The 1960 Spanish Translation

copyright 2010 Robert Breaker

The 1960 Spanish Bible is now the most popular of all Spanish Bibles among evangelicals in the Spanish-Speaking world.  So popular, it is now called "La Version Corona" or "The CROWN version."  Yet this version has a lot of problems.  And I mean a LOT of problems!

Yet, many Independent Baptist Missionaries to Spanish-Speaking countries still use this popular 1960 Spanish Bible translation, which is said to be a "Reina-Valera translation."  But, is it really? 

If you'll study that version, you'll see it is not really a Reina-Valera bible, for it is very far away from the original 1602, as it follows critical texts time and again.  It is also full of many mistakes and doctrinal errors.  And it departs greatly from the old Castilian Spanish of the reformation, oftentimes choosing modern Spanish words over the older more easily understood Spanish.

The following hyperlinks point show some of the main problems with the 1960 Spanish translation.  You are encouraged to check your King James Bible with these verses to see how it lines up.


  *Note: The 1960 translation is not completely a Reina-Valera Bible that came directly from Cassiodoro de Reina (who first printed his translation in 1569, and Cipriano de Valera, who printed his revision of it in 1602).  The 1960 is a new translation that used many different manuscripts in its translation.  These include the CRITICAL TEXTS, as well as English versions based upon the critical texts.

Since 1602, the Reina-Valera has been revised several times, most notably in 1831, 1862, 1865, and 1909.  But, to call the 1960 translation a Reina-Valera Bible is misleading.  It is like making a new translation of the Bible, and then calling it a "New King James Bible" in order to use the name of another Bible only to sell this new translation.  As you will see in the above articles, the 1960 took many liberties in its translation, and disagrees many times from the revisions of the true Reina-Valera text (and its revisions 1862, 1865, and 1909). 

         For this reason, it disagrees with the King James Bible quite often.  Below is a quote from Jose Flores, one of the consultants on the translating process of the 1960.  In his book "El Texto del Nuevo Testamento," published by CLIE in 1977, he confesses the following on page 322,

        34. Tit. 3:10 hombre hereje                                            34. el hombre que causa divisiones

        35. 2 Sam. 23:18  tres                                                     35. treinta

        36. Mt. 24:22 ninguna carna será salva                           36. nadie

        37. Lk. 24:12 Y se fue maravillándose                             37. y se fue a su casa

        38. 1 Cor. 10:9 A Cristo                                                  38. A Dios

        39. Gal. 3:2,5 Oir de la fe                                                39. oir con fe

        40. Col. 3:10 es renovado                                                40. se va renovando

        41. Eph. 6:24 sinceridad                                                  41. amor inalterable

        42. Rev. 14:1 El nombre del Padre                                  42. El nombre del Padre y del hijo

        43. 2 Sam. 22:3 Dios de mi roca                                      43. Dios mio

        44. Gen. 1:14 señales, y para las...                                   44. señales y para las... Takes out comma

        45. Rom. 10:15 evangelio de los bienes                            45. buenas nuevas...

        46. 1 Pet. 2:2 en salud                                                      46. para salvación

        47. Mt. 20:20  Adorándole                                               47. postrándose

        48. Mt. 28:19 Doctrinad                                                   48. enseñad

        49. Acts 15:17 que hace todas estas cosas                         49. une el 17 y 18 Vea punto 14

        50. Acts 19:27  Honra                                                       50. venera (catholic word)


The 1960 Spanish Bible therefore is a poor translation and is very far away from the original Reina-Valera Spanish Bibles.  It is also contains many critical text readings.