otherwise known as the WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION



NORTH                   vs.                   SOUTH

The "Civil War" (better stated, "The Un-Civil War") is a huge scar on American History.  It is viewed by Historians as an inevitable war, but it was also a horribly gory war full of bloody atrocities almost without unparallel in its day.  It also was the start of a hideous practice which led to even more merciless carnage in wars to come not only against military targets, but on the unsuspecting populace as well. 

Before the Civil War, there were rules to warfare, as two opposing foes met on the battlefield to face each other and allow the outcome to settle their differences.  The last group standing would be the victor.  But thanks to Gen. Sherman and his "Total War Policy," war left the battlefields and went to the non-combatants under his "scorched earth" campaign of burning down whole towns, cities, villages, and personal homes.  With the attitude of "the end justifies the means" Sherman's tactics were adopted by many a future governments, and wars thereafter focused not only on the enemy soldier in a specific front line, but on the entire population of the enemy, including unsuspecting civilians as well.  This eventually led to the practice of murdering entire unarmed inhabitants, and eventually to the bloody holocaust in Nazi Germany, in which 6 million Jews were eradicated by the bloodthirsty Germans, who felt "justified" in their means of extermination.  All because of General Sherman going against the rules of warfare in his time.

The Civil War is believed by some to be about the issue of SLAVERY.  This is both correct and erroneous.  For to say either side was only fighting for the right to own or free black people is not the main reason for the war.  Rather, the war in the South was about the RIGHTS of the STATES to govern themselves.  It was the Southern people fighting to keep from being enslaved by a man they viewed as a tyrannical dictator (Lincoln), and to be allowed to live in peace and separate themselves from a government in Washington that sought to literally TAX THEM TO DEATH!

Now that the war is over, and the victors have written the history books, the taxation without representation part of the war has been conveniently ommitted and the ownership of slaves has been emphasized in order to demonize the South and make the North look like just Liberators.

But the reasons for the war are not important.  What is important is that men learn from history.  Sadly, they old saying is: "The only thing men learn from History is that men NEVER learn from history." 

It is for this reason we have put up this small webpage.  It is with the hope that with an open mind and a cool heart that you will endeavor to study the FACTS for yourself, and learn about the truth behind the Civil War.  One of the greatest resources that you can find that give the TRUTH about the CIVIL WAR is a publication entitled, "THE UN-CIVIL WAR" by Mike Scruggs.  It is not free, however, but is worth much more than the price asked by its publisher.  For more information, and to obtain a copy of this work, please click on the right on "The Un-Civil War."

Even though the Civil War is over, to some people what it was fought for is far from being resolved.  People on both sides still demonize the other and look down upon them.  Racism is also still commonplace in America.  And, Southerners are still looked down upon by many a Northerner, who views himself as "cultured" and "temperate."  

It is for this reason that the South is still viewed as the bad guy, and for this reason the Confederate Flag is even banned by many organizations, political statehouses, schools, and private places of business.  But should this be?   What is the truth about the Civil War?  And what is the truth about the Confederate Flag?  It is here that you will find the truth. 



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