The 1602 Spanish Revision of Cipriano de Valera

Cipriano de Valera


Cipriano de Valera was a cohort and friend of Cassidoro de Reina.  They were in the same Catholic monastery together when the teachings of Martin Luther entered.  Embracing salvation in Christ by faith alone, they both renounced Catholicism, and had to flee for their lives from the Spanish Inquisition.

Cipriano de Valera eventually made his way to England, where he spent the rest of his life working on translation. 

The 1569 Spanish Bible of Reina had problems.  Reina admitted he used the Latin Vulgate in his work, even though in his preface, he said it was full of errors.  He also used other Catholic texts, and recommended his work be reviewed and corrected. 

Cipriano de Valera spent 20 years revising Reina's work.  Unfortunately, he never finished, encouraging the King of England to bring together learned and scholarly men of the time to pour through the pure texts and make a faithful Spanish translation.  This never happened in Spanish, but thank God KING JAMES did just that, and put out the English edition of 1611.

This page seeks to give information about Valera, his life, his work, and his doctrinal teachings.  As God allows, I'll add info to this page, so if you can't click on a link below, it's because I've yet to post it.


Preface of Valera's 1602 Spanish Bible in Spanish

Valera's own powerful words

Valera's Confession for the need of Revision

Valera's words about why he chose to use JEHOVÁ instead of SEÑOR


Coverpage of the Valera 1602 Revision













Valera and Reina