The 1569 Spanish Bible of Cassidoro de Reina

Cassidoro de Reina


The first whole Protestant Spanish Bible was the work of Cassiodoro de Reina, an ex-Catholic monk, which adopted the teaching of Martin Luther of justification by faith, and received Jesus Christ as his Saviour in the early 1500's. 

Leaving the Catholic church and beginning his work of translation, he was constantly hunted by Roman Catholic Inquisitors which sought to kill him for his desire to give the common Spanish Speaker the word of God in their own language.

Reina's completed Bible, became known as "THE BEAR BIBLE" for the drawing of a bear seeking honey (a type of the word of God) on his coverpage.  (See it at right).


This page will seek to give information about Reina, his life, his work, and his doctrinal teachings.  As God allows, I'll add info to this page, so if you can't click on a link below, it's because I've yet to post it.


Doctrinal Statement of Cassiodoro de Reina in Spanish

Reina's Preface of his 1569 Spanish Bible in Spanish

Some Words of Reina

Reina's own words about using Jehová instead of Señor and vice versa

Title Page of Reina's 1569 Spanish Bible




Cassidoro de Reina in 1594