grace, mercy, and love. 

Alas, the problem with the church today is that they have allowed Satan to get their minds off of the good things that God has done for them, and instead dwell upon those things in God's word, which offend them.  Because of this, most Christians are cold towards God and don't have a good relationship with him.


May 2nd 2006 Tuesday                        Pay Day!


                Hernan Corrales came by this morning and gave us a 10,000 Lempira check of my 5000-watt generator.  So, we drove into town later in the afternoon to "Banco Occidente" (The Bank of the West) to cash it.   I've always hated banks.  I've had so many bad experiences there.  Today was no exception.  I had to wait in line for over an hour.  Finally, they gave me my money and I was on my way.

                Afterwards, we drove to the lawyer's office, and I asked if Manuel Girón brought the paperwork for me sign, passing ownership to him for my old Toyota.  The Secretary told me he did, but that he did a dirty thing.  He turned around and sold the truck to another man named Jose German Martinez Dubón from Mapulaca, Honduras (close to El Salvador).  Thus, he lied.  He gave me a sob story about how much he wanted my pickup, and how he was going to fix it up and keep it for life, when all he wanted to do was resell it for a profit!   It's no big deal to me.  I'm just glad we sold the truck, and made a profit ourselves. 

After signing the paperwork over to the new owner, I left rejoicing that my old Toyota was now "officially" sold.


May 3rd 2006 Wednesday                  La Cueva de Dos Leones


                Laura and I walked up the mountain to the "La Cueva de Dos Leones" (Cave of Two Lions) this afternoon.  It had been a long time since we've been walking, and we found that we are a little out of shape.  At the cave, we saw the two large lions, carved on both sides.  Above them were the words "Para Dios y la Fraternidad" (For God and Brotherhood).  The date of 1934 was still visible, but most of the carvings were wearing away.

                We then walked further up the mountain and sat on a rock and held each other, while looking upon the whole town of La Esperanza below.  It was great to get away to a secluded area and spend time together.

                In the evening service, I preached again on "Separation."  I showed them that when it comes to marriage, a Christian should only choose a saved person to be their spouse.  For the word of God commands Christians not to marry unbelievers.

                I also taught that when it comes to Religious matters, we are to separate ourselves from other religions who do not preach the truth.  We are not to join the "Ecumenical Movement," nor are we to help or work with other denominations who do not preach or teach the word of God correctly.      


May 4th 2006 Thursday                      Erick Sanchez


                Erick Sanchez came by this morning and visited us.  Usually he has some letters he wants us to translate into English or Spanish.  However, today he only wanted to talk.  While we sat and drank coffee, he told us about a false sect that has entered Honduras.  This denomination is called "Creciendo in Gracia" (Growing in Grace).   He told us that they teach that when Jesus died, he saved the entire world.  He further stated that they believe Jesus' death and resurrection triumphed over Satan and now Satan and his power are completely destroyed, as he is already in the Lake of Fire.  Moreover, they also believe that a Christian is under grace, which means that he can live however he so desires, including adulterating, fornicating, getting drunk, etc.

                Erick said, "I heard on the news last night that an 'apostle' from this religious sect is flying to Honduras tomorrow to hold a campaign.  He says that he is Jesus manifest in the flesh."  I couldn't believe such a thing, but that's what the man claimed.

                I later went to the Internet shop and looked up the webpage of this false sect.  Their address is "Creciendoengracia.com."  However, they should have called their sect "Creciendo en Desgracia" (Growing in Disgrace), as there were so many twisted, perversions of the scripture.  I found myself appalled at all their false teachings.  For example, their doctrinal statement said that "Satan was incarnated in the body of Adam."  How could someone believe such a thing?  They also appeared to be Calvinistic in their teaching, by stating "we believe that God knew, chose, and predestined His children before the foundation of the world...that God made vessels for destruction and vessels for salvation.

                I asked Erick to preach for me in Quebrada de Lajas in the evening.  We had a great crowd.  He preached on the subject of "Letting Jesus be the Lord of Your Life."  He stressed that all we that are saved should not just say that Jesus is our Lord, but show that he is so, by our actions. 

                Afterwards, Laura and I took Erick and his wife out to Papapua's for dinner.  There we had a great time of fellowship.


May 5th 2006 Friday                            Fundamentalism


I'm working on a book entitled, "Why I am More Than Just a Fundamentalist."  In it, I show how someone can be a "Fundamentalist" but still be an apostate if he twists the teachings of "Fundamentalism."  Many have done so, and that means that there are many Apostate Fundamentalists out there.  That is why I want to be more than just one of them.  I'm Bible Believer!  More specifically, I'm a King James Bible Believer!

Today I finished most of the book, and then printed a copy.  It looks like I'll have a lot more to do, but at least I'm done with the rough draft.

Apart from the Fundamentals that most Fundamentalists brag about (Which I listed under March 23rd of this year in this journal), I gave what I thought were the most important Fundamentals lacking from the list.  They are:


                Salvation is by grace through faith in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.      (Rom. 3:25)

                                Water Baptism is by immersion and is only for believers in Christ.                            (Acts 8:35-38)

                                A believer in Christ Jesus is Eternally Saved, and cannot lose his salvation.           (John 6:37)

                                A Christian should live a holy, separated life.  He should not be worldly.                (2 Cor. 6:17)

                                The King James 1611 Authorized Bible is the pure word of God in English.             (Ps. 12:6,7; Ecc. 8:4)


                These are not only important Fundamentals of the Christian faith, but will also separate the apostates from true Bible Believing Christians!


May 6th 2006 Saturday                       DNA Machine?


                I awoke this morning with an interesting thought on my mind.  I don't know where it came from, but sometimes when one awakes from a dream, he finds himself thinking things that he's never thought before.  Where those thoughts come from, I have no idea.  But sometimes they are worth entertaining.

                My contemplation this morning centered on man's DNA, and how it's a long code of various genes.  I then thought about how everything nowadays is "digital."  There are digital cameras, digital video recorders, digital sound recorders, etc.  Almost all things today are made up of digits. With this in mind, I wondered, "Would it be possible to isolate the various genes of the DNA code and assign a digital number to each of them?  Then, from that make a digital picture of a person?"  Who knows if such a thing is doable?  But the thought was worth entertaining. 

                But from that, I contemplated the idea of making a DNA picture machine, in which one could simply put the DNA of a person into a computer, and out pops a digital picture of that person!  Is that even possible?  Who knows.  But it's a neat idea. 

I thought further about making the machine show a person's age.  I've read a lot about how a person grows older.  It's because they lose enzymes.  I wonder if the enzymes too could be digitalized from a DNA sample, so that the machine could even show you a picture of the person according to their actual age?

I don't know if it's possible to make such a machine.  But I can image that whoever does achieve such a feat would be a millionaire!

In the Youth Group meeting, I taught on the subject of "Responsibilities of New Believers."  I took them through the following verses showing them what God expects from a believer.




Romans 10:9,10                  Confess him publicly and it will give you strength.

Matt. 10:32-33                   Confess Jesus.

Mark 8:38                           He'll be ashamed of you if you don't do anything.

John 12:42-43                     They didn't confess him, because they loved the praise of man more.




Matt. 3:16                           By Immersion.

Matt. 28:19,20                    Go ye therefore into all the world baptizing them...

Acts 2:41                            They that gladly received his word were baptized...

1 Peter 3:21                         Baptism is only a figure of Salvation.


Church Membership


2 Cor. 6:14                          Walk a Christian life (Separation from the world).

James 4:4                            Friendship with the world is enmity with God.

Eph. 4:11,12                       Encourage them to be in church, edifying!

Hebrews 10:25                    We should assemble together.

Acts 20:7                            The first day of the week!

Acts 1:8                              Witnessing.

Acts 8:4                              Preach the word.

Romans 1:16                       Don't be ashamed of the gospel.

2 Cor. 5:20                          We are to be ambassadors of Christ.


May 7th 2006 Sunday                          The Charismatics


                We picked up the Sanchez family first and then drove out to Quebrada de Lajas.  On the way, Alfa told us that she went to the big "Charismatic Healing Meeting" in Tegucigalpa last night.  She said, "It was amazing! I saw this apostle named Cash Luna from Guatemala healing thousands of people of their infirmities!"       

                I then told her about how I used to be in the Assembly of God church for four years before I was saved, and how I too thought that they were really healing people.  It wasn't until I trusted Christ Jesus as my Saviour, and learned the Bible that I realized that it was all a hoax!  She couldn't understand it, so I explained it to her. 

                During service, I preached on "The Fake Modern Healing Movement" and showed how there are no such things as "apostles" anymore, and that the gift that God gave them to heal others no longer exists.   I then showed how that miracles were only for the Jews, and not the Gentiles, and how Satan too can do miracles.

                After service, Alfa told me, "I didn't know all that.  I was wooed by what I thought were miracles, but now I see that from the word of God, and from your testimony that those men are all a bunch of charlatans, who are only interested in putting on a show and taking up offerings."

                In the evening service at my house, Mike preached an excellent message from Revelation about the church at Ephesus.  He stressed that we should not leave our first love like they did.


May 8th 2006 Monday                         Studying the Law and Grace


                The 19th –21st, we are to go with Erick Sanchez to Pidaera.  I'm supposed to preach on the subject of "The Law vs Grace," because there are a lot of 7th Day Adventists who are confusing the Christians there, telling them they have to follow the law of Moses in order to be saved.  Erick made all the arrangements, and invited almost the whole village to come and hear me speak.  All I lack is studying for the event.  Thus, I spent most of the day preparing material.

                As I studied what 7th Day Adventists believe, I came across the teaching that the law is divided into two parts:  Ceremonial and Moral Law.  I then thought about this, and said to myself, "Why only two parts?  Shouldn't the law be three parts?  That would represent the Trinity!"

                Thus, I came up with three parts to the Law, each one representing one of the Trinity.  They are the following:


1.        National Law given to Israel, applying to them as a nation.  Represents a type of God the Father.

2.        Ceremonial Law, given to the priests and people.  Represents a type of the Holy Spirit.

3.        Moral Law, given to individuals on how they should live.  Represents a type of Jesus Christ.


I easily saw the National Law applying to God the Father, as he's the father of the nation of Israel.  I also clearly saw Jesus in the Moral Law, as he lived a moral, sinless life when he came to the earth and died for the sins of mankind.  But the Holy Spirit as a type of the Ceremonial law troubled me.  How could ceremonies represent the type of the Holy Spirit?  The only thing I could come up with is that Titus 3:5 speaks of the "washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost."  Maybe the washing of the priests in the ceremonies, represented the washing of regeneration that would take place in the New Testament when one is born again by the Holy Spirit of God.  I also thought about the priests making intercession to God, and how in the New Testament, it is the Spirit of God that maketh intercession for us (Rom. 8:26,27).


May 9th 2006 Tuesday                        Sickness


                Laura and I are sick of having service in our house!  Mike told us we'd be out and in the new building last year, but that didn't happen.  Again he said we'd move there in February and again in April, but it still didn't happen.  So we are waiting patiently for that day.  The reason for our anticipation is that when the people come for service, they are not careful to close the door behind them.  Usually they leave it open for long periods of time, and this lets both flies and mosquitoes into our house.   This we just can't endure!

                Both of us are sick with a fever, and we blame it upon the Mosquitoes.  Every night they somehow find their way into our room, and we kill sometimes five to ten before bed.  Many times we don't get them all, and we awake in the morning full of bites.  And sometimes they bother us all day long!

Before we had service in my house, they were not a problem, but more and more they bother us, and make us sick!  But, we will endure our sickness and anger, trusting Mike will soon finish his building as he's promised, and the church family will move to another building, leaving us insect free.  I just pray it will be soon!

                Reading                 various books, magazines, and web pages today, I found a quote by Plato.  Although I don't like Plato, or his anti-biblical teachings, I did find a very interesting quote by him that applies to the Education system of the United States today.  Mr. Plato said, "Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school.  And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool!"  This is so true!  Most people in Secular Schools are taught the fallacy of the Theory of Evolution.  But when someone stands up and preaches the reality of Creation, he's labeled a lunatic, fanatic, and unlearned fool!  God help us!  Lord, please come back soon and show the world who the real fools are!


May 10th 2006 Wednesday                                Oil Change, Rain, and Ducks


                Although Laura and I are running a fever (probably Malaria from all the Mosquitoes), I decided to run into town for an oil change.   Laura stayed home and rested.

                The great thing about Honduras is the cheap labor.  In Honduras, people will do more for less.  For example, I already had the oil, and filter for my truck, all I needed was an oil change.  Thus, I drove up the street to the local garage and asked them to do it for me.  They only charged me 60 lempiras (about four dollars), and that also included greasing the entire underbelly of my truck.  How wonderful it is to get a good deal!

                Afterwards, I went to the bank, where I waited for forty-five minutes.  I then I drove to the Internet Shop and then home.  Later in the afternoon, it rained very hard.  Laura and I were very excited, as we've recently planted our garden, and it's good to have it well watered.

                At home, Castillo gave us some good news.  Three baby ducks hatched this afternoon.  They were so beautiful!


Laura with two of our newly hatched ducklings!


                In the evening service, I again continued our study on "Separation."  This time I spoke about "Excuses that Many Christians use for not Living a Holy, Separated Life."

                They were:  1.  "I don't have the same convictions that you do!"  2. "In order to reach the people, I have to be just like them!"  3.  "I have liberty in Christ, so I can do whatever I want!"

                I showed from the word of God that these excuses were not only childish, but also very selfish and unchristian.  For if someone is a true child of God, he'd want to live for God and not for the flesh.


May 11th 2006 Thursday                    Sickness Strikes Again


I studied all day.  At four o'clock, Laura and I went to the Internet Shop to check our email.  Afterwards, I had such a high fever, and had such tremendous body pains, that I had to drive home and rest.  I was sick about missing service, but I just couldn't make it.  Oh how I hate to miss church!


May 12th 2006 Friday                         No Cement 


                Hotir came by early this morning telling us, "We are out of cement at the work site, and we need you to bring us some!"  Since Mike Lane is out of town again, I had to go and find it, in order to keep the workers busy.  Sick, tired, and achy all over, I managed to take a hot shower and go into town in spite of my ailments. 

                All day long we spent looking for cement.  No one had any.  We visited over ten Hardware Stores, and all of them gave us the same answer, "We haven't received any from our distributor in over a week.  There seems to be a shortage."

                After wasting the entire day, we went home exhausted and discouraged.   One thing I know, "God did not call me to build buildings, he called me to build people!

                We saw Erick Sanchez in town today, and he told me some good news.  He said, "I've got some public schools lined up for you to show your slides against Evolution.  All I need is to know that you have them done, and then I can begin scheduling them for you!"  Unfortunately, I haven't quite finished my first slide presentation on "Creation vs Evolution."  I lack the ending, as well as translating my English slides into Spanish.  Hopefully, I'll get well soon, and not have any more days like today, so I can finish!


May 13th 2006 Saturday                     Workers Paid, Meeting Cancelled.


                The workers came over today at noon to collect their pay that Mike Lane left with me.  They said, "This morning Julio Cordoba went to the Hardware Store and brought us back 18 bags of cement!"  So at least they have some to work with next week.

                In the evening, I cancelled our usual Youth Meeting, as I had too much to do, and felt too bad.  Thus, much of the day I spent working on my computer, translating my Creation Slides into Spanish and working on my "Law vs Grace" material.  If only I had another two weeks!  But, I'm doing the best I can, even though I still feel too bad.

                Before bed, we killed another half a dozen mosquitoes!  We still didn't get them all.


May 14th 2006 Sunday                        Two Saved!


                An owl has been preying upon our poor little chicks.  We used to have close to sixty of them, but now there are only a few left.  He must come in at night and eat them.  Hotir said he saw the vicious beast, and it's at least three foot tall!

                Having chickens is like starting a church.  Sometimes God blesses you with a whole lot, and then other times, the numbers are not what you would like.  In both of the works here, I see that old giant owl Satan picking off the poor, helpless, defenceless Christians, and because of this numbers dwindle in services.  But in times like these, I've learned it's important just to thank God for the older, more mature ones that are still there and faithful.  At least I'm not left with nothing.

                Despite our small numbers in both services today, God blessed with some fruit.  After service in Lajas, I had the chance two win two girls to Jesus Christ!  Their names were Francisca Elizabet Garcia, age 14 and Iris Argentina Meza, 9.  (The former being Enrique's sister).

                In the evening service at our house, I preached on "Why we Should Come to Church."  We really had a good time, and I enjoyed preaching to them.

                After service, Laura and I went to our favorite little restaurant of Papa Pua's for dinner.  Our favorite meal of tacos, anafres, and drinks only cost five dollars, and one plate is sufficient for the both of us.  At the restaurant, they had a Honduran soccer game on the television.   The Olimpia team won, and the whole town came unglued!  People were parading down the streets with Olimpia Flags shouting and cheering their team.  Hondurans really take their soccer seriously!


May 15th 2006 Monday                       Driving to Tegus


                We drove to Tegus this morning with Bani and Hotir Cordoba.  Upon arriving, we immediately drove to Bani's apartment and visited with the landlady.  From there we took a taxi downtown and visited several stores.  Afterwards, Bani and Hotir took a bus home, and Laura and I ran a few more errands before driving to the Cancer Center to rest and spent the night.


May 16th 2006 Tuesday                      The Hotel Maya


                It seems more and more "Gringos" are learning about the Cancer Center, and are staying there.  It used to be that a room was always available, but not any more.  Many Americans are coming down in huge "brigades" and they are taking our once wonderful place of refuge.  Because of this, we were kicked out and had to spend the night in the Hotel Maya.  It too isn't what it once was.  Last time we stayed there, it cost only fifty dollars, and this included breakfast.  Now it's gone up to sixty.  Inflation is such a horrible thing!


May 17th 2006 Wednesday                                Home Again!


                We arrived home at four o'clock after running some errands in Tegus and buying some groceries at Pricesmart.  After picking up people for service, (as Mike Lane is gone again), I preached on the subject of "Excuses that People Have for Sinning."  I also finished our lesson on "Separation."  Mike Lane will start next week teaching on the subject of "Giving to God."

                In the evening, Laura and I watched a DVD that my father sent us entitled, "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: Volume 1, The New Atlantis."  It showed a lot about America, and how the founding fathers were Masons.  It also brought Sir Francis Bacon to light as the thinker behind the New Republic, for it was his writings and ideas that helped to form the United States of America through his Rosicrucians ideals, taught and practiced by the Masons.  It also brought up some interesting questions such as, "Why was Washington D.C. built exactly on the 77th Meridian?"  And "Why were the Revolutionary War cities build in perfect alignment with Stonehenge?"   I would advise everyone to google the title, and get this DVD!


May 18th 2006 Thursday                    The Prince and Power of the Air


                It rained all day long.  Because of this I was leery of going to Quebrada de Lajas.  However, I braved the mud and drove in four-wheel drive.  Still, I almost slid into the ditch several times, as the roads were so slick.

                My message was on "The Prince and Power of the Air."  I showed how Satan is in charge of the political system of this world, and is using groups like the Masons, Skull and Bones, the Jason Society, Rosicrucians, and more to help bring in the New World Order, in which he'll eventually gain political control of the entire world.  They listened well, but I could tell I was over their head.  These poor Indians sometimes seem incapable of learning a lot at once. 


May 19th 2006 Friday                         Road Trip!


                We arrived at Erick Sanchez house today around noon.  After packing up his few things, we then started our trek to Piraera (I thought it was called Pidaera, but he corrected me).  On the way, Erick told us his testimony.   He was saved at age fourteen, by a young lady from a Baptist Church.  After being discipled by her for several months, he then attended her Baptist Church and eventually became a Sunday School teacher.  Afterwards, he desired to do more, and when he spoke with the Pastor, he suggested that he attend the CAM (Central American Mission) Bible School, started by C.I. Scofield in the early 1900's.  This he did, and graduated from there after three years.

                I asked him about the school, and what they believed, and he said that they practiced several things of which he was not in agreement.  First, they do not baptize by immersion, rather by sprinkling.  Second, they allow women to be leaders in churches when no man is present to be the Pastor.  And finally, they teach that a Christian can be demon possessed.

                He continued, "After graduating from CAM, I came to La Esperanza, and Pastored a church in the Colonia Vanessa for three years.  Then I followed the Lord's leading by becoming a Missionary and going out into the Mountains trying to plant churches."

                We then talked about doctrine, and he seemed to believe almost exactly the same that we do, except that he's a little loose on his standards, and he listens to more "contemporary" music.  He says he is a Baptist, but he calls himself a "Conservative Baptist."  In my experience, usually Conservative Baptists in Honduras are very liberal in their teachings and doctrines.  Erick seems to be the exception in doctrine, but not necessarily in convictions.

                Upon arriving in Piraera (four hours later), we immediately tried to acquire a room.  There is no hotel in the town, as it is very small.  All they have are "hospedajes" or boarding houses.   Luckily, there weren't too many visitors in the town and we were able to have a room entirely to ourselves, albeit it had three beds.


Our quaint little living quarters.


                        The town of Piraera is very small, but beautiful.  There is a small park in the middle, with a Catholic church facing it.  Our little hotel is at the opposite end of the park facing the church.  To the right of the park is the Municipal Building, where I'll be teaching tomorrow, and on the other side are a line of houses and businesses built in the beautiful old Spanish Colonial Style.


Laura and I sitting under a tree in the Park of Piraera


                In the evening, I preached at the new work that Erick is starting there.  There was no Pastor except Miguel who told me he was only the "leader."   It rained intensely, so only a few people showed up.  I preached on the subject of "The Gospel" and showed how salvation is only by grace through faith in the precious Shed blood of Jesus Christ!

                Afterwards, we went back to our humble little accommodation and went to sleep.


May 20th 2006 Saturday                     The Big Day!


                Yesterday Erick pointed out to me the 7th Day Adventist Pastor.  He also told me, "This town is full of people who go to his church.  He has full reign in this village and tells people they can only be saved by keeping the law, and that going to church on Sunday is the mark of the beast!  I hope you can give these people the truth, so that they'll know that the law doesn't save anyone!"

                Thus, from nine in the morning until one-thirty in the afternoon, I taught on the difference between the Law and Grace in the top floor of the Municipal Building.  Most of those who came to listen were already Christians from Erick's works.  But there were also a few visitors from the 7th Day Adventist Church.  For the next several hours, I showed who the Law was given to (to Moses and the Jews), why it was given (as a sign, and to show them how to please God), and what a person has to do to be under the law (he must be circumcised).  Many didn't know what circumcision meant, so I had to explain it.  I then asked, "Do you think that the Pastor of the 7th Day Adventists is circumcised?

They all answered in unison, "No!

I replied, "Then he's not under the law, and he can't get saved according to what he teaches, until he does so!

They all laughed.


Teaching on the Law vs Grace in the Municipal Building


                A Christian young man was present in the services, who left his wife for another woman.  He in short, he is an adulterer.  He wants to do right and send away his mistress and return to his wife.  However, his current woman will not leave him, and his wife will not take him back until he gets rid of her.  He is then, "in a pickle," as they say.

                Erick told me about the situation, and while I was teaching, I chose to address it.  While showing them all that the law entailed, I showed how cruel and unmerciful the law was in demanding the death penalty for certain sins.  I then had them turn to the verses that commanded an adulterer to be stoned to death.  When I said this, I watched the adulterous brother curiously.  He was looking at me with his eyes wide opened, and looking back at the congregation and then looking at me.  I asked Erick later, "Do you think he thought that we were going to stone him?" 

He laughed.  I only hope this man will get right with God and leave his mistress and go back to his wife.

                After lunch, we went up the street and met a man named Don Jose Rosa.  Erick knew that I like to collect coins, so he asked around town if anyone there sold them.  They all said that Don Rosa was the person to see, as he is a buyer and seller of "antiquities."  We found him in his house and talked to him for some time.  He had some very interesting articles.  One was the carved head of a "saint," with the date of 1527 on the back of the neck.   Surely it was a Catholic idol from the Spanish Colonial period.  I couldn't imagine how much it might be worth to a collector.  But to me it was nothing as it's an image, which God hates. I'm sure to a Catholic though, it would be worth a lot of money.

                Most of what he had, he had just sold.  He told us that his prize possession was an old Spanish sword in near perfect condition dated 1483.  Wow!  That's before Columbus!  But he sold it several months before.  The man then said he'd keep in touch with me and if he found anything old, he'd contact me first about buying it.  I look forward to that.

                We started our teaching session again at two-thirty, and I taught until five.  I showed them from the New Testament, how that Christ Jesus came to fulfil the Law, and then make a new dispensation of Grace, where men are saved by grace through faith in his precious shed blood.  I then showed the words of Christ Jesus, the Apostles, and Paul concerning salvation by grace through faith.  Afterwards, they had many questions, and I answered them all from the Bible.

                In the evening, I showed my slides on Creation vs. Evolution.   This isn't a big issue in a town like this, but it was good for me to practice.  It went well, and we had a big crowd come and listen.  Afterwards, I gave an invitation, but no one came forward.  Two men raised their hands signifying they were lost, but sadly they denied the Lord Jesus Christ, and rejected his free gift of eternal life.

                After shaking hands with the people, Laura and I went to bed exhausted from a long day.  She videotaped much of the day, and I look forward to watching it later.


May 21st 2006 Sunday                        San Andres and Erandique


                We didn't leave until around nine this morning.  Miguel and some of the other brethren were there to see us off.  The "Adulterer" was present too, and I it pleased me to give him my book on "Marriage," hoping it'd help him make a decision to repent and put away his adulteress play toy, and return to his legitimate wife. 

                On the way home, Erick asked, "Would you like to visit the small town of San Andres?  It's only a few miles out of our way.

I was game, so we drove there.  What we found was an amazing little area, and I felt as if we'd gone back in time!  The small town was full of people buying and selling.  Almost all of the men wore Cowboy Hats, and when we first saw them, Erick kept repeating,  "¡Qué sombrería!" (What a lot of sombreros). 

                We walked all the way through the mass of people, and at the end of the road at the bottom of the hill, we found an interesting site.  There they parked all their horses!  There must have been well over one hundred horses!  I've never seen so many in one place!  It was amazing.  I asked Erick, "How come they don't get confused about whose animal is who's?"  He replied jokingly, "They all have license plates!"  Then he told us how that all the riders know their horses and their animals know their masters, so the don't ever confuse them.



                  The Town of San Andres on Market Day                                                      Laura and I around the horses


                While we walked back, Erick followed behind us.  When we arrived at the truck, he said, "You should have heard all of the Indian people talk about you when you walked by.  They kept saying, 'Look at the Gringos!  Look how white they are!'" 

                Before leaving, we bought some lunch.  Potatoes are expensive!  It cost us 50 cents American each for fried ones.  But they were excellent.  We also ate a good meal of beans, cuajada (a kind of cheese), and avocado.  They also had a wonderful fried pastel with rice inside which we really liked.

                On the way home, we stopped in Erandique as well.  There I visited the house of Roberto, the local antiquities dealer.  Last time I was there with Mártir, the man was not home.  But everyone in the village told us that he was the man to see about buying old coins and artifacts.  This time the man was there, and he had a lot of old things to show us. 

                While he went into the back to bring them out, we looked up on the wall and saw a sign that said, "En los siglos de las bárbaras naciones, a los ladrones colgaban de las cruces – pero hoy en el siglo de las luces, del cuello de las ladrones cuelgan las cruces!" (Translation:  In the old times of barbarous nations, they used to hang thieves on crosses, but now in our age of light, crosses hang from the necks of thieves!).  How true was this observation!

                When he returned, he brought us a whole bunch of Indian heads, axes, and lances.  He said they found them in the mountains.


                        Various Arrowheads             Axe Heads Carved from Rock                      An Obsidian Spearhead


                Next he showed us a huge copper pot with the words "J. Fleishman and J. Welsh, Liverpool" and the date of 1853 engraved on the side.  It was such an interesting piece, that we asked a lot of questions.  He wouldn't tell us where he bought it, but he did bring us a picture of his children in it.  


Five Kids in the big copper pot!


                Before leaving, he told us we needed to go with him up the street to his brother's house to see what he had for sale there.  This we did, and we hit the jackpot!  He had Bambas (1 Lempira silver coins), and more.  I bought a 1786 Eight Reales coin for cheap.  (It's worth about 100 dollars)!  They also showed us a lot of Opals (Erandique is known for it's opals).   And they tried to sell us a Jade Indian necklace.  It was pricey, so we passed.

                Upon arriving home, we found it was too late to go to Lajas.  Also, I felt horrible, as I slept wrong on the beds in Piraera, and my neck hurts so badly, I can hardly turn it.


May 22nd 2006 Monday                       Feeling Sick and Fasting


                Laura and I spent the day resting from our exhausting trip.  I'm still very sore from sleeping wrong, and all my muscles in my neck and chest seem very tight.  Because of this, I can't sleep well, and find myself irritable and tired.  I used to say, "It's better to wear out than rust out for the Lord!"  But now I'm finding that I am worn out!  I have so much I'd like to do, and so many plans, but sickness is thwarting my desires.

                Erick came by in the afternoon, and gave us some money for the bed in our guest bedroom.  He said he'd come pick it up tomorrow.

                Today Laura and I started our first day of a ten-day fast.  We both feel horrible, and hope this will help our bodies get better.  But more importantly, I want to seek God's will about what to do and where to go in the ministry.   I've asked the Lord to show me some things these next ten days as I try to get closer to him through prayer and reading of his word.  I hope he'll answer and show me definitively what his will is for me to do, whether it be stay in Honduras as a missionary, or go begin the work of an evangelist.  


May 23rd 2006 Tuesday                      Erick and Mike


                We slept in this morning, trying to get better.  Aside from stomach pains and fighting the urge to eat, I find myself with much more energy.  Thus, I went outside and started mowing the yard.  I thought this would help my body, but instead it only made me sorer.

                Erick Sanchez came around noon in his sister-in-law's Toyota to load up the bed.  We also gave him the air mattress and some sheets to go with it, and he was very happy.  He said, "I'm going to give the bed to Isaias Cantarero, a preacher in Rio Grande, as a wedding gift!

Isaias was one of my Bible Institute Students, and I enjoyed hearing the news that he was soon to be wed.

                Mike Lane showed up a little later and asked about our plans for the future.  I told him that we are praying about it, and it looks like God wants me to work more in Evangelism, but that I'm fasting to try to get closer and make sure.  Mike then replied, "We'll you've got to do what your heart tells you to!

I then thought to myself, "What?  I want to do what God tells me to, not what my heart tells me to, because it's desperately wicked!

But I didn't say anything. 

                When he left, we went into town to check our email.  There we had two emails from churches wanting us to come and preach for them while we are on furlough.  This was interesting.

                Later Laura and I talked about our plan of what to do.  It looks like we're going to go back to the states for several months on furlough, and then come back and fill in for Mike when he's gone to Thailand in February, finishing what we've started in the church here in my house.  From there we'll have to decide what to do and where to go, unless God shows me something soon.


May 24th 2006 Wednesday                Marbin Comes to Visit


                This is day three of our fast.  I'm surprised that I'm not hungry.  I thought I would be.  However, I'm always thirsty, and I'm drinking juice all the time.

                In my Bible reading this morning, I came across the passage of Ezekiel chapter thirteen where God tells Ezekiel to go and preach to "foolish prophets" who are called "foxes" that "follow their own spirit" and have "seen nothing!"  He then goes on telling about how they have built a wall but with untempered mortar.  This wall will not stand, as God says his wrath will break it down.  As I read, I wondered if God wasn't speaking to me, and telling me to go to my Jerusalem (the U.S.) and be an evangelist and preach to those apostates who have tried to build the church of the Living God with untempered mortar.  Does he want me to be like the son of man and prophesy against them, and try to get them to come back to God and his way of doing things, instead of doing things their way?

                As I mused upon these things, Missionary Marbin Rodriguez came by to talk with me.  I invited him in, and we sat down at the kitchen table.  He then started in, "I heard you might be leaving Quebrada de Lajas.  I wanted to let you know that if you leave, you'd have to give the work back to me, because I gave it to you!

This left me dumbfounded.  Who was he to come and tell me that I had to give the work to him? 

He then continued, "I want to buy property there and build a building!"  This left a bad taste in my mouth.  All he's interested in is building buildings.  But what about building the people, like I'm doing?  Isn't that more important?  I believe it is.     But, this is the spirit of the Modern Missions Movement.  Most Missionaries only want to buy property, build buildings, and brag about how many works they have.   This is not right! 

                Marbin then told me that he'd been visiting in Lajas, and talking with a lot of the people.  He also told me about Ephraim Martinez.  He said he visited him the other day and heard from his wife that he impregnated his own step-daughter, twice.  How saddened I was to hear this, and now I know why they don't come to church.  When we visited them, we held the baby, but they wouldn't tell us who the father was.  Now I know why.      

                Before leaving, I told Marbin that I was thinking of leaving the work with Erick Sanchez.  This made Marbin very upset, and he then said a lot of bad things about Erick Sanchez.  He then told me that I shouldn't work with Erick as he was a Pentecostal, and a liar.  I knew this wasn't true, but I called Erick just the same after he left and asked him some questions.  Erick answered them all with a good Christian spirit.  He then said, "Marbin is very 'loco,' and you should be cautious in how you deal with him.  He is always seeking glory and only wants to brag about himself and his works.  You need to pray and ask God what he wants you to do with the work in Lajas, and then do it.  Whatever you decide, I'm behind you!  Just do what God says, and not what man tells you to!

Thus, Erick is humble and seems to have the right attitude.  He doesn't seem to be seeking vain glory, but rather only cares about serving God of a pure heart.

                Erick then told me what happened in Rio Grande.  Isaias Cantarero is holding services in his own house there weekly, and has been for quite some time.  Marbin is also going to the same area for services, but only goes once a month.  The other day, Marbin visited Isaias and told him, "You can't have services here!  This is my area and my town!  I'm the only one who can start a work here, and you'll have to stop!"   How could a Missionary tell someone that?  That most certainly is not Christian! 

                Musing upon all of this and talking it over with Laura later, I came to the conclusion that I have no liberty here to do much for the Lord.  I'm hindered in my ministry, and I can't do what I like.  The church in my house, Mike calls, "his work."  And I can't take it in the direction it needs to go, as he calls himself the Pastor.  Now it seems I can't do much in Lajas, as now Marbin wants to push me out and just build a building there.  How can this be?

                I'm also seeing Ecumenicalism in Baptist ranks, as Mike wants to work with Marbin, Ramon, and others who use the perverted 1960 Spanish Bible.  (Yet Mike still uses the 1602 TR).  How can you work with another person who uses a perverted Bible?  When Mike came over yesterday, I told him that Erick Sanchez wants to start a Bible Institute, and he asked me to help start it.  Mike then responded, "Why do you need to do that?  We have a Bible Institute already and Ramon Galeano is running it!"

But Ramon only uses the perverted 1960.  And I don't want to work with men who use apostate Bibles!  Why does Mike?

                Looking at all this and evaluating it, I find I can't continue on like this.  I'm being pushed out by the Modern Missionary Mafia, which is only interested in numbers and buildings, and not in defending the pure word of God, the 1602 TR.   Thus, more and more it appears that I'm going to have to pull out and leave this place.  For to stay here, I'd have to compromise and join with others who use a perversion of the Scriptures.  This I cannot and will not do!

                Thus, I'm finding more and more that Modern Christianity is a bunch of lone wolves howling at the moon, and charging in different directions instead of at the enemy.  Many times they attack one another rather than standing together to fight against apostasy.  And instead of taking orders and attacking in unity, they don't even know who their captain is, how to use their firearm, or which direction to turn and fight.  Yet each one of them wants to receive a medal, so they attack everything in their sight, and work hard to be perceived as honourable in the eyes of others.

                Instead of being a soldier in an army like this, I would rather be at the back line training soldiers.  I want to show people who the enemy is, what weapon they should use and why, and how we should attack in unison believing the same thing, and using the same Bible.  As time goes by, more and more I'm convinced that God wants me to be an evangelist preaching and teaching to other Christians and trying to get them back on tract, for most Christians have gone AWOL and departed from their orders.  God please help me to be a good drill sergeant and reach as many as possible with the truth, so they can fight for right, and struggle correctly, instead of in inappropriate manners.   Oh sure there are no medals given to those that train the soldiers!  Medals are only given to those in battle.  But I'm not interested in medals, praise, glory or recognition.  I just want to see more faithful soldiers who know what's right and will not only preach it, but will stand for it!


May 25th 2006 Thursday                    Crucified or Hanged


                Laura and I drove into town this morning to check our email.  There I found I had a letter from Bro. Carlos Donate, asking me about what I thought about the Spanish Bible versions rendering of 2 Samuel 21:6,9, and 12.  In those verses the 1569, 1602, and 1865 Spanish Bible all use the word "Crucificado."  While the King James and 1909 use the word "hanged."  I replied simply, "The KJV and 1909 are right and the others are wrong in those verses, for crucifixion didn't show up until the Romans!   Also, those men were not 'crucified,' they were instead 'hanged' (probably by a rope).

He wrote back saying, "You are correct!  That's really a no brainer!  But boy do the 1865 defenders have a lot to explain when their version still says "crucificado."  For they claim their version is the word of God in Spanish, yet it is wrong there!"


May 26th 2006 Friday                         Alex Jones Videos


                Laura and I have been watching videos from Alex Jones, a radio talk show host in Austin, Texas.  This week we watched "Police State" parts 1, 2, and 3.  Alex does an excellent job of showing how America is no longer the "land of the free and home of the brave" but rather a Police State under Martial Law that has suspended many liberties protected by the Constitution under the Patriot Act one and two.

                Alex showed how that the Military and the Police have been working together in the U.S. for several years to keep Americans under constant surveillance, in direct opposition to the Pose Cumen Todus act of the 1800's.  

He also gave documented evidence of how FEMA has set up Concentration Camps to house people in case of a crisis, and the government's plan to eventually make all people get a National ID card which will eventually turn into an implanted chip under their skin.

What is happening to the United States?  Alex says it's turning into another Nazi Germany.  God help us!     


May 27th 2006 Saturday                     One Saved!


                Most of the morning I spent studying for our Youth Group meeting in the evening.  I decided I'd teach on the Bible Versions and show the young people why the 1602 TR is the purest New Testament in print.  

                Most of the people showed up late for Visitation today, so we only spent about an hour visiting.  God blessed though, as Arlen lead 17-year-old Rueben Antonio Quintero to the Lord.               She's a real go-getter!

                When service started, we had the greatest number of young people to date, twenty-two all total.  I taught on the Bible Issue showing them how new versions of the Bible read much closer to the Roman Catholic text than the older versions.  My Thesis was that there is a conspiracy in which the Bible Societies are working closely with the Roman Catholic church to bring people back to the Catholic fold through new modern versions that read with the corrupt Catholic Biblical texts.    

                I then passed out five Catholic versions, as well as the original 1569 and 1602, the 1865, the 1909, the 1960, and the 1602TR, and had them all turn to the following passages in these versions.  We discovered:


                                1 Peter 3:21 the words "a la figura de la cual" are removed in many Catholic versions as well as the 1960 version.

                                Acts 8:37 is completely removed in the NVI (NIV) Spanish Bible, just like many Catholic versions.

                                Eph. 3:9 the words "por Jesu Cristo" removed in Catholic versions as well as in the 1909 and 1960 versions.

                                Lucas 2:22 "ella" changed to "ellos" (them), which makes it read like the some Catholic bibles and the 1960.

                                Col. 1:14 removes the words (por su sangre) like the Catholic bibles and the NIV.

                                Matt. 5:22 the word "locamente" or "sin razón" is missing in Catholic bibles as well as the corrupt 1960.

                                Rom. 10:15 the words "el evangelio de la paz" missing in Catholic versions as well as in the 1960.

                                Heb. 5:7 "Cristo" or "Jesus" is added to verse in Catholic versions as well as in the corrupt 1960.

                                2 Cor. 4:14  "Por" is changed to "con" in all Catholic versions as well as the 1960, leaving Jesus still in the grave. 

                                Mark 1:2 the words "los profetas" is changed to "Isaías" in Catholic versions as well as in the 1909 and 1960.               

                When we finished looking up verses, I taught them about the Wescott and Hort Text (printed first in 1881) and how it changed the pure Greek Text of the Textus Receptus to the corrupt, Roman Catholic text of Origen and Vaticanus and Sinaiticus.   From there I told them that all new versions of the Bible are based upon that Wescott and Hort Text from 1881 and that they are all in reality Roman Catholic Bibles.  I further continued, "Any Bible translated after 1881 will be based on that Catholic text! Thus we should be careful of any version translated after that date!

                I then gave them some quotes that I found about the popular 1960 Spanish Bible (which some of them were using).  First, I read them the words of Jose Flores, a consultant on the 1960 Spanish Bible translation project, when he said:        




                Then I quote Jose Flores' book "La Historia de la Biblia en España," published by CLIE, 1978, pg 302, in which he states the following, talking about the 1960 version, "The Bible Societies have turned towards the Ecumenical Movement, and Catholic and Protestant Editors have finally found something in common for the commercialization of the scriptures." 

                I also gave them the following quote from the same book in which he confesses that Catholics accept the 1960 Spanish Bible and are even giving money to print it.  He states:


"The Ecumenical groups of Mr. Taize and Father Roberto Giscard appeared in the Spanish television station in 1965 giving money to the Roman Catholic publisher Herder to print one million Ecumenical New Testaments [of the 1960].  At the same time, many priests also bought the newly published 1960 RV protestant version, saying it was better, and that they would use it to teach the catechism to children."


                With all this proof, many of those present who before used the 1960, asked me to give them a New Testament and a 1909 for the Old Testament. 

                Mike came up afterwards and confirmed what I said, claiming, "We need to use the purest word of God in the Spanish language!

However, afterwards he told me that the 1960 was still a "good translation" and that we should work with those who still use it, as the majority of Fundamentalist adhere to this version.  This didn't sit well with me.  I don't want to work with Funnymentalists who use a version that reads in many places with the corrupt Catholic texts!

                When everyone left, my wife told me that she talked to Arlen, and she told her that we will have to move and find another place to live.  Arlen then asked, "What are you going to do?"  My wife replied, "We are praying about going into evangelism."  She then answered, "That'd be good, cause Robert has the gift of preaching and teaching.  I know he'd make a good Evangelist!"


May 28th 2006 Sunday                        The Giants


                In Quebrada de Lajas, I preached on the subject of "Faith" from chapter eleven of Hebrews.  I showed what faith was from verses 1,6, and 7.  I defined it as "Believing in something you can't see (vs 1), but know to be true."  I then showed that faith is what God demands to please him (vs 6), and is what saves a person (vs7).

                I also showed what faith brings, which include: works (vs 4), change (vs 5), and the rejecting of the world (vs 7).  I then finished by telling them that faith gives:  a testimony (vs 4), a reward (vs 6), and an inheritance (vs 7).   And finally, the ultimate end of faith is heaven (vs 10).

                In the evening, I watched a DVD about "Giants" put out by Ancient of Days.net.  It was very interesting.  Mr. Heiser talked about the Nephilim and how this Hebrew word always means giants, and can mean nothing else.  He then showed how people who don't believe in giants try to change the Hebrew vowel points to make it into another word. 

                Bro. Park talked about this several times.  He said that if you take away the vowel points, you can make Hebrew teach anything you want.  That is why the vowel points are so important.  By changing the vowel points, deceitful scholars can change the word Nephilim (giants) to Nuphilim (fallen ones) or Nophelim (warriors or those who fall upon the enemy). 

                Mr. Heiser also spoke about the Rephaim, another word for the giants.  I wondered if these "Rephaim" were those giants who were produced after the flood, and if the Hebrew makes a division of them, with Nephilim applying only to those giants produced before the flood and Rephaim speaking only about those progenerated after the flood.  I thought that would be neat, as the "re" in front of Rephaim would mean that they were made again.

                However, I found this not to be the case.  For in Numbers 13:33, the Hebrew word is still Nephilim (after the flood) speaking of the giants of the sons of Anak.  Deuteronomy 2:11 also contains the word "Raphaim" in speaking of giants who are like the Anakims.  The rest of the book of Deuteronomy and all the entire book of Joshua, the word "giants" is always translated from the term "Rapahaim."  I guess the words are then used interchangeably in the Bible.

                On my Quickverse Bible program on my computer, I looked up the words "giant" and "giants" in the New International [Per]Version and found that the word had been completely taken out!  There are no giants in the NIV!  Instead of translating, they transliterate the word by putting Nephilim or Rapha, or Raphaim in the English text.  So anyone who uses that perversion will lose the truth about giants.

                An interesting side note about the perfect, infallible, King James versions, it that the word "giants" appears 13 times in 11 verses.  Thirteen is the number of rebellion in the Bible, and it's clear that the fallen angels rebelled against God in taking them wives of the daughters of men and producing giants.  Eleven is the number of "judgment" in the Bible, and 2 Peter 2:4 tells us that these fallen angels were cast into Hell in chains of darkness until the day of judgment.


May 29th 2006 Monday                       Who's in Church?


                It's day eight of our fast, and we are doing well.  At times we are hungry, but after drinking some juice, the hunger goes away. 

            Mike's preaching last night about the church of Pergamus left me thinking about who was mentioned in each of the seven churches.  I then studied this morning and found out something amazing.  I don't know if I'll use this as a sermon, but I thought it was interesting how each church became worse and worse.           

            I found the following in the seven Churches:


                1.  EPHESUS

                                2:2  Dogmatic Christians

                                2:2  False Prophets and Liars


                2.  SMYRNA

                                2:9 Blasphemers

                                2:9 Satanists                           

                                2:10 Fanatics (who'll go to jail for what they believe)


                3.  PERGAMOS

                                2:9  Martyrs

                                2:14 Idol Worshippers

                                2:14 Fornicators


                4. THYATIRA

                                2:20 Woman Preachers

                                2:20 Seductive Women (Prostitutes)

                                2:22 Adulterers

                                2:24 The Faithful


                5.  SARDIS

                                3:1 Dead

                                3:4 Sanctified (Clean living)

                                3:4 Dirty people


                6.  PHILADELPHIA

                                3:8 Scribes/Bible Believers/Bible Defenders

                                3:9 False Jews and Liars


                7.  LAODICEA

                                3:16 Luke warm/people with no convictions

                                3:17 Rich in things/Poor Spiritually

                                3:17 Naked

                                (There are no faithful, good ones in this church!)


                So there it is.  In every church except Laodicea, there was at least some people that stood for God and served him.  However, there were also wicked people in each church.  In the first church, they were only Liars.  In the next church, the wicked were Blasphemers and Satanists.  In the Third Church the bad people were fornicators, and idol worshippers.  Also, there had to have been some murderers, for the faithful were Martyrs for Jesus.  In the fourth church they went from fornication to adultery, and let women take over and seduce them.  In the fifth church, they are dead (spiritually) and just plain dirty.  That means they have gone even further in their sins.  They aren't just fornicators, adulterers, and murderers, they are even worse!

                In the sixth church, the best one, we find people who defend and protect the word of God.  However, we find a bunch of liars in it too (modern scholarship).  But in the last church, we see there are no good people.  They are all lukewarm.  They are completely given over to the modern day spirit of "Tolerance."  They tolerate everything and don't preach against anything.  But worse than this, they are naked!  Who would think that a church would ever allow people to be naked in the meetinghouse?  But if the Lord doesn't come back soon, I'd be willing to bet that's where the modern apostate church is headed. 


May 30th 2006 Tuesday                      Getting Meetings


                Most of our day I spent on the telephone trying to set up meetings in the U.S. when we go back on furlough.  I was happy to get two meetings, one in Iowa and the other in Washington State (the two that contacted me via email). 

                In the evening, I watched more from the Ancientofdays.net UFO conference in Roswell, New Mexico on DVD.  Though I'm not in agreement with some of what they say, I'm glad to see they believe Genesis chapter six and verse four as it stands in the King James Bible. They believe, as I do, that fallen angels actually mated with the daughters of men, and this unholy union produced the giant race.

                The video also talked about those apostates who can't receive this teaching and how they change the Bible to do away with it.  Most commentaries, apostate scholars, and Laodicean age preachers don't believe in giants.  Thus, they adhere to Augustine's view that the "sons of God" in the passage apply not to angels but to "the sons of Seth," while the "daughters of men" refer to "the daughters of Cain."  This theory is not only ridiculous, but is anti-biblical, as the Bible tells exactly who the "sons of God" are in Job 1:6; 2:1 and 38:7.  They are angels. 

                And how could the sons of Seth mating with the daughters of men produce giants?  They can't.  So the Bible view is correct, and the apostate Christian view is not!  


May 31st 2006 Wednesday Last Day of our Fast and Last Day of Service in our House!


                We completed day ten of our fast at eight o'clock this evening.  I never thought I could make it ten days without eating, but God gave me grace.  During my fast, I had a lot of energy and felt so good!  I'm sure I'm going to have to fast again sometime, as I also lost a few pounds.

                In the evening, we celebrated our last service in my house.  From now on we'll be meeting in the building that Mike built.  The message was about "Stewardship."  Mike preached about how every Christian has talents, and should use them for the Lord.  He said, "You have to use the talent God has given you for the Lord, whether it be teaching, preaching, doing the work of an evangelist, Pastor, or Missionary, etc..."

                This hit home, and God confirmed what I'd been praying about over the last ten days.  Even more I'm convinced that God wants me to work more as an Evangelist.  I know my gifts, and being a Pastor isn't one of them.  All I'm really good at is preaching and teaching. 

                After eight o'clock, we began eating again.  I had a cup of yogurt and some bell peppers with garlic.


June 1st 2006 Thursday                     Video exposing the False Apparitions of Mary


Eating never was so fun before!  And food never tasted so good!  This morning my wife brought me a banana liquado to start the day.  The rest of the day we only ate fruits and vegetables, and boy were they good! 

                We ran into town after lunch, and bought fertilizer, corn, and concentrate for our animals.  Afterwards we tried to call some pastors in the states, but no one was home.  We also emailed the pastors we have meetings with to confirm the date and time.

                Later we drove out to Quebrada de Lajas and took one of our ducks to Blanca.  It was the biggest one and also the meanest!  She was very thankful, and said she'd use it to make "Nacatamales" sometime.

                In the evening, I showed a Christian Video entitled, "Mensajes del Cielo" (Messages from Heaven) put out by Eternal Productions Ministries.   The eighty-minute documentary showed the supposed "Apparitions of Mary" in many Catholic speaking countries.  It then gave her words to her faithful followers, and proved that what she supposedly said is completely unbiblical! 

For example, the Catholics say that when Mary appears, she always says that she is the Mediator, Redeemer, and Saviour, and that all must come to her to be saved.  The video does a good job of exposing this as falsehood, as only Jesus Christ is the Mediator (1 Tim. 2:5), Redeemer (Rev. 5:9), and Saviour (Titus 3:6), and there is no salvation outside of Him (Acts 4:12). 

The documentary ended by showing that these Apparitions were most certainly not Mary, but rather demons and seducing spirits from the underworld sent by Satan to deceive the masses (1 Tim. 4:1), for this woman is not Mary the "queen of Heaven" as the Catholics claim, but rather the same ungodly deity that the Israelites worshipped in Jeremiah 7:18 and 44:17-19.



June 2nd 2006 Friday                          Journal, Prayerletter, and Mars Connection


                Starting work early this morning, I finished several days of my journal (I'm always behind).  Then I spent several hours working on my May 2006 Prayer letter. 

                In the afternoon, I watched a DVD that Dad sent me from the "Ancient of Days.net" UFO conference in Rosewell, New Mexico.  Most of the information was very boring, or I already knew.  But I did learn a few new things.

                Many "Christians" don't understand what UFO's are, and cannot reconcile them with the Bible, so they simply ignore the evidence, or try to explain away the idea as something only "metaphysical" or "superstitious."  However, I see that UFO's can indeed line up with the Bible.  But the only way is if they are taken as spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12).  They are not friendly "aliens" from other worlds who've come to help us (as many a New Ager would like to believe).  Nay, they are instead Satanic entities working endlessly to bring about Satan's plan of world domination. 

                It was a Christian conference, with many Christians presenting evidence about UFO's.  One man, named Joe Jackson, gave his testimony of how he became a UFO investigator, and how that eventually led him to the New Age.  But one day he was shown how to be saved, according to the Bible, and trusted Jesus as his Saviour.  From that time on, he noticed that many people with "Abduction Experiences" talked about how that when they mentioned the name "Jesus," these entities winched, and eventually fled!  All more proof to show that these are demonic forces at work.  (He has over 50 documented cases of people testifying to this).

                The video kept repeating that UFO's are real, but that the church as a whole cannot and does not accept them, because according to their thinking, they can't line up with the Bible.  I however, see things differently.  I not only see them in the Bible, but believe the Bible speaks of them and tells us exactly who they are! 

                In Genesis 6, we read about the fallen angels who are called the "sons of God."  These mated with women, and produced giants.  Eventually, the flood came, and God cast these angels into hell and put them there in chains (2 Peter 2:4).  These are those angels which left their first estate according to Jude 1:6. 

                But Genesis 6 also says that there were giants "after that" (or after the flood).  This shows that after all the giants died in Noah's flood, some more angels must have fallen and again mated with the daughters of men to produced even more giants.  From having read the Bible, and studying ancient history and religions, I'm inclined to believe that these fallen angels (or their offspring) were the "gods" of ancient times.  Almost every ancient civilization worshipped "gods" that came from the heavens (just as the fallen angels).  And the Bible tells us about "gods" in verses like:


Exodus 15:11  Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?


Exodus 18:11  Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them.


2 Chronicles 2:5  And the house which I build is great: for great is our God above all gods.


Psalm 82:1  A Psalm of Asaph. God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. 


Psalm 95:3  For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.


Psa 97:9  For thou, LORD, art high above all the earth: thou art exalted far above all gods.


Jeremiah 10:11  Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.


1 Corinthians 8:5,6  For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,) But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.


                I believe these "gods" of ancient times are more than likely those fallen angels that fell from heaven, or their gigantic offspring, the men of renown, or possibly both.  They weren't really "gods" as there can be only one true God (The Lord).  So, I imagine that when they appeared to man, they lied.  They told them, "We are gods!" thus putting themselves on the same plain as God, in order to command adoration and obedience. 

                That ancient peoples knew about fallen angels coming down from heaven, there can be no doubt.  All ancient religions claim their gods came down from above!  In Acts 14:11, this can be plainly seen even after the time of Christ when people mistook Paul as a "god" that came down from heaven in the likeness of a man.  Why?  Because they knew that it happened before and could happen again.

These gods from heaven must have drunken man's blood in order to "leave their first estate" and fall completely from being a heavenly being to an earthly, mortal organism capable of human procreation.  With this in mind, we read God's words about these "gods" in Psalm 82:6 and 7, "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.  But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."  When they left their first estate, they were capable of dying.  And they probably did in Noah's flood, and possibly thereafter when others fell.

That god's demanded blood sacrifices can easily seen in the scriptures.  Deuteronomy 32:17 says, "They sacrificed unto devils [demons], not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not."   Jeremiah 7:18 also shows that when people sacrificed to false gods, they poured out drink offerings.  Could it be that the reason these fallen angels demanded a blood sacrifice is because they drank it?  And could that be the origin of all the stories about vampires?

After these fallen angels were cast into hell, others rose up in their place.  If they died, as the scriptures said they would, they were then remembered in the form of statutes or monuments or IDOLS.  Of this we can be certain, from the following verses: 


Exodus 20:3,4  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:


1 Chronicles 16:25,26  For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the people are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.


Psalm 96:5  For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.


Joshua also mentions in Joshua 24:15 and 16, that Israel must choose whom they will serve, whether it be God in heaven, or the "gods" that were on the other side of the flood.  (Those fallen angels Before Noah's flood?)

Thus, would it be far fetched to believe that fallen angels of old were the gods of all ancient civilizations?  And when they died, they became evil spirits that were worshipped not in person, but through idols representing them?  I think it's not only possible, but probable!

The only thing I'm not quite sure of is whether or not the gods were only the fallen angels, or were just the Giants (who when they died became demons or devils).  Maybe it was a mixture of both.  For in the epic of Gilgamesh, he was said to be 2/3's god and 1/3 man.  He also was a giant!  So maybe the gods of old time were both the fallen angels and the giants.

Now, back to the UFO's.  What are these crafts?  I think that the fallen angels (those that haven't died yet) use them to travel, for when they fell, they lost their ability to fly.  Thus, with their massive wisdom, they could have built amazing craft to journey out into space. 

But who are the aliens exactly?  That's a good question, and I'm not exactly sure.  But one thing is certain, they are not just creatures from other planets that are higher up on the evolutionary scale than us (as many teach nowadays).  No, they didn't evolve.  They were either created beings that degenerated, or spiritual creatures that fell from their first estate.  I suppose them to be genetically produced bodies used by these evil spirits so that they can have flesh.

Revelation chapter nine talks about strange creatures that look to be genetically made that have the bodies of horses, with men's faces, women's hair, and tails like scorpions?  What are these?  Some people try to spiritualize them into other things, but I think they will be literal.  How were they produced?  Many believe and have much proof of the fact that these "aliens" are busy doing genetic research in underground bases and are making Hybrid races.  Thus, I can see "monsters" like these existing, and that would prove who's doing it.  UFO's aren't from outer space.  They are from underground!


June 3rd 2006 Saturday                     Teaching about False Sects


                Mike came over this morning telling me it's his 34th Wedding Anniversary.  And he asked me if I'd take the Youth service so that he and his wife could go do something special.  I agreed to do so.

                It rained all day long, so we didn't visit anyone house to house.  That's such a shame, as I really like seeing the young people do so.

                In service, I taught on the subject of "Cambellites" or those who believe that water baptism is what saves a person.  Before I showed them verses on why that can't be, I taught them about the six great heretical churches started in the United States in the 1800's and early 1900's.  They are:      


1.        Christian Science – founded by Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) in the 1880's.

2.        Mormonism – founded by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young in 1830.

3.        The 7th Day Adventists – started by Helen G. White (1827-1917) in 1865.

4.        The Jehovah Witnesses – founded by Charles Russell and Judge Rutherford in or around 1881.

5.        The Campbellites – started by Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone in the 1800's.

6.        Pentecostalism – Started by Mrs. R. McAlister in 1906 in Los Angeles, California at Azusa Street.


I then took them through the following verses, showing them that water baptism does not save:


Rom.  16:16   Their proof text!  The Church of God changes the scripture from "Churches" to "church."

They believe that water baptism is essential for salvation!  But:


Acts 9:17,18           Says "Brother" Saul (Shows he was saved before he was baptized).

Acts 9:1-9               Paul saved on the way to Damascus. He saw the Lord.  By faith he was saved.

Rom. 11:13             Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles. Church of Christ = Gentiles.  Thus, they should listen to Paul.

Rom. 15:16             Paul is a minister of Jesus Christ... ministering the gospel.

1 Cor 15:1-4            THE  GOSPEL !!!    Not Acts 2:38.

1 Cor. 1:17              Paul says he is not sent to baptize, but to preach the gospel.

1 Cor. 4:15              Paul says ...through the gospel, not through baptism.

1 Cor. 1:14              Paul says he thanked God, that he baptized none of them. 

Rom. 9:3                 Paul doesn't want his brethren (Jews) to go to hell.   He'd rather go himself.

Gal. 1:9                   Paul only preaches one gospel! 

John 3:3-6               Water = womb and flesh (A woman's water breaks); spirit  = Holy spirit

Job 38:8                  Water comes out of the womb.

Rom. 6:3-6              Baptism is the death, burial, and resurrection; No water in this verse.  It's spiritual baptism!!!

Eph. 4:5                  One baptism! And it's not the baptism of water!

Matt. 3:11               3 baptism's in one verse.  John's baptism = water. Christ's baptism = Holy Spirit.  Baptism of fire = hell (vs 12)

1 Cor. 12:13            Spirit Baptism   =  The one true baptism that saves!

Acts 8:25-37           He believed before he was baptized!

1 Peter 3:21             Water baptistm is only a figure of vs. 20.


June 4th 2006 Sunday                         First Service in the New Building


                In Quebrada de Lajas, I preached on the subject of "How Not To Be Deceived!" I read from 2 Peter 3:3-5, and then showed that there are some people in this word who make fun of truth, and are "willingly ignorant."  From there I showed them the following verses:


                                2 Tim. 3:13             Evil men and seducers will wax worse...deceiving and being deceived.

                                Luke 21:8                Jesus commands us not to be deceived.

                                John 8:32                                The truth sets us free.

                                2 Tim. 2:15             Study so you won't be ashamed or deceived.

                                1 Tim. 4:16             Follow sound doctrine

                                2 Tim. 4:3,4            Some people will not endure sound doctrine.  They will turn from the truth.

                                1 Thess. 2:13          They received the truth from the word of God.

                                2 Thess. 2:1-13       In the last days people will be deceived, but it's because they don't love God's word.

                                John 18:38              Pilate asked what truth was.

                                Juan 17:17               Jesus said truth was his word.

                                Rev. 12:9                 Satan lives to deceive people.

                                Rev. 20:10               But one day Satan will be cast into the lake of fire.


                From these verses, I portrayed Satan as the "great deceiver" and stated that the only way keep from being deceived by him is to love God's word and read it and believe it, for it is absolute truth!

                Back in my neighborhood, we had our first service in Mike's new building.  Our first crowd was over 60 people!  Mike preached on the church of Thyatira.  While we were singing, we heard rocks falling on the top of our roof.  We knew that someone had to be throwing them, so Mike and some of the boys ran outside and found some young people stoning the roof to disturb our service.  They were probably Catholics, who wanted to show us their disdain.


June 5th 2006 Monday                        DVD's


                I watched some more of the Roswell "Ancient of Days" DVD conference today.  One of the speakers was David Flynn speaking about the area of "Cydonia" on the planet of Mars.  He showed pictures of the area and showed what looked like a human face on the surface.  He also showed a few pyramids (one with five sides), as well as what is supposed to be a city on Mars! 

He then made an application that Cydonia lines up with Zidon (a city mentioned in the Bible).  And he supposed that the ancient Zidonians (known for their great navigation skills) received their knowledge from a deity (or deities) from Mars.  This of course was all far fetched, but if true, I'd again have to line it up with the Bible.  This made me think.  Could the angels have inhabited planets before they fell?  Is that why the ancient Sidonians claim they received their knowledge from Mars, because fallen angels (gods in their eyes) from Mars taught them their wisdom? 

                David Flynn then told that if this is the truth, then the Christian community could not accept it.  For most Christians don't believe in UFO's, or outer space creatures.  I then thought back to what my Pastor said years ago:  "If UFO's are true, then Satan is using them and will use them.  And probably after the rapture, they'll show up on the White House lawn, saying they are the Saviours of the Universe, who not only created mankind, but helped them "evolve" (thus explaining away the lack of evidence for the Theory of Evolution).  Then they'll take over the world with the help of Satan, who'll be ruling as the Anti-Christ!"  

Who knows if this will happen, but it would make a lot of sense to the lost, deceived world, and I believe they would accept it whole-heartedly.

                Laura and I also watched Alex Jones' documentary called "The Bohemian Grove," where he snuck into an actual meeting there and video taped a mock (possibly real) Druidic human sacrifice ritual performed in front of many National leaders.  The only people allowed in this group are the higher up echelon of society.  These include those who've been "initiated" and are part of groups like the "Skull and Bones" society and others.  Some of the members of the Bohemian Grove have included ex-presidents, and even the current President, Mr. George W. Bush.

                How awful that most of the world's leaders today engage in such "Satanic" rituals (for there's no other way to describe it).  What's worse to me is that so many people are ignorant in this world, and don't know this.  People need to wake up and realize that there are spiritual powers in high places running the world, and most of the world's leaders are allowing these demonic alliances to influence them in their policies and decisions!  I strongly recommend everyone to visit infowars.com (Alex Jones' webpage) and order this video on "Bohemian Grove," as it will really open ones eyes to how Satan has control of the governments of this world and the supposed leaders are nothing but his puppets that he is using to bring about his New World Order!


June 6th 2006 Tuesday                       666 and The Date of the Rapture


                Today is 6/6/06 or 666.  What a horrible day!  I'm sure that all over the world Satanists know this and are using this day for rituals, meetings, and possibly human sacrifices. 

                I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I lied in bed and thought about the New World Order, the coming of the Anti-Christ and more.  I don't know if I slept or not, but I got up at four this morning with the most profound thought upon my mind – that of the rapture of the church and when it could be. 

                According to the Bible, the church age can only last 2000 years (according to Hosea 6:1,2).  By taking 2 Peter 3:8 (that a day is as a thousand years and vice versa) and a applying that to the literal days of creation in Genesis, we find an interesting thing.  There are exactly 7000 years of history like there were 7 days of creation. 

                From Adam to Moses is exactly 4000 years (this can be seen by studying the genealogies in the Bible.  And according to the book of Revelation chapter twenty, there is a millennium of 1000 years in which Christ Jesus rules and reigns.  That means that church age until the tribulation must be exactly 2000 years (as Hosea 6:1,2 prophecies).


                Thinking upon this, I remembered how people tried to date the rapture before.  In 1993, many Christians said Christ was coming back because that left seven years for the tribulation.  But he didn't come back.  Then again in 2000 I heard many brothers say that Jesus had to come back, for that's 2000 years from Christ's birth!

                The problem was that they didn't study the book of Daniel.  The prophecy given in Daniel 9:25,26 to the Jews goes like this:


Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.  And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself:


                In this prophecy, God gives 70 weeks upon the Jews.  By studying history, this isn't 70 weeks as in a week of days or 490 days.  Rather each week is a period of seven years or 490 total.  Sixty-nine weeks (483 years) have passed.  Seven years lack (the tribulation period). 

                But according to the above verses, the time in which the sixty-nine weeks end is not Christ's birth, but rather his death (when he's "cut off").  Because our calendar starts with the birth of Jesus, many people tried to start the church age at Christ's birth instead of his death.  And that's why they were wrong about saying that Jesus would come in the year 2000. 

                If the church age starts at the death of Jesus, then the end of the 2000 years would be 2033.  That means that the absolute latest that the Lord could come would be 2033, for to come after that would be more than 2000 years.

                I don't want to wait that long, so I started thinking.  Would God use a Gentile calendar in the church age or a Jewish one?  The Gentiles count a year as 364¼ days (a solar calendar), while the Jews count a year as 360 days (they use a lunar calendar).  I then thought to myself, the church is a type of the moon, why then wouldn't God count things on a lunar calendar?

                I then decided to multiply 2000 years by both the Jewish and Gentile calendars and then subtract the difference.  Here are my calculations:


     Gentile Calendar:


                                2000 x 364.25 = 728,500 days


     Jewish Calendar:


                                2000 x 360 =  720,000 days


                Between these two sums, there is a difference of exactly 8,500 days.  Dividing this sum by the Gentile calendar (364¼ days) I arrived at 23.36 years.  Dividing this by the Jewish calendar (360 days) I got 23.6111 years.      

I then subtracted twenty-three years (the difference on the Jewish calendar) to see when the rapture would be if God is using the Jewish calendar.  It came out to 2010.   Could the year 2010 really be the year of the rapture?

                Musing upon this, I then realized a very interesting thing.  If it is, then the years following it would line up almost perfectly with what's supposed to happen in the Tribulation according to Biblical Numerics:


                2010.  Ten is the number of the Gentiles in the Bible.  What if the rapture comes then, and it's the times of the Gentiles.

2011.     Eleven is the number of judgment, what if the world is judged in the tribulation?

2012.     Twelve is the number of the Jews, what if God begins to deal with the Jews in the Tribulation?

2013.     Thirteen is the number of Rebellion.  What if the Anti-Christ dies and rises again, and Satan incarnate sits on the throne in Jerusalem, as the Bible prophecies, in rebellion against the Almighty calling himself God.

2014.     Four is the number of the world in the Bible.  What if the devil is reigning as a one-world dictator where the entire world is completely under his control?

2015.     Five is the number of death.  What if people begin to die as the plagues of the tribulation take place, and the Antichrist kills off many of them? Rev. 9:15-18

2016.     Six is the number of the beast.  What if the beast is in full control this entire year?

2017.     Seven is the number of completion.  What if Satan's rule and reign ends when Jesus comes back this year at Armageddon.

2018.     Eight is a new beginning.  What if this is Jesus' first year of the millennial reign.

2019.     Nine is the number of fruit.  What is the tree of life is already planted and bearing now in Jerusalem.

2020.     The number we give to people who see perfectly is 20/20.  That means they can see things the way they really are.  What if this means that people can see Jesus on the earth in his millennial reign???


If this be the case, then this means that exactly one thousand years later, in 3017, the Devil can come back and rebel against God, as the book of revelation prophecies.  Will this be the date???  And 3018 would be the beginning of the new heavens and the new earth!  What a thought!

Well, I don't know if this is the case or not.  Laura told me later, after I explained it to her, "Why would God show you this on the date of 666?

Good question.  I thought about it quickly and then jokingly responded, "Maybe he wanted to show me while we were fasting, but the angel was hindered in coming, just like it was in coming to Daniel in Dan. 10:11-14!"

At any rate, I won't dogmatically state that Jesus has to come in 2010.  But I will make sure I mention it to others so that they'll get a sense of Urgency that Christ Jesus is coming soon!


June 7th 2006 Wednesday Sickness and UFO Stuff


                I've had immense stomach pains off and on for the last several days.  Thus, I spent most of the day either in bed or on the commode.  How horrible it is to be sick!  I just can't wait to have that "glorified body" so that there'll be no more pain or tears! 

            In between bouts with my rumbling stomach, I watched another DVD of the Roswell, N.M. Ancient of Days conference.  The speaker this time was Mr. David Sereda, a super smart man knowledgeable in Physics.  He gave his theory how UFO's are capable of travelling so fast.  What he said was very interesting and set me thinking.

                Everything in this world on a sub-atomic level is moving.  In each atom there are protons, neutrons, and electrons.  According to my understanding, the protons and neutrons join together while the electrons move around them in sort of an orbital procession.  When excited, these electrons speed up, producing heat.  When cold, the electrons revolve slower.   

Mr. Sereda's theory then is that when one can slow down the electrons to where they are almost at a standstill, this will make the mass of something weigh less and it will overcome the force of gravity and begin floating.   How is this done?  Through the use of Tesla coils and certain frequencies projected throughout the object.  Mr. Sereda even showed a video of a man in Canada who achieved this feat when he made a 75 pound iron ball float off the ground about ten inches.  It was amazing!

He then showed some video from NASA of real UFO's, and gave his theory of what they are.  According to Sereda, they are pure light, for light has very little mass and can travel at great speed and great distances.  By the means of transfiguration, or turning something from a mass into pure light, it would then be capable of defying gravity and flying much faster than anything we've ever seen!  I didn't understand all that Mr. Sereda said, but I did pick up enough to know that if he's right, he's only proving the Bible.  God is light, and in him there is no darkness.  God can travel faster than the speed of light.  God can transfigure himself.  Satan too can transform himself into an "angel of light." 


June 8th 2006 Thursday                     The Mayans


                My stomach still hurts.  I took de-worming medicine as well as some pills to wipe out amoebas.  But I still feel awful.  Thus, I stayed in bed most of the day reading from "The World of the Maya" by Victor W. Von Hagen.  I was amazed at how little the people here have changed from their Mayan ancestry.  For example, the book said that the Mayan's:


                                Ground corn to make tortillas.     pg 41 and 53

                                Built rectangular houses with thatch roofs and dirt floors with usually only one or two rooms.           pg 52     

                                Farmed from before sun up in the morning until early afternoon.     pg 54

                                Drank a liquid made of corn and chocolate.     Pg 55 (although here they only make it of corn, but call the drink Chocolate)

                                Ate tortillas at every meal.     pg 55  (Upwards of 20 per meal, although here in Honduras they eat about only 20 per day)

                                As is their custom, gave food and drink always to visitors     pg 61

                                Planted between June through August     pg 64  (Although here they usually start planting in April or May)

                                Planted beans, pumpkins, and squash with their corn plants     pg 65

                                Dyed and wove their own fabric     pg 71  (The Lenca Indians here do this a lot!)

                                Traveled and traded in many other areas     pg 85  (Martir loves to do this, so does Santos)

                                Came into town to the market and traded goods     pg 90  (Usually this is either on Saturdays or Sundays here)

                                Played a game with a ball in which they could not use their hands     pg 101  (Today it's soccer)


                With all this, I sometimes feel that I'd have fit in with the ancient Mayans if I could have visited them, and that they would not have been much different then they are today (except for that whole human sacrifice thing).

                Another interesting thing about them is their birthmark.  Catholic Bishop Diego de Landa, who lived among them in the 1500's said, "the woman have an irregularly shaped bluish-purple mark near the base of the spine, just above the buttock." 

This is so interesting, as I have seen this same thing in many people here.  They are proud of it, and like to show it off, calling it "A sign of Indian purity and royalty.

                Some of the words that they used are still being used here in Honduras, such as "milpa" for corn (although this word is used more for the "cornfield" here) and "ña" for a woman.

                They must have known about creation as well, for they believed in a kind of heaven and hell.  According to page 110, they believed that "the good went to a place shaded by the first tree of the world.

Surely this is a reference to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.

                Yes, the people here in Honduras today, especially the Lenca Indians in Quebrada de Lajas have much in common with their Mayan ancestors.

                Erick Sanchez called us later today and told us that his wife had her baby.  However, it was born on the sixth!  I responded, "Oh no!  You're baby was born on 6-6-6!"  He laughed.

                In the evening, Laura and I drove out to Quebrada de Lajas.  I had a great message prepared about "Where do the Dead Go?"  But I never made it.  Instead I had to drive home and retire to the bathroom to relieve the pains in my belly.


June 9th 2006 Friday                          Brutal Pentecostal Abusers!


                I stayed up late last night watching the rest of the Ancient of Day's conference.  It was very interesting as a doctor showed "Evidences of Abductions and effects of Alien Abductions on the human body."  He also showed cattle mutilations.  At the end he even showed a human being that was supposedly "abducted" by a UFO and was mutilated in such a way, it left doctors baffled.  His rectum was cored and all his blood was drained (as usually happens with cattle abductions), but his lips were also removed with such precision that no modern day Laser can match!  Too weird!

                Because I stayed up until three in the morning, I slept in late today.  When I awoke, I found that Sabino Garcia and his 13 year-old-daughter had taken up residence in our house.  They are staying in the same room as Salvador.  They didn't ask us to stay, but said that Mike told them they could.  This bothered me a little, but Laura quickly calmed me down by saying, "We have plenty of room and we might as well use it for them to stay in."

                I spoke with Sabino, and he told me about the work in his village of Sapotillo.  He said, "Demetrio (the Pastor) has taken the church (which was Baptist) and led it into the Pentecostal fold, because a Charismatic preacher came along and told them he would help them financially if they'd join his denomination." 

I was very sad to hear this.  Sabino as well as several other brothers and sisters did not leave, and represent the only remaining Baptists in that area.

                He then told me that he met the "Pentecostal" preacher and that he was nice towards him.  However, the next time they met, Mr. Pentecostal became Mr. Postal and began to beat him with a piece of "leña" (firewood).  Why?  Because he wouldn't convert to Pentecostalism.  How strange this was to hear?  I've never heard of such as that!  But Sabino had the bruises to prove it.  That's just one more reason why the Pentecostals are not Christians!

                In the evening, I sat down at my computer and wrote a letter to Demetrio, encouraging him to leave the ungodly Pentecostal cult, and trusting God to supply his needs, putting not only doctrine but the Bible first.              


June 10th 2006 Saturday                   The Law vs. Grace


This the evening, I taught at the Youth Meeting on the subject of "The Errors of the 7th Day Adventists."  I showed them how that false religion was started with Helen G. White and then gave them verse after verse against its false teachings.  I also explained the difference between the Law (Old Testament) and Grace (The New Testament in the Church Age) using the following diagram.




June 11th 2006 Sunday                      What Holds Us All Together?


                In Quebrada de Lajas, I preached on "How Powerful God Is."  I started with Jeremiah 10:12 and 51:15.  From there I went to Hebrews 11:3 to show them that the things that are seen show us clearly the things we can't see.  From there I taught them about the Trinity, and how everything in itself is also a trinity, showing God's fingerprints in making it.  Some examples are:


                REALITY:              Space     Matter    Time

                                                SPACE:                  Length   Width     Breadth

                                                TIME:                     Past        Present   Future

                                                ASTRONOMY:    Sun         Moon     Stars

                                                MUSIC:                  Harmony Rhythm  Melody

                                                THE RACES:         Shem      Ham        Japeth

ANSWERS:           Yes         No           Maybe

LOCATION:          Sea          Land       Air

                                                FAMILY:               Father     Mother   Children

                                                THE SUN               Heat        Light       Ultraviolet


                I then broke everything down to the small atom and showed that even there, we only find three parts.  They are the "Proton," "Nuetron," and "Electron."  I then showed how the Nuetron and Proton were grouped together with the Electrons spinning around them.  I asked them, "How does this work?"  They didn't know.  I continued, "According to science, these should not stay together.   They should explode apart!  What keeps them from doing this?

They still didn't know, so I told them what I thought.  I showed them Colossians 1:17, which says that all things consist because of Jesus Christ, and Hebrews 1:2 and 3 which in talking about Jesus Christ says, "he ... also he made the worlds; Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power."

                Then I told them that according to the Bible, the reason that all things exist and atoms don't just blow apart any second is because they are held together by the word of God!  We then looked at Genesis 1:3,6, and 14 where God said, "Let there be..."  "So powerful is our God," I told them, "That all he had to do was speak, and things existed.  Not only do they exist, but he keeps them together by his word!"

                In closing I took them to 2 Peter 3:10,11 and read, "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.  Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness."  

According to these verses, one day all God made by his word, he'll burn up.  How?  I suppose he'll simply say, "Let it NOT be..."  And his word that's holding those atoms together will let them break apart into a huge explosion!  

                Thinking about this atomic substructure of all things, I couldn't help but have a lot of questions.  What if all matter in the universe that is tangible and real is only so because it has this electron movement like a moon orbiting around the atom?  And what if that electron movement could be completely stopped?  If it could be, would it still be matter, and is that movement what makes matter?  For it appears to me that if an electron stopped, which they never do, then the atom would explode into pieces, as the positive and negative would push each other apart.  If this be so, all material matter in the universe is always in motion on a subatomic level and the electrons are the essence of this tangibility.

                I mused further upon this and then reasoned, "God exists, but he's not material, he's spiritual.  Does that mean that to be spiritual, you have to reach a state of complete non-movement in your subatomic state?  In other words, is there no electron movement in heaven?   Is that what makes a spirit a spirit, because he has no electron orbital movement?"

                Well, this is all over my head.  As the old saying goes, "Well know it better by and by!"  I can't wait till Jesus comes back and gets us out of this world and takes us home to heaven and explains it all to me!  The sooner the better!


June 12th 2006 Monday                      To Tegucigalpa


                We ran errands as we usually do, but we had to cut short our shopping in order to go to the Cancer Center and rest.  Laura is sick with a terrible cough, and I'm feeling bad with stomach pains again.


June 13th 2006 Tuesday                     Laura's Salvation


                Laura awoke me this morning a little after twelve saying, "Robert, I realized I wasn't saved when I was five!  I just now got saved!

This was quite a shock, so I questioned her about it.  She then told me that she stayed up all night thinking, and realized that she wasn't saved when she was five years old.  She said she knew that Jesus died on the cross for her sins, and she believed he did that, but she confused the Gospel with a false plan of salvation, thinking that one had to ask God to save them before they were actually saved. 

                I give her testimony below:


My Testimony of Salvation

By Laura Beth Breaker


A few of years ago, I read a tract entitled "The Other Jesus," by Ovid Need Jr.  It explained how one is not saved by simply praying "Jesus, please come into my heart and save me."  I never heard this until that day.  I said that prayer when I was five years old.  And as "assurance," I prayed it again at age thirteen and a few other times before I read this tract. 

The tract explained further that salvation is only by trusting in the finished work and shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Despite the truth, I justified my experience of praying when I was five by saying to myself that I believed Jesus died to save me and that God knew what was in my heart.  I thought to myself that even if I didn't fully understand the gospel when I was five, surely I did before I asked God to save me again when I was thirteen. 

But nonetheless after I read this tract, I prayed in my heart, "Lord God, if I'm not saved, I'm trusting only in the finished work on Calvary right now," (just to cover all my bases).  I did this again about a half a dozen times over the next couple of years.

                I didn't realize then that my prayers of "assurance" showed I had doubts.  But my "ifs" proved I still held onto believing I was saved when I was five.

                Then one day I read a tract called, "The Bloodless Gospel."  It showed how the ecumenical, apostate crowd preaches that someone is saved by "turning their life over to God," or "making a decision for Christ."   But this is not the plan of salvation, even if one heard that Christ died for their sins.  I questioned within myself, "Was what I did similar to this teaching?"

                The next day another such tract came across my hands.  Written in the 1800's it was called, "No Forgiveness Without Blood," by T. T. Martin.  I quote the tract:


    "When one faces the question of his sins and realizes that he deserves just punishment, one of the first impulses is to pray and beg God to be let off, to be forgiven.  Alas!  Much of the religious instruction to the sinner is to the same effect.  Many feel that God forgives the sinner because he begs to be forgiven instead of because he accepts and relies upon the atoning death of Christ as his Substitute."


                When I read this, the truth finally sunk in.  This was exactly what I did when I was five years old.  I may have had the right gospel, (i.e. Jesus Christ died to save me) but in my heart I thought that if I believed what He did for me and if I only asked God to save me, he would, knowing the sincerity of my desire that I wanted to be saved. I had the right gospel, but the wrong plan of salvation.  Asking and trusting are conflicting ideas.  Really it was faith plus works although I didn't recognize it for that at the time.  

                But, I managed to shrug all that off too as since then I have said within my heart that even IF I was not saved then, I am trusting in his blood now and that's what counts.

                The very next day I heard a story of a ten-year-old boy who went to vacation Bible school and prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart and save him. He was so excited that he went and told his grandfather about it.  But after some discussion and studying of the Bible this ten-year-old boy realized he was not saved at all by asking God to save him no matter how sincere he was.  And so it was right then that he put his faith in nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness.

The day after this, I was reading a church newsletter with an article about this very same subject.  A preacher (who had asked Jesus into his heart when he was five) went to the mission field.  After doing some studying on the subject of salvation he realized he wasn't saved at all and finally put his faith solely in the shed blood of Jesus to save him.

I couldn't sleep that night. I stayed up for hours thinking on these things and how I'd tried to justify what I had believed as salvation.  

I then realized there was no way I could have been saved when I was five, or when I was 13 or any other time when I prayed and asked God to save me.  Why then, when I learned the truth of what salvation was, was I still praying, "IF I'm not saved..."  My "ifs" proved to me that I still held onto the idea that I was saved when I was five, when I wasn't.

It wasn't until this night (June 13th, 2006) that I repented of all my prayers and all my sincerity as salvation.  It wasn't until this night that I realized I was lost!  Finally there was nothing left for me to rest in for salvation but the FINISHED work of Jesus on the cross - that is, His shed blood.  That's when I took God at his word, and received Him by faith.  And I didn't even have to manifest that faith with a prayer. 

                All those other times that I had said a prayer within myself, I never told anyone about it.  I thought it was just as well that people kept believing what I already told them about when I supposedly got saved.  But this night I couldn't keep it to myself.  I had to tell my husband about it.  And now I have to tell my friends and family about it too.

Many are deceived like I was.  It is as if Jesus is saying, "Look, I've done the work already needed to save you.  There's the blood on the altar.  All you have to do is trust in that work.  Do you?"  And one responds, "Jesus, I believe you died on the cross to save me, now will you save me?"  Or, "I'm trusting that you will save me if I want to be saved - God I want to be saved!"  Or, "God save me!"  Or, "Lord God, you gave your life for me, now I give my life to you.  Please save me today."   Or, "Jesus will you come into my heart and save me?"  Or, "God please forgive my sins and save me.

These are all false plans of salvation.  And Jesus is left still saying, "I've DONE the work needed to save you! I've already shed my blood for you. Will you just trust in that cleansing blood?"   Yet still someone begs, " Jesus, will you save me?"

Just knowing what the Gospel is isn't salvation. Sincerely admitting to God your damnation without Him and your desire to be saved isn't either.  Only faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross, that is, His shed, cleansing blood, is salvation.

Now tell me if you can find the plan of salvation in these "simple" steps:


1.  Admit you are a sinner.

2.  Be willing to turn from sin (repent).

3.  Believe that Jesus Christ died for you.

4.  Through prayer, invite Jesus into your Life to become your personal Saviour.


Knowing that Jesus died for you is not the plan of salvation.  You can believe in your mind, not in your heart.  Inviting Jesus into your life is not, according to the Bible, the plan God set forth for salvation either. (Christ does dwell in the heart of a believer by faith according to Ephesians 3:17, but not by asking or inviting).  God has set forth Jesus to be our salvation through faith in His blood.  Rom. 3:25 states, "Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood..." Jesus only becomes our personal Saviour when we accept his finished work by faith.  Not when we ask him to be our Saviour, and not when we beg him to do so.

Do these simple steps remind you of something that a charismatic preacher might say to get the people to "make a decision?"  These 4 simple steps come straight from the last page of nearly every Chick Track.  I know of so many people who have followed these steps and confess they are saved, but have doubts so often that they pray step number 4 in their hearts once a year or more for "assurance," or "just to cover all their bases."

And when you ask them their testimony they will say they were saved when they prayed... Yet another may say when they believed and prayed...  But Believing and praying is not the plan of salvation.  It is faith and works!

After having my eyes opened to that fact, I went through my husband's big box of tracts to see what each one had to say about how to get saved.  99.5% of them said something to this affect:


"If you've never received Jesus Christ as your Saviour, bow your head this minute and ask Jesus to save you."


I couldn't believe it.  Could so many "Christians" really be so deceived? 

I used to think that almost everyone who was saved had doubts occasionally.  But now I can see that a lot of people, who think they are saved by this method, AREN'T.  No wonder they have doubts!

I know there may be some people who read this and will say that I was saved the whole time.  They will think I'm probably mixed up in some cult religion that tries to talk people out of their salvation.  They may be angry at me for writing at all and encouraging suspicion in the minds of others about their own salvation.

                But it is for those people who have had doubts that I am writing this.  The Bible says for us to examine our hearts.  2 Cor. 13:5 says, "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves..."

                I know that I know that I know that I'm saved by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus.  How about you? 


June 14th 2006 Wednesday               Giving for Fuel or Giving to God?


                After leaving the Cancer Center and driving home, we drove to Aerocasillas, where we mailed off several packages of 1602 TR New Testaments to people who've emailed me requesting them.  Because of the high prices of fuel, they've had to raise their prices.  It's now very expensive to mail things.

                Back in La Esperanza, I had the evening service in Church.  I taught on the subject of  "Giving to God."  I showed that one should give more than just one's money, but also his time, body, and mind to the Lord.


June 15th 2006 Thursday                  One Saved after Service!


                On the way to pick up the Sanchez family, my stomach began hurting painfully.  So when we arrived at their house I excused myself to their outhouse.  It then started raining, and since their outdoor bathroom had no roof, I sat there in the rain trying to relieve thwarting pains.  However, as soon as I passed a bowel movement, and the stomach pains faded away, I found a new pain spring up in its place.  This time it was a terrible chest pain.  It was not anything to do with my heart, but rather with the esophagus down to the belly.  I felt like I had horrible heartburn.  It would not go away, and it was so painful I could hardly take it.  I then drank some Alka Seltzer, but this did not help.  Instead I threw up foam several times.  Only burping eased my pain.  But by the time we reached Quebrada de Lajas, the pain was completely gone.  What could it have been?

                We first stopped at Rosinda's house for her birthday party.  She turned 15 today, and my wife baked her a cake and brought her a gift.  The whole family was there, as well as some neighbors and we ate nacatamales and drank pure Pineapple juice.

                Rosinda's mother came with us to church and spoke up after service saying that she was saved, but had been backslidden.  She then said she wanted to "reconcile" herself to God.   I questioned her to see if she understood what they meant.  She did.  So, I told her to pray and tell the Lord that she's sorry for her wicked ways and confess her sins to him, asking him to renew fellowship with her, and be merciful.  I carefully made sure she didn't think that she was getting saved again.  I believe she understood.

                During the same invitation, I asked if anyone was lost that needed to be saved.  Thirty-year-old Nicolasa Mejia, (Emilia's first daughter) raised her hand signifying she was lost.  Thus, I took her through the Gospel, and she then trusted Christ Jesus as her Saviour!  It was great!             

                I preached on the subject of "Where Do the Dead God?"  I showed that in the Old Testament the righteous dead went to Abraham's bosom, but in the New Testament saved people go directly to heaven.  I also showed how the wicked in both Testaments went to hell.


June 16th 2006 Friday                        Forwards


                Forwards are the curse of the Computer Age.  No one wants to open an email that begins with, "FWD:"  Usually they are boring, corny, or both.  But every once and a while there is a forward worth reading.

                Today we checked our email and I read the following:


From a strictly mathematical viewpoint:  What Equals 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?  Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been in situations where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 101%?  What equals 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:




Is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.



H-A-R-D-W-O-R- K

8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%




11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%




1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

AND, look how far the love of God will take you.

L- O- V- E-O-F-G-O-D


12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 = 101%

Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that: While Hard work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, it's the Love of God that will put you over the top!  Put God first in your life and He will take care of the rest.  


June 17th 2006 Saturday                   Meeting Andy


                Mike came over this morning with Andy Cote, a Bible Institute graduate who's come to Honduras to stay with him for nine months and learn about being a Missionary.  We talked for a while, and I was glad to hear that Mike talked with him about which Bible in Spanish is the best (the 1602 TR).

                In the evening, I taught the Young people about the sect called the Mormons.  I spoke about Joseph Smith and showed how he started that vile religion with a great big lie about some "golden plates," (which no one has ever seen to this day).  I then told how Mr. Smith had over twenty wives and was a Mason according to the historical records I found.  I also told them that when he was murdered, they found a talisman (small idol) of Jupiter in his pocket, to which he is said to have worshipped.

                I also gave the possibility of Mr. Smith meddling with the occult by showing that the name Moroni, the angel that he said visited him, is given in the Satanic Bible of Anton LeVey as a name of a demon!

                I closed by presenting some of the ridiculous teachings of Mormonism, such as:


                Men can become like God.

                Jesus and Satan are brothers.

                God is procreating on the planet Kolob making "spirit babies" that then became the souls of men that are born into this world.

                Black people cannot be saved (they have supposedly changed their mind about this one not long ago).


June 18th 2006 Sunday                      Eternity


                Mostly children came for service in Lajas, but both Martir and Blanca were there.  I preached on the subject of "Eternal Life."  I began with some verses about "Eternity" and explained to them what it is.  Most of them didn't know how to define eternity.  Jenny raised her hand though and said, "Eternity is something that never ends."  This is exactly right.

                I then tried to get them to realize that eternity is unchanging and forever.  From there I showed them verses on salvation, proving that when someone is saved, they cannot lose their salvation! 

                Some of our the greatest young people who come are Rosinda, 14, and Adonai, 16.  They are siblings and I won them both to the Lord.  Unfortunately, their father, Adrian, is a drunk, and is not saved, but their mother claims to be.   I feel so sorry for them though having to live with a drunk father.

                Speaking of drunks, I had one spend the night in my house last night, although I didn't want him there.  As I was leaving from the Youth Meeting at the church yesterday, Bani stopped me and said, "I saw Sabino walking down the road to your house.  He was 'bolo' (drunk)."  I then turned around and went straight to Mike, telling him the news.  He came with us, and we walked upstairs to the guest room and found him plastered!  Mike then rebuked him for over thirty minutes.  He was so tipsy, he couldn't even lift his head, so God only knows how much he heard.  I wanted him out, but Mike asked if I would let him stay only that night so he could take him back to his home town tomorrow as Mike was heading that way to hold service.  I allowed it, but against my better judgment, as a favour to Mike.


June 19th 2006 Monday                      Ingrown Toenails and Dinner at Mike's


                I've had ingrown toenails since I was a boy, specifically on the two large toes.  In fact my mother tells me I was born with them.  They have always been a problem, and I've had to suffer immense pain because of them.  My grandmother says that I bring the pain upon myself, as I keep them cut short.  She says, "I've had them too, until I realized the only way to get rid of them is to grow your nails long."

                I've tried to do this, but it's not easy.  Especially when my nails break because the nails are too long.  Thus, I've had to battle them for years.  Usually the nail tries to grow either to the right or the left and digs into the skin.  In Spanish they call this, "Uña carnada" (a nail dug into the skin).  And boy is it painful! 

                By cutting out the nail that digs into the skin on either side, I usually can relieve the pain for several months until it grows back.  Then I have to start the whole process anew.  The problem is that sometimes a flap of skin grows over the growing nail, and I can't reach underneath to pull it out. 

                This last time, the most interesting thing happened.  I was able to cut the nail, but I could not reach it to pull it out, as it was completely covered over with skin.  I could do nothing but leave it.  After several days, it became infected, and the skin sealed, leaving no place for the puss to come out.  This was a rotten development, and I didn't know what to do.  It was painfully inflamed.

                A few days later a small hole formed on the top of the skin, and all the puss came out gushing out.  Over the next couple of days, the hole became larger and larger, and today I looked and thought I saw the nail trying to push its way out.   Indeed it was!  With just a pair of tweezers, I then liberated the nail, which was quite large, and rejoiced as all the pain went away!  Below is a diagram of how the toenail looked:


                Mike came over in the afternoon inviting us to have dinner with them.  We went and had a great time of fellowship.  While there, Mike told me he received a letter from Bro. Bernardo, a fine, outstanding, Christian young man, telling him about what happened in Zapotillo.  If I understood correctly, Sabino, the leader of the church there was trying to be a dictator and make people do what he said.  Because of this Demetrio took some of the church with him and with no other Missionary to help them, he found support from the Pentecostals to start a new "Charismatic" work.  This is so very sad.

                So Sabino was the problem the whole time.  He's not a servant of God, but rather a slave to alcohol.  Because of all this, Mike told him, "You're no longer in charge of the work in Zapotillo!

                Before going home, we played "Mexican Train," a domino game.  


June 20th 2006 Tuesday                     The Truth about Evolution.


                Most of the day I spent working on my "Evolution Slides."  I have one set finished, but it only talks about the difference between Evolution and Creation.  This set will show evidence of creation and proof that evolution is a lie.

            While studying, I ran across some very interesting quotes (maybe I should say confessions) by evolutionists.  They are:


"Evolution is unproved and unprovable.  We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable."                                                                                                                                                    


-                                                                                                                Sir Arthur Keith


"I suppose the reason why we leapt at the Origin of species was that the idea of God interfered with our sexual morés"                                                                                                                                                                      



Sir Julian Huxley



                At least these men told the truth.  They are biased against God, just as Evolution teaching is, and they don't want to believe in Him, as it interferes with their ungodly lifestyle.

                Later we went into town to check our email.  I was surprised to receive something from Gail Riplinger.  She said there was a man here in Honduras that needed some Bibles, and that she wanted to send some down to him.

                In the evening, I called Bro. Bob Adams of W.I.N.G.S. Bearing Precious Seed.  He said he was very busy for the Lord getting out pallet after pallet of scriptures to Missionaries over seas. 

                I asked him if he'd found anyone to take over his ministry, and he replied, "Nope.  It's just me.  And I'm busier than ever!"  I then told him about my desire, and what I believe is God's calling, to do the work of an evangelist.  He told me that we should meet when I'm in the states and talk it over.  I'll try to plan that.


June 21st 2006 Wednesday               Studying Gospel Tracts



                I spent all day studying and preparing for our trip to Guatemala on Monday.  While I studied, my wife pulled out our big box of Gospel tracts and started going through them again, dividing them up.  All the good ones that told a person to be saved by faith in the blood she put in one pile.  All the bad one's that told a person to "beg" for forgiveness, or "ask God to save them," she put in another.  Of the over 500 tracts I've collected over the years, only about fifteen of them gave a clear plan of salvation.  This is so sad.  Some were so bad, that I'm sure they couldn't save a dead horse!

                Most of them told a person that they could be saved apart from the Gospel by only calling upon God or saying a Sinner's prayer.  But this, like my wife says, is trying to come to God apart from what Jesus already did for a sinner, and expecting God to save them by their sincerity or politeness rather than taking God by faith, trusting only in his shed blood.

                In the evening, Mike preached on "Tithing."  We had a good crowd in service, and the people seemed very attentive.


June 22nd 2006 Thursday                  The Sinner's Prayer?


                Thinking about all the bad Gospel tracts, and the false plan of salvation of just "asking" God to save a person instead of simply trusting him to do so, I became quite irate.  How come there are so many so-called Christians running around telling people to get to heaven by anti-biblical means?  Who do they think they are to tell a person to beg God to save them, instead of the Biblical way of trusting upon the finished work of Christ to do so.  Their gospel is "Trust in something you do (i.e. say a prayer, or beg, or ask, or invite, etc.)."  But the Gospel of the grace of God is "Trust solely in what He did for you on the Christ of Calvary!"

                The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this "Sinner's Prayer" mentality is not only anti-biblical and modernistic, but also a damnable heresy.  If someone tells a sinner they have to say a prayer to be saved, they are telling that person they must do a work to get to heaven, and are completely bypassing the blood, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  They then are guilty of the worst crime possible - of giving a person a false hope - and are guilty of trampling upon the blood of Jesus.  This is the highest form of blasphemy!

                People today are "prayer crazy."  They want a prayer for everything.  And they really believe and expect a quickly said prayer to God will be answered promptly.  But does God have to answer a sinner?  Is he man's lackey in heaven who only exists to give man all they desire the very second they demand it?  Do we then command God?  I trow not.

                I believe that T.T. Martin put it best when he wrote the following in the 1800's:


     "Every transgression must have a just recompense of reward,' however sorry the sinner may be; however much he may beg to be forgiven, let off; however much the priest or preacher or friends may pray for him to be forgiven....

      A man who has violated the state law comes before the judge, confesses his sin and begs the judge to forgive him, to let him off; and he calls men from the audience to come and help him beg.

     The judge replies, "If I should yield to these petitions I would be a perjurer; I would trample on law.  Every transgression must receive a just recompense of reward."

     Would that all could realize that every prayer from sinner, priest or preacher for a sinner to be forgiven, let off, is a prayer to God to become a perjurer.  If sinners could realize that, after all their kneeling every night and confessing their sins and praying to be forgiven, to be let off, every sin ever committed is still there and that "without shedding of blood is no remission," they would then realize their real need of a Saviour, a Redeemer."


                God is the great Judge of all.  And he must do things lawfully.  When he says, "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!" (Acts 16:31), this is the only way to be born again.  There is no other way.  So how can people think they will be saved simply because they come their own way and beg or plead.  Just because they ask God to save them, doesn't mean he will!  When you ask a person for something, you give them the right to answer, "Yes" or "No."  You give them a choice. 

                But salvation isn't by asking.  It's by faith or believing.  When someone promises you something, and all you have to do is take it by faith, you offend them by asking.  You need not ask, you instead must go to them believing and take it.  They cannot reject you or impede you, else they'd be a liar.  God is not a liar!  He said he'd save all who come unto him by faith!  So why then do modernists say that you have to ask?  Do they not see that they are begging God to be a perjurer?

                Thinking upon this, I wondered when this "other gospel" came into existence.  From everything I've read in the Bible, in Church History, and of ministers all the way up until the 1800's, they all say, "...trust the blood atonement of Jesus Christ to be saved.

None of them told a sinner to simply "Ask Jesus to save you."  So where did this "Beggar's Gospel" come from?  And when did it begin?

                I can't pinpoint it exactly, but Mr. Martin says it comes from the liberal Unitarians, claiming that they are the ones who propagated this "ask to be left off" mentality.  This very well could be so, as when rationalism and modernism hit America, many false churches arose with different plans of salvation. 

                Personally, I see this modernistic gospel taking off with Bob Jones University's "Unusual Films" and Billy Graham's Campus Crusades.  Both of them told a sinner to either "Ask God to save them," or "Say the Sinner's Prayer."  From there many other Christians have followed suit, and there's hardly a denomination on earth that claims to be Christian that doesn't tell a person they must ask to be saved.  How sad.

                As I studied this, and the Gospel tracts I've collected over the years, I found six different Bible passages that people twist to teach this "Ask for salvation" mentality.  They are:


     1.  THE REPENTANT SINNER in Luke 18:11-14:


The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.  I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.  And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.  I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.


                But this prayer can't be applied to New Testament salvation for the following reasons:


1.   Jesus Christ had not died on the Cross yet. The context is still that of Old Testament, not the New (Heb. 9:16,17).


2.  The Publican bypassed Jesus when he was so close.  He did not come to Jesus alone to be saved (Acts 4:12).


3.  He did not come by faith in the blood.  He instead was begging for mercy.


4.  Whatever justification he received, it was not the Biblical means of salvation after Christ's death, which is justification by faith alone (Romans 5:1).


     2.  PETER'S ASKING TO BE SAVED in Matthew 14:28-31:


 "And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.  And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.  But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.  And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"


                The underlined words "Lord, save me," have been used by many a believer in the "Sinner's Prayer" to show that salvation is by just asking the Lord to save a person.  But this is a heresy for the following reasons:


1.  Peter was not asking to be saved Spiritually, rather Physically from drowning (vs 30).


2.  Peter cried out to Jesus because he was sinking down, not because he wanted to be saved from Hell!


3.   Jesus rebuked Peter for a lack of faith in the next verse! 


     3.  CALLING UPON THE LORD in Romans 10:13:


             "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."


                This passage is probably the most popularly used today to press for a decision of salvation.  However, it's completely twisted from its context.  It does not say "Whosoever will say the Sinner's Prayer will be saved."  It says that someone must call.  How?  The context determines this calling.  Verse 14 says, "How shall we call on him in whom we've not believed? Salvation is by Believing, or by Faith.  Just because someone says a prayer, doesn't mean he's saved.  He must believe.  And this verse shows that a person can call (i.e. pray) without believing!             

                2 Timothy 2:22 says us that calling is not from the mouth by from the heart when it states, "Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart."  And Psalms 145:18 tells us: "The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth."  Thus "calling" or BELIEVING is from one's heart and it must be in truth!  It must be God's way, not man's way.  It must be by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ!


     4.  OPENING THE DOOR OF YOUR HEART in Revelation 3:20:



Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.


                Many a soul winner has used this more than once in telling a person that they must open their "heart's door" and let Jesus in.  But there are several problems with this anti-biblical teaching.


1.  The context is to that of a church, not to an individual in need of salvation.


2.  No where in the Bible does it say that man is to "open his heart" to Jesus, nor does it tell us that there is a "door" to a man's heart.


3.  This is not a command to pray to be saved, or pray and ask Jesus into your heart!


4.  No one can "sup" with Jesus in their heart.


                Simply asking Jesus to come into your heart does not mean he will.  In fact the Bible gives no command to do so.  Instead it tells us that Christ dwells in a man's heart not by asking, but rather by believing according to Eph. 3:17, which states, "That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love." 


     5.  SIMPLY ASK GOD TO SAVE YOU from Matthew 7:7,8:


 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."


                Many people say that this applies to salvation, so all a person must do to be saved is simply "Seek" Jesus through prayer and "Ask" Him to save him.

                Again, we must remember that this is an Old Testament verse.  Jesus had not yet died!  And even if salvation was by "asking" this is a WORK and completely bypasses faith in the death, burial, resurrection, and shed blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  It is then another plan of salvation apart from grace through faith in the finished work of Christ. 

                The context of Matthew chapter seven also shows clearly that Jesus is not talking to sinners in the Church age about the topic of salvation, but rather to Jews still under the law about "good things" (see vs 11). 

                Simply "Asking Jesus to Save You," then is a modernistic, anti-biblical gospel and is found only in the scriptures by taking a verse out of context.


     6.  GOD WILL ACCEPT ALL WHO COME TO HIM from John 6:37:


 "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." 


                Many apply the underlined words to salvation, claiming that all a person has to do is simply come to God by asking, and he'll grant their request.  But the context in verse 35 shows clearly that the only way to come to Jesus is by believing.  The verse states, "I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst." 


                Thus, all of these six attempts to defend the modernistic false plan of salvation of "Saying the Sinners Prayer" do not line up with the Holy Scriptures.  They are perversions of the truth by wicked men who, either knowingly or unknowingly, are guilty of preaching a carnal plan of salvation by works.

                The Bible is clear.  Salvation of a man's soul is not based upon what he does.  Rather, salvation is what a man accepts when he rejects what he's done as insufficient to save him, and comes to Christ Jesus a repentant sinner trusting only on His shed Blood to wash away his sins. 

                With this in mind, I sat down today and began writing a book entitled, "The Heresy of the Sinner's Prayer."  Laura said I should call it "The Damnation of the Sinner's Prayer." 

                I just can't keep my mouth shut any longer.  I've seen too many people duped into thinking they are saved because they said a prayer when they really weren't.  I want to reach those people with the truth, so they'll understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and see the suffering, loving Saviour who loved them enough to die for them!


June 23rd 2006 Friday                        Erick Sanchez


                I spent most of today working on my book about the Sinner's Prayer.  Laura also helped me by finding the worst of the tracts, so I could cite them in my book.

                Last night, I preached on the subject of "True Salvation" and I told them about Laura's testimony of salvation and how the Devil is behind trying to make a person think he's saved by doing something rather than only resting upon what Christ has already done.  Erick Sanchez came with me to service, and agreed with everything.  Afterwards he said, "You said it right.  I've seen a lot of people just say a prayer, but then they always have doubts.  It's like you said, 'They are trusting in what they did instead of what Jesus did for them.'" 

                It was such a blessing have a good crowd, the majority of which I lead to the Lord myself, "Through faith in His Blood."


June 24th 2006 Saturday                   Food Poisoning?


                I didn't sleep Thursday night, staying up until three in the morning working on my book.  Last night I stayed up till twelve, but didn't sleep a wink, as the rest of the night I was up and down going to the restroom with the runs and vomiting.  I kept Laura up as well. 

                The rest of the day, my illness continued, and Laura too came down with the same thing.  The rest of the day we felt terrible, with constant sweating, cold chills, and horrible stomach aches.  Laura cried out in pain as did I.  Over and over she kept repeating, "Now I know why God let me get saved.  It's because I'm going to die!

I kept repeating, "The Devil wants to kill us!  He doesn't want anyone to hear the truth about salvation.  He wants us dead!"

                We didn't make it to the Youth Meeting in the evening.  Our bodies were too weak.  So frail, in fact, that she almost passed out in the bathroom, and I fell down in the kitchen fainting.   I've never felt so bad in my life.

                The only thing we can figure, it must have been food poisoning.    


June 25th 2006 Sunday                      Rejuvenated


                We both slept well last night, but our bellies are still queasy, and our bodies weak.  Constant headaches will not cease haunting us.  But we do feel better.

                While sick yesterday, Marisol and Nancy came by and told us we needed to drink some blackberry leaf tea.  They made it for us, and we drank it.  It had to be the most bitter thing I've ever tasted!  But I could feel it making my stomach pucker!  I guess that's why they use it.

                Most of today I spent on the computer working.  We have so much to do, for tomorrow we drive to San Pedro Sula and then we leave with Homero for Guatemala.  I can only pray we'll be well enough for the trip.

                In Lajas, I preached on the subject of "The Gifts of God."  My points were that God gives 1.  The Gift of Salvation to All that Believe (Rom. 6:23), 2. The Gifts of the Ministerial Work (Rom. 12:5-8), and 3. Personal Gifts to Every Christian (1 Cor. 7:7).  I tried to show them that salvation is free, but after someone accepts it, God will give them gifts or talents in which they should then use for the Lord.


June 26th 2006 Monday                      Pentecostals, Taxes, and Packing


                We were supposed to leave today for San Pedro Sula, but Homero told us that he didn't have all his paperwork necessary to leave the country.  So we put our trip off until tomorrow.

                After checking our email and running errands in town, we stopped off at Mike Lane's house.  As we visited, he showed us a letter from Demetrio in response to my letter to him.  He said basically, "Don't write to me.  We are now Pentecostal and we want nothing to do with you Baptists!

He also stated, "We have united with many other denominations, and we've found that of all of them, you Baptist's have the worst testimony for letting men like Sabino be a Pastor when he's a drunk!

This was sad to hear.  It appears that Sabino has really destroyed the work there because of his uncontrollable lust for alcohol.

                In the afternoon, I called the U.S. and finally finished filing my taxes.  Laura and I are officially under the poverty level, so we don't have to pay.  We really don't even have to file for being out of the country, but I like to do so and protect my testimony.

                We then called my Dad, and he said that Laura did a great job of writing out her testimony.  His words were, "Of all the people in the world, I know you two are saved!" 

What a great testimony to have!

                The rest of the day we spent packing and preparing for our trip to Guatemala tomorrow.  I stayed up late into the night printing up books and tracts for Bro. Donate.  I'm so thankful for my HP 2200 printer.  It's so fast.  I remember when I started my ministry and how it used to take an hour or more per book.  But now I can print at least five books per hour.


June 27th 2006 Tuesday                     Off to Guatemalas!


                We left at six thirty this morning bound for San Pedro Sula.  Arriving there at a little after ten (because of heavy traffic) we went immediately to Homero Romero's house.  There we unpacked our things into his Suburban and then drove to his children's Bilingual School, where I parked my Chevrolet.

                At eleven thirty, we left San Pedro Sula on route to Guatemala City, Guatemala.  At three o'clock we passed through Customs at the Guatemala border.  Thinking we were making good time, a traffic jam left us stranded for four hours in the middle of the highway.  We asked about what happened, and several people told us that a semi-truck flipped over farther down the road and killed five people!  We went to look, and found it happened only about a half a mile up the road.  It's only the grace of God that we didn't get hurt!

                We finally arrived at Bro. Donate's house at eleven-forty in the evening.  They had dinner waiting for us and we had a great meal of steak and potatoes, while fellowshipping well past one in the morning.

                Donate caught me up on the latest news.  Humberto Gomez has begun printing the "Gomez Bible," which is really nothing much more than a copy of the Monterrey 1602TR.  I looked through it, and it was very close. 

                The 1865 crowd has revised their version (which they said they wouldn't do), and are hard at work printing it.  They have even made an edition that is an English (KJV)-Spanish (1865) parallel.  But they still haven't changed "Verbo" to "Palabra" or changed Lucero to "Estrella de la mañana" in 2 Peter 1:19 (However, Gomez has!  He's even changed Lucero to Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12).

                Allen Johnson is in a church in Miami, and is the head of the Spanish Department there.  I'm glad he's still in the ministry and hard at work for the Lord.  But I was also saddened to hear that he uses the 1865.  Donate says that he's still a 1602 TR man at heart, but because of the school's official policy, he has to the use the 1865.

                Before going to sleep, Laura told her testimony of salvation, and I started in on the modern apostate means of "Soulwinning," which is just tricking a person into saying a prayer.  Donate understood and agreed, telling me that there are many shallow Soul winners out there that working hard in getting people to "say prayers" but are not really getting people saved!  He's very dogmatic about preaching the Blood.  This is good to hear!


June 28th 2006 Wednesday               One Saved!


                 We slept in this morning, exhausted from our agonizing trip yesterday.  During breakfast, we talked with Donate about what the Lord's been doing with us, and what it looks like his plans are for us in the future.  He then told me, "Your gift is evangelism.  I can tell that you'd be a good evangelist.  You're good at preaching and teaching."

                Donate also told me about a new Mission Board that he and the church in Miami desire to start.  It will be called, "Sound Doctrine Missions."  This was a name I suggested to him when I saw him last in Haines City.  How cool that he'd use my suggestion!

                Later we went into town to the Forex corporation to cash some checks.  My mother supports Homero Romero, and she said that she wanted to give him 1000 dollars.  She asked me to write him a check, and then she would pay me back.  This I did, and Homero was very happy.  He had no money what so ever, and was suffering.  He was "living by faith" completely.

                While at Donate's, Pastor Chester Mulligan of Grace Baptist Church in Miami, Florida called.  Donate told him about Homero, and he said that they wanted to support him and help him in anyway they could.  Homero had recently lost his supporting church, and this was a great blessing.  It's so great to see God working things out for him!

                In the evening service at Donate's church, I preached on "Apostates Methods of Salvation," which included telling a person to just "say a prayer" or "ask God to save them."  I preached hard on the difference between telling someone to do a work to be saved (like say a prayer), and encouraging a person to simply trust Christ Jesus as their Saviour from their heart.

                After service a young man, whom the entire church had been praying for, raised his had signifying he was lost.  Donate asked me to speak with him.  I did, and gave him the Gospel.  I then said, "To be saved, you have to trust the blood of Jesus Christ from your heart.  Why not now?  You know a prayer isn't what saves you.  It's your faith in the finished work of Christ.  So won't you right now tell God you're taking him at his word and accepting him as your Saviour by faith in his blood?

He bowed his head and I waited.  I must have waited two or three minutes.  I looked up from time to time, and saw his lips moving.  Then suddenly, he rose his head and with tears running down his face said, "Okay.  Now I'm saved!

I could hardly believe it!  God definitely worked in his heart.  His wife was glad, as she is a Christian and has been praying for him for some time.  His name is Nelson Alberto Barrera, age 20. 

                Afterwards we went to a taco stand on the side of the road and bought tacos.  They were very good.  However, my wife and I started developing stomach pains again.  Donate took me to a drug store and there he bought us some Flagyl to help with this.


June 29th 2006 Thursday                  Wolves?


                We went to the area of Cuatro de Febrero with Bro. Donate in the evening, where I preached for Bro. Carlos Rivera, who explained the situation to me.  He said, "These people started meeting years ago, but have never organized as a church.  I've been coming and preaching here for several years, and we are now trying to organize into a Baptist Church.

                I preached on "What Every Church Needs" from Acts 20:17-38.  My points were: 1. The Right Gospel, 2. Saved People, 3. Sound Doctrine, 4. A Wise Pastor, and 5. Members who are Subjected to Christ."

                After the service, a man named Elvis asked to speak.  He went on for some time telling about how he actually started the work there several years ago, but quit, as he was afraid of the gangs in the area, who threatened his life.  He started with, "Some of the women here have asked me to come and give some of their worries about starting as a Baptist Church.

He then told us that many of the women in the church did not want to be "Baptists" for they were afraid of the name.  They didn't want to be labelled, claiming that they were only "Bible Believers" and that they didn't want to belong to any denomination.

                This started a long discussion, and Carlos Rivera said, "We'll just leave, as we are interested in starting Baptist Churches, not non-denominational ones!"  They talked it over for some time, and Donate told them the importance of being a Baptist, as the name identifies you and your doctrine.

            From all of this, I perceived that women ran the church, and that this man Elvis was a "wolf" of which I'd just warned about in my message.   Bro. Rivera finally asked, "Please tell me know if you want me to come back or not!  We won't continue if you're not in agreement with us.  We are Baptists by conviction and will not change.

They said they didn't want him to continue, and that they didn't want to be Baptists, so that was the end of that. 

                As they talked, I walked around in the back of the church, trying to avoid the situation.  A young man named Jimmy came up to speak with me.  He said, "Carlos Rivera preaches too hard and is always angry about something.  We don't like him cause he beats us up!

I immediately recognized this kid as effeminate and wrote him off.

                On the way home we talked about the situation.  Bro. Rivera was pretty torn up about it.  He like preaching there, and was sad to have to leave.  He just wants to preach.  I told him, "Don't you worry about it!  True Christians like good hard preaching and can take it!  Just chalk this up as a learning experience!   Forget about it and move on.  For God never closes a door without opening another in its place!"

                I then told Bro. Donate that those ladies cut their own throat.  They won't get sound doctrine now, and will probably end up with an apostate pastor teaching false doctrine like Elvis, who preaches faith and works for salvation.  How sad!

                Bro. Donate then told me that after the discussion, one of the ladies came to him and asked for the address of his church.  Her words were, "I'm through with these people.  They are crazy.  I want sound doctrine, and I want to learn more Bible!"

                Speaking about the subject of apostasy, and how there are people who claim to be Christians when they really aren't, Bro. Carlos said it best when he said, "You can pour paint thinner in a coke bottle full of coca-cola, and you'll never know it's there, as it won't change the color.  But it isn't pure coke."  

He then likened many Christians of today unto this.  He said they look like Christians from the outside, but they don't have the Holy Spirit in them.  They are full of poison and false doctrine."

                So that's my first several days here.  I saw one saved, and a church split.  What will happen next?


June 30th 2006 Friday                        Visiting Antigua


                Donate took us to the beautiful colonial village of Antigua, where we spent most of the day walking around and looking for souvenirs.  Antigua is such a serene, peaceful community full of Americans, Europeans, and Central Americans.  The Cobblestone roads and ancient ruins of Catholic monasteries litter the countryside.  And the huge volcano named Agua off in the distance gives an ominous feeling of impending doom.  Yet the city is so laidback and inviting.  Laura and I really enjoyed walking around the market and looking at the goods. 

The exchange rate per American dollar is now 7.58.  And most things looked to be about the same price as in Honduras.  Although I couldn't really evaluate the prices, as Antigua is a tourist town, and things are usually more expensive in such places.


July 1st 2006 Saturday                       Visiting El Socorro


                Donate took us to the little area of El Socorro close to Mexico and the Pacific Ocean on the left coast of Guatemala.  There we spent most of the day visiting with Bro. Juan Flores, an elderly man from Donate's church who has a burden for the people and holds services there every two weeks.  Donate calls him a "lay preacher."  He's not a Pastor or a Missionary, but he does want to see a church started in this area where he owns property. 

                While visiting, we talked to many people.  One was a 24-year-old lady named Mari.  She listened well.  I told her that salvation is by faith (Eph. 2:8,9), and then took her to the Gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-4).  Then I showed her several verses on the blood, and then asked her if she wanted to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save her soul.  She replied, "Not right now.  I have a lot going on in my life and many trials I still have to pass.  So no, not right now!"

                I witnessed also to another two young ladies, one eighteen and the other sixteen.  They listened well, but did not want to trust Christ as their Saviour either.  Bro. Juan told me that the people in this area are very hard.  They are so full of sin that they don't want to think about God and the Bible.  They would rather reject Jesus Christ and continue in their transgressions.

                Juan witnessed to two ladies, but he told them just to pray after him.  I didn't like this.  Donate then thereafter told the ladies that salvation is only through faith in the blood.  I could tell that my preaching on the blood had a good affect on him.

Picture of us on a swing bridge over the Rio Pantaleon.


                Before heading back to Guatemala City, we stopped at Sarita's restaurant for dinner.  The rest of the evening, I went through Donate's books looking for quotes and other interesting things, marking pages I desired to scan.


July 2nd 2006 Sunday                         Four Saved!


Bro. Donate asked me to preach for Bro. Saul Garcia this morning in his church in Tinco, the Mayan word for heaven.  In Sunday School, I talked about what a Christian really is.  He is someone who is 1. Saved, 2. Sanctified, 3. Separated, and  4. Soon to Leave at the Rapture

For morning service, I preached on the subject of "The Blood."  My points were that The Blood of Jesus Christ is 1. Pure, 2. Precious, and 3. Powerful.  I then showed how that modern Soul winners don't mention the blood, and instead tell a person that all they need to do is just "repeat a prayer" or "ask God to save them."  But this bypasses the blood!

Afterwards, a family came forward to be saved, a father and his three girls.  I took them through the scriptures and showed them that salvation is only by grace through faith in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Right then and there they all trusted the blood of Christ to save them.  Their names were: Oralia Yessenia Camel, 16, Suly Nineth Camel,13, Carmen Veronica Camel, 15, and Nolverto Antonio Camel, 39.

Bro. Garcia then told the church that they were guilty of this modernistic soul winning tactic of pressing a sinner to simply say a prayer instead of showing them the sacrificial blood atonement of Jesus Christ.  He then said, "We are going to make sure that we as a church go soulwinning the right way!  The Biblical Way! We are going to tell people to trust the blood of Jesus Christ to save them!"

Before leaving, Laura found the following false plan of salvation in the back of the church song book:


Himnario Bautista Fundamental

Copyright 1996  La Espada Inc.

El Camino Romano Para ir al Cielo


Si usted muriera hoy, ¿Sabe si iría al cielo?

¿Si usted lo pudiera saber con seguridad, haría usted lo que la Biblia dice?


¿Quién es Bueno?                                           Rom. 3:10

¿Quién ha pecado?                                          Rom. 3:23

¿De dónde vino el pecado?                             Rom. 5:12

El precio que Dios pone en el pecado             Rom. 6:23

Nuestro Modo de escape                                                Rom. 5:8, 10:13


Tome a Dios en su palabra y clame sus promesas para su salvación.  Baje su cabeza ahora mismo y sinceramente pídale a Jesucristo que le perdone sus pecados y salve su alma.


Oración:  Señor Jesucristo, ten misericordia de mí.  Salve mi alma del infierno.  Yo recibo a Cristo como mi Salvador personal en el nombre de Cristo te le pido de todo corazón.  Amen.


Rom. 10:9-11


                In English this says:


Fundamental Baptist Hymnal

Copyright 1996, The Sword, Inc.

The Roman's Road to Heaven


If you died today, do you know if you'd go to heaven?

If you could be able to know for certain, would you do what the Bible says?


Who is good?                                                  Rom. 3:10

Who has sinned?                                             Rom. 5:12

Where does sin come from?                            Rom. 6:23

Our way of Escape                                         Rom. 5:8, 10:13


Take God at his word and claim his promises for salvation.  Bow your head right now and sincerely ASK Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and salve your soul.


Prayer:  Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.  Save my soul from hell.  I receive Christ as my Personal Saviour in the name of Christ I ask you with all my heart.  Amen.


                I showed this to Bro. Garcia, and he said, "Yep, that's not right, is it?  They don't mention the blood one time!  We're not going to use that method anymore.  We're going to preach the blood!"

                Talking with Bro. Donate about this later, he told me that the "Roman's Road" leads straight to the Pope!  For all it does is make a person religious but lost."  To the which I reply, "Amen and Amen!"

                In the afternoon, we drove to the area of Santa Rosa, close to Cuilapa, in the village of Puente Nuevo.  Bro. Paulo Dieguez is working there as the leader.  He used to be a Sergeant in the Guatemalan Army, and he too is out of Bro. Donate's church.  He's not ordained, or even a Pastor, but he preaches in the Mission there.  The poor man lives off of only 100 dollars per month from his pension.  He's poor, but happy in the service of the Lord.

                While there, we drove down to the river and Bro. Donate baptized two young converts.  Their names were Elmer and Kevin.

                Afterwards we visited with the natives in the area.  I was surprised at all the wickedness in this little town.  It's full of prostitution, robberies, murders, and more.  One story was very sad.  A mother in the village was selling her thirteen-year-old daughter in prostitution.  We meet them both and I encouraged them to come to service.  How sad that a mother could be so wicked!  What kind of mother does that with her daughter?

                In the evening service, I preached on the subject of "What Salvation Is."  My points were that it's 1. Free, 2. Eternal, and 3. Joyful.  They had two loudspeakers on top of the church, and the whole neighbourhood heard my message.  I tried to preach as hard as I could and stress the need to be saved.  When I gave an invitation, no one came forward.  I then said, "All of you that are already saved, please raise your hand.

Some did, but I noticed several young teenage girls did not.  I then looked them straight in the eyes and asked, "Don't you want to be saved today?

They all shook their heads no.  What a shame! 


Bro. Donate and Bro. Paulo baptizing new converts



July 3rd 2006 Monday                         Important Quotes


                Bro. Donate took us shopping today.  Our first stop was to a small house where the owners made denim skirts for a living.  They didn't have any for my wife, but Donate bought some for his daughter.  Afterwards, we visited the Union Church, where they have an entire room of donated books in English and Spanish, which they sell for only one Quetzal each (only 13.33 cents!).  I found quite a few good books, and was glad to get them at such a low price.

Later in the day, Donate and I talked about Shallow Soulwinning and the "Bloodless Gospel" being preached all over the world that says a person can be saved without ever mentioning the blood, or telling them to trust the Blood of Jesus Christ.  I told him the problem was the "Hylesites" for many of them that I met never mention the blood in their presentation.  They give a "one, two three, repeat this prayer after me" plan of salvation that leaves a person thinking they are saved because of their prayer.  I then told Donate how I blamed Jack Hyles for this, and his "Roman's Road" easy beliefism mentality. 

Donate then corrected me by saying, "You can't lump all Hyles graduates into one sum! (Donate is a graduate from Hyles Bible college).  We are not all the same.  Some of us do believe right and preach right!

He then showed me a book written by Jack Hyles entitled, "The Blood, the Book, and the Body," copyright 1992.  In it, Mr. Hyles says the following:


     I am 65 years of age...I know I am on the downhill side of my ministry, and I think I'm beginning to see just a little light at the end of the tunnel.  As I come to the close of my ministry, there are three things that I passionately want to do.  These three things are the subject matter of this book.  I am angry at no one, but I am disgusted about three things.

     First, I'm disgusted because of the multiplicity of Bibles (so-called) that are coming out.  It seems that Satan has almost instituted a "Bible-of-the-Month-Club."  I want to go out fighting vehemently for the King James Bible.  For years this did not seem necessary, but I feel compelled to do it now.  I believe that the King James Bible has been preserved word for word.  I believe in original inspiration and divine preservation, and come what may, I plan to make that a major battle in the last years of my ministry. 

     I am also disgusted with the emphasis on the invisible church.  I believe that when Jesus started the church, He started only one church, and that was the local, autonomous, indigenous Baptist church...I feel it is very important that the closing decade of this century, Baptists become Baptist again!  I plan to crusade to that end.

     Thirdly, I am disgusted with the way the blood of Jesus is being treated.  It is a tragedy for something so precious and so necessary to be treated so lightly.  I believe that the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed 2,000 years ago on Calvary is at this very moment and will be eternally on the mercy seat in Heaven in the presence of our God and our Saviour...

     When I've made my departure and am with Christ, I trust those of you who remain, whether you agree with me or not, whether you like me or not, will remember three things.  Dr. Jack Hyles believed in and fought for the King James Bible, the local church, and the blood of Jesus.


I could hardly believe this, as I've heard many Hylesites, teach that to be saved, a person simply had to follow the Roman's Road (which never mentions the blood), and simply repeat a quick prayer.  Donate then told me that although the majority of Hyles' alumni believe this, not all of them do.

I read further in Hyles' book the following:


     I want to show you in the Bible why it is necessary for the blood of Jesus to be shed and why without that blood you couldn't be saved.  You will learn why that blood was saving efficacy.  I want you to follow me very carefully as we study together on the subject of the importance of the blood of Christ, and the fact that it does save.  (pg 3)


     The truth is, we are saved by the blood of Christ, and the blood of Christ is a necessary agency for the salvation of the soul...He had to die for us, but he had to shed every drop of his blood on the cross because it is the blood on the mercy seat in Heaven that keeps on cleansing us from all sin.  (pg 22)


     I'll be quite frank with you, I'm getting a little more irritated the more I think about all of this stuff about the blood not being important and that the blood doesn't save!  The blood does save!   (pg 25)


     Nobody will ever get to Heaven who has not been washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Nobody!  It wasn't enough for Jesus to die for us.  His blood had to be shed and applied!   (pg 33)


So Mr. Hyles did preach the blood in the later years of his ministry.  Laura said that his words made it look like a confession of his omission of it years earlier.  This might be.  But the only thing I can't find, is where he told people to trust only the shed blood of Jesus Christ to be saved. 

Bro. Donate admitted that Hyles didn't say this much.  That's why many Hylesites are guilty of omitting the blood in their presentations of the Gospel.  Instead they only give the mechanical Romans Road presentation (with no verses on the blood) and press a person to say a quick prayer.  This is inexcusable!  He then said the following, and told me that I could quote him, "Though we were taught about the blood of Christ, the lack of emphasis on the blood of Christ in our soulwinning has lead many to believe that it is unnecessary in winning souls to Christ, and this has lead to a generation of soul winners which do not mention it even once. I believe this is wrong, and that amends must be made in our Gospel presentation, before Fundamentalism's plan of salvation becomes heretical!"

Sadly, I'm afraid that it already has.  Far too many "Fundamentalists" have forgotten the blood of Jesus entirely and try to get people to heaven without ever mentioning it.  This is sad.  But it's not just Hylesites, Bob Jonesites, and others.  I'm also seeing it among Ruckmanites (my camp) as well.  Many of them give people a "Bloodless Gospel" and works plan of salvation, telling a person to simply repeat a prayer.  This is not salvation!  It omits the blood!

                The rest of the evening, Laura and I went through Bro. Donate's library, and found some very good things.  Laura scanned them for me in Adobe format, and we stayed up late into the evening working.

                One interesting thing I found was the Eugene Nida's connection with the corrupt Nestle-Aland Greek text.  I'll give some quotes below from various sources showing that Eugene Nida is most certainly not a King James Man, and how he has been responsible for getting Bible Societies to use corrupt texts in their translation work.


     "The influence of the ecumenical movement and its expression in the constitution of the World Council of Churches in 1948 must also be recognized, a link between the latter body and the United Bible Societies having been carefully nurtured ever since".  (Source:  A History of the British and Foreign Bible Society 1905-1954, by James Moulton Roe, copyright 1965, pg 436).


     "For the New Testament text the United Bible Societies sponsored the work of an international and interconfessional committee, which studied all of the relevant manuscript evidence in order to produce the earliest recoverable text.  This text, published as the Greek New Testament (at present in the corrected third edition) and the Nestle-Aland twenty-sixth edition, has been particularly appreciated by those who hold most firmly to the view of inspiration, since they naturally are anxious to have a form of the text which is as close as possible to the original autographs."  (Source:  From One Language to Another: Functional Equivalence in Bible Translating, by Jan de Waard and Eugene A. Nida, Thomas Nelson Publishers, copyright 1986, pg 12)


     "This editorial procedure contrasts markedly with the principles employed in the Nestle-Aland edition of the New Testament.  The text printed in Nestle-Aland is essentially the result of collating the nineteenth-century editions of Tischendorf, Westcott and Hort, and Weiss.  While the Nestle-Aland text is not truly eclectic, nor does it always represent what the current editors think are the best readings."   (Source:  Textual Criticism of the Old Testament: The Septuagint after the Qumran, by Ralph W. Klein, copyright 1974, Fortress Press, footnote on page 11).


     "How firmly the Textus Receptus was entrenched in these areas is shown by the fact that the British and Foreign Bible Society, then the largest and most influential of all the Bible societies, continued to distribute it officially for fully twenty years after the publication of the Westcott and Hort's edition.  It was not until 1904 that it adopted the Nestle text, which was then in its fifth edition.  This marked the final defeat of the Textus Receptus, nearly four hundred years after it was first printed. 

     Voices have been raised recently in the United States claiming superiority for the Textus Receptus over modern editions of the text, but they are finding little favourable response outside some limited circles."  (Source:  The text of the New Testament: an Introduction to the Critical Editions and the Theory and Practice of Modern textual Criticism, by Kurt and Barbara Aland, copyright 1981, Eerdmans Publishing Co., pg 19)


     "What of the present scene where the reader of the Greek New Testament now meets the new test of Nestle-Aland and the text of GNT3 which is identical with it?  By this we mean the text officially recognized by both the United Bible Societies and the Catholic church (a significantly new factor in the present scene; cf. the Guiding Principles and Guidelines agreed upon in 1968 and 1987 between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies).  Whether the student uses The Greek New Testament (GNT) in the third revised edition or the Nestle-Aland in its twenty-sixth edition...the text is the same, however much the format and the critical apparatus may differ.  How was the new text formed?

     The beginnings of this text go back to the late 1940's.  This was when Aland began his association with the Nestle edition (the twenty-first edition of 1952 was the first to have his name in the preface.)  His first assignment was to verify the data in the apparatus, and at the same time to re-examine the text itself and prepare for a revision of it – this with the explicit approval of Erwin Nestle, who had consistently affirmed the necessity of the task but with equal consistency shrank from it in respect for his father.  Considerable progress has already been made when in 1955, on the initiative of Translations Secretary Eugene A. Nida of the American Bible Society, an international committee was established to prepare an edition of the Greek New Testament designed especially to meet the needs of several hundred Bible translation committees.  At that time (as also  today) there were programs under way in modern national languages throughout the world to make translations of the New Testament more easily understood, whether by revising earlier versions or by making completely fresh translations from the original texts".  (Source:  The text of the New Testament: an Introduction to the Critical Editions and the Theory and Practice of Modern textual Criticism, by Kurt and Barbara Aland, copyright 1981, Eerdmans Publishing Co., pg 30-31)


    "... For the New Testament, translators and revisers are recommended to follow the text of the original Greek edited by the British and Foreign Bible Society by Dr. Eberhard Nestle but are at liberty to follow that underlying the English Authorized Version, or that underlying the English Revised Version...Translators who are unacquainted with the originals are desired to follow the text or margin of the English AV or ERV (1881,1885) or the ARV (1901), or in the case of translators unacquainted with English, some other version sanctioned by the Committee".  (Bible Translating: An Analysis of Principles and Procedures, with Special Reference to Aboriginal Languages, by Eugene A. Nida, copyright 1947, American Bible Society, pg 296


                These quotes make it very clear that the Vatican in Rome has joined hands with the Bible Societies in an unholy, ecumenical cooperation.  Together they are working on new Bible Translations of the scriptures, using the corrupt texts of Westcott and Hort (Vaticanus and Siniaticus) to produce Bastard Bibles, which are not based on the pure word of God (The Masoretic Hebrew Text and the Textus Receptus Greek), but rather the corrupt Roman Catholic texts.  How can anyone miss this? 

                Further, Eugene Nida has been active in this process.  He's not a King James man.  He's a Critical Text man!  And it appears that he's encouraged all translators of the Bible in any language (including Spanish) to use these corrupt texts in their work.  He's ecumenical and so are the Bible Societies.   Knowing this, "How could anyone use the perverted 1960 Spanish Bible?"


July 4th 2006 Tuesday                        Bus Tickets and Scanning


                First thing this morning, I rode downtown with Bro. Donate to the Hedman Alas Bus Station to purchase my tickets.  They were much cheaper than I'd thought.  It only cost forty-five dollars each for my wife and I to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

                The rest of the day, Laura and I spent scanning quotes from books.  We stayed up until eleven o'clock, and Laura did an excellent job. 


July 5th 2006 Wednesday                  Back to Honduras!


                We awoke at three this morning, and left at four.  After saying goodbye to Bro. Donate, we were on our way to Honduras at five.  Our bus arrived at the border four and a half hours later and there we had to argue with the Immigration agent to give Laura ninety days in the country.  He would not.  The best he could do was give us thirty.  So next month we'll have to leave Honduras again.

                At one-thirty we arrived in San Pedro Sula.  After gathering our luggage, we took a taxi to Pastor Alan Doblado's church and Christian School and picked up my Suburban.  Tired, we rented a room at the Family Inn and rested.  Our trip to Guatemala was exhausting, but it was worth it!  We had a wonderful time, and it was a great blessing to see folks saved!


July 6th 2006 Thursday                      Shopping!


We went shopping most of the day for important items.  We were very tired by days end, so we went back to the same hotel.  There I called Erick, asking him to fill in for me in the evening service at Lajas.  He said he could not, as he fell on his motorcycle and fractured a bone in his foot.   We were sad to hear this, but he had some good news.  He told us ecstatically, "Last Thursday a lot of people showed up for service, and we two came forward to be saved!"  This was good news. 

Not able to go himself, he said he'd call another brother, asking him to go.  I felt leery about this, but allowed him to do so, as there was no time for us to make it, and I'd rather them have someone preaching to them.


July 7th 2006 Friday                           Finally Back Home!


                After visiting Pricesmart and buying groceries, we drove home.  Still desiring to shop some more, we stopped in the little town of Siguatepeque and looked around.  There we saw Hernan Corrales and brother Jacinto.  They were nice and asked us how we were.  They also said they wanted to visit us tomorrow and talk with us.

                Upon arriving home, we unloaded and Laura spent some time unpacking and cleaning the house, while I went straight to bed exhausted from a long trip!

                I forgot to mention that we received a phone call from Bro. Kenneth Morales, a man from Pastor Charles McKinney's church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  He told us that he was translating Bro. McKinney's article that ran in USA Today into Spanish and that he wanted to publish it in the Honduran Newspaper La Prensa.  He emailed me a copy in both English and Spanish and asked me to correct it, so it would be more readable to the Honduran people.

                I've always like Bro. Charles McKinney.  He's my favourite black preacher!  And I appreciated him preaching the blood. I'd heard about his article, but never saw it.   I give it below:




     The first man, Adam, sinned against God and damned all of mankind to sin and Hell.  Possessing Adam's physical features and his wicked nature we gladly followed him in sinning against the Holy God of Heaven.  Therefore, Adam and all who follow him have been sentenced by God to death and Hell for all eternity.  Ezekiel 18:4 "The soul that sinneth, it shall die."  "Fear God, for after He hath killed hath power to cast into hell," Luke 12:5.

     But God loved man and had a plan whereby He could save us and yet punish sin.  If one man's disobedience brought the curse of sin and death, then one man's righteous obedience could bring forgiveness for sin and life eternal.   God became that Man, when He by the Holy Spirit was conceived in the womb of a virgin and thereby merged His Holy Being with a human being, and nine months later was born the God-Man, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

     The holy Jesus Christ gave up His freedom from sin in order to take all of our sins upon Himself.  To take the sinner's place Christ had to take the sinner's sin.  Jesus had to suffer the wrath of God, and in order to pay the sin penalty in full, He had to die.  The only thing that can satisfy the wrath of God for sin is death.  And God was satisfied when He whipped His own Son to death for us all.

     The Lord Jesus Christ suffered, bled, died, was buried, and rose again for your sins; to save you from Hell.  It is only the love, mercy, and grace of God that permits you to be saved from hell by your faith in the suffering and bloody death of Christ upon the cross.  Ephesians 2:8-9 says, "For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast."

     After dying in your place, Christ rose from the dead and is now on the throne of heaven waiting for you to come to Him for your salvation.  Christ sacrificed Himself for you, and if you do not come to Him you will surely perish in Hell.  Luke 16:23 "And in hell he lift us his eyes, being in torments."

     It would be a soul-damning mistake for you to trust in your good works to get you to heaven.  To trust in good works for salvation is to ignore the fact that Christ has already paid the penalty in full, by the sacrifice of Himself. 

     Therefore you cannot by saved by water baptism, speaking in tongues, joining a church or lodge, being confirmed, going to mass, shouting, passing out, seeing visions, experiencing spine tingling sensations, repetitious prayers, or giving money to charitable organizations.  Nor can you be saved by embracing worthy causes like the valiant fight for the unborn, or the continued freedom of America.

     Besides the Lord Jesus Christ, who among us has lived so good a life as to deserve heaven?  My friend, the best work you could ever do to please God is to simply repent of sin and believe on Jesus Christ.  Jesus sacrificed Himself, and no other work is worthy of satisfying God to move Him to forgive your sins and save us from hell!

     Throw off all man made doctrines for salvation and simply receive by faith the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved!

     Repent now: feel sorrow and regret for the sins you have committed against God and ask Him to forgive you.  Tell God that you accept, by faith, the blood sacrifice of Christ upon the cross as the payment for all of your sins.  Do it now, and be saved now and forever; or reject the blood sacrifice of Christ and die and go to hell.   Why die and go to hell for sin when Christ has already suffered, bled, and died to pay for your sins?


     With love, from Pastor McKinney, Jesus Christ Baptist Church, Hwy 57 South, P.O.B. 406, Ocean Springs, MS, 39566, (601) 875-0405.  Hear us on WOSM FM 103 Mon-Fri at 5:30 p.m.


                This was very good.  Of course he shouldn't have told the people to "ask God to forgive them."  But the rest was excellent. 


July 8th 2006 Saturday                       Translating for the Gringo


                We spent most of the day resting and talking about our wonderful trip to Guatemala.  I'm so glad the people received the truth so agreeably.  And it was a real blessing to see five souls saved!

                Later in the day, Jacinto came by and brought his family.  We had a good time of fellowship.  However, I've always been standoffish with him, thinking him to be a Pentecostal.  I asked him about his denominational affiliation today, and he told me that he was indeed a Baptist and belonged to "Missions to the Americas," a Conservative Baptist Organization.  He also works with Erick Sanchez. 

                Jacinto also seemed open to my instruction, and counsel, as I told him, "It's important to have the right Bible, the right plan of salvation, and the correct teachings on separation and sanctification.

Erick wants me to start a Bible Institute in his church.  Maybe we can work with him.  We'll see.

                Mike Lane showed up around two o'clock, telling us he had a Youth Group from Tulsa, Oklahoma down visiting him.  We met them and they were very nice.  In the evening Youth Service, I translated for Mark Shivers, one of the group.  He preached from Mark 1:40-45 about the leprous man that sought out Christ for healing.  He then showed this story as a picture of salvation. 

                I believe in translating exactly what a person says.  I want to make sure I translate as literal as possible (formal equivalence instead of dynamic equivalence).  I'm not interested in the "message," but rather the exact words that a person says.  However, I just couldn't bring myself to translate "just ask God to save you!"  Instead I changed it "Trust the Blood of Jesus to save you!"  When a person says the wrong thing, I just can't help but make sure I say the right thing.

                Afterwards we cooked hotdogs over an open fire.  This was a lot of fun.


July 9th 2006 Sunday                          Back Into the Swing of Things


                It's both good and bad to be back home.  In a way I'm glad we are in our familiar surroundings again in our own house.  But part of me also dreads the hustle and bustle of the same old thing every week.  I dread the bumpy roads that go to Lajas.  I despise the mud that dirties my Suburban.  I hate the rocky roads in the city that ruin my suspension.  And I can't stand the trash that lines the side of the road everywhere here in Honduras.  Guatemala was such a beautiful country!  There were good roads.  And everything was clean.  Plus, we didn't get sick much!

                Last night Laura cried and cried as stomach pains overtook her.  She couldn't sleep and spent half of the night awake aching.  I felt so bad for her, but I too had my own battle with cold chills all over my body.  How I am learning to despise Honduras!  Why is it we get so sick in this country?

                Laura says because it's cursed by God.  She says that because of all the idol worship and Catholicism, God has allowed this country to be completely cursed.  There might be something to this.

                Although we don't like the country, we still love the people.  Thus, we continue on praying for and working with them.  And we are seeing some changes in their lives.  Zarahi came to church wearing a nice skirt instead of the tight pants she usually wears.  She told us she wants to start dressing right.  She also said that her mother Otilia has thrown away all her pants and only dresses in skirts now.  What a blessing!  Laura said, "She told me that after that day you preached against women wearing pants, she went home and threw all hers away and made the decision to only wear skirts!"  Wow!

                Nancy and Marisol are also dressing more in nice skirts.  So the young ladies in the church seem to want to dress right for the Lord.


July 10th 2006 Monday                       Off to Tegucigalpa


                Anita Hurst is very sick, and last we heard, she was leaving for the States this Friday.  She asked us to come and visit her today, and we said we would.  However, when we arrived, we received news that she was so ill, that she flew back on Saturday.  Thus we missed her.  We'll probably never see her again, but at least we know we tried to tell her goodbye.

                The rest of the day we ran errands.  Afterwards, we went to the Cancer Center and found Bill Kepler's wife, Kathy.  We talked to her for quite a while and had a good time of fellowship.


July 11th 2006 Tuesday                      Meeting with Bill and Alexis


                Bill came to pick up his wife today and together they ran errands.  We had lunch with them, and had a great time of fellowship.  Alexis Flores was also there, and I enjoyed speaking with him and seeing how much he'd grown in the Lord.  He is now the Pastor in the church in Guimaca, and he has learned a lot of the Bible.

                The thing I like about Bill, Kathy, and Alexis is that they don't beat around the bush.  They are hard and direct, and don't feel bad telling someone how things are.  They will speak their mind and not worry about the consequences.  If someone is living in sin, they'll rebuke them and give them scripture for it.  We need more Christians in the world like that!  Far too many believers are interested in "tact" and "tolerance" and are afraid to offend people.  But Christians should be an offence to a wicked, rebellious world.  For a true Christian is the only light the world has.


July 12th 2006 Wednesday                Sick Again


                Laura and I both have stomach pains again.  What is going on?  I'm so sick of it!  So we started taking Flagyl again, hoping this would make us better.

                After mailing off a lot of 1602 TR's at Aerocasillas, we drove home.  I had the evening service, and I taught on the subject of "Unity."  I showed how there is good unity (uniting around the Bible and it's doctrines) and bad unity (uniting against the Bible).  I then explained how the entire world is joined together against the word of God, and how they are actively hostile towards it.   We live in a day and age of hatred towards God and love towards anything ungodly. 

                I then said, "It's like a huge river flowing downwards toward a huge waterfall, and you are standing in the middle trying to fight the current.  The water is the world headed for destruction.  What you need to do is go against the current, and you need to try to save as many as you can.  By yourself, it's hard!  But with the more you have holding hands together the easier it is to resist.  That's why we have the local church!  We are helping each other go against the current of the world!"


July 13th 2006 Thursday                   My Birthday!


                I turned thirty-two years of age today.  That seemed so old when I was a kid, but now so young.  I still have half of my life left before me (if the Lord tarries), unless of course I die crucified at age 33 like my Lord and Saviour.

                While musing in the morning hours, I sat down and wrote a poem about the "Shallow Soulwinning" that goes on in our world today by apostate Fundamentalists who leave out the blood of Jesus Christ.  It goes like this:


Let's Go Soulwinning!

By Robert Breaker III


Just grab your Bible and follow me,

We're going to win a soul.

First we must find some people,

And then we must be bold.


There's someone over there!

Let's stop him and let's talk.

"Hello dear sir, how are you?

Can we speak to you while you walk?"


"Are you a sinner, my friend?

Have you committed sin?

You know you have, for so have I,

You must be born again!"


"Look here, look there, and look again,

These are verses you must see.

Now will you just bow your head,

And repeat this prayer with me?"


"If it'll make you go away,

I'd sure be happy to!

So hurry up and let's say this prayer,

For I've got things to do!"


"Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner!

To hell I wish not to go!

So won't you save me now?

I give to you my soul!"


Now we've won another one!

That's one more I can brag about.

I got another person to say a prayer!

By the Roman's Route!


But what is this?

What do I see right here?

The man is going into a bar,

And he's ordering a beer!


But I thought that he was saved?

Didn't he "call upon the Lord?"

Why then is he not changed?

Did he not just obey God's word?


But repentance he had none,

Nor did he understand.

It's because I forgot to tell him,

The true salvation plan.


I did not speak of the blood,

That I forgot to mention.

And, I forgot to even bring up,

God's blessed ascension!


The Gospel I forgot to give,

Of the atonement I did not speak

I didn't show Christ dying in his place,

Oh, my presentation was so weak!


From the bar he then walks out,

As drunk as he can be,

He then turns to me and says,

"I doubt I have salvation like you told me!"


He then begins to weep and says,
"I hate my wicked life and way!

I'm so sick of my sin,

How can I truly be saved today?"


I take him to the scriptures again,

I show him Christ dying in his place,

I give him sound Bible verses,

And I illustrate Christ's grace.


"For you," I tell him,

"This was done, to save you from your fall,

But salvation, it takes blood,

Of which Jesus shed it all."


"Now come to him and trust His blood,

For this is what will save,

You must trust in what Jesus did,

For his life for you he gave!"


"He paid it all on the cross,

He did it all for even you!

Now won't you from your heart,

By faith, trust him as I do?"


He understands, and begins to cry,

"Now I see it clearly,

Jesus is my substitute,

Oh how I love him dearly!" 


Dear reader, can you not see,

The problem that exists thus said?

Many trust the prayer they did,

Rather than the blood God shed.


So as you go and try to win

Souls bound for death and Hell,

Will you remember to give them the Gospel

Of Christ's shed blood that works so well?


                In Quebrada de Lajas, I preached on the subject of "Why I Serve the Lord."  My points were: 1. "Por Amor" (For Love), 2. "Para Aprovechar Los Galardones" (To Take Advantage of the Rewards God offers), and 3. "Para Agradar El Señor" (To Please the Lord).  We had a great crowd in attendance (over thirty), and afterwards we ate some birthday cake that my wife made. 


July 14th 2006 Friday                         Brakes, Burgers, and Easy Beliefism


                We drove to Rigo's this morning and left my Suburban with him.  I asked him to change the brakes and also check whatever else my truck needed.  From there, we walked into town and paid the Light Bill at the bank, and ran some more errands.

                In the evening, Mike and his wife Debbie came over with Andy and we had hamburgers.  Afterwards we sang some hymns in Spanish.  It was such a blessing to sit around the table and sing to the Lord!

                Before bed, I read a book that Bro. Donate gave me entitled, "Zeal Without Knowledge" by Doug Schorne.  The Subtitle was, "A Doctrinal Essay on the Heresy of Easy-Beliefism and the Biblical Doctrines of Repentance, Faith, and the Lordship of Christ in Salvation."

                Although I'm not in agreement with everything in the book, the premise was very good.  Mr. Schorne did a great job showing how most modern day Fundamentalists are more interested in themselves than in the Lord Jesus Christ.   He contrasted Fundamentalism with the church in the following words:


"The Church has her LORD, fundamentalism only has 'leaders.' The Church is a divine institution, fundamentalism is a man-made movement...The Church began with Christ, fundamentalism with a committee.  The Church has camp meetings, fundamentalists hold conferences.  Churches have two week Revivals, fundamentalists hold two-day meetings.  Churches exalt Christ, fundamentalists promote one another.  Churches have preaching, fundamentalists have programs. Churches are local, fundamentalists are 'nationally known.'...Churches have a Potentate, fundamentalism only has personalities."


                Mr. Schorne then gives the affect of Fundamentalists soul winning of getting a person to just say a quick prayer (He calls this "Easy Beliefism").  I quote:


"I speak from experience.  I pastored one church in the early 80's that had 716 professions of faith and 70 baptisms and was listed 19th in the nation for number of converts that year.  This was all done using the easy-believism plan of soulwinning and follow up. We grew one family that year.  One family out of 716 professions.  Something was rotten in Denmark!  I'm doing better than that now without deceiving 700 other people."          


                He also does a good job of showing how many times a person who "repeats a prayer" was never really saved to begin with, and is then left with a false hope of salvation, thinking they are saved and on their way to heaven, when they never really did trust Christ the right way.  I quote:


"I have personally concluded that these men are preaching another gospel.  They are deceiving thousands of souls into a false profession of faith...One of the things I began to see was the devastating results of this false soulwinning method...I have several pastor friends who are thoroughly frustrated in their ministries because of some 'fundamentalist' church across town.  The problem is that almost everyone in the town has made a profession of faith and maybe even been baptized.  So, here comes a fellow to the door with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  You ask him if he's saved.  'Oh yes,' he replies, 'the preacher from Faith Baptist Church came by and told me I was saved, baptized me, and I'm a member of his church!'  Now this man has not darkened the door of any church since his profession and baptism, and still drinks, cusses, etc.  The problem is that no amount of witnessing can convince the man that he never was really saved in the first place.  His only hope is if that preacher who 'told him he was saved' would go and tell him that he really did not get converted.  That's the only honest thing a preacher can do!"


                He then says the most profound statement: "One of the greatest mission fields in the world is a 'fundamentalist' church, for many of the converts who do stick are not really born again."  What a tremendous declaration!  But the more I think about it, the more I see it's true!  Many people are trusting in a prayer they said, rather than the blood God shed!   Someone needs to go and tell them that they are forgetting the blood of Jesus Christ!  Who will go?  Does God want me to?  Doing the work of an evangelist, I'd sure have the time to do so.  So far, every church I've ever preached in on the subject of the Blood, God worked and moved, and we either saw folks saved, or the pastor determined to mention it more in his preaching and soulwinning.  I believe the greatest sin in this modern apostate age is that of omitting the BLOOD from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.